Angry Birds Transformers is a forgotten masterpiece 

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Angry Birds Transformers might be the greatest game of all time...
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1 Mai 2022



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@soapy8015 Anos atrás
Me who played it 8 years ago : tears of joy
Same this game is amazing
same bro
@bobanation6917 Anos atrás
Me too 😭
@demonzrising2545 Anos atrás
Same but don’t remember giant ones
@Dawsontheconsumer Anos atrás
@seal_shepherd8148 Anos atrás
I remember playing this on my family's tablet and whenever they required that you wait or pay for an upgrade to finish/level to be unlocked I just changed the internal date of the device and it always skipped the wait
@v-li6491 Anos atrás
Wow I’m dumb as hell lmao
@itsyagurluwu5084 Anos atrás
They put a patch on that and it doesn't work anymore. Do that nowadays and you'll break the game.
@deathslayerx9607 Anos atrás
Dude I never did it still works?
@deathslayerx9607 Anos atrás
@@itsyagurluwu5084 what would happen i like to break games but idk how to or I am scared to
@pankakesyrip4677 Anos atrás
@@itsyagurluwu5084 it still works lol wdym
This game was like a fever dream. It always really gave me a different vibe from the other AB games. God I just still cannot describe it, even after more than Eight years.
@ixxio2.017 Anos atrás
longest name in yt world record also that game is indeed a forgotten master piece
@dragonlord7987 Anos atrás
and its the one of the old games left
@thonato295 Anos atrás
Ye it's been 5 or 6 years since I've played this game, good ass memories
@idk7677 Anos atrás
@@dragonlord7987 bad piggies
@RongDMemer 11 meses atrás
Fever dreams just narrowed it down
@zesnowpea6347 Anos atrás
I remember this, played back when chuck didn’t need to reload( he shot infinite bullets), heatwave was absolute balls, sound wave and thunder cracker, and keeping your partner for the rest of the level were absolutely amazing
heatwave is cool but dear god they’re slower than a tortoise takes to run a marathon
@paulthefreak9680 Anos atrás
before the nerf
@talohighflyer 10 meses atrás
Same bro i miss the old game
@reealism 7 meses atrás
i remember just upgrading chuck until the end of time think he had shoulder guns or something
@mono5608 Anos atrás
My childhood has been remade once more I remember this old game back when i was 6 years and still have it to this day its nice seeing people play this again
@Leandro_8125 Anos atrás
I remember playing this is 2016. Nostalgia hits hard.
@Leandro_8125 Anos atrás
This game is from 2014
@TastyJuice Anos atrás
@@Leandro_8125 he can still play this game 2 years later like the hell lmao
@zhongxina5452 11 meses atrás
@@Leandro_8125 not everyone got a phone/tablet in 2014. I also played this in 2015/16. It was my first games I had on my phone
@Leandro_8125 11 meses atrás
@@TastyJuice bro, i was just saying. Because i played that game when released and also i am an ab og player.
@Leandro_8125 11 meses atrás
@@zhongxina5452 ok, but i don't care if 50% Of the world is poor for not having even a cheap phone.
Playing as Heatwave is basically Dark Souls mode. Also you should definitely play again. Edit: HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK WHY DID SO MANY OF YOU LIKE AND REPLY.
@metalbossdbz5359 Anos atrás
At least heatwave can take damage and not lose as much health
@methane5211 Anos atrás
Honestly, the plane pigs are good since it's a shooting simulator
@grandmasterg8572 Anos atrás
You too? Aww man Playing as any of the Seekers is so satisfying and enjoyable
@Epicmlggamer1235 Anos atrás
Playing heatwave is easy for me
@hoho210 Anos atrás
@@Epicmlggamer1235 Probably because your playing early game
@helpPSYCHO Anos atrás
This game is the definition of nostalgic feelings. I used to grind the fuck outta this game 6 years ago. I remember grinding out the eggs, missions and I never got past the other half of the map. I used to always upgrade Red seeing his attack was pretty strong. I used to always try to get the bot with the bubble-levitation ability. Such good memories. 😢
@itzGiwu Anos atrás
Man this is so nostalgic. I remember playing this so many years ago. I really miss the time when games were original and fun
@yeast3413 8 meses atrás
Speezy really needs to play this game again. The nostalgia is real
@ghplayzboi9295 Anos atrás
i remember being addicted to this game wanting to buy figures but finding out they were not being sold anymore 😢
@kingkd7817 4 meses atrás
@baldybalakosa5610 Anos atrás
For some reason Angry Birds games including the Angry Birds Transformers popped up in my head a couple days ago. And i haven't played it since 1 to 2 years. And i got that nostalgic feeling so i wanted to play it again. I thought people have forgotten about this Masterpiece. But turns out there are still people making videos about it. And i found this video in my recommended page. And it made me happy. Tears of joy everyone, Tears of joy..
