AMAZING REAL Miniature Food & Tiny Cooking

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AMAZING REAL Miniature Food And Tiny Cooking! What do you guys think of all the kawaii mini cake and tiny food? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications Check out where all the mini food is from below:
miniature cuisina
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12 Out 2019



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Comentários 100
SSSniperWolf 11 meses atrás
Nobody Comments: 👇
Charles Cogswell
Charles Cogswell 3 dias atrás
You be my fav channel
오로라aurora 6 dias atrás
Vanilla Sprinkle
Vanilla Sprinkle 24 dias atrás
But SSSniperWolf, there’s more likes than comments
girl gamer 24
girl gamer 24 26 dias atrás
I love u
WildPotato42_57 Rae
I love your videos they are so cool
the hijaabi
the hijaabi 5 horas atrás
K&W Channel Tv
K&W Channel Tv 10 horas atrás
You look cute today sniperwolf
Darcie Koonook
Darcie Koonook 11 horas atrás
Cris Agad
Cris Agad 17 horas atrás
Cris Agad
Cris Agad 17 horas atrás
Pastelʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Purple
When mini food is like food from a commercial
Marisela Martinez
Im first
Bree The doge lover
Vanessa Dominguez
I know whats the smallest gold fish i ever seen.... its a gold fish! The smack that smiles back gold fish :)
Kenya Murphy
Kenya Murphy 2 dias atrás
omg that sushi is soooo darn cute
Maria Yucute
Maria Yucute 2 dias atrás
yes real
RC Catt
RC Catt 2 dias atrás
i don't like sushi so that tiny sushi is perfect for me
The Blank Sisters Youtube
Dinner for ...your ant family
Jancel Malgana
Jancel Malgana 3 dias atrás
meni hamburge omaygah how
Mary Wilson
Mary Wilson 3 dias atrás
Love your channel and your so fun to watch love your personality too. 😍🤭🤭👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️
Mary Wilson
Mary Wilson 3 dias atrás
Love this. Lol
Jerald Arnold
Jerald Arnold 3 dias atrás
All are the foosa real
Karman Francis
Karman Francis 4 dias atrás
when you on a diet but you want mcdonalds
Unlucky Fatto
Unlucky Fatto 4 dias atrás
Nooo it’s play doh yee the tangreen
Megan Elam
Megan Elam 4 dias atrás
This is how many times sssniperwolf said " mini " 👇
Pro Millennium gamer
Pro Millennium gamer 4 dias atrás
The oranges is real
Annalise Emerson
Annalise Emerson 4 dias atrás
I love waching you i wach u every day
Annalise Emerson
Annalise Emerson 4 dias atrás
how u talk. mmm thats good
Lika _draws101
Lika _draws101 5 dias atrás
Person beside me: “hey, look! Krill!” Me: BOOM BOOM GET OUT MA WAAAAY!!
Dominick Ortiz
Dominick Ortiz 5 dias atrás
That is so cute
Dorky Simmer
Dorky Simmer 6 dias atrás
Yasss plsssssssssss do this on your other channel
Nadina Insley
Nadina Insley 6 dias atrás
Darcie Brock
Darcie Brock 6 dias atrás
Sniperwolf; hOw DiD tHeY fInD a FiSh ThAt SmAlL- B r u h . It's probably an anchovy/sardine and they probably did a close-up picture to make it look big, but it's n o t . DEM LIARS
Orlane Playz
Orlane Playz 7 dias atrás
Little oranges are real i ever eat them
Clara Damberger (Student)
All of this is awesome!
Emmalyn Bowers
Emmalyn Bowers 7 dias atrás
ur the best and my sister is a big fan
Devion Cortes
Devion Cortes 7 dias atrás
at 2:10 yes those mini oranges are real
XXcuterabbit 7 dias atrás
me: *eats boiled potatoes in peace* me sees fish and potatoes my crazy self: IS DIS YOUR BABY SIS
Kay Kay gang Khy
Kay Kay gang Khy 7 dias atrás
Big Mac related it is a little mac
Ritche C Cataluna
Ritche C Cataluna 9 dias atrás
you look diffrent :O
Leena Sai
Leena Sai 9 dias atrás
try this pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeses you dont know how much i need you to do this
Neva Leonard
Neva Leonard 9 dias atrás
They took that small bite of the burger and I said "fucking psychopath"
Musharrof Khan 18
Musharrof Khan 18 9 dias atrás
Can You Do small food pls😝😝😝😏
Brandon Morton
Brandon Morton 9 dias atrás
Hi love your show
María 9 dias atrás
They are real the orenges
TheFNaFGab 10 dias atrás
*Thats a lot of salt* -sssniperwolf 2019
Ong See En
Ong See En 10 dias atrás
SSSniperwolf can you really cook tiny food
• zizzy •
• zizzy • 10 dias atrás
Can this comment get as much likes as her comments :>
Diva Sqaud
Diva Sqaud 10 dias atrás
No one: Not even my brain putting a warning sign if this comment was already made: Me: ;-; is that bell from beauty and the Beast
Raven Estby
Raven Estby 10 dias atrás
those...those tiny tangerines are real..
Shamie Farzandali
Shamie Farzandali 10 dias atrás
SSSniperwolf:tHiS sHoUlD nOt Be AllOwEd😑 Me:THIS SHALL BE ALLOWED
Tehreem Rhymes poems
Tehreem Rhymes poems 11 dias atrás
You have a second channel? okay.....?
