An Elden Ring Story ► The Warrior Within

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9 Ago 2022



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Mispap1 Mês atrás
Getting to create this video with Vaati has been an absolute dream of mine, and I couldn’t be happier with our final vision. Hopefully everyone enjoyed my cinematic editing and recording style. Within the lands between, there are so many stories for us to tell, and this is just the beginning! Big shoutout to Zullie the Witch for help with the Cheat engine, and Frans Bouma for his camera mod, which makes these videos possible
K. B. Peterson
K. B. Peterson 7 dias atrás
This was top tier. I was watching this on my TV and got onto to my phone specifically to say that the cinematics have gotten so much better. Not even that they were bad before, this was just that noticeably good. Keep it up!
Jacob H
Jacob H 16 dias atrás
Incredible cinematic captures of gameplay!
Rebelene M.
Rebelene M. 17 dias atrás
So at some point it will be a team of people & not Vaati making his videos? Although this one was amazing, I think I'll miss your style of writing & editing. That's why I've been watching for years, because I like your work 😊 Hopefully it won't change too much.
Travis Backs
Travis Backs 20 dias atrás
Beautiful work!! Thank you!!
Storminmormn6 Mês atrás
For a second I thought we were getting a sad backstory to the legend “LetMeSoloHer” However, this was unexpected and super cinematic. Love the story telling as always
asuka Dia atrás
@Big Boy He’s better than u 💀
asuka Dia atrás
@Adjudicus L opinion
Eugene krabs
Eugene krabs 6 dias atrás
@Charles Bridges “some guy who’s good at the game started helping people with the hardest boss” wow what an epic tale. Maybe people wanna watch the lore content they subscribed to the channel for dingus.
Harry94074 7 dias atrás
@Barney Stinson >'ur terminally online' >makes multiple salty replies The comedy writes itself.
e r g o j o s h
e r g o j o s h Mês atrás
I cant believe I missed the only story that has a somewhat positive ending in Elden Ring. Beautifully done!
superdang 13 dias atrás
@MT Foxtrot ​ this sounds like something a comic book villain would say.
MT Foxtrot
MT Foxtrot 16 dias atrás
@Tin Can O-Beans this but unironically. He's a sicko but I genuinely believe his ending is the best. The omen "curse" isn't intrinsically bad, it's only perceived as such because it's different. When we're all cursed, nobody is.
Brey Camp
Brey Camp 24 dias atrás
@medic yep🙃
medic 24 dias atrás
@Brey Camp Maybe NG+ 😭
Brey Camp
Brey Camp 24 dias atrás
@medic he’s ded now
WeirdButAwesome 1
WeirdButAwesome 1 Mês atrás
It literally broke my heart when I one shot Alexander and he said it was a marvelous battle
ioncewasmikey 6 dias atrás
@tylermech66 🤣👍💯
tylermech66 10 dias atrás
@UnforgivableINC no no, I'm pretty sure he has arrhythmia or something now. Too much stress, yes.
UnforgivableINC 10 dias atrás
It figuratively broke your heart. The word "literally" isn't just a meaningless word used to enhance the punch of your sentence.
Sigma_Gejmer 20 dias atrás
@Josh Rakestraw but he still won all of our hearts fr i nearly started crying when i killed him
Josh Rakestraw
Josh Rakestraw Mês atrás
Damn you coulda atleast been like Saitama with Boros in One Punch Man, and hold back to let him pretend he's having the battle of his lifetime and it was hard fought one. Atleast jarbro believed it was truly a good battle, where Boros realized right before he died he never stood a chance 😭
Thomas Hart
Thomas Hart Mês atrás
"Henricus would have crushed Diallos... but he makes the mistake of invading you." I love lines like that. Incredibly written video
Berry! 9 dias atrás
absolutely, it is an amazing line
a SmartName
a SmartName 11 dias atrás
@Gage Teichmeier just beneath the bridge leading to the divine tower in limgrave, it's a bit off road
White Boy Carl
White Boy Carl 13 dias atrás
@Dead Meme 2:45
Gage Teichmeier
Gage Teichmeier 19 dias atrás
Where do you find Henricus
Dead Meme
Dead Meme 19 dias atrás
Timestamp please
girl_dm_ Mês atrás
of all the people i fought in elden ring, beating juno made me feel the worst :( i read the armor descriptions and just felt so sad. diallos' questline definitely hit the hardest
Zach Walters
Zach Walters Mês atrás
Juno and Diallos’ story fucked me up real good too. I could not stop crying when I found him dying.
