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'Age of Empires Historian Dan Snow Reviews Famous Movie Scenes'
Popular Historian and Television Presenter Dan Snow MBE reviews scenes from famous movies set in the Age of Revolutions.
Dan reviews two of the most famous films set during the American Revolution, The Patriot (2000), starring Mel Gibson, and Last of the Mohicans (1992), starring Daniel Day Lewis.
He also reviews one of the most iconic naval battle scenes from Master and Commander (2003), starring Russell Crowe, and siege of Port Royal scene from one the biggest movie franchises in history, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), starring Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley.
Next, Dan rates the opening scene in Alejandro González Iñárritu's oscar-winning movie The Revenant (2015), starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, before analysing Napoleon Bonaparte's downfall in Waterloo (1970).
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0:00 Introduction
0:23 THE PATRIOT (2000)
8:42 THE REVENANT (2015)
24:19 WATERLOO (1970)

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30 Mai 2023



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History Hit
History Hit Anos atrás
Does Master and Commander offer the most accurate depiction of early 19th Century naval warfare? Let us know what you think in the comments below 👇
MysticSaxophone Anos atrás
Fuck yes it does
Bingo Bongo
Bingo Bongo Anos atrás
Master and commander is amazing but the boarding actions is imo suffering extremely from Hollywood Syndrom. Suddenly waaaay too many guys on both sides and casualties are unbelievably high yet in the end don’t matter too much.
Swarm509 Anos atrás
I'd watch an full commentary from Dan Snow for the full length of Master and Commander. I watch it yearly, just such a great movie on all accounts.
MysticSaxophone Anos atrás
@Bingo Bongo Too many guys compared to what? My limited memory tells me that these Napoleon era warships could house up to 700 men? I know the HMS Surprise in the film is depicted after a smaller vessel but it should easily hold several hundred men still.
Hockey Bolts
Hockey Bolts Anos atrás
Hornblower series does best for naval in my opinion, especially with Robert Lindsay portraying Captain Pellew. Also think Sharpe series better than the infantry movies.
Madi Aikau
Madi Aikau 11 meses atrás
I love what he says. "You could buy your rank in the army, but you couldn't buy your rank at sea. You had to know what you were doing. You had to be an expert."
Leo Arc
Leo Arc 11 meses atrás
But was it really true?!
David Collishaw
David Collishaw 11 meses atrás
Often you were promoted on influence but only after you had been made post.
Derek Brown
Derek Brown 11 meses atrás
@David Collishaw Could you? I thought once you made post it was all by seniority? Your posting might be by influence, but not rank as I understood it.
David Collishaw
David Collishaw 11 meses atrás
@Derek Brown seniority meant that eventually you would make admiral even if you never went back to sea and was an admiral of the white but merit or favour would jump you up the scale. Seniority on your post date is useless when a junior whose father is an MP has you appointed commodore. Nelson was younger than his peers.
Eduardo González
Eduardo González 11 meses atrás
@Leo Arc Yes. In the army soldiers would just desert which was mostly a rounding error but mutiny not only would cost a lot of troops it also takes out a very expensive ship, its cargo and the mutineers are very likely to go pirate costing you even more expensive ships and cargo. The navy was very much the part of your forces you didn't do any fuckery.
Mythologist 10 meses atrás
Knowledgeable and doesn't completely take the piss out of inaccuracies like a wet blanket. When Dan says something like "It's exciting!" as a dismissal, it's still respecting the work as trying to be an artwork even if it's inaccurate. Very cool guy. Optimistic, even.
wattoucheng 9 meses atrás
We gotta have this guy back for more of this. These 30 minutes went by in a blink of an eye cause he is so entertaining and into what he is saying!
battle sharkey
battle sharkey 5 meses atrás
Exactly my thoughts
Jonathan Hollick
Jonathan Hollick 4 meses atrás
Dan Snow? He's the main driving force behind the channel/started a parallel streaming platform. Been in loads of great documentaries/written some good books too
Wonderduck1 10 meses atrás
The battle scenes on *Waterloo* involved some 17000 soldiers and cavalrymen of the Soviet Red Army. There was a joke about the film's director being in command of the 7th largest army in the world. An amazing piece of filmmaking.
RFish 10 meses atrás
Wow , that’s interesting ! So the Soviets allowed their soldiers to volunteer gif the film ?? Serious question .
Wonderduck1 10 meses atrás
@RFish Not allowed, and not volunteered. They were all active Red Army units... even the 2000 cavalrymen. I assume theSovs got some compensation from the studios, though.
Marty Mcfly
Marty Mcfly 10 meses atrás
Even more amazing that this is pre CGI so what you see is happening in real time.... no one would do that these days
gibberconfirm 9 meses atrás
​@RFish Somebody can contradict me but guessing 1970 the Soviets were close enough to 1945 glory of defeating Hitler made "Waterloo" seem ideologically sound. Don't fuck with Russia or this is what happens. Lot of 1945 Red Army soldiers still alive, wanted to glory in their historical importance?
Pepper Elliott
Pepper Elliott 3 meses atrás
One of his critiques about the slowness of fire in the woods for The Patriot was actually addressed by Benjamin Martin in the instruction to his sons. He had preloaded 5 rifles. 3 for him one for each son. Each son took a shot and then the younger loaded for the older back to back. Martin staggered 3 separate guns and actively reloaded another before engaging in short range with a side arm and fighting hand to hand v unarmed and reloading opponents. It’s quite genius writing.
Genevieve Murray
Genevieve Murray 8 meses atrás
We took our 12 yr old daughter and 14 yr old son to see Master and Commander. They both groaned with disappointment when it ended not realising we’d been mesmerised for 3 hours. Best war film ever.
Gmailalt 5 meses atrás
Good film, but you should not project through your kids.
new user
new user 29 dias atrás
@Gmailalt what?
Visboer Anton
Visboer Anton 22 dias atrás
Fuck yeah America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🔫🔫🦅🦅 FREEDOM
Fizzbrew 18 dias atrás
​@Gmailalt wtf are you talking about?
Jordan Booth
Jordan Booth Anos atrás
Master and Commander - cinematic masterpiece. It’s such a generally forgotten film because it came out the same year as both the 1st Pirates of the Caribbean, and the final Lord of the Rings, which both massively overshadowed it, which is a real shame (and I’m as big a LOTR fan as they come), because when it comes to the acting, cinematography, storytelling and the general historical accuracy of M&C, my god I’ve seen it probably a dozen times and each time I notice something new about it, and I somehow find myself even more in awe at how stupendous it is. Probably the most underrated film of all time.
