ALL ABOUT ALTERS: Part 1 | Debunking DID Ep: 3 | Dissociative Identity Disorder

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The first video in a three-part series about Alters. In this first instalment, we explain what alters are, how alters can be different from each other, and WHY alters are different from each other, specifically in terms of gender! Scroll down for sources and studies used/referenced in this video.
Disclaimer I forgot to mention in editing - the trauma I reference is just ONE reason why SOME alters differ from the bodies designated birth sex, but these types of alters are very common and YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE EXPERIENCED THIS TO HAVE AN ALTER OF THE OPPOSITE SEX.
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Sources and studies used/referenced in this video:
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Guidelines for treating dissociative identity disorder in adults, third revision. Journal of Trauma & Dissociation, 12, 115-187
#DissociaDID #dissociativeidentitydisorder #mentalhealth

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29 Mar 2020



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Victoria McLaughlin
Victoria McLaughlin 5 horas atrás
I'm new as a follower but I saw Anthony's video and I wanted to say thank you. My mom has DID, but she was never good at explaining it in a way that I understood. Your videos have helped me to understand. I don't know if you'll ever see this, but sending you lots of love during these difficult times.
A Google user
A Google user 6 horas atrás
Not only did my alters name themselves, they named me the host once I became aware I was an alter too and never connected to the body's name. We really need to lessen the amnesia between each other. This is so helpful.
Lenore Pratt
Lenore Pratt 10 horas atrás
I don't remember an entire year of my life. That was between the ages of 7 and 8. I hear voices in my head and they told me their names. Apparently during the year I don't remember, I acted very out of character. I also had a very strained relationship with my father and didn't trust my mother much. I am constantly terrified by my uncle for no apparent reason. Could I have DID or am I just overreacting?
Aeindrilla Banerjee
I love you so much Nin...
Anna Dewart
Anna Dewart Dia atrás
You are so brave my dear, and my love.
hhh 2 dias atrás
Nina is my favourite alter🖤
Shaema 2 dias atrás
in another system, someone has a doctor who works in the inner worlds. once the alter fronts, is it possible for the body to now hold the knowledge of an usual doctor or-? i hope this isnt an innapropriate question, is just a thought that came up
Arunima Sharma
Arunima Sharma 2 dias atrás
You shouldn’t have been stronger, you should have been safe. Thanks for this.
Union Spirit
Union Spirit 3 dias atrás
But was it non that signed off....
Trinity 3 dias atrás
I'm pretty confused I thought Chloe was the host?
Marija Jankovic
Marija Jankovic 19 horas atrás
@the curious cat what is that video called, I can't find it. Please help!
the curious cat
the curious cat 2 dias atrás
Chloé has integrated to Nin. Nin is both Nina and Chloé. She hold both their memories but she's not them: she is a new person. It's like 1+1 =1. She made a video about it go check it out! :)
Hannah is allergic to bananas
yall should submit an application about DID to minutevideos. They have a large audience and that would spread this channel and what DID is to a lot of people.
Bernard Naudé
Bernard Naudé 3 dias atrás
I definitely do not have the same vocabulary, knowledge or experience, but I have some inclination what is being spoken of here. I also have not, to my knowledge, had any traumatic experiences, but in the past when I have gone through some hurtful events I have had the distinct impression of being an observer within my own head, rather than the person directly seeing what is happening. DID sounds to me like a stronger response to more severe events?
the curious cat
the curious cat 2 dias atrás
Yes i think so. Some mental disorders are meant to help the body survive and live almost normally. The brain will create a set of mind that is perfect for the situation. For example, in case of DID: a child who have been in an extrem repetitive trauma (doesn't have to be abuse) can't handle all the experience by himself because... Well he's just a child! So the brain will create someone who's strong enough to deal with the trauma, erasing traumatic memories from the child giving him a chance to have a childhood. The problem is once the person is out of trauma, escape the horrific experience: the brain cannot fix itself. You'd think people should be able to live happily once they are out of danger but it's not. It's like taking out an ice cube out of frizz, the ice will melt for sure... But it will take a long time to completely melt. Same with disorders. The body would need a long time to completely heal. We need patient, strength but mostly medical attentions. Hope that helped :)
IAmErica 4 dias atrás
First I want to apologize, I called Nin nina in a separate comment. This also may have shed some light on some scary things that have gone on in my own head which I haven't gotten help for. Thank you for making this.