SaltyWaffles Mês atrás
Nah, killing Alexander is even worse. It feels like such a waste, especially since it's a lose-lose for Alexander: even if he wins, it means that he's killed his best friend.
lee sasuki
lee sasuki Mês atrás
@Vincent M Manias I got a little bit of cheating as I searched online when I got the first contract, that dude was a NPC summon and helped me in defeating an early boss, it is then I realize you could already find the way to the Rykard (but then again, don't think I would realize that without wiki)
Vincent M Manias
Vincent M Manias Mês atrás
@lee sasukiI assumed you needed to assassinate at least the first dude to get Zaraya's reveal, if you're trying to complete her quest, and the second to complete Diallos and Jarburgs quest
Chuchu Pow
Chuchu Pow Mês atrás
Bro I'm crying over jars. Who could have known that the greatest jars were the friends we made along the way 😭
Tracer Sweat
Tracer Sweat 7 dias atrás
Actually the greatest jars were the insides we made along the's all about the insides.
Smerg the Dargon
Smerg the Dargon 25 dias atrás
The greatest friends were the jars we met along the way!
Sevatar Mês atrás
cqvio doli
cqvio doli Mês atrás
Alexander and Diallos live on in Let Me Solo Her XD
big boi
big boi Mês atrás
The "for it is the coward who Is capable of the highest heroism" was so good, reminded me of the hawkwood prepare to cry, which is my fav one so far
Bob Bobsen
Bob Bobsen 26 dias atrás
I think it came from the Ostrava video
youthe Mês atrás
the chills this video gave me when diallos stood up to fight the perfumer, absolutely amazing cinematics
Sean Fleming
Sean Fleming 11 dias atrás
What's the name of the theme that plays during their fight? Anyone know?
djbeema 28 dias atrás
@Lady Vengeance was wondering that as well
Joel Goetz
Joel Goetz Mês atrás
@Lady Vengeance I'm guessing it might be if you attack Diallos or the jars while he's around? Not sure tho
Lady Vengeance
Lady Vengeance Mês atrás
Where did that dialog come from?
SneakyBadger98 Mês atrás
The “let me solo her” bit absolutely killed me. I’m glad he’s become a legend among the community
downpark Dia atrás
@ReyCo47 you're not understanding at all. I never made any claims about my own skill. Read more carefully
Dr. Bee-Ant
Dr. Bee-Ant Dia atrás
@ReyCo47 If you really want to necro my comment I'll just pivot and double down. The icon of let me solo her comes not only from the fact it's malenia but also the sheer dedication. Over a thousand people helped by one person on one character? That's cool, dude.
ReyCo47 Dia atrás
@downpark same can be said to you bro 😱
ReyCo47 Dia atrás
@Atlas nah no one is jealous
ReyCo47 Dia atrás
@Dr. Bee-Ant that's not what was said.
Kei Mês atrás
Everyone here has already said it, but I just cannot stress enough how GORGEOUS the scenes are, and paired together with your most amazing story telling, VaatiVidya videos are almost illegally free for how much effort is put in it. Claps for you and the team who worked on this!
Totally normal Guy
Totally normal Guy 3 dias atrás
@lol! You got the SADS let's gooooo👍
Totally normal Guy
Totally normal Guy 3 dias atrás
@cale O B he's overpaid actually
Totally normal Guy
Totally normal Guy 3 dias atrás
He has an insane amount of pay pigs. You seen his streams etc? Plus he has a patron. There's plenty of pay piggery going on he's financially fine don't worry about it....
Mr. Goof
Mr. Goof 8 dias atrás
The moment I heard Diallos say “The tale of House Hoslow is told in blood, after all,” I knew Vaati would say it in his prepare to cry video on him.
Urtoryu dy Althraidn
It's interesting how you had to explain much less in this video compared to the Dark Souls ones. The stories in Elden Ring are more complete, and don't require you to add much to them, but this cinematic style really added to the experience.
Jonas Ribeiro
Jonas Ribeiro 11 dias atrás
It is actually really nice, speculations and theories are fun. When you actaully have the feeling you will get a complete story in the end
pieoverlord 20 dias atrás
Man, when I fought Alexander and killed him in two shots before he even got his battlecry out... him saying "As I suspected... Victory was impossible...this vessel was found lacking" actually physically hurt me. I feel I wasn't as big on a lot of Elden Ring characters, but Iron Fist Alexander is right up there with Solaire. Bless his big ol' Jar belly.
Orbital Butt
Orbital Butt 2 dias atrás
Alexander is in heaven with Solaire and the Onion Friends
Glad Tidings
Glad Tidings 2 dias atrás
@Barney Stinson i find him more of an onion bro
Eptitude 4 dias atrás
*Pot* belly?
