Aidan Hutchinson ‘SCARY’ NFL Debut 🥵 Falcons Vs Lions Preseason highlights 

NFL Matchup Highlights
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11 Ago 2022



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NFL Matchup Highlights
Will Aidan Hutchinson be the edge defender from this years draft? 🤔
Deangelo Anos atrás
Vaild Anos atrás
Kayvon Thibodeaux
MT Anos atrás
Na I think walker man’s jus got a forced fumble and nearly got a sack but a starting 1st rd tackle held him 😳
MT Anos atrás
On top of the sack he got week 1 sheesh
Avon Barksdale
Avon Barksdale Anos atrás
Yes, he will be an edge defender from this year's draft 🙄
Samuel Zachariah
Samuel Zachariah Anos atrás
He kinda looked stunned at first when he broke through like “Damn, that was easier than I thought.” 😂
Adam B34
Adam B34 Anos atrás
Yeah because the lineman dove out of his way and let him walk right by
Tsai McDaniel
Tsai McDaniel Anos atrás
@Adam B34 bro just hate the man can give no body some props
Reid Wilson
Reid Wilson Anos atrás
@Tsai McDaniel how is that hate telling the truth ? You young boys today are so goofy
MBA Shawn
MBA Shawn Anos atrás
@Tsai McDaniel nah he ain't hating, the lineman did dove to his left
Silent Anos atrás
@Adam B34 clown
Aj real lyfer
Aj real lyfer Anos atrás
That first move was crazy agility
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez Anos atrás
The way tha oline men went fly 😮‍💨
PatrickStarfist Anos atrás
Draft report said he's doesn't really have athleticisim but have a bag of moves. Looks very athletic to me
Nifty Grower
Nifty Grower Anos atrás
Bro he went straight on, would hardly call it a move
TahitianTreat SkeetJuice
U don't need agility in pre season, to beat a 300lb, 30 year old OL man, that reached a pro bowl only 1 x.
Christopher Linsey
Christopher Linsey Anos atrás
@PatrickStarfist not athletic but can do every pass rush move in the books…. Who writes these pre draft reports fire that🤣🤣🤣
Cirilo Medina
Cirilo Medina Anos atrás
Kid wasn’t even focused on his blocker; his “vision” was on the full play and the backfield! He looked beyond 😳👍🏼💪🏼
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Anos atrás
As a die hard Falcons fan. We always make any NFL defensive line look good lol.
The Adroitless
The Adroitless Anos atrás
Ravens fan here. I loved every piece of that "Excuse me, bitch!" sidestep for the tackle. I hope he does great things in this league.
Dan Brown
Dan Brown Anos atrás
Glad you let us know that you're a Ravens fan.
Brandon Wilson
Brandon Wilson Anos atrás
That tackle won't be on the roster week 1 and the fullback didn't even turn his head
J Sands
J Sands Anos atrás
@Dan Brown I know right, you can comment without your team lol
Dan Brown
Dan Brown Anos atrás
@J Sands I swear half of the comments on NFL content are people claiming their team before praising or criticizing another player. It's ok to like football outside of your favorite team, guys, I promise.
Kameron James
Kameron James Anos atrás
That tackle is probowler Jake Matthews. I think he makes the roster.
Chase Anos atrás
Think the lions really landed a good one here. Good on them for not over thinking it and searching for someone else at the #2 spot
swaggy Anos atrás
Yea he gonna be good gratful to have à player his caliber
dspsblyuth Anos atrás
When does it ever matter when they land a good one? They need 22 good ones
Daniel Anos atrás
Falcons are bottom do the barrel.
Lay Jaq
Lay Jaq Anos atrás
Yea who else they got??? Oh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 lions suck
Renaissance man
Renaissance man Anos atrás
He should have been #1 but they wanted to pick a black guy so the NFL isn't racist
Lance Manyon
Lance Manyon Anos atrás
A lifelong Michigan fan since Anthony Carter was a WR there. It’s good to see this guy get drafted so high an an opportunity. He hustles and doesn’t quit on a play so let’s hope he has success in the NFL
The Abe
The Abe Anos atrás
Good to see our O-Like already in mid season form
Jay Harris
Jay Harris Anos atrás
Spencer Roe
Spencer Roe Anos atrás
@Jay Harris bad thing was that was the two best
David Willis
David Willis Anos atrás
Aiden Hutchinson is about to set the league on fire, he’s just that good
DeAries Anos atrás
Lovell A
Lovell A Anos atrás
Hey man, I feel you. We found a way to win tho.
