AMAZING Cakes You Won’t Believe! | Compilation | How to Cake It Step by Step

How To Cake It Step by Step
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Every cake that comes out of this kitchen is impressive, but sometimes they are just so unbelievable that you’d have a hard time telling cake apart from the actual item! Whether it’s a giant chocolatey taco, luggage with the perfect fondant details, a tall stack of blueberry vanilla pancakes, or a tye dyed baseball hat you’re sure to want to take a bite just to believe it’s actually cake! Check out all of the details below to make one for yourself!

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Luggage Cake-
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Baseball Hat Cake-

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20 Mai 2019

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How To Cake It Step by Step
🎉 Happy Monday everybody! We hope you all had a SWEET weekend 😋 If you’ve got a case of the Monday blues, these cakes 🍰 are sure to make it a little brighter ☀️ Which of these creations is your fave? 👇👇👇
Arun Joy
Arun Joy 7 dias atrás
How To Cake It Step by Step paper flower how to make paper flower.
Rina Patel
Rina Patel Mês atrás
samara phillips
samara phillips Mês atrás
Your my inspiration 😮😊 your awesome at what you Do! Have a sweet life (sorry I stole your line) 🤗😋🤗
Elise Kaiser
Elise Kaiser Mês atrás
Your cakes are amazing! I could never in my lifetime do a cake like that!
Shaina Anderson
Shaina Anderson Mês atrás
Patricia Hill
Patricia Hill 3 horas atrás
I guess when I read, how to, you were going to teach us something. 🤔
Kat Starkey Creations
Kat Starkey Creations 6 horas atrás
Should've shown HOW you made the tie-dyed cake BEFORE any decoration...
Ruqia fatima
Ruqia fatima 17 horas atrás
Awesome 👍🤩🤩🤤😋
BIG LEN Dia atrás
Shes a freak of nature
Monica Pozzi
Monica Pozzi 2 dias atrás
sweetlipz26 2 dias atrás
Please hire me. Please hire me. Please please please teach me i am willing to relocate from the bahamas to be taught by you. My greatest inspiration. I wanna hug u n ur hands. Pure talent.
Gg T
Gg T 2 dias atrás
Wow genius artist
Gowthami Prasad
Gowthami Prasad 2 dias atrás
Diane Cruz Mejia
Diane Cruz Mejia 4 dias atrás
But wait there was more😂
주연 5 dias atrás
Leslie Spiers
Leslie Spiers 5 dias atrás
you should challenge the Cake Boss....I think you'd win :)
Kimberly Sheppard
Kimberly Sheppard 5 dias atrás
This woman is so talented!!!
Xi Ning
Xi Ning 6 dias atrás
I think i cant eat it...because its not look yummy😰😰😰
Vaishnavi Peddaraju
Vaishnavi Peddaraju 6 dias atrás
Hi Yolanda I am a big fan of your.i used to watch your show sugar start in fox life.yours cake are is Elle and Casper.
KrystalKat LuvsCreepyPasta
The ultimate tye dye cake reminds meh of a gob stoper for sum resen.
Dee Dee CG
Dee Dee CG 7 dias atrás
The 447 people who disliked this video are haters
Dee Dee CG
Dee Dee CG 11 horas atrás
Huh???? What I said wasn't meant as a negative it just means I can't see how anyone could not like this work the skill the talent the passion and the pride that is shown in the work I wish I was this skilled her work is always awesome 😁
Mimi I
Mimi I 4 dias atrás
No, just professional cake decorators. This video is entertaining, but nothing else
Being Human
Being Human 7 dias atrás
Damn just looking at these creations looks like i had take admission in a architect course
Ace Hue Valentine
Ace Hue Valentine 7 dias atrás
She's amazing. Perfect
Paulina Moreta
Paulina Moreta 8 dias atrás
I wish I could be as talented as you... very good!!!👏🏽
lσsєrlσvєr 8 dias atrás
Who started watching these after seeing so many on Pinterest? No just me? Okay....
Anim Eva
Anim Eva 8 dias atrás
That's such a detailed art! 😍 Honestly, they all look amazing, both visually and as of taste 🤤 I really admire your work
dorothy Li
dorothy Li 9 dias atrás
Thank you and so impressive
SAMIULLAH KHAN 9 dias atrás
Yolanda i love you and your team and talent
Louise MacIndoe
Louise MacIndoe 9 dias atrás
Soft shells🌮🌮🌮🌮
Lubna Enait
Lubna Enait 10 dias atrás
Such a huge waste of time n money
MrEvelyn 12 dias atrás
How much do these cakes cost?
Mandygears 12 dias atrás
i don't understand the whole simple syrup thing. the cake is already sweet enough...
Angel Jaiswal
Angel Jaiswal 12 dias atrás
Anything mad girl💩
Veronika Lacinová
Veronika Lacinová 14 dias atrás
This lady is AMAZING! And the pancake cake... c'mon! I mean, even all the blueberries are pure perfection!! 👍
Luciara Batista
Luciara Batista 16 dias atrás
Arrasou! Parabéns !
Akuma_FemaleDevil 16 dias atrás
On the one hand, watching it step by step makes it look so simple On the other hand I know I would never be able to make this casually
Karti Mohamed Amine
Karti Mohamed Amine 16 dias atrás
Can I eat your cake please ?!
Troy C. Jones 81
Troy C. Jones 81 17 dias atrás
Meticulous attention to detail. Truly works of the artist.
CreeperGalGames 17 dias atrás
For the questions I would do..... 1: Soft shell tacos for sure 2: I like both flavors 3: I would like to travel to a place with snow! In Florida the only season is hot. Preferably Ohio or Indiana as I have family in both states
Jazmin Salazar
Jazmin Salazar 17 dias atrás
I volunteer to eat the extra fodont
baili su
baili su 18 dias atrás
Clara Charlottes
Clara Charlottes 18 dias atrás
They so nice, I don't wanna cut them Just wanna look at them😍 great great work
Esosa chris
Esosa chris 18 dias atrás
I wont eat this cakes they are too beautiful to go into my mouth
elizabeth harrington
elizabeth harrington 18 dias atrás
You are talented😍😍😘🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺
Maraea Ruka
Maraea Ruka 19 dias atrás
Why don't she talk in her Vids
Myriam G
Myriam G 19 dias atrás
It hurts when you cut them x(
Bï Bä
Bï Bä 20 dias atrás
Bï Bä
Bï Bä 20 dias atrás
ليش مابتعطون وصفات
Eliana Bernaldo Vargas
Yo solo quería saber cómo hacer panqueques
Nina Stadermann
Nina Stadermann 21 dia atrás
Maybe it’s just me, I would much prefer the videos without the random pop outs throughout (Do you prefer hard shells or soft shells? Were you blown away by these cakes?) It’s just annoying to me and I’d much rather give praise if I wasn’t asked to.
SHahed Hani Sabaa
SHahed Hani Sabaa 21 dia atrás
Amida Abdoulkarim
Amida Abdoulkarim 21 dia atrás
It incredible but real 💐🌹
BAM 24
BAM 24 22 dias atrás
Ok but what is that liquid she sprays on the cakes????
Mirna B.
Mirna B. 21 dia atrás
I guess it's liquid sugar eww
Nada nody
Nada nody 22 dias atrás
Nice :-)
Edebiri Peculiar
Edebiri Peculiar 22 dias atrás
Please can you give me the recipe for you fondand icing.
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