A Series With Tons Of NEON Tips And Tricks | Neon To Diamond 

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In this series I try to give a lot of neon tips and tricks in valorant. I try to reach diamond by only playing with neon. road to diamond neon only I gues :). I really like the new valorant agent neon. Neon is very good my friends. neon speedrun whoop whoop. For more neon tips and tricks and valorant tips and tricks, check out my channel!


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16 Jan 2022



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onoderasimp Anos atrás
Mr lowlander : played with immortals Riot: let's give this guy a gold 3
MrLowlander Anos atrás
Sounds about right
Nekodekami Anos atrás
I got dropped too from diamond to silver lol
J miod
J miod Anos atrás
@Nekodekami i ended the act in diamond 1 and got plaved gold 2 lol
MrLowlander Anos atrás
@Ocxle 800 dpi with 0,48 sens
Shinitaidesu Anos atrás
Here's a little trick for neon. You can only use your E slide once and refreshes every 2 kills, but you can use your ult to refresh the slide and your sprint gauge. So before ulting use your E to charge in and maybe even slide in and use your ult to refresh your slide and your sprint gauge. This was something I found out while playing neon in rank.
Aarush Roy
Aarush Roy Anos atrás
i remember seeing this in a video of a youtuber. Did this in ranked but it didnt work since I probably messed up the timing.
hpRC Anos atrás
Imagine he just gets diamond in his placement games and is like: "Alright series is over goodbye"
Techo Geek
Techo Geek Anos atrás
u cant get diamond in placements only plat
@Techo Geek no bro if you are previously immortal or radiant you get diamond
Techo Geek
Techo Geek Anos atrás
@JAYANT BISHT ah i see
that_one_person 11 meses atrás
there's a feature in the settings where you can make the pullout of the item set to "strongest weapon", so after sprinting it will always pull your gun out instead of the knife
HeadZgaming Anos atrás
Neon is so cool and i’m glad to see you play her so I can learn some tricks!!
MrLowlander Anos atrás
Trueee, really fun agent
Paramjit Kaur
Paramjit Kaur Anos atrás
@MrLowlander crosshair?
Miles Anos atrás
@Paramjit Kaur look up tenz crosshair
novan gonzales
novan gonzales Anos atrás
i have a tip if theres a smoke infront of you and you are neon if you had the ult and shoot through it you will know if you shot an enemy cause it will make a sound effect from the zap.. i used this alot and they say im hacking hahaha lmao. btw i love you'r vids keep it up!
novan gonzales
novan gonzales Anos atrás
is awesome 🔸
Twisty Playz
Twisty Playz Anos atrás
Cool trick. I'll try that haha thanks
The pigeon man
The pigeon man Anos atrás
Im so pumped to see this series, I learned a lot from the kay/o to diamond series to the point where I play him a lot
MrLowlander Anos atrás
Niceeee!! It’s also Really fun to make these episodes
ThatOmegaLul Anos atrás
same i also learned a lot but im sad that kayo is just not that good and a ton of characters are better than him like sova and skye #buffkayo xd
I Watch Stuffs
I Watch Stuffs Anos atrás
Same kay/o is the best on low ranks Molly for stalling time Flash for peeking if you're aggressive Knife for info Ult for cancelling abilities
Grand X
Grand X Anos atrás
When he says "my friends" I always feel like the gods sent him to guide us. Respect
SHad0wlord Anos atrás
Yesss I haven’t played the new act yet so I am excited and I also want to get some early tips! Nice plays my friend
Kangmin Heo
Kangmin Heo Anos atrás
I'm so happy for u :)
e0_L Anos atrás
Same lol
Kyle V2
Kyle V2 Anos atrás
iiminders Anos atrás
Same, I’m taking a break rn until February. The new act and new agent making me die! Ahhh!
