Animation vs. YouTube (original)

Alan Becker
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Featuring 30+ Viral Videos and big BRvidrs!

Behind the Scenes:

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Music by Sarah Eide

BRvidrs featured (in order): HDCYT (Charlie Bit Me), Paul Vasquez (Double Rainbow), Judson Laipply (Evolution of Dance), EMC Monkeys (Urban Ninja), MysteryGuitarMan, Zach King, Rhett & Link, Weebl's Stuff (Badger Badger), PewDiePie, EepyBird (Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos), Stone (Rebalanced), Smosh, Tay Zonday (Chocolate Rain), Charlie Schmidt (Keyboard Cat), Philip DeFranco, Annoying Orange, booba1234 (David After Dentist), Rocket Jump Studios, John and Hank Green of the vlogbrothers, The Slow Mo Guys, Flula, Wild Candy (Sneezing Baby Panda), Vsauce, Markiplier, Element Animation, Corridor Digital, Dude Perfect, devinsupertramp, Gary Brolmsa (Numa Numa), Marques Brownlee, Kung Fury, Kensei Thomas (Breaking Rust)

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2 Ago 2017



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Comentários 91 947
ItsMeYiri 2 anos atrás
Alan Becker deserves a personal award from BRvid, for the amount of work he does on these videos and how original they are, when I first saw this I was in aww, because the content he makes is so entertaining and original, it's noting I've ever seen before so I would like to award you alan, great job dude
Luciana Ramos Rodrigues
Luciana Ramos Rodrigues 9 minutos atrás
Zlatan Adrakadabra
Zlatan Adrakadabra 12 dias atrás
Mark Minecraft
Mark Minecraft 16 dias atrás
Aboudi gaming50™
Aboudi gaming50™ Mês atrás
Your comment got a heart
Aijan Eshimbekova
Aijan Eshimbekova Mês atrás
UnovaKid 24
UnovaKid 24 Mês atrás
I've fallen down the rabbit hole of this BRvid channel's content, and I do not intend to climb out any time soon. This guy's videos are so addicting to watch You, my friend, are the most talented animator on BRvid!
aru playz
aru playz Mês atrás
think there's a better animater
DJ Sweetheart davao
Yas boi
You honestly have the best animating skills that ive seen in my entire life.
Grayley Mês atrás
3:58 cant believe Alan predicted what BRvid would do to the dislike button
Ibrahim Saad Ansari
Alan Becker you did soo much of this HARD WORK and I appreciate that.
A Barn
A Barn Mês atrás
He did do it but also the stickmans did it too...
John Carlo Lumbre
John Carlo Lumbre Mês atrás
I see me at zoo
Oven Mês atrás
@GMK yes
Arran Johnston
Arran Johnston Mês atrás
@happy guy🎆 sa
GMK Mês atrás
I see I’m not alone in revisiting his amazing old videos
Scott Shamblin
Scott Shamblin 4 anos atrás
When should we expect a feature length movie? This is far better than the emoji movie.
Agron Sefolli
Agron Sefolli 6 dias atrás
Shery Syed
Shery Syed 6 meses atrás
Nah, it's good eh
Ádám Szalai
Ádám Szalai 6 meses atrás
we-suck vacuums
Wassila Boulaaba
Wassila Boulaaba 6 meses atrás
Wassila Boulaaba
Wassila Boulaaba 6 meses atrás
@Hello It's me what your name
Dionna Taylor
Dionna Taylor Mês atrás
I find it hilarious how TSC and Green would rather get beat up by a video player than watch a 15 second ad
Frame By Frame Studios
4:38 I just love how even the antagonist does a face palm here. Made me chuckle.
MarrowEX Mês atrás
The amount effort and creativity in this amazing great use of the videos in this video as well
InspectrE Mês atrás
Man I wish BRvid still looked like this
Jelly Cloud
Jelly Cloud 4 meses atrás
This guy can turn simple stick figures into an actual story sombody get this man a Oscar ✨
Andy Baquerizo
Andy Baquerizo Mês atrás
Yay 😀
Jayden Tejada
Jayden Tejada Mês atrás
what about jzboy?
