Almost Famous: The Cruelty of the Music Business

Rick Beato
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In this episode I tell the story of Cameron Crowe meeting the small town band I Nine. It's a step by step guide on how record labels used to destroy bands careers.








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6 Ago 2020



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Comentários 4 247
André Silva
André Silva 2 anos atrás
Let's take a moment to appreciate the real hero here, Ken. The guy bugged Rick for three months until he listened to the band xD
simbad909 11 meses atrás
Lol yup
Timothy Hall
Timothy Hall Anos atrás
@Kirk Shelton Almost Famous...
Space Unicorn
Space Unicorn Anos atrás
DMTripReport Anos atrás
Big ups to Ken
Quantum Astrologer
Quantum Astrologer Anos atrás
Praise Ken!
js27 2 anos atrás
Even The Beatles had problems like this, and from the one person we'd least expect it: Brian Epstein. Epstein came to the studio one day with one of his boyfriends. The Beatles were on the other side of the glass recording. Brian pressed the intercom button and started to tell them what they should do with the song. Within twenty seconds John Lennon screamed. 'Shut the fuck up Brian. We do the music. You count the money.' Epstein literally jolted backwards like he'd been hit with an electric shock and he never dared make any more suggestions ever again. You have to be very aggressive to go where you want to go in this world.
Jeff Blanks
Jeff Blanks Mês atrás
@Nas I get you, but it's a matter of their having been *important*. Plenty of better rock music has been made, but there probably hasn't been a more important rock act. They do seem to have have had unusually good songs for the time. A lot has been made of the particular historical moment when they broke in the U.S.A., namely two or three months after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. America needed something to save the "vibe", and here was this great new band from England. So they saved the Kennedy Era (or just as likely America used the Beatles to try to re-start it in a different way), and then three years later they went on to validate the '60s counterculture. They did it and not somebody else, and their songs were good enough to be highly influential, and they used their powers for good. There had to be *something* there.
Nas 2 meses atrás
I'm a bit tired of this glorification of the Beatles. They were certainly talented, but their success is mainly due to being in the right place at the right time. Millions of artists in their place would have had wild success. Similarly had they been born today, they'd most likely be struggling. It's how it goes in every field really.
piptfc 3 meses atrás
the Beatles were haxs, they wrote none of their music, let alone played on the albums
Andy Kelly
Andy Kelly 8 meses atrás
They were from Liverpool not London.
Attack of the The Eye Creatures
@Pha ReeL what happened?
Sundayze 2 anos atrás
As a small musician/artist you always dream about being signed etc., but then you realize all the shady stuff and begin to feel thankful that social media gives you an opportunity to be who you are. Thank you for this story Rick and to all my fellow musicians: never give up and I wish you nothing but best!
Digitalbrain 555
Digitalbrain 555 Anos atrás
Makes you.not want to sign to a label ever.
It is fantastic there's somebody that spots how it is
The American
The American 9 meses atrás
"Almost Famous" shows exactly the way the music scene was in 1973 when I was 15 going on 16. Yes, I lived it, and it was truly an awesome time to be alive. Thank you Cameron Crowe.
Ron Z Photography
Ron Z Photography Anos atrás
Before I was a photographer, I was a professional musician playing rhythm guitar (6 12 acoustic & electric) in many bands before I joined a band back in the late '80's, and we became 'almost famous.' Don't even get me started on record labels back them. We toured all over the U.S. & opening for some of the biggest hair bands of the day. We performed in front of thousands of people at each venue. We had one tour bus for the entire band and all our gear, compared to the 'headliners' who had multiple tour buses and huge trucks transporting their gear. By the way, our tour bus was vintage '70's age, but we love it anyway. It was our home away from home. We constantly heard "Don't worry, the record label is picking up the tab!" And the young idiots we were, we believed them. In fact, we were picking up the tab. All of our profits were paying for hotels, food, transportation (our bus) and anything else we needed while on tour. In the end, we made nothing, but the record company still made money off of us. By summer of '93, the pressure finally got to us. We did our final show on July 10, 1993 in Salt Lake City, Utah. But the writing was on the wall. We, like many other hard rock / heavy metal bands, blamed Nirvana. Times were changing and grunge was coming in & our style of music was no longer in style. It was a lot of hard work, lots of pressure to write songs that could play on the radio, and tour to promote these songs, but the kids weren't showing up in the numbers like they used too. Dylan said it best: "Times, they are a changing." It took 15 years and a TV actress friend of mine to get me playing not only guitar again, but in front of people. I am not a "great" guitar player, but I hang out at my local Guitar Center for a couple of hours on a Saturday, playing one of their acoustic guitars. To some of the other guitar players around, I get them excited, one guy had chills listening to me, and they all want to play along with me. I've even had little kids watching me play "Hear Comes the Sun" and singing along with me. How they know the song, beats me, but it still warms my heart. By the way, that band I was in, we played all original music. And to this day, I have not played one of our songs since July 1993. I just don't want to. Maybe one day I will...
Clyde Kimsey
Clyde Kimsey Mês atrás
What was the name of the band?
Jeff Blanks
Jeff Blanks 3 meses atrás
Hey, you made it farther than most musicians do. Have a thought for those of us who missed the boat completely. That hair band scene was headed for a fall since the rise of Metallica, because *no one respected it*. The industry just wanted to make money with it. The press hated it, and for good reason. Some fans hated it, some for good reasons and some for bad ones. It had a solid audience, but even they probably got tired of the lack of change, and I think after a while it wasn't picking up new fans. It needed to change, and no one was willing to figure out how to change it while still preserving what made it attractive--not so hard a problem, it seems to me, but then again, *no one respected it*. The fact that people hung on so long is actually a testament to how powerful the *idea* of it was. At the same time, the fact that there wasn't a "second division" on the indie-label level probably did it in as much as anything else. It's those labels that keep a scene alive after it loses the Mandate of Music-Biz Heaven, but everyone in the scene had stars in their eyes. (The same thing happened to progressive rock in the '70s, it seems.) For all that, it doesn't seem that having a stylistic turnover didn't really fix the problems with the industry, because, well, *why would it*?
Oscar Gomez
Oscar Gomez 7 meses atrás
Loved reading about your experience in the music industry. Too bad it didn't work out for you, but it seems like you lots if stories to tell.
Ron Z Photography
Ron Z Photography Anos atrás
@Chris Campbell It's Ok. I'm friends with a guy name Kirk. We jammed and did a few gigs several weeks ago. He also doesn't play any music from the band he was in. What band? He was the lead guitar player for Billy Squier.
Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell Anos atrás
Sorry to hear that the bad experience soured you on your band's music. And the silver lining appears to be that least you have a story to tell.
TiredSentinel 2 anos atrás
I can’t imagine how much great music is just “shelved” somewhere and how many great bands were ruined because of labels.
C 7 meses atrás
It is not. The music is there all the time. You talk about business and equate the credibility of music with popular opinion and monetary success.
