Animator vs. Animation V (official)

Alan Becker
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Animator vs. Animation Shorts 1-4, in one video, with edits for continuity, as well as some new music.

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Music by Scott Buckley, including "Icarus" -

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4 Dez 2020



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Comentários 106 533
lightsen Anos atrás
the single most impressive piece of animation on BRvid, truly awesome!
JELLY Jayden Uyarrai
JELLY Jayden Uyarrai 3 dias atrás
@NeonAtom that's what every 8 year old thinks lol.
TieMi 4 dias atrás
@Walter G it is
Myth 4 dias atrás
Hella true
Gamer free
Gamer free 7 dias atrás
Joseph Keller
Joseph Keller Mês atrás
It's better than most of rt animation for sure
Max Rich
Max Rich 14 dias atrás
No words can truly describe the incredible feats of animation this guy has accomplished.
Sofia elise Dela cruz
Sam 5 dias atrás
David Mallette
David Mallette 5 dias atrás
poor yellow and green and blue they are gone :
be girl 2022
be girl 2022 5 dias atrás
@Evie cool
be girl 2022
be girl 2022 5 dias atrás
@Sourdust not 2018 not 2021 is 2022
Wham Meister
Wham Meister 3 dias atrás
just saw this and got a huge wave of nostalgia. genuinely some of the best animation I've ever seen
SAFFMAN 12 dias atrás
God, it's just brilliant this plot and this animation, this drawing, it struck me more than anything from what I watched, these stickmen kept me in suspense for the whole series
Shiro Takogami
Shiro Takogami 16 dias atrás
This is a master peice. Great job to the team. I'll be waiting for another one.
Pixelcraftian Anos atrás
More than a masterpiece, truly your best work.
Grace Kristabel
Grace Kristabel 18 dias atrás
👏🙂yes 👏👏👏👏
Shaded 9 Gaming
Shaded 9 Gaming 27 dias atrás
Chinkiz FunTV
Chinkiz FunTV 29 dias atrás
I saw you Pixelcraftian
Danya Phonker
Danya Phonker Mês atrás
мой лайк стал 5 тысячным))
Fabio Mendes
Fabio Mendes Mês atrás
DubzForDayz 7 dias atrás
I loved this animation and you can tell it took him forever to make. Keep up the good work and I hope your channel grows!
zMzx 8 dias atrás
Mensagem vinda do brasi, que animação linda, você mostra como as animações com stickman podem ser tão boas apenas usando da criatividade e potencial de seu criador, parabéns me caro
Valiant T
Valiant T 5 dias atrás
When are you going to ask him to go to brazil?
Potato Dog animates
Potato Dog animates 4 dias atrás
This is just… MIND-BLOWING I’ve never seen such amazing work, you and your team did amazing.
Just a shrimp
Just a shrimp 17 dias atrás
It's already been a year... Time flies by so quickly And I must say, this is still some good sh*t
Jamyang Pelsang
Jamyang Pelsang Anos atrás
The story of an animator who inadvertently created the most advanced artificial intelligence in the world.
Gustavo Melo
Gustavo Melo 17 dias atrás
Ñ ñ
Southern Momma
Southern Momma 19 dias atrás
Нина Еникова
i love it
B1RD 20 dias atrás
if this was a anime with 1000 ep like one piece i would watch this more than any other anime and would still watch more
To Than
To Than 21 dia atrás
Maggie Clark
Maggie Clark 7 dias atrás
this is my favorite out of all your videos. it should honestly be on netflix
Darius Stancila
Darius Stancila 14 dias atrás
from now, this is my favorite animation! Thank you for this best animation you bring to us.
Gamer Time!
Gamer Time! 15 dias atrás
Just comparing this to the first Animator vs. Animation, not saying that first one wasn't good, this is... SO GOOD!!!
Mike FoxyStar
Mike FoxyStar 16 dias atrás
nothing can surpass this, this is truely amazing
Titan_AU Anos atrás
The storytelling even without a single word spoken is just beyond incredible. And the part where Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue were being picked off and the body language just shows how heartbroken they are, it hits so hard. Truly a masterpiece of animation.