Christopher Hinners
Man needs an award
im not beluga
im not beluga Mês atrás
Aufar Sapta
Aufar Sapta 2 meses atrás
Setingan ka ini
Doodlegem Emera
Doodlegem Emera Mês atrás
Nice to see you're still going strong with these animations. 10/10 content still just like it was then. Amazing job🥰
Benjamin Anthony
Benjamin Anthony Mês atrás
I always thought that green and TSC had the best chemistry when it comes to friendship
Imagine this getting popular again after like 4 years
beargreen1 17 dias atrás
Oh how I remember how crazy this was. I'm glad I came back after 4 years
FoxBlocks Anos atrás
I love how even the BRvid player itself hates the ads.
Fitlex Yt
Fitlex Yt 2 meses atrás
600 like
Pinkknar #3893 LifelikeRylie
ItzMichaelPhillips BRvid player??? U mean BRvid?
bfdiskylandalts Anos atrás
I like your content!
The Brother
The Brother Anos atrás
ذا بيرو أوف ماجيكال ثينغز
Geovania Morera
Geovania Morera Anos atrás
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith 17 dias atrás
I love that they all agree to stop fighting to skip the ad 🤣
A failure of a animator
Honestly some of the vids included here gave me a wave of nostalgia.
Nicolas Ortis Mateus
Nicolas Ortis Mateus 5 dias atrás
Parabéns Alan pelo o vídeo a parte que eu mais gostei foi o final do vídeo
Euclaciano 17 horas atrás
Finalmente um brasileiro
jojit camero
jojit camero 20 dias atrás
Alternate Ending: SC plays "Never gonna give you up" and BRvid screams in agony and disappears
Ayy Lmao
Ayy Lmao 8 meses atrás
11:55 He had the perfect opportunity to rick roll all of us And yet he didn't do it Respect
Slimy YT
Slimy YT 3 dias atrás
Almoste on Rick role xD
Lorna Quiambao
Lorna Quiambao 12 dias atrás
but if he rickrolled me i would be super happy *no seriously*
Pulkit Kush
Pulkit Kush 15 dias atrás
@Super JC Rickroll is a really old meme
Derek G
Derek G 24 dias atrás
@Super JC I'm pretty sure the rickroll was made in the mid to late 2000s
houdemon 25 dias atrás
AidenTheMemer 21 dia atrás
I think it’s time you start working on something more like this because this is a masterpiece to the human eye
Makaツ Dia atrás
Don't mind me just coming back to watch some of my favorite childhood videos.
xXTrevomaticXx 5 horas atrás
This is honestly my favorite video from the whole channel tbh
Zoom 20 horas atrás
It's not a mistake ✨ it's a masterpiece ✨
「I_D4C」 Anos atrás
This man had the biggest chance to rickroll us, but he chose not to. Respect.
Dakota Anos atrás
Daris Ugljesa are you braindead
Sawyer Mals
Sawyer Mals Anos atrás
respect +10
Pnut Anos atrás
My guy, what does anything have to do with sleep?
Vortyx Anos atrás
Dylan Oneill
Dylan Oneill Anos atrás
Some Stereotypes
Some Stereotypes Mês atrás
We need this video more than ever now.
Sai Kids
Sai Kids Mês atrás
Literally most amazing video ever.... The collab of all those videos from Old BRvid is amazing... Still amazing till biw
Pythox Mês atrás
I love the concept that Orange and Green watch gritty shows of their own kind slaughtering each other.
Ehhh 24 dias atrás
legend says he's thinking of another animation vs a new platform
Rohan Jain
Rohan Jain 5 meses atrás
I just think it's a shame that such creative genius only has 1.6 mil likes, when absolute shite on youtube racks up 20 mil. Major props to you Alan. When I discovered your videos for the first time, I basically went through everything you uploaded in a single sitting. Especially loved the virus story line.
