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8 Dez 2023



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@VaatiVidya 8 meses atrás
I couldn't have made this video alone - please support all of the collaborators listed in the description! Everyone brought their unique strengths to this episode, and I'm lucky to work with so many talented people!
@Toe_Jamson 8 meses atrás
Been waiting all week for this 🧡
@JojenReed 8 meses atrás
I know it'll be fantastic as usual!
@UrthMind 8 meses atrás
Oh bby!!
@Sliznark 8 meses atrás
@nightdusk7 8 meses atrás
Thanks for everything guys :)
@CatNoir314 8 meses atrás
Honestly I got respect for Darius. Bro was afflicted with basically Stage 6 cancer, AIDS, Arthritis, and Parkinson’s and after hearing what happened to his brother he hit us the the Vince Carter “ I GOT ONE MORE ME”
@ekosandvic7598 8 meses atrás
I agree with you but that ending really stabbed my gut. At least I recovered from the damage I had back then since most say that Fia was victorious anyway.
@thatlittlemonstrosity 6 meses atrás
@@ekosandvic7598 it reminds me of how dominula village and godskin apostle were celebrating and mocking Marika, even though they lost the war, they cope with what they can
@pr1mo16 5 meses atrás
bro who is Darius
@thatlittlemonstrosity 5 meses atrás
@@pr1mo16 the second D, the one you find in Nokron, right before the valiant gargoyles boss arena
@evanraiff7154 8 meses atrás
I don’t think it gets talked about much, but the voice acting in the Souls games is really great. That “Die! Die! Die!” That Devin says could’ve been generic screaming but the VA turned into a much more menacing threat, like an executioner raising the axe. Really drives the fanaticism home
@ekosandvic7598 8 meses atrás
You're right man! This game has an amazing cast.
@mavericktitan7874 7 meses atrás
Elden Ring's English language voice cast is an enormous step up from mediocrity of FromSoft's earlier localizations. I still wonder if the VAs for Darksouls 1 even had access to proper microphones.
@3http177 7 meses atrás
@@mavericktitan7874 i kind of like the slightly muffled voices from DS1 characters because it really sounds like they’re speaking behind a metal helmet
@ThatRipOff 7 meses atrás
@@mavericktitan7874 Idk wtf you're on about lmao. There was never any English "localization" for the voice acting. It's always been in English. FromSoft has used the same VA agency for nearly their entire Souls catalogue, and it's always been outstanding in every entry.
@elpsykoongro5379 7 meses atrás
@@mavericktitan7874 if you think there was an English localization then you clearly are new to from software games
@hairlesschimp8913 8 meses atrás
I hope the DLC explores the death stuff more in depth due to Miquella’s connection to Godwin
@hawaiimenace6304 8 meses atrás
​@@tombane5950 Proof?
@scallionrice4974 8 meses atrás
@@tombane5950 pls send vid....ofc for research purposes
@elismith1359 8 meses atrás
Nah I want Melina to chase the lord of frenzy
@Hevno 7 meses atrás
I wish it would allow us to help miqula get godwyns soul back
@ThatOneKidNTheCorner 7 meses atrás
​@Tom Bane thats some nasty SHIT....send me the link
@leviadragon99 7 meses atrás
The Duskborn storyline is kind of fascinating to me, because the story makes pains to suggest that Those Who Live In Death have an existence worth preserving and protecting... but then never actually provides any evidence of that, which rather undermines the reading of the text that posits them as a persecuted minority. Think about it, Fia is a tarnished, like the protagonist, and while her role as a deathbed companion does give her a unique perspective on life and death... it doesn't exactly make her one of those she advocates for, nor do we see any indication that she is any more capable of communication with them than we are. None of Those Who Live In Death interact with the world in any manner other than hostility, there is not a single friendly undead of that sort, and frankly, nothing that even suggests they posses sapience, that they are anything more than the mindless puppets of a Soul-Dead god. Bloodborne presents us with a strong alternative in Old Yharnum, presenting a Tableau that none-too-subtly suggests that beasts have inner lives, and are capable of ritualistic, spiritualist and communal thinking with their chanting in the church. Existing as One Who Lives In Death genuinely seems to be nothing but A: suffering, or B: Nothingness as far as their depiction in practice reads. Fortissax's own death-curse affliction is explicitly from him trying and failing to prevent it overcoming his friend. Even Fia's own champions are less beings with agency in their own right, then memories of the fallen, no more boon companions than bondservants. And yet... preserving and protecting this force, little more than a Zombie Apocalypse in its structure, is presented as at least a point about which the morality can be debated, rather than dismissed out of hand... it feels like there's something missing, a third beat where we actually see what life is like for Those That Live In Death, something that justifies them as sapient beings worth protection.
@DonDomaMobster 6 meses atrás
I agree with you, and thus I have formulated my own idea about the subject, that being: Fia is probably just full of shit (and a necrophile). Actually the necrophilia is pretty much canon as she claims that sleeping with corpses (being a Deathbed Companion) is the most beautiful thing there is. And since it's a sacred act in her lands, I wonder what society is like there, especially since the laws of life and death seem to work differently from the Lands Between. Maybe her ideals make sense with how things work in her lands, but just don't translate well in the Lands Between. Who knows how Order is there. Maybe the Duskborn ending is about modifying the Lands Between's Order in a way that works like her lands' Order!
