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Inspirobot is a website that AI generates hilarious motivational quotes
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5 Fev 2023



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Comentários 4 875
Marvin Mês atrás
Jacksepticeye has gone from looking like a really loud irishman to a hipster recluse with very refined tastes.
Foxythecutefox 5 dias atrás
Unless he plays new VR 😂
GoatsAndChocolate 7 dias atrás
Fr a few more years it’s Kanuea Reeves vibes
The Khaiser40
The Khaiser40 12 dias atrás
Everyday me and Jack look more and more similar
Box 22 dias atrás
It’s the glasses for me
Zabiru 25 dias atrás
That one cut deep but it's kind of true. He's still loud but he's giving of a lot of hipster energy
thasha_owl Mês atrás
The most memorable quote I got was "Be the reason why some guy gets eaten by demons" and it's still stuck with me 2 years later
Blixer 6 dias atrás
A wank a day keeps the other people away is my personal fave
lars thememelord
lars thememelord 8 dias atrás
@VIBaJ 16 thats also a kink
Gadget J
Gadget J 11 dias atrás
Some of the funniest quotes I got *"DYING"* there's a reason it's called baldness Howdy Millenials! Haven't you had enough money A foot for a foot A cheese for a cheese Facenating excrement self-implodes facenatingly Pay for stupidity *Yell at donuts* *LIBERATE ELITESTS* *COWS ARE COMING FOR YOU*
Don Boss
Don Boss 15 dias atrás
...Well? Did you summon a Demon or not, don't end on that cliffhanger.
Emery the Gremlin
Emery the Gremlin Mês atrás
I love InspiroBot lmao My favorite three quotes I’ve made with it were - “When in a relationship, be an annoyance wizard.” - “We can all be screwed up if we want to.” - “The human race without the rainbow falls apart.”
Devin Berry
Devin Berry 11 dias atrás
My personal favorite "What is so shitty about paying a man to be your married woman?"
Himiko Yumeno
Himiko Yumeno 11 dias atrás
"Kill Hipsters" with a picture of a lady on a cliff
BEEF 14 dias atrás
I will forever live by my quote of “Be Silly”.
Finley Quartz
Finley Quartz 14 dias atrás
@Noah Hamilton Oranges are 90% Illusion and 10% Mirage. Those are metonyms.
Clownetta 14 dias atrás
@A_Dusty_Book And they said that being gay isn't normal. *WE ARE THE FOUNDATION OF LIFE ITSELF!!*
Steveo1131 Mês atrás
I did Inspirobot a year ago when I discovered it, here are my favorite quotes: "A family holiday is destructive for the human spirit." "Don't be ashamed of who you are. You're a pretend enthusiast." "The experience of being a father can be a lot similar to being crucified."
NeoN KnighT
NeoN KnighT 28 dias atrás
I remember messing with it often with my friends and I can only remember "Beware of the drinks and the spooky scary skeletons"
Chelsea Martin
Chelsea Martin Mês atrás
I have become addicted to this. It is so much better than any genuine attempts at inspirational messages. My wake up message today was, “Insanity is the universe’s way of saying thank you best friend…” followed by “you have always been a genuine monster.” It does not get any more real than that.
Anonymous simper
Anonymous simper 26 dias atrás
@binkus_ so true that's probably where it gets it from ahaha
Radioaktiv 28 dias atrás
AI is one heck of a thing, lol.
Aimless Tophat
Aimless Tophat 29 dias atrás
@binkus_ now I can’t unsee or unhear GLaDOS saying that
Aimless Tophat
Aimless Tophat 29 dias atrás
Me too. I’m addicted to it I’ve been using it for 2-3 months
Honda Accord
Honda Accord Mês atrás
Damn. Our brains really do make the genuine monsters.
Emmet Mês atrás
The AI gets more self aware the more you use it! It's actually extremely funny! You should absolutely explore that.
Criceto 28 dias atrás
I was wondering what the fuck this comment meant and then I got to the end of the video. I'm very curious to mess around with this for hours myself now.
MLgamings Mês atrás
I love how the A.I. sometimes gives legit, inspiring quotes every once in a blue moon between "make sure your butthole is human."
Shodai Gojira 1954
"Make sure your butthole is human." Honestly sounds like what Jack would say in 2014 or something..
