AMAZING Cakes You Won’t Believe! | Compilation | How to Cake It Step by Step

How To Cake It Step by Step
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Every cake that comes out of this kitchen is impressive, but sometimes they are just so unbelievable that you’d have a hard time telling cake apart from the actual item! Whether it’s a giant chocolatey taco, luggage with the perfect fondant details, a tall stack of blueberry vanilla pancakes, or a tye dyed baseball hat you’re sure to want to take a bite just to believe it’s actually cake! Check out all of the details below to make one for yourself!

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Luggage Cake-
Pancake Cake-
Baseball Hat Cake-

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20 Mai 2019



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How To Cake It Step by Step
🎉 Happy Monday everybody! We hope you all had a SWEET weekend 😋 If you’ve got a case of the Monday blues, these cakes 🍰 are sure to make it a little brighter ☀️ Which of these creations is your fave? 👇👇👇
Aisling Mcvarnock
Aisling Mcvarnock Mês atrás
Your sooooo talented I I I can't believe it
not perfect
not perfect 2 meses atrás
@Miguel Marquez it's simple syrup. not sure why though. I was thinking to keep it moist.
张蓉 2 meses atrás
My favorite is the taco cake Did you know the tacocat backwards is tacocat? ( from exploding kittens 🐱)
Miguel Marquez
Miguel Marquez 2 meses atrás
What are you spreaying on the actual cake? Is that a simple syrup? Does it keep down the crumbs for icing or for a supermoist cake?
Rebekah Kemble
Rebekah Kemble 2 meses atrás
I think they are all amazing! My favorite is probably the big taco cake! I LOVE tacos!
Sada0386 5 horas atrás
You have a fan from Germany. Your cakes / cakes are pure perfection. Really wonderful how you do it. Can you use modeling chocolate instead of fondant? Greetings from Germany
yoongina linda
yoongina linda Dia atrás
quem gostou de um lake se de serto bate palma de serto vai reseber um bolo se serto
yoongina linda
yoongina linda Dia atrás
C.A Trottman
C.A Trottman 2 dias atrás
Although beautiful cakes and craftsmanship, myself personally don't care for fondant, nor all the unwrapping of a cake before I eat it. Just give me buttercream and I'm good😀😀. But again.. BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL cakes!! Very talented 🙌
H Haendchen
H Haendchen 3 dias atrás
all those cakes look incredible BUT I'd honestly prefer a simple but delicious apple-pie. This cake is basically layers of layers of fondant which will most likely be thrown away at the end of the day because most pople don'T like to eat pure sugar on top of more sugar. Still, cudos for the great artisitic skills! .
Player Cat
Player Cat 4 dias atrás
whats that simple syrup
Jessy Ren
Jessy Ren 4 dias atrás
Like I'm tryna wife you, like the comment if you down ;)
Ashley Frempong
Ashley Frempong 7 dias atrás
This is sooooo therapeutic I can’t bake at all
The Laugh Box
The Laugh Box 8 dias atrás
These cakes are amazing!!😍
Jessiee Bakes
Jessiee Bakes 8 dias atrás
I want to be this good ☹️
MIN YOONGI 9 dias atrás
Can i order a free cake ?
Radha Ramu
Radha Ramu 10 dias atrás
I love you i like you your work
Darshaun Morris
Darshaun Morris 13 dias atrás
Yami Valladares
Yami Valladares 15 dias atrás
Omg it's amazing.... Congratulations!!!!
Iola Minou
Iola Minou 15 dias atrás
DETAILS..chapeau bas!!!
Saksham Ahlawat
Saksham Ahlawat 16 dias atrás
Ikram Shaik
Ikram Shaik 18 dias atrás
Plz I want to do job n ur kitchen plzzz allow me.m following u since u were n coming fox live channel...
Yo Soy Yo
Yo Soy Yo 19 dias atrás
Como me encantaría estar cerca de ella para que me regalara mucha pedacera de pastel je yumi yumi,
venetian blinds
venetian blinds 20 dias atrás
That suitcase was my favourite cake ever.
•Chrystal• 21 dia atrás
Wow nice designs looks really good
Cat Lover
Cat Lover 22 dias atrás
Atomic Memes
Atomic Memes 22 dias atrás
This.... is.... CRAZY!!!!!
Isabella Noske
Isabella Noske 22 dias atrás
whats the Simple Syrup for?
Gary Fernandes
Gary Fernandes 23 dias atrás
My mouth was watering while watching the video 🤤🤤🤤
michelle D
michelle D 23 dias atrás
what is the stuff used to wet the cakes in the beginning?
Tasi_ Doodles
Tasi_ Doodles 20 dias atrás
Its syrup
Ella Ann Kamstra
Ella Ann Kamstra 24 dias atrás
Love how she uses the taco cake as its own bowl
Nayeli Lopez