Abri_n__ Anos atrás
While pressing the E key ie the THE HIGH GEAR , with knife in hand , after cancelling the ability you still will have knife in hand , to prevent this . - Go to SETTINGS - CONTROLS - EQUIPMENTS , scrolldownetill u see AUTO-EQUIP PRIOTIRIZES , make it to STRONGEST , So once u use the E ability or any ability , after canceling it , it will auto equip the most powerful weapon , if it is a vandal it will equip that , or if the sidearms it will equip that .. Nice man I love your content ..
lazzy Gamerz
lazzy Gamerz 2 meses atrás
*thanks you man I am gold pleyer and i didn't know that*
Jose Leon Cardenas
Jose Leon Cardenas Anos atrás
Thank you so much, Mr Lowlander! After all your tips and tricks, and advices I do easy peasy headshots and flying up through ranks.
Nōferu Anos atrás
The wall stops on obstacles, but if you move it over the wall it continues. So it's interesting on maps like Haven on the A and C site for example, to do some kind of line-ups to place a wall safely to make an entrance. Because in C-Long, to place your wall directly, you have to put yourself in a vulnerable position. So I have a line-up for C-Long that breaks the line of potential snipers, so I can run and slide if someone is in the left corner.
Nōferu Anos atrás
I'm thinking of making a video if someone asks me for the lineups because I'm lazy
NotRext Anos atrás
When the world needed his knowledge, he came
Rancor Anos atrás
Dont press W while ulting, it makes u an easy target, its the same as run n gunning u wanna use A and D
Chilly Anos atrás
Can we talk about how clean the transition at 2:17 is?
River Simms
River Simms 24 dias atrás
0:23 theres actually a setting for that i use when playing neon, go controls>equipment>scroll down> auto equep strongest or most recently equipped, as well as an option to never auto equip melee
Marcus Elias
Marcus Elias Anos atrás
Cool tips but even if it worked in that instance, there are way too many people even at high ranks who think duelists should be lurking all the time and just never help their teammates. Be careful about giving advice like that. Neon might be better suited than most to lurk because of her speed but not if the rest of the team has trouble entering a site or gaining map control.
J1nxeD Anos atrás
something fun to try. If in the pre-round you wanna get somewhere quick , sprint, slide, sprint repeat. Also how does neon slide p stairs?(i.e the stairs for heaven on A haven)
LiteZ 10 meses atrás
there is a setting where it pulls out the best/strongest weapon you have, it was implemented when neon was added. (saw it on a eggwick vid)
chatte Anos atrás
I love your videos , I learned alot of your tips and tricks videos , thank you man and keep doing what you do best 👍
TheFormalFro Anos atrás
If instead of sliding out of your run you select your main weapon (or whatever weapon you want) you can switch from what you had originally with no time penalty.
Michael Djumin
Michael Djumin Anos atrás
U can jump on top of things faster or easier on icebox and split and many more but u also can dash backwards by pressing jump and w then when u hit the ground release the w then press s + right click or slide might be useful
Zhan Anos atrás
Let's take the moment to appreciate how much effort they put into the content for us...
⭕️Fee VC on My Profile
I’m planning to main neon, so this video Helen me a lot! Thanks mr lowlander
D3ath008 Anos atrás
I want to Troy her too (Pun totally intended... if u dont get it its a ref to the trojan war)
Arctic Pig
Arctic Pig Anos atrás
@D3ath008 what does the trojan war have to do with this? i havent watched the video yet btw
TheFormalFro Anos atrás
@Arctic Pig The original commenter said helen
Arctic Pig
Arctic Pig Anos atrás
@TheFormalFro ohhh right thanks
WTF Roaster
WTF Roaster Anos atrás
Her ULT doesnt need nerf, when in 1v2 against rifles, you will get traded unless you get too lucky, her slide needs buff tho, to slide in any direction even when not sprinting and while getting tagged by enemies just like jetts dash.
Devyath Prakash
Devyath Prakash Anos atrás
We need a boosted lowlander compilation video 😂
MrLowlander Anos atrás
Hahaha that video will be at least 5 hours long
manticore Anos atrás
Mrlowlander, I have an idea: your subscribers could leave team comps in the comments, and you can try them in videos! For example, this is my new fav comp: neon, reyna, sage, jett, cypher/sova
N A Anos atrás
I don't think her ult will be nerfed, maybe given an extra ult point but not nerfed. The only thing going for the ult is the run and gun aspect and besides that, it has dmg drop off.