@jcdenton810 5 meses atrás
I think you're correct that there's something missing, but I think part of the narrative is that Those That Live In Death do not communicate and they have no champion because there was no intention to create them, they were a consequence of Godwyn's death. The idea that the undead are suffering seems unfounded, it's only the living that suffer from the encroachment of Deathroot, because Marika's crazy and removed death in the first place, making the Golden Order anathema to it. Those That Live In Death are hostile and can't communicate with the living and the Golden Order can, but I think the actions of many characters, including D, show that "approachable" and "good" are not the same thing. Its up to the player to decide whether they trust the familiar, or side with the genuinely wretched and maligned.
@leviadragon99 5 meses atrás
@@jcdenton810 There's a difference between standing up for an oppressed minority... and standing up for literal mindless zombies. Animals can Suffer, if Those Who Live In Death do not even meet that threshold of cognition, then again I must ask, what about their existence is worth protecting or preserving? Granted, we can't know for sure what their inner lives (if any) look like, but if you want to build empathy from a storytelling perspective, you kind of need to depict critical details like that.
@sharkattack153 4 meses atrás
In my eyes at least Elden ring presents this as more of an emotional dilemma; betray someone who has shown you some degree of kindness and warmth (albeit entirely for their own gain) or side with logic that's championed by cold hypocrites. In terms of an actual ethical dilemma, I'd agree; there isn't much of one.
@atlog493 8 meses atrás
You have to be one of the most talented content creators on this platform. Your dedication to detail in your videos, your cinematic ability, and the wonderful choreography of the fight scenes was impeccable. Great stuff as always VaatiVidya, you and your team did great!
@jasonchow602 8 meses atrás
keep the money for your family and food. u.s dollar is dead
@KAIIN3 7 meses atrás
@@jasonchow602 If it's dead then who cares about $9.99 its nothing right?
@bluspirit5602 7 meses atrás
@@jasonchow602 how is it dead?
​@@jasonchow602 Seeing as it is still in use, it is obviously not dead.
@mispap1 8 meses atrás
Thanks for watching everyone. This video was a true passion project, and the amazing support we receive from you keeps us inspired to create better videos with each installment in the PTC series. All I will say is that Ranni's video will be absolutely legendary. Any guesses as to how long it will be?
@pinkf4747 8 meses atrás
Please let it be 2 hrs+ I could listen to Vaati talk forever even if it was randomly generated AI gibberish!
@mamelouk 8 meses atrás
Thanks for watching tho the video isn't up yet lol. Timing issue.
@corneliusdwyer1824 8 meses atrás
You really killed it. Vaati has always been high quality but you've been consistently raising the bar. Thank you so much for all your hard work.
@zeesoshouse 8 meses atrás
@@pinkf4747 agreed. He could read the back of milk cartons and I'd be there.
@Katlagrottan 8 meses atrás
We do not deserve this type of quality, incredible work ❤
@ichabodthecrane 7 meses atrás
Godwyn's spear being an homage to the Dragonslayer Spear was a really nice touch. Good to see my favorite character living on, a decade after his first appearance.
@cdp124 8 meses atrás
The contempt with which the Tarnished destroys D after he kills Fia is both satisfying and terrifying
@Hevno 7 meses atrás
Never understood why ppl hate on d he seems a rather good fellow doing his best for his order and his home, i suppose simps will ree at anything that threatens their "wifu"
@cdp124 7 meses atrás
@@Hevno think about it from the perspective of the tarnished: guy wearing a former friend's armor shows up and kills the woman that had helped you realize the plight of those that live in death, as well as being a companion to you all game.
@Hevno 7 meses atrás
@Nines :3 the ppl were already living and reincarnating without an issue even after the rune of death was removed, like you said it is not their fault that they were corrupted by poor godwyns death roots, but it is also not godwyns fault nor the golden order, if you want to blame someone for why they came to be it would be the vile wench ranni for doing what she did and causing all this torment. Those living in death are unnatural they are not living yet they are not dead their existence is simply Pain (I am very sure those wandering skeletons are not happy). Since they can no longer reincarnat through the erdtree the golden order seem to just want to put them down and give them a true death. That is why I defend the twins unless you and the undead all across the land were happily making love to each other I am sure you noticed all of them (save for fia) are aggressive and dangerous and the twins and those like them work to put an end to the damage caused by ranni
@bruschetta7711 7 meses atrás
@Nines :3 yeah but i don't get why Darian would deserve to die like that, sure he would not understand those who live in death and hunt them, Fia had it coming, afterall i don't see why praising Godwyn which died in spirit, compare it to Ranni whose soul hold her true essence, Godwyn only has the body, which is literally nothing quite like the guy he used to be, someone who befriended the dragons and had mercy of them, it's why Fortissax's reaction is understandable, the Prince of death and Godwyn might have the same body, but they are 2 completely different entities
@thekinginyellow7777 8 meses atrás
To tell the truth, though I know Ranni's ending will be the last ending explained, I would still love to see Goldmask's storyline and the Golden Order Fundamentalists rendered in Prepare to Cry. Brother Corhyn's blind faith and Goldmask's struggle against a Golden Order that won't change until his death both come together to tell a tragic story.
@quinnholloway5400 4 meses atrás
Goldmask deserves a Vaatividya Video so that everyone can see how his ending is one of the best possible ones in game
@impartialthrone2097 3 meses atrás
@@quinnholloway5400I don't see what's so great about his ending. It seems to imply that the gods are removed from the equation, but "gods" would be referring to individuals like Marika and her children, not the Greater Will itself. So it's still an order of a parasitic entity using the people of the Lands Between.
@impartialthrone2097 3 meses atrás
Have you seen the Yellow Sign?