Barney Stinson
Barney Stinson 7 dias atrás
Alexander is absolutely Elden Rings solaire. Jolly Cooperation Chads
Abbs Quqa
Abbs Quqa Mês atrás
My favorite moment was 13:46 It was pure art. Please have more of that in the future. Much love
Grey 10 dias atrás
I was blown away by this cinematic, that transition was brilliant
justkallmej 21 dia atrás
So true
Josh B166ER
Josh B166ER 29 dias atrás
Loved that one too
PinguExpert Mês atrás
Same!!! That transition was amazing
Actiondanny Mês atrás
Do you know what the saddest part about Diallos's story is for me? It's his fault. Vaati painted this narrative as though a poacher followed you, the player to Jarburg. But you can come and go to and from Jarburg with impunity. Jarburg is safe and healthily populated even after you beat the Elden Beast if you just never talk to Diallos. The poacher followed HIM. He died in the defense of innocents whom he himself endangered. And, what's worse, whom he failed to protect. Far more jars are broken by his defense of them than would have been if he had simply never darkened their doorstep. Diallos Hoslow. A younger brother who breaks the older's heart by emulating him. A master who served the House of those who murdered his servant. A defender who brought death onto his charges. His tale is told in blood - just not the blood of his enemies.
yuri of yharnam
yuri of yharnam 14 dias atrás
@Mystomachhurt it’s either one or the other y’know. someone like Juno probably told it in the blood of his enemies until we reached him (based on the invaders I’ve faced using his whips outside of Raya Lucaria, I’m looking at you Illious of Mara and your furled finger who I only managed to kill once or twice while trying to do Varre’s quest, and your fight with him himself). Whereas Diallos lacking the ability of his older brother, but with the desire to tell the story with the blood of his enemies despite being the kind of person whose own blood was more likely to tell his story, not understanding the truth of his own house’s saying but doing what he believed he was meant for. At the end of the day even though the world of Elden Ring may punish Diallos for his innocence and naïveté, the Tarnished, if they have a good heart and don’t mind telling a little white lie to someone who will be dead before the lie has time to cause any harm, can give him the ending he so desired. The world itself may be cruel and unfeeling. But the Tarnished can choose to be the counterweight to the cold, unfeeling nature of the world. And if that same Tarnished becomes Elden Lord or consort, the same good hearted, unafraid of moral compromise for the good of a fellow man who only meant well Tarnished, with the power of the Elden Lord, may be able to bring about a world that, while it can’t bring Diallos back, can make the world a better place for people like him in the future. To honor his good heart despite his lack of ability.
Xeros Avarice
Xeros Avarice 20 dias atrás
@Mwatuangi V that last line in your comment. The one before mine is so beautifully true.
Mwatuangi V
Mwatuangi V 25 dias atrás
@Bob Bobsen "Jarburg would have been found eventually." This isn't provable beyond speculation and given the generations of Jars who apparently lived there and ventured elsewhere - if Alexander isn't a clear example - it's highly unlikely it would've been any time soon. You don't know if Diallos actually did or didn't kill anyone, and the point is moot when you literally assassinate his brother and he excuses the murder of his maiden Lanya by the very people he decided to join. "man I hope you never make mistake in life, mr perfect." I don't have to be perfect not to be an absolute scoundrel like Diallos and to accept accountability for my actions. One noble action doesn't undo a lifetime of missed consequences.
Bob Bobsen
Bob Bobsen 26 dias atrás
@Mwatuangi V man I hope you never make mistake in life, mr perfect. At least this guy tried in a world where he didn't stand a chance. You'd shit your pants meeting a demi-human
Bob Bobsen
Bob Bobsen 26 dias atrás
I will not have this slander against Diallos the Champion. Jarburg would have been found eventually. He defended Jar-Bairn and likely others to the death even though he was supposedly a coward. He never killed anyone for the Manor and knew he was outmatched. He would break his brother's heart because telling the tale in blood is a euphemism for dying for a cause.
Nudle Mês atrás
21:44 chills, great voice actors all of them. The kid jar really hit it emotionally
ShaNagbaImuru 24 dias atrás
@Bob Bobsen Kids tend to have smaller remains than adults.
Bob Bobsen
Bob Bobsen 26 dias atrás
@ShaNagbaImuru but then why are the kid jars smaller? I think they just start out as kids and grow
ShaNagbaImuru Mês atrás
@Cartoon Critique Nah it's simple, that jar's simply filled with the remains of dead children primarily so he took on a childlike personality.
Cartoon Critique
Cartoon Critique Mês atrás
He definitely made this whole thing into more of a tear-jerker than it already was...of course the fact that there's a "kid jar" just leaves me questioning the logistics of how those jars reproduce. :/
Screen 25
Screen 25 Mês atrás
The voice actor of Alexander's nephew almost actually made me cry
kngns 4 dias atrás
So true. The part when he says he will be a warrior after you tell him about Alexander's death nearly burst me into tears
Cheese Nips
Cheese Nips Mês atrás
I crumbled after hearing Alexanders and everyone's full stories then seeing the scene where Alexander asks you to bless him with his final duel
Mohammad Bilani
Mohammad Bilani 6 dias atrás
19:44 "The tale of house Hoslow is told in blood.. *IN BLOOOD!!* " Just.. WOW..