Anand Morris
Anand Morris Anos atrás
Its my go to film, watch ut at least once a month. A proper lads film too.
Timnor Anos atrás
Yeah I was really hoping it would become a franchise
Lewis Taylor
Lewis Taylor Anos atrás
I have seen this film at least 3x more than the op. and I STILL notice something new everytime I watch it. In my own top live action movie list, this was the movie that took #1 from The Shawshank Redemption, which had been my favorite for most of the previous decade. I had seen The Shawshank Redemption enough times to literally be able to quote at least one line from any single scene in the movie (more likely I could give more than half the dialogue for any given scene). For anything to top that is one hell of an achievement and so far only Master & Commander has done this. Along with that, Master & Commander reignited my passion for tall ships which had been waning in the years prior to its release.
Mike Untalan
Mike Untalan Anos atrás
I absolutely love M&C. I watch the film once a month as well and is easily one of my favorite films. It's a true masterwork of a film.
Andrew P
Andrew P Anos atrás
Yeah the last few times I’ve watched it I felt like I got more out of it. I loved the film even when I was younger, I remember getting to watch it on someone’s big screen home theater with surround sound…man that was just too cool. My favorite these days is watching M&C with a good ration of rum :) then listening to the soundtrack for the next few days
Lori Sews Stuff
Lori Sews Stuff 6 meses atrás
Last of the Mohicans was filmed not too far from where I live. A guy I used to work with was an Am Rev reenactor and was hired as an extra. The casting director saw the value in using background extras that were basically a group of historians that understood how soldiers of that time would behave. My coworker loved every minute of it and treasured the experience.
Beth Ann Feng
Beth Ann Feng 5 meses atrás
He was a lucky So-and-so! 😄😄
Stephen Keesee
Stephen Keesee 5 meses atrás
My 8th grade SS teacher was also an extra in it- he was/is an expert on Davy Crockett and there's a picture of him as a "pioneer" at the Davy Crockett Ranch at Euro Disney.
David Maltais
David Maltais 22 dias atrás
I was disappointed that it wasn't filmed where it actually took place in real life tbh
Aaackermann 9 meses atrás
To this day Master and Commander stays my most favourite movie of all time! Such a masterpiece. And to this day I am heartbroken they never got to shoot a second one although all the cast was onboard for it!
Strange&Norrell 4 meses atrás
Same here. Retrospectivley I reckon they out the best best of 3 novels into a great movie. I'm pissed that ITV quit on Hornblower.
Thistle 10 meses atrás
Master and Commander is one of the greatest films ever and I seriously regret not seeing it in theaters.
RollinRat 9 meses atrás
Read Patrick Obrien's 20 book series if you liked the movie. The movie is just part of one book. 'The Far Side of the World'. The books follows Captain Aubrey and Stephen Maturin through most of their career. Excellent books, far greater than the movie. But the movie is my favorite of all time.
Ad Hc
Ad Hc 9 meses atrás
Agree! I loved it.
Derek Harrison
Derek Harrison 8 meses atrás
An absolutely brilliant film.A standout character in that film was the Shameless actor,David Threlfall,who played Kilick,the cook.He’s absolutely hilarious in it.😸
C 1094
C 1094 8 meses atrás
I am so glad I saw it in the theater. Brilliant!!!!
RollinRat 8 meses atrás
Read the books! About 8000 pages in them. Then watch the movie again. You'll discover so much more about this fascinating way of life. They take me a couple years to read usually. But each time I'm sad when they're finished. O'Brien passed away before he could finish I believe.
Tyler Cole
Tyler Cole 19 dias atrás
I think it’s kind of funny they had him analyze Pirates of the Caribbean. Would love to hear him talk about immortal cursed pirates and how common that was in the 18th century lol
Vincent Ardizzone
Vincent Ardizzone 20 dias atrás
Totally agree. Master and Commander was an outstanding movie. One of the best I've ever seen, and one of Russel Crowes best performances. Grossly underrated.
Contagious Intelligence
Master and Commander was an amazing movie. Should have won an Oscar, but timing was bad (LOTR Return of the King). Pirates of the Caribbean was a fun movie too.
Andres C
Andres C Anos atrás
Damn the Return of the King🤯 horrendous timing.
Resident Elect
Resident Elect Anos atrás
Loved how much Dan was into Master & Commander... "Oooh, he's raked him!!!" 🤣
Joel Willems
Joel Willems Anos atrás
Return of the King had to crush it at the Oscars that year because they had already given them such little credit for Fellowship of the Ring and the Two Towers. The Academy really just voted it as a trilogy and waited until the end to finally give it its due.
SMGJohn Anos atrás
Why are americans so busy winning prices? Is that why you make movies? To win prices? It is no wonder your cinema has devolved into generic super heroes and romance drama flicks.
Emma North
Emma North Anos atrás
@Joel Willems Honestly thought LOTR was rubbish especially the silly ROTK with the 50 endings..
SERGIp51D 7 meses atrás
Watching Master and Commander in theaters was incredible.. the sound alone was unforgettable. First thing I told myself when I walked out of the theater.. Imagine this level of detail and authenticity / Hollywood blockbuster budget for a Trafalgar movie.
ClausJesup 4 meses atrás
Well, that would have to be a totally different level of budget. In M&C there are just two small actions between two frigates. Trafalgar was a fleet action involving some 50 ships of the line. It's not jus a question of how to put it all onto the screen - CGI has evolved a bit since M&C came out. But how to tell the story of this battle without totally confusing the viewer? I mean - 50 ships. That's a lot to digest for the avarage viewer. It would end up like one of these Marvel end battles where dozens of nameless monsters throw lightning bolts at each other.
Tony Bleau
Tony Bleau 5 meses atrás
Master and Commander is one of the most underrated movies ever. Would have loved a sequel of the same quality. Never knew it was that historically accurate as well! 👌
David Hoffman
David Hoffman 5 meses atrás
Last of the Mohicans has some of the best night time photography I've ever scene. Most movies that had outdoor night scenes (especially in the 90s and earlier) either did "day for night" filming with a filter on the lens, or had floodlights shining on everything. The cinematography in Last of the Mohicans looks like nighttime, and doesn't feel like it's artificially illuminated.
