A Warning On the Future of Music: with Author Ted Gioia | Podcast #1 

Rick Beato
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Ted Gioia is an American music critic and historian. He is author of eleven books, including Music: A Subversive History, The Jazz Standards: A Guide to the Repertoire, The History of Jazz and Delta Blues. He is also a jazz musician and one of the founders of Stanford University's jazz studies program.
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18 Mai 2022



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Comentários : 5 749   
CineMilled 8 meses atrás
What an amazing conversation. I would love a part 2 to this! Who is with me?!
raginald7 Mars
raginald7 Mars 27 dias atrás
Christopher Fryman
Christopher Fryman 21 dia atrás
Would be great
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Percy Bysshe Shelley 20 dias atrás
Yes, Gioia should be a regular guest here. I'm an A.F. of M. life member who's played Classical at a professional level since 1981 and I couldn't agree more.
Joe Lackey
Joe Lackey 8 meses atrás
This needs to be required listening in every music program on the planet.
David Gaines
David Gaines 29 dias atrás
raginald7 Mars
raginald7 Mars 27 dias atrás
found it by Sheer Acci Denttt!
Pete Oliva
Pete Oliva 9 meses atrás
"I've studied this..." "I've looked into this..." The number of times Ted started a point saying this was incredibly refreshing. What an insightful and intellectual conversation. Actual INFORMED thoughts on display here. What a rarity in this world we live in. Thank you for having this talk, guys. Ted, I'm a fan now. And Rick, you're a gift .
Pete Oliva
Pete Oliva 8 meses atrás
@MINMO! GROVING STRONG AND HEALTHY Did you even bother to look into him? What he's written? What he's researched? Since I saw this, I have. This is not the situation, here, I can assure you. 🤣 This guy was winning awards for his work before Wikipedia and Reddit were even a thing.
Aadityakiran S
Aadityakiran S 3 meses atrás
@Pete Oliva Yet I got an email from him quoting some reddit and twitter feeds posting some edited and faked output from BingAI. No use talking in an echochamber.
raginald7 Mars
raginald7 Mars 27 dias atrás
The Scientific Mind STUDDDIESSSS even earning No Thing Nada Rien S. D. G Sole Dei Gratiae Bach
Jackson Boyer
Jackson Boyer 8 meses atrás
This is the single most erudite, intellectually stimulating, and frankly the absolute best podcast I’ve ever seen or listened to in my whole life. I cannot praise this sort of dialogue enough.
raginald7 Mars
raginald7 Mars 27 dias atrás
Tom Kaszuba
Tom Kaszuba 20 dias atrás
a̷l̷l̷ ̷t̷h̷e̷ ̷s̷a̷m̷e̷! iProductions
It wasn’t life changing enough for me. Sorry.
Harri Raudaskoski
Harri Raudaskoski Mês atrás
Thank you Rick for bringing up the magic in our musical culture! Thank you Sir!
Joseph Cama
Joseph Cama 11 meses atrás
As a student who is 17, and just starting the journey of music studies and music making, this interview hones into the importance of learning how important it is to develop music that transcends the material world and elevates the mind. Hoping to expand the limits and reach the world with 10 minute tracks. Thank you for an informative and encouraging conversation.
ayoungethan 10 meses atrás
Make your music as long as it needs to be to tell the story you want to tell! Don't just repeat stuff over and over to make it 10 minutes (ie, respect your listener)...but also don't sell good ideas short by trying to artificially shorten them and taking out critical sections. Short isn't inherently bad and long isn't inherently good, and vice-versa. The problem is that we've gotten into a profit-driven dogma with shortening attention spans.
David D1986
David D1986 6 meses atrás
Hopefully you can find people in your generation who still have the patience and attention span to listen to your songs all the way through.
Transformation Earth Music
Well said! I'm with you on that goal.
Randy Kalish
Randy Kalish 2 meses atrás
If you serve music the universe has reached you. The rest is less relevant; think of all the musicians who fail to reflect the deeper secrets music has to tell...
Thurston Howell III
@David D1986 It’s not always about patience. I like plenty of bands that create songs that can be 10 minutes or more. The problem is that there is so much available music to listen to, and not enough time to do it. If I’m stuck on one album, I’m missing out on other albums. If I’m streaming and my playlist has a few 20 minute songs I’m missing out on other much shorter songs in the same playlist that I may actually enjoy as much or more.
Brit Switzer
Brit Switzer Anos atrás
You know what's great about this interview? Rick didn't interrupt Ted like so many other interviewers do. Only short affirmations that he's listening, and following what Ted is saying. It's like the 10+ minute song of interviews.
Sideshow Anos atrás
I always thought that Larry King was the best interviewer. He would let the guest talk without interruption
Tony Richards
Tony Richards Anos atrás
Triple thumbs up for you rinsight & perspective Brit
Cliff Hughes
Cliff Hughes Anos atrás
Rick is the most respectful interviewer I know.
Flowery & DeRozes
Flowery & DeRozes Anos atrás
There's no debate or disagreement in the interview. Also, conversations are much more interesting than lectures.
Sixter Anos atrás
@Sideshow one of Larry King's secrets was he didn't do a pre-interview. He wanted the discussions spontaneous. He felt the less he knew, the better the interview. Too often the best bits are in the pre-interview, and when you try to recreate them in the interview they fall flat.
