Alex Warren - One More I Love You (Official Music Video)

Alex Warren
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Thank you to everyone on the support of my debut song One More I Love You, Ive had this song
written since I was 15 years old and I'm so happy I can share a part of my life with you guys. This
song has made me so happy, sad, and anxious and I hope it helps you cope with whatever life has
brought you the way it did for me.

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Alex Warren Music (Lyric video, Acoustic, etc):

Behind the scenes video out on

This song represents so many others who have had a similar struggle. Please donate to Camp Kesem who provides support for kids and teens around the country who have lost a parent to cancer:

Produced by & Co-Written w/: JVKE

Directed + Edited by @Jaketheshooter
Produced by: @shooterco
Creative Direction: @alexwarren @jaketheshooter
Director of Photography & Vfx: @grantdecyk
Production Coordinator: @borg.era
Production Manager: @maxdmcguire

1st Assistant Director: @Payroll
Steadicam Op: @the.nick.almanza
1st AC: @billyonairee
2nd AC: @filetmigndre
Underwater Camera Op: @charles.alexanderr

Gaffer: @charles.alexanderr
Key grip: @zach.Garcia
Grip: @mattmarks
G&E Rentals: @sparklitrentals

Vfx: @lucas.rfx @grantdecyk
Vfx Assist: @_jaredMcKenna
Editor: @jaketheshooter
Colorist: @lorenjameswhite
Sound Design: @ayodouson
BTS Video: @_jaredmckenna

Art Director: @mikeyy_15
Production Design: @gcnatipunk

Key PA: @manontmla + @jay.flixx
PA: @crazylocotillly
PA: @lilgabey

Camera Rentals: @redletterrentals
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Production Company: @shooterco