Petra E
Petra E 2 meses atrás
Yeah, like the nighttime surfing scene in Kathryn Bigelow's Point Break (1991). It's so painfully obvious that is was filmed by day.
Robert virago
Robert virago 22 dias atrás
i love this movie Because my ancestor came france as soldat and arrived at Quebec , 1755 , an participate at the batlle Fort William Henry in 1757 , it was le Régiment de la Reine , compagnie Damas , in this movie we see the colour of his Flag just behind Général Montcalm .
TheClmcdonald32 2 meses atrás
As someone who lived in Camden, SC, has been to historic Camden, and who's father's favorite movie is The Patriot, how did I not know I was watching the Battle of Camden this entire time. We would find horseshoes and coins when we would dig in the backyard. Truly amazing to be on the same soil as the battle.
Darth Feather
Darth Feather 5 meses atrás
When it comes to Pirates of the Carribean, while _normal_ pirates would most likely not attack Port Royal, or any other similarly fortified location, one must take the supernatural side of the pirate crew being undead into account in this specific scene.
Felipe Cortez
Felipe Cortez Mês atrás
You're right, i didn't think about that 🤪
Baby Bear
Baby Bear 24 dias atrás
Exactly! Plus, they were there for the gold medallion that Keira Knightley has. That's the whole point of the attack, it didn't matter if it was a good idea or not, it's where they had to be.
Gryphon Man
Gryphon Man 21 dia atrás
@Baby Bear The Pearl might not even have been able to sink, as she had been risen from the depths by Davy Jones to serve Captain Jack Sparrow for 13 years so he could repay his debt.
Otto Weininger
Otto Weininger 18 dias atrás
Yes, you're right. It deserves at least a 6 for historical realism.
Mtnman87 Anos atrás
I like this guy. He can recognize when a movie is just trying to be fun. Not everything has to be a documentary.
Hugh Jazz
Hugh Jazz Anos atrás
Hes top drawer, his father is great broadcaster too.
Werk Galaxy
Werk Galaxy Anos atrás
The problem is in mostly western people more then film makers. The Marvel Heroes and Pokemon media community so far is the worst. Anyway many religiously treat movies as reality and being toxic about it, convincing everyone they are right. The younger the generation the more and more idiotic it is. Through 90s, 00s and about 10 years ago I met plenty of lovely people for the most part but the newer the year the more and more toxic idiots I run into. Can't even count how many people I had to block online from 2015 onwards because we couldn't had a normal conversation about anything. They were all just spamming crap, walls of incoherent text, lies from clickbait sources and fake news, control freaks and mostly being just attention whores. Too many mentally unstable people and neglected children being stuck online.
Sean Moran
Sean Moran Anos atrás
Vegvisir92 But he’s not a historian, he is a Tv presenter
Sean Moran
Sean Moran 11 meses atrás
Vegvisir92 BBC - Enough Said !
TBHinPhilly 11 meses atrás
Nope. He was analyzing Pirates of the Carribbean as a serious battle -- and not recognizing that the pirates were undead -- so could afford to "loose men" because they didn't. Clearly he never watched either The Patriot or Pirates in full. That makes the analysis trashy.
luckystriker 5 meses atrás
Even though Master and Commander wasnt a big hit upon release, I believe it's a movie that will be seen as a timeless classic. The tension between singled-minded determination beyond the call of duty and the unbreakable bonds of friendship is a universal theme while the pacing and small character moments are all emotionally impactful. All the characters are well-defined and distinct. Plus the sailing and combat footage is unbeatable.
Cylon Sapphire
Cylon Sapphire 3 meses atrás
Overjoyed to see all the love that Master and Commander is getting in the comments here. It is an outstanding film that didn't receive the recognition it deserved when it was released. IMO it stands head and shoulders above all other 'war films.' It gives us more than bloody battles and action, we're treated to genuine character depth and development. Acting, directing, score, sound, cinematography - all note perfect. Peter Weir is a genius.
K Woylee
K Woylee 2 meses atrás
Master and Commander should have been the first of a series of films - there was plenty of source material. It was criminally underrated and under-appreciated at the time, but I'm so glad I got to see it on the big screen.
Timothy Henderson
Timothy Henderson 10 meses atrás
I love watching experts critiquing movie scenes - but I’ve never been more impressed with a play by play commentary. This was super cool!
Transvesto Saurus
Transvesto Saurus 10 meses atrás
If you guys want more Master and Commander, read the books by Patrick O'Brian: they're the best historical fiction out there, written in a beautiful, warm, wry style totally authentic to the early 19th century, like Jane Austen for military geeks.
Lisa Lynch
Lisa Lynch 10 meses atrás
Reread them all 3times,always said they were Jane Austen for men
Jebediah Krimsoncraftleding
@Lisa Lynch lmao for real. When I recommend it to women, I always say it's really the story of two best friends over decades of war and love and loss. Jack and Sophie and Maturin and Diana, goddamn if the seafaring and exploration and warfare isn't engaging, but there's still tons of romance and homesteading.
Lilith 5 meses atrás
@Lisa Lynch Jane Austen is Jane Austen for men.
Lavrentivs 5 meses atrás
Sadly they only translated half of them to swedish =/
James Buerer
James Buerer 3 meses atrás
I've read several. Too much talk, talk, talk for me. "Jane Austen for men is correct"-there is so much sighing and lovelorning. I don't read naval novels for the drama of who gets the girl.
GhostEye31 Anos atrás
Love the Waterloo movie. They had something like 15,000 Soviet troops as extras, dressed up and drilled for it. Gotta give credit where it's due that's a hell of a commitment to cinema.
Tadicuslegion78 Anos atrás
Can you imagine you're some Russian private sitting on base and you're told to dress like up like a Frenchman because this insane Italian producer with a grand vision got help from the Russian Army to make Waterloo into reality.
BroDozer Anos atrás
It was said during the filming, the director had the 6th largest army in the world! its the entire soviet red army in it.
Resident Elect
Resident Elect Anos atrás
@Tadicuslegion78 I tell you what mate, I'd much rather have been doing _that_ than being made to cross the Ukrainian border for "an exercise" while crammed in the back of a 1970s APC with flat tyres and zero rations, fuel or comms equipment... Yikes! 😬 Edit: No disrespect intended to anyone who has been affected by the current "special military operation" of course...
