Acid vs Lava- Testing Liquids That Melt Everything 

Mark Rober
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17 Nov 2023



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@MarkRober 14 dias atrás
Most people I asked predicted the wrong winner here. Go check out the new CrunchLabs Roblox game where you can build rockets with your friends and learn stuff!
@mellow3995 14 dias atrás
Nigel used a weaker acid solution because he knew they'd be keeping the cars they'd destroyed at the end, truly a mad genius
@TheBackyardScientist 14 dias atrás
I still can’t believe you can do all that to a diamond! I never would have guessed how tough they are..I’m still too scared to try it myself though 😅
Now this is peak big kid content. Makes me feel like I'm back on the playground. Thanks for this, Mark.
@Koopaperson Dia atrás
William is 100% the type of person to enter a video unannounced and I legitimately couldn’t tell if he actually did until everyone else showed up
@kingofplayer2 Dia atrás
Honestly some of the best content on the platform when engineer BRvidrs get together to do whatever shenanigans they feel like.
@MikeySkywalker Dia atrás
Two videos in a few days. What a treat! Thank you to Mark and to the whole entire team. I'm sure there are a lot of people who help make these happen. Happy Thanksgiving!
I've never actually seen acid at word before!
@MakersMuse 14 dias atrás
Used cars for sale - slightly acidified/melted/crushed but with GREAT history.
@user-nc2jq6eq8g 14 dias atrás
he literally just invited all the safety third members together to destroy stuff. how fitting.
@Arthur-ek7nd 17 horas atrás
For the ice blocks, you should have just put a single piece of pure silver on it. Silver conducts heat so well that it melts through ice like a hot knife through butter.
@Funeral_Potatoes 14 dias atrás
Any time these guys all get together, you know it's going to be massively entertaining!
@tuhp5237 Dia atrás
@Seed 14 dias atrás
Way to go Mark! Thanks for managing our team so well!
@KraktysAncientAccount 14 dias atrás
What a line up for a video. Mark Rober is easily one of my favorite content creators. I love the editing style and music choice :)
@aehappylaughter 14 dias atrás
I knew that acid was really, really corrosive. What I wasn't expecting is how lava can be so strong and fascinating at the same time. Great video!
@freekarella3024 Dia atrás
This episode was awesome. It kinda felt like a super nerdy and exceptionally smart version of Jacka$$. Perfect combo!
@svenlundergard1 Dia atrás
I love to see this genius get so excited about this stuff. Mark, you're incredibly gifted!!
@justin9202 Dia atrás
So fun fact about the anvil mark was using. Thats a common one sold by harbor freight, they do not harden their anvil's work surface like most normal anvils would have. Therefore the diamond was actually harder than the soft steel. While diamond is harder than regular soft steel it would be much more of a challenge if they tried denting a hardened steel anvil