Virgin Myth
Virgin Myth Mês atrás
As a music therapist of 25 plus years I find talks like these so educational. Another point I have noticed in regards to running groups with people is that the common song is leaving us. When you think communities knew the same music for thousands and thousands of years and now individuals have access to such a variety of music from around the world, it's makes it challenging to share music as a group.
atta1798 25 dias atrás
What have you learned that is so educational?
Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy
Great interview Rick thank you. I hope this is ok to say, you are def the music version of Joe Rogan.
HungryBrain Emporium
HungryBrain Emporium 7 meses atrás
He's better than Rogan.
Sara Piazza
Sara Piazza Mês atrás
No comparison. Rick is in a league of his own. Untouchable.
raginald7 Mars
raginald7 Mars 27 dias atrás
100 Million times BETTTERRR!!!!!
Barb 11 meses atrás
Speaking of attention span, I thought there is no way I'm watching an interview that is this long. I thorougly enjoyed it in its entirety. Ted is incredible intelligent and interesting. Great interview, Rick.
Kevin Griffin
Kevin Griffin 7 meses atrás
Fascinating! I regularly arrange songs for performance, and when I play them I almost always wish they lasted longer. The experience invariably seems incomplete. On the other hand, I regularly get together with a dear friend and we just jam with no arrangements. Every single time we jam, we'll go 15 - 20 minutes at a time exploring 2 - 4 chord structures. When we mutually decide to bring each exploration to a conclusion, we both look up and smile in amazement. Then we maybe exchange a half dozen words, before we're at it again in search of that trance like state that music provides us ~
zangsax 11 meses atrás
This man has a beautiful synthesis of intellect and heart
Stephen Usery
Stephen Usery Anos atrás
I interviewed Ted a few years ago for his book about the Delta blues. Beyond being intelligent and talented, he was the most well-spoken author whom I've ever interviewed.
goncalopcoutinho 5 meses atrás
Very good interview. No interruptions, good conversation, very interesting topics. Great content as always Rick
jmikeperkins 5 meses atrás
Great interview. As a struggling local singer-songwriter who is out in the trenches, I can tell you there is great new music out there on the local and regional level, but good luck ever hearing any of it because no major supports it and their monopoly power controls what most people hear. If the majors release something new that does not completely suck, I am astounded. Innovation and the best of what is new is coming from local artists who produce their own music, but they are not likely to ever get rewarded for it.
termikesmike 5 meses atrás
All "Art " ---there's countless artists everywhere but the only known are from 'special' galleries ..... So when are U going to start a real UNION of Artists /musicians - and 'own your own ' website!!! geez --add -- at 45 minutes only Spoty - yet he's listened to 800 albums ( by May 31:31 ) and no mention UPFRONT about Bandcamp ?? etc where does he find all these ' independent labels ' -- get going !
RPBS 5 meses atrás
True and sad. Hoping for a change
Tigi Borg
Tigi Borg 4 meses atrás
The truth is very simple: once you find your way to impress broader audience, the established record labels may show up, offer you a contract, charge 70 to 90 percent of earnings for their support. But eventually, the gross sum may be large enough for you to compensate all the years of struggle. Meanwhile, do everything you can to become institution by yourself and to build your ground for bargaining against the labels. No unions, no others, nobody except your family will care of you and your eventual rise and success.
Ben Ink
Ben Ink 4 meses atrás
The o ly thing they're actually talking about is $$$$ and you know it
Master Chik-In
Master Chik-In 4 meses atrás
@Tigi Borg In many ways, yes you are correct. However, how many bands started off good and ended up terrible once they got a major record deal and had to start doing as they were told? 🤷‍♂️
Lucinda Langford
Lucinda Langford 10 meses atrás
I immediately was reminded of how excited I was in 1967 when the "long version" of the Doors "Light My Fire" was played on the radio. It was 7 minutes long. It was an immediate disappointment when the "short version" was played. It was cut to only be just under 3 minutes. This has been one of the GREAT conversations you have had.
Kellen Taylor
Kellen Taylor 10 meses atrás
The organ solo is killerrr
wlodell 9 meses atrás
Yes, my response was the same!
nick brooks
nick brooks 9 meses atrás
I think Light My Fire is one of the worst songs ever written or performed, with the exception of Stairway To Heaven. You have my sympathy.
Issac Hernandez
Issac Hernandez 9 meses atrás
For me it was the 10min version of "when the music is over"
Charles Chauffe
Charles Chauffe 9 meses atrás
I felt the same way about 'Time Has Come Today' by the Chambers Brothers. I consider it an injustice to play the shortened version!
Jens Mogensen
Jens Mogensen 2 meses atrás
What a fantastic conversation between you and Ted Gioia Rick. Mindblowing. I will have to watch it again. Thank you so much.
JR 10 meses atrás
This is why classical music changed my life. Finally a piece of music that can keep me fully engrossed for 20, 30, 40… 80 minutes straight. It’s an entirely different experience than listening to a really good song for 3 or 4 minutes.
