A Tribute to Technoblade

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A Tribute to Technoblade after his death, thank you for everything

Techno's last video...

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29 Jun 2022



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DreamSMP Official
when I heard about it, it made me tear up. We take so much for granted and sometimes we have to stop and appreciate the things we have. Rest in piece Techno ❤❤
⭐️ totallyblue_ -!!
This was probably the hardest news I’ve ever gotten, hearing he passed. I loved him so goddamn much(/p) and it hurts like hell that he passed. He deserved more. Good bye, Techno, we will all miss you dearly. May you fly high. ❤️
I'm really gonna miss him. He was really a diamond among the rough, there was no one else like him, and now he's gone before we could even say goodbye... The way I see it... As hard as this is gonna be, knowing Techno, if he were still here, he'd laugh it off and probably throw in some selfless plug to buy merch or something 😅 ... But we will always remember the Blade in our hearts and minds. May you rest in piece Technoblade, wherever you may be up there.. I hope you can face God
Dude made our childhood, laughs, positivity and even joked about his deadly sickness. A lovely person never gives up, and he didn't. He is still alive, in our hearts. In that video where he talked about his cancer I wrote that if he died everything would have ended for me. And he passed, exactly when no one was expecting it. Just like how smart he was, how funny and positive of a person he was. Yet he's gone, somehow. I'd love to wake up from this nightmare but unfortunately it's not a nightmare. It's reality. And reality never jokes. I love you tecno, we love you.
Jelly Bean Yeen
People will still be discovering his videos, making memories with him, and being inspired by him for years to come long after he sadly left us. He truly won't ever die. He is part of Minecraft history a game that made history.
vuk vidojkovic
“TechnoBlade Never Dies.”
Your neighbor's cat
"There is no immortality, but the memories left in the minds of men"
Rishi Chhibber
i saw on twitter “Someone once said that when you die from cancer, the cancer dies too. That's not a loss- that's a draw. Technoblade never loses”
The Weekend
The Minecraft and the DSMP community will never be the same without him. But legends never die they live on in our hearts. So to me
Pud Stud
I was crying for an hour straight when I heard the news. He had an impact on so many people like me. Techno blade will forever be missed
I like how you’ve done this and how you’re trying to respect him and his legacy but why did you spell his name wrong at
Jonah Tocci
"There is no immortality, but the memories left in the minds of men" - Napoléon. In this sense, Technoblade truly never dies.
He even lied about how deadly his condition was to spare us the pain. A hero until the end. We love you technoblade. Rest in peace...nerd :)
I can't believe my favorite content creator has passed away. First time feeling of losing someone I admired and followed and had a place in my heart . RIP TECHNOBLADE
Bontras Snide
Technoblade was one of the most influential people in my life and his humor made me laugh every time because he was funny in such an intelligent yet understandable way. His mind was unparalleled and so was his spirit. We will forever remember him so fondly as he remembered us and we will never let his name die.
Larenz Jake Abrea
Even though I don't watch Techno or any DreamSMP members, I'm pretty sure he brought a lot of smiles to people. We will forever cherish your memories, TechnoBlade [Alex]! We will miss you.
Technoblade Never Dies
I heard the news this morning and I'm still getting goosebumps whenever I think about him. This is really sad. Rest in peace technoblade long live the king.
New Zealand Aviation
He will be missed but never forgotten ❤
rest in peace technoblade
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"A person dies twice, Once in his grave, The second when he's last remembered."
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