Accidentally breaking a $1500 monitor

The Slow Mo Guys 2
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File this video under "hard oops." I'll let you know if the ad revenue ever buys us a new monitor.
EDIT - It did. Almost immediately. Bloody love you guys.
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20 Ago 2019



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Samuel David
Samuel David 2 meses atrás
Didn't you guys blasted like 10 C-Stands with a tank a year ago?
Broockle Mês atrás
Pretty sure those stands carrying the water melons were sacrificed willingly. They signed the papers and everything.
Ho3n3r Mês atrás
@10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos just admit you were wrong.
MontanaCheeky Mês atrás
@The Slow Mo Guys You forgot about the time you accidentally shot a bunch of gear with a tank?!? Man you live a crazy life.
Joey Mohlis
Joey Mohlis 2 meses atrás
@KakkaKarrotCake thank you
Илья Витцев
Илья Витцев 2 meses atrás
but what about these roasted marshmellows in the backdraft episode?
Duka Duka
Duka Duka Dia atrás
if you paid 1500 for that screen, you got ripped off hard
Banned From Existance
Banned From Existance 2 dias atrás
This BRvid video alone will pay off the screen
BriskTea 123
BriskTea 123 2 dias atrás
MrLargonaut 3 dias atrás
Time to invest in some Lexan shields
TACOCHEEZE _ 3 dias atrás
Them talking about a real arrow going right through a monitor got me thinking that would be a cool thing to see in slow mo. Just maybe not a 1500 dollar one for then, eh?
5RoD - خرود
5RoD - خرود 3 dias atrás
OoH nyo
Mikoto 4 dias atrás
As soon as I saw the oh no count: *”oh no”*
Enderborn272 5 dias atrás
So whatever happened to those phantoms you blew off a table with explosives. Were those okay?
LEGO Wild Wolf
LEGO Wild Wolf 8 dias atrás
MAN! that sucks I am sorry I lvoe what you guys do but some times it is dangerous. (but cool)
Pozitron724 8 dias atrás
I like how they are showing the crew of corridor digital in a video of another channel (TSMG) I feel like they are connecting a universe with other big universe like rett and link.
gabrigames02 20 dias atrás
Tucker Bowser
Tucker Bowser 24 dias atrás
"Oh no"
Zain Akbar
Zain Akbar 24 dias atrás
Legends say they are still saying "Oh noo Oh nooo"
Devon Sumner
Devon Sumner 26 dias atrás
That "oh no" count🤣
PressA ToJump
PressA ToJump 28 dias atrás
I absolutely love Dan's delayed reaction
Kharun Marshall
Kharun Marshall Mês atrás
Hope it does
Fernando Casado
Fernando Casado Mês atrás
Buy a new one
Nightkiwi Mês atrás
A previous owner of my archery club that I go to got a new bow and arrow arrows costing around $1000 each took one shot hit the top of the target and then Robin Hooded his arrow and called it a day.
Colton Mclennan
Colton Mclennan Mês atrás
All I can imagine when watching both of them say 'Oh no!" is Joseph Jostar's over the top reactions.
Dihydrogen Monoxide
God damnit Wren, stop breaking slow mo guys equipment
I agree with you.
I agree with you. Mês atrás
This is attempted murder caught on camera.
VenerableRock Mês atrás
You prolly hit it because you glanced at the screen before shooting
Adi Sethi
Adi Sethi Mês atrás
4:16 *Let me rephrase that* : “ I would rather hit the screen than go to jail “
ionstar751 :D
ionstar751 :D Mês atrás
Reverse uno card 4:16
RosPlayz YT
RosPlayz YT Mês atrás
U got 2000 back? From this video?
Logan T
Logan T Mês atrás
B I G *O O F*
Dr. Morlord
Dr. Morlord Mês atrás
Just found u both! I do like your videos! Reminds me SO much on Mythbusters
ARDEACT Mês atrás
why is that screen 1500 dollars?
Oso 7
Oso 7 Mês atrás
AEBFTW Mês atrás
This thing is kinda inevitable in videography/photography
B10K PlaysGames
B10K PlaysGames Mês atrás
That was an *uh oh poopy stinky* moment
Random Comment
Random Comment Mês atrás
Now u can get a Ninja Flame
NeonTrolistas 420
NeonTrolistas 420 Mês atrás
Oh no 😂
Mathias Haase
Mathias Haase Mês atrás
Why is that lil screen 1,500??
Jaden G
Jaden G Mês atrás
3:35 The little "9.5" in the bottom left lmao
Eric Chrisman
Eric Chrisman Mês atrás
Oh no
Jammy Mês atrás
"There are no accidents" -Master Oogway
Antonio Noack
Antonio Noack Mês atrás
why is this screen 1500$??... looks like it could be made & sold for 50$ or less...
Dario Impini
Dario Impini Mês atrás
Man I'm surprised that cost $1500. It doesn't look that much more elaborate than a common cellphone.
Azmin Izzuddin
Azmin Izzuddin Mês atrás
you've been affected by Linus
J M Mês atrás
doesnt the rockface look like wood? seems like wood turned to stone to me..
Mike d
Mike d Mês atrás
Dan reminds me of middle aged sad spider Man from into the spiderverse
isyraf ismady
isyraf ismady Mês atrás
I hope you get a sheild like a plastic you can see throw it and it also can save your f*cking e expensive camera man i hope really hope you buy a shield org make a diy dont broke that damm camera againnnnnnnn hhuhuhubu
Pantene Game Reviewer
Play stupid games, Win stupid prizes
ui ui
ui ui Mês atrás
Now do a slowmow of hitting a monitor
BlazingTank 2
BlazingTank 2 Mês atrás
GodKing804 Mês atrás
There goes 50% of the profits from this video
Zafer Çağlar
Zafer Çağlar Mês atrás
10.5 LOL 5:39
BANT3R Mês atrás
It’s a camera not a monitor
GottahaveIT Mês atrás
Admit it, this was planned just to get a video with 1M+ views. How many takes to hit the screen? Lol
Faran Ahmad
Faran Ahmad Mês atrás
we want 1 thousan fps reenactment of "arrow hitting moniter"
Anudeep R
Anudeep R Mês atrás
Why is no one talking about the bg?
Chongchong He
Chongchong He Mês atrás
That damn thing is $1.5k?!
girlsdrinkfeck Mês atrás
yes and ?
James j
James j Mês atrás
if you paid 1500 for that, honestly, you deserve what you got.
girlsdrinkfeck Mês atrás
Joe Egan
Joe Egan Mês atrás
3:36 , bottem left. Oh no counter goes up ahhaha
Wheresmy240 Mês atrás
Pretty sure he just said "I'm paying for it" when he said he takes full responsibility.
Tyler Burbage
Tyler Burbage Mês atrás
They already made enough off this one video to pay for 2 or 3 of those
Marius Meyer
Marius Meyer Mês atrás
I'd like to see a close up slow Mo of the display as the arrow hits it. I think the build up of the display errors would look super trippy in slow mo
Lorenzo Framba
Lorenzo Framba Mês atrás
Wren is so energetic and funny
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