Adapter Crash
Adapter Crash 8 meses atrás
The klingons say 36 minutes max
NICU 8 meses atrás
the first time I really actively LISTENED to a Beethoven symphony permanently changed my life forever that was 17 years ago for me and life has never been the same since that day could not agree with you more my friend
Adapter Crash
Adapter Crash 8 meses atrás
@NICU not that great and they say its the best
Penny Parkin
Penny Parkin 4 meses atrás
Try Coltrane, or Miles
ReadyMindsetGo 2 meses atrás
I love classical/concert music, film music and jazz... but I could say the same thing about Sleep's Dopesmoker and many post-metal/stoner metal bands like Ufomammut, Neurosis, Bongripper, Isis, Cult of Luna, Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, etc. all brilliant bands with hypnotizing beautiful and powerful music (albeit not remotely as complex as classical/jazz). Although they have many tracks under 10 minutes, they tend to write albums in ways that the tracks blend into one another, so you're really entranced for 40-60 minutes when you put one of their albums on. And their live shows are even more mesmerizing.
House Of Latin
House Of Latin Anos atrás
when he said, an environment that doesn't allow creators to take chances, that really sums it up. and ultimately that ends creating a corrupt culture, art taking the second seat. great interview
Larry Hall
Larry Hall Anos atrás
I'm kind of a gadfly on BRvid because iv been bitching about unimaginative bass lines long before BRvid came about. My peeve is a microcosm of that point.
Frank Marsh
Frank Marsh Anos atrás
Due to decades of consolidation we are down to the big three record companies (Sony, Warner and Universal) which control 80 percent of the market. Add to that the 1996 Telecommunications Act which allowed all the big media companies to buy up all the radio stations. Before 1996 you could only own 20 FM stations. iheart radio and Cumulous now own about 2000 stations. Back in the day most radio stations were independently owned and programed and they worked with independent reginal record promoters. Today's corporate radio is pretty much top down structured and programed from central headquarters using flawed listener data surveys. Back in the day smaller sized companies could sign artists that they believed in artistically and nurture their careers over time. They could work with regional program directors and they could compete and get exposure. The corporate music business system today is pretty much a closed corporate system (at least in the larger markets) and it's much more focused on quick profits and less about artistry...
USAMehdi Anos atrás
@Frank Marsh Thank you! Well said. I think there's a monopoly going on. Many old favorite radio stations have either disappeared or changed style. Now the question is Is this monopoly coming to the Internet? Is it already in place?
Frank Marsh
Frank Marsh Anos atrás
@USAMehdi There is a scene in the movie Coal Miners Daughter where Loretta Lynn and her husband drive around looking for radio towers. They stop at radio stations and walk in and ask the DJ to play their record. They mentioned on the Ken Burns Country Music documentary how that could never happen in today's corporate radio system. Back in the day radio was regional and most stations were independently owned and operated. People could call in and ask the DJ to play a record. The first time the Beatles were ever played on the radio in America was when a fourteen year old girl called a radio station in Washington DC and asked them to play the Beatles and they did it. No corporate manager had to approve of the decision. Tom Petty had a song called the Last DJ who plays what he wants to play.
Stoney's Dead
Stoney's Dead Anos atrás
He didn't say that- he said it was the decision makers, the ppl deciding who gets played and who doesn't- the ppl who make the top song lists and so forth- that were afraid to take any chances- not the creators. He specifically said the creators are creating great stuff- and he's right- good music is out there. But you have to proactively seek it out- the powers that be aren't going to drop it in your lap like they used to because that no longer fits their business model. Their model is 1. Push whatever artists and songs they've been paid to promote and 2. Make ppl engage with the music enough to subscribe, but not enough to consume very much music- once they subscribe Spotify is better off if they never listen to even one song and just keep paying that subscription.
Alexia Cerwinski Pierce
I just love that. "I wrote three thousand words, and no one could stop me!" He looks so happy 😊 lol
Mark Novak
Mark Novak 4 meses atrás
I remember back in 1975 a year when there were 35 #1 hits on the billboard hot 100. That was a healthy, diverse year in music.
Lalu 11 meses atrás
The laughs and the joy Rick is expressing here whenever his mind is blown is the cherry on the cake of this incredible BRvid moment! The gold standard of interviews…
DG1982 4 meses atrás
It has already been said, but man, that Ted is so intelligent and interesting to listen to. This interview was the best thing I've heard in a while. Rick, your content is just amazing. Thank you, and thank you, Ted Gioia.
Paul F
Paul F 11 meses atrás
Rick is absolute genius to equate a writers struggle to a songwriters..
David Wandelt
David Wandelt Anos atrás
What I love most about Rick’s interviews is that he knows how to set them moving in a direction, and then let the patter be about the guest, not about *himself*! Too many interviewers seem most concerned that you’ll be impressed with how smart *they* are. I find that nauseating, and Rick has none of that. Go Rick!
Kevin Bruington
Kevin Bruington Mês atrás
Les Flynn
Les Flynn 3 meses atrás
What a brilliant interview. I'm not even a musician, just a long time fan of music who was a teenager in the late 80s. I found this discussion fascinating.
Alan Vodicka
Alan Vodicka 4 meses atrás
Rick, you should have Ted back for another interview. And you should help make his 25 best musicians in the world project a reality. In the age of open source crowdfunding I could see this as a doable project.
