After Suffering Loss She Moved In Her Custom Tiny House - Finding Peace By Living Simply 

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Carol is an incredible human. She's maintained a positive attitude after experiencing so much loss... More than anyone should experience in a lifetime. She lost her son and every pet but her dog in the fire in Paradise, CA. Soon after she went through a divorce and the dog she saved from the fire passed 1 month after they escaped. She has managed to put her life back together in such a beautiful way. She hired a builder to build her a tiny home and is currently living with her 1 year old Golden Retriever on the coast of Oregon in a tiny home village. She hopes to one day purchase land and be completely off-grid. Here's her story.
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23 Jan 2020



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@TinyHomeTours 3 anos atrás
Some people would give up after experiencing so many negative things in such a short amount of time, Carol didn't. Going tiny is an incredible way to downsize and rediscoverself. What are your thoughts on this?
@heyheyyo2389 3 anos atrás
You have created a homey, very cute home. You're so talented. I'm so sorry for your losses of your loved ones. Your loved ones would appreciate your ability to go forward and live life. You are such a sweet person. Oh, maybe u could find a deep bottom for the shower that could be used as a tub. Oh, u could also add a small porch with a covering that extends over the gray area of your front door.
@TRU3-LOV3 3 anos atrás
Love her attitude! For her it works! And when she gets her plot of land, she’ll have more options. I wish her many years of growth and success with her business, and the eventual renovations she’d like to do. It’s awesome to see she has neighbors too! Anyone would be blessed to be in her company!
God Bless her!! Are there any tiny home communities in NH?
@sasthyme8857 3 anos atrás
Tiny Home Tours ..... the sweetest lady with a huge amount of strength. She’ll go on to achieve all that she puts her mind and soul to 🌻
@lillypatience 3 anos atrás
I agree that introspection is best accomplished without a lot of visual, spatial, and audible noise. Going tiny is an awesome way to achieve this. By the way, beautiful intro in the Description.
@scottm6338 3 anos atrás
Can't believe she is so positive after suffering so much loss. Carol you are an inspiration!
@juliemiller4288 3 anos atrás
Her positivity and courage is truly inspiring. What a strong woman 💝💝
@nathym.v.8422 3 anos atrás
I loss my son 9 months ago and I still stuck in my pain and grief
@shellanon4212 3 anos atrás
@@nathym.v.8422 Oooh. How sad for you. Hang in there
@siretmeleni4968 3 anos atrás
@@nathym.v.8422 Be strong Jesus Loves you 💐💜 Sorry 💔
@carolineclark2013 3 anos atrás
There are thousands of us just like Carol... I recently lost my son and 25 year old brother, all my friends left and no one talks to me. What can I do but keep going and stay positive ? I’ll kill myself otherwise
@ronjacobe 3 anos atrás
"It feels like a hug. A tiny hug." -- Love that. Love that you are not bitter from all the pain. May God bless you abundantly and may you continue to find peace and happiness.
@crazyiguana 3 anos atrás
this is so inspiring. when we are nagging about minor things we should remember some people went through hell. The house is adorable and so is she. ❤️
@Janartable 2 anos atrás
You are such a bright spirit. It seems that after suffering so much loss, you’ve found your place of healing.I’m happy for you, and salute your ability to remain grateful and present. Your home is just lovely. All the best in your little nest!!
@bridgetriley8239 3 anos atrás
I lost my oldest daughter a year ago and my heart completely breaks for you, but I am so thrilled that you have found some peace… I have been trying to fulfill the same dream that you have fulfilled and I know with the help of God above and the love and support I have from so many people, especially my 2 will happen! God bless you!
@bryanjason1980 2 anos atrás
How are you doing 😊😊😊
@sammic974 3 anos atrás
I love how Carol has made the outside so pretty. I love all the mobiles and moving pretty things. A girl after my own heart. And that metal sunflower is beautiful! It's great she also lives near the ocean. The sea is very healing. I hope you keep us updated in due course.
@Starringstormy 3 anos atrás
I love how she’s envisioning what she’s going to change as we’re touring lol
@valerief1231 3 anos atrás
Such an adorable tiny lady in her cute tiny house. Sending love and comfort her way.