Shatoya Inzar
Shatoya Inzar 4 dias atrás
Amazing. I really felt as if we were in a personal video chat... Looking forward to applying your advice
Amanda Boyens
Amanda Boyens 4 dias atrás
Did a psychiatrist teach you this?
Music Love
Music Love 4 dias atrás
Yes, she is rather well educated about the subject.
Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu
Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu 4 dias atrás
i may or may not be on weed right now
Kelsey O'Neal
Kelsey O'Neal 6 dias atrás
Thank you for making your videos ♥️ the love and support you provide is awesome!
Alex Hornsey
Alex Hornsey 6 dias atrás
Hi friends. I just wanted to make a simple correction, not really correction, but comment on what she said about psychosis. I just wanted to add something that a lot of people might not know. Which is that some people with Bipolar 1 disorder, and only Bipolar 1, not 2 or cyclothemia, can experience psychosis, not just those with schizophrenia. I've been dealing with psychotic episodes for at least a couple of years now, and not a lot of people know about bipolar and that side of it. I just wanted to share that and hopefully help educate more. I hope you are all doing well, and that this isnt taken in the wrong way. I love this channel and the whole system, you guys are incredibly brave, and I'm unbelievably proud of you all.
camryn sage
camryn sage 6 dias atrás
I felt like i was blacking out before i knew and never remimber them. Is that normal?
xpaderom2 6 dias atrás
Thank you, Nin.
lovely and demonic nyaas
my name is max and i am the host of my system. these videos make me very happy.
Lilly Flowers EK
Lilly Flowers EK 8 dias atrás
Hi umm if anyone in the comments can help plz do Ok so hi I'm Lilly I believe that I am apart of the lgbtqia+ community and my parents are not the most exceptimg but thas kinda besides the point so at the age of 7 or 8 my mom married someone who is not very kind to me even now I have kinda gotten used to it but I saw these videos for only a month or so now and asked my self what of I had DID I told myself nah your just weird but I sat down with paper and a pen and really was tired so I thought to myself ok come on are there ppl living with in me other than me... and I swear up and down heard 2 voices so I proceeded to ask questions like gender, name,sexuality etc. (I'm not gonna say the answers given( privacy reasons)) If you have read this far can I have advice or help me come to a conclusion or something plz thx for reading😊
the curious cat
the curious cat 2 dias atrás
I agree with music love, the channel has provid very helpful information about DiD. Their are a lot of symptoms of DID: like amnesia, dissociating, headaches, waking up not remembering what you did or why you are here...ect. If you beleive you may have DID or any other disorder: Definitely look for a professional check up. Good luck! :)
Music Love
Music Love 4 dias atrás
So instead of listening to Golden Leaves, you should check out the rest of this channel. Do you have blackouts? Research the topic a bit more. I hope your home life gets a bit better 😊
Golden Leaves
Golden Leaves 7 dias atrás
Wake up and stop hallucinating. Everyone can create a 2 voiced monologue, conversation in their head. Grow up kid and go study for your future. Get a scholarship, you wouldn't need to cry out about student debts. Be a functional person for society, not a depressed teenager trying to claim having mental illnesses just to feel special.
null ?
null ? 8 dias atrás
I’m going to try and make a character with DID for one of my stories, and your videos are helping a lot with trying to get the character right!
Angie Hdz.
Angie Hdz. 8 dias atrás
i miss everyone so much. i hope you are all doing fine and that this time out is for you to come back a lot better. love you guys. ♡
Malena Mordekai de Oliveira
Just one thing, schizophrenics can hear "external" or "internal" voices, it depends on the individual.
Malena Mordekai de Oliveira
Also, so good to hear you stressing having DID is not just having alters, since other mental conditions can generate alters or similar structures, like for an obvious example OSDD
austin bair
austin bair 9 dias atrás
how can you be so strong and beautiful. Im just amazed you are amazing your channels amazing and your style is amaaazing
secret 9 dias atrás
i just learned more about DID and also 51 new words! thank you!
Elizabeth Drewnicki
Elizabeth Drewnicki 9 dias atrás
Your BRvid channel has helped me understand did
Nik Moist
Nik Moist 9 dias atrás
Gary Goldstein
Gary Goldstein 10 dias atrás
This is kinda unrelated but I love the hair right now. The color looks awesome!