Matty B
Matty B Anos atrás
It's preseason but this dude is definitely gnna be legit. Gnna be fun to watch his highlights
swaggy Anos atrás
Were so gratful to have à him à player of his caliber hes gonn be good
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez Anos atrás
Oh lions gone be dangerous if they get a real Qb
BoiBoi The Great
BoiBoi The Great Anos atrás
It's preseason but he's gonna be legit? Let's see him in an actual season game before we start the BS
Thunderstorm Anos atrás
Why didn’t you use the o’s for gonna
Manman gas
Manman gas Anos atrás
I believe in him all the way‼️💯
Michael Taylors
Michael Taylors Anos atrás
Good for Aidan his family and the Lions Fans !
Xavier Wren02
Xavier Wren02 Anos atrás
I knew from Minute 1 that he was going to be great and these highlights prove to us that perhaps he is destined to become one of the NFLs Greatest in the next few years. He's got a bright future ahead
MrMuttly55 Anos atrás
The guy who went #1 got a sack and beat Brandon Parker like a drum in the first preseason game. Lot's of good players in this last draft.
Blue Benji
Blue Benji Anos atrás
Hope to see more of this from him in the future.
Hutchinson gonna be amazing, was scary to watch him as a Falcons fan.
Ben Kellar
Ben Kellar Anos atrás
What's scary is how bad your line was lol Georgia and Penn St had no problem blocking him. Hell Rutgers did a better job then the falcons did
Jon Anos atrás
That kid is talented, well done lions.
BlueBarrier782 Anos atrás
Homegrown Michigan kid. Always fun to see a star play for their hometown NFL team.
Edmund Leblanc
Edmund Leblanc Anos atrás
Nice to see a local young man gets to play with the team he grew up as a fan.
G1888 Anos atrás
When he gets into that NFL weights room and puts even more size on, he’s going to be a beast.
Shootem556 Anos atrás
This dude has more moves than a bag of worms. Very impressive.
matt faraj
matt faraj Anos atrás
A Respectable Georgia fan is rare in any Aidan video lol.. good job guy
Connor Richendollar
W Georgia fan
Kwabna Fields
Kwabna Fields Anos atrás
Imo uga has a humble, realistic, fairly well informed fan base, losing alot of Heartbreakers gives you a sense respect and makes you pay attention lol
matt faraj
matt faraj Anos atrás
@Kwabna Fields go look up any Aidan pre draft video… specifically, the ones that also mention travon Walker
Shootem556 Anos atrás
@matt faraj You wont catch me saying anything bad about Aidan. He might not have had a great game against UGA, but ill never judge a player based off of 1 game. There's a reason he went so high in the draft. He's a beast.
Crystal Clear with 8BE (Enzo Sandoval)
I'm glad Aidan Hutchinson got lucky to play for his home metro area of Motor City aka Detroit. The Lions fans are happy about this improvement with a better defensive end.
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas Anos atrás
Hutchinson is going to be pretty good and he has some very good moves off the line.
CVSoprano Anos atrás
I know a Hutchinson vs. Suh (coincidentally, also the #2 overall pick in 2010) comparison isn't totally apples to apples (edge vs. interior), but I think Hutchinson will be everything they hoped Suh would have been, and then some.
Hunter Bernard
Hunter Bernard Anos atrás
I don't think Walker was a bad pick by any means but Hutchenson is such a beast, idk how he wasn't an obvious 1st overall. Great pick up for Detoroit though, having the hometown kid in a Lions uni. I hope he had a great career.
eldiablony274 Anos atrás
Bears fan here.... I really like what Detroit has done last couple years building this roster.
Jarvase dundy
Jarvase dundy Anos atrás
As a die hard Falcons fan. We always make any NFL defensive line look good lol.