@susieq2cute 3 anos atrás
She is such a charming woman. I love how she has plans. She stays busy.
@anniecarroll8010 3 anos atrás
Bless you, I lost my only son so I can feel your pain. You home is adorable, be gentle with yourself and let others love you. Prayers coming your way.
@longdogt6724 3 anos atrás
So sorry for your loss😞
@Denisejohn65NailEd 3 anos atrás
I love her tiny house . It’s so cute ❤️
@eleven903 3 anos atrás
She is a survivor, such a sweet person. Her tiny home seems like it has been therapeutic and instrumental in healing. GOOD FOR HER! Much peace to her in the future.
@theresadavis6301 3 anos atrás
Carol, you are such an inspiration! I love your story of strength and perseverance... and your lovely tiny home!
@GG-qy2wy Anos atrás
I so admire Carol. She has suffered so many heartbreaking losses, yet she is thriving in her tiny home. She is so kind, appreciative, and very talented. It's so cool that she is a carpenter! Her home is adorable. I wish her all the best in everything she does! Such a great lady!🙏✨️🌸💮
@MrJFuen 3 anos atrás
What a lovely, lovely person. To have been through so much and press on with such a positive spirit is truly awe inspiring. I could only hope to be a strong as she is. You are an inspiration to us all, Carol.
@Indusxstan 3 anos atrás
Something caught in my throat as I watched this video. She is so cheerful, so brave. And it is a beautiful beautiful tiny cottage, that is what it is. I am a man but I’d buy one of her dolls (hopefully a soldier doll 😀) but I am in a different corner of the 🌍
@jukes243 3 anos atrás
Carol, you're as cute as your house is. Jesus loves you. Be blessed.
@caryllindo2306 3 anos atrás
As a firefighter my eyes are filled with tears because I know her pain. She is a true gem ❤️💎
@AZskylite 3 anos atrás
Thanks. Good stuff.
@terrihernandez9788 3 anos atrás
I love her tiny house and I love her spite. No matter what she has gone through with the loss of her son she has persevered and I just want to wish her the best in life because she is a strong courageous woman.
@terrihernandez9788 3 anos atrás
@ poochie I cried too.
@denisehitchens1418 3 anos atrás
God bless you too. From Australia
@sarahdoanpeace3623 2 anos atrás
Thank YOU for your service.
@lhasaapso3360 3 anos atrás
"You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have." Carol epitomizes this quote. I love everything about this home, and how she has made it reflect the things she loves, both inside and out. I would love to have this although the loft sleeping arrangement might not work for a senior. Best wishes to Carol.
@leslovesliberty1776 2 meses atrás
I am sitting here bawling my eyes out watching this video & hearing your story, Carol!! I don't think I will ever forget this, your massive heart & will to live & thrive after unfathomable loss is awe-inspiring!! You are in my prayers, lovely lady. 🩷🙏🏡
@Tonithenightowl 3 anos atrás
Bless your heart you are an inspiration to those who have suffered such a horrendous loss. Your tiny house is adorable. It's filled with love and hope. :o)
@jirihozpodebrad23 3 anos atrás
Carol, you're amazing!!! I love your tiny home
@sonydonna9662 3 anos atrás
I'm so sorry for all your losses Carol. Thank you for your spirit in living, and in sharing. Your home is beautiful!
@FarmerCee 3 anos atrás
Her house is absolutely adorable but even more so, her beautiful spirit shines through.
@shieroc 3 anos atrás
@sparetreat 3 anos atrás
Yes, I love her. House is beautiful. She is Lovely. I am sad she went through all that. I wish her all the best, going forward
@simplethingsbykathy1 3 anos atrás
This is by far the nicest tiny house I've seen. It's her, her colors, which are charming. And all the decor with her personal touches and memories. Live well Carol. :)
@teescoffee5689 3 anos atrás
Carol is awesome! She has so much strength and grace.
So sorry for your loss Carol! Your home is adorable. You’re an inspiration ❤❤
@lillygirl1303 3 anos atrás
That's adorable Carol! Tiny house living is such a great, inexpensive way to go. I've been full time RV-ing for a year now and it's a perfect way to live. I love your decorating style. And you nailed it when you said how it simplifies your life. Keep on enjoying.