Ash Cyr
Ash Cyr 8 dias atrás
"Confront your true self"
Flamez for the Gamez
I found an awe-striking inspiring quote from the site for all for all of you: "Of course you are profoundly sexy."
Closet Dweller
Closet Dweller Mês atrás
Yep, seems legit to me
autumn Mês atrás
"The experience of being an adult can be a lot similar to selling drugs." I could play with this website for hours LMAO
autumn Mês atrás
@VIBaJ 16 so touching.
VIBaJ 16
VIBaJ 16 Mês atrás
Another one: "GET SHAT ON"
autumn Mês atrás
another one: "it's time for everyone to abuse drugs." so inspirational.
Natalie Miller
Natalie Miller Mês atrás
Is it just me or is jack looking so handsome. Like the fit, the hair, the glasses, all just work so well
Terran Bricklin
Terran Bricklin 28 dias atrás
@amadynka he's really calmed down and matured tbh. Man's a snack
amadynka 28 dias atrás
Yeah.... I haven't watched this channel for couple of years, now I see how he has changed. He is sooo handsome!
LpsDevonWinder24 Mês atrás
Seán actually
Lorena Gonzalez
Lorena Gonzalez Mês atrás
Ooof, don't get me started on that "im a car and I want you in me" bit 😩 I've had the HUGEST crush on Séan since I first started watching him , when he still lived in Ireland. Just something about brunette and beards for me 🤌🏽
Terran Bricklin
Terran Bricklin Mês atrás
Sean is always handsome. But I def think this fit just makes him feel....i don't know, cozy? I want to sit in front a fire with this man and talk about the philosophy of my existence.
Corwin .Quail
Corwin .Quail Mês atrás
I am in love with the Ryan George cameo at 1:07 ... Not the crossover we expected, but the one we needed.
Thread Bomb
Thread Bomb Mês atrás
The fellow has excellent taste in -tiktokkers- youtubers
LokiGator Mês atrás
I’d love for Ryan and Sean to do a video together!
Melody🎶 Mês atrás
I actually spit my drink on myself from laughing at the ‘Make Sure Your Butthole Is Human’. These are amazing and I really felt the mental instability one.
Jasper Judd
Jasper Judd Mês atrás
I’ve known about this website for years and I used to use it a lot when I was bored. And okay so clearly the quotes can range from positive, nonsense, funny, or concerning, but for the most part any negative quote I got was funny in a dark humor sense or just like something about depression. One time though, out of the blue, I got one where the background was two hands held out together and covered in blood and the quote just said: “You will curse.” Not gonna lie it still kinda haunts me. It’s still saved to my camera roll and any time I scroll past it I get that weird foreboding feeling
kandide 2 dias atrás
For me, the site started glitching as if the AI was actually struggling and becoming self aware like for Jack and before it returned to giving me funny nonsense it said “Can you even live without AI?” and “A murderer is a murderer and a terrible mistake is a terrible mistake.” I’m a *little* worried.
VIBaJ 16
VIBaJ 16 Mês atrás
"Thank you for not being very cool" bruh
ChristsCrackers Mês atrás
"Don't Stroke Animals." Truly the most inspirational quote of all time.
Chris Tucholske
Chris Tucholske 29 dias atrás
It wasn't cannibals? Between the accent & the background washing out the words, I swore it said "Don't stroke cannibals."
RoseOfTheNight4444 Mês atrás
@Blaze And I was being facetious about it...
Blaze Mês atrás
@RoseOfTheNight4444 but the guy who commented this did mean that kind of stroking
RoseOfTheNight4444 Mês atrás
@Blaze I obviously don't mean THAT kind of stroking, duh... That is the entire point of why I said it.
Blaze Mês atrás
@RoseOfTheNight4444 i don't think you understand what stroking means
ASST. Manager
ASST. Manager Mês atrás
“Mental instability is painful” yes this makes sense to my robot mind
Creation500 _
Creation500 _ 15 dias atrás
A robot?! I’ll be the judge of that
Aaron Lansteroy
Aaron Lansteroy Mês atrás
How is no one talking about the end? 14:35 this could be a good horror theory for matpat
@Leader 1
@Leader 1 22 dias atrás
That happens sometimes. There are actually loading screen quotes in between just as interesting
TheRealWuffo 26 dias atrás
Adrien Starfaer
Adrien Starfaer 27 dias atrás
Oh thank gods, somebody said it, like wtf??