Ring of Faya
Ring of Faya 10 dias atrás
Her makeup looks like a look Mykie did (glam & gore) did and I wanna cry
Violette Fefeld
Violette Fefeld 10 dias atrás
Im 16yo and I’ve been dating my gf for a year now, she has DID and I fell in love with an other alter in her system too soooo technically I’m dating two girls ❤️😅
legion160 2 dias atrás
no your dating 1 girl who has a mental disorder..... the end goal is to make it 1, not 2 not 3, but 1.
Keara Rigg
Keara Rigg 10 dias atrás
I love the quote of "we're in similar boats in the same sea" it really resonated with me ❤️
Revs 10 dias atrás
I don't know where to go or who to talk to i don't have DID as far as i know. I've been going to a therapist for the past year because i have black outs and would come back to being sore and having cuts on my body last night i was watching one of your videos trying to educate myself on this because my friends mom came to me telling me she has DID and i would like to know how to handle it better as she means a lot to me but anyway i was watching a video of you guys and i heard a extremely dark raspy voice i can't remember exactly only one word that i can't remember but what it said was "even your ____ is pathetic." I believe it was referring to me but i was extremely scared and i blacked out again with cuts on me in the morning. If anyone could give me advice on this I would appreciate it. I love this channel by the way you guys are doing amazing.
the curious cat
the curious cat 2 dias atrás
I'm not quiet sure i understand your question (technically you didn't ask a question hhh). I don't have enough information from you to give you the right answer. The best advice i can give you is to talk about it to your regular doctor. Your therapist will know the best for you (hopefully). It seems to me you are practicing "self harm", maybe you suffer from depression? (again i can't throw anything, i'm not a professional). As someone who had depression, It's quiet often to hear thoughts like that. Sometimes the dark thoughts can be very intense to the point they seems external. Sometimes i can just ignore them but they do get to me other times..and i would panic, cut myself cry and than woke up the next day with blurry memory. I'm sharing this to you in hope you can relate to me in a way. If you think you may have DID please wheck out the symptoms of DID (Nin has talked about it in her channel, definitely watch her videos) but most importantly: see your doctor :) if you are not satisfied with the diagnostic you were given, you can always see another doctor untill you find a decent one. Hope that helped even a bit. Good luck ;) Ps: i'm only a medical student so i might be wrong in all what i said. Sorry 😅🙏
namesmaryjane 11 dias atrás
i disagree with the science in so far as, a childs mind couldn't create entirely separate egos and complete people like DID alters are, science can't even accept that we have a singular soul, how could accept that we could host a multitude of them. Science will far short in this condition as it's reality transcends the physical boundaries science is concerned with
Music Love
Music Love 4 dias atrás
I don’t think you understand, I’m not sure if this is 100% correct but as certain memories are separated they form different people as they grow up inside this one body. It has been scientifically proven.
Georgie Morgan
Georgie Morgan 11 dias atrás
I absolutely love how Nin explains things. She's calm and collected, and makes everything easy to understand.
Delanie C
Delanie C 11 dias atrás
When did you integrate into Nin?
Tregenza T
Tregenza T 7 dias atrás
7 months ago
Shadow Girl D A
Shadow Girl D A 11 dias atrás
Kalteznmapm :i like your make up Kmlapwez: be strong, be great you we all need in days like these (that the corona is here) to be strong and have to do the best of it
WONDER TREK 11 dias atrás
Hello, first and foremost thank you all for what you all do and as bravely that you all do it. I do not know if you all are still doing the channel and read comments but I found this channel while trying to pull myself out of a downward spiral dark place this morning *we will leave it at that for trigger purposes* and I listened and watched all of the commentary. I laughed, I learned, and cried (I am not afraid to say that being a grown man, but I will not show it - had to go for a walk) I want to thank you, I got distracted by learning about you all and being pulled in and finding myself a part of you all's world only if briefly through watching. I just wanted you all to know what an impact you have (positive) on people and please if you all are up to it keep doing what you do. It pulled me out of a period and let me go on today as a semicolon. (best way I think I could describe it for you all and anyone reading the comments. If only just for today, thank you.
Kailee Naugler
Kailee Naugler 11 dias atrás
Just found the channel, and this has been really informative, I love it when people share things like this, because it’s extremely hard to look into things like this and inform others about it when it’s something you deal with because it throws you back in to that sort of thing. So even though it was probably really hard for you I really appreciate that you did it!
Scott Benedict
Scott Benedict 11 dias atrás
Thank you for this video. I did not find it hard to follow. It seem have have just the right amount of depth that I need.