Smol_Kabigon Anos atrás
Nah Hutchinson is rreally good player. It sad that he got stuck in Lions. I hope he end contract nicely and get to better team. But he will be HOF in the end
RL Anos atrás
@Smol_Kabigon nope.
Adam B34
Adam B34 Anos atrás
@Smol_Kabigon everyone is a hall of famer in the pre-season...
Steve Anos atrás
@Smol_Kabigon how’s it sad when that’s exactly where he wanted to play lol
Silent Anos atrás
@Adam B34 clown
Robert Redmon
Robert Redmon Anos atrás
I'm not a lions but I'm damn happy to see hutchinson ball out it make me happy to see big ten football players playing in pros
D Nice
D Nice Anos atrás
Curious and anxieous to see what the d- line is gonna produce when Pascquel gets healthy those two should be our Frenny Mathis for the next 4 or 5 yrs
Amu Casian030
Amu Casian030 Anos atrás
I’m a Cleveland browns fan but I also have mad love for the Detroit loins they have heart we both been the joke of the nfl hope they play and win a lot of games this season good luck loins let’s Go Cleveland
Jerry S
Jerry S Anos atrás
Great show tonight! Thanks boys
D C Anos atrás
That first play reminded me of Alex Karras. There are videos of him getting in the backfield virtually untouched. I was sitting there thinking, "why aren't they blocking Karras?"
Stee Vee
Stee Vee Anos atrás
The Lions need a winner like him to change the mentality
Devery Shepardson
Devery Shepardson Anos atrás
He looks good but I really think that Kayvon Thibideaux will be the one to watch. Hutchinson could be great and I admit I’m a homer for Thibs as an Oregonian and Duck fan but I saw what he does on the field and he is really special.
Jeramy Chunn
Jeramy Chunn Anos atrás
1st time in a loooong time I'm looking forward to a draft pick of the lions playing. One that isn't a receiver of sorts.
Pastor Charles Humphrey
Incredible move! But they only showed 2 plays. Thought he recorded like 5 sacks or something…
JoshyPoo Anos atrás
The fullback literally sidestepped him.... 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Slim C
Slim C Anos atrás
As a Packer fan I say "Oh crap", but kid looks hungry and eager to make some noise in the NFL. Good for him! Wish him the best, except against us.
Mar Mar
Mar Mar Anos atrás
Y’all’s whole season been a “oh crap” season
EL34Glo Anos atrás
Yeah Packers fan here too. Dude looks good
EL34Glo Anos atrás
@Mar Mar Lol what
J Sands
J Sands Anos atrás
@Mar Mar Who cares if youre a packers fan! lol
Jeff Yurek
Jeff Yurek Anos atrás
@J Sands because he will be playing the packers 2 times a year, that’s why
G G Anos atrás
As a Lion's fan, I'm stoked but even tempered.
Boston City of Champions
5 minutes into the preseason and he's the greatest defensive player in NFL history.
Tobias Grinder
Tobias Grinder Anos atrás
Nick Anos atrás
Looked pretty much like he did at Michigan, and against probable NFL starters. It's a small sample size but it's encouraging
PluggedInn Anos atrás
Hopefully he can build some stamina because they will be double teaming him a lot
Quincy Rhodes
Quincy Rhodes Anos atrás
That swim move was clean!!!
Erik Brice Ledford
Erik Brice Ledford Anos atrás
He belongs in Detroit let’s be honest this was a perfect pick
White Whale
White Whale Anos atrás
Yeah. When the team with the #1 pick totally blows it, you grab what they gifted you. Lions are lucky he was a white guy. Otherwise he wouldn't have been passed on for the 'more athletic' player.
Steve M
Steve M 7 meses atrás
Thank you Jags for passing on the best Edge rusher in the draft
Ken O
Ken O Anos atrás
I have zero doubts he will be good but lets give the Falcons props. Tackle took a step outside and tried to block him on the outside? Then the fullback completely blows by him. That would of been a nasty crack if the fullback took him as he already standing straight up after the swim move. Bravo Falcons.
〽️ichigan 〽️an 〽️oose🏆🏆
This kid is going to be special!
