Americans celebrate Memorial Day amid coronavirus pandemic

CBS Evening News
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Many official Memorial Day events were canceled across the country due to the coronavirus pandemic, but people still packed beaches and parks to celebrate. People could be seen ignoring social distancing guidelines throughout the U.S., even as the death toll nears 100,000. Jonathan Vigliotti reports.
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25 Mai 2020



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Comentários 80
Nojod Alamri
Nojod Alamri 3 dias atrás
I feel pretty sad for all the innocent people who dies because of those dumb people 😞
Snacks 11 dias atrás
Oh wow. They do really don't have common sense.
Chou gaming
Chou gaming 18 dias atrás
I see dead people
Harry Kim
Harry Kim 21 dia atrás
1:36 kong na mul
Sophie Peraaud
Sophie Peraaud 22 dias atrás
Razian Amira
Razian Amira 16 dias atrás
Florida, Texas, Arizona and California, each on track to 10000 cases a day. 40000 cases from these four states alone!!
Brennan Mason
Brennan Mason 25 dias atrás
who even cares about covid anymore
RoadieTV 26 dias atrás
"I'm not worried about the convid Corona thing" So you have chosen death
grass hopper
grass hopper Mês atrás
Update: 06/06 here in Florida 1 week after Memorial day weekend average is 1,300 new cases every day. Gooooo Florida!
Thu Nell Ⓥ
Thu Nell Ⓥ Mês atrás
how many people have REALLY died from corona?? How many people are ACTUALLY infected? How many have recovered? THESE are the real questions!!!
Badang Angler
Badang Angler Mês atrás
Why Americans people cant listen gov? Hahahaaa
Hussain Abdul hamid
Stupidity can't be cured by arrogant peoples....
Meow The gachatuber
Oh wow I hate how ignorant they are
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Mês atrás
And these people keep blaming others for their problems
iam Spammer
iam Spammer Mês atrás
Kalyan Mangalampally
How about spraying silver metal and copper metal nano particles on clothes furniture to destroy corona virus
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Mês atrás
Has anyone looked at the parking lots of Home Depot, or Lowe's? It's much more packed than I've seen libraries or churches.
Razian Amira
Razian Amira Mês atrás
Americans: worried about the second wave in the autumn Summer wave: *do you forgot me?*
troy pt
troy pt Mês atrás
Corona hood !
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Mês atrás
That is the herd for all its worth getting that immunity a herd can't help but blunder through. Just like the snitches who do not want anybody to not do what they are/think should
TruthSeeker4Life Mês atrás
Freedom is beautiful.
Faheem Ahmed
Faheem Ahmed Mês atrás
congratulations you played yourself
MJ Mês atrás
They should all forfeit medical help if they are going to be this selfish and stupid...
Ariff Hakimi
Ariff Hakimi Mês atrás
Congratulations hahah
bigfoot21 Mês atrás
Those death numbers are false
Betina Sevilla
Betina Sevilla Mês atrás
tbt to the college spring breakers
nxnja Mês atrás
2001: *Im the saddest year :(* 2020: *Hold my bear.*
Brianplays 1044
Brianplays 1044 Mês atrás
I’m all for honoring the dead but how is going to the beach honoring them?
Cameron Mês atrás
Time to thin out the herd.
silentmajor Mês atrás
I wonder how many people died in car accidents in LA yesterday? I mean in order to be consistent in their concern wouldn't they need to lower the speed limits, like say to 20 or less? I mean if it saves one life it would be worth it wouldn't it? I guess they're more worried about what it might do to the dollar or reelection chances.
Scott B
Scott B Mês atrás
Kids will be kids....nothing more to say
RMJ Mês atrás
Honestly were most of those people in crowds really paying tribute to those who sacrificed their life and are working to protect us? I really hate how we as a whole (US) treat them.
Adamah al
Adamah al Mês atrás
The term "pandemic" is used to instill a sense of fear and uncertainty. Its promote a scapegoat for changing the system..shutting it down..acquiring more assets and pushing the nwo agenda. The sungod virus is fictional..but the bankers MOTIVES are real...and if you do not blame the controllers of the system for the economic destruction..then you are a pawn and serf for blaming a propagandized scenario.
king360xxx Mês atrás
Why can't people just follow the rules and be respectful
สมบัติ คนใจดี
Selling a drug for treating Covid 19 Easy recovery in 4 days Is a capsule No side effects Is the best medicine in the world. Easy to make and cheap way. Name Sombat +66870212722, Thailand.