Soupbell Cam
Soupbell Cam 12 dias atrás
I have a question can bullies cause DID? Sorry if it's a stupid question
Music Love
Music Love 4 dias atrás
Soupbell Cam No, it’s not a stupid question, if the bullying is really severe before the age of nine I’m sure it could happen.
Soupbell Cam
Soupbell Cam 7 dias atrás
Okay thank you sorry that it was a stupid question.
Tregenza T
Tregenza T 7 dias atrás
If they caused repeated trauma before 9 years old
Soupbell Cam
Soupbell Cam 12 dias atrás
Can ya'll make a video about any new alters that are comfortable (if any are) talking to us and explain what place they have in the system?
Tristan The Inconspicuous Alien
There is nothing fun about dissociative identity disorder Me:... doing one man duets is pretty fun
findyourimxginxtion 12 dias atrás
Is there any other way to know if you have DID other than a doctors diagnosis?
Carmen Salazar
Carmen Salazar 2 dias atrás
Carolina 12 dias atrás
Hi Nin! I really didn’t understand much of what you say that you integrated, i dont know where i can learn more about this in one of your videos or somewhere else, thanks!
Carolina 2 dias atrás
the curious cat Thank you so much 😄
the curious cat
the curious cat 2 dias atrás
Nin said before : DID is like a shattered glass bowl (shattered into pieces) . When the pieces glued together that's called 'integration". The two pieces glued together to become one piece: like Chloé and Nina integrated to be Nin. Nin is like a fusion of the two alters: she hold their memories and experience but she's not Chloé or Nina. She's a new different alter in some way.... It's like 1+1 =1. Most of the time integration happens when two alters become open about their trauma: Alter1 will shere the trauma with Alter2. Alter2 understand it and accept (only an example) . In this case, the brain doesn't need anymore to hide this memory from alter2: this alter is ready to receive the memory and so will integrate with alter 1 to create alter3. Hope that helped :)
Tregenza T
Tregenza T 7 dias atrás
She made a video called "how Integration works" 7 months ago
Felix 12 dias atrás
Is it like your subconscious thoughts, emotions and feelings but fragmented?
Ida Vavpetič
Ida Vavpetič 12 dias atrás
DissociaDID, I have a question. Can all alters integrate into one person (through a period of time). Is it possible that all the amnesia between all alters goes away through a period of time, and all the memories become connected.
Saiyuri Co
Saiyuri Co 12 dias atrás
That's the main goal talked about in a lot of literature but most DID systems want to keep living with their alters because it's too painful to even think about being alone anymore.
Jacky S
Jacky S 12 dias atrás
I feel like... Idk. When Nin talks about topics such as skin colour in SUCH a respectful way... I just don't get how people can go on with their accusations. I mean... isn't the way she talks and what she says about these topics in so many videos full proof that she is a decent person with no bad intentions? So frustrating :/
Saiyuri Co
Saiyuri Co 2 dias atrás
@legion160 apologizes if I'm misunderstanding because current events and it's 1 am but I agree with you. That's how DID is treated. But I do know from professionals they have to get to know the alters in order to integrate and heal
legion160 2 dias atrás
@Saiyuri Co because she is NOT multiple people, no an alter is NOT a real person and treating it as such just normalizes the disorder, thats why ITS A DISORDER! its good she helps people get past the stigma but at the same time its still a bad thing, the goal is to reconnect the "personas" or alters into 1 person, not make each individual a person and think thats ok
Jacky S
Jacky S 12 dias atrás
Saiyuri Co I can understand that and it’s a topic that has to be approached very carefully and respectfully, I totally agree. I can understand that some things were worded not correctly and poc have a right to be irritated. Calling Nin racist is a whole other story for me though and something that has been thrown around so easily. In my opinion it’s clear that she has no bad intentions and wasn’t aware it was offending to anyone. I think that’s the main difference.
Saiyuri Co
Saiyuri Co 12 dias atrás
Have you seen the older videos (Some have been privated) and tweets and comments she's made? A lot of poc people don't like them. It seems they don't like the alters being labeled as a race but the alter has never experienced the racism so it feels rude. She has drawn twice her native American alter very stereotypical with a feather and them being 'spiriual.' I've been told she removed those drawings recently from instagram. Why wouldn't she leave everything up if there's nothing wrong with them.
Starlight Valkyrie
Starlight Valkyrie 13 dias atrás
Thank you so, so much. You are all a beacon of hope in a world of darkness. You are all extremely intelligent. I was wondering if you could recommend some books that you found helpful on DID and OSDD please? Thank you kindly.
