A TOTALLY LEGIT Wind Waker Speedrun Cartoon (WORLD RECORD)

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I really struggled to get this out before I went off to e3, but it was definitely a nice dip back into the animation pool. If you'd like to see more animations consider donating to my patreon!
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8 Jun 2019



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Comentários 10 538
chrom 3 horas atrás
i love the eric andre show references
MattiaGamer 98
MattiaGamer 98 19 horas atrás
2:10 Game Grumps!!!
Emily Castrovillari
This makes me want to load up the GameCube version just to super swim and try and speedrun the game. Do most of these glitches work in the original version?
JonathonPlaysGames 2 dias atrás
Bird up
LinkIsHere 4 dias atrás
The King scene always gets me 😂
MaserXIV 4 dias atrás
Ayy, Konosuba
Kiniwood 6 dias atrás
4:55 Aruba, Jamaica ohh I wanna take ya To Bermuda, Bahama come on prrety mama.🔥💕 Way down in Kokomo
Wilson Sauls
Wilson Sauls 7 dias atrás
Appreciate the Grumps statues at 2:10 (and Jon's being covered in moss)
MeroMero 9 dias atrás
Love all the super star saga sounds hahaha
rodrigo :v
rodrigo :v 10 dias atrás
I HATE MAIL!!! * ail..ail..ail *
the fnaf fan and dawko fan
what is that song that link dances to
roblox boi905
roblox boi905 11 dias atrás
1:53 how i feel about woman
•Frosted-Bird• 12 dias atrás
4:57 Those eyebrows though
NTH OHADMICHAELP 14 dias atrás
Xarles Kaizer
Xarles Kaizer 14 dias atrás
Xarles Kaizer
Xarles Kaizer 14 dias atrás
Pikachu Whoa!?!?!
Pikachu Whoa!?!?! 16 dias atrás
Peridot reference 3:03
Mlgreeperheadgaming 16 dias atrás
5:06 link's face says everything about last night
xX Mgiełka Xx
xX Mgiełka Xx 17 dias atrás
$5 for me
WillTheFoxFriend X
WillTheFoxFriend X 18 dias atrás
Eric's memes
Xarles Kaizer
Xarles Kaizer 18 dias atrás
Wuppler 20 dias atrás
I appreciate the Kazuma moments 😂
NoEsUnYoutuber 21 dia atrás
The amount of good references in this is staggering.
Don Cheadle
Don Cheadle 21 dia atrás
2:10 You don't know how much I appreciate Jon being there.
Luis Rosado
Luis Rosado 21 dia atrás
0:16 *S P L I S H*
satanさたん 21 dia atrás
whats that birthday song called
Link 2295
Link 2295 22 dias atrás
3:13 link using sheika slate before botw even exist
Martin Chen
Martin Chen 23 dias atrás
This is truly LEGIT
BlitzTrixx The One
BlitzTrixx The One 24 dias atrás
5:37 is my favorite part lmao i love this ganondorf
Charles Cannon
Charles Cannon 24 dias atrás
I'm getting some Ninja Brian vibes from Link for some..... And we're the Game Grumps! Yeaaaah.
Dumpling Games
Dumpling Games 24 dias atrás
I love this, I really hope i can create content this good one day ^^
Gym leader jack
Gym leader jack 24 dias atrás
if you open subtitles at the true gender equality part it says " Very tokyo taken oxen et okay - yeah Cara Rosanna engine de"
skeletalmixer101 25 dias atrás
I too hate when women talk about equality then be like, you can't treat a woman like that I'm sorry you didn't think this was popular scott.
1993Delicious 25 dias atrás
Spleesh KABOOOM!
687Gaming 25 dias atrás
Definitely the best totally legit animation!
SmugRabbitOnTheNet 25 dias atrás
I'm here from his newest video, you Guys know what I'm talking about!
Leader of lo gang
Leader of lo gang 25 dias atrás
私は真の男女平等にあこがれ、女性の自分に合った時に女性の誇りを語り、その人が「男ではない」と文句を言う人には忍耐がありません。another line, IMは、このメールで行われた、私はすべてのメールが嫌い、私はメールが嫌いです!!! and 私に5ドル
José Esparta Marín
José Esparta Marín 25 dias atrás
So... version 1.0, uh? Where Ganondorf's blood is red, the Fire Temple had the Islamic chants and Stink's name was still Link.
Pixel Creation
Pixel Creation 25 dias atrás
Links not flipping people off he’s just giving us a angry thumbs up
Calamari Boop
Calamari Boop 28 dias atrás
I remembered when this first came out,I honestly thought this was going shaving seconds
EnderWood Graveyard
EnderWood Graveyard 29 dias atrás
4:56 I finna nut so hard
Cyan Hedgehogs
Cyan Hedgehogs Mês atrás
Can you spot the two Eric Andre show references?
Joseph Orr
Joseph Orr Mês atrás
3:14 yessssssssss
Blackzic Mês atrás
I don't know why but your animated characters looks so much better when they are pissed off... its weird, but cool...
Washer guy 2009
Washer guy 2009 Mês atrás
Anthony Cabrera
Anthony Cabrera Mês atrás
The Eric Andre show is just on a whole different plane of existence
Lucas Coniglio
Lucas Coniglio Mês atrás
Hoi has s she really a temmie
Shade Knight
Shade Knight Mês atrás
Boat's first mistake was assuming he was talking to Link, when he was in fact addressing Stink all along.
Jared The Rock
Jared The Rock Mês atrás
6:23 This is what my future will be. Me being Zelda, and my wife being Link. Edit: Do yourself a favor, and watch from here until the end at the lowest playback speed. It's funny as shit.
Debz Baumaus
Debz Baumaus Mês atrás
Speedrun = Unnecessary violence
OwO rainbow
OwO rainbow Mês atrás
2:57 : *K I L L I T W I T H. F I R E*
Razor Wolf
Razor Wolf Mês atrás
0:15 Spliish
Mysuperpug !
Mysuperpug ! Mês atrás
He can walk though walls, disappear and fly he isn’t unique to the other guys
Noodle Nugget
Noodle Nugget Mês atrás
I hate mail
Googley Moogley
Googley Moogley Mês atrás
Why is link coming on to me :(
CamFm Mês atrás
K.W.A.M Mês atrás
This was uploaded 6 months ago. HOLY SHIT THIS CAME OUT 6 MONTHS AGO
Phoenixcat220 Mês atrás
3:59 look at that cute face
Matthew McDonnell
Matthew McDonnell Mês atrás
3:15 in my opinion is the best part.
dDantemustdiie Mês atrás
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