6Oko6Demona6 7 meses atrás
@Ricky Moore vodka is cheaper and more efficient, try that
Christopher Taylor
Christopher Taylor 11 meses atrás
Every major artistic industry is the same way, like movies, plays, books
Chris Nieto
Chris Nieto Anos atrás
Its actually a bit depressing. Every big label after you and still the whole thing flops. What hope is there?? Its just random fluky luck...talent is a side issue. Too many Almost Famous bands out there whose experience has probably scared them for life.
Roger Bartlet
Roger Bartlet Anos atrás
My guess is we've missed out on a lot because of this.
Matthew savant
Matthew savant 2 anos atrás
I was signed to a label in the mid-2000s, thought it was going to change my life I quit my job and put all of my time, money and resources into getting my music together for a release and tour then then everything fell apart. They cited “the internet” as the reason why they didn’t could though with their end of the contract and they dropped not only me but apparently a bunch of other new artists that they had signed that year. Completely crushed me at the time took me forever to get my head straight and get back on my feet, took me maybe literally 10 years if I’m being honest to not feel jaded about recording music again. If I could go back and do it again I would have continued to self produce and self promote, so much heart ache and wasted years after thinking my dreams had come true
Jane Smith
Jane Smith Anos atrás
Sounds like Jive (Sony now).
Bradley Anos atrás
Name and shame those idiots so that everybody can be aware! Also if you're up for collaborating I would love to collaborate on music because I'm also trying to break into the music industry. I'm more of a singer than a songwriter although I have written some lyrics but I would love to collaborate with someone who could write some great songs
DimestoreLiam Anos atrás
@Giorgio Curcetti Same here, brother, and the same year, too. 1997 sucked- a bunch of my friends died, and my band fell apart, too. I did essentially the same thing you did & lost about a decade sulking & anesthetizing myself. I eventually got more guitars (thank God I didn't sell my amp), but I still haven't played a gig since '97. Maybe one day... Good luck to you!
Az Rennie
Az Rennie 2 anos atrás
Sorry you went through that mate, such a shitty but near constant reality of the music biz. Music is such an important thing in a lot of peoples lives and to have some parasites come in and destroy that would be shattering. I have been a audio engineer for quite a while now and i also make my own music and to have the joy zapped out of it would be crushing
Giorgio Curcetti
Giorgio Curcetti 2 anos atrás
Matthew savant bro, I feel you totally! Got the same thing when I quit my band, and music, in 1997, a band I had invested everything in, and got so little to show for. I had to work a series of straight jobs (which I was terrible at, as I couldn’t give a f**k about them and was disgusted by the petty politics). I always dabbled in drugs, but this time, with nothing to keep me going, I dived deep into them, and unfortunately they were the wrong drugs. It ended in disaster, as you might imagine: right down to homelessness, having to sell my collection of vintage guitars, you name it. I started getting back on my feet, musically, after about 14 years, but it was never going to be Western rock. As I said in my post, it has been my salvation, as well as, unbelievably, incredibly, meeting up eventually a great beautiful woman and starting a family. I am still kind of dragging off the consequences of that period but it looks more and more like a distant memory and a dull ache, rather than a tragedy as it seemed for all those years.....
Trevor Johnson
Trevor Johnson Anos atrás
The music industry reminds me of a story that my father always told me about a shoe company in Australia. The owner had a gut feeling that he could greatly expand his market to the Fiji Islands. So, not wanting to lose his number one salesman, he sent his number two guy to Fiji to try and sell his line of shoes. The salesman called the owner in a couple of weeks and said “..send me a ticket home, they don’t wear shoes here in Fiji”. The owner sent him a ticket and he returned. A few months later the owner decided that he was going to give it one last shot but this time he decided to take a bigger risk and sent his number one salesman to Fiji. A couple of weeks later he got a call from his number one, they don’t wear shoes here in Fiji, send my wife and kids, we’ll be here for the next few years, we’re gonna make a fortune!! In my opinion the record industry is full of number two guys
Baz za
Baz za Anos atrás
@Trevor Johnson They do now
Trevor Johnson
Trevor Johnson Anos atrás
@Shawn Elliott News Flash: Fijians wear shoes. 😎
Shawn Elliott
Shawn Elliott Anos atrás
Spoiler: The #1 sales guy didn't manage to convince Fijians to wear shoes, he managed to convince the company owner to send the #1 sales guy's entire family on a multi-year vacation while he "tried to build a market presence". Dude probably wore nice shoes on the beach so everyone else there could see them (it's marketing, honest!) -- a small price to pay to live in Fiji for a few years.
Gary Bradley
Gary Bradley Anos atrás
The all-too familiar story. My first psychology PhD proposal in 1998 was to study the effect of label organisational culture on the creativity and well-being of signed artists. A board member at EMI, himself a psychologist said, "That is a fantastic idea but you will never get through the door". I never did. It's heart-breaking what has happened to so many fine artists.
Jordy Maas
Jordy Maas Anos atrás
try doing a study on risk management; covid19. world's yr oyster.
thebullybuffalo 2 anos atrás
I think musicians really need to believe in their music. They need to stand up for their creation because they're the ones with musical taste. They should know what will sell
king zod
king zod 2 anos atrás
@thebullybuffalo lyrics still matter alot, you can look at rap for this more than pop. As flow is still a key part of rap.
thebullybuffalo 2 anos atrás
@BSmiet89 it's not an either or. The music must be BOTH good AND promoted. If it doesn't sell then in that case the artist really does not have musical talent. And to dismiss pop music as not being based on talent is ridiculous. The musician may not be talented but SOMEONE is talented in production (because producers/writers make the song good not performers now since technology can help them). Additionally, the purpose of music has changed dramatically. Now most music is made to be danced to so BEAT and rhythm matter more than anything else, including melody
BSmiet89 2 anos atrás
what sells is not decided by quality, not is it decided by the artist. It is decided by the media promoting it and the artist. An artist can believe in their music and stand up for their creation and still not sell a single record.
Kayne Santor
Kayne Santor 2 anos atrás
Dude, Rick, I'm loving the couple "story time with uncle rick" things. The brutal one about your boy Johnny D, and now this. It's awesome. I would love a series of these. You've been in the biz for so long, I'm sure you have a million amazing stories. I'll bet you think you haven't done anything super interesting, but I'm sure you have had lunches cooler than most people whole life. Thank you for sharing, I'm definitely checking out I9? Eye9? I'll figure it out.
Pammy 2 meses atrás
I Nine
Paul Walsh
Paul Walsh 2 anos atrás
Me too. Love hearing about behind the scenes in the businesa. Great sounding band. How fabulous it would be if most, if not all, of Rick's subscribers bought the album when it's released!
James Tillman
James Tillman 2 anos atrás
Did you watch til the end? They reformed calling themselves “Heavy Weighs The King”
Stephen Tyler
Stephen Tyler 2 anos atrás
@KanyeSantor Amen, brother. Rick’s stories are the most compelling content on BRvid. Story time with Uncle Rick. Make that a thing, please. I will watch every single video; not that anything changes. Lol ❤️👊🏽
crnkmnky 2 anos atrás
@Sheila Swegler what kinda bus? give us a link, Sheila!
