Amanda is in JAIL! -Part 1 ️🚨👮 | Amanda the Adventurer Cartoon Animation 

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Wooly is Trapped by Amanda and only you can help him! Like and subscribe to the video to stop Amanda!

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4 Ago 2023



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BRvid kids in ohio be like:
who thinks the guard needs an raise for his hospital bills so he can get an eye doctor 💀💀💀
How close do you want to gametoons animation style?
Bro is the blindest person ever 💀-
Welcome back to wtf did I just watch
“How stupid and blind do you want the guard to be”
Nah that guard is blind ultra pro max 💀💀💀💀
The guard is schizophrenic bro💀💀💀
my dirty mind when she take wooly 💀
How blind is the guard 💀
Wow how conviniently the guard lets Amanda do her stuff while staring at her soul without doing anything
I will play everyone's therapy
Why was wooly even visiting Amanda anyway? She tried to kill him💀💀
I thought you were Gametoons for a second💀
That’s not Amanda
How tf did Wooly’s eyeball turn red as hell?
Welcome to episode 16 of what the frick did I just watch
Do the part 2
There is no way he believed that shit-
"Hit the like button to warn the guard that is not Wooly."