Garf2O 7 meses atrás
To me it seems like theres for sure a 2nd interview that could happen with these two in the future, and im all for it.
Ruben Insular
Ruben Insular Mês atrás
Because of podcasts like this is the reason why I keep coming back to hear them. Content like this is what makes a podcast so marvelous, @RickBeato.
Glen Subtorq
Glen Subtorq 10 meses atrás
🤣 this interview is soooo good! Lately I have started to dump music that is what I call "ADHD music". I am going back to those tracks that take me on a journey and I don't even realise it. 🙏😎
Electric Bonfire
Electric Bonfire Anos atrás
The big take away from this excellent interview is Rick and Ted should start a record label! You could crowd fund the start up cost from this community. Bach Records
Alexis GS
Alexis GS Anos atrás
F yeah!! And then they could develop the SuperVinyl! I'm giving money if they do!
Charles Costarella
Charles Costarella Anos atrás
..and another streaming platform. Google's motto "Do no evil"? More like "Do only evil" these days.
A Random Galactic Hitchiker
it would be a very busy label.
Chris Colbourne
Chris Colbourne Anos atrás
They do it for coffee (allegedly) Why not fair trade Music?
crystalplanet09 Anos atrás
Bachatheny records.. pays homage to both favs of Rick
Jay Regan’s 66 Dart GT and Music
What I love most about this intelligent conversation is that they talk and they listen to each other without talking over top of each other like most interviewers and interviewees do these days, so refreshing.
Flint Long
Flint Long 3 meses atrás
I'm only as far as the significance of 1600, but I'm totally in love with this interview. I've read The History of Jazz, but I had never heard Ted Gioia in an interview, and of course I'm a fan of Rick's. But this is just amazing! Wonderful! I'm painting a bedroom as I listen an it's putting me in a "trance." Haha! No, seriously - it is interviews like this, and people like Rick and Ted that make my life worth living. I was brought up on everything from Bach to Louis Prima, to the Olympics to the Delta Rhythm Boys. I have devoted my life to playing piano, all genres (although I'm known on BRvid for Boogie Woogie) but I play classical and Scott Joplin, and pop and swingin' jazz too, and I have also devoted my life to listening to music, reading about it and watching BRvid videos that are so old and cool, and previously obscure. Thank God for folks like Rick and Ted!
Jeremiah 531
Jeremiah 531 7 meses atrás
One of the very best interviews I've heard in decades. Thought-provoking material all around. Thank you, Rick Beato.
Davis Maxwell
Davis Maxwell 9 meses atrás
I’m amazed that neither party brought up Bandcamp. Possibly the closest thing we currently have to equitable music distribution for the artists.
Ronnie Dion
Ronnie Dion 6 meses atrás
exactly why i came to the comments. i read this guys article about old music killing new music before i watched this video and i have no doubt that he is smart and has done his research but the fact that he says substack should do the same thing for musicians and never once mentions bandcamp in the article or this video forces me to take him less seriously.
termikesmike 5 meses atrás
@Ronnie Dion that struck a chord in me too by 45min and had to comment then searched the comments ....
Will S
Will S 4 meses atrás
It is not just the platform of bandcamp that Ted and Rick miss when mentioning ways that music is disseminated and consumed now. I have listened to spotify and apple, it was not interesting to me as much as other subscription options like satellite, Prime music, other streaming options. It is up to us consumers to demand the corporate music industry provide the best product that can also benefit music culture and artists.
Michelle 4 meses atrás
@Ronnie Dion Rick has name dropped bandcamp in other videos. Ted probably hasn't spent much of any time on it as it's not generally music in his wheelhouse. This is the natural flow of conversation in an interview and Rick is not of the habit of interrupting his guests or circling back to something. He probably had a game plan for the interview in his head and it didn't cross his mind at the time to derail the start of the interview and where Ted makes a living. Bandcamp is only music from what I know. There's Patreon, etc. Everything is highly suppressed by industry and big money marketing it's hard for anything to take off. The Substack platform has some notoriety elsewhere that it may be able to break down barriers where bandcamp hasn't, maybe that's where Ted's enthusiasm comes from?
David Gaines
David Gaines 29 dias atrás
I was thinking of that as well. Good point.
eric backup
eric backup 10 meses atrás
Rick is a treasure. And as you might discern, not just musically. He's a wonderful human being. So generous a teacher. And joyful to teach us. Kudos to Mr. Beato!
House Of Mars
House Of Mars Anos atrás
If this interview was a book, it would be underlined, highlighted, heavily annotated in the margins and placed on the top shelf. Awesome, thank you Rick!
SPCEMN3 Anos atrás
That's great but I would point out that this 'book' wouldn't have a single footnote or evidence, period. The most salient line of this interview was "I can't prove it, but...." 31:21. So maybe we should take this interview with a huge grain of salt and realize that it's an old timer shaking his fist at the clouds. Not that there's anything wrong with that, that can even be entertaining.
House Of Mars
House Of Mars Anos atrás
@SPCEMN3 I take your point, but I didn't get the "old man yells at clouds" vibe at all. There are plenty of people who gripe about the music industry, and they usually have their specific ax to grind. I though he was relatively dispassionate and even offered some hope! But yes, it's his opinion, but a fairly learned opinion.