Isaac Anos atrás
I love your energy man keep it up :)
Zenus 6 meses atrás
0:25 You could actually enable something from the settings i think its called equip strongest maybe all it also works with neon and dw if you have 0 bullets after another ability it will equip the second strongest i think its in equipment settings i forgot tho it is pretty helpful :)) it saved me a few times kinda saw it on tiktok too
Zenus 6 meses atrás
i forgot to put "," now it might confused someone who read this smh
Berseker Gaming
Berseker Gaming Anos atrás
I have a really good tip for neon my breeze when you are on a site you concuss the areas wall run and get behind the enemies they won't expect you to be there, I did this in silver 2 and it worked
MizuHi Anos atrás
“You won’t fall for the mistakes I made” U underestimate my power Mr LowLander
Syon Vijae
Syon Vijae Anos atrás
The transitions in this video are insane
Josh Green
Josh Green Anos atrás
Shotgun is good on neon you can slide around corners and past people if they are there they wont be able to rotate in time and you can point blank blast them with judge, can also take agressive camp spots since once you get spotted or get a kill you can run/slide escape back to a safe spot
GoldenKarambit - Anguish
Great tips and tricks! Thank you keep up the good work!
Meliodas Melodys
Meliodas Melodys Anos atrás
Oh man ist just too entertaining and also helpful. Thanks to Mr Lowlander for those cool tricks Ps:I recognized this nice transition on 2:19 from A to B heaven :)
alexsp Anos atrás
Ya'll amazed neon's so fast but just wait for Yoru buff when his tp gets 20% faster he'll be as fast as Neon
Tosixツ Anos atrás
It's going to be pretty hard during rank reset, hope to see u reach diamond!
AgentBear7861 Anos atrás
I am soo happy you started this series i learnt a lot
EnderKnight BG
EnderKnight BG Anos atrás
Even tho neon is overpowerd she can be nerfed in a lot of ways eg; ult damage reduced, sprint speed decreased etc. Unlike jett her dash is un nerfable
Pham Khanh Nguyen
Pham Khanh Nguyen Anos atrás
the ult damage is definitely balanced... I mean, 22 dmg per hit? Maybe make her sprint slower is alright and decrease ult accuracy?
Ashley Antony
Ashley Antony Anos atrás
It's not un nerfable, you can increase it's refill kills.
Safari Calamari
Safari Calamari Anos atrás
@Pham Khanh Nguyen Yeah, plus they're almost always running and easy to hear coming. I've 1 tapped like 15 Neons this patch just drying peeking into me. It honestly does less damage than a stinger, just more accurate.
keine ahnung
keine ahnung Anos atrás
Imo the only nerf needed is the ult draining not just ammo but also stamina
Gabriel Anos atrás
i see no reason why they would nerf her, she's balanced u just need to know how to counter
Jaguar Anos atrás
My man is sick and somehow manages to make that voice type we love, give this guy a reward
SyI000 Anos atrás
Mr lowlands is so underrated
Craig Taylor
Craig Taylor Anos atrás
in regards to guns when you use your abilities, isn't that true for most of them? I know for Brimstone that you want to have your gun in hand before dropping smokes or your ult.
oA bread
oA bread Anos atrás
neon is so fast that she can run from a to b while blinded
bashi 7 meses atrás
I like how you give tips and tricks but also talk, make jokes and give gameplay great video! 😀
Tristan Barnett
Tristan Barnett 2 meses atrás
For the first trick I learned that there is a setting that is something like use most powerful weapon after using something. That really helps sometimes.
Dave Isoleucine
Dave Isoleucine Anos atrás
when your sprinting with NEON you can press 1 so you dont knife out when dashing or after using some of NEON ability just found out on the range
boom Anos atrás
thanks for the tips, and for the wonderful content!