Ryan White
Ryan White Anos atrás
@BroDozer the soviets provided 15000 infantry and 2000 cavalry. 17000 men is a tiny fraction of the millions that were in the red army
Hamish Davidson
Hamish Davidson Anos atrás
@BroDozer it was not the entire Red Army what a ridiculous claim
Norwegian Blue
Norwegian Blue 3 meses atrás
I really wish they would make more movies like Master and Commander. Just a straight up action/adventure movie with historical accuracy that shows the honor and bravery our ancestors had. I think audiences are kind of starved for it.
Donna Shelley
Donna Shelley 9 meses atrás
Many years ago, I was an assistant curator at the USS Constitution Museum. When I saw this film, I was enthralled from the beginning. The darkness, the creaking wood of the ship, and the battle scenes were so spot on I could barely believe it. Master and Commander is on my top ten list of must-see movies. I really enjoyed your analysis of this and the other films. And I still believe that The Patriot was bunk.
Geoff Boxell
Geoff Boxell 3 meses atrás
I belong to a UK 9-11thC re-enactment group (Regia Anglorum). We, and other re-enactment groups actually had bulk communications from fellow re-enactors in the States apologising about The Patriot as many of them had worked as extras on the film.
Doug Earnest
Doug Earnest 3 meses atrás
@Geoff Boxell - Very classy of them (the American reenactors) since they couldn't know what they were getting into. The takeaway here is never trust or get involved with movie people - but everyone still falls for it.
Geoff Boxell
Geoff Boxell 3 meses atrás
@Doug Earnest So true. My Household only did it the once. Being Medieval times they insisted on somering us all in mud. Trying to educate them on period hygiene etc was a waste of time - that and charging the enemy in a loose unco-ordinated rush. Oi, yoi, yoi: schmuks
Jacki Openshaw
Jacki Openshaw 2 meses atrás
Kk ok 😊☺️ 😊☺️ 😊☺️ 😊😊
Jacki Openshaw
Jacki Openshaw 2 meses atrás
Martin Wilson
Martin Wilson 10 meses atrás
As a young boy growing up in southern Ontario many years ago, it was James Fenimore Cooper and his "Last of the Mohicans" that captured my imagination. As I got older and found out that this novel was not only based in history but written during that very era, my interests turned to learning as much as I could about the history of this part of the world. Truly fascinating stuff.
Life’s Too Short
Life’s Too Short 10 meses atrás
Sorry to be annoying but last of the Mohicans was written in the 1820s and the events were 70 years before
Martin Wilson
Martin Wilson 10 meses atrás
@Life’s Too Short So, exactly how long does an era last? 1820 was still the Pre-Confederation era in Canada, and for some years after that.
Life’s Too Short
Life’s Too Short 10 meses atrás
@Martin Wilson I think it’s hard to say that the book was written in the same era given it was 70 years later. Era suggests commonality of experience and life time. Cooper was born in 1789, more than thirty years after the war he wrote about and he wrote about it in a different century.
Tom McEwan
Tom McEwan 9 meses atrás
The thing that's so frustrating about the film, beautifully made though it is, is that Cooper was a definite Anglophile, whereas the screenwriter and/or director clearly had an altogether different opinion about the British and didn't hold back from showing it, altering basically all of the British characterisations to make them entirely worse people than as originally written, not to mention including a lot of fiery revolutionary rhetoric about 20 years and a generation earlier than one would really expect to hear it, and that just isn't in the book at all, IIRC.
Martin Wilson
Martin Wilson 9 meses atrás
@Tom McEwan I agree. Once again, Hollywood rewrites history. In fairness, though, the movie, like the book, was a work of fiction, not a documentary.
Kimberly Patton
Kimberly Patton 26 dias atrás
I agree with Dan! “The Last of the Mohicans” is a phenomenal movie! Everything from the music score to the stellar cast to the mind blowing cinematography is of a caliber that not many movies even approach! Dans passion and energy for what he loves-history- is incredibly refreshing and inspiring!
L A Green
L A Green 9 meses atrás
I loved Master and Commander - felt like I'd been to sea in service after that film. I think it certainly looks like a very accurate depiction of 18th c. warfare. Too bad they couldn't get anyone to make a sequel. Stunning acting ensemble on that film too.
Alex Anos atrás
One thing Master and Commander does that I have never seen in any other movie, is having sound move slower than light, at the start of the movie the French frigate is seen in the distance and you see the flashes of the cannon and then after a delay you hear the sound. It's also the only movie I've seen that has actors of the right age and diversity (as the navy at the time was actually very diverse), it's the only time I've heard mention the standard practice of loading more than one cannon ball in the gun at a time, having the cannons fly backwards when fired and using the correct terminology throughout the movie.
well well
well well Anos atrás
Exactly such a great and realistic movie
Glen Chapman
Glen Chapman Anos atrás
And the sound effects they generated for the cannons were haunting
The only Madmac
The only Madmac Anos atrás
@Glen Chapman no wonder. They took historical cannons, fired them and recorded the sounds
Glen Chapman
Glen Chapman Anos atrás
@The only Madmac I did not realize that. I know they had recorded historical gunfire for reference, but assumed they did some sort of movie magic to recreate the sound for the films.
Ryan S
Ryan S Anos atrás
If the crews were diverse, does that mean the Royal Navy was woke? Should we tweet about this?
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick 24 dias atrás
He is right about the Last of the Mohicans, that soundtrack is legit the best one of any historical film ever made.
Maximus Retardious
Maximus Retardious 9 meses atrás
I wish I had Peter and Dan Snow as history teachers at school, they make learning history so enjoyable
When I was in the U.S. Army in 1992 after coming back to Germany from Desert Storm, I had the luck and fortune to visit the Waterloo battlefield and museums before being reassigned to Texas. It was really cool and some of the farmhouse budlings were still there from when it was fought, and they would still find bayonets and swords that got buried in mud and such.
Colin Gunn
Colin Gunn 2 meses atrás
I saw master and commander in the theater when it came out (I was 14 at the time) I just remember everything about it feeling very real and gritty, especially that last battle
Richard Birdsall
Richard Birdsall Mês atrás
The Master and Commander audio books read by Patrick Tull are the most entertaining books I've ever listened to. I had genuine belly laughs, tears, and learned so much about so many places around the world and disciplines, you will never be the same afterwards!
