A Risky, But Amazing Start! | Minecraft Hardcore 1.18: Episode #1

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Taking the deep plunge into Hardcore Survival on 1.18 with episode 1 and discovering some of the best places I have seen in the new update so far.
The first step begins!

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4 Jan 2022



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Comentários 2 757
TheMythicalSausage 4 meses atrás
Pearl!!!! I’m sending you ALL of the good luck!!! I can’t wait to see all the epic builds!!! Let’s Go!!!
Phantom_ 4 meses atrás
When I first read this I thought you said pear at the beginning
Dueoscar1 4 meses atrás
Wilford L. Hermann III
Wilford L. Hermann III 4 meses atrás
Long time no see Pearl and Sasuage 😅
unknown ??
unknown ?? 4 meses atrás
@Victor 😂he can do whatever he want
Victor 4 meses atrás
What are you doing watching Pearl's videos and commenting on them? You got videos to make!
the snowy villager
the snowy villager 4 meses atrás
Pearl going "doink" and "boop" in her Aussie accent when she hits things is all I needed to make my day
BlueToadFan913 2 meses atrás
The acknowledgement of the best kind of villager and the doink/boop noises makes my day
BlueToadFan913 2 meses atrás
:O someone finally acknowledged the best kind of villager
AAMIR AHMED 4 meses atrás
And Scar jumping into a cave just for one ore of copper cause he loves copper
Wolfy999 4 meses atrás
18:56 American accent lol
Midnightgamer21 4 meses atrás
I’m Australian too lol
Aries Snow
Aries Snow 4 meses atrás
Pearl: You guys choose where you want me to build... Also pearl: amazing cinematic view of the valley at the end of the episode *wink wink hint hint*
Fae Sommers
Fae Sommers 4 meses atrás
i love that island by the mountains you found, imagine having a bunch of bridges to the surrounding cliffs! even if you don’t put your base on it, would you be able to show the coordinates of that island?
jamie stagg
jamie stagg 3 meses atrás
@James Kelsey not all heirs wear capes thank you 🙂
James Kelsey
James Kelsey 4 meses atrás
She shows them at 27:06. -3234, 110, -3621 (well, that's about a stone throw away). Bridges were the same thought I had, so I hope she goes with that. Looks fun!
Marie-Cris 4 meses atrás
The mountain feels like a perfect location for your builds. Whatever you go with, I can't wait to see!
naru 4 meses atrás
Impulse in hardcore mode: *stripmines in deepslate to avoid cave mobs" Pearl in hardcore mode: "LEEEROOOOOY JEEEEENKIIIINS"
Kid Playz YT
Kid Playz YT 4 meses atrás
@TheName'sArif yeah
Ewoud koopman
Ewoud koopman 4 meses atrás
Scar's video is just him jumping accros cliffs for 10 hours, building a base hanging over nothing
Space_0wl 4 meses atrás
She's already fearless, and she even got the Australian buff... what else could we expect ?
ImaginaryMdA 4 meses atrás
LMAO this is beyond accurate! XD
TheName'sArif 4 meses atrás
did anyone notice on the screen title during intro says "follow the train CJ"
Soop is swag
Soop is swag 4 meses atrás
I love how pearls accent just changed rapidly every sentence! Love you pearl you’re an amazing inspiration!
Mistyswirl 4 meses atrás
Do the mountain!! it made you so happy! you'll find other cooler caves later, trust me. Maybe even some under the mountain!
Dan Sara
Dan Sara 4 meses atrás
I would love to see you build in the mountains, that area you found at the end was very beautiful. You could do a base cave later on, in one that's way cooler than the one you found
base none
base none 4 meses atrás
I would love to see her build in the cave, that area you found was very cool. You could do a base mountain later on, on one that's way more beautiful than the one you found
Bendragon151 4 meses atrás
Glow berries do naturally spawn now, with moss and spore blossoms in lush caves
Lady Spartacus
Lady Spartacus 4 meses atrás
Pearl's going gaga over the cave she found but wait till she comes across the lush caves and dripstone caves... she's gonna be speechless
retired 3 meses atrás
Like how the likes just chilling at 666🤪
ipaintedthecupboards 4 meses atrás
Hehe. I was using experimental in every world i made in 1.17. I'm experienced at 1.18.