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Comentários 11 840
Alex Warren
Alex Warren Mês atrás
Thank you to everyone... genuinely I know all your favorite influencers give some speech about how appreciative they are... but genuinely. You all know me for the smiley comedy videos i put out (btw new vlog this week lol) but this seriously means the world. These stories are real and everyone has experienced this type of pain one way or another and I am so thankful I can share my story with you guys. ILY
bambiiiii 💙🤍
bambiiiii 💙🤍 2 dias atrás
I'm proud of youuu!!!! Beautiful song I love it!!
Andrew Garcia
Andrew Garcia 2 dias atrás
Sorry about your dad
double owof
double owof 3 dias atrás
this is soo sad i am sry for your lost
Brian Browder
Brian Browder 9 dias atrás
Kathlynn Silas
Kathlynn Silas 9 dias atrás
Thank you for posting this my dad died and I finally have song to listen to that let's me fell relieved that I don't have to suffer for him dying cuz its not my fault thank you alex
Alison Rosales
Alison Rosales Hora atrás
I was only in the song for 2:12 mins and I was crying
Bibi_David Pulido
Bibi_David Pulido 5 horas atrás
This is so sad 🤧
Hidden video
Hidden video 10 horas atrás
This song made me cry because this is the same thing that happened to my dad
lisa 11 horas atrás
Hear me out : a song by Alex and lewis capaldi
nicholas Teixiera
nicholas Teixiera 12 horas atrás
i feel you my dad died last year
Poopoohead3000 Dia atrás
This is by far the best song i have ever heard
w0rm.t33th 2 dias atrás
I am surprised. I actually thought I wouldn’t add this to one of my playlists. But here we are. Good job, Alex. :)
Tahira Barrett
Tahira Barrett 2 dias atrás
This deserves more views than addison rae obsessed cuz that song didn't make any sense at all
Cashuna Moore
Cashuna Moore 2 dias atrás
I listen to this song everyday, he did great 🥰🔥
excuse me ily
excuse me ily 2 dias atrás
Why tf am I only seeing this now 😕 this is literally so sad I’m kinda dealing with the same thing rn so this hit home but I’ve never seen an influencer get so personal who would have thought Alex would be the person to do it I’m really proud of u for sharing ur story I loge that u are so much happier now ur story is truly inspiring ❤️🕊
Kayla Zahn
Kayla Zahn 2 dias atrás
My son was murdered at 4 months old and this song hits home
Emoni Synovec
Emoni Synovec 3 dias atrás
I always cry listening to this. It touches my heart so much!
Ttvwolfwin11YT 3 dias atrás
I get this Alex the same thing happen too me
Shannon Walsh
Shannon Walsh 3 dias atrás
This is an amazing song! I listen to it over and over
Lucy friesen
Lucy friesen 3 dias atrás
I am sure your dad would be so proud of you alex good job with the song it is great I am so sorry for what you had to go through.
Lindsay Bruce
Lindsay Bruce 3 dias atrás
this just makes me cry. he went though something so sad
Payton H
Payton H 3 dias atrás
I'm sobbing😭 Great song Alex!
ophelia kakouratos
ophelia kakouratos 3 dias atrás
this song hits hard
Ethan Hinson
Ethan Hinson 4 dias atrás
Lewis capsule
Jadin Daniels
Jadin Daniels 4 dias atrás
I know that he is proud of everything you've done.
Vada and Aubree
Vada and Aubree 4 dias atrás
Why am I crying.
Lucy Sivier
Lucy Sivier 4 dias atrás
I really miss my dad and ik how it feels but you just gotta let the emotions go 🌈
Hdhd Hdueu
Hdhd Hdueu 4 dias atrás
I have one thing to say. OMG this song really got to my heart ❤️😭
Kelly Lyons
Kelly Lyons 4 dias atrás
Alex I have never had a dad before I feel you
Kimmiee Nichole
Kimmiee Nichole 5 dias atrás
I’m so sorry for your loss. What a gorgeous song. I can feel the pure emotion
Cassie Stewart
Cassie Stewart 5 dias atrás
This song hits so much harder when you relate to it
ASMR Mia 5 dias atrás
When he posted the song a month ago but I still hear it everyday and cry🥲💕
Jose Alfredo Rojas
Jose Alfredo Rojas 5 dias atrás
Molly is going out with her mom to get her mom up from school 🏫 and she is not home so she will go with her to get the house and then she will come over to help me please give me a text please bye love bye hi bye mom hi bye hi baby bye hi bye mom hi bye hi girl hi bye hi baby bye hi bye mom hi bye hi girl hi bye hi baby bye hi bye mom hi bye hi