Alex H
Alex H Anos atrás
Fun fact about the squares 'breaking' in the Waterloo movie: the squares weren't supposed to be break - the Soviet soldiers who were hired as extras for the movie actually fled in terror (in real life!) from the cavalry mock-charging them. Just goes to show - even Soviet soldiers, who knew they weren't facing a real cavalry charge, still broke in terror at the sight and sound of the horses coming towards them. Now imagine the bravery and discipline it took for the British to hold those squares - unbroken - against thousands of enemy cavalry charging in earnest.
EmperorSigismund Anos atrás
I've heard a not disimiliar story from an re-enactor in a large early medieval battle with several hundred participants. The enemy general used a hill crest to hide the size of his forces then revealed them up close to intimidate the other side. The re-enactors panicked and withdrew inwards creating a crush in the middle where nobody could move their shields or weapons and they were simply pushed over in one swoop.
Holdit66 Anos atrás
@EmperorSigismund As a teenager I did Red Cross duty at a show jumping event, and even though there was a barrier between the first aiders and the action in the arena, sometimes a horse would pass very close, and even when not at the gallop, you got a tremendous sense of its weight and power. If I'd been in one of those squares I'd have wanted to run too, movie or no movie.
aceous99 Anos atrás
They were not bronies
TheFatMob Anos atrás
Yeah, the training of the troops was completely different during the line tactics era. I guess, the first reflex of a modern soldier at the sight of danger is to spread out and lie low. Back then it was to keep formation and try to be as high as possible (hence the high hats) for a horse to consider you an impassable obstacle.
Dylan 2 meses atrás
Master And Commander I think is a masterpiece of film. Such a shame that it didn't do that well at the box office as three of them were planned but the two sequels were scrapped. It is just great film making. I think there is a sequel or prequel that they are working on right now.
Belle.M 2 meses atrás
Wondering if Dan saw the whole Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The ship and crew were cursed and immortal, and only after one piece of gold. So yes, completely implausible! 😂
Kam 2 meses atrás
12:31 Master and commander is sooo good, such an underrated movie In my opinion.
Sharon 6 meses atrás
They did a show on the making of Master and Commander. The attention to detail was incredible. Kudos to Russell Crowe and company. They made the finished movie a real gem and very real to the watcher. Also a terrific score.
jstacalguy 5 dias atrás
For those wishing to truly experience all of Master and Commander, I would suggest if allowed on here, to listen to the Audible un-abridged renditions. If you don’t have time to read, or find 18th century nautical terms difficult… the spoken version is perfect for a commute. Patrick Tull, a well known British actor, does a fantastic job of bringing Aubrey and crew to life!!! All 21 books are available and you feel like you are on deck, between decks, and right there for all of the action!
Kobold Anos atrás
Master an Commander is one of those gems of cinematography that will still be awe-inspiring in 50 years. It's wonderfully written, the cast is superb and the attention to detail makes my history nerd's heart sing every time I watch it. The emotions it causes are unique, it's dramatic and tragic and uplifting and carries itself with an air of dignity and duty no other movie manages to achieve. I'll never grow tired of it.
Jack Howland
Jack Howland Anos atrás
Ship building goes back in my family to the days of the Clipper Ship. I myself was a Marine Rigger in an American Shipyard for over 7 years. Your right, there is something very special about ships. I've been on a couple of the old wood frigates. The movie was on the money as far as the setting.
Ole Anos atrás
That year was an amazing year for cinemas. Master and Commander, LotR RotK, Pirates all in 1 year is so great. Would have been more Oscars as well if not for LotR
Esteban Ortiz
Esteban Ortiz Anos atrás
And M&C used so little CGI, that it has aged incredible well. I re-watched it the other day and it still feels amazing. LoTR didn’t age that well.
Beth Krager
Beth Krager Anos atrás
I dont know if it's still there but the ship they used was a retrofitted(to fit cameras a crew a little better) actual ship of the line and it's moored at the front of the maritime museum in San Diego California, not far from the USS Midway (another great visit, i highly suggest. I even served a change of command aboard that carrier as my small boy was in dry dock for pre deployment repairs) any way, if the world ever changes, i suggest a visit.
Micelius Beverus
Micelius Beverus 11 meses atrás
I love the movie. But of course it makes concessions to "golden plot rules" too. For instance, a single French ship almost able to win Napoleonic Wars single-handedly? 😜 I almost expected Darth Vader to appear at her helm at that moment. But on the whole, this is a movie definitely to be appreciated, especially in the times of generic pulp and political correctness frenzy...
Martin Laver
Martin Laver 3 meses atrás
Master and Commander remains a highlight film for me. I’m only sad it wasn’t a sufficient success to adapt more of the books (which are excellent and which I highly recommend).
steve55 sogood
steve55 sogood 4 meses atrás
Finally got round to watching the "Revenant" all the way through, and what an amazing film it is, especially considering the effort the cast made, into making it!
HockeyGuy69 3 meses atrás
I just watched it recently too , it’s a one of a kind movie. that bear scene is one of the most visceral and disturbing scenes I’ve seen. Don’t know if I’m gonna watch it again 😂
diane cheney
diane cheney 2 meses atrás
It’s crazy that the Queen Anne’s Revenge spent more time at ship builders than she did on the water
Constance Carper
Constance Carper 18 dias atrás
Your passion for history is catching, I greatly enjoy your content!
Matt Turner
Matt Turner 10 meses atrás
I could listen to Mr. Snow talk old battles, tactics and war history for hours.
Mr. Torrance
Mr. Torrance Anos atrás
I'm very pleased to see A LOT of love for Master and Commander in these comments. It's easily one of the best films of the century thus far. It's about as close to flawless as any film can get; I wouldn't change a frame. Technically Master and Commander could have been made by another director. But Peter Weir was really the only person equipped to make it into a masterpiece. As a director his style, sensibilities, and overall disposition fit the material perfectly.
Peter Gaskin
Peter Gaskin 10 meses atrás
It's a great shame that another of his films (LOTR 3) beat M & C out of an Oscar.
Alex P23
Alex P23 10 meses atrás
Im glad it was not a success because this movie is a joke historically speaking
Daniel Evans
Daniel Evans 6 meses atrás
Master and Commander is an amazing film. Period.
Mrs DewDrop
Mrs DewDrop 2 meses atrás
Master and commander is one of my favorite movies. I watch it at least once a year 😊 thank you for sharing all those details relating to its accuracy.
