Alejandro Aranda Sings Original "Cholo Love" - Top 10 Reveal - American Idol 2019 on ABC

American Idol
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Alejandro Aranda sings an original song, "Cholo Love," during the Top 10 Reveal round on American Idol 2019 in front of a live audience and judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie.
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
American Idol 2019
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest returns as host of the beloved series.

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Comentários 100
khusboo basnet
khusboo basnet 7 horas atrás
I can listen to him all day ♥️♥️
Louisa Analla
Louisa Analla Dia atrás
You should have won! Hands down!
Alan Weng
Alan Weng Dia atrás
Professional keyboard artist/producer Cori Jacobs gives him high praise as he breaks down the chord arrangements by Alejandro. Search this on BRvid to check it out "cori jacobs on alejandro aranda"
Travis Angel
Travis Angel Dia atrás
My favorite song of his.
Mayra Alejandra
Mayra Alejandra Dia atrás
God I desperately need a studio version of this and Blesser.. pleeeeease! Amen!
Eli Ramirez
Eli Ramirez Dia atrás
When does the tour start? I'm sure he will be selling out areas soon. Come to Az homie!
D. Tirado
D. Tirado Dia atrás
Thanks to this guy, SONGLAND by NBC was create. If AI doesn’t get it and continue with the karaoke format, they will loose a once in a lifetime opportunity and much more audience next season. Here is an idea ABC for the title of a new show “World OG’s SSW IDOL” Original singer-songwriter. Think about it, the winner is already made for a quick album and tour.
Wilma Yoto
Wilma Yoto 2 dias atrás
There's just magic in this song. After hearing this I kinda feel like more in love with my husband than ever..
blahblahblah 3 dias atrás
Notice the only person who didnt give a standing ovation?
Prince Jackson
Prince Jackson Hora atrás
Who? sorry I'm slow
WishYouWereHere 3 dias atrás
He should’ve won ;(
Leah Valdez
Leah Valdez 3 dias atrás
Omg!!! ❤️❤️ love Cholo Love! You go, Alejandro!
Adam Godinez
Adam Godinez 3 dias atrás
Deserved to win.
A Hall
A Hall 4 dias atrás
He isn't no Mayer, Meyer or Mayor. He is a musical genius ALEJANDRO ARANDA!💎 No comparison to anyone else. Please stop categorizing him. He is totally in a league of his own. I wish everyone in this world would see a person & stop categorizing by color, nationality, etc.
Orlando Saeroon
Orlando Saeroon 4 dias atrás
Army of homies, let’s make it happen tonight!!! Get out all of your phones and vote!
D. G.
D. G. 4 dias atrás
I’m addicted to this song. Can’t stop watching this video. Peace to all the people of the world.
E G 5 dias atrás
Absolutely love this song, it’s my jam. Dance along to it every time.
Brandon Coderre
Brandon Coderre 6 dias atrás
:46 start. You’re welcome!
Denholm Elli
Denholm Elli 6 dias atrás
I mean. When Katy smiled. The whole world stops
Buster Hyman
Buster Hyman 6 dias atrás
This dude is like a Cholo Liberache and sings like John Mayer , geez 🤔🤗😉🙄😌🤤😮😯😐😶🙃🤑😲😵😳😱😰😬😨😧😦🤓🤠😇
Life Beyond Beauty
Life Beyond Beauty 7 dias atrás
I just can't get enough of this's so cool that I don't want it to end. Definitely my summer jam! This gift of yours is going to take you places you've probably never dream of. Stay humble 'cause that's what makes you a great artist. You're amazing!!!
ManUtdMo36 Mo
ManUtdMo36 Mo 8 dias atrás
And trump wants to build a wall to stop Mexicans entering the States, this genius was a dishwasher, can you believe this shit? Never judge a book by it’s cover, god blessed him with a talent that no one else cared to find..... Well done homie, it’s your time 👌
Ugly Trash
Ugly Trash 8 dias atrás
For whatever reason I never love Alejandro as I'm watching him really but when I rewatch him, he's amazing and I love him
Zai 8 dias atrás
Juán Mayor anyone 😂
BC VC 9 dias atrás
I can hear this song playing in the radio
George Correa
George Correa 9 dias atrás
Pure musical genius and brilliance. A gift to humanity.