@user-pj1ec5om5g 3 meses atrás
Also something to note is that Goldmask constantly speaks of the importance of trying to understand both the good and bad of something so you can only leave the good part instead of blindly believing dogma, but since we have know idea WHAT Goldmask is actually doing we can only put in blind faith into his order, ironically the only way for his Goldmask’s order to become the one true one is for someone who will blindly follow pretty words, the things he himself criticize.
@gunnarschlichting9886 3 meses atrás
@@impartialthrone2097 Honestly the GW itself does very little. It sent the Elden Beast/Ring, then after that did basically nothing directly except *maybe* banishing the Eternal Cities underground (this could've just been the Two Fingers also). It's the Golden Order and especially the Two Fingers that are responsible for most of the atrocities we see committed in its name. I still think Ranni's Age of Stars is a better outcome for the Lands Between, but Goldmask's ending is second best imo.
@arthurzigart4175 8 meses atrás
that honestly make me think on how good of a being godwin must have been dude has a homie so loyal he was fighting DEATH on a dream/alter dimension just to protect his friend
@John_James 3 meses atrás
I don't think you would like getting carved through your back
@noii1524 3 meses atrás
Yeah, dude was a true gigachad, hope we'll see more his story in DLC
@Why79-dx4rf 2 meses atrás
​​@@drankydrank1in what way was he a tyrant, because all we know about him is that he befriended the dragons, and that fortissax was so loyal to him that he fought the death blight in his friend untill he got corrupted himself (and if fortissaxs name LICHEdragon means anything, he could have potentially attempted to give his own soul to godwyn in a weird form of fantasy organ transplant). You dont inspire that kind of loyalty from someone you fought a war with unless you are personally a good person. If you are reffering to him being apart of the golden order as the reason for him being a tyrant, we have no idea the extent of his role or influence in the golden order, so it is unreasonable to pin the sins of the golden order on him
@drankydrank1 2 meses atrás
@@Why79-dx4rf In what way wasn't he? Marika created infinite purgatory; there's nothing to say he was anything but supportive of his mother's Order... Sparing the dragon's life to 'inspire' loyalty means nothing. A bond created between 2 individuals doesn't somehow make either 'good people'...
@HItsuyoWaru 8 meses atrás
BRO CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT THE CINEMATOGRAPHY IN THIS MASTERPIECE I legitimately lost it when godskin apostle kicked in with the duel. Continue making art please.
@androski5247 8 meses atrás
If we maintain this current trend of video lengths, Ranni's story is looking to be nearly an hour long! Strap in boys, it's gonna be a wild one.
@R3TR0J4N 8 meses atrás
oh god totally lol
@esoel 8 meses atrás
Can't wait...
@eomund1 8 meses atrás
I hope so. Or longer even.
@EVOLSUCKS 8 meses atrás
Make it 3 and Release it in theaters i would go
@jeeBisOkay 8 meses atrás
My wife deserves it
@tracemitchell5515 4 meses atrás
Rogier is honestly my favorite NPC, his slow but inevitable death is devastating.
@gamer2101 8 meses atrás
I love the lore and the stories in Elden ring. They are so good and are so intertwined with each other. I just wish I didn’t have to watch BRvid videos to understand it.
@sethescope 7 meses atrás
BRvid videos are just faster. If you decide to spend time going through item descriptions and NPC dialogue, you'd be able to piece it together yourself. it just takes time, but if you don't have that time or just have things you'd rather spend your time on, that's why BRvid videos exist.
@robbo2099 7 meses atrás
@rickyhuxedurp5440 8 meses atrás
Goodness malaketh’s voice actor. Need some more credit. Wow he’s really good.
@JonAtomic 5 meses atrás
Jonathan keeble. He does a lot of the warhammer 40k audiobooks too
@KyuuTomoyaki Mês atrás
I never understood what happened to Rogier. Met him in the castle on my way to kill Godrick. Then found him on the balcony at Roundtable Hold sometime after. Noticed flies around him and something strange peeking out from under the blanket covering his legs. So I took a peek with some clever camera movement and noticed the roots sticking out of his legs. I was like "What the hell happened to this guy?!" But by this point I was already in Liurnia, so I had missed some dialogue and he was telling me to go meet Ranni, so I did. Came back to him one last time and he said he was gonna take a nap. I was like "Okay...weird, but this is a Souls game after all." Then, after some exploration, I came back to find him gone, replaced by his armor set. Never saw him again, so I assumed he died. Looked it up on the wiki later and found out he had a whole questline I missed. Maaaan, what a bummer. Next time I make a character, I'll follow the steps on the wiki and see this guy's questline through.
@B0ULLIE 8 meses atrás
You've always been a bonfire for this community. Maybe even *the* Bonfire, and it's so fitting that your works now include so many more others that have a love for these twisted little worlds and their tragic and heroic characters. Thanks for all the years Vaati and for stoking the flames of lore for both new and old members of the audience. Your recent uploads feel like a revitalization and it'll be great to see what you all do with the DLC. Good shit.
@kevinoneil5120 8 meses atrás
You and your collaborators have raised the bar by a significant margin. Feeling privileged to be a part of this community right now.
@itsbikezombie1728 8 meses atrás
Yeah within the first minute I could tell that this was going to be special.
@j.l.5966 8 meses atrás
@@ramrodbldm9876 oh lord 🙄
@declicitous1763 8 meses atrás
@@ramrodbldm9876 least gatekeeping souls “veteran”
@Fres757 8 meses atrás
@@ramrodbldm9876 so even though he is playing Elden ring and watching Elden ring videos he is still not a part in the Elden ring community? Nice logic pal
@jamespham7408 8 meses atrás
The quality of this series is phenomenal. Great work guys!!