Jose Alfredo Rojas
Jose Alfredo Rojas 5 dias atrás
1 Dollar
Jose Alfredo Rojas
Jose Alfredo Rojas 5 dias atrás
😎 cool $1000,0000000,000000000,00000000
Bri C.
Bri C. 5 dias atrás
Dudeee this is so good
Tomato Squad
Tomato Squad 5 dias atrás
I genuinely didn’t know he could sing and it’s weird
Aaliyah Sutalo
Aaliyah Sutalo 5 dias atrás
Out of all the tiktok creators that made songs his is the best one❤️🔥
savannah grace
savannah grace 6 dias atrás
this is beautiful, keep your head high. you have so many supports 💕❤️
Kassondra Coombs
Kassondra Coombs 6 dias atrás
I feel so bad for you😭😔
stan larray
stan larray 6 dias atrás
Still come back here its so great
Kiynliee🤍🩰 6 dias atrás
I’m so sorry I know you had a rough childhood but just know they both love you so much more than you know keep on going you did very well on this
jessica brawley
jessica brawley 6 dias atrás
This is the first song that made me cry. I love this song so much
Ryan Colindres
Ryan Colindres 6 dias atrás
That made me cry😢
Ryan Colindres
Ryan Colindres 6 dias atrás
Damn that made me cry
isabel Luppens
isabel Luppens 6 dias atrás
I want to listen to this song so bad but I just lost my grandpa and I don't feel like crying anymore
PATRICK ARNUCO 7 dias atrás
bruh this is actually fire
😈qaoxkw😈 7 dias atrás
W song
Elexia Rodriguez
Elexia Rodriguez 7 dias atrás
I love it
Think_Timmcgraw 7 dias atrás
amazing song
Rosie and Katie🌻
Rosie and Katie🌻 7 dias atrás
😭😭😭😭 this is all I can said 😭😭😭😭😭
Alexandria Carringer
Alexandria Carringer 7 dias atrás
Alex if you see this is it okay if I sing that at my grandmas funeral 🥺
Indixe 7 dias atrás
Why did I think that in the thumbnail he was Ed Sheeran 😭
Kickin It With Caleb
Kickin It With Caleb 7 dias atrás
I'm not a big fan of this song but keep it up man!
refilwe and art
refilwe and art 7 dias atrás
this is a beautiful song, Alex. please release more songs. i love this and you
raihana ayoubi
raihana ayoubi 7 dias atrás
im crying my dad passed away as well when i was
Shaily Pincha
Shaily Pincha 7 dias atrás
Blanch Emily
Blanch Emily 7 dias atrás
I am sorry my dad lost his dad when he was 5
Keira Leston
Keira Leston 7 dias atrás
Brb im crying
Iara Barradas
Iara Barradas 7 dias atrás
i bet he is proud of what you have done have hope alex.
Renata Paiva
Renata Paiva 8 dias atrás
I'm sorry but this deserves 100% more views that dixie and addison songs
Daniella Menachemson
Daniella Menachemson 8 dias atrás
Alex what the hell this is amazing
Reese Louise
Reese Louise 8 dias atrás
WE need an Acoustic Verision ASAP
Claire Tucker
Claire Tucker 8 dias atrás
Is it just me or I can really relate to this ❤️😭 it’s always the people with the biggest smile that go through the most
Alex are you tryna make us cry?
Ismael Rana
Ismael Rana 8 dias atrás
Respect Alex keep working hard on your journey my u succeed way more. But just sometimes u need to move on
Hotbabe 8 dias atrás
I’m literally sobbing right now this song has so much emotion it’s genuinely amazing omg
Meghann van den Brand
Meghann van den Brand 8 dias atrás
Your father would be very proud of you, i’m sure he’s dancing in the sky and i hope he’s singing till the angels cry 🤍✨😘
Teddy bear Wolf
Teddy bear Wolf 8 dias atrás
I love the but it always made me cry
Emma Grace Lancon
Emma Grace Lancon 8 dias atrás
This is a meaning to spend more time with your love ones cause one day u will not be with them again
Vivian Mariano
Vivian Mariano 8 dias atrás
Ngl this is better than adissons....🤚
XoStarnightXo 8 dias atrás
this is one amazing song ❤️
Janavi Wagle
Janavi Wagle 9 dias atrás
To the 2.7K people who disliked this video, you have no heart
monsta 2020 reacts
monsta 2020 reacts 9 dias atrás
Does Alex have any other songs
Abigail Cole
Abigail Cole 9 dias atrás
I like this
Z3RT3S 9 dias atrás
this song ass
Natalie Ossama
Natalie Ossama 9 dias atrás
This song applies to me and what happened to my grandma was the same and it still hurts
Brianna Thompson
Brianna Thompson 9 dias atrás
Also Lewis Capaldi vibes and I am here for it!!!
Brianna Thompson
Brianna Thompson 9 dias atrás
I lost my mom at age 10. It was incredibly painful and caused mental health issues for me ever since. But I know where she’s at, and I know she’s always with me. It gets better over time but still takes time to heal and grieve!