@ginasreview1030 3 anos atrás
She's seems like such a beautiful soul & her house is a reflection of that. Also, her house is so cute. ♡ "A tiny hug." Love that.
@pamm5287 3 anos atrás
Definitely. ❤
@ResinDreams 3 anos atrás
I was thinking the same thing. I hope she continues finding happiness after so much loss.
@sacocoasw 10 meses atrás
I love the tiny home space you have created for yourself. It's bright and beautiful and I hope you will be blessed and joyful there.
@steph3061 3 anos atrás
You are living every parents nightmare-with such grace. Sending warm wishes and prayers that the land with a view that you are dreaming of finds you soon. You truly deserve all the world has to offer.
@LCLW63 3 anos atrás
Thank you Carol for sharing of yourself especially after such tragedy and loss. You have no idea how inspiring you are and how humbled and thankful I am to of come across your video. You see I too lost everything in a wildfire and while i did get out unhurt and w/my beloved cat (who passed this summer almost a year to the day of the fire) I did not suffer the losses you did. I wouldn't even presume to say I know how you feel because I don't, but I do know loss and can sympathize w/you. Again thank you for showing us your darling home. You truly are an inspiration and I thank you from the bottom of my heart
Carol has done a lovely job of decorating her home, it does remind me of a cottage. All of her outside plants and decorations are beautiful. Carol is amazing after all she has been through with all her losses. I hope she is doing well now. She is has a sweet personality.
@katiegorbunow7740 3 anos atrás
My heart melts for her. She seems like the kindest soul. I truly enjoyed seeing her home and learning about her life.
@ipsygypsy16 3 anos atrás
And I thought "my life sucks right now!." Carol is a hero. Her total lack of bitterness and rancour is an inspiration. Thank you Tiny Home Tours for featuring her story.
@DeliaLRuiz 3 anos atrás
I so agree with you.
@evie7845 3 anos atrás
Ipsita M I agree!!!
@overworked1084 3 anos atrás
Ipsita M Well said. I got the same vibe from her. No bitterness and just embracing a new life and situation given her terrible loss.
@JessiesFamily 3 anos atrás
Oh I so agree. Her story makes me so grateful for everything. I went tiny two years and live in my 27 ft RV. It has been quite the journey. Living minimally has helped me tremendously. My goal over the next 2 years is to buy land, build my tiny home and liveb on it.
@user-kd8hq9wp3h 3 anos atrás
@Koko-lr5bc 3 anos atrás
Carol, I'm so sorry for your loss, I don't live far from Paradise and it hit home when the fires happened. I'm so glad you found peace and happiness in your new tiny home. I love your living area with the day bed and tv area! bedroom loft it looks so cozy and comfy! I probably wouldn't come downstairs until noon lol! Thank you for the background story of this lovely lady.
@Miwako_vklolita 3 anos atrás
She is amazing! I love her house so much and i also love her miniature work. I love all of that. Im so sorry for all of her loss. She's so strong and inspiring. Beautiful soul.
@cruelty113 3 anos atrás
Would love to talk to this sweet lady. I lost everything as well a few times. Had a rough go... it's my dream to have a tiny home. The small things matter to me just like her. So this made me smile to see her win and have a better life. Kindred spirit. 💖
@sherrihodges849 3 anos atrás
Like always, this video is thorough, comfortable and kind. I smile each time I watch your videos This woman has been given a new beginning and she seems to have embraced it. Please hug her for us!
@therealkenj98 3 anos atrás
I think she says “it’s just me” or “just for me” a lot bc of course she’s still coping. She’s still coming to terms with being divorced and losing a child. She’s blessed and so sweet. I hope more joys find her.
@catherinecrow5662 3 anos atrás
JustKenn and her dog 😔🐶
@OnlineMe846 3 anos atrás
JustKenn she created a great home for sure.
@OnlineMe846 3 anos atrás
Lisa it's a lot to deal with. Fair play to her. I didn't cope.
