All-Access: Bucks Meet Neymar & Mbappe | Teddy Riner Pregame WWE | NBA Paris Game 2020 | Part 2

Milwaukee Bucks
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30 Jan 2020



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Jaime eclair
Jaime eclair 2 anos atrás
I really love that Neymar asked for autographs from all the players (rather than from just Giannis alone), it made them all feel special, as they should. After all, it's a team, and without those guys, Giannis can not be the great player that he is, sometimes we forget about that!
Joshua Singareddy
its funny how neymar looks like the little kid getting all their autographs when he is more famous then all of them combined 😂 its nice to see how humble he is
Muma khumalo
Muma khumalo 3 anos atrás
Man love how humble these guys are from Mbappe, to Neymar and Giannis the most elite players with such humble attitudes. Neymar probably one of the greatest footballers on the planet getting everyones signature.
Neil 3 anos atrás
Funny how Giannis makes that kid happy with his shoes
W7N Anos atrás
I love how Neymar is so supportive and happy despite him being probably more well known than the entire NBA organisation 😂
The Waynetertainment Family
so nice to see that athletes cheer up other athletes in other sports
Alex Spartichino
Alex Spartichino 3 anos atrás
its funny how neymar looks like a kid asking for everyones autograph XD
RemediedYawn 3 anos atrás
Loved the steak talk between Pat and Ersan. Too damn funny.
S P 3 anos atrás
I enjoyed this . The smile on those children's faces when Gianni gave them his shoes was too cute.
ug.u.r 2 anos atrás
Kylian Mbappe looks like the litte litte brother of Giannis
AAO Tube
AAO Tube Anos atrás
I love how Neymar tried to engage and made everyone signed the shirt even though he's more famous
Relate Music
Relate Music 3 anos atrás
Neymar just makes noises because he knows he can't speak english that well 😂
Steff SK
The moment between Giannis and Mbappè was AMAZING 🤩 & Neymar is so great as always 🙏
Mo300Z 2 anos atrás
I already loved Giannis because of his come up story . But seeing him be so friendly and take time to give his shoes and offer the kid a picture. A wholesome moment
Pau Dang
Pau Dang 2 anos atrás
Mbappe actually has a good English accent and can speak some words
Mark Hiew
Mark Hiew Anos atrás
Giannis is the embodiment of the American dream. But also, probably the Nigerian dream and the Greek dream, and the human dream. I get so much joy out of seeing him succeed.
Kagutsuchi 2 anos atrás
Lmao I'm french so I'm always saying that Antetokounmpo is the Mbappe of the basketball, what a pleasure to see them together !
love how humble neymar is and how he acts like a fanboy when he is more famous than all of them combined.
fefe Anos atrás
Issooo Ney, cara vc merece. Joga pra caralho, na final da copa america vc foi o melhor.
Big Sheyi
They really respect Mbappe and Neymar from their reactions.
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