TheDeadbison Mês atrás
I like how you brought back the "Coward is capable of the Highest Heroism"
BOOSTIO Mês atrás
Hazlow is one of my favorite npc. He cared about his servant and possibly even loved her even though she was not royalty
Liquid Exodus
Liquid Exodus Mês atrás
19:37 having not finished Diallos' story line this fight had me at the edge of my seat. well done!
Zoro Pirate hunter
@ioncewasmikey that doesnt matter........................standing up to fight does
ioncewasmikey 6 dias atrás
@yuri of yharnam sadly it appears that he let several jars dies though.
DΔN SLΔTER 10 dias atrás
Me too!! I was fully worried he could have won OR lost that fight
yuri of yharnam
yuri of yharnam 14 dias atrás
If you don’t tell Diallos he protected the jars well are you even human?
SioxGreyWolf 27 dias atrás
He fought to protect in the end, and he did his family proud, to that end.
Cassidy Liston
Cassidy Liston Mês atrás
I wasn't prepared to cry when Diallios was on the ground breathing his last breaths.
Tim Tim
Tim Tim Mês atrás
Ive said this once and I’ll say it again the whole “The tale of house Hoslow, is told in blood” seems more like a cautionary tale than a boast.
ioncewasmikey 6 dias atrás
@Rhuninn especially those of us who are jars.
Glipto 8 dias atrás
It’s neither. It’s a statement of fact. He’s not warning his enemies that he’ll bleed them. He’s not warning his allies they’ll fall. He’s saying his house and their exploits end in death. As they have. As they will.
Infidel-icious 27 dias atrás
Or a tale of redemption?
The Artist
The Artist Mês atrás
winter is coming
My personal theory is that the Potentate was once responsible for making new jars, that's why they need the smooth hands of a potter.
zefem Mês atrás
Amazing video. Having to kill alexander actually made me tear up since seeing him get one shot by rhadan to how he helped me so much during the fire giant fight. A fellow warrior who grew alongside you. I made it a personal mission to find jarburg and return his remains before doing anything else after. Gone but not forgotten, Alexander, Brave warrior-jar till his last breath.
Ezequiel Mora-mendez
Holy, the cinematography in this episode is absolutely incredible. Makes the wait totally worth it.
Crowylad Mês atrás
I was really happy when I started my first run, Blaidd and Alexander were like meeting Solaire again, brothers who’d fight with you. After Rannis’ quest I was sad for killing blaidd, but seeing Alexander in the volcano manor area I held hope “the boys were back!”. I navigated castle sol and consecrated fields and there was my boy Alexander to help me slay the fire giant! Transported to farum, getting jumped by dragons and bullshit I found my friend again. Yet it was a fight to the death. I just wish we’d have a bro who’d find his own sun again.
Fronzel41 3 dias atrás
@Nebulous Cat I don't know if Solaire's wish to be like the sun is a wish for power since he talks in poetic terms about the sun itself rather than of kingship and I'm skeptical that the Sun Bro covenant is in service to Gwyn. IN (undeserved) HONOR of Gwyn, perhaps, but not in service to him or any of the other gods. Solaire may be misguided in honoring Gwyn, but see how it's made him kind and courageous, and that's why people love him.
Nebulous Cat
Nebulous Cat 3 dias atrás
I love Alexander, but I'll say I really don't like Solaire at all. I honestly think he's a complete fool blinded by the sun, who has a kind heart. Yes he acts valiant but in the end he was just a warrior craving personal power, he wanted his own sun he wanted to be like Gwyn. Who might I add was the bane of all humanity. The entire concept of the sun covenant just blows my mind that it's become so popular with people. On the surface it seems beneficial and good natured. In reality it is a covenant in service to a god who has and forevermore will be the ruin of humanity, Reject the sun. Embrace the dark for it is what we humans are made of. The dark soul.
Fronzel41 3 dias atrás
@The Worst Catholic He gets to the kiln if the player does an esoteric series of actions to save him and there's very little reaction to it from the game. The interview is what I meant by "official headcanon" as there's nothing in the games themselves and is just something he said.
The Worst Catholic
The Worst Catholic 3 dias atrás
@Fronzel41 Not really. At the bare minimum he gets to the kiln due to his summon sign. Also pretty sure it was Miyazaki who stated that Solaire linking ending in an interview, not the fanbase.