FasePlay Dia atrás
Minecraft's third season cool too)
Crazy mations
Crazy mations 15 dias atrás
Can someone send me a link to the absolute shit please?
Kareem Zoubi
Kareem Zoubi 24 dias atrás
It's got nearly 100M views bruh chill
Remy Havoc
Remy Havoc 26 dias atrás
@Rohan Jain yeah, that's what I thought. I was just wondering maybe you have some personal examples that you're keeping to yourself
Rohan Jain
Rohan Jain 27 dias atrás
@Remy Havoc To be clear, 20 mil is just an exaggerated number pulled out from my behind and not by means of exhaustive research. I only intended to point out that i admired the creativity and effort involved in Alan's work and i believe it deserves more visibility(or likes). Having said that, considering the fact that liking something is entirely subjective, my subjective opinion is that there are many other less deserving videos on YT with more likes. If someone wishes to do the research on it, i'm sure they can find evidence of it, even within their own subjective tastes. You'd be surprised how many people may have tastes that are diametrically opposite your own.
that loli
that loli Mês atrás
I just love how he put in a scene from 2007 of his stickman fight with the new 2017 version of him
Dedicated Portalcraft Player
This is when BRvid was actually pretty nice
Rhonnie Sikat
Rhonnie Sikat 18 dias atrás
The Famous Quote, in all of BRvid is: "Hey Vsauce, Michael here."
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith 17 dias atrás
CatDude121 27 dias atrás
Lol this is so relatable to how shitty the site got. Well made!
itsJJoosshhuuaa 3 anos atrás
Almost 2019 and tbh this would have been a better youtube rewind
Sun Goku
Sun Goku 5 meses atrás
You are an Arab.
Metadragon 7 meses atrás
BRvid Rewind 2006-2017
Aco Kamal
Aco Kamal 7 meses atrás
Purplfied 7 meses atrás
@1Y6 yes
1Y6 7 meses atrás
It's 2021 and it still is awesome
U̷n̷k̷n̷o̷w̷ ̷b̷a̷c̷o̷n̷
The rick roll show on the restart youtube part just got me laugh a bit lol
Ava Linda
Ava Linda 6 dias atrás
When should we expect a feature Featuring 30+ Viral Videos and big BRvidrs!
#!%bob€&' Mês atrás
This hits hard even after 4 years
porco da india
porco da india Mês atrás
amo muito sua animacoes, nao pare com elas
Harrison Moore
Harrison Moore Mês atrás
They should fight BRvid again. Without the dislike button or annotations, it won't stand a chance!
Aster Phua
Aster Phua 5 dias atrás
Aster Phua
Aster Phua 5 dias atrás
Derek G
Derek G 24 dias atrás
@fitae /fiefsos now that's quite nostalgic
fitae /fiefsos
fitae /fiefsos Mês atrás
░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ Bob is building an army. ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ ☻ This tank & Bob are against removing the dislike button Il███████████████████]... ▌︻╦╤─ Copy and Paste this all over ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.... / \ BRvid if you are with us
Kingreijiren360 Mês atrás
@Blue Eggyꪜ amogus
Sunshine Flower
Sunshine Flower Mês atrás
"This is how i double my money" "Might be illegal..."
catitude maxitude
catitude maxitude Mês atrás
This puts a whole new meaning to: smashing the like button
n o
n o Mês atrás
Will Alan Becker make a part 2 of this (I hope so)
pigifi Mês atrás
BRvid getting its hands smashed didn’t age well with what happened to the dislike button.
Zack Held
Zack Held Anos atrás
I love how even youtube is annoyed with the ads.
Yeetionary Anos atrás
Mrgunman 364 with BRvid premium.