Joe Leary
Joe Leary 2 anos atrás
Kudos to you for giving what seems to be deserving musicians another chance! Exposing this to your subscriber base hopefully gives them some traction. The world is littered with musicians that are super talented that never “made it” because of 1 idiot at a label! I guess another lesson is never give up artistic control. These days you really don’t have to, which is a great thing.
Stop the Philosophical Zombies
Just in case anyone else was wondering, A&R means Artists and Repertoire. Talent scouts in other words.
pmarin3855 7 meses atrás
I was wondering that as well
Geezer 1962
Geezer 1962 10 meses atrás
Agents of Satan! Sign this contract, and you’re set for life! Get your own Vasoline!!
anthony bernabei
anthony bernabei Anos atrás
So long story short... what is the point? Of anything! The smell of potential money made everyone squirt in their pants and ruin everything for everyone. Great job! Greed is the enemy!
kingarthurup Anos atrás
@Paisley Prince Yes, some wear tights.
Paisley Prince
Paisley Prince Anos atrás
Not all heros wear capes
Atash Beats
Atash Beats Anos atrás
Rick, you are a legend, a gentleman, and a true mentor.
Manolo Konosko
Manolo Konosko Anos atrás
When you said "they signed with RCA" - I knew right there and then it would be a disaster. RCA's credibility is lower than that of Ronco Records from the 1970s. They specialize in "fast food", disposable music by disposable artists,, focusing on winners of "American Idol". Almost no one who won that contest and got a recording contract with RCA actually saw their career rise into bigger things.
Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul 2 anos atrás
Amazing how artists sound when you leave them ALONE. thanks for sharing that story Rick.
Trollificus Anos atrás
Amazing how artists sound when what they want from playing music is way less than "getting a million-dollar record deal" or "being heard by every no-taste-having yob in the universe". Some of the best music I've ever heard came from people who long ago gave up on that Top O' the Pops dream, and just made music they loved for however many people loved their music. That seems to be the most rewarding experience for the artist and the listener. Nothing wrong with wanting to be more popular, or to make more money. Just...there's ways and then there's ways.
I'm thrilled that somebody aside from myself realizes reality
Chris Cox
Chris Cox 2 anos atrás
Sadly, this is such a common story and occurrence at the major label level! I’ve had numerous friends encounter the same problems, and I have been involved with projects that I’ve also suffered the same fate. One thing that would be really cool to do is to take that original live board mix that everyone was flipping out about so much and just release it now as a live album! With just the interest from the Beato fanbase and this YT clip, that would be enough movement to get the Spotify algorithm to kick in, which would generate some revenue and interest for the band to set up the promo of their new album.
ProdByMono Anos atrás
It actually is on BRvid and spotify. Look up I Nine - Live EP and you'll find it.
Trollificus Anos atrás
@Dumpy Goodness Yeah, I think we've all heard a bunch of those, and it seems to get worse as the band starts gaining success. But I didn't hear much of that in this particular story.
Dumpy Goodness
Dumpy Goodness Anos atrás
FUN FACT! I would argue the EGOS IN BANDS are the #1 destructive culprit. (Plus most bands are young aka IMMATURE with their egos!) INDUSTRY MAFIA come far after that!
ClutchKman 2 anos atrás
Clive probably owns it all.
jason389 2 anos atrás
Reuben Kincaid
Reuben Kincaid Anos atrás
As a former artist manager (and musician prior), this story was absolute fantasy candy, until the ending which I didn't quite see coming. But for you to be the catalyst of that kind of feeding frenzy for a band, with the kind of heavies you were talking to.... I mean, wow, just WOW.
Malcolm Scrimger
Malcolm Scrimger 2 anos atrás
Love the story, history and analysis of the Recording Industry. The intricacies of the artist, their songs and what happens; it really quite amazing.
Steve Dennis
Steve Dennis Anos atrás
I just bought “Heavy Weighs the King - A Star in the Sky” and lovin’ it. Everyone should do the same to support these artists. Amazing.
Shadie Ossei
Shadie Ossei Anos atrás
Thank you for supporting these artists by buying their music 👏👏👏
Jordan Dangelo
Jordan Dangelo Anos atrás
Yeah those demos were really amazing. The singer has great sustain and tone in her voice and the band sounds great behind her. I agree that they people should support them. I feel like if all those demos were recorded as is, that would of became a well known and remembered record.
Geopholus 2 anos atrás
The I-9 Demo "Ill Be There " is brilliant, and the vocal exchanges (counterpoint like) are really exceptional, beautifully done, and unique! You should release that board tape, with the permission of the band members, and any of the demo's that You did if they are free from contract / copyright problems... That was a really amazing Band ! WOW and please yes on that future project!!!
Ray Quintal
Ray Quintal Anos atrás
It is so sad to see how many bands and artist have been mismanaged and pushed to loss their identities. Wishing them all the best.
coconut7joemanji 2 anos atrás
Similar thing happened to me in my early 20's, I got signed to an independent record label everything was great at first. Then the producer decided to take creative control and was bringing in singers/musicians without informing me, re-writing songs etc, and in the end muscled me out of my own project. At that point I decided to bite the bullet and leave. Now in my late 20's, after years of doing soul destroying office work, i'm fortunate enough to have a decent job where I can spend money building my own recording studio. My advice would be that in the age of BRvid and social media, grab yourself a book on marketing, create a good project and put the leg work in yourself at least that way you can retain creative control and your livelihood isn't in the hands of a burnt out, ego-maniacal coke head who can't tell the difference between Mozart and a fart in the wind.
Robert Brown
Robert Brown Anos atrás
Years ago I went into a local music store and heard this conversation between this young guy that just got a record contract with some big label I guess. He had this huge smile on his face..... Until he said, his band had to produce his music, pay for the recording studio and everything else. Then his smile turned to a frown. Sad. He knew they were screwed even though they had this contract. On top of the world and into the gutter in a matter of a few minutes.
Paul Rainey
Paul Rainey Anos atrás
Steve Albini wrote an article for The Baffler, which is kind of a notorious piece now, about the pitfalls of a record deal. It's almost a companion piece to Rick's story here.
MrEkshin Anos atrás
Back in the day, I was in a band, and read that. It opened my eyes, and kept me wary. Remember two words, "sunset clause". In the end, we never got burned, because we never got signed. Oh well. Fun while we did it. :)
TheStarBlack 2 anos atrás
That was a fascinating story, if the band had so much interest from other labels could they not have negotiated a better deal with more creative control?
Ima Brand
Ima Brand Anos atrás
Incredibly enlightening. Sounds like what JoJo experienced, and incredibly managed to bounce back from. The old school sound and lack of EQ abuse of the I Nine songs make them sound incredibly good. Love the sound on that "Heavy Weighs The King - Murder scene"
Beard Nye The Drum Guy
I always feel so bad for Ricks housekeeping staff, imagine having to sweep up all these names he’s dropped on the floor after each episode.
Cynthia Coleman
Cynthia Coleman 3 meses atrás
That was a good giggle and a well-written sting. I think Rickydon'tlosethatnumber has earned dropping a few.