Pilot Clarke
Pilot Clarke Anos atrás
Lions had a great offseason. Hope they take off this year
So glad he's playing for the Lions!
BigEmPe Anos atrás
I Love your name lol. GO BLUE
BBBYpsi Anos atrás
Jordan Davis was really dominant on his debut
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Anos atrás
luck loins let’s Go Cleveland
Alexandria Ocasio-Smollett
Well it’s official- Aidan Hutchinson is the 2022 iteration/love-child of Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson. An absolutely dominant player who has 10 to 12 years of elite football in front of him.. whilst playing for one of the most embarrassing dumpster-fires of an organization in professional sports whilst providing Lions fans with the only thing they ever have to look forward to every year in January(Pro Bowl) while averaging 6 wins/year.
Wolf Anos atrás
He's gonna be a beast
firebrand07 Anos atrás
Making Lions Defense fun to watch again
Blessed Anos atrás
Kids a star 🔥🔥🔥
Algorithm DG
Algorithm DG Anos atrás
He got a TFL, then they held and double teamed him the rest of the time he was out there, just like Georgia in the CFP!
313rdSoldier Anos atrás
CFP they doubled him just about the whole game
Jim Davis
Jim Davis Anos atrás
You mean when Georgia’s left tackle abused him the whole game lol
Algorithm DG
Algorithm DG Anos atrás
@Jim Davis abused his jersey along with the left guard you mean.
Rudy Thompson
Rudy Thompson Anos atrás
Hutchinson will be another Ndamokung Suh ....
Mr Fukulta
Mr Fukulta Anos atrás
If games were only 3 quarters, the Lions would probably have had 3-4 SB wins with Stafford, even Goff. But, unfortunately, it's in Lion's DNA to blow it in the 4th quarter, every single time. Far as Aiden and Rodriguez, I am excited to see what they bring in the regular season, I could see the Lions going 5-12 or 7-10, close but not close enough this year but better than 3-13-1.
Lemadayslucas Anos atrás
It’s actually the opposite lol, we always blow in the first 3 quarters then make comebacks in the 4th… just look it up “lions 4th quarter comebacks” we had so many with Stafford over the years
True Brodown
True Brodown Anos atrás
I watched the game. He wasn't exactly "scary". He over persued Mariota inside and the Falcons scored as a result. He will be good but let's not exaggerate his debut.
TMFiJII Beatz Anos atrás
Travon walker will be better it’s just preseason but he already got a sack and a forced fumble they called a bs roughing the passer on a qb pressure dude is a beast and strong asf he more dynamic and a immediate impact over Hutchinson glad we picked walker hope Hutchinson career is good too
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson Anos atrás
He’s gonna boost lions morale enough to rebuild the roster. He’s gonna retire an icon
Steven Sawyer
Steven Sawyer Anos atrás
My eagles play the lions week 1 I’m excited to see how he does against Mailata
Julie Willson
Julie Willson Anos atrás
I think the Lions might be better than most expect this season. It could be fun to watch.
aznnp77 Anos atrás
Hutchinson is obviously gonna be a good player. People are so infatuated with athleticism. That's how guys like Joe Haden drop in the draft. And guys like Dion Jordan get drafted third overall. And how guys like Tavon Austin still have jobs in the league somehow.
Matt Howell
Matt Howell Anos atrás
We shall see, I try not to get over this excited about preseason.
Joe Meade
Joe Meade Anos atrás
That swim move was ELITE H.O.F TYPE MOVE
M@tt Gats
M@tt Gats Anos atrás
This didn't really show anything.. I'm sure dude is gonna be an animal though! Not even a Lions fan, I'm a Ravens fan. I'm excited about our defense this year! Preseason is preseason.. but they still looked legit!
krnpowr Anos atrás
Big, quick, and agile. He reminds me of a young J.J. Watt.
isaac marcus
isaac marcus Anos atrás
My Bears are gonna have some more “hit you in the face" type games with the Lions this year and in the years to come 💪🏾💯🔥 🐻👇🏾🔥
Cornelious T
Cornelious T Anos atrás
Your bears are going to get destroyed by my lions for the next few years your organization has completely screwed the pooch and pretty much every way that they could and it's a damn shame you guys were unreal doing the Brian urlacher years
DeTroitLionsPisTonsTiGers ReDwinGs
@Cornelious T bruh.....dude was showing respect to our lions and that's your reply? honestly can't say one word about ANY other teams organization because we still have the worst organization of all time. Calm down man just because we look like we COULD be ok we just start talking smack about every team like we aren't a horrible organization 🤣🤣🤣man shutup
B G M Anos atrás
I think the 🐻 are still ahead of the 🦁 though, coming from a DET fan.