Fronzel41 15 dias atrás
Solaire's only ending in the actual game is one of despair and death, too. The Solaire linking the fire thing is an official headcanon.
jondobon Mês atrás
I love how the first half of the story is pretty much how the "let me solo her" person got his legendary helm. It was told beautifully.
Justin King
Justin King Mês atrás
Can we just appreciate how stunning the cinematography is in this video? There are so many cool shots, but my top favourite is the player vs Radhaan scene at @5:55, big props to Vaati and team for creating this!
MacKrø Mês atrás
Feels like an official storytelling video. Well done, the battle scenes were quite stylish! 😀👏🏽
Fenny Mês atrás
16:23 this part of the video is so powerful, i'm already crying :'D
옹발이 ONGBAL Mês atrás
I cried 🥺
MarsLaught Mês atrás
Ongbal can parry attack but cant parry the feels
f1r3 hunt3rz
f1r3 hunt3rz Mês atrás
Just it bro
Syed Asad Ali
Syed Asad Ali Mês atrás
The parry God is here.
R N Mês atrás
You can't i-frame the emotional damage
Sebas sanchez
Sebas sanchez Mês atrás
Try using mikiri counter
Sam Wilkinson
Sam Wilkinson Mês atrás
The beautiful cinematics along with the story was an amazing improvement, the past prepare to cries were amazing but this is a whole new level, lovely work from both of you!
HeySketchaDoodle Art
HeySketchaDoodle Art 20 dias atrás
I did not expect that when I went into learning about Elden Ring's Lore that I'd end up crying about a sentient jar. Yet here I am.
ODST114 21 dia atrás
This has to be one of the greatest elden ring videos I’ve ever seen, please keep it up my friend, I’m sure you get plenty of comments, but I’m sure I’ll see more in the future 🙏
Adam Pirmohamed
Adam Pirmohamed Mês atrás
That was incredibly well put together, I can't wait for more of these.
Cubby Mês atrás
The cinematics are absolutely beautiful, but that story telling just hit me like a fucking truck. Absolutely outstanding Vaati.
h445 Mês atrás
lol it's fromsoft's story - they deserve just as much credit
M.I. Orko
M.I. Orko Mês atrás
@Y P Vati is telling the story directly while the game is letting you find it and piece it together by yourself. Both are very different form of storytelling. I am not saying Fromsoft's story telling is perfect but there is a beauty to it. Like 2 people can perceive the story different ways by finding different things, observing the the environment, finding more or less items.
Lt_JohnMcClane Mês atrás
@Y P it’s funny to say it’s a problem with the Fromsoft games when it’s that exact style of storytelling that has inspired this entire subsection of BRvid videos
robles gabe
robles gabe Mês atrás
Like something put of 300
Freidenker Mês atrás
Very creative for sure. So this is why we can't find the Poacher huh? Diallos kicked him off a cliff. Much better as the gruesome detail I imagined, that he just left after killing everybody but the small Jarchild.
Alien Bob’s opinions
Finally! The Festival of the Elden Ring Prepare To Cry begins!
Connor Millard
Connor Millard Mês atrás
You guys did a fantastic job on this video, can’t wait to see more of your amazing work.
Jisub song
Jisub song Mês atrás
If only I had Vaati as a history teacher during my high school time, I would've actually loved the class.
JZFM Mês atrás
Cried when I reached the end of this quest-line with the death of dialos and now I cry again seeing this. This is simply amazing.
Deerstalker Pictures
The cinematography, the music, the editing, the writing - all next level. Thank you.
Mark Slattery
Mark Slattery Mês atrás
The fight against the fire giant really recaptured how I felt fighting him, music and all
Nickel Butt
Nickel Butt Mês atrás
@Deerstalker Pictures Mise-en-scene does not apply here when he doesn’t set the stage himself. You’re right, this is cinemotpgraphy, but that comment I think is just frustrated how easily swayed people are by fancy camera angles. I found this video dragged out and boring. Nearly all these shots were scenes most people have experienced, so I learned nothing from this video. There was no analysis, or mysteries discovered. This whole video was hardly a Vaati video, it was an editing team trying to make Elden Ring look even cooler. Elden Ring is already super cool thank you very much!
Corypheus Mês atrás
They definitely rolled a natural 20!
Deerstalker Pictures
@Nigel Farage Cinematography = shot choice, lighting, focal length, depth of field, mise-en-scene.
Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage Mês atrás
clarencezer Mês atrás
Oh my fcuking god, had goosebumps watching this video, incredible. Really liked the shot at 21:29 but damn, everything was just epicly told!!
Anderson De Leon
Anderson De Leon Mês atrás
Hey Vaati, I just sent you an email for your writing position, thank you for blessing us with such a glorious video!