Anthony Luevano
Anthony Luevano 3 meses atrás
The Last of the Mohicans really got me into history as a kid, I didn't know anything about The French and Indian War but when my father showed me the movie I was all in. Historic movies are so critical to getting people more interested in history, Its a real shame when historical battles are just given the veneer of a battle when real history can be displayed.
Bianca Bloom
Bianca Bloom 3 meses atrás
I’m so baffled by the fact that Waterloo didn’t come up in my Film classes in college. That shot at 24:23 is _exceptional_ and must have cost an absolute fortune in 1970. The opening shot of Chinatown is regarded as a masterpiece but it came out in 1974. I feel like I’ve been lied to in a weird way.
Callme Ishmael
Callme Ishmael 2 meses atrás
The opening shot of Chinatown is regarded as a masterpiece? Really? A guy looking at photos of his wife in coitus with another man? Somebody said that was filmmaking in its highest form? Great movie, though, and comparing it to Waterloo is simply comparing apples and oranges. Waterloo is just a war film made on a massive scale. Chinatown is a whole different creature. In terms of filmmaking on a massive scale, Waterloo doesn't hold a candle to the artistic merit of a film like, say, Lawrence of Arabia (made in 1962).
J Delark
J Delark 2 meses atrás
I loved Last of the Mohicans, and Waterloo is truly spectacular for pulling off a convincing war decades before the days of CGI.
Cinema OCD
Cinema OCD 10 meses atrás
Master and Commander is not only one of the most accurate depictions of warfare in C19, it's one of the most accurate depictions of warfare period. The chaos, the noise, and utter terror of that first battle. I have seen it 20 times easily and it still give me chills. Also great story and great movie in general. Wish they could have made more since there are so many Aubrey books...
Richard Birdsall
Richard Birdsall 8 meses atrás
The audio book series read by Patrick Tull changed my life, you've got to try it!
Daegnax Qelil
Daegnax Qelil 7 meses atrás
as well as last of mohicans
Tim Engineman 2nd
Tim Engineman 2nd 6 meses atrás
The only inaccuracy that I noticed the first time I watched it on DVD was the older Midshipman. At his age, if connected, he would have been promoted to Lieutenant and put on a shore command, shuffling papers until he left the Navy. If not connected, he would have been "encouraged" to leave the Navy! He wouldn't have been on the ship at all!
weerwolfproductions 5 meses atrás
@Tim Engineman 2nd I can't remember if it's in the movie or in the books, but I remember that one of Aubrey's headaches was how to handle the older midshipman once they made it back to an admirality port.
Lilith 5 meses atrás
@Tim Engineman 2nd The surgeon boarding the enemy vessel at the end and engaging in a halfhearted sword fight, instead of being up to his elbows in blood and guts in the sick bay seems more than a bit inaccurate to me. Also, during the big naval battle at the end, Jack and his English crew use French naval techniques (attacking mast and sails instead of attacking the hull, English style).
Chimp 3 meses atrás
Master and Commander one of the most underrated films of all time. Love from the Philippines ♥️🇵🇭
John 7 meses atrás
Master and commander is grossly underrated, it's the saving private Ryan of the 17th century navy
Petra E
Petra E 2 meses atrás
It's set in the early 19th century, but otherwise, yeah.
Slava Ukraine
Slava Ukraine 10 meses atrás
This is by far my favorite “expert reacts to -“ Please do more of these!
Jeff Pockat
Jeff Pockat 6 meses atrás
Mel was trained by Mark A Baker who also train Daniel Day/Lewis. Mark is able to load on the run and very quickly. Mel’s timing was fast and realistic.
April Smith
April Smith 3 meses atrás
When Master and Commander came out, a bunch of my friends and I were weirdly into the British Navy of that period, and we were DELIGHTED by this movie. I'm glad to know it stands up to the scrutiny of a real historian. ♪
nobody Anos atrás
Master And Commander is one of the most underrated naval films ever. Deserved so much more love than what it got.
Peter Allsopp
Peter Allsopp Anos atrás
If you haven't read the books: you really should. Jack & Stephen had a very interesting war!
Flynn Lives cmd
Flynn Lives cmd Anos atrás
Im ok with this. This means they likely wont rehash it like everything else, and annihilate its awesomeness
Newber92 Anos atrás
I saw it in the theatre as a teenager, was blown away. If I recall correctly, it came out at the same period as LOTR 3, which took every possible awards that year and overshadowed Master & Commander. As a French as well, I loved the caricatural representation of the sailors on the Acheron, and that French accent on the captain was something else haha.
Freemarkets1236 Anos atrás
One of the greatest movies ever.
Adamast Anos atrás
Basics like "The Cruel Sea" are hard to beat
Novantico 3 meses atrás
That Native American/Indian attack scene is one of the most insane and unexpected things I'd ever seen in a movie, before or since. I was so shocked and so enraptured by it all and that was one of the scenes I thought about most after I first saw the film, though of course the rest of it was pretty great too. Also I'm realizing how much of a jabroni I am for never watching Master & Commander yet I literally skipped a couple extra decades back and Watched Waterloo the other day (which is how this video ended up being recommended to me).
Nephilim Heart
Nephilim Heart 13 dias atrás
Recently crowe was on the critical drinkers channel, they talked a lot about master and commander. They even spent great effort to make sure the water was the right color for the areas.
Beta the Protogen
Beta the Protogen 5 meses atrás
I love that i recognize a lot of the soundtracks from these because of a mod that changes the game's music in Empire Total War, some really good music from the Last of the Mohicans was chosen for land battles and a lot of songs from Master and Commander were chosen for the naval battles
The Missing Peace
The Missing Peace 9 meses atrás
Age of Empires was the game that got me to love learning about history.
BTS X Anime
BTS X Anime 10 meses atrás
Dan, you really made me enjoy history. I really love to hear how the battles were fought and the strategy behind it. That's more fascinating to me than the political part. I wish I had you as my history teacher for college. :) I am a big fan of George Washington as a commander. I had to do several presentations of him in Elementary School and College. Thanks for clarifying history for me. Makes everything more enjoyable.
somebuddyX Anos atrás
In defense of the Pirates of the Caribbean scene, it's a bunch of undead pirates in a supernatural pirate ship unafraid of mortal consequences and desperate to end their curse, and their attack on Port Royal is out of the ordinary and specifically to capture Elizabeth and get the coin back.