Паша Ку
Паша Ку 3 dias atrás
Tobio Kageyama
Tobio Kageyama 12 dias atrás
jan 12 dias atrás
Tuất Trần
Tuất Trần 17 dias atrás
Colonel Popcorn
Colonel Popcorn 19 dias atrás
Why did my comment blow up again this argument is a year old stop messaging me ;-;
Greenfire Gaming
Greenfire Gaming 3 dias atrás
I can’t really use words to describe how amazing this is
Devon Morris
Devon Morris 10 dias atrás
This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen, it is just a masterpiece loved it
Angela Green
Angela Green 6 dias atrás
this is a work of art. I cant stress enough how great that was..
혼자 Dia atrás
I could feel emotions from people without faces with only a few lines. I can also expect what kind of expressions they are making. I'm amazed at the alan Becker that made it like that.
Echo235 Anos atrás
Not a single word spoken, yet somehow dialogue is created. This has to be one of the greatest short films ever made. EDIT: To all the people asking about “short film”. Normal movies are usually over 90 minutes. So yes, me, and many others would consider 30 minutes as a “short film”.
Stickman Mês atrás
@Ivan Tempest hes comparing this to movies
Arjun Juneja
Arjun Juneja 2 meses atrás
Radiation Sky Playz
Radiation Sky Playz 2 meses atrás
@xXxNoahPlayZxXx yeah that's short, at least not an hour...
the green yellow Roblox
This looks familiar
the green yellow Roblox
This looks familiar
RêcKy 18 horas atrás
Melhor que os filmes da marvel, ce é loco. Mt bom.
Senpai 4 dias atrás
nobody can say this is nice, this is amazing! good job Alan Becker keep up the good work!
Alexa Computerized
Alexa Computerized 6 dias atrás
Are you gonna make any more “movies”? I really enjoyed this one.
Elizabeth Lyon
Elizabeth Lyon 7 dias atrás
this video is basically everything i ever wanted to be and more this Is the most impressive animation I've seen ever
Pikapetey Animations
Bravo!! Well done team!! This was amazing in every aspect!!
The armored doggo
The armored doggo 2 meses atrás
@Person (I share unique content) I just watch for the funny stick figures.
logo 3 meses atrás
Your server nice but i am can't join your server why plz tell me how to join your server
Person (I share unique content)
Incredible in every way except for the writing. It has too many Deus ex machinas and clichés.
KV 2
KV 2 Anos atrás
@New Magicson so does his videos
CraftXvier Anos atrás
Georgian boy?
Mark Alvin Manguerra
Mark Alvin Manguerra 17 dias atrás
have never seen an animation this good and the ending just looks like just a rocket flying
Renan Lima
Renan Lima 8 dias atrás
Animação incrível
TheVisualShow Dia atrás
This proably took months or even years too make! Imagine drawing this frame by frame
Fred MSJD 9 dias atrás
Alright. So we all know this video is definitely the *best* animation video on BRvid. But, I think it is probably one of *the best* videos ever published to BRvid. This means so much. I absolutely and extensively strongly recommend this video to anyone. Anyone. _Literally._ i am almost crying now hahaha
Kaleb Ramírez
Kaleb Ramírez Anos atrás
I swear, only Alan can make a mouse cursor have such a diverse skillset. Alan Becker's cursor for Smash Bros
Glitchy 2 meses atrás
Carlos Montero
Carlos Montero 6 meses atrás
Smash bros.: New challenger approaches Me: oh yes the time has come
PoshiBlitz 6 meses atrás
Add the Chosen one with his alternate costumes being the other stickmen and the series Icon would be the Cursor
Evan Bishop
Evan Bishop 6 meses atrás
I would love to see his mouse cursor in Smash. It would be so overpowered.
Specialism Anos atrás
Cursor for smash.
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury 7 dias atrás
This man will forever be a legend in BRvid
Mikael Lorenz Adona
Mikael Lorenz Adona 6 dias atrás
I love how the way Alan Becker at almost the start becomes savage and trys to crush the virospider to death
JELLY JAS 10 dias atrás
What an amazing animation now that's a master piece it's so satisfying ♥️
tyler :0
tyler :0 17 dias atrás
thanks alan, now I got to explain to my friends and family why im geeking out over stick figures fighting
somehowJonas Anos atrás
this is not just an animation, it's a movie. truly a masterpiece.
somehowJonas Anos atrás
@Pug Playz swear, it's might be as long as the marvel cinematic universe
Pug Playz
Pug Playz Anos atrás
Nah it’s an episode
MasterLink Anos atrás
It's my childhood
Như Ý Nguyễn Ngọc
GD Wenjie Zhang
GD Wenjie Zhang Anos atrás
Adele Box
Adele Box 11 dias atrás
that felt like a movie and i loved it we need more vids like this people
Kanyon Robinson
Kanyon Robinson 12 dias atrás
this was definetly your best work yet this was amazing
Co0persCrazyness!! 13 dias atrás
Best fight scene I’ve seen in a while and I’ve been watching ALOT of anime.