Not even a heart
@sammienope9272 7 meses atrás
38:56 The music is swelling, the story is captivating, Maliketh is gracefully dancing through the air like he has wings carrying him through the fight... ... " _Ha_ , you bonked him with the flippy sword~" Yep, that's Elden Ring!
@JayEm16 Dia atrás
Whoever does the editing, the cinematics and reenactments is insane... ❤❤❤
@L0rd_0f_War 27 dias atrás
So well done. Thank you Vaati and team.
@nerdkink 8 meses atrás
That fight scene with D....had me in tears, he cared for his brother.
@hansolobutimdead 8 meses atrás
The detail of the player character using different weapons and spells related to death throughout their journey in the video is incredible. It's as if they're examining, studying, exploring the different forms of death, as a Death Philosopher.
I wish this game let you have real effects on game play from which side you pick like what was shown around 35:00 by siding with those of living death you had them come out of sources of it to aid you and maybe you spread it as you went on etc.
@hansolobutimdead 8 meses atrás
​@@RomanvonUngernSternbergnrmfvus I understand why you'd want an in-game effect, but as a matter-of-fact, this is an RPG. It lets you have fun making a build and stylizing it with a story. Yes, having the dead enemies not attack you much later in the game as you align yourself with them is interesting, but it would make the gameplay restricting. You're supposed to help create the story too, don't let the game do all the heavy lifting in the department of imagination.
@@hansolobutimdead the r in rpg stands for roll your roll effects the world, I felt this way back in dark souls as well. How much replay value would it add if your choices had real consequences? Both relatively instant ones like that faction aiding you and long term ones like the world being effected by your last play through helping one side? I know Iam not crazy when I talk about this since I swear a dynamic world reacting to your choices used to be fairly common. I mean even bioshock had a little of this, I never felt like a better person than when I spared a woman who looked after my daughter and got her to second guess the Karen cult leader who tried to take full custody. She couldn’t call off “the family” and their bushwhack but she sent me some drones for back up and warned me. Little things like that really take things to another level. “You had me under a gun... and yet you just walk away? No monster alive turns the other cheek. No monster does that. A thinking man does that. “
@pedromiret9195 8 meses atrás
@@RomanvonUngernSternbergnrmfvus Beyond how mind breakingly complicated it would be to do a world with this level of detail be everchanging in regards of the player completing certain quests... There is an issue with map management, quest overlap and such. If you change the world due to this quest, then you have to do the same for that of the age of frenzied flame, age of stars and such. You can do many of these at a time, and all of that going on would be a bit of a mess. That and Deathroot is an essentially slow burning effect. It need not be automatic.
@@pedromiret9195 eh an untold amount of time passes between new game and new game plus
@Mr_Gray_1995 7 meses atrás
25:15 I feel for Maliketh, it’s painful to be betrayed by someone you’re so loyal to….I’ve been there….
@thanatoast 6 meses atrás
Shadows getting the short end of the stick does seem to be an unfortunate trend. Kinda want to meet Miquella's shadow (if he has one) just to see what happens to him.
@choochoomypoo8661 5 meses atrás
​​​@@thanatoastmiquellas shadow are the three spirit dogs Ranni gives you in the beginning of the game at the first church
@thedeathstar420 6 meses atrás
D and rogier’s friendship is amazing
@gustavobarbosa9799 5 meses atrás
It took me almost a year to be able to sit down and play Elden Ring. I tried my best to avoid your videos in the meanwhile. Now that I finished the game, I feel like getting a glass of wine and some cheese to enjoy it. The level of production is through the roof.
@SchansKir 8 meses atrás
I love the idea of changing armor set to royal remains, as if Fia’s hug turned you into one of those who live in death
32:16 The melody in the background and her words are so melancholic and deep, yet beckon for sympathy and empathy...Beautiful!!! Then you fight Godwyn's friend Fortissax....What an epoch!!!
@ekosandvic7598 8 meses atrás
Exactly. That contrast you are describing reminds me of the beauty of having the duality of life and death. Thanks for giving her a compliment. ^^ I love her very much.
@luciddre4m 8 meses atrás
That Fortissax battle was incredibly well done. This entire video rules.
@SuppositionalBox 8 meses atrás
I agree, even kept it accurate by denying him his second phase LOL
@menouba9416 8 meses atrás
​@@SuppositionalBox they absolutely did him dirty Him and Gransax A characters very important got RESKINNED MODEL FROM EVERY DAMN REGULAR ANCIENT DRAGON? WTF ? Where did "the six years length and the biggest budget ever" go to ?
@matteopassi3852 8 meses atrás
​@@menouba9416 sorry, but fortisax isn't a reskin, while similar, it has many differences from other ancient dragons, like lanseax.
@menouba9416 8 meses atrás
@@matteopassi3852 you are in the game community No matter what do you say they are going to say that you are right despite being WRONG he is a reskin Him and his sister Both are and they do all the same things A mili different in color or move doesn't make him unique or different nor "nOt A rEsKiN" And also Gransax is a reskin
@matteopassi3852 8 meses atrás
@@menouba9416 You said it yourself, they are brother and sister, it's normal they look alike, and again, it's not a reskin, or at least, not a bad one. Do you want an example of a reskin? The Blue Smelter Demon, of DS II
@Brown95P 3 meses atrás
Well, this certainly clears up some loose ends on the story leading up to the duskborn ending, most notably when it comes to both D's. Unfortunately, this does very little to clear up what actually becomes of the world during the age of duskborn, which is easily the most nebulous ending in the game: Do the people of the lands all end up becoming souless skeletons/corpses now? Do the souless skeletons now end up truly reborn as complete human beings instead? Did it only just reintroduce death into the system and disable rebirth and immortality? I know there isn't much in the game that can give a clear answer, but there should have been an attempt at it all the same.