Pepre 4 meses atrás
@Coyt Anderson watch the video before reading comments if you don't want spoilers.
Sarah Hansen
Sarah Hansen 4 meses atrás
@Coyt Anderson Actually, no?
idiotic child
idiotic child 4 meses atrás
@Coyt Anderson how?
JoAnn Hempen
JoAnn Hempen 4 meses atrás
Can you imagine big bridges connecting all those large mountains with a town at the bottom and top. I’d go outside to that beautiful landscape…course you’ve already decided…let’s go see what that decision was!❤️
Juniper Jenny
Juniper Jenny 4 meses atrás
I like the mountain biome with the villages. 1.18 has caves everywhere so there will still be opportunities for cool underground builds.
Taylor Valencia
Taylor Valencia 4 meses atrás
I’d love to see a whole village in the caves, haven’t seen anyone really do it in survival
buckoduran 4 meses atrás
Idea: Make a water elevator disguised as a pillar to the surface, and disguise the water elevator on the surface with a termite mound.
jamie stagg
jamie stagg 3 meses atrás
Krlytz 4 meses atrás
Definitely pick the second location!! Spruce + close villages is all you need. That said, I also suggest you look around that area and see if there are any interesting caves there too. Maybe you can make a little surface base and then a bigger settlement underground
Havanese Wolf
Havanese Wolf 4 meses atrás
If there is a cave, having a 250+ tall water elevator is always an interesting feat! Plus you coul maybe someday move back to the first cave and build a little home away from home there, for mining or something
Vole Hunter
Vole Hunter 4 meses atrás
Just don’t forget the leather boots and horse armor before you explore the snowy mountains. If not, it is always fun to watch the panic.
Dragon Wolf3
Dragon Wolf3 4 meses atrás
the caves in this seed are beautiful, in my world where I have a couple dozen hours of playtime I have never seen such nice and big caves
southmitan 4 meses atrás
I'd love to see the incredible builds you'll come up with in the 1.18 mountains! Maybe the caves could be something to build in the future after getting more comfortable and settled into the world ? (since a creeper could drop on you out of nowhere) Sending you luck and hope to see this world turn into something beautiful!!
Chewbaccawaka 4 meses atrás
Can't wait to see how the events of this series unfolds :D Also, I reckon you should call the tuxedo cat Mr. Tux, along with the river-surrounded island area for a base perhaps?
Channel Under Construction
I am so glad I checked out this channel because you remind me of two youtubers that used to play minecraft together a lot until they stopped and then I watched mumbo and got into hermitcraft. After season 8 ended I decided to watch your channel and I am glad I am watching you because I missed the feeling that those two youtubers gave me so I am definitely watching you in season 9!
Myanii 4 meses atrás
The island within the mountains would actually make for such a cool base tbh !! and is more convenient for resources, and less grind worthy to build bases in compared to the cave
Boom 101
Boom 101 4 meses atrás
There are always more caves and bet there is a lush cave under there.
Tim Gilbert
Tim Gilbert 4 meses atrás
That thing just screams for a 'pearl' bridge.
Deena Gomez (CrypticRayne)
The second location is great. The snowy mountains are a beautiful backdrop to any build. A lush Cave base would be a great option, too.
Snooky Zun
Snooky Zun 4 meses atrás
Tru that generation looks hella dope, and there's a village nearby, it's perfect!
Pink pixie
Pink pixie 4 meses atrás
What an amazing seed, the mountain area looked beautiful.
MKrosoft Paint 🧦
MKrosoft Paint 🧦 4 meses atrás
I'll never not get amazed at the new terrain generation!! Love the mountains, and I'm sure pearl's amazing building talent will make for a great base in one of those places ^^
Roxas Strickland
Roxas Strickland 4 meses atrás
Please do the cave base! I think a town in there would be beautiful, you could light it up and do a cottagecore or fantasy theme!
Pedro C. B.
Pedro C. B. 4 meses atrás
We may need this series with face cam, Pearl. Your reactions are amazing.
