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Ana Vidović
Guitar by Jim Redgate

Concert starts at 2:00


Flute Partita in A minor, BWV 1013
by Johann Sebastian Bach
(Transcribed by Valter Despalj)
-Allemande ( 3:06 )
-Corrente ( 8:40 )

Violin Sonata No. 1, BWV 1001
by Johann Sebastian Bach
(arr. by Manuel Barrueco)
-Adagio ( 12:44 )
-Fuga ( 16:38 )
-Siciliana ( 21:19 )
-Presto ( 24:25 )

Un Dia de Noviembre ( 27:36 )
by Leo Brouwer

Gran Sonata Eroica, Op. 150 ( 32:17 )
by Mauro Giuliani

Sonata in E major, K. 380, L. 23 ( 41:39 )
Sonata in D minor K.1, L. 366 ( 46:28 )
by Domenico Scarlatti

Nocturno ( 48:55 )
by Slavko Fumic

Encore -
Asturias ( 53:49 )
by Isaac Albeniz

Video Production by
Matthew Washburn

Audio Mastering by
Sienna Digital, Half Moon Bay, CA

Filmed live at St. Marks Lutheran Church in San Francisco, CA

March 15th, 2021

Series Sponsors
D’Addario, Hill Guitar Company, Guitar Salon International, Romero Creations, Guitar Solo

Produced by the Omni Foundation for the Performing Arts
Richard Patterson, Artistic Director

