Aladdin - Movie Review

Jeremy Jahns
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The newest Disney Live Action remake is a classic of the 90's. Here's my review for ALADDIN!


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22 Mai 2019

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Comentários 3 829
Jason Mcshark
Jason Mcshark 5 horas atrás
I liked it except for the fact that they removed the original prince Ali reprise so jasmine could sing a song for 8 year old girls on radio Disney
alwaysxnever 6 horas atrás
That was harsh Jahns. But I don't watch your videos to validate my opinion. But to hear your's. Ty fir thr content as always I.
Maiko Gammell
Maiko Gammell 14 horas atrás
I agree with everything you said...I left the theater feeling like the film was rushed. Lacked weight, like you said, which the animated film had. The carpet ride number lacked a WOW. But I did enjoy it.
XxxIdgaf 15 horas atrás
The beginning of the movie was fucking terrible but it got better as it went on. I didn’t like Jasmines speechless song, Jafar was bad, Aladdin’s screaming expressions were awful, but other than that it was alright.
Inksterboy 16 horas atrás
What do I have to say about this movie.......? This movie was the Best Disney movie remake I have ever seen in my life! Although Jafar was still awful and boring and the father of Jasmine was kinda dull.. However the rest of the movie was fantastic! I really loved how they made alot references to the cartoon movie like how the genie still did the hilarious actions by turning into a women 😂 dont get me wrong I laughed so hard. The singing was outstanding and the acting was incredible!
K Clems
K Clems 17 horas atrás
I Walked out. Atrocious compared to the original.
Marlene Gnzlz
Marlene Gnzlz Dia atrás
I loved the movie ❤
pyrabelle 57
pyrabelle 57 Dia atrás
David Perez
David Perez Dia atrás
Extremely disappointed from this movie...Mega fuck this Aladdin... hope the Lion King doesn't fail like this movie did
sportsMike87 Dia atrás
It was an entertaining movie. A different interpretation on an animated movie.
keith thornton
keith thornton Dia atrás
I was really skeptical going in to this movie. With that said I really enjoyed it, BUT they completely ruined Jafar. Painfully so. And some really memorable scenes were changed and not for the better.
Zuko104 Dia atrás
I just saw the film, I enjoyed it overall. The most noticeable flaw was the cast for Jafar, he did not feel like a Jafar to me lol.
Lucy does playlists and song lyrics
I have seen this movie and I thought that they did it really well I liked will smith as the genie and I liked the songs and the actors who played Princes Jasmine and Aladdin.
T Terry
T Terry 2 dias atrás
1:30 hahahaha that's the funniest part hahahahahaha ONLY ONE MAY ENTER HERE!
AWF AWF 2 dias atrás
Just got back from seeing Aladdin and your review misses the mark. But we can agree to disagree, as you loved the Force Awakens which I found to be an insipid, poorly made film which destroyed classic characters. This film does not destroy Aladdin; it's very exciting and fun to watch in its own right. I almost skipped the film after watching your review, but I came out of the theater thoroughly satisfied with what I saw on the screen. The film is shot in the style of the classic Sinbad films of the 1960s--sure, some of the acting was cheesy and the direction could have been better in places , but the orchestrations were fantastic, the costumes and cinematography lush, the script surprisingly good especially with respect to the development of the Jasmine character. My only complaints had to do with the length and portrayal of Jafar--a few sequences could have been cut with no harm done, and I preferred the comic-sinister edge of the original Jafar. But overall, the original Aladdin (cartoon) gets an A+ and this one gets a solid B+ from me (bordering on an A-). Did I need this film? No. Was I entertained and was it worthwhile? Yes. And that's why I go to the theaters--to be entertained.
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 2 dias atrás
Why compare it to the original? Did you try watching the movie as if it's your first time seeing it? I did. And it was good. So good. CGI Genie was good too. John August and Guy Richie made an adaptation that wasn't trying to go one to one with the original and they did it well.
Glen Reidy
Glen Reidy 3 dias atrás
I enjoyed it but I wasn’t as immersed as I would of liked due to the American accents.
Christophe Ferreira
Christophe Ferreira 3 dias atrás
One of the lines of the genie, haven't they used Robin Williams' voice? I could swear it was his voice, for one line only ...