Blitzen the Summit
Blitzen the Summit Mês atrás
Hoslow is such a deep and interesting character. So glad that we were finally able to hear these stories.
Walter David Escobar
Walter David Escobar 4 dias atrás
I really can’t believe I’m crying over this, but this video is just so magnificent and well produced that I can’t help it. Thank you.
Haoquan Liang
Haoquan Liang Mês atrás
“Lend me strength, O warriors within! Let us become one champion together!” I’m definitely not crying.
Wurm Mês atrás
Join the warrior jar as family, together we will fill up with the very gods!
Xanti Shayde-Walker
Me neither, guys! Me neither!!
Oscar Aguirre
Oscar Aguirre Mês atrás
Bro I read it as the line was coming up in the video , definitely not crying at all
Aaron Holmes
Aaron Holmes Mês atrás
Bruh I’m over actually crying rn easily my 3 favorite elden ring characters Diallos, Iron Fist Alexander and Jar Bairn! the tale of House Hoslow is told in blood 🩸
Zekeriya Aslan
Zekeriya Aslan Mês atrás
Damn i almost cried. This was such a good animation for the story.
ioneil1 Mês atrás
The visual storytelling of these videos is constantly improving. Keep up the great work man. Also. Is it dusty in here?
I am Exiled
I am Exiled 21 dia atrás
The quality of story telling and cinematography is through the roofs. Amazing work for both of you
Spiny Slasher
Spiny Slasher Mês atrás
"The tale of house Hoslow is told in blood." Hero ahead, Therefore Tears ahead.
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts Mês atrás
its "tale" not take, but go off
beefedcorn Mês atrás
KiLLJoY2902 Mês atrás
this makes elden ring feel more soulsy i love it. keep em coming!
MsDollipop Mês atrás
This video was absolutely beautiful in every way; the writing, the editing, the full experience. I loved it, and now I love these jar folk even more
AkanoMamoru Mês atrás
This is the absolute greatest video ever. It’s truly beautiful and I’m so grateful to be around to witness such amazing work
RagingfanaticTV Mês atrás
this was so beautifully done, you’ve come such a long way from the dark souls and bloodborne vids
Verniy Misaki
Verniy Misaki Mês atrás
"He died doing what he wanted, right? I bet he was happy." Alexander died a warrior's death, and Diallos proves his worth.
Verniy Misaki
Verniy Misaki Mês atrás
@Hugh Mann The events that happened are facts, yes. Sure it might be true that Diallos might have led the poachers to the village. But whether you see him as a fool or someone who tried his best is whats left to interpretation. Its how I interpreted said facts that make it different. Bruh.
MetalRob Mês atrás
*Gut's theme at the background*
Hugh Mann
Hugh Mann Mês atrás
@Verniy Misaki this isn't up for "interpretation" that facts are in and they are not debatable as most other things are.. what a shitty excuse for just being plain wrong... It's ok though I've been wrong plenty of times as well due to the ambitious nature as you stated.
Lucas Souza
Lucas Souza Mês atrás
What really matters is that when time came to Diallos actually stood up and faced the challenge, to the end, I couldn't care less if he was a skilled warrior or not, he did put his own life in danger so the people of Jarburg might live, and who is to say that the jars that were broken, weren't broken before the village found out it was under attack?! Plus, I personally abide by the notion that, that just skill isn't what make a warrior danger, arguably, how far the warrior wants to go and how much he's willing to sacrifice is what really make it dangerous
YT DariuS4117
YT DariuS4117 Mês atrás
@The Big Enchilada nah fam. Just because he wasn't some great, fearless warrior, he was a fool? He tried his best, ain't his fault that life kept throwing him to the rock bottom.
Mort1e Mês atrás
I would love to see one of these about Blaidd and his dedication to being the Shadow of Ranni
Northern FPV
Northern FPV Mês atrás
This is absolutely beautiful. It only bothers me in the extreme that I went to all of these places and wasn’t on the jar questline!
kidhellacious 13 dias atrás
Bruh, was literally not expecting to cry but omg here I am tearing up. Thank you… this game means so much to me. Thank you!
Austin Cain
Austin Cain Mês atrás
That actually brought tears to my eyes…. Dang…. That hit me right in the feels with an intentional hit below the belt….. I need to make some friends…lol
Crafty Magpie
Crafty Magpie Mês atrás
Both Alexander and Dialos live on within the Jarbairn, and their knowledge will shape him as a warrior. It is sad but beautiful.
Captain Zork
Captain Zork Mês atrás
I don't wanna ruin things, but I think Dialos will make Jarbairn weaker ^^" What's fun to think about, though, is that Alexander lives on in Jarbairn, just like how part of us will live on in our offspring, allowing for human flourishing ever more
James La Fleur
James La Fleur Mês atrás
The quality of this lore video is on a whole new level and I'm so impressed! Keep up the great work!