@Will160poke0 Anos atrás
The nostalgia is real right now. Also, I agree about Angry Birds Epic. It was easily one of the best angry birds games and rovio decided to take it away for some reason. I was really sad about it.
@SourCoffeeExpert Anos atrás
I remember it being one of the few games I would actually replay in my tablet when my progress was deleted. I forgot why but there were a bunch of issues either with the game or my tablet or both. Regardless it was fun every go around and I have no regrets. Ah I love that game.
@delumixee8400 Anos atrás
@@SourCoffeeExpert I've replayed it 9 separate times, and completed it
@SourCoffeeExpert Anos atrás
@@averagegenzguy2751 I don’t remember how many times replayed through it. At least 5. And i enjoyed it every time.
@SourCoffeeExpert Anos atrás
@@delumixee8400They removed a lot of the old angry birds games from the App Store. They brought back the original one though. But yeah the only old game left is angry birds transformers. (Idk how old angry birds two is but I that’s there as well)
@domo4938 Anos atrás
Oh my god, I remember playing this as a child. I used to beat the HELL out of all the stages(except the one with that scientist pig). I absolutely LOVED this game and it’s nice that someone else remembers it too :) .
@NoMoreFortnite297 Anos atrás
I just redownloaded this game yesterday and I have to say, it still holds up. Some aspects of the game have fallen off a bit but overall, it still feels the same as it did when I was little
same, the only thing that changed was me realizing how bad heatwave is
@superbrownsheep3777 4 meses atrás
@@toymariofficial217Sentennel Prime is a little better since he shoots 3 big Plasma bolts instead of one, but still, not really the best Autobird in the game
@tausiftaha12 4 meses atrás
@@superbrownsheep3777 Hound is the best one for the artillery (shooting out of the sky) bots.
@guanzhe9897 Anos atrás
WRONG. I never forgot about this masterpiece, it has stayed for a very long time in my brain. Its also the reason why every so often I feel the urge to play it only to get sad when I remember I can't anymore
@hivjuice1817 Anos atrás
You can find the APK file online and use and android emulator, or use an android phone if you have one
@xxshadoxxx7436 Anos atrás
So true
@some_nob Anos atrás
@@hivjuice1817 what about EPIC?
@TastyJuice Anos atrás
@@some_nob same thing
@TastyJuice Anos atrás
@Rifleman how
I never forgot this game and even though it has a few flaws it is fantastic and truly deserves the praise.
@matt.2708 11 meses atrás
Was obsessed with this game and still forgot it existed
@hoho210 Anos atrás
Fun fact: The music composer for this game is also one of the music composer of the original transformers movie in 1986 and rocky 4
@bencredible9554 Anos atrás
Right?! His music is HIGHLY underrated!!
@rossy9465 Anos atrás
No wonder it sounds familiar
@Vivigreeny25 Anos atrás
@JacobKasza Anos atrás
Vince Dicola is a Chad
@Annon372 Anos atrás
Finally someone who recognizes this forgotten masterpiece! I was 7 years when I played this while being fans of transformers and angry birds!