Cocoa cookie ~Aryn~
Cocoa cookie ~Aryn~ 11 dias atrás
I got to say that theses animations are really amazing I really appreciate them alot there so good
Shicker Anos atrás
Its like i was watching a real movie. Imagine how far this guy came.
Melody Tordanes
Melody Tordanes Anos atrás
It,s super cool
Ahmed Mostafa
Ahmed Mostafa Anos atrás
I remembered naruto vs sasuke
Horns Anos atrás
We need an ark where they all gain powers and are trained by black blue becomes lightning green wind and yellow earth as cliche as it sounds it would be cool and red would become the succesor of the dark lord and backstab them all and wreck havoc on the web whilst still being under controll of the dark lord black grew older and was planning on passig on his power to one of the three for orange he would train and try to contain this new found power and defeat the dark lord. To make it more interesting give them voice actor
Manuel Castuera
Manuel Castuera Anos atrás
"THE MOVIE ABOUT THE STICKMEN" Introducing: THE CURSOR That's the title, maybe not
black zone
black zone 4 dias atrás
And I can't imagine how hard he works to code the stick man's to move like this
Alex Lexus
Alex Lexus 10 dias atrás
Imagine sitting here for a half an hour, you dont even notice how time passes
Lu Dia atrás
Alguien puede explicarme el "lore" (contexto para el que no esté familiarizado con la palabra) de estos vídeos. Es casi como explicar la historia detrás, gracias.
kiwisam 23 horas atrás
This felt so satisfying to watch
Boy Anos atrás
Marvel:"Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history" Alan: Hold my beer
Ken Warren
Ken Warren 9 dias atrás
@Charles Calvin hahaha.
Boy Anos atrás
@DerGecko92 "A crossover is the placement of two or more otherwise discrete fictional characters, settings, or universes into the context of a single story." In this case The characters in Animator vs Animation 1-3 to the characters that were introduced in 4 with animator (Alan) consistant
DerGecko92 Anos atrás
Its not a crossover!!
Boy Anos atrás
@90Entergetical aka Bot3141 it didnt happen and plus now its 669 likes
Nassirshah Shah
Nassirshah Shah Anos atrás
@Somebody’s Channel nah it's hold my stick figures
Mr.Ginodm 13 dias atrás
Most admirable masterpiece!!
Phaze 2 dias atrás
This is by far the best thing I’ve seen for stickman animations
Arisbet Buenrostro
Anything that involves stickmen and has effort is made by Alan
Emerald Slime
Emerald Slime 5 dias atrás
Even though you cannot see their face you can still feel the emotion.
bruhify Anos atrás
i haven't seen anything this good on youtube for a long time, this was insane
Anake Lawrence
Anake Lawrence 4 meses atrás
@蘭老師 t
Jett O'Donnell
Jett O'Donnell 5 meses atrás
EricjwGamer 5 meses atrás
you here?
Rommel Dimaiwat
Rommel Dimaiwat 5 meses atrás
Its called nostalgia aright
Vinita Mapagu
Vinita Mapagu 6 meses atrás
Dream is green and beem
Island Money
Island Money 11 dias atrás
this is perhaps the most if not best animation ever to be made. And I hope that it will stay that way
Upper bloodmoon 3 Rengoku
the door is so powerful it closes magically and makes everyone use it
Cupric 4 dias atrás
That. Was. The MOST AMAZING THING, I'VE EVER SEEN ON BRvid, IT'S BETTER THAN ANYTHING I'VE EVER SEEN, YEAH TAKE THAT MARKIPLIER, keep up the good Alan, i hope you have an amazing career here on BRvid, oh wait, YOU ALREADY DO! Anyways this animation was amazing, i love every single minute of it.
G_alfano24 13 dias atrás
Alan took stick an animation to the next level
Boneless God
Boneless God Anos atrás
Let’s just take a second to appreciate that this man has managed to create a story so intense and captivating about *stick figures* . The talent and patience all of this must have taken, it’s remarkable
Golder06 Anos atrás
@tribus they didn't say that.