Lana Harris
Lana Harris 4 meses atrás
I’d definitely choose the mountain. There is a gorgeous ledge just big enough for a starter base on the mountain itself and it would look amazing to have a town on the island with bridges connecting to other builds on the mountains. I just think that it’s an absolutely beautiful piece of terrain and it would be a waste to not build there!
Durusila Deadblood
Durusila Deadblood 4 meses atrás
I’d love to see what you can do with that cave! I feel like that beautiful landscape you found at the end is the expected choice, I’m sure you could put it through an amazing transformation but I’d love to see how you cope with the challenges of that cave.
Buggy 4 meses atrás
I’m so hyped for this series! As for the cat name, I think Orea could be really nice - it fits with Jelly’s sweets theme
Gabriel Warren
Gabriel Warren 2 meses atrás
They changed the mob spawn rates in caves so they only spawn at light level 0 so if you find a lush cave or just place torches mobs won't spawn
Emma Rounsville
Emma Rounsville 4 meses atrás
I'm so excited to see what you're gonna build in this epic cave of yours!!
Zen6614 Gaming
Zen6614 Gaming 4 meses atrás
Here’s my thinking on base location. You’re more likely to survive living on the mountain. If you survive long enough then you can build in both locations, so my vote for starter base goes to the mountain. Also a name idea for the tuxedo cat: Memory
Zen6614 Gaming
Zen6614 Gaming 4 meses atrás
@Cacti Bob She was named after the song yeah
Ishmayl 4 meses atrás
The mountain area she was looking at is also just straight up gorgeous. None of the other major MC YTers have picked such a beautiful area (w/ the possible exception of GeminiTay), and it would be awesome to see her unique building style in a place like that!
Meow of Ender
Meow of Ender 4 meses atrás
If she keeps the lava and maybe uses some of it elsewhere in the cave she can keep the cave lit up.
Maria K
Maria K 4 meses atrás
100% team mountain! having a village nearby is important + the forest next to it is just the seed calling for a starterbase there
TheMNMPig 4 meses atrás
I am thinking that if you walk over the mountains, there can be an grove biome (that BTW is really beautiful as well), and there can be some good caves down below the mountains that are massive as well, but absolutely mountains. 100% mountains.
Zach B
Zach B 4 meses atrás
I appreciate you doing a cave start! This is super cool, and I wish you luck balancing this hardcore campaign alongside future projects!
leesykate 4 meses atrás
I love this episode, well done Ms Moon! It would so be cool to see you settle in the mountain meadow 😍
RadnessCraft 4 meses atrás
Yes Pearl on Hardcore! I’m so exited for the builds in that beautiful Cave!!
Jeronimo Ogando
Jeronimo Ogando 4 meses atrás
Do both!! You can connect them trough a portal and do two different kinds of city’s!!
Locko Smith
Locko Smith 4 meses atrás
Honestly i'd love to see you base in the cave. A lot of people are currently basing in mountains and such, and it'd be really neat to see someone transform a cave system like that one. I'd reccomend maybe making a second base at the mountain range later, once you've settled a bit more.
Hella D.Altar
Hella D.Altar 3 meses atrás
I just met this channel and i'm already in love! Can't wait to see more!
Gwen Truman
Gwen Truman 4 meses atrás
I loved seeing the turtle parties haha love getting more Pearl content
Sean Luis Bacolod
Sean Luis Bacolod 3 meses atrás
24:36 there are no pillagers spawning in the outpost cuz there are torches up the roof which prevents them from spawning
SFamKids 4 meses atrás
As awesome as that cave was, that island surrounded by mountains is amazing and I can picture it becoming something epic! Very excited to watch you play!
Olaf Gołąb
Olaf Gołąb 4 meses atrás
It seems like a lot of Hermits are starting single player hardcore series. I reckon that break will help Season 9 be even more awesome.
Lunaris 4 meses atrás
Are you from pl by chance ?🇵🇱
Zacky 4 meses atrás
@Euro made
Zacky 4 meses atrás
A little sus if u ask me
Euro 4 meses atrás
What if their single world are actually s9
rouleau36 4 meses atrás
It probably scratches a different itch for creators like the Hermits. And how could you not want to explore 1.18?
Spencor 4 meses atrás
I'd love to see what you can do in the cave, it looks like such a versatile area!