@skittle_yt Anos atrás
I remember playing this game when I was little. I'm now proud to call myself an OG. I got every character (with NO microtransactions 😬). I was so happy that I was able to unlock everything and everyone, it was amazing. :)
@thegoldenturkey 3 meses atrás
So much nostalgia, I used to play this all day back then 💀
@RandomDeino 5 meses atrás
I forgot this game even existed, thank you for restoring memories
@gasp5027 Anos atrás
Angry birds space was my fav game with complex mechanics amazing bosses, great music and portrayed a giant story with only pictures it was my favorite game and I cant express enough how much I loved it
I remember when I was with my little brother playing Angry Birds in my tablet and I told him that time: "What if Angry Birds were fused with Transformers, Red as Optimus, Chuck as Bumble..." And after some weeks/months the game was announced. Was the most epic predict I did in my life LOL.
@evolvedbread1370 Anos atrás
Talk to your brother again about what if rovio and ea stops being greedy
@omarpikm2101 Anos atrás
what the F U C K
@@evolvedbread1370 he NEEDS to do that, maybe it will work
@JL_Pdsv Anos atrás
me too m8, me too.
@justnobody0555 Anos atrás
this one time i told my little brother while we were watching cn"what if there was a show about unikitty from the lego movie in cn?" and i kid you not an ad about it was playing.
Loved this game to pieces as a kid. Love the soundtrack
i'm still playing this till this day lol , truly a masterpiece
@mememan2913 Anos atrás
As a kid i reached the performance to play and complete every Angry Birds game there exists, even the paid ones so this just brings back so many good memories
@mad576wastaken 11 meses atrás
This game was so good, but unfortunately I lost my progress after it got accidentally deleted and I haven't been able to bring myself back to it
@cube3156 11 meses atrás
I remember I was so obsessed with this, probably what got me into gaming, loved this game it was years ahead of it's time
@maskedtape Anos atrás
I remember playing this in restuarants, at home, on the go. Damn, it was indeed a good game.
@Dankergold Anos atrás
It still exists
Ay same.
@exilemorin04 Anos atrás
@@Dankergold really? I thought it was so cool back then, I thought it was gone
Same Bro
@laserninja5462 Anos atrás
Very true
@Gaminghj 8 meses atrás
This game screams nostalgia to me it's iconic and amazing I remember I actually beat the game up until Megatron and then I could only unlock transformers with events and that ended it for me the game just became bad because of how much grinding it took
@karemandino6312 2 meses atrás
Only two words describe this game: nostalgic masterpiece. Or: perfect world
@twistedtomato2224 Anos atrás
I remember this. I'd play it all the time at my grandmas, it felt so nice
@lukehall2837 2 meses atrás
Words cannot describe how nostalgic this is
This video brought me back great memories. My favorite part was always transforming into a car last second and barely dodging the falling pig statues
@c.w35t87 Anos atrás
Holy crap, I use to grind the hell out of this game back in the days, I had everything at max playing like 2-2.5 hours every day.
@helpPSYCHO Anos atrás
Same bro! I used to grind for the transformers with the bubble levitation abilities.
@An_Actual_Dumbass Anos atrás
I always played as Jazz lmao
@VillainVac 7 meses atrás
its still on the app store
@RainierMendador 5 meses atrás
@Yodiebro Anos atrás
I thought I was the only one who knew it's existence. I used to play this all the time on my tablet as a kid. I loved unlocking and upgrading the characters. And I just revisited this game before this video.
@codythecat01 Mês atrás
@kurdishmercenary7413 8 meses atrás
This game needs to be protected at all costs
Ah man I remember playing it like a pro with my full screen Time . Masterpieces never die
@AspexFPS Anos atrás
I actually loved this game and played it all the time around 8 years ago I still think about this game to this day its still one of my favorite games to this day
@KelvanDoesShit 9 meses atrás
I remember playing this 6-8 years ago! So much good memories...
@TornaitSuperBird Anos atrás
The music for this game is full of bangers. Vince DiCola, the composer for the 1986 Transformers animated movie, as well as a large amount of the Rocky movies. Dude's a legend.
@blyn3698 Anos atrás
my friends called it "not real music"
@yodagaming1624 Anos atrás
@@blyn3698 you need new friends then
@blyn3698 Anos atrás
@@yodagaming1624 that was when I was a kid
@@blyn3698 wow in 1 day you grew up?!