@carolg.6838 3 anos atrás
The house is so cute because it does look like a miniature. Love the garden and how the front steps get some relief from the sun. It's great to have carpentry skills. (I live by myself, but I often say "we". Probably used to be force of habit when I lived here with my parents and siblings. Now I say "we" refereing to me and my pets. I am sure a parent will always be coping with the loss of a child, but I am glad Carol has a dog as pets are like family and they nurture their owners in return.
@naomibedek1701 3 anos atrás
I like her expression "this house is like a hug". It's her healing place. I love how she still has a sense of humour after everything she's been through. I like the computer/craft area. I would want a larger fridge and a bath tub. Living tiny probably does make you more mindful of everything in life....what truly makes you happy.
@michellematthews8332 3 anos atrás
What a precious soul Carol is & a true survivor in every respect; what an inspiration! 🤗
@bryanjason1980 2 anos atrás
How are you doing 😊😊👋☺️
@gulfgal98 3 anos atrás
What a beautiful lady Carol is! Her tiny home was wonderful, but the bigger story here is the inspiration and positivity of Carol herself. I hope her future will be fill ed with much joy. She deserves it.
@Astridos78 3 anos atrás
What a great lady! I love how she jumps from giving the tour, to something informative, to an idea that just popped up and the on-the-spot realization she might go for a head works like that as well lol ☺ Thumbs up for you going tiny and hope it'll bring you joy & peace. One tip: I have a bath-bucket, which is an amazing alternative for a build-in bath. You might be able to try that. Wish you nothing but good things, love from the Netherlands ♥
A very, very cute tiny. I just love the way she’s decorated it. It does feel like a beach cottage. A lovely, lovely soul that has been through so much. I wish her nothing but happiness.💕💕
@sammimitsu 2 anos atrás
The description brought tears to my eyes. The loss that this lady has suffered is hard to comprehend. I am so happy for her that she now has a lovely home. God bless her, and keep her and her new puppy healthy and safe.
@debbiebrownstein9666 3 anos atrás
Im so sorry for your loss. Im glad to see that you were able to move on and live in a cute little house. Youre a very strong person. Love your dog!
@csyt4404 3 anos atrás
Love this home, definitely cosy and full of meaningful, precious things. I love that this brave lady is living exactly how she wants and has everything close by. Absolute inspiration!
@Wilma.Flintstone 3 anos atrás
What a beautiful woman! I am incredibly moved by how she has created a new and vibrant chapter in her life after the previous one gave her so much dispear. I hope she will have a wonderful life
@Bummer1980 3 anos atrás
What a lovely little home. I’m so very sorry for the loss of your home, pets and your son and mother. I can’t imagine experiencing that amount of loss all at once. Your are truly a strong beautiful person. Your love of life and your bubbly personality is infectious. You totally made me smile today. Thank you so much for sharing your story and your home with all of us. I hope you do an updated video when you do the changes.
I love this woman. She has gone on where many would give up.
@cprivette2210 3 anos atrás
I live not far from where all this destruction from Camp Fire took place. Carol, I am truly sorry for your losses. You have made a beautiful home for yourself and I wish you nothing but peace, comfort, health but most importantly healing. That was incredibly tragic and can’t soon be forgotten. Wishing you the very best, you deserve nothing less. Take care of you ❤️🙏
@bryanjason1980 2 anos atrás
How are you doing 😊😊👋👋😊👋
@poliver12345 3 anos atrás
Really genuine heart in Carol, so happy to have an enjoyable life through the ordeals! Truly like her spirit, and hoping for the best life has to offer Carol always!
She shows great strength in rediscovering herself. As a former carpenter there's a creative side that won't be satisfied until she makes some changes to meet her needs. I love her ideas and how she has utilized what space she has. Thanks for sharing this visit.
@jenwhyte6440 2 anos atrás
What an inspirational lady. I couldn't imagine suffering that much loss and being able to be as strong as Carol. I could imagine that she'd still be in pain everyday.
@carmenliedke8659 3 anos atrás
I am sorry for your loss Carol. You are an incredibly strong person. You are an inspiration to a lot of us. Your tiny home is adorable and cozy. God bless you and good luck with all your new projects.
@dawnd.5290 3 anos atrás
God bless this lady. She has made a very nice home and life for herself, after such heartache. Prayers sent 🙏💗🙏.
