A Prime Time Season Finale | I AM ATHLETE w/Deion Sanders, Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson & More

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In the season finale of I Am Athlete, the legendary Deion Sanders joins Brandon, Chad, Channing and Fred for an entertaining and powerful discussion as Prime brings his unique energy and puts his personal stamp on various topics throughout the episode.

Prime Time, a mentor to Chad, starts the show off demonstrating what it would have been like covering the wide receiver back in the day which leads into inside football talk as the guys reminisce about some of the best players over time. Brandon tells a funny story about playing in front of Prime and then lures him into the ongoing X and Z debate in which Deion delivers the final answer on who is who between Chad and Brandon.

Channing starts poking Deion on his latest endeavour of becoming the new Head Football Coach at Jackson State University and why he would take on such a challenge while Brandon questions Deion walking away from millions being on tv and other opportunities to choose this. Deion describes the coaching decision as easy and the journey as is his calling as he wants to be a conduit of change for these young men while bringing the same exposure and respect to HBCU programs as other top college programs. Respecting his efforts, Fred agrees that there is strong talent in these schools but Channing says no way would he as a young talented player choose a HBCU program over a power five school which sparks some heated discussion between the guys.

With both of Deion's sons playing for him at Jackson State, Fred asks if there is favoritism and if it's hard coaching your own kids at that level...Deion responds, "No" which leads to a funny conversation about ranking his own children not just on the field but in family hierarchy too. One important aspect the men discuss is about being role models and the roles people actually play and also the importance of Deion's coaching staff working day time shifts to be home with their family in time for dinner and to raise their families- an aspect foreign to many professional and college coaching staffs.

Wrapping up Mental Health Awareness Month, Brandon asks the usually positive Deion what was his lowest moment in life which leads to a surprising answer that leaves the guys speechless as Prime opens up about his own personal struggles and suicidal moments that led him down a different path. Prime recalls a tough night he had in Cincinnati, Ohio after going 3-4 one night and how he contemplated taking his own life that night and what ultimately was his saving grace. It doesn't matter what you have or who you have in life, it matters if you are at peace with yourself because even when you are at the top of the world, you can still be struggling.

One week out from Chad's professional boxing debut, the guys are checking on him to make sure he's prepared as Chef Nancie serves Ocho a hearty meal that the guys question if that's what he should be loading up on days before his fight. Chef said she wants Chad to feel himself and the conversation quickly turns into a friendly interrogation from the guys to Chef on why she is so dressed up and where she's headed.

I Am Athlete podcast is a candid, unscripted weekly discussion between former NFL greats: Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson, Fred Taylor and Channing Crowder. These gridiron giants pull no punches and have no filter while expressing themselves on the importance of the issues and topics they cover. Each week the podcast is growing in popularity and its subscribers due to the panelists frankness in sharing their thoughts and views on relevant topics covered each week.

A new episode premieres every Monday at 12pm Eastern. With Season 2 wrapping, the series will be featuring special content every Monday until the new season launches!

I AM ATHLETE is a thought provoking and in-depth podcast that offers multiple perspectives
on subjects ranging from sports to controversial topics to fashion to lifestyle covering all cultural conversations and building a platform to educate but encourage viewers to engage.

I Am Athlete is filmed at Botaniko Weston. For I Am Athlete merchandise and apparel, visit and for Chef Nancie's collection, visit