Freddy Ray
Freddy Ray 2 meses atrás
This was an absolutely beautiful conversation..immense experience and humility.
Lars Galling
Lars Galling 9 meses atrás
When they were discussing substack, I always felt like interrupting the to say: "There's a thing called Bandcamp". It is basically substack for musicians, right down to the 10% percent fee on sales. Regardless, awesome and fascinating conversation!
Corey Newberry
Corey Newberry 11 meses atrás
What a great conversation! I really need and appreciate these types of things. It's good to know that I'm not alone. Thank you!
Sam Quentin
Sam Quentin 8 meses atrás
It’s rare and gratifying that I can listen to somebody talk for an hour and agree with them on everything. I wanted to stand up and cheer at a number of points. Great interview.
David Cherry
David Cherry 10 meses atrás
This is pretty effing brilliant, Rick. You are fantastic at what you do, and you keep getting better and better. Kudos!
Jeffrey A. Hanson
Jeffrey A. Hanson Anos atrás
The concept of, “If it’s interesting to me, it’ll be interesting to you.” It’s so simple, yet psychologically profound.
Geopholus Anos atrás
It seems to work for Rick everytime,... Ted is equally interesting.
gf7779311 7 meses atrás
So cool to hear the guys end their talk by speaking of Bach~ I too spend time each day working on his Cello suites~ it’s been one of the foundations of my bass playing ~ we use live strings when we tour (w/smokey robinson) and it’s always a treat to dive deeper into Bach with them~
Rudy 9 meses atrás
Rick This is fantastic interview. Very insightful. As a child of the 6os & 70s jam music and long cuts have always been my musical compass. In memory of Elizabeth Reed- live at the Filmore (favorite song of all time), the Grateful Dead, every good band had extended jams on their records and concerts. These were spiritual experiences. Very insightful
Danielle Preyar
Danielle Preyar 11 meses atrás
I'm so glad I came across this video. So informative, insightful and refreshing. Great stuff!
Loukas Adryan
Loukas Adryan 7 meses atrás
This interview is utterly fascinating. I wish it has no end, i could listen to you both like forever and i would still learn. I think the "one-sentence paragraph" that could sum up this video is that music is not merely about its intrinsic artistic quality; it's also and firstly about all the other dimensions (psychological, biological, social, economical,...) and all those are profoundly entangled with different weights depending on the context the music is experienced. I personally try to find my own color and texture in the vast musical painting. I try to better understand why and how things works the way they do and it is truly a chance to have access to these kind of deep analyses from people like you, who have the intelligence, the experience and the knowledge. When you are a young artist lacking of professional and/or human resources to guide you, it's often impossible to take all those aspects in consideration because at some point the information is missing. So, thank you to provide to the world this kind of extremely quality content!
peebus 10 meses atrás
The best 1 hour and 17 minutes I've spent in a dog's age! A sincere thank you!
guitarsword1 Anos atrás
Have Ted on again. People, musicians, executives need to hear what this man has to say about the music industry. Great interview Rick, as usual.
Freaking Out With Billy Hume
Yes, again please!
lavendar555 Anos atrás
Every week!!
MLGpachino MLGpachino
Executives don't want to since it implies to earn less profits. People and musicians are the ones who can make this change.
Tom Eckert
Tom Eckert 9 meses atrás
Rick, I've always enjoyed everything you post on your many channels but turning me on to the mind and musings of Ted Gioia is probably the coolest thing yet! I'm on his substack and love his writing! Well done Rick! You continue to set the bar high and we all benefit!
osoabd 9 meses atrás
An ABSOLUTE MASTER of bond between Music and Life. Very grateful to you Rick to bring us the Great Ted!
Richard Skinner
Richard Skinner 10 meses atrás
You two gentlemen should have a weekly or monthly podcast!’ This is awesome Rick. Thank you for all you do!
Blue String Music
Blue String Music 6 meses atrás
Didn’t expect to sit through a long interview in one shot. So engaging, great interview.
Josh Rathje
Josh Rathje 9 meses atrás
Amazing interview! I've read two of Gioia's books and it was awesome to hear his perspective in this video. Thank you Rick for bringing him on!
William William
William William Anos atrás
Thank you Rick for introducing us to Ted. He is an amazing man with a wealth of knowledge. My son is starting to venture into music for school as his career. Your channel, and introducing people like Ted to us, just assist parents like me to nurture my sons path. THANK YOU!
Rick Beato
Rick Beato Anos atrás
@john smith Wrong. There is always room for successful musicians if they are great. Don’t be one of those downer dad’s. Can’t deal with people that measure success that way. A degree is only worthless if you don’t learn anything. Sounds like you may have gotten one of those?
Boney Tony
Boney Tony Anos atrás
@john smith Music BRvidrs have found another way to monetise their skill and knowledge.
William William
William William Anos atrás
@Rick Beato Thank you for those words Rick. I am guiding my son into a field he truly loves. I have already told him it's an extremely tough business, but music is more than business in my eyes. Music is a passion and a lifelong skill/artform we all wish we had. My 15 year old just happens to have IT! There is a fantastic UK guy on BRvid called Andy Guitar, and he has the gift as a teacher. Nothing wrong with that honourable profession!