AidinDraw Anos atrás
@Unknown i know i know what happens is that his body language is enough to understand
Unknown Anos atrás
@AidinDraw Yea but i'm saying they were created with it to easily to be understand except the stickmans he made don't use subtitles to talk on other stickmens or what so ever
AidinDraw Anos atrás
@Forgotten Diglett true
AidinDraw Anos atrás
@tribus Well I say that seeing this is better than watching an anime, the animation is much better here than in an anime
Steve LOGROÑO 12 dias atrás
this animation is awesome keep it up man
tricky fase 3
tricky fase 3 9 dias atrás
The story of an animator who inad created most advanced artificial intelligence is the world.
Crimson Fox
Crimson Fox 5 dias atrás
I love how in the greatest piece of animation on the internet the first thing you see is a flower with legs
Jaymz59 3 dias atrás
i cant imagine how good VI will be
Roman Smith
Roman Smith Anos atrás
This man deserves a award for “Best Animation On BRvid” This was truly the best animation!!!
CrystalCoyoteX Anos atrás
I try to be honest in my critiques, but... Yeah, this is way, way, up there, even for animator vs animation, which has always been quite nice.
rhica sawit
rhica sawit Anos atrás
That's real
Grog Make Fire
Grog Make Fire Anos atrás
I expected it to be as good as all his other animations but this is on a whole new level. It get triple s tier for me!
Tina Franklin
Tina Franklin Anos atrás
Do u know Google hangout
Gabrielle Moreno
Gabrielle Moreno Anos atrás
Not the best animation, but the best Storyline. I agree his animations are Spectacular but there are better Animators, no disrespect though.
Neira Aguirre
Neira Aguirre 11 dias atrás
Hi alan becker I'm new to to this channel and i already know that your videos are amazing keep up the good work
Julian dario Boero herrera
It's not a lie, it's truely one of the best movies i ever seen, JUST EVERYTHING IS PERFECT, A PERFECT STORY WITH A LOT OF KICKS AND PUNCHS, I JUST LOVE IT
Ghost 15 dias atrás
man I am in love with this series and these characters
Nalani Cherry
Nalani Cherry 12 dias atrás
This was…..AMAZING been watching your videos since New grounds and stick page era, my inner child and I thank you. This was a masterpiece! 😢🥺
NsG_Dark Anos atrás
That moment you tell a fantastic story without a single word.
Revlin & Edwin Playz
It's like end of the line all over again
TMarie 8 dias atrás
Dude you have to make all your animations like this is sick and with the sounds you can feel the impact when those two hit
MysticGamer97 YT
MysticGamer97 YT 13 dias atrás
Wow, I'm surprised about you even coming up with an idea like this.
Abel Andres
Abel Andres 13 dias atrás
Incredible animations ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Christmarc Estalani
Christmarc Estalani 8 dias atrás
What a masterpiece
ItzYaBoiBeast 31
ItzYaBoiBeast 31 Anos atrás
When the world needed him most, he returned
Myst-عمر 8 dias atrás
@Aason The King Of ANNOYANCE how long did it take you to write an upsidedown comment "don't click my profile photo"
Husmaslizai Liza
Husmaslizai Liza 23 dias atrás
@Aason The King Of ANNOYANCE what
Aason The King Of ANNOYANCE
@oʇoɥd ǝlıɟoɹd ʎɯ ʞɔılɔ ʇ,uop f
drazzy the god
drazzy the god Anos atrás
@DoomArcher yeah he returned in a time of need
DoomArcher Anos atrás
@drazzy the god The return of the King most defenitely!
Aaron Reid
Aaron Reid 15 dias atrás
Absolutely brilliant! :D :D :D My guess as to where Second Coming got his powers from so suddenly is that he is exactly that - a second incarnation of The Chosen One, and in that moment, the universe needed him, and he was given powers.
SimplySarahJoy 7 dias atrás
THIS video is the definition of EPIC. Seriously epic!
Jasiah Ogundipe
Jasiah Ogundipe 7 dias atrás
I love the animation I love how you used the in real life people to help out the stick men Keep up the great work
fran trstenjak
fran trstenjak 11 dias atrás
Amazing animation I really love it, it is the Best animation I watched.
Seven Aries
Seven Aries Anos atrás
This is what BRvid was created for. This is the kind of unbounded creativity it needs
Flu Anos atrás
You stole my comment straight from my brain sir lmao
nin*tony Anos atrás
Actually YT was created for Cat videos but ok :p
Ryder R
Ryder R Anos atrás
Mayank Shandilya
Mayank Shandilya 7 dias atrás
Fucking hell that was amazing . U not only told a story but u made a masterpiece . I have never seen anything more legendary, the emotions , the choreography everything was outstanding . Superb . Kudos to you !