I Am Y
I Am Y 13 dias atrás
Thank you so much for making this video! It has helped me see that I have a very big possibility of having DID and your information turned so many cogs in my head and then I started to cry from being so confused from figuring out so many connections! Thank you so much... You opened my eyes and I wanted to just say I really appreciate it! I’m still quite confused on what to do as of yet but I have figured out so many signs I have. Once again thank you so very much :)
I Am Y
I Am Y 12 dias atrás
@Margitkám I cant as of yet as many places are closed due to corona in my state..
I Am Y
I Am Y 12 dias atrás
@- TT Thank you so much!
Margitkám 13 dias atrás
Go and visit a professional.
- TT
- TT 13 dias atrás
Its probably going to be very hard in the first few months/years but i promise it gets better over time. The only thing i can advise you is to do as much research about it as you can (there are other channels such as the entropy system or multiplicity&me if you need another insight) and to try to see a professional as soon as possible Wishing you the best of luck! ♡
Mitchell Tennant
Mitchell Tennant 13 dias atrás
I found out I had D I D by having blackouts as a teen, People would tell me hey you did this and it would be something I’d never do in my life and I’d go by different names and all that stuff that’s scary when you snap back into it! Then a doctor told me when I start to feel like I’m drifting away to smoke cbd “pot with no thc” and it worked till I started watching one of your videos where you have that older alter and you were talking about childhood trauma and it was the first time I’ve started again where my alters were able to fully take over again , I had a nose bleed and all of a sudden I lost control . Idk it hurts me more knowing someone might have gone through what I went through if that makes sense I wouldn’t wish childhood trauma on my worst enemy.
Klara P
Klara P 13 dias atrás
Your intro-music is so relaxing
PastelPony 14 dias atrás
I’m so glad your channel exist my boyfriend has DID, and I never could understand it when he would try to explain it but after watching your channel I feel like I can understand it way better, and it’s made our relationship stronger ❤️ - Also your makeup is always gorgeous!
parappa_maxwell 15 dias atrás
nin is such a wonderful person but i’m lowkey intimidated by her when she gets all serious
whoomp there it is
whoomp there it is 15 dias atrás
TW trauma! I’m the cohost of our system and hold a major part of our trauma. I’m a cis male in a female body and that part made me feel so much better. I’m also a factive but didn’t fully know who I was (no one did) until after we discovered we were a system. Thank you.
amber-leigh 16 dias atrás
You are incredible, and YOU are not on your own❤️
Annie Dooley
Annie Dooley 16 dias atrás
Thanks for taking the time to educate us!
Sage 16 dias atrás
I know something is weird or wrong in my mind but I do not understand what, I feel like I must be faking but I know of two more of me because my friend made me aware of them, Raine and Luna by what is describe by people with DID a caretaker Luna is more of a caretaker, I usually don't remember what happens while Luna is active? She takes over and then when I'm back my room is different and things are messy but I feel like I'm faking it because most of the time I have semi control or I can watch what happening but can't control it, I don't think I have DID but something's wrong with me
Dana 16 dias atrás
Thank you so much for this ❤
ava 16 dias atrás
emma burns
emma burns 16 dias atrás
I'm being told by my family that I have different personalities and my doctor is thinking DID. Part of me is thinking, maybe they have a point, they could be wrong. Most of the time, I see what I'm doing, but when I look back on it I don't remember how I felt or why I did it. I have lots of trauma, I just don't want to say, there's more than one of me. I feel trapped in my own mind, like there's not enough room. I won't say I'm not scared. I made a chart, names, none of it is right. I don't know how I'm supposed to learn what's happening inside. I feel like it's just me hoping for an answer and this is just some made up idea I have of it.
Rosegames 16 dias atrás
Does anyone identify with the body's name? Or have you guys just thrown your birth name in the trash?
Willow Hedge System
Willow Hedge System 16 dias atrás
Hang in there Nin! New filing set up is great, and you are so awesome and such an inspiration to us!
Atlas Hunter
Atlas Hunter 16 dias atrás
I'm asking purely out of interest, do you and your alters all age at the same rate?
Gracie Kent
Gracie Kent 13 dias atrás
Some of the alters age with the body, some are stuck in a specific time, some of them are sliders (switch between ages) Hope this helps
Sammy Janet
Sammy Janet 16 dias atrás
I’m so eternally grateful for this account. Number 1, because this channel is highly educational and very correct. Number 2, it spreads awareness for others, and to me it indicates me to be more kind for some reason, which is really good! You’re alters are so kind! I love them! I’ve had a rough two years and this account has helped me realise I’m not the only one! Thank you!