Camila B
Camila B 3 dias atrás
I enjoyed this movie, but I missed my favourite line from the animated one, that's actually a Jafar line.. "Prince Abubu"
Camila B
Camila B 3 dias atrás
Stephanie Lastname
Stephanie Lastname 3 dias atrás
This movie was a borefest. no one in the cinema laughed at all not even once, Even though the cast were trying so hard to be funny it just didn't work. Save yourself money and watch the original
howtoeataham 3 dias atrás
I feel like I’m in the minority when I say this movie sucked. It was funny in some parts, but other than that the acting was pretty sub par, CGI was pretty bad for Disney, and lots of character moments didn’t make sense
ILLUSION CESAR 3 dias atrás
Isn't that for girls
Arelis Villanueva
Arelis Villanueva 3 dias atrás
I don't like u
Arelis Villanueva
Arelis Villanueva 3 dias atrás
I'm disappointed they left out jafar's song out but I still loved it
Emily Goldman
Emily Goldman 3 dias atrás
Yessss! You hit my main two gripes of the movie so well. First off iago was trash in the new version, so why bother. Secondly I was NOT a fan of the weird editing during the songs with the speed.
Isaiah Dismuke
Isaiah Dismuke 2 dias atrás
Emily Goldman yas queen you go!
Arelis Villanueva
Arelis Villanueva 3 dias atrás
Will Smith was awesome
Arelis Villanueva
Arelis Villanueva 3 dias atrás
I loved the movie.prince Ali was awesome stop hating
Farquaad Castle
Farquaad Castle 3 dias atrás
How much is Disney paying you? I could do with Duke side cash
yellow mermaid
yellow mermaid 4 dias atrás
I loved the actors more than the film itself..
supremercommonder 4 dias atrás
They got Jasmin wrong white washed
Apple y
Apple y 4 dias atrás
Here comes all of the "ThE OriGiNAL wAS bEttER" comments. Honestly, I'm so tired of this trope. Cant people just think for themselves? A movie is not automatically better because it came first and was animated, and a live action ADAPTATION is not bad because of the inverse. Imo, this live action was actually better than the original. But I know everyone will attack that opinion, because the desire to have the majority opinion is stronger than fairly assessing a films quality for what it does and giving it the credit it deserves. Oh well...
Zachariah Miteruai
Zachariah Miteruai 4 dias atrás
People need to get there head out of there ass about cgi like bro how else would we get half the movies we get
Apple y
Apple y 5 dias atrás
Ahh yes of course, live action matter how good/enjoyable they are they will be underrated simply because there was a medicore cartoon made before it. Rip.
Apple y
Apple y 4 dias atrás
@Celsea C I'm sorry. For clarification I did not intend to say that the 2D animation/anime/"cartoon" medium was mediocre, it is absolutely not. I love animation as well, and I actually believe that animation is capable of creating better stories, worlds and characters than 99% of live action films/TV shows. I was just speaking specifically about "Aladdin", the original 2D Disney movie. I will admit though that I haven't seen that film in a couple of years so it may not even be fair for me to judge it, so I apologize for that. From what i remember though I enjoyed it but i was just not as impressed or captivated by it as much as some of Disney's other works. It wasn't that original story or character wise and so I believe that the live actions changes made up for that for me. Honestly the point of my comment was just that many times people will blindly bash these live action ADAPTATIONS of these older, reneissance Disney era films simply because they are "different from the original" even when if the live action version came first they wouldn't love the animated one as much as the live. You can't let nostalgia or a bandwagon of opinions impact your judgement of a good film which is genuinely good in what it does. People should be thankful that Disney is even reviving their favorite cartoons, instead of complaining, and that was just my main point, I guess.
Celsea C
Celsea C 5 dias atrás
mediocre cartoon?? have you no idea how many months that took back in the day? what a huge team to work on it? I understand your point but can you not being so condescending? Animation is something that people study and should be appreciated. The original had character and atmosphere which stemmed from animation. The faces were very expressive and all the feelings of the characters got out perfectly. Unlike some of the performances in the movie
Apple y
Apple y 5 dias atrás
Honestly when Disney releases a GOOD live action ADAPTATION (that everyone knows they were gonna go to in theatres since the trailer) and then everybody whines about the whole "ThE oriGiNAL iS aLwAYs bETTER" its so goddamn ANNOYING. people want to hop on that bandwagon so bad that they cant use actual unbiased judgement to enjoy something or recognize its quality. This Aladdin was fantastic, and so were The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast. Dont let stupid superstitions cloud your judgement/enjoyment of good movies. Ffs.