Kingsley Yusufu
Kingsley Yusufu 9 dias atrás
What man??? Just hit the like button for him
kindaouttaluck 9 dias atrás
Did no one notice the beginning when uche touched Alejandro and he gave him the “don’t fucking touch me” look!?!?
D. G.
D. G. 4 dias atrás
He was being gracious for the win.
JAZZYM201 8 dias atrás
kindaouttaluck Bullshit !!! He was trying to make eye contact with Uché and if you pay attention Alejandro tells Uché “ you’re amazing”... so stop making shit up. And watch the whole damn episode so you can see that when Lionel saved Uché, Uché began to cry and the only one comforting him was ALEJANDRO. Alejandro comforted and embraces Uché and he didn’t remove his arm from around Uché. Watch the whole thing before you try and damage someone’s character asshole!
IM ZEAD 9 dias atrás
I got heaps of love for my guy Alejandro
Deezy2Wavy 9 dias atrás
Here before 1 million views, I listened to this so many times because it isn’t on Spotify.
Amber Kelly
Amber Kelly 10 dias atrás
No one: Ryan seacrest: alejandroooooo singing CHolo love!!
Go Shine bullies
Go Shine bullies 10 dias atrás
Gawd damn homie!!!
Donna Davis
Donna Davis 11 dias atrás
I went crazy when he played "Cholo Love". Wow! Soooo good!
Daya Dayana
Daya Dayana 11 dias atrás
I Love this song soooooo!!! got me hooked since the audition!!! SO HAPPY TO HEAR THE WHOLE THANG!!!
Retno Susanti
Retno Susanti 11 dias atrás
Cholo love... yeahhh...
Marcos Lucas Reynoso
Marcos Lucas Reynoso 12 dias atrás
Blesser please
AttnJack 12 dias atrás
This song is in my head every day at work. It's just there. I love it.
Jesse Viveros
Jesse Viveros 12 dias atrás
montserrat noack
montserrat noack 12 dias atrás
Alejandro tú tienes que ganaaaar eres genial!!!
Brent Sucher
Brent Sucher 12 dias atrás
Legit, my chills have chills....
Maria Echeverri
Maria Echeverri 13 dias atrás
I've loved this kid since the first minute he appeared!!! Buena Suerte, Alejandro! 🎉💖🎉💖🎉💖
Ewa Biskup
Ewa Biskup 13 dias atrás
he is very good piano/guitar player but singing?..... not a fan!
TwoDashFaced Man
TwoDashFaced Man 12 dias atrás
let the music producers deal with that. what's important is he can write and arrange beautiful songs.
J_girl1994 J
J_girl1994 J 13 dias atrás
YESSS i was looking for this everywhere since his audition, i'm so happy it's out !
Ava 13 dias atrás
Brings tears of JOY...he’s a world no other
TH3 KiiD
TH3 KiiD 13 dias atrás
Has anyone else sang their songs this much on the show?
Donna Davis
Donna Davis 11 dias atrás
No, they haven't. As a matter of fact, the show's producers have restricted it up until now, but his songs are so good, I don't think they had a choice and his music is already known by so many people. It's not like he's playing music that nobody knows.
Billy John Dimajiva
Billy John Dimajiva 13 dias atrás
This artist just made me watch American Idol again after how many boring seasons passed.. ❤️
L P 14 dias atrás
now....Cholo Love,.....means something else, but....Love is love, even Cholo Love is good love.
L P 14 dias atrás
I usually drop in to see 1:17 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maria 14 dias atrás
Navin Bhandari
Navin Bhandari 14 dias atrás
He just blew the SHIT out of the water!!!..haha love this guy
Lance Smith
Lance Smith 15 dias atrás
Damn! This guy better win!!
