AirPods Max Review: Luxury Listening!

Marques Brownlee
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Apple made some pretty great headphones with a pretty dumb case.
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Headphones provided by Apple for review.


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14 Dez 2020



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Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee Anos atrás
Ok so for those asking: These or the Sony XM4? I’ve personally ordered a black pair of these for myself. I think I’ll be using them for most everyday listening. But for my flights and travel I have a feeling I’m gonna hate the limited Android multi device support and get annoyed and switch back to the Sonys ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
CHM Tech
CHM Tech Anos atrás
I thing Apple is sending a pretty clear message with that $69 price tag for the earcups.
Olateju Akinbobola
Is it just me or is Marques's studio slowly turning into a Best Buy.
sam joseph
This headphones are so good. I went wearing them to college. The noise cancellation is so good that I didn't hear a bus coming straight at me. Now I am enjoying the hospital food
To this day, i've never seen anyone wearing AirPods Max.
conlard mbatina
I like how apple's really helping the environment and reducing e-waste by making their own product unaffordable 🙌
Gaurav Pawar
For that price range we should be able to hear “P” in pneumonia…
You Suck At Cooking
Apple really missed an opportunity to make AirPods Max out of two iPhone 12 Pro Max’s connected by a headband.
Andrew Anos atrás
I don't think I've ever heard Marques hate something as much as he does the case.
CYMotorsport Anos atrás
The subtle boss move
Charlie Whiskey Actual
I’m honestly surprised Apple didn’t slap their logo on the ear cups…
Karl Koerschgen
Karl Koerschgen Anos atrás
“And I hate that I know Apple thoroughly considered all this stuff” Best line in the video.
At $550 I still would love Apple to have an actual case, a cable, the ability to turn it on and off, and then also like the Sony MX4s, be able to tap or hold a button and hear the person talking to you while having the headphones on.
FlareTV Anos atrás
now with wallet-cancelling technology
Tristan Möller
I never knew what’s out there after the iPhone 8 a few years ago because it seemed like a lot of the tech was matured to a point where it didn’t make much of a difference. Very glad to see they are still innovating at a high level while producing noticeable results on headphones. Also, Brownlee got me back to being educated and cultured in the tech world.
Headset Advisor
Nice review. We haven't reviewed these yet so definitely looking forward to give our test. What we have found on bluetooth headsets like this is they work great on mobile phones but are not always consistent with call quality and connection consistency on computer based applications like softphones, video platforms, etc. Usually headsets with a USB dongle perform much better on computers.
Mr Zark
I bought these when they were on sale on Amazon. I love using these for at home. I just still prefer using my Pros when I’m working or outside. Apple should’ve released these with a better case. There’s no way of getting around that. Not having a off button really doesn’t bother me that much though. The battery holds surprisingly well when it’s in the case. I’ll probably end up buying a third party case for these for road trips. The weight doesn’t bother me much. I have a thick neck and a wide head so not much of an issues, lol.
Miles in AZ
Miles in AZ Anos atrás
I thought the HomePod, while it has software issues, was the best sounding small speaker I’d ever heard. I was looking forward to Apple building over the ear headphones because I thought they’d instantly be the best out there. Sounds like they’re very good, but well short of ground breaking. They will deliver the $$$’s for AAPL, big time.
Sophie Li
“I hate that I know Apple had throughly considered all this stuff” lol that’s the best part!
JL Jupiter
JL Jupiter Anos atrás
I’ll pass and stick to the headphones they include in the iPhone 12 box.
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