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Comentários 3 190
Max Milligan
Max Milligan 59 minutos atrás
Raz MaTaz
Raz MaTaz Hora atrás
And here I am, still struggling with Dust in the Wind. Oof.
Андрей Кривозуб
Конец света , в храме божьем устроить вертеп.
Ilias Petrou
Ilias Petrou 3 horas atrás
super play!!!!!
Benjamín Laca
Benjamín Laca 5 horas atrás
24:25 32:20
D Mitchell
D Mitchell 8 horas atrás
Just amazing
User Kaz
User Kaz 9 horas atrás
is her A string out of tune?
Patricia Horelick
Patricia Horelick 11 horas atrás
Doc Lex
Doc Lex 11 horas atrás
why the church? sure it has nice acoustics, but why the effin church?
Kemel Souza
Kemel Souza 12 horas atrás
Belíssimo!!!!!! Bravo!!!!
lino fontanabona
lino fontanabona 15 horas atrás
Bravissima!!!!! Musica stupenda!
Ryan and Angela McCullough
AAARGH... that slightly sharp A string!!
Cynthia Suarez
Cynthia Suarez 17 horas atrás
Understood in Any language. Absolutely beautiful music!! I feel so privileged to listen to !! She has a gift !
Павел Стекленёв
Очень давно уже не слышал такой игры. С школы искусств приучили меня к многим граням направлений классики. У нас как раз гитарист оттачивал своё мастерство. В подобном стиле классическая гитара звучала когда занятий не было. Спасибо автору!
Alex Lab.
Alex Lab. 18 horas atrás
Красивая музыка , получил удовольствие от прослушивания .Спасибо.
Tim Boulette
Tim Boulette 18 horas atrás
Beautiful playing, with exquisite control of dynamics.
Biff Corbot
Biff Corbot 18 horas atrás
Francisco Castro
Francisco Castro 19 horas atrás
JOONWON CHOI 19 horas atrás
좋은 연주...
Man in rain
Man in rain 20 horas atrás
It's nice not to hear the noise when the guitar changes chords,good!
Paulo Mariano dos Santos Filho
Lindo, maravilhoso, extasiante!!!
MrTopVideo 22 horas atrás
I would totally buy audio files of your concerts to support your foundation
François LEMONIZ
François LEMONIZ 22 horas atrás
C'est une guitariste extraordinaire, l'interprétation de la Sonate pour flûte est magnifique de musicalité et de clarté. Un son ample et clair, une justesse parfaite, c'est absolument bouleversant !
Mr.President sir
Mr.President sir 23 horas atrás
Hans de Groot
Hans de Groot Dia atrás
mooie beheerste indruk van een prachtige melodie, gitaar is een prachtig instrument! jammer alleen een decor achtergrond, een beeld dat mij niets zegt. Keurig netjes hoor! Maar niet alles hoeft er zo perfect uit te zien voor mij. Gewoon omdat het daarmee gelikt wordt en afbreuk doet aan het beleven van prachtige gitaarklanken.
ivan ivanov
ivan ivanov Dia atrás
это охуительно.
CB 2
CB 2 Dia atrás
lisa thayne
lisa thayne Dia atrás
dengar music
dengar music Dia atrás
Pascual Dia atrás
they put everything into the image and almost no effort into the sound.
Jacek Rogowski
Jacek Rogowski Dia atrás
Almost as good as a computer ... ;)
Ian Edmonds
Ian Edmonds Dia atrás
Amazing playing. Big props for your hard work. Luv and Peace.
Carlos Restrepo
Carlos Restrepo Dia atrás
Seeing her playing in such a way makes me believe there is good in Mankind
Hillary Chapman
Hillary Chapman Dia atrás
Her articulation is phenomenal
Jake Carlo
Jake Carlo Dia atrás
pietro saverino
pietro saverino Dia atrás
Livia María Grácola Leiva
A veces los dioses transmiten su inmensidad misteriosamente, este es un ejemplo. Maravillosa.
JJ Dia atrás
Superb !!! Bravo !!!
Андрей Береснев
Красавица Аня - гитарист от бога, что ещё скажешь. Одно целое с инструментом, представляю налет часов тренировок)) Изящно, виртуозно и экспрессивно. Браво Анна! Удачи и всех благ.
Leño urbano
Leño urbano 2 dias atrás
Simplemente espectacular, cuanto talento y trabajo duro detrás, un 10 como una casa
Juan Solís Guzmán
Juan Solís Guzmán 2 dias atrás
Hermoso ...gracias gracias, ..................Dios la bendiga cada día.
Hadi parizad
Hadi parizad 2 dias atrás
Everything in this video is beautiful
L4sleeko 2 dias atrás
You make that pretty instrument sound spectacular, bravo!
jxshualexander 2 dias atrás
Love from Portland! The amount of theory and heart poured in is incomprehensible.
David H
David H 2 dias atrás
How much practice though! Wow. The only way to achieve proficiency like this is to live and breath the instrument and music for decades.
cafeinst 2 dias atrás
I just started learning guitar. Came here for inspiration. I have an acoustic guitar. I wonder if a classical guitar is necessary for what she does.
kyol 2 dias atrás
you can learn on anything but nylon strings hurt fingers less than steel strings when starting but steel sounds better
Jeffrey Lear
Jeffrey Lear 2 dias atrás
Ana plays so well that I cried!
Arianne vd Waart
Arianne vd Waart 2 dias atrás
haar muziek voert je mee over velden en door de lucht en overzee. Zoet en schitterend
Константин Должиков
Красиво,прилежно, завораживает.
Khasab 2 dias atrás
look at her thumb !!!
Rufeil Rahtieh
Rufeil Rahtieh 2 dias atrás
Vladimir Mylnikov
Vladimir Mylnikov 2 dias atrás
Amazing! Absolutely impeccable performance !!! Thank you for uploading!
Cynthia Godin
Cynthia Godin 2 dias atrás
🥰I thoroughly enjoyed this! What a gift as I’m preparing to start my art projects for today I feel blessed ✨❤️
MARIO 2 dias atrás
Alguien que ejecuta la guitarra con todos los virtuosismos: técnica, expresión, limpieza, sumando su belleza.
Benoît 3 dias atrás
53:15 "Asturias ? I'll try" and proceeds to give a perfect performance. Cute !
Dscott64 3 dias atrás
