A Single Step. Part 3. Venture II in Europe. (Revised)

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In this video, Venture II visits Southern England as well as Hamburg and Holland and travels up the Rhine River to Dussledorf. This video has been slightly revised from the previous version to protect this channel from a false copyright claim for 81 seconds of legally purchased music.

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31 Out 2021



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Comentários 54
Landlocked NoMore
Once again, thank you for letting us tag along on Venture's adventures. Very enjoyable video.
Carolyn Bjerk
Thank you Tony and crew for a delightful ride. I will never be able afford to travel overseas, but I sure enjoy tagging along with you. Love the music and the maps and your soothing voice. You give us all a chance to forget about vaccines, masks and germs and just enjoy Gods creation and mans handiwork.
Third Eye View
Always love watching your videos, the videography, the music selection, the calming narration, so peaceful.❤️❤️❤️
Robin Owen
Such a treat to have your excellent video come up. I hope you are still having wonderful adventures on the sea on the best yacht on the ocean.
James Kyle
Hi Tony,
So wonderful, thank you for the journey!
Charles Wetterman
Another great voyage on Venture II, I enjoy your trips and try to keep up with you on my computer using Google Earth an do so for the most part. I am also a lover of trawlers and about ready to purchase one, the Fleming 65 is on top of my list.
Dan Carroll
Tony, your narrated videos are always instructive and entertaining. Following you and all of your adventures started with my reading about your adventures when I read your memoir, “Riding the Tide”. Your travels and experiences by land and sea stimulate and rekindle old memories from my own adventures I’ve had over many decades. Thank you for sharing your marvelous adventures and so many wonderful stories about traveling in Africa, Asia and aboard Venture I and II.
African Leopard
THIS IS THE MOST WONDERFUL AND AMAZING TRAVEL DOCUMENTARY I HAVE EVER SEEN!. THANK YOU. - I watch all your Venture Boats trips (Aleutians, Alaska, British Columbia, Europe, Ireland, England, California, Idaho, New York). All videos are properly edited and perfectly presented. All landscapes, scenes, nature, blue sky, grey sky, deep blue sea make me feel so good. It is very soothing and entertaining. Whenever I am stressed out in my life, I always go to watch your sailing videos and it comfort me a lot. - I enjoy watching all your videos (on my 72" flat screen TV - SONY) all time, every weekend from my home in Los Angeles. Even though I am not fortunate like you to circumnavigate the globe and travel on own boat, your sea journey and wonderful voyage videos have brought many delights and good feeling to me. We all ordinary people are grateful to you (Gratitude) for your generous and wonderful presentations. Thank you.
Simon Van Keer
I didn't know you could take a sea vessel onto a river! amazing :)
Dave Bailey
Wonderful video as usual...I don't think I've missed one episode in years....thanks...
The English seaside is lovely with so many quaint villages. Nice video
tony ayers
loved this thanks for posting!
Stephen B
sublime.beautifully narrated.thanks tony.
Helge Berg- Hansen
Well, Tony.
qno1963 21 dia atrás
Thanks for placing this video on BRvid. I live in Doesburg (the Dutch town with the fog). I have sailed the IJssel many times.
Alistair Powers
Stunning, and very entertaining video once more.
Gene West
So great to see a new episode! Thanks Tony
Just so peaceful and relaxing - watching all of this. Makes me dream: hi-jack a yacht... travel the world... xoxoxoxo !!!!!!
Shirley boy
Always a Delight to watch a Fleming video..... I have seen this video 3 times and it is still as good as the first time ....... It is about time we had some new ones..... I do hope that Tony and his Family are well and happy...... :-)))
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