Saj Pet
Saj Pet 8 dias atrás
“Keep calm Stay aroused” A truly nuanced and inspirational quote.
Sumi E. Eweits
Sumi E. Eweits Mês atrás
"In future, Entertainment will be randomly generated" is becoming truer and truer by the Second😂
Projectdelta870 Mês atrás
Idk if it's just me but Sean's whole aura is just "comfy" in this video and I am now struck with a secondhand effect to want to take a nap, I need a flannel that looks THAT soft
Nameless Navnløs
Nameless Navnløs Mês atrás
This AI is ironically probably making people more amused or even comedically depressed than inspired.
CinnaScone Mês atrás
Inspirobot has been around for a long time, it's intended to be a parody of inspirational posters.
Brendan Wolff
Brendan Wolff Mês atrás
Honestly, I'm completely fine with either.
Dboi Mês atrás
What if it knows, and it wants to inspire us by trying to make us happier
Jordan Hildersley
Jordan Hildersley Mês atrás
"Make sure your butthole is human" Thanks Sean, that really helped me get through the day!
MineTIE Plays
MineTIE Plays Mês atrás
10:03 Sean's dad jokes are on point lmao
DeathDefiant Mês atrás
I got "If you actually seek a home, you must first be the worst individual who ever lived." Truly words to live by
VIBaJ 16
VIBaJ 16 Mês atrás
I got "No immortality for you"
Shadophaxx Mês atrás
I like how it tells you to repeat "existence makes a difference" and then tells you to keep vanishing
Oras Mês atrás
I swear to god, that car one broke something inside of me. Jacks delivery alone made it so much more funnier.
GamePapa Mês atrás
I got "Being special and self-criticism belong together like tea and f***ing." Thank you for this gift, Jack!
VIBaJ 16
VIBaJ 16 Mês atrás
@оцелотус So far the best I got is "GET SHAT ON"
Gorthadonta Manual
Gorthadonta Manual Mês atrás
"farting improves ejaculation"
Carter Round
Carter Round Mês atrás
I got “Be someone else and fondle your boss”
cloverisblue Mês atrás
''FAMILY MEMBERS they're there to drug you''
Mr. Original
Mr. Original Mês atrás
Rohan Crow
Rohan Crow 28 dias atrás
I’m not sure if I’m crying because I’m laughing so hard Or because it’s 6 in the morning and I’m tired out of my mind Ether way this is hilarious 🤣
Deimo_蓝色呆毛 Mês atrás
“Mental stability is a circus”described my life
Abigail Irvine
Abigail Irvine Mês atrás
I genuinely don't remember the last time I laughed this hard. My face hurts. My husband is concerned. This video is ducking amazing 😂😂😂
Zümrüt Orhan
Zümrüt Orhan Mês atrás
Ok but can we appreciate how fine Jack looks with the checkered jacket and glasses?
Emma Geyman
Emma Geyman Mês atrás
One of my favorite ones I got was " don't whip yourself, allow yourself to eat insects" " if you are who you are in the bedroom then you will destroy the bedroom" "Don't love your children. Inhale" "FEEL HIM"
Syco Mês atrás
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how jack dressed up like a 90s kid
o o o elle o
o o o elle o Mês atrás
@Rhonak Ajayan he’s the younger version of older Dave for sure
Gmork Mês atrás
@WorldWalker128 I was a teen in the 90s... and this was me. Oh god!
madasnx Mês atrás
he looks like a gen z lesbian -a gen z lesbian (who wore that outfit 3 times last week)
Madison Polasky
Madison Polasky Mês atrás
To be honest I was impressed with his style.
Lucyinchat Mês atrás
So much shirts
ihaztwojayz Mês atrás
I’ve never heard jack laugh this much and it makes me smile
When She Manifests
When She Manifests Mês atrás
I’m in TEARS! These are DEFINITELY for when you’re in a bad mood (and ALL times honestly!)
Love how despite the years, he’s still the Irish man making sex jokes and laughing at the fact that he still makes sex jokes.
Benjamin Mês atrás
9:20 "...Think about it. Sit at holm. Think about it. I'll be over here. Poppin' hweelies on my dirtbike." He still can't drop his accent when impersonating a Chad
Zora TheSideCharacter
My favorite ones I've gotten from this are: "Don't forget to amputate your leg" "Get sacrificed" "Humanity is hollow"
MartyTheGamer Mês atrás
We REQUIRE a part 2! I don't feel motivated enough. Need more hysterical laughing.