DeTroitLionsPisTonsTiGers ReDwinGs
@B G M they are
New Usurname
New Usurname Anos atrás
Damn he looks great in lions colors!
Chad Kupchick
Chad Kupchick Anos atrás
Got a couple defenses Stars looking good this year I do want Rodriguez to get as much playing time as possible you just needs to slow down a little bit and read his gaps a little better Hutchinson is solid Houston look pretty good too I'm a big fan of deSean Elliott and t Walker
Alan Shaw
Alan Shaw Anos atrás
That 1st move been nice asf
Mar Loz
Mar Loz Anos atrás
He gets to practice with a great Lt so that will help a lot
Joshua Bennett
Joshua Bennett Anos atrás
Wolverines fan here, sincerely hope that Aidan is a missing piece for this team. Not that I want them to beat the Raiders in the Super Bowl this year,(LOL, I'm only pressing buttons) but really though, I have high hopes Aidan and the Lions.
He’s gonna be a beast
Adam B34
Adam B34 Anos atrás
Or, and I'm just throwing this out there... he won't.
Tejas M
Tejas M Anos atrás
@Adam B34 why are you always hating on the lions? I see you on many different lions pages hating all the time.
Hank Amarillo
Hank Amarillo Anos atrás
@Tejas M must be an ohio guy.
Moon Illusions
Moon Illusions Anos atrás
He beat a tackle with some of the worst technique I've ever seen lol
Brandon Kortan
Brandon Kortan Anos atrás
@Mvrrt 1 you must be talking about the Georgia game, cuz the Ohio state game he had 3 sacks and 14 or 15 qb pressures.
Jimmy Rhino
Jimmy Rhino Anos atrás
Finally. Lions needed this guy. He's gonna make a difference
Simple Man Channel
Simple Man Channel Anos atrás
And what about the offense?
Jimmy Rhino
Jimmy Rhino Anos atrás
@Simple Man Channel Way better. 🤞🤞🤞
Mr.June5th Anos atrás
It helped that Jake Matthews completely missed contact on this play
Joseph Gonzales
Joseph Gonzales Anos atrás
He did him like a matador does a bull 🤣🤣🤣
Rocky ll Piper
Rocky ll Piper Anos atrás
Be cool to see the rebuilding of The Silver Rush from the 80's! Doug English,William Gay and Al"Bubba Baker
acardy22 Anos atrás
Damn he’s the real deal
Edizzpro Anos atrás
I was at the game he played amazing
William Gullett
William Gullett Anos atrás
Nobody blocked him
Ben Ladik
Ben Ladik Anos atrás
I watched that game, the Lions need to scrap the whole let's bounce him around business- I liked him as a blindsided edge rusher but he was more effective working on the right tackle
Terrance Mayrose
Terrance Mayrose Anos atrás
Georgia offense made him look like a lost little kid 🤣😂
Shannon Greene
Shannon Greene Anos atrás
I hope hes got a snorkel cuz that swim move was amazing.
Dustomatic Anos atrás
Poor Aidan. Gonna be another superstar wasting away in Detroit.
Huey Reed
Huey Reed Anos atrás
Absolute beast
Dark Tha God
Dark Tha God Anos atrás
i’m a steelers fan i just love good football .. he def gone be a problem
TheCybertiger9 Anos atrás
Lifelong Giants fan, and I too appreciate good players no matter who they play for.