Beautiful Church,Beautiful Music,Beautiful Woman...Life Is Grand...Thank You* 🎼
Gavin Beard
Gavin Beard 3 dias atrás
Very good
Paul Xavier
Paul Xavier 3 dias atrás
"Asturias? Okay I will try." Wow.
Murdering Dave
Murdering Dave 3 dias atrás
Ana Vidovic and Glenn Gould are kindred souls.
alecxis c.a
alecxis c.a 3 dias atrás
Hermosa interpretacion y gran talento!!!!!
The Ed Channel
The Ed Channel 3 dias atrás
A very lovely and beautiful guitarist that puts her heart and soul into creating an auditory atmosphere of peace and tranquility. I could listen and watch all day.
Alex Serrell
Alex Serrell 3 dias atrás
good jams. helps relax the mind.
John ArtGallery
John ArtGallery 3 dias atrás
It's a nice day!stay safe and connected🙂🤗 It's so amazing😍 I was impressed with your video! Keep up the good work 👍 Have a nice week🍇🌺🍭😋🍀🍀😘👏😚🌴🍐 🧡👍🍇🍭😘🍎🌷😑😝 😛👍😜👍 wonderful!🧡👍+🔔😘😛😜🍎🌷🍐😘🌷🍓😔🌳🌾🌱👍😋🍀🍀😘👏Absolutely stunning Beautiful! 🤩,happy to watch!😝🌺😋
Евгений Котляков
Шестиструнная гитара жестковата , а семистройная -----ЭТО-------О-О-О-О-О
Omar Silvio Veron
Omar Silvio Veron 3 dias atrás
Muy lindo sonido, también la interpretación y excelente volumen. Me gustó mucho el repertorio. Gran trabajo Ana, es un lindo viaje tu música 👏👏👏👏👏
Татьяна Петришина
People, stop quarrelling!Just listen to beautifull MUSIC!
fitnessfood_fra 3 dias atrás
Meravigliosa interpretazione..grazie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Romeob Teneza
Romeob Teneza 3 dias atrás
This must be the finest fingers with just enough for the strings to create the most smooth sounds from a virtuoso player of a guitar lovely lady Ana.
Raul Thepig
Raul Thepig 3 dias atrás
I could watch and listen Ana play the guitar all day. Her attention to every note, her focus and precision is unbelievable.
Борис Гришин
Прекрасно!!! Спасибо, Анна!
Guy Pondrom
Guy Pondrom 3 dias atrás
So beautiful!
Think for yourself
Think for yourself 4 dias atrás
In a world full of strife, fear and bitterness, I find this (by contrast) so beautiful and uplifting, so transcendent, a reminder of the beauty that can be acheived through art. I needed to hear and see this, to see this extraordinary musician. It lifted me up.
Shafrancollector 4 dias atrás
All the repertoire is very nice but Bach. Why so in a hurry? It makes no musical sense. Nice sound.
MARÚ Oficial
MARÚ Oficial 4 dias atrás
The Best!!!
Fabrizio Fortunati
Fabrizio Fortunati 4 dias atrás
Fabrizio Fortunati
Fabrizio Fortunati 4 dias atrás
Veramente molto brava e raffinata!!!
Tilman Wolff-Moore
Tilman Wolff-Moore 4 dias atrás
Really, Really good. No doubt. Super impresst. Lack of feel
tim71pos 4 dias atrás
Back in the 1970s I was in love with Linda Rondstadt. (I think I was the only one). Now....well, if I scroll the image off the top of the screen, I can concentrate on the music (which as we all know is masterful).
paul sutton
paul sutton 4 dias atrás
I think the guitar is such a sublime instrument that all these transcriptions sound like it was the guitar that their composer was aiming for in the first place. Well done to Ms Vidovic, too.
Artesa SAS
Artesa SAS 4 dias atrás
Siento a Dios escuchando esta guitarrista ! Es majestuosa su interpretación !
Think for yourself
Think for yourself 5 dias atrás
This is the best classical guitar I've ever heard. Very precise but also with a great deal of feeling and interpretation.
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Eric Steele
Eric Steele 5 dias atrás
vern tracey
vern tracey 5 dias atrás
Been a classical music lover in general and classical guitar enthusiast since the age of 18. Bach was my first composer to capture my love for the music. Anna has my admiration as a master interpreter and unsurpassed technician of the instrument. I think I should sell my 2 Antonio Loriente and 1 Martin classical guitars and just appreciate real talent. Wisdom at age 66.
Hien Tran
Hien Tran 5 dias atrás
Sugarsail1 5 dias atrás
Who thumbs down this shit? Are you mad? How the hell does she even keep her nylon strings in tune that long?
Mike 5 dias atrás
The front shots make her look like she has cat ears :D
Ivan Sidorov
Ivan Sidorov 5 dias atrás
Умница и красавица!
Yong Yang
Yong Yang 5 dias atrás
Really enjoy the music of this Ana's concert, great performance!
Marcelo Cabrera
Marcelo Cabrera 5 dias atrás
Heavenly is how I’d describe it !!
Katolik Polak
Katolik Polak 6 dias atrás
Beautifull playing , but church is Home of God for God , not for human pleasure and aplause. It s bad when human takes God position (Book of Deuteronomy 28)
Bonn Serfing
Bonn Serfing 6 dias atrás
Joseph 6 dias atrás
Who is the maker of her fine guitar?
Tiny Betron
Tiny Betron 6 dias atrás
Love her absolute fluid movement and her somewhat confident move at point(2100) I don't know how to describe it just a smooth hand moment. She is a real pleasure to hear but just as enjoyable to watch. God has blessed you young lady, that along with hours of dedication and practice to achieve such perfection.
Demazzo Music
Demazzo Music 6 dias atrás
DVA 6 dias atrás
Ух, какая!!!! Извините, я выпил. ) Она, когда совсем еще молодая была, так играла замечательно. А щас вполне себе взрослая тетка. Еще лучше стало. Это очень круто!
Меdusa 5 dias atrás
Вы наверно всегда пьяный… 🤮
Кумкват 6 dias atrás
Emergency exit is blocked (2:05). Not good!
Joana Teixeira Oliveira
Um presente para milhares de pessoas no you tobe.
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