Newtonbur Mês atrás
We need more of that sweet sweet MOTIVATION!!! 😂
MartyTheGamer Mês atrás
@VIBaJ 16 Thanks, I needed that
LpsDevonWinder24 Mês atrás
The foldable kind
Damien West
Damien West Mês atrás
Just get a white lawn chair. Should be the same
Elisabeth TenBrink Kelley
Your American accents are always both surprisingly good and absolutely hilarious to me for some reason.
Feye Fall
Feye Fall Mês atrás
"Respected is he that bewaileth his grandmother, for no son yet tickled his own pubes, and still boasted about and cherished it." Bonus meta quote: "Somebody will always want you to share inspirational quotes." Against a backdrop of hundred dollar bills.
Debra Barber
Debra Barber Mês atrás
Whenever I'm feeling down, this channel is here to cheer me up. 😆🤣
Raccoon O-0
Raccoon O-0 Mês atrás
Jacksepticeye's hipster accent got me busting out laughing it's so good yet so hilarious 😂
em Mês atrás
there’s somethings so uncanny valley about an AI guiding you through a meditation
frodo Mês atrás
Sean looks like he's straight out of a 90's Stephen King novel. 10/10
LpsDevonWinder24 Mês atrás
Mcloughlin also
LpsDevonWinder24 Mês atrás
Wow that’s the most likes I’ve ever gotten on BRvid thank you guys so much
Ilias Mês atrás
@3 Seán McLaughin'
LpsDevonWinder24 Mês atrás
Seán is jack
3 Mês atrás
who the hell is sean
UnrealGamer6/Evan 28 dias atrás
Definitely consider making a part 2! Need more of this LOL
Jake McCollum
Jake McCollum Mês atrás
I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Thank you ❤
𝐀𝐝𝐮𝐬♪ 28 dias atrás
the fact these just make you feel better reading them because they’re so funny
Humaira Qothrunnada
Humaira Qothrunnada 20 dias atrás
once again i wanna thank jack because i was crying but now im giggling so hard omg thank you sm
Madame Monarch
Madame Monarch Mês atrás
"never hate the intensity of your weight gain" i laughed so hard 🤣🤣🤣
Gary Fantastica
Gary Fantastica Mês atrás
Jack: "now we're getting somewhere." Ai: "don't stroke animals." 😂
Dboi Mês atrás
Christ the immediate turnaround on that one
Camper South
Camper South 24 dias atrás
Inspirobot is a very intelligent ai that is capable of giving the most meaningful quotes we could think of to "You're mediocre and you know it"
Rennis Tora
Rennis Tora Mês atrás
That "mental stability is a circus" one is worryingly accurate.
sdfghj asdfghjk
sdfghj asdfghjk Mês atrás
Jack looks like the movie buff at pub trivia and it's amazing
Bekka May
Bekka May Mês atrás
I needed this so much today. I have at least 10 assignments due this coming week and have been very stressed about it. This made me cry and my stomach hurt from laughter
Maicey T.
Maicey T. 29 dias atrás
You got this fam. You're doing great. 😘
Christian Hull
Christian Hull Mês atrás
In mindfulness mode, after a while, the background meditational music adds in some people that seem to be "having a little fun." Very mindful stuff. Also, I think every human on Earth should try Inspirobot at least once. It's so good
ThePorgRevolution Mês atrás
I love how Sean can pull some crazy AI-taking-over-the-world ending and no one talks about it in the comments. We’re all just used to it at this point
Kinimae Mês atrás
Actually the ai legit does stuff like that every like 20 minutes you use it, it has random events and it's really really cool!
The Misfit Owl
The Misfit Owl Mês atrás
@Emilia Windwandere4 Yeah, we are so used to the world being a garbage fire anyway, what's an AI takeover in-between catastrophes?
Ninnu Lähteenmäki
@Blake Driggers I was waiting for it to happen and came to comments to check if it would
TJ Draws
TJ Draws Mês atrás
@ThePorgRevolution to be fair I had a pretty similar reaction when it happened while I was talking to my friend at 3am
GummyPop Mês atrás
I think at this point everyone just works for IRIS
Naud van Dalen
Naud van Dalen 29 dias atrás
14:25 "Okay, I want to end on a banger. I wanna find one flawless one." InspiroBot: "I'm afraid I can't let you do that Seán."