Creenchydot *
Creenchydot * 17 dias atrás
Why was this so sad at the end but so good. This is one of the best 30 minutes I’ve ever spent watching something
vEclypse 12 dias atrás
6:42 when you think you are insanely good at a game but then the guy you play against is better
Funny Valentine
Funny Valentine 2 dias atrás
2022 and im still watching this masterpeice
EnderDragonRebel80 Anos atrás
Morale of the story: don’t mess with stick figures that have open heads
Katrina Hudgins
Katrina Hudgins 15 dias atrás
For real
burhan sezer
burhan sezer Mês atrás
yes, you are absolutely right 🤣🤣
D1182 PlayZ
D1182 PlayZ 2 meses atrás
@Mary Morgan dont mess with stick figures with "The" In There name
thevideo gamehit
thevideo gamehit 6 meses atrás
SomeYoutubePerson 7 meses atrás
Unless if you have a open head
RJ 14 dias atrás
Man please make another one we all wanna see more. :(
Marama Davis
Marama Davis 2 dias atrás
This dude is a legend Like how do you edit so good? or Draw
Game-Boi 14 dias atrás
i love how fluid it is
Dynamic Adithya
Dynamic Adithya 14 dias atrás
Big Glock Horizontal
Can we just appreciate how this man tells a good ass story without any dialoge?
Skywalking Studioz
Skywalking Studioz Anos atrás
Think about that Pink Floyd movie with only music. That was an achievement, but this guy manages to make stick figures characters through actions and hand gestures.
Someone Out there
Someone Out there Anos atrás
Oh wait there’s no captioning never mind sorry
S_prite Anos atrás
there is some dialogue between sc and alan at the start
Liguo Wang
Liguo Wang Anos atrás
Someone Out there
Someone Out there Anos atrás
Captions: *am I a joke to you?* No offense tho
you are a person who with your videos make me very happy and make my day happy and your animations are perfect keep on doing it
Alex Stancu
Alex Stancu 4 dias atrás
Thats so great!! I loved it
wapankiller12 4 dias atrás
Still the best video so far! I have given you 1 and 1/2 years of paying subscribing and no regret
Tenko 11 dias atrás
This is the best thing I have seen in my entire life.
Peeky17 Anos atrás
The animations for this mini film went sicko mode: passed from a simple sticknoodles animation to a almost 3d animation with epic effects. great job alan, you, and your team created a masterpiece.
Peeky17 Anos atrás
@QraTz aint gonna say no to that
QraTz Anos atrás
Watching the credits. He hired few of the most amazing and famous animators of the Internet, getting a másterpiece like this was almost secure.
Kaosslee Anos atrás
That’s exactly what I was just telling myself lmao
Chris Saint
Chris Saint Anos atrás
Haunt Anos atrás
@Nathanael Quimby LMAO
Bryndt Rhyz NacillaRomo
I've seen your work since I saw a video of your animations! the best animation channel!
Salomé González Álvarez
someone: stickmen can't be epic Stickmen:
SkillToggled 17 dias atrás
imagine that when you get a virus your antivirus shows a visual representation of whats happening like this
Reyhan Karon
Reyhan Karon 6 dias atrás
this is a impressive video i ever seen
Giovanny Marmolejos
Please don’t tell me the series is over. I DONT WANT IT TO BE OVER
Nintendozilla17 18 dias atrás
@aldefs Alan still deciding if the dark lord is alive or not.
akthecat Anos atrás
TSC is just too good
Maureen Manzanero
Maureen Manzanero Anos atrás
Allenz Channel
Allenz Channel Anos atrás
Cheez Man
Cheez Man Anos atrás
ikr but still dont make it be oer
kayziago 5 dias atrás
When orange got powers, that put a smile on my face. Love your videos Alan. ❤️
4rThur_ 3 dias atrás
⚔AshdorCrush⚔ 17 dias atrás
I kinda see Chosen One's perspective of things for all the damages he's done. He's freeing any stick figure from the grasps of their creator, presumably because they'll get deleted of the creator decides to. On the other hand, the creators are giving them LIFE and PURPOSE, even if they don't acknowledge their existence.
김흔한 13 dias atrás
You're so good at this.
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