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Comentários 6 009
David Washington
David Washington 12 horas atrás
Notre Dame Head Coach Deion Sanders and Defensive Coordinator Lawrence Taylor shall win the National Championship.
Justin Pinter
Justin Pinter 2 dias atrás
over the years i have come to shelter my mental health but no lie brandon chad channing and fred have made me do weekly check ups on my self to make sure im running smooth...and its helped with anxiety and depression and where i live there isnt much mental health programs for depression and anxiety i thank i am athlete for being my physician and keeping me on my and prosperity to my dudes channing fred chad and brandon also evryone else spread love and awarness to mental health
1017 Brixkz
1017 Brixkz 2 dias atrás
I miss these Content re watched several times
LoveFest4DP 2 dias atrás
You guys need to do a follow up on JSU campus with Coach Prime
Damorick Woods
Damorick Woods 7 dias atrás
Best episode ever
Charles Williams
Charles Williams 9 dias atrás
What Coach Prime was sharing, is racism from a different perspective! Not drafting a HBCU football player 👀who is just as good? Wow! That’s a systemic factor and problem!
Ingrid Palmer
Ingrid Palmer 10 dias atrás
I love these type of discussions with men.Dieon is a true leader.Who better to have on here leading a discussion with men.
Gloria Steinem
Gloria Steinem 11 dias atrás
Wow the ending blew me away
Mildred Moore
Mildred Moore 11 dias atrás
THANQ ⚘ an amazing shQw 🥰 💝 MEN & NEQN 💖
Artist Midnight
Artist Midnight 11 dias atrás
This is now my Fav episode❣️❣️❣️
Shaq Camara
Shaq Camara 12 dias atrás
What an awesome group of man y’all are
Love of the game
Love of the game 13 dias atrás
I've watched this one a few times and it's just as entertaining and thought provoking this 4 or 5tth time as it was on the first time. Suggestion. Gotta get Tiger Woods on the show.
Craig Simpson
Craig Simpson 14 dias atrás
Mac Jones got taken out of his environment and he is not doing to badly.....
Scott Thomas
Scott Thomas 14 dias atrás
Amazing episode. Very powerful
Trey Baker
Trey Baker 14 dias atrás
Seeing the guys in this format is awesome. Great stuff. Love it. Just found this and have some more episodes to check out.
Larry Medina
Larry Medina 14 dias atrás
Sanders debating Ocho looks like enter familia rivalry 🤣
Canary Kaine
Canary Kaine 14 dias atrás
Next interview with the top HBCU players
VIL 23
VIL 23 15 dias atrás
VIL 23
VIL 23 15 dias atrás
demetrious holmes
demetrious holmes 15 dias atrás
If they get Michael Irvin, Shannon Sharpe and Deion Sanders on this show!
LickVIP 16 dias atrás
Ocho: Lets talk about your Prime Sanders: Still in it - PRIME TIME SANDERS #2 FLORIDA STATE - GOAT
malikthedragonbeast malikthedragonbeast
First off, it was a different time Chad, in Deion prime it was diff techniques.The techniques they teaching y'all now running with your back turned 🤦🏾‍♀️ Chad he'll get you ALL the time just with that technique.
Eric Gway
Eric Gway 16 dias atrás
Deion is truly a man of God and I can tell ain't a fake bone in his body he is a real one
waynium.007 17 dias atrás
I feel like every maturing guy, in their 20's has to see this conversation 🤞.
Signify-2K 17 dias atrás
Malcolm Dotson
Malcolm Dotson 17 dias atrás
If this convo had taken place a little later, Diggs may be mentioned.
Empath 🧿 With an attitude 👁
All of them handsome Niijii Gentleman 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Kantanka Fine Jewellers Inc.
chad: in your prime.. Prime: still in it.
EXILED 18 dias atrás
If Deion on chad, chad ain’t gettin nothin!!!!
Jesus Pinto
Jesus Pinto 18 dias atrás
One of the best videos I've ever seen in my life or heard the people that put the not like this video they don't know what what real people are in these people are real may God bless you in Jesus Christ be with you
king Richards
king Richards 18 dias atrás
Chad need to stop. He's not called prime time for nothing.
NVMBY 19 dias atrás
Can’t believe I just watched this whole thing 🤍
Mister Jones
Mister Jones 19 dias atrás
2k should make this game. They can’t use the Nfl or NCAA, but this could be the game to put the notoriety out there.