Wrath Of The Gods
Wrath Of The Gods Mês atrás
My god these videos, hairs literally stand up on end man the editing, the cinematic camera, the scenes from the game, vaatis voice and the way he stops speaking to let character dialogue come in and out and the music as well I’m going to have to become a patreon because I feel like I’m robbing you by watching these for free I could watch content like this for hours on end, a massive well done to all involved truly great content 👍
BladeBloodreaver Mês atrás
This was AWESOME. Another step up from Prepare To Cry. Looks good, sounds good, fantastic editing and camera work. 100% quality. I need more of this and I can't wait. Best of luck to you Vaati, Mispap1 and everyone else on the team now and in the future!
Nova Mês atrás
First time actually crying at one of these, and man was this a way to break that streak.
Vorusen Dia atrás
I love Alexander as a character so much that I know when I fight him and kill him it's like fighting an old weathered Viking that just wants to be sent to Valhalla. Just wants a warriors death from the strongest warrior around.
Christian Howell
Christian Howell Mês atrás
12:30 is so precious I love lil jar bairn he's so sweet
KenjiSxSad Mês atrás
Jarbairn is so sweet... too bad he'll end up shattered like Alexander :(((
Ana Mês atrás
This is one of the best videos I’ve watched in a while. The editing and shots are just.. breathtaking.
Anzeal 3
Anzeal 3 Mês atrás
This is so well done! The level of detail... and the EDITING! I can only imagine how long this took to make!
ThatFairyBoy Mês atrás
When Jar Bairn made the statement about needing smooth hands to be Potentate, I definitely had the thought of how it contrasts to the calloused hands of a seasoned warrior, but the main thought I had was of a potter - the artistry that goes into shaping clay into beautiful and strong pottery. Surely a village of jar people would value a skilled artisan with a gentle touch, to help them grow, to repair their cracks.
Travis Knauss
Travis Knauss 26 dias atrás
I thought the same thing and assumed it was obviously intended to be read that way: they're pots; they need a potter to attend to them. I found it strange that Vadya missed that.
Rei Zak
Rei Zak Mês atrás
I never thought of it that way, that's really interesting!
Society (Yt edition)
That or the warrior just had REALLY good grips
Coleman Gailloreto
Coleman Gailloreto Mês atrás
Am I right in thinking that the title of "Potentate" is also a play on words (with Potentate having the word "Pot" within it)?
David Hill
David Hill Mês atrás
exactly my assumption, someone with rough hands wouldnt be as good with wet clay
Austin Elliott
Austin Elliott Mês atrás
The editing in this is actually insane. One of the your best yet.
Nick.Karm Mês atrás
The editing and cinematography on this is insane, some of your best work on this whole channel. Keep it up!
Spasm Productions
Spasm Productions Mês atrás
So beautifully cut and pieced together…bravo to both of you. So much passion and raw talent. It would be fantastic to work with you someday
Bass Mês atrás
This is a masterpiece. Congratulations to all involved. I genuinely felt like I was watching a movie… wow.
紅尾鯰魚 Mês atrás
Little detail: The model of Alexander actually changes throughout the whole game, as you can see him having more cracks after each time you met. When you met him in Farum Azula, he's already on the brink of shattering.
AEP8FlyBoy Mês atrás
Yeah. The nature of Diallos' and Alexander's stories meld quite well with each other. Alexander was brave in spite of danger, throwing his own form and safety into the wind. Diallos was timid and didn't seem one to fight, but talked the big game to try and be like his brother. In the end though, they both rised to the challenge. One to be stronger than he was before, and one to be like his brother. A beautiful dicotomy.
Dan Wright Gaming
Dan Wright Gaming Mês atrás
Sweet Baby Ocelotte!! That was a masterpiece!! I would pay to watch a series with episodes as good as this!! Well done to everyone involved 👏🏻one day videos like this will be eligible for awards 🏆
Rabiosa- 👈𝓕**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝓒𝓚 𝓜𝓨 Р𝓡0𝓕𝓘𝓛Е🔞
I cant believe I missed the only story that has a somewhat positive ending in Elden Ring. Beautifully done!
DBfan106 Mês atrás
oh my god... the editing and everything is SO FUCKING GOOD! It's like watching an Elden Ring movie! I love it so much! and all the epic shots during the combat is just phenomenal!
Astralendi 4 dias atrás
Had to pause multiple times just to take in some of these scenes, absolutely incredible work by Mispap1, cannot wait to see more collaboration!
Havok Mês atrás
Hands down the best Elden Ring video i've ever seen and probably will see, every second is just perfect
Marc Lenray Magdaraog
Yeah everytime he makes a new video it's always the best one for me.. he tops it always. Vatty is insane.