Kelly Kelbe
Kelly Kelbe 5 dias atrás
Why didn’t they keep the same storyline ?
Limor Shakar
Limor Shakar 6 dias atrás
The Animation one is the best with the late and great Robin Williams 🧞‍♂️ RIP. Also, too much Aladdin for me Broadway show 🎭, cruise show🚢 and of course the original flick.
Kyle Campbell
Kyle Campbell 6 dias atrás
I don't like Disney movies, especially musicals, and I don't remember seeing the original movie when I was a kid I was in because is a Guy Ritchie movie
Kyle Campbell
Kyle Campbell 2 dias atrás
This homophobic comment makes you so gay
Shinigami Eye
Shinigami Eye 4 dias atrás
So you love Gay's movies.
Richard Andrews
Richard Andrews 7 dias atrás
What the hell man? The movie was actually really good. The only part I would agree on was the fast forward part, but I think I noticed just because you said it. It held it's own apart from the animation. I even cried a bit at the end, and I DIDN'T expect that. Also, I watched in in 4D, so maybe enhanced the movie. Anyway, I can't imagine how many people didn't watch this listing to you. Oh, well, the the movie still did great regardless or all the "negative" people .
Richard Andrews
Richard Andrews 6 horas atrás
S M oh no. Someone likes something I don’t. Waaaa 😭😭😭
S M 7 horas atrás
Yea DIsney relies on dopes like you to keep their monopoly going. The movie was easy and lazy and boring trash. No need for it and the animated version still has better visuals to this day and will continue for 10+ years into the future with the shit CGI they used. Some people are just sheep and do what they are told. Go find the next penny it'll be just as easy to find and just as shiny.
Kimberley Charlie Mifsud
YES!!! It felt like a stage musical but filmed! except they were fast forwarded... as you said
Justin Rivera
Justin Rivera 7 dias atrás
Nahhh I usually agree with you but this movie was great and I was surprised by it. Give it a 7/10 and I'd watch it again.
Rough 7 dias atrás
7 out of 10 more like 3 out of 10
Elisabeth Bonnema
Elisabeth Bonnema 8 dias atrás
About Disney sequels, they made those straight to dvd's so that new animators could be trained and train for the proper disneymovies and the budget for those was lower. That's why they mostly lack in quality and stuff, not because nobody cared. They were still well made imo tho ^^
Herbo Racks
Herbo Racks 8 dias atrás
It seems like everyone enjoyed this movie except for the hardcore reviewers that keep comparing a live action to something that's animated. Instead of just taking it as a live action film. Literally everyone enjoyed this film and if you haven't seen it go watch it
R 8 dias atrás
Will Smith sucks imo, I don't understand why people find him charismatic. I even read some opinions about people comparing his charisma with Tom Cruise and even goddamn Keanu Reeves, lol Where man, where is this charisma? The guy is froze in the 90's
Alfian Hardianto 8
Alfian Hardianto 8 8 dias atrás
Only one may enter here🤣🤣🤣
Swayslandjobs Swayslandjobs
My god..this fucking guy...YES!
Arthuruz Scofield
Arthuruz Scofield 8 dias atrás
I watched it with my wife and kids and we loved it! This movie is better than Beauty and the Beast. And the song A Whole New World is better than the cartoon version.
izzy A
izzy A 8 dias atrás
this clown is wrong. Its a great movie. Best live action yet.
Ranking Factory Review
Nice job, I loved the info.
Ahmed Adam Andalus
Ahmed Adam Andalus 8 dias atrás
You said you wanted more character development, but then you said the original was hour & half, making it seem you wanted it to be 1.5. That couldn’t happen tho, They could have just did the development but added 20 min extra to the film. The movie wasn’t sloppy like X-Men was. They had an actual plot, which gave the overall reason & the Genie was a Blue will smith basically the same thing, still Great & entertaining blue & brown. Now mayb they could have done more character development forsure, overall i loved the movie. No alcohol required
Jordan Reynolds
Jordan Reynolds 8 dias atrás
I really liked the Will Smith genie. I went into this movie with super low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. I genuinely enjoyed this movie.