AbsolutelyAbsurd Anos atrás
you can also press 1, 2, or 3 during the sprint and you will pull out the respective weapon when you end the sprint
Wayalon 2 meses atrás
1:38 :Im 99% percent sure the ultimate will get buffed Patch 5.03: *Headshot Buff*
Alex Karlic
Alex Karlic Anos atrás
Hey a question lowlander. What servers do you play in and have you ever played in any others? Loving your new neon series so far by the way.
SyI000 Anos atrás
I would guess eu
Noname Anos atrás
I was not aware you can wallbang underneath heaven on A side. I definitely need to consider this next time
Jarif Ahmed
Jarif Ahmed Anos atrás
Her ult works best with low elo players aiming at your body but as her ult applies same damage as body shot on head, high elo players can kill her unless you show good reflex and get lucky while firing that death lazer
E_Weasles Anos atrás
A new lowlander op series??? What a way to wake up
Aced Anos atrás
I quit valorant after i got my rank ,ended p3 last act and i did 4w/1l in placements and i got placed in silver 2 Thus i got demotivated to grind all the way up again to plat for no reason But i do keep watching all of your videos! We also have played together and against each other in the past
RogueKidd Anos atrás
It was like that for everyone. Everyone got a hard reset
Aced Anos atrás
@RogueKidd yeah but not everyone has the same amount of dedication and free time to play the game to reach a pinnacle where they where once That is stupid
ashes2ashley 4 meses atrás
A neon run and Astra ult us the ultimate comp
Linbranke Anos atrás
You can press 1 to take out your gun after a slide or after sprinting and it will have the same effect, just if you forget about that you had your knife in your hand
Flamilion Den
Flamilion Den 4 meses atrás
Neon"s ult didn't get nerfed but it got buffed instead. 3 shot head now.
KHS. 7 meses atrás
He was thinking the ult well get nerfed but it actually got buffed 😅
Nikolai Simeonov
Nikolai Simeonov Anos atrás
Here is the only Neon tip you guys need - play her now, before the nerf
Nozzlium Anos atrás
He’s able to prove he’s the real deal by calling everyone “my friend”
Ayaan Rehman
Ayaan Rehman Anos atrás
lowlander should be radiant he memorizes every tricks
Vhacki Anos atrás
Hello, Lowlander, Can I do translations into Russian. There are very few good guides in my native language so i have to watch english guides like yours, very deep guides, tons of topics, etc., this is what CIS Valorant lacks, I would be overly grateful to you if I could present your guides to the CIS community, this would increase the skill level of players who want to learn Valorant, but do not know English at a decent level. Of course I will put link to the original video in the description and will save your watermarks on the video. So my subscribers will know that it is exactly your video but mine.
SuecoFX Anos atrás
I love that even if you just with neons ult it’s still a broken piss beam
Regi Vadassery
Regi Vadassery Anos atrás
Thanks for making this video. I really needed it. You are the best! 👍
Flauu Anos atrás
First tip: you can change it like Jett dash/updraft.
Honk 3 meses atrás
I am going shotgun only neon now thanks this helped alot
Blackstab Anos atrás
Today I played a comp with jett and we were winning but the 9-3 curse activated the enemies reached we were still at 9 but me and my team broke the curse and won with 3 streak
Thefnafgamer Anos atrás
I need to get better at neon so thanks for the tips :)
Hari Anos atrás
I realized some neon users use their wall while facing down sometimes which makes the wall shorter
Enccy Anos atrás
0:55 I usually just press 1 or 2 to pull out my gun instead of e twice, impossible to make the mistake that way
err0r Anos atrás
i have a feeling that neon will be similar to pheonix when it comes to the "flash teammates" / ""stun teammates" meme
Mroksiu Anos atrás
I really love your videos they really relax me and i learn cool tricks
Icy Tzy
Icy Tzy Anos atrás
Did he not know how lucky he was playing with sinatra. The sova on ascent
User Block
User Block Anos atrás
Neon is good.. especially when you ult while the enemies let their guards down.. But still I fail the ace bcuz of my teammates
Poggers Pog
Poggers Pog Anos atrás
1:44 is a good spot if you have teammates holding alley or heaven
rygqy Anos atrás
lowlanders zoom oom just makes my day
GabA Anos atrás
it's not just with neon it's the same with yorus ult that you should hold a gun instead of a knife before doing it
Warminsko Mazurski
Warminsko Mazurski 8 meses atrás
Mr Lowlander: "I'm sure neon's ult will be nerfed soon" It actually getting buffed:
RD Scraffle Waffle
RD Scraffle Waffle Anos atrás
MrLowlander: Don't repeek , not very smart of you Mommy Neon: Smart move!