Nayeli Lopez 28 dias atrás
Hard shells
Fernanda Pery
Fernanda Pery 29 dias atrás
Amazing 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Kathleen Walsh
Kathleen Walsh 29 dias atrás
You are amazingly talented!
The Raven and The Bug
Your skill and attention to detail is absolutely stunning and your work is beyond amazing. Freakin Gorgeous
Potato Tato
Potato Tato Mês atrás
Soft I think cuz it might be easier to bite true
Herbert Francis
Herbert Francis Mês atrás
I like chocolate
Nara Sun
Nara Sun Mês atrás
The first cake looks too sweet tbh
Anne Sunil Stephen
Anne Sunil Stephen Mês atrás
Well... just a suggestion Could have used actual bluberries instead of fondant berries..? Your videos are a therapy to watch btw 😊
Pala 1 2 1
Pala 1 2 1 Mês atrás
Whats the purpose of simple syrup? Anyone?
Kayden TwoCrow
Kayden TwoCrow Mês atrás
I think it keeps it moist or something
Benjamin Everson
Benjamin Everson Mês atrás
i like softshells
Sarah Hunt
Sarah Hunt Mês atrás
Is there only one person that works there because she is in all the vids!
Sarah Hunt
Sarah Hunt Mês atrás
I also volunteer to be the taste tester.
TheBoyzStan Mês atrás
Please tell me that someone eats those unused cake scraps my soul hurts but all the cakes are sooo amazing jeeeez keep up the amazing woooork
You know - I'm right
I hate these videos they dont tell you how to make it lame!!
Kayden TwoCrow
Kayden TwoCrow 29 dias atrás
@You know - I'm right your welcome! thanks for being polite about me being rude 😬😁👍
You know - I'm right
You know - I'm right 29 dias atrás
Kayden TwoCrow It's ok thanks 😊
Kayden TwoCrow
Kayden TwoCrow Mês atrás
right sorry I was in a mood my g f was being a bisnitch and i came across this... but idk why they dont
You know - I'm right
Kayden TwoCrow Ok I didn't see that. You don't have to be rude about it! Why don't they tell you in the beginning?
Kayden TwoCrow
Kayden TwoCrow Mês atrás
it says it the left bottom corner what the stuff is and you would be watching what she is doing dumb@$$
Hemma Yulfi
Hemma Yulfi Mês atrás
This is so satisfying to watch.
Rebecca Domer
Rebecca Domer Mês atrás
What is the purpose of the simple syrup? I have never seen that done on a cake before and I have seen a lot of cakes made and made a few myself. I also used to help make cakes too and never done it. What does it do?
Rebecca Domer
Rebecca Domer Mês atrás
@How To Cake It Step by Step oh ok so like using a liquor or something
How To Cake It Step by Step
It helps keep cakes moist!! This is especially helpful with large novelty cakes that take days to complete
Shazia Jhumra
Shazia Jhumra Mês atrás
Should I put my clothes in luggage lol
Shazia Jhumra
Shazia Jhumra Mês atrás
Who will open big mouth for that big taco lol
Jennifer Crull
Jennifer Crull Mês atrás
These are some of the nicest cakes!!! 😋
Bonnie Ra
Bonnie Ra Mês atrás
This has to be one of my favourite videos on BRvid
Cinthya Flores
Cinthya Flores Mês atrás
Anyone else want some cake??
Cinthya Flores
Cinthya Flores Mês atrás
Dang, I want cake now
Carmen San Diego
Carmen San Diego Mês atrás
G herbie
G herbie Mês atrás
What the heck! must be so nice eating that sweet ol cake you make . In your new BAKERY YOU GO GIRL YOU GOT TALENT
Habibati MG
Habibati MG 2 meses atrás
This channel deserve a million subscribers
LaShawna Blanton
LaShawna Blanton 2 meses atrás
Wow what a talent
Mz Rakarawa
Mz Rakarawa 2 meses atrás
So painstakingly detailed 😣
Annette Grobler
Annette Grobler 2 meses atrás
I like CRUNCHY taco shells 🤤
Josephine Preece
Josephine Preece 2 meses atrás
The luggage was really AMAZING please make me a cake! Lol🤣
MentorMe Please
MentorMe Please 2 meses atrás
yummy! Awesome! This is pulchritudinous ,resplendent,bonny and awe-inspiring,i wish to meet a spouse who would savvy this kind of ideas
Julee Rowley
Julee Rowley 2 meses atrás
I'll eat the whole taco 😙😍😍😍
Cornelias Kanal
Cornelias Kanal 2 meses atrás
You commenting abaout the case cake: WOW THE CASE OnE WAS SO GOOD! Other cakes in the vid: am i a joke to u?
Elijah Thomas
Elijah Thomas 2 meses atrás
You know what you doing really. Am just trying to figure out what to do with school. Aha
Elijah Thomas
Elijah Thomas 2 meses atrás
You are very good ma'am. Am supposed to be doing my home work but I have been watching your videos for couple days and they are stress reallifing.
KAVITA DOLSE 2 meses atrás
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