George Rady
George Rady 9 dias atrás
Aladdin can’t act and Will Smith can’t sing and Jasmine wants to be Sultan... could care less about “true love” Ya know, the Soviets went thru this when they made sure all the “arts” delivered a POSITIVE MESSAGE for the People - they called it “Social Realism” - but we can just callnit what it was... propaganda... and this was corporate propaganda done BAAAAD!
CaptainGavtron 9 dias atrás
Should have had Patrick Warburton play the Genie and Ben Kingsley play Jafar.
Laura Pereira
Laura Pereira 9 dias atrás
What about Jasmine ? Cause she was great
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John Peacekeeper
John Peacekeeper 9 dias atrás
Eh. This feels like lazy nitpicks rather than an analysis tbh. Like CinemaSins.
Assoluto Cosmico
Assoluto Cosmico 7 dias atrás
Lazy nitpicks for a lazily directed film.
faruzzy 9 dias atrás
I love your reviews. But I think you a hit a miss on this one. I enjoyed this movie
Jose Ruiz
Jose Ruiz 9 dias atrás
I never seen the original Adladin!!!! Should I steer clear of this one? 🤔😱
Niasoux Rocks
Niasoux Rocks 9 dias atrás
Jose Ruiz I think you should definitely watch live action. Everyone is being hard on it but it’s really fun and entertaining. It’s not the best movie in the world but it’s so worth it to see the songs and the actors. Ps. You should watch the original too
Humza Khan
Humza Khan 9 dias atrás
This was the most “good time no alcohol required” movie ive seen in quite awhile. But then again, i fell off of being critical of movies like around last yr so yeah
Robert A. Davis
Robert A. Davis 10 dias atrás
Yeah the new movie was too long. Like you said they rushed over important scenes and stretched out non-essential scenes (e,g., the Bollywood dance sequence)
HallWoodProductions 10 dias atrás
Loved it more then the original
Olly Enriquez
Olly Enriquez 10 dias atrás
I agree. A mixed bag. Overall pretty enjoyable but not perfectly executed. Costumes A+
JJ M 11 dias atrás
Never gonna watch another Disney remakes ever again. This movie was so lame on a whole new level. I hated it so much. I hated Jasmine and I hated all those Genie changes.
Prince Music
Prince Music 11 dias atrás
Editing and Cinematography worst.
fat matt
fat matt 11 dias atrás
It's a money grab....
Yoo Fan
Yoo Fan 11 dias atrás
I honestly enjoyed the movie and that too with zero expectation it would amaze me.... kudos to the main leads
barbaro267 11 dias atrás
I'll be the first to say it, but Aladdin in Once Upon A Time is actually better than this one.
zynbw 11 dias atrás
I went to it without comparing it to the original disney animation and I had a good time. I took my little cousins to the film and they had a good time and so did I. Some parts were a bit rushed but over all it's good.
Chnekohan 11 dias atrás
Actually, the movie was great
JesMarie Jonz
JesMarie Jonz 12 dias atrás
Can’t relate cause I loved the movie, there were parts I missed that the animation did. But as a movie on its own not comparing the two I loved it, especially Will Smith as the Genie.
Prince Khan
Prince Khan 12 dias atrás
I loved this movie!!! Def worth a watch
LunaOfTheDarkestNight 12 dias atrás
I loved will Smith as the genie
veecherrygirl 12 dias atrás
I'm with you on this one. I didn't really love it.
Robert van Piggelen
Robert van Piggelen 12 dias atrás
Listening to you is a struggle.
aslsmm 00
aslsmm 00 12 dias atrás
None of the live actions have lived up to the animated. Having said that, I'm definitely going to Robin hood if it ever gets the green light.
Niasoux Rocks
Niasoux Rocks 9 dias atrás
aslsmm 00 jungle book
Idon'tCare Yo
Idon'tCare Yo 12 dias atrás
Don't worry I think disney sent employees to review it good because everyone I talked to didn't like it and critics really didn't like it!
McMatthew99 12 dias atrás
If the live action remake were released in the '90s and the animated version was released in 2019, then we would be saying that the animation was worse hands-down. I'm not saying the reboot beats the original, I'm just saying that it is fantastic in its own right and nostalgia for the original is what drives people to criticize the reboot.
Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato
Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato 12 dias atrás
that electric guitar in the intro is from Propellerhead Reason lol i like your vids btw man
tom thorn
tom thorn 12 dias atrás
Will Smith finally committed career suicide in this movie!!!!
Elam White
Elam White 12 dias atrás
I'm suddenly imagining Disney CGI-ing Robin William's face on Genie...