Brian Swan
Brian Swan Mês atrás
This , by far, one of the best interviews that I have listened to for a long time. So insightful.
Oscar Favela
Oscar Favela 7 meses atrás
Thank you! Thank you Thank you Rick! WoW! I thought I was the only one with this feeling about music! What a great video! And it's not a 3 minute video, Thank God! You guys covered so much!
Gabo Quintana
Gabo Quintana 10 meses atrás
These kind of ideas have been lurking in the back of my mind, I feel less alienate listening to people who thinks likewise. Thank you, great chat.
Jake Winfrey
Jake Winfrey 7 meses atrás
Thank you Rick. This man is truly a genius. My mind was blown by the end of this video!
whitemellon 10 meses atrás
I seldom watch entire videos except when I watch Rick. Wow, this was great! Ted was super interesting and I’m looking forward to reading some of his work.
Duncan Inglis
Duncan Inglis Anos atrás
Just when you might think that Rick Beato doesn't have anything left to pull out of his extremely deep pockets, he reaches a little further and pulls this out. A fascinating interview. You, sir, are for many of us the most important commentator on/professor of all things music. Thank you!
Kelly Bennett
Kelly Bennett 11 meses atrás
I agree. Thank you for your dedication Rick.
Phil K
Phil K 9 meses atrás
Amir Jubran
Amir Jubran 9 meses atrás
This to me is the content that makes this channel. The shorts and the unscripted videos are what lose my interest.
Sam Quentin
Sam Quentin 8 meses atrás
Catch The Rainbow - Rainbow (live) from On Stage is a song that creates a trance state for me. The mix of that keyboard riff, with the bass drums and guitar soloing hits just right for me.
Ben Rechakiewicz
Ben Rechakiewicz Mês atrás
Another fantastic Interview Rick well done love the channel Ted's awesome.The modern world definitely needs a renaissance when it comes to music.🤘
pmags1331 9 meses atrás
What a fascinating and interesting interview . Thank both of you gentlemen sharing this video …
Jesper F
Jesper F 10 meses atrás
If you ever have Ted back, I would love to hear his opinion on bandcamp and on the CD revival. I like the idea of super vinyl, but I would rather have a digital media - like an updated version of SACD. The bluray format could have dsd512 musik, maybe even with multi channels.
Eric Paquet
Eric Paquet Anos atrás
What a wonderful interview! I didn't know about Ted Gioia until today. The man is an invaluable treasure. I will definitely be buying some of his books. Thank you so much, Rick!
Bunny White
Bunny White 5 meses atrás
Wow this interview was absolutely fantastic!! I was hooked the entire time. I'm so glad to know Ted is out there holding it down and being a voice of sanity. He really articulated things I've been feeling and frustrated by for over a decade.
Bonnie McMaken
Bonnie McMaken 3 meses atrás
This was great. Plenty of people have already expressed my feelings more eloquently, but I wanted to say I really enjoyed this content. I'd love to listen to more discussions like this.
Scott Spencer
Scott Spencer 4 meses atrás
One of the best interviews ever...thank you, Rick & Ted!
Kevlar El84
Kevlar El84 7 meses atrás
This guy has so much insight! People talk about the biggest companies of these times: Apple, Google, etc.. No one ever talks about the giants such as RCA who pioneered as much or more than our current front runners. RCA moved so many different things forward. Not just records and music. The music industry has gotten so bad for the artists and the consumer. Intelligent guys like this need to be utilized to change directions.
John Macpherson Allan
John Macpherson Allan 11 meses atrás
Fantastic interview Rick Ted is an amazing guy a great incite into the music industry!
Mike Whitfield
Mike Whitfield Anos atrás
Never hear of him before but this dude is fascinating, and Beato interviewed him to perfection. None of those five minute questions designed to make the interviewer look smart, just the minimum needed to explore the most interesting and insightful avenues. Really impressive on both sides of the conversation and really gave me insights I've never considered.
Incognito 9 meses atrás
One thing about your channel Rick is that it is Eclectic and not always about great solos. Bravo. Keep it up. We, the intelligent, grave variety and stimulation.
Aaron Z
Aaron Z 27 dias atrás
the idea of Son House being more of an experimental sound designer kinda blew my mind. really inspiring conversation!
Mike Ratsch
Mike Ratsch 11 meses atrás
As always, high quality insights. What I'm missing is a word on live music. That's the real thing, right? Or on learning an instrument. Thx again, Rick
Ignacio Felipe Nuñez Martínez
This is one of the best interview I’ve seen on the channel Rick. Great work
David Eaton
David Eaton 10 meses atrás
Great interview! Nicholas Carr's book, "The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains," is a great read on the subject of how our attention spans are being diminished by the desire for instant gratification and how the Internet plays into that. Popular music is certainly affected by this as well.
D. Weiss
D. Weiss Anos atrás
I believe we lost an important "arm" of music when the merchandising was reduced to cassettes, CDs and then NOTHING. I am referring to the Album and not for the vinyl enclosed but for the wonderfullness of the album artwork, from simple headshots and group shots to the complexity of SPLHCB and graphics that offered your individual interpretation. The hours getting lost in those images, WHILE the music PLAYED were priceless.