Rezanna Razack
Rezanna Razack 9 dias atrás
I'm holding back tears right now :(
debbierocksdr 9 dias atrás
i wasn't expecting that but i'm happy i have heard it and watched it.It is amazing hope you make it really far in life and get everything you deserve hope for the best . my heart is big and i'm sharing every last bit of love with you , ps. i cried to the song and the video :( :) ;) thankyou for bringing me joy and helping me get through lockdown if it wasn't for u idk where i would be today as a person or anything so many thanks and wishes
Zoei Stephenson
Zoei Stephenson 9 dias atrás
I am sry
Zoei Stephenson
Zoei Stephenson 9 dias atrás
Wait so your dad died
Ella Shortland
Ella Shortland 9 dias atrás
this is my favourite song ever
It’s Angie
It’s Angie 9 dias atrás
This song rlly made me appreciate having my parents here I love this song so much I felt it in my heart ❤️
Isaac Gonzalez
Isaac Gonzalez 9 dias atrás
This a Beautiful song it made me cry
Macarena Borja
Macarena Borja 10 dias atrás
I cried so bad
Aleksandra Rzanek
Aleksandra Rzanek 10 dias atrás
i litarlly cryed like i cant even spell anymore
Claudia Crespo
Claudia Crespo 10 dias atrás
Omg I am so sorry for your lost bro I am crying rn it's soo sad I know it might be hard ok but I know it's sad and I am crying to 🥺🥺🥺
Thais 10 dias atrás
Art. ✨❣️
Linda Lee
Linda Lee 11 dias atrás
holy this is good
Kailani Kaukimoce
Kailani Kaukimoce 11 dias atrás
bruh……I just heard his sons and it slaps like I amazed also question is Alex Christian?
RENA Farhat
RENA Farhat 11 dias atrás
Favorite song❤️
Marley Morgan
Marley Morgan 11 dias atrás
Alex why you gotta do me like that you MADE MY CRY 😭
Frederique De Maeijer
Frederique De Maeijer 11 dias atrás
You at first I was like “wellwell yet another tiktoker bringing out music” now after listen I still say the same only now I add “at least this one is good”
Rachel Johnson
Rachel Johnson 11 dias atrás
This mv made me cry
Buttxerfly plays
Buttxerfly plays 11 dias atrás
Awww this makes me cry 😭
Isabella Landberg
Isabella Landberg 12 dias atrás
This is the ONLY song that can make me cry ❤️
STRANGER THINGS 12 dias atrás
Lyrics❤️‍🔥 5 a.m. and I feel like crying I knew I lost you, I lost a friend Clock ran out at the worst of timing I'm deeply troubled, filled with regret I'm arms, knees deep in alcohol But I'm drowning, I'm drowning, I'm drowning Sinking deeper, need your arms around me, around me 'Cause there ain't nothing in this world Nothing in this world I wouldn't do To say one more I love you Nothing in this world, nothing in this world I wouldn't do To say one more I love you Thunder hit but it felt like lighting The night I lost you, I lost a friend And pictures say you look just like me Wish I could see you, see you again I'm arms, knees deep in alcohol But I'm drowning, I'm drowning, I'm drowning Sinking deeper, need your arms around me, around me 'Cause there ain't nothing in this world Nothing in this world I wouldn't do To say one more I love you Nothing in this world, nothing in this world I wouldn't do To say one more I love you One more I love you One more I love you Nothing in this world, nothing in this world I wouldn't do To say one more I love you I'm drowning, I'm drowning I'm drowning, I'm drowning I'm drowning, I'm drowning 'Cause there ain't nothing in this world Nothing in this world I wouldn't do To say one more I love you Nothing in this world, nothing in this world I wouldn't do To say one more I love you One more I love you One more I love you One more I love you Nothing in this world Nothing in this world I wouldn't do To say one more I love you Stay strong Alex you made it to the top🤙
Gracie Bear
Gracie Bear 12 dias atrás
I’m in tears
Naomi Francis
Naomi Francis 12 dias atrás
This song made me change my perspective on life and how short it can be and to take everything second like it’s the last
lillian bordelon
lillian bordelon 12 dias atrás
Who else started crying?
Savannah White
Savannah White 12 dias atrás
You made me 😭😭😭😭😭 my dad is 52 so I crying lol
XxFlower_BeautyXx 12 dias atrás
This song is making me cry
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