therealRain Anos atrás
Did you know if you run with neons e ability and b-hop you'll be so fast
DraX Anos atrás
His WUNG WUNG WUNG (for jett's knives) and ZUNG ZUNG ZUNG (for neon's shock thingy) will never get older!
Zelty 9 meses atrás
"Pretty soon this ult will be nerfed soon tho" That didn't age well lmao
KNS224 Anos atrás
Here is a tip. (its situational) When someone has an op, and fights u in close range, move around, then wait for him/her to shoot, and get that ezpz kill my friends.
Marvel #1 fann
Marvel #1 fann Anos atrás
Dear Mr lowlander I appreciate ur videos soo soo much .
aditya shenoy
aditya shenoy Anos atrás
Yoo lowlander you dont need to take ur gun b4 sprinting just change it between running its like jett dash :)
I m one of your fan from India, bdw ur initial line... *"Hello everyone"* is very much unique 😊🥳
b1ym Anos atrás
i love your to diamond series because i improved so much because of it
MrLowlander Anos atrás
Happy to hear that!
Chris Anos atrás
I just love how he say "ahhhh no more zoom zoom :(" 😂
VAHRKATAN Anos atrás
Does performance matter in valorant ranking or is it just about win/Lose like in league
DxrkGears Anos atrás
good tip for ult, only use it to 1v1, don't peek two people at a time, challenge one person at a time. (I made this comment before watching lol)
Soviet Squishy Cat
Soviet Squishy Cat Anos atrás
My question for this is, how tf did he get gold 3 after fighting and WINNING against immortals!?!?
alex Sanchez
alex Sanchez Anos atrás
if Riot nerfs Neon Ult then she will be the Yoru 2.0
a rat with a plan
a rat with a plan Anos atrás
We need a hot fix on neon and the ares. TTK is a bit to high for each imo
GoldenNEK Anos atrás
Is it just me or does anyone else love how he says "zoom zoom"
Gabriel Anos atrás
i was high diamond 3 low immortal last act, despite winning 3/5 of my games and being mvp in all those 3 games i was placed at plat 1. Nice system
AurA Anos atrás
they set back 6 ranks no matter what. I was imm 3 and got d 1
V1ktory Anos atrás
Neon's ULT should be like an inferno tower from Clash Royale/Clash of Clans in that the longer you have been tracking the more damage it does, but it does not do a lot of damage initially
AurA Anos atrás
No it shouldn't that doesn't work in valorant
V1ktory Anos atrás
@AurA Why not? It would fix would be a nerf while still not making it pointless
AurA Anos atrás
@V1ktory neons ult isn't op it doesn't need this change
V1ktory Anos atrás
@AurA I agree but you have all of the other people complaining and whining and I would rather have this than a major nerf, but I hope they don't nerf it.
dustinnoob19 Anos atrás
petition to name neon's ult zoom-zoom
Bumble Babu
Bumble Babu Anos atrás
I'm maining neon thanks for the tricks my friend
MrLowlander Anos atrás
Ayee nice
Bumble Babu
Bumble Babu Anos atrás
@MrLowlander thanks for the reply bro 🤩🤩
Hello @MrLowlander i have a challange for you . Do you remember the in which you have only used your mouse and played jett (The mouse which have 12 buttons ) . use that mouse and agent neon
Nicko Anos atrás
Mr lowlander casually playing with sinatraa on his Neon to Diamond
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