JBfromFL Anos atrás
Good point.
Shawn Summers
Shawn Summers Anos atrás
I totally agree not to mention you have something physical to own instead of a measly download.
Eddie Pigg
Eddie Pigg Anos atrás
If I could get the CD with album sized artwork and lyric sheets, I’d pay extra! Of course I would also need the CD covers with the art and lyrics, too!
lee shafer
lee shafer Anos atrás
You can, if you want, get way more artwork, group photos bios etc. online than you ever could in the LP era plus you can listen to a lossless sound and even email your music to any friend worldwide FREE!
Andre' Cholmondeley
@lee shafer exactly correct It’s almost like…… you lose one thing and gain another, like most advancements in technology. Hey, if people are missing the physical, fine. Personally, I have over 12,000 CDs-- so no one can say I haven’t spent the money to support the industry. Whether the artist share of money spent was better than today, is another debate But- to quickly look at credits on a dozen albums if I’m doing some jumping around, certainly is faster online, and for soooooo many albums there wasn’t that much on the sleeve, and once I’ve read it, now I’m fighting the storage wars…. YMMV, but listing to hours of radio, you don’t see credits either, yet for me personally that was one of the most valuable and educational inputs ever Radio- free, wireless monetized streaming. For decades. No meta data. No artwork or credits. Data easily downloaded to reel to reel, then cassette, DAT, minidisc, and now hard drive, if you like. Globally available with no subscription for a century or so and counting (subscription model in U.K. Etc)
Steven Bliss
Steven Bliss 29 dias atrás
What an absolutely fascinating and liberating conversation. You must've had a blast. What a brilliant and insightful man whose passion is infectious. I fell in love with music all over again after listening to this. 48 years of playing and writing and wondering if anyone still had what I had as a kid, and in 1 hour and 18 minutes, I gratefully found it still exists. Thank you, Rick, for blessing the rest of us with all the amazing content you come up with.
Timmy Eugenius
Timmy Eugenius 11 dias atrás
Dear Rick, I'm a Musician from Germany. This is one of the most interesting Videos I've ever watched and listened to on BRvid in 20 years. Thank you so much, more of this! Great content on your Channel overall , may you get more great Guests and Topics onto your Channel in the Future . Love, Timmy
Shannon Landre
Shannon Landre 10 meses atrás
Totally interested in what happened with music in the beginning of the 17th century or the secret battle between the Duke and Gershwin. Great interview Beato!
Steven Reed
Steven Reed 4 meses atrás
WOW!!! Am stunned by Ted’s insight, and honesty. He is a true visionary. Maybe he should start his own record label using super vinyl technology. That would be so cool. Great interview!
Foe 11 meses atrás
Would love to see more interviews like this one. Awesome job!
WDCousins Anos atrás
This is THE best conversation about music and the music "Bizz" I've ever heard. I was laughing out loud at times. Just point after point - golden nugget after golden nugget - what a joy!!!!!! You are both gifts to music.
Yanille Castillo
Yanille Castillo 8 meses atrás
Also same with books now people prefer to read short books over long books
Yanille Castillo
Yanille Castillo 8 meses atrás
My favorite song is bohemian rhapsody and it’s 6 minutes long
Yanille Castillo
Yanille Castillo 8 meses atrás
I’m running to down load that song once I am done with this teaching and interview enjoying every minute of it so far
Yanille Castillo
Yanille Castillo 7 meses atrás
@wd cousins I know right . Blessed to have found them By accident
Michelle 4 meses atrás
Allan Cross History of New Music Podcast, find the ones about industry and streaming.
Timothy Lang
Timothy Lang 6 meses atrás
Hey Rick, I just heard the Million Masks of God by Manchester Orchestra, which I learned are from Atlanta! I would love to hear your thoughts about them but I couldn't find any mention of them in your videos...thank you for all the amazing work you have already done - your videos really helped me with so many questions I had.
msticdrumr 7 meses atrás
As a musician, I found this so damn engaging and compelling that I was practically hanging off the edge of my seat!!! No dumb-out session here...thank you gents!
Kevin Mosher
Kevin Mosher 10 meses atrás
Rick- Totally incredible video. Wow! Best hour I’ve spent in a long time. Thank you both.
Mark Wise Techno
Mark Wise Techno 6 meses atrás
This discussion was legendary. Loved all of it!!!
Nate Owen
Nate Owen 11 meses atrás
Like Ted mentioned, some of the coolest music ever is being made right now. It is just not being made known. Technology has allowed anyone to create incredible sounding music in their own living space. I have long since believed that the audience is not stupid, so many of my friends listen to incredible up and coming artists that fall outside of the formula. People have, and seemingly always will, want to hear things that speak to them and their moment in time. Hopefully things start to change for us indie artists!
casel LI
casel LI 9 meses atrás
great to feel you here brother, wanna name a few artists that stick out ?