Dead Doll
Dead Doll 4 meses atrás
@John LancasterMost of the names weren't necessary, as it became a very-long winded narrative that could easily have made its point without going into excessive detail. Maybe that's just Rick, some people can't do brief and to the point, they just ramble on, constantly digressing. A story about a band being screwed over doesn't need to name presidents of record labels etc etc, especially when those individuals weren't the ones who signed or screwed the band. It just seemed like it became a catalogue of people Rick knows.
Marc E Marc
Marc E Marc 9 meses atrás
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Oh my god (Upvote to the moon)
John Lancaster
John Lancaster 9 meses atrás
@cray one im so confused. Why is anyone upset to giving mention of names involved in a story?
Ralph Bledsaw
Ralph Bledsaw 10 meses atrás
@cowboy7x My 12th grade English teacher would have given you an A as this being a perfect example of sarcasm. Especially the punch…Senseless. Still laughing.
Mike K
Mike K 2 anos atrás
"Come in here dear boy have a cigar You're gonna go far, you're gonna fly high You're never gonna die You're gonna make it if you try They're gonna love you Well I've always had a deep respect And I mean that most sincerely The band is just fantastic That is really what I think Oh by the way, which one's Pink? And did we tell you the name of the game, boy? We call it Riding the Gravy Train..."
gee Tee
gee Tee 5 meses atrás
Don't forget The Low Sparks of High Heeled Boys. If you see something that looks like a star And it's shooting up out of the ground And your head is spinning from a loud guitar And you just can't escape from the sound Don't worry too much, it'll happen to you We were children once, playing with toys And that thing that you're hearing is only the sound of The low spark of high-heeled boys The percentage you're paying is too high priced While you're living beyond all your means And the man in the suit has just bought a new car From the profit he's made on your dreams But today you just read that the man was shot dead By a gun that didn't make any noise But it wasn't the bullet that laid him to rest, was The low spark of high-heeled boys If you had just a minute to breathe And they granted you one final wish Would you ask for something like another chance Or something sim'lar as this Don't worry too much It'll happen to you As sure as your sorrows are joys And the thing that disturbs you is only the sound of The low spark of high-heeled boys The percentage you're paying is too high priced While you're living beyond all your means And the man in the suit has just bought a new car From the profit he's made on your dreams But today you just read that the man was shot dead By a gun that didn't make any noise But it wasn't the bullet that laid him to rest, was The low spark of high-heeled boys (high heeled boys) If I gave you everything that I owned And asked for nothing in return Would you do the same for me as I would for you Or take me for a ride And strip me of everything, including my pride But spirit is something that no one destroys And the sound that I'm hearing is only the sound of The low spark of high-heeled boys (heeled boys)
Ian Ashleigh
Ian Ashleigh Anos atrás
@kingsxkids rumour has it, the odious waters didn't pay Roy Harper either
Craig Keidel
Craig Keidel Anos atrás
This song is actually about their manager, but it just goes to show; the whole industry is a mess.
Dumpy Goodness
Dumpy Goodness Anos atrás
@kingsxkids FUN FACT! ALL OUR FAVE BANDS (etc) WERE.....RANDOM COSMIC ACCIDENTS. No one can say it's SKILL and TALENT etc, b/c then THE FIRM would be AS good or better than Zeppelin, see? TIN MACHINE would be a killer band! YOU WOULD ALL be listening to all of Roger Waters SOLO records every day! NEITHER BEFORE NOR AFTER....could The Doors, Floyd, YES, Zep, AND ANY OF THEM, make more bands or albums JUST AS GOOD AS THE BAND'S BEST WORK, get it? IT WAS ALL RANDOM CHANCE AND LUCK (yes, skill and talent helped) and HOW THE PLANETS ALIGN. ex: right place right time. (Page thought something was wrong with Plant when he first saw him: "this guy is SOOOO amazing....why is he not famous yet? Is he a prick to work with?") Imagine had Page GOTTEN his first choices for ZEP: Terry Reid and Steve Marriot. Would've UTTERLY changed Zep and not for the better! ALMOST EVERYTHING IS A COSMIC ACCIDENT. (ex: most "inventions" were ACCIDENTS, like distortion was!) (NO HUMAN imagined distortion and fuzz!) we have no control over almost any of it and the sooner we all realize this, the SOONER WE CAN OUTSMART MOTHER NATURE (which we've done many times before) IF DAVID GILMOUR WAS A GENIUS, you'd all own ALL his solo albums! IN FACT, y'all worship DG as COSMIC ACCIDENT: HE WAS AN ORDINARY BLUES GUITARIST....til he joined FLOYD....and then it was his TASTY BLUES GUITAR LICKS....over psychedelic or electronic musics...that made it so great. RANDOM CHANCE. Not a planned design. Had Bill Bruford gone into JAZZ, he'd be a SHITTY drummer by comparison...but because right time right place and 18 years old in 1968 London....he joined a ROCK band and his bad jazz drumming equaled FANTASTIC ROCK DRUMMING, see?
Dumpy Goodness
Dumpy Goodness Anos atrás
@kingsxkids CRAZY FACT: almost all the collaborations of our fave acts etc were RANDOM CHANCE of the universe, and not planned! It's rarely "Hey, let's get Rick Wakemen of YES to play synth on Sabbath Bloody Sabbath!" It's Sabbath getting drunk and stoned with Wakeman....because BOTH YES and Sabbath happen to be recording in the SAME place at the same time in dif studios and Ozzy says "hey rick, why don't you play some synth for us since you're waiting hours for Jon Anderson to do his thing..." Have A Cigar was Gilmour and Waters saying "neither of us is nailing this vocal so what the fuck do we do?" and they take a smoke break and are getting baked with Roy Harper (who is recording HIS record in an adjacent studio) and they tell him and he says "LEMME GIVE IT A TRY!" and he nails it. (How BIZARRE and unprecedented. Imagine a major Zeppelin song being sung by a FRIEND of the band!) (Sandy Denny was DUETING w plant so she don't count.) ALMOST EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS RANDOM CHANCE and humans are not happy with that and try to ignore it.
modmatt1 Mês atrás
Awesome stories Rick! Love "Amost Famous" - got me thinking of what would be a top 10 list of "music movies" of all time? I'd have "Blues Brothers" and "The Commitments" in addition to "Almost Famous". Would love to hear from others and of course Rick's list!
Karl Rock
Karl Rock 2 anos atrás
Thanks for the story. Reminds me of my days back in the music biz.
Bo Jangles
Bo Jangles Anos atrás
@Dumpy Goodness do they still make guitar world? It always had problems.
Radhe Bhai
Radhe Bhai Anos atrás
I'm seeing Karl commenting in so many videos now
Shawn Elliott
Shawn Elliott Anos atrás
I honestly think the porn biz is less crooked.
Upamanyu90 Anos atrás
Please make a video on how bollywood composers scam their audience 😂
whodathunkit Anos atrás
Frank Huizar
Frank Huizar Anos atrás
This is hands-down my favorite Rick Beato story. The ability to tell a compelling story, is a fabulous gift. God bless you Rick, for all the Goodwill!
Cris Baía
Cris Baía 2 anos atrás
NEVER leave a Rick Beato video, story, before the ending. It ALWAYS pays off.