Felix The Gamer Fox EXE
I got an ad about this game called no straight roads or something because i wasn't paying much attention but someone in it said "HOW ABOUT YOU TAKE THESE XS AND SHOVE THEM UP YOUR-"
125 Group Account
125 Group Account 11 dias atrás
You don’t fry fries you deep fry them 😂😂
Ricky Hernandez
Ricky Hernandez 11 dias atrás
The food is so cute and funny 🍽🍴🥘🍳🍱🥗🥣👍
Dee Hatcher-Lee
Dee Hatcher-Lee 11 dias atrás
The tangerines were painted.
Narelle Moorby
Narelle Moorby 11 dias atrás
Can you make Roblox videos please I love your channel 😁 !
Sudhiksha 12 dias atrás
Lia”If u guys wanna see me try this, smash that like button! Lia again: “I love this but it is also ridiculous”
Tanin Bolurchi
Tanin Bolurchi 12 dias atrás
Wow they r so tiny and cute😻but my question is WHERE DID HE GET THE KITCHEN’S STUFFS???
Ainsley Morgan
Ainsley Morgan 13 dias atrás
Secand channle???
Michelle Kennell
Michelle Kennell 15 dias atrás
You won a kids choice a words?
z k
z k 15 dias atrás
The moni eggs are hummingbird eggs
Kyra Husted
Kyra Husted 15 dias atrás
I just watched attack on Titan that make me sad when she brought it up
Andy Burke
Andy Burke 16 dias atrás
stores when it says do not scale
Inara Bale
Inara Bale 16 dias atrás
There real
Sylvain Drolet
Sylvain Drolet 16 dias atrás
it not taderrenn is calman tin
Aleena Imran
Aleena Imran 16 dias atrás
Sssniperwolf: how fish that small Me: it is anchovies !!!!!!!
Charlotte Kahpeaysewat
Charlotte Kahpeaysewat 17 dias atrás
I saw that video when I was 7
Angela Christie
Angela Christie 17 dias atrás
I can tell you this now but all those kitchen utensils actually work I have seen them in my Walmart.
natalie lowe
natalie lowe 18 dias atrás
the person cooking:making a mini gluition free buffet lia:OMG ITS A MINI BUFFET
z 18 dias atrás
Yes or no ¢€¥^®
RIVER RUTH EGINO 18 dias atrás
Those tiny tangerines are real it is also found in Phillippines.
Raj Bhavsar
Raj Bhavsar 18 dias atrás
when u have too much time on ur hands
Sylvain Drolet
Sylvain Drolet 18 dias atrás
yes it all rela
咏歆Da_Muffin UwU
咏歆Da_Muffin UwU 19 dias atrás
Who got a mc Donald add while watching dis vid?
Luis Talamantes
Luis Talamantes 19 dias atrás
I love your vídeos
Laurina Saylee
Laurina Saylee 20 dias atrás
The sushi reminds me of the time my brother did not know what wasabi was and ate it then a few seconds later he regrets it
Funny things kids do with Abriella
Its called a cutie
your mother tellin u that u cant play with food nah YOUR MOTHER WRONG
Ivy Cooks
Ivy Cooks 20 dias atrás
The fish was probably a guppie
wendi vanheck-lenkiewicz.
wendi vanheck-lenkiewicz.
I feel bad for all those people if they’re vegetarian all the hamsters mouse is the gluten-free and vegetarian and they cannot eat
ck toysandgaming
ck toysandgaming 21 dia atrás
Me going to like and when she says DACE it loads exactly
*-_Queen-potato_-* 21 dia atrás
I have some small oranges so yea
Lori Ritter
Lori Ritter 21 dia atrás
your hair looks so niceee
Ariella Trujillo
Ariella Trujillo 22 dias atrás
I love min foods plss do more
BTSARMY TAEKOOK 22 dias atrás
The food was sooo cute😁😁 and it looks tasty
Iguana gall Ansterdam
Iguana gall Ansterdam 22 dias atrás
Wow sssniperwolf😍
Marlie Squire
Marlie Squire 22 dias atrás
It can be made for a lol doll to.😎😎😎
Linh Wiedijk
Linh Wiedijk 23 dias atrás
He is big but the food is the Same like ohter food
Muhamed khallo
Muhamed khallo 23 dias atrás
Chicks laidos eggs
DinNayruFarore 23 dias atrás
How I watch BRvid: well that’s all for- hello friends it’s me. (Like if relatable)
Rowshon Ara
Rowshon Ara 23 dias atrás
i don't. no but tine food I am so maze and 📱
Emme Miller
Emme Miller 24 dias atrás
The cake is perfect for me
Sean Miller
Sean Miller 17 dias atrás
Jusis_ Galidorn
Jusis_ Galidorn 24 dias atrás
No this guy isn’t cooking small food he is just a giant
Luna de gacha gamer [AKA an anime weeb] ;3
Girl, WE HAVE FLYING.. *Kars*
Devhani Lott
Devhani Lott 24 dias atrás
I love your videos
Grace Bailey
Grace Bailey 24 dias atrás
Ok, is it bad that I really want to eat that triple chocolate mini cake?
Φανη Διαμαντιδη
I literally cried from seeing them cut the onion i could feel it 😂😂😂😂😭😭
Miriam Gavilanes
Miriam Gavilanes 25 dias atrás
👇i love the video
꧁Aki꧂ 25 dias atrás
The eggs were just small cuts of a regular egg
deana jamal
deana jamal 26 dias atrás
Elizabeth Jensen
Elizabeth Jensen 26 dias atrás
Omg I had a add for kfc then lia shows the miny kfc SEND HELP
Aysha Talafha
Aysha Talafha 26 dias atrás
I like that she is full of Energy
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