Mack&Ash 8 meses atrás
Rubbish. Its terrible across the whole spectrum. Its used to be everyday progressing in awesome talent and fresh stuff from the 60s to late 90s, but that came to an abrupt halt around 2003. It hit a wall and hasn't even come close to recovering to an acceptable standard. Especially now that everyone has access to PC music makers.. yet its gone backward. Where are these incredible sounding musicians of today? I do look for them. Its like finding a needle in a haystack though. It shouldn't be so empty. Quantity destroyed quality. It didn't elevate it. Its all replica now. A cheap imposter too. Its lost its soul. But i can put a record from the 70s, from just about ANY band, and still get chills from the maturity and passion that went into making music back then.
Awesome Life
Awesome Life 8 meses atrás
@Mack&Ash What?! Someone thinking music from their youth was the absolute best and contemporary is worthless trash?! I’m sure this is the MOST original observation, one that hasn’t been expressed ad nauseam ever before, going back to the 19th century by every passing generation. The good news is you can stay home till the end, listening to -let me take a WILD guess- scratchy L.P. records, and watching movies on VHS 🦕🦖
Mack&Ash 8 meses atrás
@Awesome Life Its garbage today. Its not a theory. Unless you wanna pretend like anyone will ever look back to these times and say "what an era of music, we were breaking down walls". Haha.. No chance. It will be like chaff in the wind. Like you have any idea. Seeth millennial.
msPaulaA1 Anos atrás
Ted Gioia is the Neil Degrasse-Tyson of music and I loved every minute of this interview! Thank you Rick for this eye opening conversation.
TallicaMan1984 Anos atrás
lol Mr. Degrassi Tyson doesn't really have a good reputation on the internet anymore, but yeah I see what you mean.
Erik Iversen
Erik Iversen Anos atrás
TallicaMan1986 is correct. NDT's reputation is quickly turning sour. He's letting his ego control him now. Ted Giolia is much more humble and likeable.
Bruno Borela
Bruno Borela Anos atrás
Ted Gioia is actually insightful
The Designers Must
The Designers Must 2 meses atrás
Growing up with 12" singles, I found everyone wanted to get tracks on 12" as they were (usually) extended versions of the 7" or album versions. In fact, I usually felt people always wanted the longest version possible of the song. I think the same applies with a lot of movies that have extended versions. If people like something, they seem to like the longer versions. Now if they don't like it...
T C 7 meses atrás
As good as it gets. I signed on to Ted's SubStack and look forward to reading his compositions.
DarkLight 8 meses atrás
Bravo Sir Beato !! Very profound and informative. I’m working on my second album right now and feel more liberated to structure songs to a higher standard that doesn’t just cater to our current music trends.
Jeff hernandez
Jeff hernandez Mês atrás
Wow Rick! Great interview and conversation. This was like biting into a fat, juicy, slice of perfectly ripened mango...after having masticated dry, flavorless rice cakes for months. More please!
Steve Kercher Music
Steve Kercher Music 10 meses atrás
I try to spend time every morning playing Bach on guitar. It totally effects my day by setting me up in a more joyous space mentally.
Gary Cahn
Gary Cahn Anos atrás
There was a time when the only way you could hear music was when a musician or a group of musicians assembled themselves and played and performed actual live music. Now, in my life, I am continually accosted and bombarded by music that I'd rather not listen to. And, silence and the rare sounds of nature are what I long to hear.
Metamerist Anos atrás
People playing ludicrously loud music out of cars seems to be a massive issue these days, also people carrying around mini bluetooth speakers or even just sitting playing stuff on their phones in public places. Its obnoxious. Not to mention piped music in bars, shopping centres, waiting rooms.... ugh.
Gary Cooper
Gary Cooper Anos atrás
Amen a long time ago a guitar teacher told me the note that is not played is as important as the one that is played. It is something I have remembered for thirty some years now.
ERIC & CINDY Crowder
You are right, for MOST of humans living on this planet Live music was the ONLY way to listen to music. Sound recording technology is only 100 years old or less. Player instruments like pianos and others been around for 150 years
Stephen Fiore
Stephen Fiore Anos atrás
Can’t stand music in grocery stores and restaurants
Valeska Canas
Valeska Canas Anos atrás
There is a musician I abhore currently #1 and it's every where sbd it's only going to get worse- was seriously thinking of buying earplugs!!!
Jim Wagy
Jim Wagy 9 meses atrás
This was fascinating and we need more help like this! I have 200 songs I’ve written and produced with session musicians and singers from Nashville and LA, I haven’t released them because I can’t tour, and I’m not willing to just put them all up on subscription based music companies that don’t really compensate us properly. We need a new platform for songwriters, producers and artists to thrive in! I’ll look into Substack!
Johnny Angel
Johnny Angel 7 meses atrás
I'd release a few of your BEST SONGS..... just to see if you even have an audience that appreciate your work enough to throw a few dollars down to own it. Otherwise..your art is just made for yourself. And that's OKAY.
Gene Graham
Gene Graham 9 meses atrás
Brilliant interview, Rick! So many fascinating (and a few disturbing) ideas discussed!
David Palmer
David Palmer 7 meses atrás
Great, great interview. Stimulating, intelligent, and wide-ranging. It concerns music primarily, but there's a lot of other stuff in there. If this doesn't get you thinking, nothing will. A credit to both Beato and Gioia.
MariUS ukulele
MariUS ukulele 10 meses atrás
To listen to approx. 800 albums in their entirety within half of a year is mind boggling!
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