ResortDog Mês atrás
That is the herd for all its worth getting that immunity a herd can't help but blunder through. Just like the snitches who do not want anybody to not do what they are/think should be done in occupied country did in Europe for the social democrats there, then, are burning down the phone lines. For the most part people are staying away from each other everywhere.
ResortDog Mês atrás
CCP Virus is more fitting after what the commies did to the world.
Andy Saldaña
Andy Saldaña Mês atrás
-sigh- Americans...
david carroll
david carroll Mês atrás
I hate my job and my boss. So, I retired!
Michael Baldwin
Michael Baldwin Mês atrás
And so the experiment continues for every action you have a reaction.
La Flame
La Flame Mês atrás
They’re literally digging up their own graves at this point
Crayz Kindelle
Crayz Kindelle Mês atrás
That's not freedom! That's ignorance, indifference, complacency, ... (I can go on and on with this) all in disguise! Imagine being imprisoned by their wrong priorities? Just think about the message this is sending the world?! Well, do they even care at all? I guess not...
Vaporeon LPD
Vaporeon LPD Mês atrás
The Catwalk in New Mexico was beyond full last Sunday, with cars reaching out far beyond the packed parking lot.
C S Mês atrás
So many will die and no one thinks its real. This country can burn to the ground for all I care we deserve it.
Sam Aj
Sam Aj Mês atrás
If this happened in India ur getting beaten up
Bros Gamingz
Bros Gamingz Mês atrás
Just imagine what places are gonna look like on July 4th.
Chairside M
Chairside M Mês atrás
Vaccine, there is a polio vaccine, polio virtually dissapeared here. Flu vaccine? The flu still happens, and get sick from the shot.... You say there will be a cv19 vaccine... sure....
Tonya Gordon
Tonya Gordon Mês atrás
Why is the reporter wearing a mask outside in the fresh air?
perlyn palisbo
perlyn palisbo Mês atrás
How sad American people.. Can't follow social distancing..
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen Mês atrás
@perlyn palisbo Preparing for the worst is part of life, it's what people always did before this happened.
perlyn palisbo
perlyn palisbo Mês atrás
@Lizzie Allen don't blame your government no one's good government if people not obeying.
perlyn palisbo
perlyn palisbo Mês atrás
@Lizzie Allen then prepare for the worst. Good luck.
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen Mês atrás
Why should they? Humans were not MEANT to 'socially distance' and they've already done it for 2 months. Let's get back to life where we accepted everything is dangerous and you can't live in a bubble and just use common sense.
Solar God
Solar God Mês atrás
Who still believes the news ?
Solar God
Solar God Mês atrás
What a depressing job she has .
Tommy Gigger
Tommy Gigger Mês atrás
I believe that these people at that Pool party think that the only people that’s dying from disease are black. So it’s ok to act foolish because the way that Trump has politicized this pandemic.
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen Mês atrás
@Tommy Gigger So you doubt the studies that say coronavirus can't spread through bodies of water?
Tommy Gigger
Tommy Gigger Mês atrás
Lizzie Allen No I just believe stupid is what stupid does and that’s jump into a pool of coronavirus
Tommy Gigger
Tommy Gigger Mês atrás
Lizzie Allen and your daddy is a boy Maggot
Tommy Gigger
Tommy Gigger Mês atrás
Lizzie Allen No you are with name like Lizzie
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen Mês atrás
Boy you're stupid, aren't you?
These people are going to get us all killed
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen Mês atrás
@Brianplays 1044 Ask the OP.
Brianplays 1044
Brianplays 1044 Mês atrás
Lizzie Allen what’s it like to be an idiot?
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen Mês atrás
You must've never gone outside to begin with if you're that stupid. What's it like to spend your entire life inside and NEVER going out?
Hector Domino
Hector Domino Mês atrás
I am not American, but still this is a great country to me. And these morons don't represent this country. Gangsta throwing money, having fun in a beach party. Enough to lead a country to destruction.
Zachius Zdranada
Zachius Zdranada Mês atrás
Still yet to see a sick person.....or know anyone who has had it....The media companies get more and more money the higher their ratings go....why would they ever stop trying to scare you?