@skyeflake 3 meses atrás
bro how is this level of cinematography even possible, the end literally gave me chills
@weirdingway4403 8 meses atrás
Is it possible that Empyreans are beings with both a male and female persona? I'm just realizing that we have Merika/Radagon, Ranni/Godwyn, and Malenia/Miquella. Ranni hatches a plot trying to free herself from this duality, killing the flesh that she and Godwyn shared with one half of the Rune of Death, while destroying the spirit of Godwyn with the other half. The story of D also seems to be tied up in themes of conjoined siblings or persona. Also, I don't think that it's a coincidence that the only part of Miquella we ever see is the one part of Malenia that is missing. Could the desire to live free as an individual be the motivation that often drives an Empyrean's actions? They seem to have Shadows that are appointed to stop them from achieving this, as well.
@Lummenwood 7 meses atrás
What an amazing retelling of the duskborne ending. This really makes me want to make a necromancer.
@ms4110 8 meses atrás
One of the most beautifully written and performed stories of Elden Ring, and you just elevated it to the next level.
@jeetkunjo4587 8 meses atrás
Hahaha now u can pay to have your comment highlighted xD
@FreedomAndPeaceOnly 8 meses atrás
Dat intro, right? The questline of Maliketh aka Gurank, D' and his brother, I feel they were meant to be connected much more. But as with all FromSoft games, the dev's had to cut a fair share when the release-date _death'line_ approached. 😏 Nice to see that Vaati does not forget to show how closely these questline's relate in theme.
@ms4110 8 meses atrás
@@jeetkunjo4587 Yeah, right? I didn’t even realize that until I saw Vaati liked my comment 😂
@eniskaraman3833 8 meses atrás
@@jeetkunjo4587 bro whats wrong with supporting the high quality content and getting a highlighted comment. its his money, whats it to u?
@tyrlant2189 8 meses atrás
​​@@eniskaraman3833 some would say it's bad to be a paypig, save that money for your family, don't spend $ simping for e-celebs, that sort of thing.
@oceanman7652 7 meses atrás
It would be nice to have a perfect order ending video too! This one was very good 😭
@texastoast9448 7 meses atrás
I love the different things the pc does like the laying his head on rogier, the blue flame at ranni’s true body, the hand on fia’s head it just make everything more cinematic
@1337Figaro 8 meses atrás
Amazing as always, you and your companions are at the heart of this community, thank you for all the work you do. I really hope you'll see this comment, you probably won't but if you do. Please, PLEASE give a shoutout to @The Tarnished Archaeologist. If you haven't heard of him check out some of his videos. He does such a great job analysing the environments and item descriptions and uses real life history and theology do interpret the lore of Elden Ring. I think he is on your level, no offense but he might even be slightly above when it comes to the knowledge and research he does. It's incredible, at first glance it seems like he might be reaching but once you see a few of his videos you realize that it's impossible that there are so many dots that can be put together for it all to be a coincidence. The Tarnished Archaeologist deserves a louder voice in the lore community and you have the opportunity to gift him that. If you see this, please just give him a chance. Thank you and keep up the good work!
@aedward.c6119 3 meses atrás
No one glorifies Elden ring's infinite beauty and poetry better than you my friend, I salute your dedication, your talent and your mastery
@Nemo12417 7 meses atrás
A well made video. The problem with the Age of the Duskborn ending is that I just can't view it as nuanced, even if they were going for that. The only person claiming to speak for Those Who Live in Death is not undead herself, and every undead in the game attacks you on sight. Also, I don't like her hugs, that's weird. Compare this to the demihumans, who we know are capable of intelligence, because we can befriend one and learn about his hopes and dreams. Kenneth Haight, while a bit of a douche, can also befriend and negotiate with the demihumans, and the demihuman leaders often cast sorceries, which are Intelligence based magic.
@ekosandvic7598 7 meses atrás
You can't quite tell tho if those who live in Death always did attack everyone in sight. Maybe they started doing that overtime after being persecuted for too long. And even if they are mindless maybe they need to be rested differently other than being attacked by holy magic. Maybe Fia knew a way to calm them down since she has never been hostile to them. It's okay you find her hugs weitd tho. Understandable if you view it on a social perspective. But I am very thankful that they are added in the game and it's sweet to just hear her talk.
@californiansniper2133 8 meses atrás
I actually teared up at Rogier’s death scene here, he’s such a wise character and a big help with Margit. Leaning against his his hat in his final moments awake, heartbreaking.
@mikeshogunlee 8 meses atrás
Hat Bro be rockin in the Dusk now. Rock on Hat Bro. 😢
@workstudy8118 8 meses atrás
Me too
@TJVBernal 8 meses atrás
His friendliness reminds you of a certain courier doesn't he? Bitter Springs vet.