Garden Girl
Garden Girl 15 dias atrás
Lovely. He really comes alive when he does originals
Abby Moreno
Abby Moreno 15 dias atrás
I’m obsessed! I watch him all day everyday 😍
winkie51 15 dias atrás
Alejandro performing in front of Fox Theater in Pomona !!
winkie51 11 dias atrás
Hi ! If he is put through tonight (Sunday), there is a parade and performance downtown Pomona, 3rd & Geary in front of Fox Theater.Streets will be closed, starts 3:00 PM Idol Hometown!
fer Esp
fer Esp 11 dias atrás
Marlenet777 16 dias atrás
Look at Lionel grooving! Lol Go Lionel!
Damoon Foroutanian
Damoon Foroutanian 16 dias atrás
This track is dance floor ready
Jaelle Kaylor
Jaelle Kaylor 16 dias atrás
He needs to just cut a quick album recording with the songs from his youtube and insta and we will all buy it. No need for idol and their record deals- im prob the only one hoping he doesn't win because then their exec's .....will be in charge of his recordings etc- second place is fine with me as long as he records an album. I say just do it now yourself alejandro- cheap equipment who cares- you'll outsell ....any winner from idol before the shows even over. 😉
Filipe silva
Filipe silva 16 dias atrás
Tammy Vance
Tammy Vance 17 dias atrás
Tammy Vance
Tammy Vance 17 dias atrás
Donna Davis
Donna Davis 11 dias atrás
Not sick at all, you're 54, you're not dead...and he is hot!
rudy von zippa
rudy von zippa 16 dias atrás
I'm 68 and feel it is very healthy at my age and I deserve to see his 'greatness' So do you Please enjoy
Lee's Reviews
Lee's Reviews 17 dias atrás
Ryan “Alejandroooooo!”
Kevin Paskevicius
Kevin Paskevicius 17 dias atrás
Piano >>>>>>>> Guitar
Cindi Possidento
Cindi Possidento 18 dias atrás
He’s the man and the winner I do believe!!!
The ledgend 27
The ledgend 27 18 dias atrás
Can't wait until he releases this song and his others🔥🔥
Bruce Burk
Bruce Burk 18 dias atrás
Ok Obviously he's the best in years, but why hasn't anyone mentioned that it seems like he got pissed at Uche lol
D. G.
D. G. 4 dias atrás
He was being gracious... probably said thanks or something like that.
Kaarthikeya Yeluri
Kaarthikeya Yeluri 19 dias atrás
He sounds like Sam Smith but with legendary instrumental and vocal capability. He rocks.
Edna Resurreccion
Edna Resurreccion 19 dias atrás
Diana Franco
Diana Franco 19 dias atrás
Awesome talent! Mad musical skills! Bring in more of that jazz sound on AI, Alejandro. It's about time!
Jaycee Baltazar
Jaycee Baltazar 19 dias atrás
O O 19 dias atrás
Every record company out there, chewing their fingers off for a shot at signing this guy.
blythe maxim
blythe maxim 20 dias atrás
fer Esp
fer Esp 11 dias atrás
Lucky him cutie💓😘
Gilbert Vaquera
Gilbert Vaquera 20 dias atrás
Omg play Alejandro when you’re stuck in traffic he will just soothe your soul and take you somewhere else
Mary Saucedo
Mary Saucedo 10 dias atrás
Gilbert Vaquera omg that’s exactly what i did last time. Worked magic I was home before I knew it 😂
Cami fuquene
Cami fuquene 21 dia atrás
I've just watched this video at least 50 times
D. G.
D. G. 4 dias atrás
me too. I’m addicted to this performance and this song.
Jose Paulo King
Jose Paulo King 9 dias atrás
Homie, I gotcha by a couple hundred replays. He is SICK!
jvaldez5 21 dia atrás
AI should just say, here is a piano, beat maker, and guitar now go make your weekly song for next Sunday
jaymanxv 21 dia atrás
Three originals on the show and counting. Homie's just previewing his upcoming tour.
Donna Davis
Donna Davis 11 dias atrás
Omigod, Yessss!!!!
G Ro
G Ro 21 dia atrás
Guys, don't forget to vote LIVE this Sunday for Alejandro! No need to wait until his performance if you are busy. Set your alarm and VOTE at 8pm East 5pm West US, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands can vote through the American Idol App, website, AND texting 11 to 21523... Vote 30 times!