@georgiexoxo 3 anos atrás
It is very cute and I love the way you said it was like the tiny home was giving you a hug :) that is exactly what I thought it would feel like!!! I hope to be in one someday
@juneahernauthor 8 meses atrás
Oh bless the woman - living through such a tragedy. I wish her many health and happy years. Love her tiny house.
@MojoMama7 2 anos atrás
I am very sorry for your losses. Many many many blessings, peace, and safety to you and Freya!
@lauriebenefiel1372 3 anos atrás
Carol, I was so happy to see you are a miniaturist! My mother was also. 😊 I love your little home, and I can understand you wanting to remodel and make it more your own.
@momofsix9890 3 anos atrás
My deepest condolences for the loss of your son and mother. You're such an amazing woman. Thank you for sharing your story and your BEAUTIFUL tiny home. 3 anos atrás
Her voice is so sweet. She seems like such a kind soul. So sorry for her loss but her sons spirit looks over her!
@k-mac5511 3 anos atrás
I loved her comment about living in a tiny home forces her to get out and experience life. Great set up for her.
@shkelly24 3 anos atrás
My heart is so heavy for this lady, the pain she must be going through and has been through, must have been unbearable - but when I hear stories like this, and see these amazing people rebuilding their lives, it just astounds me at their resilience and determination. She has made herself a beautiful home 🤗💕
@carolewarrenrealtor 3 anos atrás
Pain from any loss is hard and can be a challenge everyday. Kudos to you for creating a lovely space that "hugs" you and gives so much comfort. I like how everything in the home feels you with happiness and a pet is really good for the soul. Be well, keep moving forward and may peace comfort your spirit. Thanks for sharing, your home is very special.
Totally love this tiny home and her fabulous attitude towards life after adversity
@gardenbun 3 anos atrás
This is the best, most heart-felt Tiny House Tour I have ever watched (and I watch MANY)! She is so sweet and her explanations and descriptions made me feel as tho we were friends and she had invited me over.
@mysticalmisty9772 3 anos atrás
I’m loving Carols tiny home so pretty & girlie 🏡 she deserves every happiness! No one should have to bury a child whatever their age 😪
@carolineclark2013 3 anos atrás
Shadow Dancer yep, just buried my brother. My parents are ok but I’m not. No one ever thinks of the siblings
@mysticalmisty9772 3 anos atrás
@@carolineclark2013 Your right my 1st cousin was bought up with me only a year between us the terrible twins they called us I lost her 20yrs had turn her life support I've never been the same girl since 🥺sorry to here about your brother lovely talk to a friend or I just rang the samaritans I spoke to the same lady for 3yrs I would definitely recommend them to anyone, much easier that face to face! But ask your parents for a hug never too old for one and just say I'm struggling, and always remember all the fun things! I lost my dad 3yrs ago it's so hard xx
@joannoriol6444 3 anos atrás
Shadow Dancer you are so right, I lost my only child, a son. He was such a great guy and my best friend. My believe is I will see him again, that's how I go on. This lady seems so so sweet. 🌻
@carolg.6838 3 anos atrás
God bless you all and my condolences on your loss.
@harriethunter8910 3 anos atrás
Way to go Carol. Following your dreams. Your little home is lovely.
@meredithlewis6596 3 anos atrás
So cute! I'm so very sorry for her loss. She's brought some light into her life with her tiny sweet home.
@thewolfpack6575 3 anos atrás
You are really beautiful + inspiring after everything you have experienced. I am so happy I saw this episode. You are goals to me :) Thank you and sending love always from Brisbane, Australia x P.S This has to be the most homey tiny house I have ever seen xxx
So much loss and she's still so positive. It's a beautiful thing.
@kateh2007 3 anos atrás
Carol is indeed a survivor, going through so much loss, pain and misfortune yet still getting up, moving forward and making the very best of every little thing she has left. What a true lady, she's genuinely a beautiful person both inside and out. An inspiration to us all. Life is so unfair, some people seem to cop for all the bad luck, usually the nicest people who deserve only good things are dealt the hardest blows. Sending you much love and all the happiness you can dream of for the future xxx
@hettawest 3 anos atrás
I love how her house looks lived-in. And her beautiful soul and sincerity is reflected in her space. So cute
@helanalurie9962 2 anos atrás
Carol, it sounds like you suffered a lot of hardship, but I am so glad you created such a nice little haven for yourself. And I love your beautiful dog. Well done.