@helplmchoking 8 meses atrás
I don't have much time to play, and I've always been far more interested in the lore and world of From games so combat has been a huge struggle (and not one I really enjoy). But I took down Margit on the first try thanks to Rogier. Then he appears at the round table basically bedridden, rambling, infected and dying and it was such a sad thing to see, even if he seemed happy to see me
@lordlightskin4200 8 meses atrás
@@helplmchoking if you have bleed weapon you can farm the giants on storm hill for a little bit until you can get the bird farm
@waifuhunter6993 26 dias atrás
If only Fia wasn't a deathbed companion, we all would have wifed her as a beloved who waits for us whenever we come back after slaying a godkin
@The-Lost-Hokage 5 meses atrás
The part where it showed Fortissax right before he used Death Lightning gave me chills. Like paying homage to him after defeating him. You're too good of a story teller and these Prepare To Cry are just too amazing
@jirivoborsky7010 8 meses atrás
I love the characters you create for your videos. You can really see the story behind them, and how they fit into the specific part of lore you're working on. Also, I suppose I finally understand Those Who Live in Death, they simply live without "souls"
@artyismybae9554 5 meses atrás
It'll always be funny to let Fia think you're on her side, for her to slumber in what she thinks is victory, only for her to be slain by the other twin. I really like D, so when he was killed, I wanted Fia to die and I'm pretty pleased with the result.
@Spike2276 8 meses atrás
I forgot that Fortissax still fought on in Fia's dream, it's a small detail that i've forgotten since i haven't played in a couple of months Really convinces me that the DLC will be in Miquella's dream, especially since i also believe it's related to Godwyn
@domingoaz123456789 8 meses atrás
the part where Rogier describes his friendship with D really gets me, especially when he says "But our paths since diverged. Never again to cross. Though that's hardly an uncommon fate for two friends".
@varsoonhks3211 8 meses atrás
D's a cool guy who hunts down the undead and Rogier started simping for a necrophiliac that glorified literally zombies and skeletons. It's a tale as old as time.
@Manganization 8 meses atrás
@@varsoonhks3211 Rogier didn't really simp as much as he wanted to find out the truth and it turns out that following Fia was the best course of action.
@varsoonhks3211 8 meses atrás
@@Manganization He's been entirely won over by her philosophy that the undead have done nothing wrong and don't deserve persecution and that having Fia gestate the mending rune will be a means of salvation for the undead. This is not a logical conclusion for anyone to come to. Rogier goes from being someone trying to discover the truth of deathroot, fighting the undead alongside D, to someone who has been indoctrinated to Fia's cause--so much so that he even dies a second death defending her at Godwin's corpse. In more relatable terms, let's say you have a friend who you play basketball with and he's really into the history of the sport. One day he meets a woman who thinks basketball is racist and should be cancelled, so he stops hanging out with you, stops playing basketball, and commits his life to ending the sport. This woman is notoriously promiscuous and offers 'comfort' to those who side with her. Your friend dies in an anti-basketball rally. The woman who has convinced him of all of this then later finds and kills you. Was your friend 1. Just a noble scholar of basketball history trying to find the truth or 2. A good dude that was led astray by a hussie? Sorry, man, Rogier simped for Fia and died chasing her nonsense cause.
@redbone9553 8 meses atrás
@@varsoonhks3211 But Rogier and D wasn’t that kind of friends. They worked together, yes, but their motivation were ultimately different. One is a devout follower of the Golden Order and all that it stood for, while the other is a scholar who wishes to learn about Those Who Live In Death and the Night of the Black Knifes. Their path crossed due to the nature of their objectives, but it only made sense that they eventually went separate path. And regarding your stance on Fia’s goal, have you watched the video? Fia’s goal was not to worship Those Who Live in Death, but to create an Age where Those Who Live in Death have the right to exist, and will have a purpose to live, unlike how they are in the current age, without purpose, goals, or really thought. Fia’s ending is simply give such thing to Those Who Live in Death by giving them a Lord to follow, because as a Deathbed Companion, it is in her belief that such beings has a right to such things. Now whether you agree or disagree with her belief and goal is up to you. Personally speaking, the ending doesn’t really solve any of the inherent problems in the land Between making it an okay ending at best.
@KerkorDragonblood 8 meses atrás
This is the most beautiful piece of Elden Ring content I've seen yet, which is saying a great deal because of how much great stuff there is. This ending, and all the questlines that make it up, was what I did in my very first playthrough of Elden Ring, and it's always had a special place in my heart because of that. This is brilliant, and so very touching. Extraordinary work as always!
@ekosandvic7598 8 meses atrás
Very touching indead! Age of Duskborn is also my favorite ending and path to go through.
@majesticm.c.a.5633 8 meses atrás
Your Videos are Amazing. But I'd also like to say that FromSoft are, to me, the most amazing World Builders and Story Tellers in the Medium. I've been hooked since I bought a PS3 just to play what people were calling one of the most Brutally Difficult Games ever made, Demon's Souls, and they just keep pushing the Envelope. Thank You for Your Hard Work, even after Completing the Game and it's many endings, I continue to be Educated and Entertained. Erdtree Bless.
@cavemancult1999 8 meses atrás
Man the cinematics of this was so good, you should be proud of yourself and others who worked with you
@stephen-fj6yw 2 meses atrás
These videos make me realize Ive barely scratched the surface of Elden ring, I love it
@jstar3382 4 meses atrás
I just feel bad for Maliketh. Dude was used by Marika as a storage for Death, and likely given the task of gathering Death back together, despite it being impossible. As if we needed more reason to dislike her
@DrBreadPants 8 meses atrás
It’s insane how high quality these videos are becoming. Kudos to EVERYONE involved in this process. This stuff is better than most tv shows.