@switcher234 Anos atrás
I remember playing this and it was one of my favourite games The nostalgia hits hard
@abdullahgamer2134 10 meses atrás
I wouldn't play anything but this game as a kid it was so good
@lizthegaywiz5599 11 meses atrás
Loved the video! Straight to the point and entertaining as can be :D
@Goofy_Goober 11 meses atrás
I still have this game now its really fun to play especially on a day when I'm not feeling so well and when I've had a bad day I'll just play this and it makes me happy again its fantastic
@MooojinIsRandom Anos atrás
I remember playing this game when I was younger. Now that I think of it, I think I used to play that game a lot.
8:55 I was always confused that Soundwave was the logical and loyal to Megatron and they made him here trying to plot against Megatron. That’s literally a Starscream move
@bencredible9554 Anos atrás
Ikr. But I guess if I had it MY way, I would have made Chef Pig Starscream, and the CORPORAL Pig Soundwave... but honestly, I guess you could look at it this way: Starscream in the G1 cartoon doesn't even try to show that he wouldn't betray Megatron as he thinks so fully of himself that he could get away with it. Chef Pig on the other hand after he swings at megatron, he presents breakfast to him to show himself as loyal rather than conniving and backstabbing, so when he actually DOES backstab, King Pig as Megatron won't even see it coming. That's the Genius behind Chef Pig.
@bazingatronz5114 Anos atrás
Soundwave's original bio actually was quite different from the soundwave of the cartoon and the one we know now. Originally he was meant to be a schemer and a blackmailer. So, Chef Pig kinda fits him
@bencredible9554 Anos atrás
@@bazingatronz5114 that's chef pig for ya!
@cokoDoc Anos atrás
Soundwave got the script mixed
@xaturowlet7346 Anos atrás
You forgot a VERY important thing, Angry Bird Toon (and the trailer too ig). If you watched the toon you would know that Chef Pig always tried to steal King Pig's crown (basically if you have the crown you will become the king) for obvious reasons of stupidity from King Pig and his thrist for power instead of being a chef. Also the entire plot of Angry Bird Transformer is that a mysterious cube from space crashed the island and make everyone become Transformer, it's not like these are Transformer from the start, they just transformed
@M-T-H Anos atrás
Been so long since I heard these words so many memories, I remember me and my cousins used to challenge each other in a somewhat speedrun style...
@Leandro_8125 Anos atrás
Soo many good moments of that, i played it in the release time,it passed 8 years and im still playing this game.
@meganoob3557 Anos atrás
Holy shoot, i remember playing this game on my tablet and buying these telepods (which i always had problems using with). This is so nostalgic
@ant-onio4543 11 meses atrás
I used to play this a lot everyday until the update with Stella and the blues. After that the game didn't feel the same anymore but it feels nostalgic
@MemerBeaner Anos atrás
I remember playing this game like 7 years ago! The nostalgia hits hard
this is so nostalgic I used to play this all the time
@erenefc4511 Anos atrás
me too
@arventus Anos atrás
i still played it but i stopped about a month ago
@Blurple- Anos atrás
I used to enjoy playing this a looong time ago. this is so nostalgic to see.
I got to play with I think the red version of Sound wave, but I'm not sure if he was red-
@magnusthevaliant 11 meses atrás
I still play it, and I'm glad I do. All the fun memories of one-shotting a screens worth of buildings with level 6 soundblaster and the transformer descriptions. Might be the greatest game of all time is an understatement. (for whatever reason I haven't gotten around to the ending tho)
@codythecat01 Mês atrás
wait. This game has an ending!? Hu, guess ya do learn new things ever day
@hampter3819 Anos atrás
I can't believe you made a video about it... I redownloaded this game couple weeks ago because of the nostalgia.. and I have to say.. It REALLY WAS A MASTERPİECE
@SouthernShitpost Anos atrás
this probably was my favourite game as a kid, i played it on my grandma's tablet and so i was happy to visit her just because of it lmao
@haz7671 5 meses atrás
i used to be addicted to this as a kid and it was really fun, thanks for reminding me of my childhood btw
@jaybomb5638 Anos atrás
Thank you….for making this, I remember playing it when I was in middle school and honestly forgot and didn’t care about it since then until this video. Now I’m on 8 characters and getting more unlockables :).