Tim O
Tim O 2 anos atrás
Nailed it lol
Mark de Muze
Mark de Muze 2 anos atrás
All the best to you Rick! Very educational and entertaining at the same time! You can tell a real life story, very compelling and I'm definitely interested in hearing more Heavy weighs the King!
Pop Sequentialism
Pop Sequentialism Anos atrás
I just came across this channel recently and it is quite addictive. Whether listening to overlooked music or recalling moments from a storied career, Rick always gives credit where credit is due and has an infectious enthusiasm that serves as the perfect delivery service for new music and points of view. This video was excellent.
Lucy Cerra
Lucy Cerra Anos atrás
I got a “deal” singing for Kim Fowley in 1983. At a certain point you realize what you are doing it for, and this wasn’t it. I backed out...which was like stepping on a hornet’s nest, but I walked away with my dignity intact. If all you want is fame, and you’re not in it for the love of’re in it for the wrong reasons.
Ian Ashleigh
Ian Ashleigh Anos atrás
I just paid to download the album, I'm listening with a smile on my face, thank you Rick, let's hope these guys make it on their terms via the Internet and BRvid
physics2112 2 anos atrás
Like or Dislike: Like. Rick not only has great stories, he knows how to deliver them. Could totally take up a career as a public speaker.
James 2 anos atrás
Or Henry Rollins And rick opens for him a spoken word duet
Norman Love
Norman Love 2 anos atrás
The way I see it he IS a public speaker, and doing well.
SecretHanae Anos atrás
This is amazing. I got chills all over me. Hope to hear more of them.
Julian Davies
Julian Davies 2 anos atrás
"the music industry is disgusting with every failed bass player in positions of power" Boy George paraphrased quote
Steve -
Steve - 10 meses atrás
@Tom Ash Nah. Bob Rock was a successful musician with his own band, who went on to be one of the biggest music producers in the business.
Tom Ash
Tom Ash Anos atrás
@xlaythe Bob Rock. He even played bass on Metallica's St. Anger album.
Dumpy Goodness
Dumpy Goodness Anos atrás
@Cedar Bay success and failure has NOTHING to do with talent or skill. ex: HOW do you get to OWN the NYTimes or NYpost? A: come out of mom's vagina. SAME way most KINGS got their job! SAME way most MOVIE STARS got their job. (Almost every movie star today is the KID of a movie star. GUESS WHY!) 95% of rich people....were BORN RICH.
I'm quite pleased you understand what's happening
Cedar Bay
Cedar Bay Anos atrás
If you fail at bass you really must suck. I mean, guitar I could see.
Shannon 10 meses atrás
I'm so happy that there are people who actually care about the art of the music.
David Nobes
David Nobes 2 anos atrás
Much the same thing happened to Hollie Smith, an R&B singer-songwriter from New Zealand. She had a brilliant first album, and was enticed to sign for a major label. They then took her to New York and proceeded to try to get her to change her direction completely, ignoring (1) her wishes and (2) her talent. She ended up spending almost everything she had to buy her way out of the deal and went back to New Zealand where she has family, roots, and profile. Why do f***wit A&R people think they know better? Why do they sign talent and then not let them do what they signed them for in the first place?
bscepter 2 anos atrás
Fascinating. As someone who played in bands in the 90s and was signed briefly to a deal only to see it fall apart, I can tell you that this story has been repeated many, many times over the years. Frank Zappa was right; labels (and the records they produced) were better when the old suits were in charge, because they knew they didn't know anything about the "new music" and let the artists alone. So long as they made money, they didn't care. Once the hipsters took over in the 70s, though, they thought they knew better and tried to dabble in it, which ruined many a great band.
Burning OldSage
Burning OldSage Anos atrás
@BSmiet89 - Wow. First a rant against music that doesn't reinforce your religious paradigm and you wrap things up implying Michael Jackson was wrongly persecuted. That, my friend, is what I call "holy crap!" And despite the fact he surely held "fight the system values" - his confrontation of the PMRC was well documented - I doubt you even know who Frank Zappa is. I think in all likelihood "Dinah-Moe Humm" would make either your head or heart explode- maybe both. Hell, watch "200 Motels" and you might prove all those "spontaneous human combustion" skeptics wrong.
plantfeeder Anos atrás
Meddlers in ALL forms suck.
Geezer 1962
Geezer 1962 Anos atrás
@Martin Luther You gotta love Zappa, whether you liked his music or not!!! This dude put on a suit and went before the US CONGRESS to defend rock and roll against censorship! I have great respect! RIP!!!
Parabola Anos atrás
Is like the movies today. Some ass had creative control and knows less than nothing but his ego says he's the best there ever was Good old humanity
Geezer 1962
Geezer 1962 Anos atrás
@Dumpy Goodness Until they boot him out and put an even BIGGER MORON in charge!!
1rwjwith ToneDog
1rwjwith ToneDog 2 anos atrás
Astounding story...what a horror these labels are, I hope THEY ALL go out of businesss.
joe doe
joe doe Anos atrás
Normally I love to hear music business stories like this and Clive Davis is a recognizer of hits in any form. Sorry it had to end badly. You should have had it in the contract that if they flake out, you get royalties from any future businesses of the A&R guy which would mean the 2 laundromats. I wonder who he and the record label had in mind to replace you as producer. Surely not himself. Can major record label execs really be that dumb? How did they get to be where they are? Why do they get limos to ride around in?
Glenn Hanlin
Glenn Hanlin 2 anos atrás
I am certain that if Rick had produced this band we would have all heard of them by now. Ot’s freaking criminal what the idiots at so many record labels do to great talent.
John Phelan
John Phelan Anos atrás
I'm sure this sort of thing has happened a million times, but it reminded me immediately of Lone Justice: genre busting band built around the astonishing talent of a young female vocalist captures the imagination of the entire industry, signs a record deal and immediately has everything that made them great sucked out of them by the idiots at the label. Lone Justice was around 1985, this story is about 2005. I wonder what great artists are being destroyed as we speak.
James Machado
James Machado Anos atrás
Love those guys. Not afraid to stick it in.
Michael Nauman
Michael Nauman 8 meses atrás
Damn Rick.. you are a story teller! Love it. I think we may have some friends in common!
Hunter Mann
Hunter Mann Anos atrás
Hi Rick, Every video of yours has been so enjoyable, at once informative and entertaining, for sure! I’ve been working in the film industry since 1981, even worked on dozens of the first MTV (“the empty V”) music videos. Usually I think name-dropping is a real yawn, but in each of your stories you drop nabes minimally and it’s certainly a good way to establish the eras, the characters in the stories, and impressive that you worked with them (and they had the privilege to work with you!). Not to drop names, just saying… I once produced a feature film that starred that actor from the Batman TV series, and roadie’d for the On the road again legend. Please keep sharing your great stories from the music industry!
LuisZíper Mendoza-Araiza
"Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around their laws" Plato. I'm reading "Grapes of Wrath", and it is such a moving story that in a strange way, it seems quite contemporary to some/most of these kind of stories. "I wonder I do" like Sixto Rodríguez once sung...
William Furner
William Furner Anos atrás
To me “Heavy Weighs The King” stands out, your whole story is SO full of interesting twist and turns it really was a lot of fun to listen to! So much meaningful advice mixed with such a great story! Seems like every time you post a video it seems fascinating!
