Andrea Bocelli, Céline Dion - The Prayer

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23 Out 2015



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Comentários 10 837
Harriet Enriquez
Harriet Enriquez 2 horas atrás
It’s been so long since I’ve heard this song and I still cry whenever I listen to it❤️❤️
Odunola Foluke
Odunola Foluke 4 horas atrás
Reading comments about Pomoy, who's he?
Pajarillo Sky
Pajarillo Sky 7 horas atrás
Andrea+Celine= Marcelito it💟💟💞💞
Tinskie Cruz
Tinskie Cruz 9 horas atrás
Full of emotions 😭
Nebuchadrezzar A.
Nebuchadrezzar A. 11 horas atrás
I'm here because of Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion alone. These two legends can't be compared to an amateur, these two gave life to this song with the power of their immaculate voices in 1999 and has become a classic. Marcelito did a very good job but nowhere near as good to these two LEGENDS. The only thing he does extraordinary was combine the male and the female voice but voice quality and power-wise nothing beats the ORIGINAL. Let's not be too cocky fueled by our blind nationalism.
Racky Arlan
Racky Arlan 12 horas atrás
Hello world, Andrea is a amazing singer!
JM Pi Tv
JM Pi Tv 12 horas atrás
Who came here after watching marcelito pomoy in America's got talent 2020.
hashtag ikaw lang sapat na
Sino Ang Nanuod neto ng kinanta ito ni marcelito pomoy Sa AGT like mo
Mc Hill Bareo
Mc Hill Bareo 21 hora atrás
Respect these two legends please!
David Ethan Sulite
David Ethan Sulite 21 hora atrás
Why is it that andrea is always looking down
Rhene Baradi
Rhene Baradi 22 horas atrás
After i watch dragon ball fushion.. i came here...
Rhene Baradi
Rhene Baradi 22 horas atrás
After i watch dragon ball fushion.. i came here...
Jay Dollentas
Jay Dollentas 23 horas atrás
Marcelito Pomoy
Karluke Soroño
Karluke Soroño 23 horas atrás
Marcelito Pomoy!
Almie Augusto
Almie Augusto Dia atrás
Marcelito brings me here
Jb Uanang
Jb Uanang Dia atrás
Olga Popova
Olga Popova Dia atrás
Селин Дион сельская певица и имела счастье петь с великим певцом мига! Это конечно же не Игорь говно Крутой))))
Miracle Happens
Miracle Happens Dia atrás
Celine should have been a judge on America's Got Talent🙏🥰
Rich Tan
Rich Tan Dia atrás
When u found marcelito American got talent and Decided to search for it
Emorej Dia atrás
Audrie Pramesti
Audrie Pramesti Dia atrás
Trying so hard not to cry while enjoying their performance
Apple Knock
Apple Knock Dia atrás
How to be better than both singers? sing there duet. -Marcelito pomoy
russhaine russ
russhaine russ Dia atrás
Idk but this original version makes me cry 😢
Carwin Xavier Olivas
who feels heaven with their rendition? ❤️ goosebumps ❤️
Omeng Tawid - Smart Pinoy Investor
so I'm here after watching marcelito on America’s got talent
Who's here after watching marcelito on America's Got Talent? Make this blue😇
Norman Revelton
Norman Revelton Dia atrás
He's blind right .bravo
Norman Revelton
Norman Revelton Dia atrás
I want to compare this song to Marcelito Pomoy ...
Idho Fadly
Idho Fadly Dia atrás
Amazing song and amazing voice... So beautiful... ❤️❤️🔥
Daisy Brocales
Daisy Brocales Dia atrás
marcelito ikaw na ikaw😊👍👏👏👏
Randy Dela Cruz
Randy Dela Cruz Dia atrás
Celine and andrea:let's duet Marcelito:i can do it alone
Raoul Jann Balanquit
Raoul Jann Balanquit 2 dias atrás
Celine Dion just nailed it without effort.
Ms.chievous 2 dias atrás
omg marcelito pomoy split in two
George Alfonso
George Alfonso 2 dias atrás
Still love this original version the blending and harmony is so real specially when they sing together
Tanz Production Mindanao Viners
im here when i see marcelito version
Alexia Loreine Yeboué
Il est aveugle ?
Jenn Jenn
Jenn Jenn 2 dias atrás
Gosh, their voices are so timeless!
Jansen Calingacion
Jansen Calingacion 2 dias atrás
He's blind ?? 🙄😱
Pink Floyd Janeo
Pink Floyd Janeo Dia atrás
Jason Pescador
Jason Pescador 2 dias atrás
Celine dion still so beautiful 😍 so pretty ❤️
vic niere
vic niere 2 dias atrás
Kayang kaya ng philboy marcelito pomoy
V-CLIPS TV 2 dias atrás
A B C D if you noticed.
BeN BaL 2 dias atrás
Marcelito is the best
Dex Rael
Dex Rael 2 dias atrás
is andrea bocelli blind?
Aries Almonte
Aries Almonte 2 dias atrás
It is so difficult to sng when your blind folded... feel the etc. Wow amazing ... salute to you Sir. ☺☺☺☺☺
Adam Doroon
Adam Doroon 2 dias atrás
Marcelito should contact David foster and remake this scene not with Andrea and Celine but with Marcelito
silent thinker
silent thinker 2 dias atrás
Marcelito Pomoy brings me here. #SuperfansHere #PinoyPride #marcelitopomoy
Pau Rodriguez
Pau Rodriguez 2 dias atrás
Bruh Andrea out here lookin like the Pope
Pau Rodriguez
Pau Rodriguez 2 dias atrás
Who was here before marcelitos version ;)
vinay kumar
vinay kumar 2 dias atrás
Much before.... Fan of Foster and family
Free Time 101
Free Time 101 2 dias atrás
Some people who gave thumbs down are shit..... Why? Do you think are better than celine dion?
Cabz Chinoc
Cabz Chinoc 2 dias atrás
1millionRamen 2 dias atrás
Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff after End game.
perez joel
perez joel 3 dias atrás
Im here because of marcelito pomoy sing this song with his self alone
Costia E
Costia E 3 dias atrás
Piesa este super
Elfred Carbaquil
Elfred Carbaquil 3 dias atrás
Dalawang sikat sa kanila...isa lng sa pinoy.marcilito pomoy.
Nigel Andandi
Nigel Andandi 3 dias atrás
I watched this long ago because Celine Dion is a legend. Not because of Marcelito
Casanova angel
Casanova angel 3 dias atrás
Marcelito's version is much more pleasant to the ears than the original...sorry🤔🤔🤔
mang jose
mang jose 3 dias atrás
Bakit dun sa isang video,bata pa si bocille parang mas matanda si celine,baliktad naman dito,kung kelan may uban na si bocille parang ang bata ni celine
Kevin Toar
Kevin Toar 3 dias atrás
Basilio Turla
Basilio Turla 3 dias atrás
Marcelito pomoy hehehe
xian ace riosa
xian ace riosa 3 dias atrás
Like 👍🏻 ang nakikinig nito hanggang ngayon😘
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