All of heat 3 in ninjas tournament w/myth

Optic Saga
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Have a awesome day and go subscribe to tsm_myth and ninja they are awesome


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22 Abr 2018



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Comentários 866
scarlet81uk 2 dias atrás
play Minecraft plz
juroshi gaming
juroshi gaming 2 dias atrás
wait oof i clicked these becosue the. thumbnail word had heat and i thought someone was going to fight
The Big Bient
The Big Bient 2 dias atrás
Sorry ninja but your wifey is BUSTED 🤣🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️
Badboy DCX
Badboy DCX 4 dias atrás
This shit was so cringe😂🤣
AnisaOMG yt
AnisaOMG yt 7 dias atrás
Dose this dude look like dr lupo 3:57
Nightingale146 10 dias atrás
13:01 *ROBLOX?!*
Luan Semedo
Luan Semedo 12 dias atrás
Bar do motorista que irá ser entregue até que irá fazer contato que tá no ar condicionado direção do hospital da
ugly 13 dias atrás
9 ads 6m views 10k subs fuck this shit I’m out
iToast 13 dias atrás
My battery was at 97% but when I looked at 3:06 I plugged my iPad in for 2 mins and I was like wtf It charged so quickly
asiancrazyking 45
asiancrazyking 45 14 dias atrás
AA KíñgšĆültûrè
AA KíñgšĆültûrè 14 dias atrás
The announcers/commentators were ninja dick riders couldn't get his dick out they mouth
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha 16 dias atrás
17:14 thank me later
ztheg 16 dias atrás
That low power thing freaked me out. I had my phone plugged lol.
jimmy dean
jimmy dean 17 dias atrás
Dude the amount she says she is ninjas wife makes me sure she is a gold/ fame digger
Kylie Simpson
Kylie Simpson 17 dias atrás
Myth looks so scared
m4atty.r21xd 17 dias atrás
i use android but the low battery thing like 3 mins in still got me lmfao wut
Augusto Gamino
Augusto Gamino 17 dias atrás
Myth sounds and looks shy
Kevin The flag
Kevin The flag 18 dias atrás
Who else at 3:05 thought it was your phone on low battery
Fortnite Live
Fortnite Live 18 dias atrás
Such a amazing video ! ps. Im very close to 15,000 Subs and upload everyday 😍
TSC_ Psycon
TSC_ Psycon 16 dias atrás
Fortnite Live l
Hussein Nassar
Hussein Nassar 18 dias atrás
Hussein Nassar
Hussein Nassar 18 dias atrás
Kayde White
Kayde White 19 dias atrás
Sneaky beaver sucks ninja for life
Robert Arballo
Robert Arballo 19 dias atrás
Why is he so hyped up? Im new to this guy so I'm not making fun. Just wondering why he seems different
Default Skin
Default Skin 19 dias atrás
3:04 Did u try to tap close or low power mode 😑😑😑
Rasheek Bonds
Rasheek Bonds 19 dias atrás
Rasheek Bonds
Rasheek Bonds 19 dias atrás
I'm just kifding
Rasheek Bonds
Rasheek Bonds 19 dias atrás
Ninja suck fuck u #fuck fortnite
King Of Gaming
King Of Gaming 20 dias atrás
Who else clicked low power mode at 3:05?
Victor Villas-Bôas
Victor Villas-Bôas 21 dia atrás
What the name of the asian reporter? Such a gorgeous girl
pasha otoy
pasha otoy 21 dia atrás
Devon Bittle
Devon Bittle 21 dia atrás
U look so shy
ROBLOX and Cubing
ROBLOX and Cubing 22 dias atrás
I did
Singy Dingy
Singy Dingy 22 dias atrás
Wait when did Myth first die
Singy Dingy
Singy Dingy 22 dias atrás
Pj Thomas
Pj Thomas 22 dias atrás
myth looks so stond
eduard jordaou
eduard jordaou 24 dias atrás
Here’s when u realize myth and Ninja aren’t pro lol they just good streamers
Robin Zollinger
Robin Zollinger 25 dias atrás
Mr Money
Mr Money 25 dias atrás
antisocial_cat 25 dias atrás
This is Jay he is 0 years old. 😁 👕 👖 👟 1 like = 1 year older! How old can he get? 🧓🏻
Rasmus Bjeldbak
Rasmus Bjeldbak 26 dias atrás
Be free 1919
EnderGamer 26 dias atrás
Fravvvv vfv
penguin gamer
penguin gamer 27 dias atrás
Better charge dat phone
Ian Harper
Ian Harper 28 dias atrás
the last hour has no sound
Renee Simpson
Renee Simpson 29 dias atrás
“Besides Ninja” oh Jess
Jackson Anderson
Jackson Anderson Mês atrás
Yes low
Moha Nur
Moha Nur Mês atrás