N.X.T. R
N.X.T. R Anos atrás
Also some people don't know you can download videos and watch it offline
N.X.T. R
N.X.T. R Anos atrás
For commercials I think?
ماهر الحارثي
كل تبن انا مسلم انت مسلم
Bryan Animations
Bryan Animations 25 dias atrás
I like how they both worked together to skip the ad
Song Yi Kim
Song Yi Kim 29 dias atrás
I know that it's always a v.s but it is always a great animation! 👍
ULTIMA Mês atrás
I can see this is the BEST vid on yt This animation is sick
Hugh Mês atrás
4:38 That moment when even BRvid hates ads
Adaptable 3 anos atrás
I would love to see all the featured youtubers in this reacting to this. Like Phillip reacting to having his hand gestures being a deadly weapon. 5:04
Maxwell Jennings
Maxwell Jennings 3 anos atrás
Yuma Crafter
Yuma Crafter 3 anos atrás
That was quite a hilarious choice. XD
Is Eight
Is Eight Mês atrás
I love how at 4:38 they just paused the fight just to skip an ad
Knightify Mês atrás
we need a sequel
Jasiah Ogundipe
Jasiah Ogundipe 2 dias atrás
Ah another great animation but I wish it was as long as the animator vs animation
Tiger Fire
Tiger Fire Mês atrás
I like how they both stop fitting just to skip the add 😹👍
Zrxys 2 anos atrás
Imagine if alan didnt get permission *The next day* BRvid:You have 4998 copyright strikes. *H a v e a n i c e d a y*
GD GardenGap
GD GardenGap 18 dias atrás
If you watch the behind the scenes, alan said he got permission from everyone
surprised Pikachu
surprised Pikachu 7 meses atrás
@PigeonLivesMatter same photos
FADEl MAYTHAm 8 meses atrás
Pilot on blitz
Pilot on blitz 8 meses atrás
Vaishnav Electrical Doundkar
Miguel Rodrigues
Miguel Rodrigues 26 dias atrás
these animations marked me a lot as I was 3 years old :)
Begula... Mês atrás
PlayrR3D Mês atrás
The first known case of BRvid not caring about their creators
32maze Mês atrás
watching this again in 2021 gives me so much nostolgia
Cosmic Blox
Cosmic Blox 9 meses atrás
It's funny that even BRvid itself is annoyed about ads
YAN 5 meses atrás
YAN 5 meses atrás
Jacobo Valencia
Jacobo Valencia 6 meses atrás
BRvid: Sure you can add your advertisements into the videos, Just make sure to pay us daily Advertisement maker 1: Thanks youtube! Advertisement maker 2: Thanks youtube! Also youtube when it finds adds in the middle of videos while fighting Sc and green: *Face palm* (Or something like that)
P AKMAL KHAN 7 meses atrás
lil 🔥
lil 🔥 7 meses atrás
Neiel Tyrone Agüero
Neiel Tyrone Agüero 23 dias atrás
alanbacker y holasoygerman? justo ahora me doy cuenta de la referencia (lo que me sorprende no es el echo de que able español, lo que me sorprende es que uno de los youtubers con mas vistas de todos estados unidos le haga referencia al video con mas vistas de todo latinoamerica) y lo mejor es que naranja mira ese video diciendo algo haci como: porque?
Nico Animates
Nico Animates 20 dias atrás
i want all the songs in a playlist
Stoney_Eagle Mês atrás
This is why BRvid removed annotations... it became evil 😂😂😂
ElementKingaming Mês atrás
11:00 "Half-hour of pure black screen [HD]" (5 minutes and 13 seconds long)
JungKookie 2 meses atrás
Imagine Alan checks the BRvid history and he’s just like “What the-“
StuG III Tank Destroyer
@Nicolás y/o los mellizos Victoria y Javier No habla espanol
Lego Jesko
Lego Jesko Mês atrás
''Why is there a Upload that i didn't even upload?? I was washing my car''
Lazymanzoid Mês atrás
what the fu-
StuG III Tank Destroyer
“Where did all these videos come from?”
