American & Japanese People Swap School Lunches

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"I think it's time for Americans to step their game up!"
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Comentários 80
Lucy wannell
Lucy wannell 47 minutos atrás
0:36 its called a toastie like tf is a cheese zombie
unicorn lover
unicorn lover 53 minutos atrás
*I hate to say it, but them school lunches do not look that good in real life!*
Mr96706bangah Hora atrás
Hawaii School Lunch > American School lunch
Luigi Romano
Luigi Romano 2 horas atrás
the japanese eat semen
Luigi Romano
Luigi Romano 2 horas atrás
college food in usa looks delicious but unhealthy
Wait. if u have lunch in school all the same. What we can choose like theres 200 options
Gabriella Mailoa
Gabriella Mailoa 9 horas atrás
asian ftw when it comes to meals
ur dream bby
ur dream bby 10 horas atrás
u guys eat hamburger in US? we didn’t even get ice cream on desert days
Idiotic Redundancy
Idiotic Redundancy 10 horas atrás
"I think that it's time for American to step its game up." *August 6,1945 Intensifies*
potatohead 13 horas atrás
Blackman wanted it when he heard "FRIED CHICKEN"
Bevin Register
Bevin Register 14 horas atrás
Wth is dis nah in FL u get a hamburger in a bag that has been cooked in the same bag
potato 14 horas atrás
the American guys are lying because all that I've gotten to eat soggy chicken tenders that aren't cooked properly french fries that aren't actually french fries and made out of sweet potatoes cheeseburgers that aren't even real meat or bread
Malik Xd
Malik Xd 15 horas atrás
I just got a plan baloney sandwich and regular milk beat that
Anthony Miceli
Anthony Miceli 16 horas atrás
I think America has advanced in school lunches. I go to a public school and we get delicious wraps and sandwiches all the time!
Leo 17 horas atrás
The American lunches are almost right. Just make the bun deflated and soggy and stuff it in a paper tin foil bag. Also make sure it’s been frozen and reheated up in a microwave
Joseph Watkins
Joseph Watkins 17 horas atrás
Now that I'm watching this I feel like America sucks
N233 18 horas atrás
I ain’t eat the school lunch I brought my own lmaooo
Hi. 18 horas atrás
American schools: *10 minutes microwaving pizza from last Friday* Japanese schools: *10 minutes making soup,rice,cutting salmon and etc.* Point is, AMERICAN SCHOOLS NEED TO BE MORE MOTIVATED WHEN COOKING FOR CHILDREN.
Elizabeth Dalton
Elizabeth Dalton 20 horas atrás
Okay so even the American food looked better than my school food in america
Elizabeth Dalton
Elizabeth Dalton 20 horas atrás
I mean nobody eats in my school
Guntaas Sareen
Guntaas Sareen 20 horas atrás
Japanese lunch is pretty fancy.
TheOGGamer0428 Xbox-Minecraft
Saw the thumbnail and came here to criticize this isn't real school lunch just like everyone else here is saying
jas móras
jas móras Dia atrás
he touched her sloppy joe lol
busuru Dia atrás
Dude. I remember high school breakfast had this BOMB ass carrot loaf or something that til this day I'm trying to find a place to buy it outside.
Maya Rosa
Maya Rosa Dia atrás
I think elementary school lunch is the worst one in the USA bc once my mom said I was over reacting and so one day I saved my "juice box" More like sugar dyed water 😂 and she tried it and spit it out lol. Also the tomato soup was COOL and no flavor.
Liam Tapispisan
Liam Tapispisan Dia atrás
In my country we don’t even have lunches
Brodie's aviation photos and video
that bowl looked like a dog bowl lol
RxseliaGacha Dia atrás
Asians typically get a lot better school lunches. You should see Chinese school lunches heh
Avery Aman
Avery Aman Dia atrás
Nobody: Cardi B @ 1:39 : *Coronavirus*
Doge Rules
Doge Rules Dia atrás
Hi I am Nate and your gay
A.unlock Key Coolness
A.unlock Key Coolness 2 dias atrás
ย้อนกลับมาดูอาหารเด็กไทย..... 😢
robin villarubia
robin villarubia 2 dias atrás
Meanwhile in the Philippines we don't have a school lunch because it's not free in our country
Matti nakki
Matti nakki 2 dias atrás
Did she say pornsoup? 2:07
Bellar R
Bellar R 2 dias atrás
Also there’s a virus
mohamed fafa
mohamed fafa Dia atrás
Bellar R where tho? Last time I checked America has the highest death rates while Japan isn’t even on lockdown.
Bellar R
Bellar R 2 dias atrás
Burgers are definitely kind of not healthy
Munro McLaren
Munro McLaren 2 dias atrás
My high school had really good homemade food. On certain days we had a designated hot meal. Granted I went to a small 7-12 school in Vermont with about 450 kids.
Nadezda Supe
Nadezda Supe 2 dias atrás
Angel Lopez
Angel Lopez 2 dias atrás
I think I’m bothered by the fact that the guy in the blue touched the girls hamburger bun
cwistinnaaa xox
cwistinnaaa xox 2 dias atrás
The difference is mostly where their ingredients come from.. japan try to encourage local farms (try avoiding exported, processed etc) and us use a lot of frozen food..