SuperSupper2 4 meses atrás
What a fantastic start! Can't wait to see all you build!
bouchy 4 meses atrás
What a great episode, loved your energy and watching you explore and discover! Truly the australian way, not only spiders but also drop-mobs :) I'd really love to see both a base in that terrain you found at the end, as well as a cave base, but if I had to choose I'd probably vote cave base because it feels more unique. Excited to see what you do either way!
Jackson McKay
Jackson McKay 4 meses atrás
Great start Pearl! I would love to see a mountain base for the sake of hardcore. Maybe save the cave base for another series? Also, don't forget to update to Minecraft (or Fabric) 1.18.1 so the bees don't die off!
PhoenixJen8 4 meses atrás
Seems this is Caves AND Cliffs, I vote for both. There might be a cave system below the mountain, and it’d be a crime to not check it out.
Disco J
Disco J 4 meses atrás
Cave under the mountain!!!
Jen 4 meses atrás
@Julia Hay Yes! Can’t wait to see Pearl stumble upon a lush cave!
Julia Hay
Julia Hay 4 meses atrás
And it might be a lush cave!
Kelcey Byrum
Kelcey Byrum 4 meses atrás
I agree!!
Jen 4 meses atrás
So much this!
Foxgaming Mês atrás
I recently discovered you, and I’m really excited for this series!
Anna Broomfield
Anna Broomfield 4 meses atrás
Love seeing you do hardcore Pearl! Very fun! I would much rather see the mountain personally, because I prefer open space builds in the daylight. I also think for a hardcore series the chances of survival above-ground are much higher, and you don't have to worry about lighting everything up so thoroughly because you'll be able to sleep nights and have days mob free. Its also close to two villages, so its a great location
Space Kid
Space Kid 4 meses atrás
I’m absolutely rooting for you o build on the land! That little location on the island surrounded by the villages and forests is simply too good to pass on!
TeenDemon Girl
TeenDemon Girl 4 meses atrás
Mountain sounds like a good starter base though i would still love to see the cave village you wanted to build. It could be a two base project that you could switch between when you loose motivation/inspiration for one or the other.
Akaviral 4 meses atrás
Pearl's sound effects are going to make this the most adorable hardcore series, aren't they?
Urszula Rudzińska
Urszula Rudzińska 4 meses atrás
I think GeminiTay is a pretty strong competition in that!
Ruby Miltey
Ruby Miltey 4 meses atrás
I think the reason she didn't show us mining all that iron is because of her sound effects
aLf1e 4 meses atrás
elsietheblipblop 4 meses atrás
a *bop* for you and a *bonk* for you!
LuciBoi 4 meses atrás
oh yeah
Ludovick Almanon
Ludovick Almanon 4 meses atrás
I'd love seeing different designs of bridges lately, specially when I see a gap like the one where you see a village below.
Longshot97 4 meses atrás
What an awesome pilot! Looking forward to this!
Kagatayu 4 meses atrás
Thank you for great content love to see passion :) Looking forward
Jayne Christensen
Jayne Christensen 4 meses atrás
I can’t WAIT to see more Pearl!!!! Love ya!!! So glad I found you through Sausage!!!!
Klaus Jeppsen
Klaus Jeppsen 4 meses atrás
I really enjoyed pearl in Hermitcraft, and of cause I can't wait for the start of the new season. Though I honestly have to say this is epic! I even saw her use the right tool for hay bails which was so pleasing to see. And in case pearl reads this: Thank you! you got a new sub.
Tyler Gannon
Tyler Gannon 3 meses atrás
Hey pearl, I was wondering if you could tell us the seed because I would love to build something cool in that Island surrounded by mountains
Flaviu Lapusan
Flaviu Lapusan 4 meses atrás
That cave is just too good, and I'd love to see what you do with your cave city. You can always build a secondary base in the mountains :) so I vote for the cave. (so many spawners around too so experience would not be a problem. If you manage to survive, of course :D )
aceofspades 4 meses atrás
I love the cave idea!! That sounds so cool!!
Muppet Unity Divergent
Muppet Unity Divergent 4 meses atrás
I LOVE the island in the lake. It’s exactly what you wanted, but without the having to light up everything stress
Otto Oetting
Otto Oetting 4 meses atrás
It's just begging for a medieval castle, it's got a ready-made moat and everything!
teaxeditz 4 meses atrás
The Island reminds me of Scandinavian countries and it's just so beautiful!