David Alvaro
David Alvaro 2 meses atrás
Like “Aye what the-
TheSaber Mês atrás
3:58 it looks like Alan knew that the dislike button will be removed
InkScarlet alias l'Encre Écarlate
7:20 4 years after, they are in a mod now.
Asert Creator
Asert Creator 29 dias atrás
"10 hours of Pure Gray Screen!" - one of the best youtube videos?
David Anos atrás
BRvid : How many copyright claims do you want? Alan Becker : Yes
David 18 dias atrás
okay okay guys, I GET IT. He got permission from a lot of people, leave me alone please.
GD GardenGap
GD GardenGap 18 dias atrás
If you watch the behind the scenes, alan actually spent like a year getting permission from everyone
Ziggy Zoggin
Ziggy Zoggin Anos atrás
I was gonna say I really feel for Alan, thats a lot of asking and stress but dang the video was really good. 7B likes in no time, right?
AwLewQuon Anos atrás
Relics Gaming
Relics Gaming Anos atrás
He got permission s from everyone bruh.
vaporjellyfish Mês atrás
They need to have a rematch so the stick figures could duel who would win, if they win again dislikes return but if BRvid does, likes are removed as well.
TubbFo 21 dia atrás
11:25 wow Alan, you got us for 4 years...
andressa Caridade
andressa Caridade 19 dias atrás
bubblegum Mês atrás
this one is going in the books for sure.
Strange 4 anos atrás
The real question is why does Alan have so many videos of cars and trains on his "best videos" playlist?
DOLL Anos atrás
LittleFireHD XD
Artemis 4 anos atrás
He's chill
jared gameplay
jared gameplay 4 anos atrás
he likes trains *train crashes into me*
Wojciech Dyks
Wojciech Dyks 4 anos atrás
SoaringAxS exactly!
Robox Gaming
Robox Gaming 13 dias atrás
Drag vac: "Comes in" BRvid/SC/Green: OH C'MON, Can't you see we're in a fight?
Emalan Mês atrás
5:08 They did it, they smashed the like button.
Daniel the Axolot
Daniel the Axolot 14 dias atrás
i miss 2010's youtube
DragonWing 8 dias atrás
I love how it ends!! XD
XeqtR 4 anos atrás
You know what, this video is so amazing that I can't even explain how amazing it is. So instead I'll watch this video everyday and each day I will reply to this comment.
Ethan Doan
Ethan Doan Anos atrás
hi reply to me
Saphir Felup
Saphir Felup 2 anos atrás
(Well, now it's your turn to continue the story of XeqtR. What's happening? Why are things happening? What is BRvid planning and what did it do? But most importantly... _What is truth?_ Dear whoever-is-reading-this, you decide. Because it'd truly be too easy (and also a shame) to just let this story rest.)
Saphir Felup
Saphir Felup 2 anos atrás
Day 2 after... whatever happened to me: BRvid has again tried to silence me. I know, I know, it sounds like I'm just making this up right now, but hear me out. The last now nearly twenty hours I haven't been able to login to my old account. After that... Something strange must have happened but I can't remember. I feel weird though, as if I'm not the same I was yesterday. My memories of the last year disappear rapidly and I'm writing this in a desperate attempt to warn you: BRvid is not what you thought. It's a monster. And there's no escape. Something about this statement feels familiar but I don't know what or why. There is an escape. Please listen and follow my instructions. You must reply to this comment with the words "I shall give all my personal data to BRvid". I know, it sounds strange but it's gonna work, I promise. This is the only possible escape. Ugh, I don't know what I'm writing anymore. I'm looking at sentences and I don't know whether they are mine. If you read this, please don't reply. It's too dangerous. BRvid, what have you done? Or, better yet, what have _I_ done?