@SacredCow. 8 meses atrás
Great video, i never expected Fia to hold such significance and that her questline would give a whole new ending. Although it would've been better if you had mentioned something about the dusk/ gloam-eyed-queen; who originally wielded the power of destined death. So i hoped that she'd have some sort of significance in this ending or its outcome. I myself am quite confused about the subject and would appreciate if you made a video about your take on the topic.
@TREVORVADER 5 meses atrás
One of the three most evil endings in the game alongside Dung Eater and the Lord of Chaos endings.
@MiroYT 8 meses atrás
Amazing work as always Vaati, really everyone that worked on this video. Absolutely love how y'all covered Rogiers questions which I think more people should know about.
@ScythosMusic Mês atrás
I have rarely had such a visceral reaction as when I first saw Godwyn. It was so intense and sense of uncanny revulsion that you can’t look away from.
@abraxis59 5 meses atrás
This was brilliant. Truly a wonderful artistic and narrative effort. You both should be proud of something this great!
@grimulkin7111 8 meses atrás
The cinematography in this video was truly stunning, huge props to Mispap1
@azu803 8 meses atrás
and the soundtrack too. This channel gets better and better, amazing
@romulobezerras 7 meses atrás
Pretty much everyone has already said it, but I'm saying it again: it's a REALLY good video! Congrats to all the team behind it. I loved the animations made to the story points beyond those covered visually by the game. Can't wait for the next lore videos! And those made from the dlc we'll get!
@adamhutchinson1165 4 meses atrás
Really hoped there wouldbe a prepare to cry with Gold Masks ending as I feel it's a really interesting look at the divisions within the Golden Order. I always loved how it shows how faith plays in progress vs stagnation with Brother Corryn's crisis of faith and all. Even though you said Ranni's vid will be the last one focused on an ending I'm gonna hold out hope for it!
@thedoc7184 4 dias atrás
This is a truely cinematic experience. Epic!
@sublimechimp 3 meses atrás
This guy’s gone deeper into Elden Ring than I’ve gone in my life
@dbproductions1732 4 meses atrás
I just love this channel one day I hope to have the opportunity to work with you.
@CaptainKaz44 8 meses atrás
Still get chills with the Malekith transformation and the music; it’s an incredible sequence. His move set is damn awesome as well.
@Eric-cj8sb 8 meses atrás
My favorite Boss and cutscene.
@tushkandragonlord9667 8 meses atrás
shame his hp is like 10k lol
@RudeXII 8 meses atrás
@alibader2171 8 meses atrás
Personally my favorite souls boss of all time
@dragskcinnay3184 8 meses atrás
Maliketh, not Malekith But Yes, agreed
@Feiaro 5 meses atrás
These videos are works of art
@xon1X-HK 8 meses atrás
Keep up the good work! I really enjoy the longer videos!
@bane426 8 meses atrás
These were easily some of the biggest and best scenes you've had in a video, who ever did the editing did an absolutely stellar job
@drankduck 7 meses atrás
Love the idea of this series being your interpretation of the way the story unfolds, and the reminder is much appreciated. The cinematic style of this series wows me every time.
@Uploaded1995 8 meses atrás
Stellar production Vaati! Absolutely top tier lore presentation and retelling, really, this is on another level. I can't wait for your take on my blue waifu Ranni (the storyline I was drawn into on my first playthrough without knowing anything about it going in)
@ekosandvic7598 8 meses atrás
Always nice to see that other players can pick their sides in a game. My waifu is Fia
@gilbertszommer5754 8 meses atrás
Amazing work!
@ben-taobeneton3945 8 meses atrás
What a masterpiece. Sometimes I feel like you guys are employed by _Software_ to make these videos. 😀 But a stunning tale. I can't wait for the Ranni's Movie. I have chosen this route initially, that's why I'm most excited for it.
@CheshireMask 8 meses atrás
As someone who has watched your channel from the original prepare to cry to this, it is absolutely inspiring to see how much progress, love, and effort your videos continue to get while they evolve into the next beast of lore video. I truly think you are one of the best souls lore presenter on the internet man, and you are a constant inspiration to one day try and make videos once life slows down a little!
@hardeepsingh2505 8 meses atrás
Simply outstanding. I doth my cap to you sir vaati!
@breakingnewsflash 8 meses atrás
The animation in this video is absolutely incredible!! Thank you Vaati for supporting 2D animation and the artist behind it!!
@leviathan9823 8 meses atrás
beautiful animations.
@bankss4 8 meses atrás
Were they the ones who did the animation right at the start because it looks so official? 😮
@janstastny5937 2 meses atrás
It's getting better and better with every episode. I don't care what others might say, from now on this is the lore for me :)
@applejacksmaniac6870 7 meses atrás
I love this series you got going on. Very informative and relaxing. I barely sleep at night, but just listening/watching these videos puts my mind at ease (like listening to rain at night in the fall). Can’t wait for more to come!👏🏽💯
@xxmcdustyxx3435 8 meses atrás
These battles and background animations with this storytelling are freaking amazing
@matti_6499 6 meses atrás
i felt like watching a movie, thank you so much for your work
@taylornoce8373 8 meses atrás
My gosh, the production quality you and your partners create is unbelievably amazing. The amount of detail put into the shots and editing was extremely well thought out. I also really enjoyed you throwing in a laugh with the metal music against the Mariner. Well done!
@johnoneil9188 8 meses atrás
That cannonball onto the Tibia Mariner was glorious. Seriously though splendidly done, simply incredible.
@melontoast2567 8 meses atrás
I thought he was going to Lions Claw into that thing but no; buttslam/groundpound. Gave me a good chuckle.