Mariah Rivera
Mariah Rivera Mês atrás
I absolutely died at “isn’t that a little cute?” 💀💀
samxfive Mês atrás
“Turn your back on a lizard” got me hella good
Brittany Zeller
Brittany Zeller 25 dias atrás
AI: *Some super deep and meaningful sayings.* Also AI: Don't stroke animals.
Dillie G
Dillie G Mês atrás
I was having a really crappy day until I saw this video. Thanks Jack
gamingpotato Mês atrás
@San bro did math like no other to prove this guy was lying 💀
gamingpotato Mês atrás
Eh, I was having a pretty great day! But, this video was fun regardless! Have a good rest of your day man!
Elin Mês atrás
@San Nah, its just that if its a Jacksepticeye video you dont even need to watch to know its gonna be good
sammy person
sammy person Mês atrás
same here man 💗
sienna Mês atrás
Light Of The Colossus
Light Of The Colossus 10 dias atrás
My favorite: Discovering why you are hard is what makes you responsible
A Melon Named Kate
A Melon Named Kate 12 dias atrás
I was not expecting the bot to become self aware and honestly it scared the shit out of me
The Mindbender
The Mindbender 7 dias atrás
My two favourite quotes I've got: ''Erotic fantasies are simply secret messages from boredom.'' ''There is a connection between dancing and self-delusion.''
Wrex's Game Files
Wrex's Game Files 24 dias atrás
Your editor is just a genius.
AudiFrog Mês atrás
I’ve been playing with this and I’m obsessed Some quotes I’ve gotten: “Being pathetic is not acceptable” “The Reptilian Agenda Starts Now” “After the birth marks comes breakfast” “Confidence can help you raise the dead”
Tony Mês atrás
Jack: There’s interpretation in MY reading of it. Also Jack: *starts laughing mid-sentence*
TheUndyingOne Mês atrás
@gamingpotato THAT is true.
gamingpotato Mês atrás
Well, they ARE funny sentences.
Simon Kay Williams
Simon Kay Williams Mês atrás
"Keep calm and get lobotomized" The Think Tank already did that for me-
MC Mês atrás
I have not laughed this hard at a BRvid video in so long 😂
shy_pot_pie taht
shy_pot_pie taht Mês atrás
i honestly don't know if you would ever see this but i wanted to say thank you, you have helped me through so many of my dark and lonely days but this has been one of the hardest times of my life i lost my dad a year ago and it has been so lonely and dark with out him and then i ended up losing my mom a year later on my dads birthday and i feel so alone and lost and through all of that you have made me smile and laugh even though im going through the hardest things ive ever gone through so again thank you
K-Conn 22
K-Conn 22 Mês atrás
My favorite ones I generated were "Perhaps heartbeats can alter the way we look at wasted time if you stop being so narrow-minded.", "If you're getting bummed, remember, try to be yourself.", "Street Performers are humans too.", "After the ambition comes creation.", and my personal favorite; "All people are trash."
jensyn toups
jensyn toups 27 dias atrás
Sean is the living being of my mind and humor
Sybato Mês atrás
I like how Jack was laughing at the "Why close your eyes when you could try harder?" when it's literally the same as "I'll sleep when I'm dead"
Kit, Felix, Chris
Kit, Felix, Chris Mês atrás
This reminds me of when me and a friend randomly asked a teacher for an inspirational quote and he said "Sometimes it be like it do- Sometimes it don't." T-T The most inspirational thing I've ever heard.
DVR Mês atrás
I love that jacksepticeye is going much more deeper into ai, its so funny
Jordan Mills
Jordan Mills Mês atrás
When the "my leg" sound from happy wheels comes on I immediately start smiling like a fool.
Jóel Máni Geirsson
Jóel Máni Geirsson 20 dias atrás
My favorite quote Iv'e gotten from this bot is "If you want to be loved you have to resist demons" whith the picture of a guy with a gas mask in a suite similer to this one at 2:24
xgozulx Mês atrás
It was hilarious, but I found the font choices very cool, they went always well with the image
Jeff Daniels
Jeff Daniels Mês atrás
After a very, VERY bad day, this genuinely made me smile. Thanks, Jack.
Totally Squirrel
Totally Squirrel Mês atrás
Sorry you're having a shit day. Hope tomorrow is better for you ❤
MedicOfUndying Mês atrás
There must be bad days for there to be good days, right?