Meep Meep
Meep Meep 3 dias atrás
David’s actions are just hilarious 🤣
Diana Dumbrava
Diana Dumbrava 3 dias atrás
y'all in Romania we only have bread and milk so stop complaining
Hugo Labrozzi
Hugo Labrozzi 3 dias atrás
And why does these "Japanese" people look and sound so American?
mohamed fafa
mohamed fafa Dia atrás
Hugo Labrozzi how can you look American if you’re Japanese..? And why did you say “Japanese” as if they’re not obviously Japanese 🤦🏽‍♂️. Also anybody can sound American it ain’t that special.
AM RM 2 dias atrás
Have you heard of japonesa meric
Hugo Labrozzi
Hugo Labrozzi 3 dias atrás
Why Americans have to be so annoying? JFC...
Vixter 3 dias atrás
"Lax for school lunch!?" STFU u get a fuckkng Burger, thats sooo much better
Vixter 3 dias atrás
Americans get hamburgers and pizza för school lunch? Sweden gets dogshit
Carollina lina
Carollina lina 4 dias atrás
I want japanese food!
Bread Chan
Bread Chan 4 dias atrás
I’ve been switching schools since I was little and let’s just say there school food in Japan was so good I was always so happy to go to school but now that I’m back in America it’s honestly so sad 😭
Norman Caplan
Norman Caplan 4 dias atrás
Is that cavallis dad
TrxppedBurst 4 dias atrás
Something about Blake makes me irritated.
Mystery Boy
Mystery Boy 4 dias atrás
In my school all you got was one of these choices (Burger, Chicken burger, Spicy chicken burger, or a hot dog)only if you had extra money would you be able to get a side.
Roselle June Pensahan
Roselle June Pensahan 4 dias atrás
Black guy reminds me of Cavalli Davis hahahah
Louis-Félix Germain
Louis-Félix Germain 4 dias atrás
The black guy kinda looks Hert from Hoonigan but older and not a car guy
Jamaal Thambidurai
Jamaal Thambidurai 4 dias atrás
When she said BOBA I felt that. Like a lot
GAMERS GUIDE 4 dias atrás
Lol poor Americans
Ruth Kidane
Ruth Kidane 5 dias atrás
Britain a sandwich
Yemeni Bros Production
This is why Asians are smart the food brings motivation
Julia coltacci
Julia coltacci 5 dias atrás
I’m Brazilian and I’m American too
Strafe98gamer -
Strafe98gamer - 5 dias atrás
I only drink milk if it only has cereal since it will get better taste.
kiqyomi -
kiqyomi - 5 dias atrás
Funny, cause I’m Japanese and Korean
abiyud tom
abiyud tom 5 dias atrás
Me an Indian : schools provide lunches everyday?
cc cc
cc cc 5 dias atrás
I went to a private school in Peru. There we had for lunch almost every day: Salad, soup, Any meat with rice and potatoes, fruit or cake and juice. However like once or two every week they would prepare other stuff instead of soup like “causa” or anything with ham, and also other type of dishes mostly Peruvian.
Akash Prasad
Akash Prasad 5 dias atrás
Love japan reom India
LittleLu Acosta
LittleLu Acosta 6 dias atrás
And lets talk about those lunch ladies, at our school we had to be silent or we would go to the principal
Athy Y
Athy Y 6 dias atrás
In Romania you get no lunch ,you come with food from home
ハルマニharumani 6 dias atrás
Ra Pa
Ra Pa 7 dias atrás
In my country all you can buy at school is a dry, hard, old falafel sandwich with juice. You don't even get to pick what flavor you want
Bella 7 dias atrás
I'm that one American who eats salads for lunch
Arlene De Vera
Arlene De Vera 7 dias atrás
Hey Blake. Maybe we should swap lunches. Then after that we can swap numbers 😉😂
Ivanni Francois
Ivanni Francois 7 dias atrás
“Cheese zombie”!! It’s called grilled cheese
Filippo Reyno
Filippo Reyno 8 dias atrás
2:39 is when your science partner says something smart and you back him up...
Ryan Giordano
Ryan Giordano 8 dias atrás
Do Canadian and British people swap food so it's not always americans
Subhasish 8 dias atrás
Why are they giving frozen junk to school kids in the USA??🙄
Calisthenics guy Joshua Rodriguez
In my school they give tru moo low fat milk or fat free milk and it not good and all the food is probably kept at the school for months and I’ve dranken rotten milk and ate no good broccoli
Morgan Steyn
Morgan Steyn 8 dias atrás
And here where I live we get pig testicles
Andrew Jackfruit
Andrew Jackfruit 9 dias atrás
That one guy looks like Kavali from Hiho kids as a adult
Rmo TFM 9 dias atrás
I want Hinano's ig!
Vasudha Srivastava
Vasudha Srivastava 9 dias atrás
U are lucky.... We don't get meat in india in school
ALPHA JUICE 9 dias atrás
Meanwhile in India we have to get food from home
Mabel 9 dias atrás
Indians: You guys are getting lunches in school?
the crunshy pancake
the crunshy pancake 2 dias atrás
I feel like not only indians but most of countries😂😂
no banna milk
no banna milk 9 dias atrás
0:02 I agree
Richard Cranium
Richard Cranium 9 dias atrás
Mississippi school lunches sucked. We didnt even have a snack bar line.
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