Akanchha Rai
Akanchha Rai 21 dia atrás
Love his voice😍
Lucia Hill
Lucia Hill 21 dia atrás
Okay, show is over. I'm ready to buy his music. I had stopped watching American Idol, now he's the reason I'm back. Plays his own instruments, puts his own twist on songs, writes his own songs, etc... Don't matter how he looks blond hair black however these judges or whomever try to influence him HE STAYS TRUE. it's like chillin in the to an awesome jam session when he plays guitar. Guy doesn't need that band drowning him out in the back ground. He's is in a class of his own. Sign him to a label already...🎶...just love his overall sound. For the first time in a long time, an artist appears and its not so much about the current fashion, or trying to fit in with current's a just a sinple guy with his voice, guitar and piano. He's awesome to listen to. 🎶🎸
Rani hanafie
Rani hanafie 22 dias atrás
You...make me feel so relax..when i listening your music dude... So cool ..
JUDY MORENO 23 dias atrás
Alejandro, this will be a number one song. For you🤗 it’s a beautiful song. God gave you a blessing keep writing your Music❤️ love it !
Mina Olivas
Mina Olivas 23 dias atrás
"Cholo love" keeping it real! Voting for this guy! ❤️
Maria_2951kingdr 23 dias atrás
Can Cholo Love please get on iTunes like NOW❗️💯PLEASE❣️🎶🎹🙏🏼
TheAndrew403 24 dias atrás
Straight S.A.U.C.Y.
J 24 dias atrás
Who else noticed he cringed how Ryan said his name at 0:38
Denholm Elli
Denholm Elli 24 dias atrás
Alejandro and Jeremiah are the reason why I'm visiting this channel every week.
Sarah Delayo
Sarah Delayo 24 dias atrás
Keep it up your amazing!!
Jose Montes
Jose Montes 25 dias atrás
Ryan is having way too much fun with that R .. nobody: Ryan seacrest: “Alejandrrrrrrrrrro “
Donna Davis
Donna Davis 11 dias atrás
Elvin Bermudez
Elvin Bermudez 25 dias atrás
This boricua respects alejandro as an artist. He's unique and diverse.. Dude is dope.
Victor Flores Jr.
Victor Flores Jr. 25 dias atrás
Man if American Idol allows Alejandro to play the full version of "Blesser" then the contest is over. Homie is just too talented.
xd GreenBuddy
xd GreenBuddy 26 dias atrás
This is what i call pure talent Like if you agree
Mia Monarca
Mia Monarca 26 dias atrás
He killed it! 🙏👊
elephant travelers
elephant travelers 26 dias atrás
Overrated voice, amazing piano skills, uche deserve more
elephant travelers
elephant travelers 18 dias atrás
JAZZYM201 too bad
JAZZYM201 18 dias atrás
elephant travelers Uché gone.... Alejandro for the win!!! ❤️❤️❤️
SACHINN KADAM 26 dias atrás
He never failed to amaze me ... what an artist.... stay blessed hard worker
Mike Kingsbury
Mike Kingsbury 26 dias atrás
The arrangement is sick. Lmk if you need a drummer because I wanna groove
illlagitamit 26 dias atrás
This is like the equivalent to the winners single on the voice.... just already radio ready A1
Dylan Kosher
Dylan Kosher 26 dias atrás
I don’t think there has ever been an American Idol contestant more deserving to win than Alejandro. This man oozes pure emotion. I’ll take “Cholo Love” over “Old Town Choad” every time lol
Manly Astronaut
Manly Astronaut 26 dias atrás
You can see the other contestants trying not to shit in their pants
Lando Dez
Lando Dez 26 dias atrás
We need to get Santana to do guitar on this track for the finals
Victoria Vlisides
Victoria Vlisides 26 dias atrás
I cannot stop watching Alejandro's videos. America has been so starved of real talent in the mainstream for so long. So sick of these produced people - I think we forgot what it was like to have this feeling all together at once: this is what a genuine raw artist looks like.
MARS 26 dias atrás
He is pure talent. He can sing, compose his own songs, and plays instruments really well. I hope he'll have a successful career in the future :)
cz productions
cz productions 26 dias atrás
We all need a studio version ASAP
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