@ajisenramen888 3 anos atrás
Carol, you are an inspiration for those who have had challenges and survived through them. Hugs.❤️
@elisabethm9655 3 anos atrás
Carol shows us all how one can go forward in the face of tragic adversity and thrive! I love that she’s a miniaturist, who’s chosen to create a big life. I also see she’s parked in a tiny home community, so that’s also a wonderful plus. 🤗 Yes, this girl can - it’s a lesson on how a joyful life is always a work in progress...- Official permission to happy.
@emmahutt3914 2 anos atrás
What a wonderful little home! I LOVE IT!!! I hope you will find peace and happiness.
Muy linda su casa, llenade paz, amor y recuerdos! Muchas felicidades
@chrisparks2142 3 anos atrás
One of the prettiest tiny homes I’ve seen. Looks like a “Happy Place”. Carol is a precious person❤️ Thanks for sharing.
@Ammiel7 3 anos atrás
Chris Parks this is really pretty just love the decor its really homely and country ❤️
@Dale115 3 anos atrás
Yes the first one I’ve seen with curtains.
@lindamyfatcatcow2606 3 anos atrás
Carol seems like a beautiful, strong soul. I’m sorry for such tragic loss ... it’s beyond what anyone should ever have to deal with. She has a resilient spirit and has made a beautiful life for herself.
@corneillececil823 3 anos atrás
I really enjoy the layout of Carl's home. I think Carol radiates hope for us all. God bless and keep you!
@WildWestGal 3 anos atrás
Carol, to experience that much profound loss and still be breathing... you are an inspiration! Your little home is beautiful, love the colors and the light 'n bright feel... love it all. And your beautiful four-legged companion is a sweetheart! God bless you.
@tonyacastlebruce6169 2 anos atrás
I love her so much she reminds me of a younger and healthier version of my mom...I pray she finds a nice piece of land that she really loves! She is such an inspiration for all people who may not think there is life after tragedy...praying for you sister!
@7zenbabe7 3 anos atrás
I'm sending hugs to Carol who describes her home as a hug. That was perfect enough for me. Carol your positive response to a life that hasn't been comforting for you makes me wanna just go Thank you Thank you Thank you ... May your life become even more rewarding and keep you in the positive flow always.
@andihampton5433 3 anos atrás
Her house definitely shows who she is! She’s so cute and her house is so cute and homey
@barbwatkins3676 Anos atrás
What a wonderful woman! Carol is the true epitome of the resilience of the human spirit. Such a gentle, beautiful soul who has created a gorgeous home which reflects her personality. So pretty and serene. Never ceases to amaze me how some people have the strength to rise above such adversity and move forward without becoming sad and defeated. I hope she continues to revel in her new way of life. Lovely dog also..
@andreareeder1030 3 anos atrás
You have made a lovely home for yourself and your dog. The crafting/sewing/desk area is a great idea
@roserobinson4589 3 anos atrás
This is the coziest, cutest perfect little home that I’ve ever seen. You did a really good job setting it up! It’s just perfect!!! Thanks for the hug!!
@juliersawyer7047 2 anos atrás
You go gurl ..... out of all the loss you’ve found the silver lining. You are blessed.
@jodiemorgan6809 3 anos atrás
It’s such a beautiful home. I love these tiny homes. ❤️
@etz33 3 anos atrás
She is lovely and see what good she brought out in people, not even one nasty comment or reply. Thank you Carol, simply for who you are.
@deastover898 2 anos atrás
I love her keep it going attitude! Her positivity is infectious and very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story 🙂
@Lena-mj3kr 3 anos atrás
I love the interior, the blue and white colours give it a calming feeling. And I prefer it not being so minimalistic so this house actually looks like someone lives in it
@bryanjason1980 2 anos atrás
How are you doing 😊😊😊😊
@DNLDVID 3 anos atrás
Love the video and Carol! She is truly blessed and gives inspiration to carry on! Thank you!
@attorneycarissa Anos atrás
Love her house, love her energy... so positive and almost serene.
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