Emmeline Sutliff
Emmeline Sutliff 17 dias atrás
We love you. Please stay safe.
Kirk frodslemow
Kirk frodslemow 17 dias atrás
I am glad to have learned about you, I am fascinated and saddened about this subject. The idea of how this disorder comes about is hard to think about. But listening to your progress and optimistic energy is encouraging.
Alejandro Castellano
Alejandro Castellano 17 dias atrás
Hello. I'd like some advice from you,but only if you feel like answering, I don't want to force you to answer. I want to represent a character with DID in a web series I'm working on with some friends, and it would be nice if you could give me some examples of what I should and souldn't do. I've been watching some of your videos to understand DID better,but I don't want to make a typical murderer psychopath character,and I also don't want to offend anybody. Sorry if I said something wrong, I'm still learning english,I'm also sorry if I've been disrespectful in any way, and thank you if you get to read my comment. I really like the channel and enjoy your videos
Killer queen
Killer queen 17 dias atrás
I have a question Is it normal as a child to block out a couple of memories that happened in your life even if its unintentional? My mother told me that i went to therapy at the age of 6 and talk to the therapist for some time until i just refused to talk at all towards the therapist all together. I have no memory of this event happening a t a l l No matter how many times i try to remember, nothing comes up but as i grew up i subconsciously grew to hating therapist and not exactly knowing why. Another thing is that my mother told me when i was little aroud the age of 6 to 8 i caught my mom doing the do and my mother made an excuse saying she was playing leap frog. I also do not remember this happening at all but i definitely remember tge day after bc i was jumping off my brothers back saying thats how you play leap frog and watch my mother laugh her ass off and me not knowing why. Is this normal to happen? Or did i actually went through amnesia as a child. I tried to look this up but it keeps on relating to traumatic events but i dont consider these things as traumatic for me.
Tregenza T
Tregenza T 7 dias atrás
It's probably not amnesia, just your brain getting rid of (what it thinks are) unimportant memories to make way for new ones. It's impossible to remember everything, and as more time goes on the more you forget from when you were a child
Saiyuri Co
Saiyuri Co 12 dias atrás
This all sounds very normal. You don't remember everything, especially from childhood. Your brain can't hold all that memory because it's not useful for living. I fell off a bookcase as a young child but I don't remember any of it. But I have a scar on my head, so something happened for sure. Did I get amnesia from that trauma or did my brain just not care about remembering? I don't know lol
Killer queen
Killer queen 17 dias atrás
Don't you hate it when you start to question if you have DID or not and your brain just starts to freak out about it because DID works for you to know you dont have it and my brain is just ahhhhhyh.
Raz zi
Raz zi 17 dias atrás
I love all of you guys❤️
Cryptic CannaBee
Cryptic CannaBee 17 dias atrás
Where's your ring from Nan?
AK 2021Stenson
AK 2021Stenson 18 dias atrás
How do the alters feel about having an image of what they look like (such as gender and physical characteristics) but have a body that doesn’t resemble their image?
Fergus MacLeod
Fergus MacLeod 18 dias atrás
I’m very thankful for your channel, I’m starting to write comic about a person with DID and their life, you are very helpful for accurate information and I’m learning a lot about it. Thank you ❤️
Panda4422OO 18 dias atrás
I low-key simp this system for real for real
SamerPan 18 dias atrás
Is your littles like your children?
Gwen Mary
Gwen Mary 19 dias atrás
This is so interesting! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience
Sarah E Wiederman
Sarah E Wiederman 19 dias atrás
I’m going to be completely honest. I used to be very skeptical about the reality of DID. It just didn’t make sense to me how a disorder like this could actually exist outside fiction. But after watching just a couple videos on this channel that completely changed. I now believe it is 100% true & valid, & I owe that to this channel. Thank you so much for helping me understand and eliminate my ignorance. I think what you’re doing, spreading awareness, & specifically how you’re doing it, namely by explaining DID in depth and yet also in a way people can understand & accept it is wonderful. Thank you!
The Kairos Collaborative
The community appreciates open-minded individuals such as yourself, thank YOU 🙏
alice golman
alice golman 19 dias atrás
I just found out I have multiple personalities and I'm so glad I found your channel cause I was so scared of everything and when I was first diagnosed I shut myself in my house and didnt leave but I'm a lot better now
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