Aidan Hutchinson ‘SCARY’ NFL Debut 🥵 Falcons Vs Lions Preseason highlights

NFL Matchup Highlights
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11 Ago 2022



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NFL Matchup Highlights
Will Aidan Hutchinson be the edge defender from this years draft? 🤔
Samuel Zachariah
He kinda looked stunned at first when he broke through like “Damn, that was easier than I thought.” 😂
Aj real lyfer
That first move was crazy agility
The Abe
Good to see our O-Like already in mid season form
Think the lions really landed a good one here. Good on them for not over thinking it and searching for someone else at the #2 spot
Matty B
It's preseason but this dude is definitely gnna be legit. Gnna be fun to watch his highlights
Lance Manyon
A lifelong Michigan fan since Anthony Carter was a WR there. It’s good to see this guy get drafted so high an an opportunity. He hustles and doesn’t quit on a play so let’s hope he has success in the NFL
The Adroitless
Ravens fan here. I loved every piece of that "Excuse me, bitch!" sidestep for the tackle. I hope he does great things in this league.
Cirilo Medina
Kid wasn’t even focused on his blocker; his “vision” was on the full play and the backfield! He looked beyond 😳👍🏼💪🏼
This dude has more moves than a bag of worms. Very impressive.
The guy who went #1 got a sack and beat Brandon Parker like a drum in the first preseason game. Lot's of good players in this last draft.
Hutchinson gonna be amazing, was scary to watch him as a Falcons fan.
Gas Way
I believe in him all the way‼️💯
Blue Benji
Hope to see more of this from him in the future.
Xavier Wren02
I knew from Minute 1 that he was going to be great and these highlights prove to us that perhaps he is destined to become one of the NFLs Greatest in the next few years. He's got a bright future ahead
Michael Taylors
Good for Aidan his family and the Lions Fans !
That kid is talented, well done lions.
When he gets into that NFL weights room and puts even more size on, he’s going to be a beast.
Edmund Leblanc
Nice to see a local young man gets to play with the team he grew up as a fan.
Jarvase dundy
As a die hard Falcons fan. We always make any NFL defensive line look good lol.
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