Can you give me 100 vbucks
Aiden Cintron
Aiden Cintron Mês atrás
Like we didn’t see that 48:16
The Regular Gamers
The Regular Gamers Mês atrás
Anyone else look up sneak e beaver on twitch or BRvid after this lol
L killzit L No name
3:10 thought my phone was about to die but it was plugged up lol
Nicole Fogg
Nicole Fogg Mês atrás
Myth is a myth hes not real get it
Nicole Fogg
Nicole Fogg Mês atrás
Go ninja not myth
Fuk u
Fuk u Mês atrás
jason moore
jason moore Mês atrás
Ninja looks like a big rat and he talks like he's on meth
PikaHazzy A&T
PikaHazzy A&T Mês atrás
The commentators have prob not even played one game in there life
Optic Saga
Optic Saga Mês atrás
U know that the commentators are courage and dr lupo which are both pro players and both have played with ninja
Tfue Mês atrás
Like if u think ninjas trash
Kenneth Pratt
Kenneth Pratt Mês atrás
Why tfue is not there
xviitre XBOX
xviitre XBOX Mês atrás
When his phone was on 20 I thought it was my phone
PubLIK NMEZ Mês atrás
did he really say each shitting at 2 kills right now 25:49
Fortnite Fortnite Fortnite
Guys ive not long left the army and now im trying to get into gaming again, i just uploaded for the first time in a while and i think its some funny sh*t please check it out and tell me what you think! ~Much love
Brett Hollowell
Brett Hollowell Mês atrás
XboxOne X
XboxOne X Mês atrás
Tempo is impatient
Michael Mês atrás
Myth fell of man
Sebazto Mês atrás
Bruh i thought my phone was on 20% 😂
Jose Jaquez
Jose Jaquez Mês atrás
Ninja suck tsm myith is the best
Vincent Cipolletti
Vincent Cipolletti Mês atrás
Ninja myth is trash
Calj Mês atrás
After the snickers ad the audio cut out..... what the fuck
Austin Unger
Austin Unger Mês atrás
Ninja has a big head
Abbly 15
Abbly 15 Mês atrás
48:16 I'm dying
Pholice Mês atrás
1 Video. 10K subs possible? (Inspired) check me out!
Tysen Sheridan
Tysen Sheridan Mês atrás
WeabooTheGreat Mês atrás
The Red Stoat
The Red Stoat Mês atrás
48:16 Just look at ninja XD
mr murder2344
mr murder2344 Mês atrás
JK I don't even like none of those people anyway sooooo
mr murder2344
mr murder2344 Mês atrás
mr murder2344
mr murder2344 Mês atrás
Jermaine Handy
Jermaine Handy Mês atrás
Yyyyy was y6uhuhyhuyuhyuhuhyhuyhyuhyhu6hhuhuhhhuhhhuhhuhhhhuhuhiiu
Hoodie RenzoGaming-_-
Sneak E Beaver is just camping lmao
Caden Mês atrás
3:05 anyone else get mad when he got close
Michael Weber
Michael Weber Mês atrás
ты пидорас
Player Unknown08
Player Unknown08 Mês atrás
Newton Koh
Newton Koh Mês atrás
Get paid to play video games!
Silenticewraith Mês atrás
15:55 ninja blows a kiss at the camera
NeverEndingClips Mês atrás
Paul john he wasn’t looking at the camera. I think it was @ his wife
Marc-antoine Benoit
myth looks stress af for some reason
Brooke Vlogs
Brooke Vlogs Mês atrás
3:58 background smooch
KamaYari God
KamaYari God Mês atrás
I play on PS4 and can't even imagine bodying people like this lol, these guys are ridiculous
Trevor Nelson
Trevor Nelson Mês atrás
Dr lupo is announcing
Trevor Nelson
Trevor Nelson Mês atrás
Is that dr lupo
The Fortnite Squad
The Fortnite Squad Mês atrás
Go. S ll???L.l?.L.L..?l..L?lll?.l?l.L.L. L.L.LlqOqLZK,
Troy Gaming
Troy Gaming Mês atrás
48:15 almost killed me😂😂😂
Jose Angel Perez Lepez
3:58 ninjas wife and him kissing in the middle of dr lupo and courage
Shontelle Hackett
Shontelle Hackett Mês atrás
No sound from 1:20:00
brendon bouldin
brendon bouldin Mês atrás
Myth that type of guy that will find ur ip and take ur butthole
Dylan Olson
Dylan Olson Mês atrás
cahockey097 Mês atrás
Audio doesn’t work 2/3rds through
Wes going West
Wes going West Mês atrás
Mystic Blade
Mystic Blade Mês atrás
Who else thought low power mode was there’s
Caleb Pingelski
Caleb Pingelski Mês atrás
I sound at 1:20:00
Thrick shots & Gaming kids
Did yall see ninja in the back ground kiss some one in 4:59
Forgen Girl
Forgen Girl 26 dias atrás
yeah his wife
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