Daegnax Qelil
Daegnax Qelil 8 meses atrás
Dan really didn't watched the movie
Michael Davison
Michael Davison 7 meses atrás
Yes, but that doesn't make their roundshot explosive.
blobYeol27 i
blobYeol27 i 2 meses atrás
Yes he watched the movie but here he was asked to rate ACCURACY, if you want to blame someone, blame the producer who threw a pirate fantasy Disney movie in a history video.
Eliza K
Eliza K 6 meses atrás
Would love to see other scenes with sea battles rated and explained!
Olivia McDonagh
Olivia McDonagh 2 meses atrás
There was this amazing series, years ago, where Dan and Peter Snow would recreate famous battles and explore how they would've been fought/why they won/lost, it was really interesting. Worth looking up if you can somehow hunt it down...
Wendy Milligan
Wendy Milligan 3 meses atrás
I've never seen Waterloo, but I feel like I should. These days, filmmakers use CGI to mimic large armies on a battlefield, but at the time they filmed this movie, what they filmed was much closer to the real deal. Also, those overhead shots are amazing and they tell so much of the story! That's also something I've never seen in more modern movies.
Harry Flashman
Harry Flashman 3 meses atrás
Waterloo is a masterpiece of cinematic achievement, but you missed the most iconic scene, the 'Scotland for Ever' charge of the Greys modeled on Lady Butler's painting
Kelly Kenny
Kelly Kenny 3 meses atrás
Whoa, I get to watch my history crush, Dan Snow critique on camera for over 30 minutes!!!!! I’m getting the popcorn. 🍿 I’m done. Thank you Universe, finally. 🙏🏻
Frank Mueller
Frank Mueller Anos atrás
Keep in mind that in "Waterloo" there is zero CGI. Those shots are ALL DONE WITH LIVING EXTRAS! It's a fantastic endeavor in cinematic history.
Pica hudsonia unflocked
Same reason A Bridge Too Far's paratrooper drop awes me every single time.
ayameisastar 9 meses atrás
I can’t believe they convinced the soviets to lend them 17,000 soldiers for like 4 months of training and filming. Absolute madness
The Gregitto
The Gregitto 9 meses atrás
That's amazing!
Alesia Karchevskaia
Alesia Karchevskaia 8 meses atrás
If you are interested in seeing something similar, I can recomden old Soviet movies War and Piece (1964). Based on Leo Tolstoy's books, it's set at the Napoleonic time as well and has plenty of battles with actual crowds and cavalry. Directed by the same guy who did Waterloo, btw
Frank Mueller
Frank Mueller 8 meses atrás
@Alesia Karchevskaia I also like 16th/17th century Russo-Polish war films too. (And similar. Too bad most are in Russian only as I think there is a market for English dubbed versions.0
gammon 1
gammon 1 8 meses atrás
Master and commander soundtrack was pretty damn cool, when the broken rigging is cut loose as it had become a sea anchor, sacrificing one too save many . Powerful stuff
Stephen Elberfeld
Stephen Elberfeld 5 meses atrás
In the battle of Camden, the British Legion wore green uniforms. The dragoons were hard to tell from the Continental cavelry. There is a book about Sir Banister Tarlton called "The Green Dragoon".
Rosalie Golding
Rosalie Golding 21 dia atrás
That was a fantastic analysis really enjoyed it , they don’t make films like that anymore the atmosphere of Last of the Mohicans was a classic along with its soundtrack Wonder what Dan would have given Barry Lyndon 👏🤷‍♀️
Sequilla Williams
Sequilla Williams 8 meses atrás
He makes this feel like sports commentary I love it you can tell he is very passionate about history and he loves what he's doing!!!
clever username
clever username Anos atrás
As soon as I saw Captain Jack Aubrey I knew this would be good. What a wildly underrated masterpiece Master and Commander is. Also I love that Dan calls Thomas Cochrane a dashing naval hero when in reality he was an absolute mad lad.
Resident Elect
Resident Elect Anos atrás
He lived one of those lives which if they made a movie based on his exploits the audience would think it was too far fetched. Naval Officer, mercenary, radical politician, womaniser, boozer, convicted fraudster, and known as "El Diablo" to his Spanish counterparts lol He is most definitely one of the true Georgian mad-lads!
Aaron Burdon
Aaron Burdon Anos atrás
@Resident Elect Yea, that dude was crazy. I read quite as much as I could have about him and holy crap.
Many Things Left To Build
In 13 months on a 14 gun brig Thomas Cochrane captured, sunk etc. 53 ships. Went on to scandalous time as a politician and investor before being an officer in the Chilean, Brazilian and Greek Navies and admiral in the royal (British) navy. Yikes.
Mark Morris
Mark Morris Anos atrás
I think Cochrane liberated most of south America
Hal Crafer
Hal Crafer Anos atrás
Dashing naval hero = absolute mad lad
Michael Telson
Michael Telson 6 meses atrás
When I was about 9 or 10 we had a family camping vacation to New York State and visited Fort Ticonderoga and Fort William Henry. Both were impressive to my young mind of the time. The Battle of Waterloo wasn’t just a single battle but 4 battles with the last as depicted here. In the late 1970’s Simulation Productions had sold a board game of the campaign, I still have it. The 4 map boards connected to play out the campaign.
Debby Lou
Debby Lou 4 meses atrás
A friend was in love with sailing ships. They are beautiful. We were talking about ‘tall ships’ and he described them as a balanced set of pendants, to be perfectly aligned above and below. It’s seemed poetic at the time……of course it was 1972 on the west coast…….😶‍🌫️
The Lone Ranger
The Lone Ranger 10 meses atrás
It's really nice to see scenes in some movies that accurately show cannon recoiling when they are fired. Sadly, some directors apparently never heard of Newton's Third Law of Motion. Also, The Patriot appears to depict Mel Gibson and his sons using long rifles, which would be probable for militia of that era. The long rifle was not only more accurate than the British muskets, but also greatly outranged them. I greatly enjoyed your comments and opinions on these great movie scenes and look forward to more in the future.
Buzz Feng
Buzz Feng 3 meses atrás
Love the commentary. I am unfamiliar with British Army tactics of the time, but I always wondered if the ambush scene in the Patriot had happened in real life, if the red coats would not have simply charged on foot rather than take time to reload at short range against a smaller force firing from cover.
Elle Simon
Elle Simon Mês atrás
I just rewatched Master and Commander and loved it much more this time. What a great movie.