@Hamzter1234 Anos atrás
I used to play this all the time This is NOSTALGIA
@pixelcat29 Anos atrás
Now its maximum pay to win
@eggdog1051 Anos atrás
Man I remember playing this soooo much. I also recall being super excited when I finally unlocked Ultra Magnus I think was called? Mannnnnn such good times.
@samot4100 5 meses atrás
When I was a kid it would play an animation in the style of g1 at the opening of the game explaining how they all got turned into transformers. I have no clue why'd they remove it, it was awesome.
@ayedatboi1234 2 meses atrás
I played this a long time ago yet it looks so different and nostalgic at the same time
@makeenk 9 meses atrás
I almost died of nostalgia, who knew that was a thing.
@Caio-ws1he Anos atrás
I remember me and my brother downloading it after we woke up in the game launch, those were some good times
@lucianaocampo4952 Anos atrás
@Monke_for_yt 2 meses atrás
@DisastrousKevin Anos atrás
1:59, as a angry birds transformer veteran I can say that that egg transformer turned those piggies into robot versions of themselves.
@TheDarkLord239 5 meses atrás
Such an underrated game
@agent7c_ Anos atrás
I suddenly found nostalgia I never knew I had.
@hatin7606 Anos atrás
i just started playing the game again unlike other games it feels the exact same it did all those years ago (ducking incredible)
@Foofoo481 7 meses atrás
I just got back to playing this beautiful masterpiece. +BACKSTORY+ I downloaded angry birds 2,then got through some levels and it reminded me about the transformers counterparts one so I searched up for it and then I found it
@mosapunk Anos atrás
To put in some lore here basically the birds and the pigs found the all spark in the middle of a fight and basically it transformed them (hehe) into transformers but the all-spark also affected the eggs and the eggs basically started turning everything into cybertronian stuff to the point where it's starting to become a very problematic plague that is causing everything to turn into futuristic technology or whatever and the birds and pigs decided to form an alliance and team up againts the now evil eggs. (I think I sorta got it right)
@dog_e8539 Anos atrás
I loved this game. The customizations that made your Transformer's shots explode were scuffed.
@madthereal Anos atrás
The game of my childhood. I'll never forget playing this on my dad's phone and then making drawings related to this game.
@Peashooter908 Anos atrás
My main problem isn’t the game but the way the transformers characters are treated the developers obviously weren’t big tf fans which is a problem for me personally since I’m a fan of transformers and angry birds what confuses me the most is soundwave the most loyal decepticon acts like starscream the most treacherous con
@mimicry8837 6 meses atrás
Finally, somebody who can prove to me I wasn't imagining a really good angry birds transformers game for several years
@RachelleHeart Anos atrás
Thanks man, you just made me played the game again after 5 years (I've been playing it for several hours now lol)
@TheXKrystEX Anos atrás
@2heo1987 Anos atrás
@TheXKrystEX Anos atrás
@@2heo1987 what does underverse have to do in here lol
@2heo1987 Anos atrás
@@TheXKrystEX I just really like your pfp that's all!
@TheXKrystEX Anos atrás
@@2heo1987 oh, thanks lol, epic's my fav character
@galaxyt.hedgehog8667 7 meses atrás
Damn this is a nostalgic game, i even revisited it bc i had nothing better to do and im level 98 now from lvl 95 shocking
@redturtle820 9 meses atrás
i recently got back into the game playing it on pc thanks to bluestacks, i remember when this game was still new, as like a 6 year old transformers adict i just got hooked on the game, probably the game i played most aat the time, to me its very nostalgic and the music to me is just to good for what the game is
@grootatron Anos atrás
So the lore of the game is that the eggspark fell onto piggy island, and it turned all the birds and important pigs into transformers, and the eggs into the Eggbots, who are the villains of this game. So the Autobirds and Deceptihogs join forces to defeat the Eggbots. Most of the minion pigs were also turned evil, but some were lucky enough to become transformers as well.