ItsMeNiklaas 4 meses atrás
I love the island in the mountains, imagine a small village packed onto that boulder :D
Myur 4 meses atrás
12:15 this describes the update perfectly
Commander Lack Gaming
Commander Lack Gaming 3 meses atrás
"Hello" Creeper: drops down "Hello there" Pearl: doesnt say "General Kenobi" Creeper: "My dissapointment is immessurable and my day is ruined" Pearl: kills said creeper
Da Dude
Da Dude 4 meses atrás
This is my first time watching one of her videos and I could already tell she is a cool youtuber
Disgruntled Wookie
Disgruntled Wookie 4 meses atrás
Please build in that mountainous area! It looks amazing I'd love to see what you do with the place.
Drew King
Drew King 4 meses atrás
i appreciate that you adjust thebrightness in the caves. Hope you enjoy 1.18
mako 2 meses atrás
This might just be the best start for a minecraft hardcore series i've ever seen.
marieleelee 4 meses atrás
I saw someone on Instagram transformed their mineshaft/giant cave into a beautiful mossy oasis. It was beautiful. Honestly excited about this cause Pearl is already doing something not a lot of people playing 1.18 are doing.
plasmitt 4 meses atrás
always a good day when i hear “hello everyone, my name is pearlescent moon, and welcome back…”
Angus Olsen
Angus Olsen 4 meses atrás
Anupama Aromal
Anupama Aromal 4 meses atrás
Holly Belle
Holly Belle 4 meses atrás
couldn't agree more!
Nic A.
Nic A. 4 meses atrás
I want to see what you can create with that cave! That was so cool to see that!
Evan Rigel
Evan Rigel 4 meses atrás
the cave looks awesome, i feel you could make a very evil-looking base there. I've seen some other comments saying the cave might be too dangerous for a hardcore world, but remember: snowy mountains have powdered snow traps and goats that could knock you all the way off the mountain.
Jason Weal
Jason Weal 4 meses atrás
Hey Pearl!!!! I like the second location for a base as the back drop is beautiful! Who knows, you may get lucky and find an epic cave under that little island 👌🏻
Jon's Labyrinth
Jon's Labyrinth 4 meses atrás
BIG FAN Here! You're fearless, going through all those caves. I used your trapdoor door to help wall in a village in one of my worlds! I think you should build above ground just because it is a lot of work getting down and up there all the time and you'll begin to miss the sun ( and hopefully the moon will miss you this time.) Name the cat Tuxedo Mask
Takoya Jones
Takoya Jones 4 meses atrás
The island with the mountains would be perfect for a base! I can’t wait to see your beautiful builds!
Fusilie Fusi
Fusilie Fusi 4 meses atrás
Great Start! Please build in the mountains and find a lush cave, they are breathtaking and mystical 😀
Rakshit Gumber
Rakshit Gumber 4 meses atrás
26:10 that cliff where your crosshair is pointing would be good to build a starter base
Tekiyu Yami
Tekiyu Yami 4 meses atrás
As soon as I saw the island in the valley, my first thought was, I want to build a castle there. It has the perfect shape for a tiered structure, like a town, a city, a massive farm or a town with a castle at the top of the hill. That would be perfect. When I saw it, I immediately loaded up the seed and walked all the way to the island so I can build stuff on it. You could really make something amazing with that entire area.
Lucas Claxton
Lucas Claxton 4 meses atrás
I would say you could connect them, yes it might take a while, but depending on how far it actually is, you could make your starter base in the underground, have a transition into a nether portal, and have that transition exit into the mountains, and set up a camp like outpost build there for a safe place to fall back on when exploring in that area.
Ricky Philpott
Ricky Philpott 4 meses atrás
There’s impulse nice and slow and on edge playing his hardcore world, then there’s Pearl haha what a way to start a new year 😀
Snickers Eats Cookies
Snickers Eats Cookies 4 meses atrás
@LemmHMG - Heavy Metal Gaming really? I’ll have to check it out
Harmen 4 meses atrás
@I Z yeah, but at least they are still uploading. Plus, there is Empires.