KellySKline 2 anos atrás
You’re a great storyteller, Rick!
No Thanks
No Thanks Anos atrás
I was fixed and entranced by this story Rick, great and sad and just a unique tale of events. Cheers to you and I9. Crazy stuff
The Retro Gamers
The Retro Gamers 2 anos atrás
I really enjoyed this story. As much as I didn't understand what was amazing about this band, that is a real unfortunate situation for them to be in. Regardless, I am glad that they got back together, and may their new recordings be a good representation of the bands vision.
D. Dootson
D. Dootson 2 anos atrás
Listening to iNine reminds me very much of a Band from near to my town called 'The Tansads', one of the best bands I ever saw live. I saw them 6 times in all. They folded after a while but still play with some lineup changes under the name 'Merry Hell'. I always felt that their Debut album was under-produced and my favourite album is 'drag down the moon' a live recording. I wish that Rick could have produced their debut album.
Bobby Williams
Bobby Williams 2 anos atrás
Those two samples that you just played put me in a mood that feel like I could drop into the flow state and write an entire novel in one setting. I want more...
Trane Francks
Trane Francks 2 anos atrás
I just love how you promote the little people out there who really deserve it. You're one of the people I'm unlikely to ever meet in real life, but I consider you a true mentor.
ExplodingEgg123 2 anos atrás
i mean profit is good but its secondary to the music the music is what matters
no name
no name 2 anos atrás
Giorgio Curcetti
Giorgio Curcetti 2 anos atrás
Ha! It reminds me of what happened to my then-band in the ‘90s. We had accrued a sizeable following through relentless touring and released two singles that reached the top 10 of the Independent charts here in Britain. All of a sudden there’s this major record label that is interested and signs us for a small deal, to be renewed if and when. One of those non-committal things. They give us a big name producer with really big hit singles to his name. They pay us for swanky rehearsal place where the stars go and he starts changing the song, chopping things, telling us what to do. At our remonstration, he says something that sounded quite reasonable but it actually translated as “I made the hit records. You made nothing, so shut the fuck up and do what I tell you to do”. We go to the studio, cut the A-side which sounds ok if we were a different band, but it is not us. Record comes out, our fan base (including radio djs, promoters and movers and shakers) are appalled. The record barely dents the very lowest reaches of the top 20, no airplay, A&R man who signed us exits, we get dropped. We limp on for a while, make an album and a couple of singles, then you know, frustration, tiredness, rage at working so hard for so long without tangible rewards, fed up of living in each others’ pockets, some drug problems, lack of money, I and the band slowly dissolves. It seems a lifetime ago, but it was barely 25 years. The old days of the music business, when music biz people had money to throw away. How many bands went through the same treadmill? Today I am still active. I am a teacher and I play, but nothing to do with Western rock. I play Arabic instruments, Flamenco, Eastern stuff. It has been my salvation. Music business = not good for one’s mental health..
Pip Linda
Pip Linda 2 anos atrás
Great story telling, I recently found your channel and I love it man.
The Final Word
The Final Word Anos atrás
Fantastic story! Such a fan of ALMOST FAMOUS and EDDIE’s ATTIC, was so pleased to hear it loop back around and connect.
Reuben Kincaid
Reuben Kincaid Anos atrás
OMG this I Nine band is incredible. I see why you all recognized something great. The HWTK stuff sounds awesome, too. I worked in record distribution for 20 years, and I met so many dumbass label guys (mostly sales and AR) with terrible taste in, and no sense for, good music. Got their jobs for all the wrong reasons. Not all of 'em, but many.
Mike Tea
Mike Tea 2 anos atrás
I got flown to LA by Jimmy Iovine a few years back, showcased for Capitol, Interscope, Dreamworks, Geffen, EMI. Surreal experience, a lot of talk a lot of numbers. I always wonder if not signing a deal was better off in the end. Heard from friends who signed to Capital and it ended up pretty weird. If these A&R guys knew how to write a song, they would be the artists. The made them spend so much money on a video and recording, my mate told me they needed to sell one million copies to recoup. What kind of bullshit set up is that for a bands first record?
Tim Anderson
Tim Anderson 2 anos atrás
Great story. I would love to hear the board recording of their whole set. Her voice is amazing.
Howard Schultz
Howard Schultz 11 meses atrás
Rick so love your down to earthness and totally agree with you. I've seen it happen personally to a friends band and literally almost overnight destroyed completely what these guys all worked and strived for. And samething the only hope is to keep moving forward in new projects to hopefully one day find away back to one another again under a new name and a new bag of tricks(tracks) I wish for them and ex members I Nine the best of success and happiness on there own terms with artistic freedom doing what they love and were ment to do in this lifetime!
Brian Parker
Brian Parker Anos atrás
Really enjoyed this. I have a live demo & it makes me feel hopeful that I don't need a label & just keep making music I LIKE. I've heard so many stories about labels .
Jeff Garrison
Jeff Garrison Anos atrás
Incredibly tragic! It's so sad how many truly talented and brilliant musicians and bands that SHOULD'VE BEEN huge were destroyed by record labels! I'm rooting for this band. I will look them up and support them!
Pat Thomas
Pat Thomas 2 anos atrás
Thanks Rick! You turned me on to a band I never knew about. Carmen is amazing and should’ve been a household word long ago. I’ll be looking forward to the album release. I’m listening to INine right now. Very unique.
xxxaragon 2 anos atrás
I disagree with you (to a degree) about there not being a chance for "grassroots" success pre-youtube. while artists likely weren't having a global breakthrough (especially not everywhere at the same time), there are lots of examples of those that managed to build a fanbase by basically touring their butt off, being featured in fanzines, by local radios etc.
Robert Cheney
Robert Cheney 2 anos atrás
Rick you’re an amazing raconteur....spellbinding storytelling....let’s hope for better luck as they drop these new tracks as they certainly deserve it 👏👏👏👍🏻
one less vulture
one less vulture 2 anos atrás
Hey Rick, I Nine actually toured with my band, HURT (we were signed to Capitol). They opened up for us for a while on tour. I'm not sure what year it was (probably somewhere around 2007-2008 I think), but I remember watching them every night and Carmen was amazing.
Clive Burgess 🎸 🎵
Thanks for the update, I wish them all the best! I remember the previous videos , you can"t forget them after listening to them, PLEASE! let 2020 do them right!
Pammy 2 meses atrás
That is so sad. So wasteful! So demeaning to you and the artists! I’m an ALMOST FAMOUS aged former kid, so I just don’t get these music execs. They ruined the art! What an amazing story.
Michael Fried
Michael Fried Anos atrás
This is why I don't mind stealing music downloads and supporting the bands by paying to see them live, it ensures you don't feed the record label beasts!