Dark Tha God
Dark Tha God Anos atrás
@TheCybertiger9 yea man these new generation of fans the worst… if it’s not they team “everybody weak”😂
b spoon
b spoon Anos atrás
@Dark Tha God people like that are weak lol i agree if you good you good i don’t care what team you play for they get my respect
Dark Tha God
Dark Tha God Anos atrás
@b spoon exactly bro lol
Northern Cowboy
Northern Cowboy Anos atrás
That was a 'scary' debut?!? A great TFL and getting a holding call?!? That's not a scary debut. That being said, I do expect him to be at the top of the list for DROY.
Big Mike
Big Mike Anos atrás
Some guys use clickbait on BRvid to draw viewers in only to deceive them. Not Aidan’s fault here. But he did make his presence on the field and showed he will be able to impact the team. Also being he only played some snaps he wasn’t in there for very very long so for the time we did get to see him I’d say it was pretty good and it will only get better. Aidan’s ability to draw penalties is often a good thing because it means you’re doing something right and maybe you have to sell it a little when it happens but it happens so hey, stay tuned you will love what you see going forward!
Daniel Artist
Daniel Artist Anos atrás
This dude is beastly
Sole684 Anos atrás
Not a lions fan but last 2 first round for the lions are really good
Cody Arnold
Cody Arnold Anos atrás
Can't wait to see him revive his career on another team in a few years.
RiverwoodHood Anos atrás
wow. explosive athleticism. wow.
Tyler Jackman
Tyler Jackman Anos atrás
Fastest shuttle time ever for a lineman.. good luck to the nfl
dspsblyuth Anos atrás
What’s the shuttle?
christco120 Anos atrás
@dspsblyuth it's part of the workout at the NFL scouting combine. It tests ability to stop and go at speed telling you how agile and quick someone is. Hutchinson is extremely agile and quick, plus he's a monster physically at 6'7" and 264. He's gonna make waves
Tyler Jackman
Tyler Jackman Anos atrás
@dspsblyuth essentially its a drill where it shows scouts your hip flexibility and short area quickness
Tyler Jackman
Tyler Jackman Anos atrás
@dspsblyuth it's a 20 yard shuttle.. so you run 5 yards then back to where you started then immediately turn back and run 10 yards and then back to where you started and then run through another 5 yards and finish
Tyler Jackman
Tyler Jackman Anos atrás
@dspsblyuth he ran a 4.15 shuttle which is mind boggling its the same shuttle as the all-pro corner Xavien Howard
BillytheKid Anos atrás
It appears Mr. Matthew's forgot his belt, stood up and his pants fell to his ankles thus allowing Hutchinson to swiftly move around him.
Christopher Boltz
Christopher Boltz Anos atrás
Imma rams but but damn I gotta admit I got a wondering eye rooting for the lions this year.
us8484 Anos atrás
I only saw one actual play where he did something good.
Ted Krillies
Ted Krillies Anos atrás
This kid going to be special a la TJ Watt. He’s got a motor that don’t stop gonna love him in the motor city!!
JohnnyBlaze Anos atrás
Go Blue! Love to see it 💪🏼〽️
Burnt Food
Burnt Food Anos atrás
They doubled team him and ran the opposite direction but if you look at him he got past
Adam B34
Adam B34 Anos atrás
SEABASS Anos atrás
@Adam B34 Wait a minute, I've seen your username comment with lazy negativity in other Lions videos. Are you okay? Does this feel good? Or are you a strange bot?
Andrew Villanueva
Andrew Villanueva Anos atrás
Looks like the real deal. Let's see if he can do this Gama after game.
YD Anos atrás
This kid will make a impact like the Bosa brothers when they reached the NFL
Smoke dawg
Smoke dawg Anos atrás
No he won’t
YD Anos atrás
@Smoke dawg You don't think he can get 10.5 sacks in a passing league lol
Smoke dawg
Smoke dawg Anos atrás
@YD I didn’t say that, I just don’t see him having the same impact as the Bosa brothers.
YD Anos atrás
@Smoke dawg Well that is what I mean he will put up similar rookie stats. Also it isn't like Joey Bosa turned the Chargers into a playoff team, the bar isn't that high to reach.
B Rus
B Rus Anos atrás
That dude's the real deal
MealsOnWheels Anos atrás
I guess Im the only one here not blown away. I did also see him get absolutely Trucked by a TE in practice the other day.
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