Zachius Zdranada
Zachius Zdranada Mês atrás
@Lizzie Allen...investigative reporting is dead....they just read whats put in front of matter how ridiculous it is. Like, "antibodies won't stop the spread"-cnn......facepalm
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen Mês atrás
Think about it, the day this all goes away, they have to actually DO their jobs again and report REAL stuff. Why would they want that?
LSG LightSpeedGallery
Your news organization is a joke. Covid is a plan Demic scam.! Fact
Cody Mês atrás
More “WMD” mass media criiiiinge. You are irrelevant like A Michigan governor.
David Ruiz
David Ruiz Mês atrás
I’d rather be 6 feet apart than 6 feet under. Natural selection at it’s finest.
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen Mês atrás
Riiiiiight, so before coronavirus, you NEVER got around other people, because they all carry millions of other diseases, right?
敷衍丷 Mês atrás
What time are you
CHa-Chang Random
CHa-Chang Random Mês atrás
Columbus brought measles to the New World. It was a disaster for Native Americans. New America dies with Corona virus Karma
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen Mês atrás
Yeah we're so comparable to 600 years ago, aren't we?
Doug Laurent
Doug Laurent Mês atrás
Whats funny is his camera man and his whole crew wore no masks only he did to play to the quit lying to shame the public! FAKE NEWS!!
Liza Zmeika
Liza Zmeika Mês atrás
Всё понятно, особенно если ты русский 😂
Gerome Anderson
Gerome Anderson Mês atrás
Ignorance attracts stupidity.
zxjurassic 02
zxjurassic 02 Mês atrás
That's america baby
luke sumberg
luke sumberg Mês atrás
1:22 oh my god I thought they were about to lay down an air strike
riptorn Mês atrás
Scamdemic to implement Agenda 21 communism
Dan Skump
Dan Skump Mês atrás
this virus is human vs human cant win simple as that
DwW IcFam
DwW IcFam Mês atrás
If a Poll was taken of all these goobers,99.89% are trump Culters.
D'arcy Leland
D'arcy Leland Mês atrás
Soon Home Depot will start selling backyard crematorium grill. Both charcoal and propane versions.
a. Mês atrás
in 60 years i want to see school projects about this. from the zoom calls and graduations and singing from our balconies and clapping. but also the beaches and how state’s got back up again. BUT NOT about how the president handled this. no need to hurt a kids brain.
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen Mês atrás
As soon as public schools are open again, kids won't HAVE a brain.
prometheus Mês atrás
What’s the death percentages now? Oh 0.26%. Wow everyone should stay home. < 1%.
crowdedelevator100 Mês atrás
Karen’s are going to call managers on all of us soon , if we are not careful 😐
Lowkeyy Lily
Lowkeyy Lily Mês atrás
All im saying is.. Natural selection
X Gem
X Gem Mês atrás
Why doesn't CBS ever report on the historical Suicide uptake due to the government's over reaction?
Energizer Gas
Energizer Gas Mês atrás
Ppl still care lol why new still reporting like anyway cares bout covid
Strawberry Shortcake
don't see any asians, they're smart.
SoberRS Mês atrás
Fake news. 50% of corona deaths aren’t even from corona and they count it as corona
Abe Campbell
Abe Campbell Mês atrás
Totally agree!!
absolute dre
absolute dre Mês atrás
My God American's are stupid
POWFAM Mês atrás
Dokomix Mês atrás
I feel bad for you. All media has some form of bias. If you only think one side is biased, look into statistics more. Try to get into majority unbiased news sources. You'll get straight facts and information with the confidence that it's accurate! :)
Elon Mask
Elon Mask Mês atrás
Its funny how dumb they are.
eric t
eric t Mês atrás
At least everyone will have a nice tan when they’re intubated.
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen Mês atrás
Boy you're stupid.
J & B
J & B Mês atrás
Sure, let's blow a ton of money on planes to thank essential workers who can't see them because they are indoors and struggling with too little PPE and other supplies. But, sure... planes... that's a good way to spend money right now. (It has nothing to do with essential workers, all about Trump's ego). This kind of entitled self-interest mistaken for freedom is what will bring the U.S. down and ultimately extinct humans. I am pretty sure my grandfather and uncle, who fought in multiple wars, were not fighting for these a-holes "right" to go to a pool party during a pandemic.
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