Britnatural 12 dias atrás
I took my daughter to watch this movie, she loved it... I asked her who was her favourite and she said the genie.
Thisisshaz Yessir
Thisisshaz Yessir 13 dias atrás
Watched it twice.. love it enjoyed it.. not as good at the OG tho
Sarah ABC
Sarah ABC 13 dias atrás
I went with a group of friends and we didn’t like the movie. I’m not a particular fan of Will Smith, so I didn’t enjoy it much. It was just a big forgettable blah. Then today I took my 6 years old niece and saw the movie through her eyes. They were filled with awe and wonder and she couldn’t stop talking about it (it replaced princess & the frog & frozen as her favorite movie).
Funstuff13613 13 dias atrás
Dude, I don’t know how you didn’t give this film either Dog Shit or You’re not going to remember it in T-20 seconds. Disney are to blame for this blunder not Will Smith. He and Naomi Scott could have been great with the right script, cast, direction, vision and quality assurance. An estimated budget of $185 million, complete freedom of choice of a world full of talent and this is what they come up with, LOL GTFOH.
Him With The Hair
Him With The Hair 13 dias atrás
Seen it, I'd say it was a good time no alcohol required, but can also see how some people might need the alcohol to enjoy it.
saina subtle
saina subtle 13 dias atrás
It was awesome Hear it from me I am quite a critic
4:00 I was in a screening where he existed in a single scene and said nothing. Trust me, whatever you are talking about, *it's better.*
Blaze Escamilla
Blaze Escamilla 13 dias atrás
I thought Guy Ritchie was a wierd choice and I didnt even realize he was director until the movie started
SL twentyeight
SL twentyeight 13 dias atrás
My kid never seen the animated ver. She loved this movie dancing when movie ended. Thankfully it was AMC.
Brooke 13 dias atrás
I thought it was the best disney remake thus far...but granted I’m not sure the other ones set the bar very high
Smooth Operator
Smooth Operator 14 dias atrás
If Will Smith wasn’t in this film it would’ve been a complete bomb
Niasoux Rocks
Niasoux Rocks 9 dias atrás
Smooth Operator jasmine was great
Eric Mugerwa
Eric Mugerwa 14 dias atrás
CGI expensive, a mouth move costs $250,000 - that why director said leave that ish open
Zed Kaizoku
Zed Kaizoku 14 dias atrás
One of my complaints is when Aladdin 2019 wished the genie to be free becoming humain with no power which he supposed to maintain his half semi cosmic power like in the continuation (so in short he was 100% when imprison and when freed he was 50%) if a sequel is planned the return of jafar they need the Genie half semi Cosmic power to fight abysmal & Jafar
Naytron 9000
Naytron 9000 14 dias atrás
Jeremy Jahns > Chris Stuckapenisinhisbuttandlikeditmann
BrandoCritic 14 dias atrás
Although this movie didn't blow my socks off, I have to give it to Will Smith! The dude crushed it!
Rassan Ferhadi
Rassan Ferhadi 14 dias atrás
Daddy daddy daddy daddydaddydaddydaddydaddydaddydaddy JEREMY
Kemuel Perez
Kemuel Perez 14 dias atrás
The cave should’ve had movement. They should have done the whole scene instead of it being part of the montage. Jafar was eh not so menacing. Blue genie sounded like he was reading lines. Kinda like his son did in Karate Kid. Normal genie was fine for some reason. The new jasmine song didn’t fit with the old songs. Great job with the friend like me sequence and the Prince Ali one. It was ok. It felt rushed sometimes. Now I did think of having return of Jafar made. That would give them more freedom.
queen j
queen j 14 dias atrás
I actually really liked the beginning because it had Jasmine already sneaking out of town rather than complain to wanting to be free. She actually executed it.
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 14 dias atrás
A hahaha
TeachMe4Free 14 dias atrás
There was never a moment when I didn't feel like I was watching the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. His portrayal of the Genie seemed monotone and generic at best. The original Genie from the animation was based on Robin Williams style of comedy and acting. Will Smiths style of comedy simply doesn't work for the Genie. Will Smith can't do voices and he can't sing or rap. The rap made me cringe orange soda. I lasted about 22 mins before leaving, which is about your average length of a "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" episode. RIP
DKTheDarkKnight 14 dias atrás
You went in with your mind already made up.
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