GTAVALE Mês atrás
Well wait until he does more of these before saying "Probably will see", cause they are probably only going to improve
PokéDaily Mês atrás
@R3CKLESSx2 TV I was thinking the same thing… literally just stitching scenes together. He barely even talks himself lol, yet everyone praising his story tailing and the visuals, when it’s all in game graphics 😂
H N Mês atrás
Greatest questline
Yoann 12 dias atrás
And this is how John Snow lived and died in Elden Ring, how a living jar helped in defeating a god, and most importantly how from Software made it all badass (Seriously these mad men they transformed a jar into a good character)
Hitaf Mês atrás
What a masterful piece of art, made from a masterpiece of a game.
Weolson Mês atrás
I cannot believe how much the quality has improved over the last 9 years. Recently played through dsr, 2, and 3 again and watched through the old prepare to cry videos. They’re great videos, but compared to this they’re basically unwatchable lol.
Emily S
Emily S Mês atrás
this is some of the highest quality machinima i have ever seen. great job man, what a piece of art you have created.
Rik Ralph F. Sularte
Jar Bairn: Do you know what a poacher is, coz? They hunt us, smash us and then take us away. Me: *Flashbacks of all the living jars I killed from Stormveil to Caria Manor* Also me: No.
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay Mês atrás
I choose to believe these jars became evil by foolishly stuffing themselves with murderous Godrick soldiers and rotten zombie dogs and such. They wanted to be warriors but they messed up. It sucks. But hey, atleast they were still given a warrior's death in the end.
Kailob Moore
Kailob Moore Mês atrás
@Captain Zork In real life, sure. But in a game where the rule is that if something attacks you first, it's not your friend and will literally never stop attacking you? Nah. Plus, everyone knows running away in these games gets you killed just as much as fighting does until you memorize the world layout, and even then it's still very dangerous.
Captain Zork
Captain Zork Mês atrás
@Kailob Moore Did you know that the best way to defend yourself is to avoid combat? As in: running away prevents unnecessary further harm. Killing someone or something just because they're attacking you because you approached *them* with weapons drawn seems excessive to me
Noxious Eel
Noxious Eel Mês atrás
*Flashback of the big jar from the sewers yeeting itself into oblivion*
Scott Becker
Scott Becker Mês atrás
Hey, those ones weren't sitting around flowers singing kumbaya.
Kailos Mês atrás
I really love the camera angles and slowmo: puts all the extra details Fromsoft put in animation work on display. Love the editing too.
Stuart Clement
Stuart Clement 3 dias atrás
Prepare to cry is back!! Can't describe how amazing this is Vatti, I've followed these videos since the early days of DS1 content (has is really nearly been 10 years?!) Thanks for doing what you do, you add so much to the souls community ❤
Jacob Kirk
Jacob Kirk Mês atrás
You told this story immaculately, I almost started tearing up at the end. Love your work ❤️
Guido Fedeli
Guido Fedeli Mês atrás
This is the best video I've ever seen on this channel. The storytelling, direction, music choice, all of it fantastic. Elden Ring deserves a whole movie told like this.
SonicHaXD Mês atrás
Alexander and Diallos live on in Let Me Solo Her XD
Dictator of Robotica
@Robert Speedwagon Oh god he grows into this Chad of a man.
Robert Speedwagon
Robert Speedwagon Mês atrás
@Ignacio Zuñiga secret lore : Jair Barn is Let Me Solo Her's real identity... after all, time here is convoluted...
Ignacio Zuñiga
Ignacio Zuñiga Mês atrás
Literally. Which is why I loved the hints. Let Me Solo Her story is about struggling against something and then setting it personal to help others. Just like Diallos did
Adam The Maddun
Adam The Maddun Mês atrás
This is probably my favourite Vaati vid I’ve seen now. Always loved Alexander and seeing his and his people story told full is an emotional journey
Space Ghost
Space Ghost Mês atrás
this was the first quest to actually make me cry. Diallos is my favorite Souls NPC.
Offworld Visuals スペースバウンド
This was an incredible cinematic experience! Does anyone know the song at 19:36 ?
TV Brows
TV Brows Mês atrás
It's crazy how well composed this is, kudos to your editor!
Mikel Besil
Mikel Besil Mês atrás
I've been watching your content for years now, and never had a video of yours made me tear up... until now Fantastic job you are doing, Vaati
McGhostly Mês atrás
Wow. This was stunningly amazing. Really disappointed I was unable to follow the Haslow family story arc! Definitely need to do so in my NG+
hans sundin
hans sundin 15 dias atrás
This was so beautiful done, best I seen in a long time, great work all involved!
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