Jake Maybrier
Jake Maybrier Anos atrás
Ah, but you forget. The crew of the Black Pearl are undead and have supernatural powers on their side. So that's how they could get away with attacking a heavily fortified Royal Navy port with only a single ship.
Huron .Blackheart
Huron .Blackheart Anos atrás
Also they were looking for the medallion so it wasn't a random attack.
risingeagle012 Anos atrás
Nic TheCow exactly why use a fictional movie based on fictional characters as a historical check if it's not based on any true story?
ondra svoboda
ondra svoboda Anos atrás
​Nic TheCow it is set in time and place that existed. Given that, its fair to comment on its accuracy.
ondra svoboda
ondra svoboda Anos atrás
​Nic TheCow using real countries, ports and weapons? Its fantasy movie set in certain time period. Just to be clear I understand that its obviously not trying to be historical so you cant blame it for failing in that regard but people (or at least I definitely 😂) will connect it with certain part of our history and with that in mind it's good to maybe set some things straight. It's always good day, when you get some new historical facts 😁
Resident Elect
Resident Elect Anos atrás
@risingeagle012 Because it's recognisable to casual fans and viewers of the channel. They will be familiar with franchises such as Pirates of the Caribbean so in return they will give the video a watch. The decent "age of sail" and 19th century war movies/series we enjoy, such as Master & Commander, Hornblower, The Duel, Sharpe etc, probably don't feature on the casual BRvidr's radar, so you need tof throw them a bone like PotC to get them interested.
The88Cheat 9 meses atrás
I love how enthusiastic this guy is.
Santiago Rojas Piaggio
Santiago Rojas Piaggio 9 meses atrás
I think (without knowing too much about the Modern Era) Master and Commander is accurate not only in battle, but also in the role of a leader. During the film he has to make choices; some better than others; and he also has to compromise in an effort to take care of morale, being at the edge of mutiny.
Riley Davidson
Riley Davidson 7 meses atrás
as a Canadian the 7 years war topic is fairly fun to hear as it is one of the most important moments in Canadian history. especially quebec being allowed to remain french aslong as they remained loyal to Britain
Rog5446 8 meses atrás
At time mark 31:06 in the Battle of Waterloo, Dan said there's Marshal Ney, but it was Wellington (played by Christopher Plummer) in the picture. So Dan was obviously watching something else, that we could not see. Also when Dan spoke about the French Imperial Guard, we see Blucher advancing with his Prussian army. Great performance in this film by Plummer as Wellington, Rod Steiger as Napoleon, and Jack Hawkins as General Sir Thomas Picton. And an honourable mention to the Soviet Red Army, dressing up in their thousands as the soldiers on both sides. Trivia: I have walked across the battle field accompanied by the great great great granddaughter of one of Napoleon's Generals.
One MercilessMing
One MercilessMing 5 meses atrás
"Master and Commander" is one of my favorites. But I also like "Damn the Defiant". Considering when it was filmed, it's rather well done, too. With Alec Guinness and Dirk Bogarde.
Get Crap Fixed
Get Crap Fixed Anos atrás
I appreciate how he’s not just talking a giant crap on people’s favorite movies like most reviewers do, but walking through and acknowledging the good and flaws in context
Eugène Onéguine
Eugène Onéguine Anos atrás
He also picked very good movies to analyse.
iain hewitt
iain hewitt 11 meses atrás
Snow and his dad, Jon, are consummate broadcasting professionals. When Jon moves beyond this mortal coil, his son is well placed to become a national treasure in his stead, the Attenborough of historical broadcasting.
Garland Rose
Garland Rose 11 meses atrás
Astro Jenkins It’s not the expert that ruins your movies. If the movie had something wrong to begin it was already ruined, your awareness of what’s wrong due to the expert just made you realize it was ruined. So many movies can be lazy and choose to not consult or will ignore logic and common sense. It’s their fault, not the experts.
Handle On A Fridge
Handle On A Fridge 11 meses atrás
Yeah, he realizes that sometimes you need to change out accuracy because either the movie doesn’t call on accuracy (pirates of the Caribbean) or you need some sort of action that doesn’t bore the audience to death (Patriot ambush scene, though that would be fixable by adding more guys to the ambush)
Jeff Shain
Jeff Shain 11 meses atrás
Hes not evaluating the movie on its storytelling and technical merits. Its purely historical accuracy.
Dave L
Dave L 5 meses atrás
That scene from Waterloo is an epic example old fashioned, blood sweat and tears movie making let alone a great depiction of battle.
Talbot 10 meses atrás
Master and Commander is such a marvelous movie. It is among my all time Top 10 best movies.
Michael McGinn
Michael McGinn 10 meses atrás
I have read O'Brians complete Aubrey series at least three times. The film makers had a wealth if detail to use. Marvellous and all cinsuming books. The film was an excellent representation of Master and Commander.
Harry Balzak
Harry Balzak 3 meses atrás
18:15 I love how he notices the reflection on the water, while I have always noticed the silhouettes of the trees in front of the explosions. It is nice to have my attention brought to other beautiful cinematic aspects.
General Gouda
General Gouda 10 meses atrás
I’ve always loved history so much, I went out of my way in college to take as many history classes as I could, even though I majored in marketing lol. They were considered electives after my freshman year.
Yolanda Croes
Yolanda Croes Anos atrás
Last of the Mohicans, “best soundtrack ever.” I can’t agree more on this. The music in this movie is glorious.
James McVeigh
James McVeigh Anos atrás
I still get chills from the score at the end chase & fight scene.
Matt S
Matt S Anos atrás
Very powerful stuff. However it’s a score not a soundtrack as the tracks were composed specifically for the film
boaconstrictor37 Anos atrás
@James McVeigh Agreed, just about the best 15 minutes of any movie to me.
George Edward
George Edward Anos atrás
Agree completely. Without that particular music, it would not have been nearly as good.
Historian212 Anos atrás
Agree. Bought the CD, back when that was a thing. Played it over and over.
tomás costanzo
tomás costanzo 5 meses atrás
Age of Empires III does a great depiction of how old rifles took long to reload. That's why sometimes your troops will fire so slowly
Paul Sorensen
Paul Sorensen 4 meses atrás
Master and Commander as a modern Navy veteran and huge fan of the Age of Sail, is my absolute favorite movie.
Nathan Burnham
Nathan Burnham 9 meses atrás
Last of the Mohicans is a great movie. Add the impact that the soundtrack added and you have one of the greatest films. It really set the pacing and emotions