@maximusstorm1215 8 meses atrás
At this point, I have no idea how the Tibia Mariner isn't more of a joke than Pinwheel. All you have to do is stand next to it and spam attacks. You'll get hit once or twice at the most and he'll be dead before your finish him off. The only frustrating part about this fight is the face he teleports, and it's always when they have like, 0.00001HP left🗿🗿
@lawmanlawman2210 8 meses atrás
@@maximusstorm1215 Simple; because there are other bosses as easy as the Tibia Mariner; Soldier of Godrick, Cemetary Shade, Trolls etc, but in DS1 Pinwheel is in a class of his own in terms of difficulty, making him stand out even more.
@alanbatch5532 8 meses atrás
Your old videos used to be good but my god this is a MASTERPIECE.
@TeoSaint1212 7 meses atrás
Wth, the level of cinematography quality in this is absurd! You guys are incredible!! ❤❤❤
@C.Ray.V 8 meses atrás
Simply. Beautiful.👏
@TheDownables 4 meses atrás
I hope there are more videos of this quality on the way!
@GrimAsythes 8 meses atrás
Wow, I am in awe with how amazing this was. I loved this so much! Truly spectacular work.
@raessyhral5956 8 meses atrás
I'm so glad to be a tiny part of such an incredible project. It's been like a dream come true to animate those amazing illustrations from devlin art and I hope everyone enjoys this phenomenal video ❤❤❤
@austinembry2809 8 meses atrás
Well done! This was incredible!
@corneliusdwyer1824 8 meses atrás
You did an incredible job, you had my jaw on the floor. Thank you so much for your hard work!
@LevelUpLifting 8 meses atrás
such a beautiful transition at 2:04 😮
@danriedi7653 8 meses atrás
There are no tiny parts. Every piece of a mechanism is just as valuable as the others, whether it is the shell that keeps the rest safe or a cog itself, the sum could not be without all of the parts.
@acephas3 8 meses atrás
If that was you who animated D, then damn.
@xavierds1329 3 meses atrás
I absolutely love the effort you put into the fights too. How you keep the actions thematic and varied from episode to episode really is amazing
@dthedarkartist6709 8 meses atrás
It amazes me that you and your teamare able to put together such an extravagant lore video with nothing but in game assets and a little modding. It attests to both the amazingly rich game FromSoftware has given us as well as the creativity from your team as well. I can't believe how far games have come for a video like this to be possible. Amazing all around.
@lostsaint9112 8 meses atrás
What the hell this video was amazing. Definitely subscribing.❤️
@mirceaionescu960 7 meses atrás
Killer video, but I'm bummed we're skipping out on the goldmask ending. Dude T posed on the golden order and was a legend for it
@PhuryLP 8 meses atrás
Vaati is just THE Souls content Creator. He has the highground. The highest Ground u might say. We always underestimate his power.
@MrNuclearz 8 meses atrás
Damn that Fia's Mist kill on D was absolutely brutal.
@BentheGamer16 8 meses atrás
Thats what I said
@Taveren 7 meses atrás
It made me realise this was the evil ending
@the1truejoe178 7 meses atrás
@@Taveren no the hell it isnt
@implosive4778 7 meses atrás
@@the1truejoe178 it’s an evil ending. Those who live in death literally wipe out villages💀
@fancyman4563 7 meses atrás
​@@the1truejoe178 Bros blinded by the debuff hugs Fia gives.
@MrKamylow 7 meses atrás
Man… Those visuals… These videos of you still rule after all those years. Kudos to all the parties involved it’s awesome.
@meteoraguy2434 8 meses atrás
Vaati, you’ve done it again my good sir. It’s been amazing to watch your “Prepare to Cry” videos evolve from DS1 all the way to Elden Ring. You are a piece of the reason I love this franchise so much! Please don’t stop my man! I’m sending this to my friends who just got into Elden ring and want to know about the lore!!!
@ReasonablyRetro 8 meses atrás
Wow, just wow. The way you and your team seamlessly weave these stories together is just beautiful. 10/10. Looking forward to the next!
@digitalon01 8 meses atrás
Vaati, I always appreciate the effort you and your partners put into these videos. Your videos are always good but these recent ones are on a completely different level of quality. While you are right that there are many ways to interpret Elden Ring's story, but I know that the research you put into each story thread is immense. Because of that, I'm willing to bet your interpretation is very close to the actual truth of the in game lore and that is what is important. Without you and others like you I doubt I would be able to fully appreciate the rich depth of the lore of the soulsborne games. Keep of the great work and I'll keep watching and sending people to your channel!
@virtualstring2925 8 meses atrás
I love these videos of yours. Are you planning on making one about Blaidd? It seems like a good fit for this series
@ekosandvic7598 8 meses atrás
Age of Stars will be the next one. And Blaidd will definitely get his spotlight.
@AAG414 8 meses atrás
vaatividya takes the rich, grand lore of the game, and somehow manages to amplify it with his cinematography and narration. This video is sublime.
@High-LordHarza 8 meses atrás
Mispap1 is the cinematographer and editor and who captures a lot of this
@nobodynothing282 8 meses atrás
Speculative lore. The game really doesn't have much lore. Duskborn ending is the best ending though. No gods, no masters.
@alienboy6nhl195 8 meses atrás
@@nobodynothing282 doesn’t have much lore? most of what Vaati talks about is explained by characters and through item descriptions
@kylevernon 8 meses atrás
Wow if only the game could do that.
@nobodynothing282 8 meses atrás
Yeah single sentences, and a few lines of dialogue isn't "grand lore". Not in the same way that say Dragon Age has lore.
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