VahHestia 4 meses atrás
she's the most fearless minecraft player i know
I Z 4 meses atrás
Just means no HC for a long while
LemmHMG - Heavy Metal Gaming
And Beef has started a hardcore world as well.
Duchess Kitten
Duchess Kitten 4 meses atrás
Location two has my vote! Love the biomes and villager/pillager access! Not to mention- spruce!
Oceanti 4 meses atrás
I'm going to have to vote the valley! The cave is really cool though, I hope you use it for something one day too.
Penny Barr
Penny Barr 4 meses atrás
Personally my vote on the cave cave I’ve seen hundreds of mountain builds but not a single cave bed and I think it’s time for change!
Urszula Rudzińska
Urszula Rudzińska 4 meses atrás
Lol! I've been looking through your channel literally yesterday in search of a single player series. And there we go! Good timing 😁
Bijter 4 meses atrás
The mountain area seems so much like a good idea... Can't wait to see something bloom there beautifully.
Neeraj 10D 36
Neeraj 10D 36 4 meses atrás
I agree, pearl should setup base there
Crystal Cruz
Crystal Cruz 4 meses atrás
Definitely the mountain! Much better area and much more survivable!
Grymgar 4 meses atrás
Pearl: You and I have ALL the same strats. Loved this video and excited for your series.
the Mousies
the Mousies 3 meses atrás
I just had an idea because of you, for my Hardcore world! Basically living in a cave indeed, and lush caves are gardens and idk-
Thomas Rain
Thomas Rain 4 meses atrás
i started my own a few days ago, beat the dragon after 26 hours. excited to start building now. also excited to see how you tackle the same issues i faces
Luciole en chaussettes
Luciole en chaussettes 4 meses atrás
I love you so much, you make me smile oh so big
RYAN420 4 meses atrás
I vote for the second location, building in that second location and have a deep cave base in that area as well. Would love to see the upside down boat house return in this series
Ace P
Ace P 4 meses atrás
The second location is waaaaay prettier than the cave! I vote island build. ❤️
Niv 4 meses atrás
I would love to see you settle down in the mountains! Such a beautiful landscape 😍
P 4 meses atrás
A Dwarfen city in the Alcove would look really really cool :)
James Edward Labonete
James Edward Labonete 4 meses atrás
In my experience with hardcore mode is dont get too attached to your dogs and always breed them, always bring a cat anywhere. Pets will save you
cad 4 meses atrás
Can you name the cat "Jam" so you have Jellie and Jam Also the island is cute
PermianExtinction 4 meses atrás
I really think that mountain region you ended up in could be a perfect place to start your building. I loved the cave but the mountain valley is one of the most beautiful landscapes I've seen in Minecraft...
Danni DeSalme
Danni DeSalme 4 meses atrás
I think the landscape mountains is so pretty and it would be so awesome to see you build on it. Also there could always be a really big cave inside of those mountains. Best of both worlds :)
Frog Kimmy
Frog Kimmy 4 meses atrás
I feel like the mountain close to the spruce biome is a beautiful place to build! It's most likely more convenient to travel everywhere if you're already on the surface!
Erin Clancy
Erin Clancy 4 meses atrás
I was just in a massive lush cave with a multi level mineshaft… absolutely beautiful! Some of the new areas are so amazing! I can’t wait to see what you do in this world. 🤗🤗🤗🤗
Agnor 4 meses atrás
Remember that mobs now only spawn at light level 0 so lighting won’t be too much of a problem, also render distance will be fine if simulation distance is low. I play with that on minimum bc all it does it make entities and stuff work in the distance but I’m fine with pig statues for 5 chunks 😂
EmJay 4 meses atrás
@AlfredEiji OH that's good, I was pretty disappointed when they reverted it
AlfredEiji 4 meses atrás
@EmJay it was reverted for one of the snapshots, but in the final build, the change was implemented to prevent spawning above light level 0.
EmJay 4 meses atrás
Is it still a 0 light level? For some reason I thought that was changed
Hunter Wulfstern
Hunter Wulfstern 4 meses atrás
I feel a villa like build on a mountain top would look amazing as you will have great scenery to have
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