Craig Keidel
Craig Keidel Anos atrás
360 Deals would like a word with you. But the whole industry is rotten, from the labels to the publishing, to the organizations like RIAA and ASCAP, to the live production corporations like Live Nation. It all needs reform.
olitography Anos atrás
The sentiment here seems to be “used to be” between 2014 and 2020 i directed music videos for major labels, I stopped because they wanted to put every penny on screen and then when you're out on a limb, someone has to come in and F^&k it all up. “Put some crazy effect over it” “can we put an Instagram filter over it” People still love the videos and I'm grateful for that, but it does sometimes still hurt to know how they could have been, before the egos landed, the story sounds just like yours, even down to the video that got dropped. At the time I left like it was my fault, so your video helped me a lot, thank you.
Roger Klein
Roger Klein 2 anos atrás
What a scary story....Never in my career as a major label A&R executive would I meddle with a band like that although, I did see it happen all the time..on a side note, my very first position in A&R was working for Clive Davis who I found unable to understand any sort of music except manufactured pop...oh well
Roger Klein
Roger Klein 2 anos atrás
..and on an added note, two weeks after I started at Arista in 1985 almost the entire A&R staff East & West Coasts resigned and went elsewhere. People like Gerry Griffiths who in fact discovered and signed Whitney Houston, Ed Eckstein left, Neil Portnow, just one point I was the only A&R executive left in LA which was insane.
Roger Klein
Roger Klein 2 anos atrás
@Viejotrueno many of those acts did not come out on Arista in the US. The Stray Cats were on EMI for instance. When I started at Arista, Whitney's first lp came out, Billy Ocean, Dionne and Aretha Franklin and Ray Parker Jr. were the acts selling. They also had a very lucrative deal with Jive. I remember many years later in 2005 I saw Clive in the hallways of RCA dragging a leather bag behind him and not many people paying any attention. He's always been a master of self promotion. He personally hired me as an A&R executive, I was the 2nd most senior A&R person on the West Coast.
Viejotrueno 2 anos atrás
@david johnson Bowie, Brecker Borthers, Camel, Caravan, The Church, Dionne Warwick, Ian Dury, Dave Edmunds, Fela Kuti, The Greatful Dead, Iggy Pop, Flaco Jiménez, Stanley Jordan, The Kinks, Ministry, Graham Parker, Lou Reed, Run DMC, Gil Scott Heron, Steely Dan, Stray Cats... It's very easy being right if you just take what's useful to demonstrate your point of view, specially if you're not saying the whole truth
david johnson
david johnson 2 anos atrás
@Viejotrueno Arista records? Wasn't exactly pop commercial music? Air supply? A flock of seagulls? Bay city rollers? David Cassidy? Eric Carmen? Puff daddy? Hall and Oates? Vanilla Ice? Barry Manilow?Okay I don't understand what pop commercial music could possibly be. Can someone tell me?
Nejm whitefolks612
Nejm whitefolks612 2 anos atrás
@Michael Slass I've heard about folks keeping the air cool so that folks can wear fur etc
hombreenojado Anos atrás
If there was ever a single, simple reason to self produce and promote on independent labels, this is it! It's also the reason I smile every time I hear about the mainstream label industry dying!
James Slick
James Slick Anos atrás
@Jennifer Sun Yes, That's why I brought it up. It's much easier (financially) to have an indie band "cut" an album and distribute it than it is for an independent filmmaker to do the same for a movie. I have enough "gear" (mics, mixers, recorders) in this very room for some local "garage band" to "cut" a multitrack AUDIO demo. I could NOT however make a convincing local "ambulance chaser" lawyer ad for even a tiny town law firm even though I have multiple camcorders and DSLRs. Movies require locations, sets, special effects... "Cutting" a "record" requires a studio and audio gear. Even "consumer" audio gear is BETTER than what major bands used in the 1960s. Movies and Video will ALWAYS be more expensive even if it's JUST for locations (travel, ETC) than audio recording.
Jennifer Sun
Jennifer Sun Anos atrás
@James Slick Movies are way too expensive to make.
James Slick
James Slick Anos atrás
@hombreenojado Yep. I 100x enjoy a local band playing at a bar compared to just about any "big concert" that coms to town. Support you local bands, Buy their self produced or "indie" label CDs, ETC. There IS good music around, Just not on the "big labels" and GOD knows NOT on the radio.
hombreenojado Anos atrás
@James Slick There are still so many out there who don't believe they can "make it" but the age of label promoted stadium crowds is all but dead except for the uber produced gelatinous garbage that is reprocessed for a mindless consuming mass. I'd rather that musicians live within their means and gain contentment producing that which gives them joy. Their audience will find them. Up the independent label!
James Slick
James Slick Anos atrás
Yes! Thank god that the internet allows for the chance at an audience without the filter of the "mainstream labels". The "label" model of distributing music needs to fade away as quickly as possible. The same goes for the movie "studio model", But it's a bit easier to record a "record" today than to make a movie.
audiophile man
audiophile man 2 anos atrás
Love this story, Rick! Nothing good comes easy. If you suffer for your art, you will succeed or at least you'll die trying. By the way, music companies are about making money not making great music. If you want to make art, become and independent artist.
Lord Mojo
Lord Mojo 2 anos atrás
Thanks for the incredible story. You told it so well.
donkey boy
donkey boy 2 anos atrás
An old friend has a younger brother who was in a band out of Athens Ga in the late 90s. Similar story. Got signed and the label had a “Vision” for this pretty good rock was basically a boy band with instruments and the resulting record sounded like INXS. Was a pretty loss of religion experience from what I recall
Marty Fleszar
Marty Fleszar 2 anos atrás
So what if all of Ricks 1.7 million subscribers all bought “Heavy Weighs the King” debut album and they break all kinds of records for first week sales... it would be such justice after the terrible ordeal they went through in this video!
scatcatcnut 2 anos atrás
It wouldn't be justice - it would be everyone believing the hype - they are so ordinary they are almost extraordinary.
Steven Hatfield
Steven Hatfield 2 anos atrás
I"m in!
Secret Treasure Path
Secret Treasure Path 2 anos atrás
Great idea! I'm also in.
Michael O'Pry
Michael O'Pry 2 anos atrás
I'm in, what I heard was fantastic!
Ray M
Ray M 2 anos atrás
Hey Rick this is a great grass roots idea. Please follow this comment with information on how to make this happen!! Great idea Mart Fleszar
Scott Welton
Scott Welton 2 anos atrás
What a sad episode for some talented musicians -- and for us, people who love music, who were cheated out of some great songs that Should Have Been. I'm glad to hear they are again making music that is organic and authentic. There are so many stories like this, too -- so many great bands we should be hearing and are not because of corporate bullshit.
awyand Anos atrás
Keep doin' what you do, Rick. Amazing content and we thank you for it.
TheMixtape11 2 anos atrás
Thank you Rick. This is an inspiring story. Thank you for all you do for music.
gruu 2 anos atrás
Such an insightful and interesting story, thanks for sharing stuff like this it really helps musicians & bands out there who're getting into the scene :)
Rob Namowicz
Rob Namowicz 2 anos atrás
Hunter Thompson said it best, "The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side,,," Thanks Mr. Beato,,,
calartian85 2 anos atrás
Misquoted. Thompson was referring to the tv business.
Baz Golin
Baz Golin 2 anos atrás
Rob Namowicz - one of my all time favourite quotes from a great book.
