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Star Wars
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Ewan McGregor looks back on his first moments stepping into the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Start streaming the limited series May 27 only on Disney+.

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17 Mai 2022



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Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi is one of the best casting choices of the century, Alec Guinness would be so proud of him.
David Emanuel Rosini
Ewan McGregor was easily the best part about the prequels and I'm so glad we're getting to see more of his journey.
Regardless of Ewan playing Kenobi he is a gem that must be protected at all costs! Just love the man! Haha
The Astro Gamer
It's really telling just how much of an incredible actor and personality Ewan McGregor is in how he so effortlessly filled Alec Guiness' shoes and so completely and embodied a character that wasn't his own to begin with and really made it his own. For a whole generation of Star Wars fans (and I count myself as one of them having grown up with the prequels) Ewan IS Obi Wan and seeing him come back to the role is definitely one of the most exciting things to happen in the Star Wars universe ever since the Disney takeover. I have high hopes for this series and I'm really looking forward to seeing how Ewan's performance of my favorite Jedi has changed and matured, hopefully something half way between PT and OT Obi Wan. Thank you Ewan for still giving to this fandom 23 years since you first took on this monumental role.
Ewan has such respect for the role and what came before him. Literally perfect casting.
crazy-hook 179
Honestly, seeing them enjoy it so much to play these characters makes me so happy. I know it’s important that a movie or series is good and all but if the actors have fun and can show it trough their performance that they’re having fun, I don’t even care if the movie is good or bad I’ll have fun anyway. Hayden and Ewan are so passionate about Star Wars, it’s like Mark 2.0 and I love it. Can’t wait!
So excited Hayden is back getting the respect he deserves after all this time!
Robert Conrad
I built some of the sets for this series. Some of the most intricate and strenuous work I’ve ever done for the studios, but the practical effects and design was pretty mind blowing nonetheless. Everyone’s in for some cool new settings and details. Can’t wait to see this series and the things I had built and setup
Julia Red
It’s been 20 years since he played young Obi wan, it’s so great to see Ewan return to this role!
David Emanuel Rosini
I still get goosebumps everytime I see Ewan on screen with star wars music playing
You'll always have the high ground in our hearts, Sir Ewan. ❤️ So stoked to watch the series!
Got chills watching this… it’s goin to be crazy seeing Ewan and Hayden back in Star Wars!!
Mike Elliot
Imagine being a kid that loved Star Wars like Ewan, and then becoming a franchise icon.
I love Obi-Wan Kenobi with my whole heart and despite me not having Disney+, Ewan coming back all these years later for this show is so amazing. He will be outstanding, along with Hayden as Darth Vader. 💙
Tyler Comix
I don’t care what others say
Ryan Li
It’s amazing to see how far Ewan has come since episode 1. To watch him go from green screen to the volume. From young to mature. Pure awesomeness
The thing is that while his job seemed straightforward since the character was already an icon of 25 years, he could have done his own iteration and tried to have separated himself since he was so young and up and coming. Yet, instead he did the right thing for the character and focused super hard on emulating another amazing actors work a difficult task in its own right. And as a really young actor he choose to do the unselfish thing. Thank god for Star Wars and kudos to him.
watching this just made me realize how much i love obi and ewan, got srsly overwhelmed with emotions!!!!! thank you for being a part of and bringing even more life to these projects. ♡
It's great to have Ewan back in Star Wars as Obi-Wan Kenobi, but after what Disney pulled off with this franchise I fear this will series will be let down. We had plenty of great characters like Kyle Katarn, Mara Jade, Revan, Kyp Durron, and Luke Skywalker not Luke Hermitwalker, etc. In the new Star Wars, there is a non-new character memorable, maybe except Mando.
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