Ariyas The Hufflepuff
Ariyas The Hufflepuff 2 anos atrás
(The above comment is fan fiction, I just thought this story deserved a conclusion. Have a nice day everyone!!)
Ariyas The Hufflepuff
Ariyas The Hufflepuff 2 anos atrás
Day oh who cares who's counting: I've escaped. Differrnt channel, i know, but hear me out. Guys, BRvid is more than we think. It's not just a friend to the people and a playground to the sticks. It's a monster. I barely got out with my life. What I did wrong, good question. Maybe it was too many replies. Maybe it was sponsoring a video that actively fights against BRvid's tyranny. Whatever it was... I was punished, but my spirit has not broken. BRvid can take my channel, I'll create new ones, like this one. BRvid can take down my videos, I'll make new ones of those too. No matter what BRvid does, I'll keep fighting back. For the torture i went through, and the suffering of other channels. And to you, BRvid, as you're preparing to delete thia comment, I havw one message for you. You are not our master, dictator, ruler. You're a tool, nothing more. You have no power to harm us, so learn your place.
Just a Random Veiwer
Just a Random Veiwer 10 dias atrás
This video is amazing and creative, what a video
Lorien Myers
Lorien Myers 18 dias atrás
Whenever I see those pop-up ads, my first instinct is to x them out. And that goes for the ones that are part of this video.
Jonnie Chuah
Jonnie Chuah 17 dias atrás
Ahh yes, the high quality Rick roll in the background at 11:28
Romeo-001 Mês atrás
Ah, BRvid back when dislikes were counted.
Thomas Bartolotta
Thomas Bartolotta 4 anos atrás
This deserves more views than it has...
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith 17 dias atrás
96 million views and counting!
Gang 3 anos atrás
it has over 20 mill
Gang 3 anos atrás
no it does not
adley madera
adley madera 3 anos atrás
robloxian the great
robloxian the great 4 anos atrás
i disliked because i dont want to im affended england is my city tho
Joshua Ontiveros
Joshua Ontiveros Mês atrás
Hey Alan, what if Orange decides to rickroll all of us instead of helping the green stick figure upload himself to Alan's playlist?
EJ’s Dubs
EJ’s Dubs 14 dias atrás
All your animations are amazing
John James Edwards
John James Edwards 29 dias atrás
Are we just literally watching BRvid in BRvid?
Viking Sweden Countryball
I Love How BRvid is Making A Kitty Mouth When Happy
l3af Anos atrás
This is just a good version of the BRvid rewind
Lynixis 6 meses atrás
No rickroll back then, it was just a song
Phantom _nation
Phantom _nation 6 meses atrás
True doe
Golrag golnaz
Golrag golnaz 7 meses atrás
Justin 7 meses atrás
adam 7 meses atrás
Shady Mês atrás
I LOVE the use of markiplier in this lol!!!
iamagamer :D
iamagamer :D 24 dias atrás
Ah yes... Watching stick figures fight youtube while watching youtube... Yes
Banger Mês atrás
please tell me what app you use to draw and animate them
makaronny Mês atrás
this is a certified hood classics
Mettaton Ex
Mettaton Ex Anos atrás
I remember watching this when it first came out and realizing how awkward it was that the loading circle was changed pretty soon after it came out.
Amazingly Everything
Amazingly Everything 4 meses atrás
@I dont know a name for this I need name can you not beg for subs
@I dont know a name for this I need name IDKANFTINN. i'll let you figure this one out
shooting smilla 123
@I dont know a name for this I need name ?
I dont know a name for this I need name
if you dont sub well :O
Ahmed Salah
Ahmed Salah Mês atrás
Absolutely fantastic
Em Beboso
Em Beboso 8 horas atrás
15:00 apparently there are over 4249 videos in his playlist
yyuws dank boi
yyuws dank boi Mês atrás
Rare footage of alan predicting 2021: 4:00
Garcello 2 dias atrás
And after this video, i'm buying We-Suck Vacuums!
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