Stephen Shaw
Stephen Shaw 2 anos atrás
Just so you are aware ... Hunter S Thompson was never in the music business, he was in the Newspaper Publishing business and THAT is where the quote is from. Someone saw the similarity with the music business and adapted his quote.
StVitalKid 2 anos atrás
Rob Namowicz pretty sure the original Thompson quote referred to the television business. Of course you can adapt it to lots of different businesses and it’s just as accurate.
Tripzville 2 anos atrás
LOL brilliant and so so true.
The KING is Coming
The KING is Coming 2 anos atrás
This is one of the best videos I've ever watched on BRvid. It's one thing to know this is how the music industry works (probably for 95% of artists), but its great to hear an actual "case study" and be able to put a face to a great example of how the brutal machine works. Not that anyone is beating down my door, but I feel I do have a fairly unique sound and signing with a big record label is about the last thing I would ever want to do.
James Clary
James Clary 2 anos atrás
Having some friends who had quite a bit of success in the “business”, i concur completely. Record companies just SUCK. Period. They stab you in the back 9 out of ten times. Such a sad story. But very typical.
Alex Damaceno
Alex Damaceno Anos atrás
I still listen to Elizabethtown's Soundtrack TO THIS DAY and I love both versions of "Same in Any Language" (the other one being from My Morning Jacket). What I really CAN'T BELIEVE is that I've been face to face with an I Nine member after Chris' acoustic concert here in Rio in 2016 and didn't even know it.
Steven Williams
Steven Williams Anos atrás
Wow eyeopening story there, it's hard to really fathom how that sort of stuff can happen to a band this good that has lables lining up to sign them. I didn't know that about almost famous, I love that film!
JJ one EIGHTY 2 anos atrás
True story this: Back in the early 2000's i was in an indie band from Manchester (UK), we were the support act for Ian Brown. also did some supports for Happy Mondays. Well we got offered a development deal from parlophone records, on one condition, The A&R guy wanted us to sack the singer and replace him with a vocalist of his choice. The problem was, our singer was my Brother. So you can imagine what that conversation was like. Our rehearsal room was the top floor of a huge mill in Ancoats Manchester, And the A&R guy turned up to a rehearsal...Well my brother had him half dangling from the fire escape, with a good 60ft drop down, pretty sure he pissed his pants. We never got the development deal. I do still wonder what the other singer he had in mind was like though :) The End.
70er Jahre Junge
70er Jahre Junge Anos atrás
Good decision. Character > money.
Don McNevin
Don McNevin Anos atrás
I'm glad some people still have principals and loyalty. Those qualities are sorely missed in the music industry and pretty much everywhere else.
Jhewitt1267 Anos atrás
That's rocknroll as fuck and stays true to the attitude of bands like the roses and the mondays. What a fucking legend.
certainly excellent that there's someone who discerns what's correct
Pirate Aleks
Pirate Aleks Anos atrás
JJ you legend
Econ Ecoff
Econ Ecoff 9 meses atrás
The demo of "I'll be there" is indeed wonderful. The later "produced" version is indeed over-produced, covering up her unique voice. They took what's special about the band and ruined it.
Cris Anos atrás
I was kinda listening to this like a podcast, while doing chores in the house and stuff. When the first sample from the band started i literally dropped everything and got goosebumps 😅 damn.
Sebastien Angel Epic Music Composer
Wow. I was about to watch a movie but instead, I listened to this quite sad story and just hung to it all the way through. I'm amazed by the way you tell things. Thank you for this.
Keith Kinack
Keith Kinack 2 anos atrás
So I have been listening to the I Nine live EP for a few days and it is REALLY good. I see exactly what you are saying about record labels. Where you see an amazing band/artist with limitless talent and a great sound. Record labels look at them and think how can I exploit them to make the most money possible. You can really hear the change starting with the Elizabethtown song. Then they turned in to a zombie pop rock band with If This Room Could Move. It just makes me wonder how much awesome music we missed out on throughout the years because of record labels have a shitty formula that they have to force artists to use to get signed and make money. Such a shame.
Andy Roid
Andy Roid 2 anos atrás
*_After watching this video of you telling yet another captivating, personal music-based story, I felt compelled to leave this comment. Anyway, it may seem as though I'm kissing up to you (I'm not) when I say this... but, I for one, am extremely thankful to you for sharing 'behind-the-scenes music stories', such as this one about the band, 'I Nine' (BTW, my comment here isn't really about this particular story)._* It's funny - I've been an avid watcher of your channel since about 2 years ago... & just when I think you've told us pretty much all of the great stories/memorable moments of the past 30+ years of your life, you manage to surprise us w/this incredible story. You crafty, rascal you. : ) *Anyway, I always appreciate your honest delivery as you tell these unique stories that we would likely never know if it weren't for your willingness to share them (well, & we also thank BRvid too - of course). You're channel is in my top 5 channels on BRvid. -- thanks for all you do, brother!* TL;DR
otineb5 9 meses atrás
Rick, when you first mentioned RCA/Clive Davis, I recall Kelly Clarkson saying this about him when Davis told that a certain song should be on her album: "what does he know, he's old" and to me that made perfect sense because he Clive Davis was more than likely out of touch, with what younger musicians liked, I mean he was already in his middle 60s pushing 70. So I am so sorry to hear, but not surprised, that his record label people screwed up I-9's chance at making it in the music business, on their own terms. What a shame, some record label people don't know a talented band even if it kicked them in the ass. But as you said in this video when it was done in 2020, maybe they'll make this time around and since this is 2022, if they're still together, maybe they'll make it this year, but on their own terms.
vmoutsop Anos atrás
Wow, what a great story. I hope they continue and find success
David Curtis
David Curtis 2 anos atrás
Rick, I enjoy listening to your experiences, the music industry is a complete disaster which can only be fixed by laws. I'm a musician but also a huge fan of music, I have no issue in buying music and don't understand how the industry has gotten in to such a mess. Best 🤘🥁🤘DC
Mari Wong
Mari Wong 2 anos atrás
Awesome story. The band sounds great. I will be looking them up and add them to my collection. Thanks!
Lathe Of Heaven
Lathe Of Heaven 2 anos atrás
Beats me that a record label signs a band because they love what it's doing, and then proceeds to turn the band into something else entirely. It's like buying a Gibson Les Paul because you love the look and the sound, and then taking out the humbuckers, sticking in one single coil at the neck while leaving the bridge an empty route, replacing the fingerboard with maple, bypassing the tone controls and spraying the body a different colour. WTF did yo buy a Les Paul for in the first place?
Qlicky Anos atrás
@Sir Kayda I always thought Creed was a poor imitation of Pearl Jam.
jpalberthoward9 Anos atrás
I had one jive ass idiot say to me once "I love what you do, but there's only one thing you need to do. Change everything you do". Huh? ...... conversation over.
Scott Davis
Scott Davis Anos atrás
It’s like the scorpion and the frog. The labels do that because it’s in their nature.
SeekerGoOn2013 2 anos atrás
09whaz Yeah. And it’s running wild on social media. It’s like recess in elementary school with no teachers or monitors, just chaos.
Captain Snarky
Captain Snarky 2 anos atrás
Great analogy
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