Simion Leva
Simion Leva Mês atrás
May I ask what happened?
gamingpotato Mês atrás
I always have great days! I love everyday of my life! But Jack/Seán always makes my day a little better! Like... the cherry on top of a chocolate cake. That's a surprisingly good way to describe it.
Maile schultz
Maile schultz Mês atrás
Same here
Wylan Vallotton
Wylan Vallotton Mês atrás
I haven't seen you laugh this much in a long time. It's nice to see. 😊
blackswan Mês atrás
This was truly a moment of hilarious heaven🤣 Jack, you've GOT to do more AI stuff. I personally can't get enough of it!
Rebekah Inspires
Rebekah Inspires Mês atrás
That was a great video! I'm so glad you discovered this website and decided to do a video on it. When I was bored one day I decided to look up AI based stuff and found this website and proceeded to click through probably a few hours worth of stuff. It was so funny and fun.
Nori Vixen
Nori Vixen Mês atrás
This video came at a good time! Been dealing with my dad dementia and been In my head/feelings lately. Thanks for this video i laugh to the point im wheezing
sunshine 24 dias atrás
i remember doing this about a year ago and the only quote i can remember that i got was "it's never too late to steal" and i have lived by that since
Crystan Mês atrás
The editor deserves an extra cookie for that gag at 4:55. I laughed so hard.
ZhangK71 Mês atrás
Happy Wheels memes will always be infinitely goated
b oop
b oop Mês atrás
my favorite inspirobot quotes are - "keep smiling and deny everything" - "we can make everyone regret everything they've ever said" - "don't call them clowns" (featuring an ominous picture of dark, misty forest)
eh Mês atrás
When he was saying about how babies close their eyes I was literally staring at my daughter staring at the TV looking at crayons adventuring or something and she stared it for about 15 seconds 🤣
catchingstars7 26 dias atrás
The jokes and editing are top notch.
Alyx Nova
Alyx Nova Mês atrás
I was using this as background noise while I was writing my notes from a class that I missed... biggest mistake. I wrote half a sentence, tearing up from laughter by minute 5. 😂
Father and Son Games
The best thing about Inspirobot is the they can go from borderline inspirational, to complete nonsense, sometimes it feels like I’m being inducted into a cult
young husk
young husk Mês atrás
The mindful music accompanied by "don't stroke animals" got me way too hard. I feel like the same could be said for most of the posters too. This whole video is material for a try not to laugh challenge. 🤣
Aj lee
Aj lee Mês atrás
it got you hard you say?
vampbat_studios Mês atrás
I……misinterpreted your comment at first! orz
Paradoxum Mês atrás
my favorite inspirobot generated inspirational quote was one that simply said "hunt beef" with the picture at 11:46
coleman walsh
coleman walsh Mês atrás
I haven't watched a jacksepticeye videos in years. But this was hilarious 😂
Noah Stanyer
Noah Stanyer 27 dias atrás
I generated some of my own quotes that I now live by: “By sheer willpower you can ensure that a certain person gets erected” “Make everyone in your like feel threateningly f*cked” “Shoplifters and social justice warriors work together to stop harmony and understanding!” Thanks InspiroBot, my life will never be the same!
Sylky art
Sylky art Mês atrás
If these could be used as widgets that would make my entire year
Begonia Mês atrás
My favorites Ive gotten from inspirobot were “please don’t attack random pedestrians” and “you didn’t wake up today to reinvent ugliness”
Stuffypanda 214
Stuffypanda 214 Mês atrás
I don’t know what’s better, Jack reading the weird on motivational quotes. Or him trying to rationalize them so they become motivational quotes. 😂😂😂😂
gamingpotato Mês atrás
Jimes Mês atrás
I would love to fill my house with framed pictures of these and just confuse the hell out of my houseguests
ThePBJSandwich 12 dias atrás
Being a Devil May Cry fan, simply hearing the word motivation motivates me enough to finish my homework without hesitation
Summer Wimmer
Summer Wimmer 10 dias atrás
Ai bot: *says something actually deep* Jack: now we’re getting somewhere Ai bot immediately after: don’t stroke animals 😑🤚
Foxi_Skye Mês atrás
I’m legitimately printing out these quotes specifically from this video to my school counselor 😂
AI Generated art is SCARY
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