@Insomia404 Anos atrás
pls do this one again, the nostalgia is real
@imtroll7564 Anos atrás
Nostalgia hit me harder than my dad's belt.
@johnerrol3118 Anos atrás
I remember my dad accidentally getting the blues in the lucky spin and I was clueless why there were tags of the blues until I looked at the characters I was so happy that happened
@damlatorun6756 Anos atrás
U can cheat at the mission spin by using your finger to track the one you want I did it all the time
@byteshothunter2381 6 meses atrás
@@damlatorun6756 how Teach me
@superkid5mini937 5 meses atrás
@@damlatorun6756 Sam ebruh
@bluefoxgalaxy6057 Anos atrás
Honestly this game is pretty awesome. I really miss playing it
@luisissac4887 8 meses atrás
I am so happy some one knows about this master piece of a game
@madeinheaven141 Anos atrás
Damn the nostalgia hits hard, great review btw Can you do a video about a really underrated and criminally forgotten game called "Overgrowth", it's game about a kung fu bunny with hilarious ragdolls and mods. The developpment started in 2008, the first alpha released in 2009 and then the final official complete lauch was in 2007...
@astro_numi4563 Anos atrás
i was just scrolling on youtube to watch smth when i stumbled upon this and it opened my forgotten memories abt this game, i remembered me and my sister taking turns to play this game and just tapping and tapping the screen not caring if it'll crack or not. What a memory indeed
@yolomolo2736 3 meses atrás
All Hail the man who brought back angry birds transformers from the grave and resurrecting our nostalgic childhoods from the past. I poured countless hours into the game way back in the day on my IPod touch but the iCloud data didn’t transfer to my phone now so I’m working with a fresh blank slate, that’s life I suppose.
@poggersbro Anos atrás
I think you missed the beginning cutscene where all the eggs were zapped by a transformation lightning ray bullet thingy. Now the eggs are turning everything into robot things… Anyway i defensively didn’t grind that game ever. I was never really into it and it wasn’t my first favorite game that a played a lot. Also I didn’t unlock seven areas when I was 8.
@izen1586 Anos atrás
They removed the cutscene for some typical Rovio reasons
@@izen1586 they did?? cuz i had goten the game on a new phone and i still got that cutscene. maybe im miss remembering or somthing. idk
@skullzarenice5 4 meses atrás
this game changed a lot there were no crystals instead it was just the difficulty levels events were more annoying, there were still the rapid shooting pigs, by far was one of the most intimidating enemy before they got removed, buying accessories was absolutely terrible and there was still the intro before starting the game
@PearlOfTheEast123 Anos atrás
Damn the nostalgia 😭✨
@kingalee2969 Anos atrás
I remember this game and the memories are overwhelming
@CT-7276 Anos atrás
I played this game so long ago And I loved every second of it
@purpleassasin3754 Anos atrás
its one of my childhood games,and its amazing see you play it.
@bencredible9554 Anos atrás
Guys, in case you didn't know, there's actually a Wiki on this game explaining the lore plus some videos on BRvid from the actual Angry Birds. Also, this game has inspired me to make an Angry Birds Transformers series next year here here on BRvid! So stay tuned for that :)
@Artistic__ Anos atrás
Wait there's unironically lore?
@@Artistic__ yes.........
@SavageJarJar Anos atrás
self promotion EWWWWWW
@bencredible9554 Anos atrás
@@SavageJarJar lol
@ethanhall2655 Anos atrás
@@Artistic__ I had the comic book at one point, apparently the all spark landed on the island and made the eggs into roboticing machines.
@A.Peacock 6 meses atrás
I played all the angry birds games. Regular angry birds, bad piggies, epic, transformers. I played it all and I actually got far in the games too. Good times.
@translator-kun 8 meses atrás
I remember when i play it back in the day, that the game bugged and made me be able to use my crystal/gems infinitely and ended up in negative lmao good times
@Exilum 9 meses atrás
The most hilarious thing is that they skipped at least 4 stories (where we could see the skip button clicked) while complaining there was no story before actually noticing one and feeling lost.
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