Andre Alexander
Andre Alexander 20 dias atrás
When are y'all going to get Ray Lewis on the Show?
Paul Hammond
Paul Hammond 20 dias atrás
Love it.....💖
Okoro Tobechukwu
Okoro Tobechukwu 20 dias atrás
Shannon Sharpe on this show would be the bomb it would be everything
S Flow
S Flow 21 dia atrás
Chad talkin bout Prime out of his game....please brah! Chad voice was in falsetto when he was talkin smack to Prime 😂
TT-10XRR 20 dias atrás
PhiLaMaR R
PhiLaMaR R 21 dia atrás
Brandon think the island is there with you to Prime Time
Tamika Harris
Tamika Harris 21 dia atrás
I love this show 😘great job 🦾
Skin EyemIn
Skin EyemIn 21 dia atrás
Deon Sander is the man black men should try to be in terms of demanding respect an letting people know about it before "we" start.
Bakos Sakr
Bakos Sakr 22 dias atrás
I just can’t get myself to picture how a dog studies. When Sanders saying I studied like a dog, it just doesn’t compute. I’ve never seen a dog at the library with his half nose glasses, pipe in the mouth and sipping cup after cup of coffee
Carrie Joones
Carrie Joones 22 dias atrás
He's one of the best rounded athletes of all times. Quite talented on many levels without a doubt. He's got good communication skills and not afraid of people. He's a people person who can get the job done. 😁👍
Christopher Dior
Christopher Dior 22 dias atrás
Man you are a sell out! You said that you were called by God to provoke change and the first minute a white school offers you some more money you are out! YOU ARE JUST LIKE ALL THE REST! I STARTED FOLLOWING J STATE BECAUSE I FELT THAT YOU WERE TRULY TRYING TO HELP HBCU'S.
FORE! Seasons Blueprint®
Do your homework before making such statements.
Quintin Mills
Quintin Mills 22 dias atrás
Them Florida boys something different when it comes to competition no matter the age . Shout out to the gun shine state from the murder mitten
Young Saint509
Young Saint509 23 dias atrás
Love Deion
AEGIS Investments
AEGIS Investments 23 dias atrás
*PRIME TRYINA TEACH THIS LIGHTSKIN* "How many times can you eat steak til you get tired" FACTS.
dee brown
dee brown 23 dias atrás
Is Chad Johnson try to say he can score a touchdown on On neon deion ...he's out of his damn mind
dee brown
dee brown 23 dias atrás
Discus right here neon deion has the one the greatest athlete not just football player athlete of all time and we talked about shutdown corner don't tell me about know Richard Sherman come on man straight out of my hometown of fort Myers Florida dog you know I'm saying
tami snow
tami snow 23 dias atrás
Yes...Pray us out
Tony R.
Tony R. 24 dias atrás
I love these kinds of real down to earth interviews.
Est_ 1990
Est_ 1990 24 dias atrás
“Before a game, dawg?” Lol Prime was about business. Like “I see why you only played four years.”
Duff Man187
Duff Man187 25 dias atrás
Yaaay Uncle Deion!!😎🍻🍺
RT11 25 dias atrás
Airway Artcity
Airway Artcity 26 dias atrás
“You better straighten that back foot up” lol
Terri Clark
Terri Clark 26 dias atrás
These men are Gorgeous and smart!
Street Marshal Flip
Street Marshal Flip 26 dias atrás
Real man shit, brothers on the square, talking, sharing and growing. This is how we heal each other. Real big.
Thomas Ellzey
Thomas Ellzey 26 dias atrás
I didn’t won’t this episode to end man wow
Thomas Ellzey
Thomas Ellzey 26 dias atrás
There is so much respect with all these guys you can see it
Wilson 27 dias atrás
Tell me Chad aint someone you wouldn't love to be around funny & full of life, but you see how media & the league (owners coaches & etc) do to ppl. Smh
Walizen Le grand
Walizen Le grand 27 dias atrás
Frizzo 910G
Frizzo 910G 27 dias atrás
Best interview on this pod
Shotta Szn
Shotta Szn 27 dias atrás
Susan Robinson
Susan Robinson 27 dias atrás
Amazing show! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I am a female and this has Blessed my Soul!!!
Dwight Tillis
Dwight Tillis 27 dias atrás
Its wild that he Prime made the comment about it not being necessary for 20 hr work days when coaching, look at Urban Meyer and coach O..... 😳👀
GeeQ DaDon
GeeQ DaDon 28 dias atrás
“Jerry Rice was that dude” GOMAB 🤘🏾
Mr.Nobody 28 dias atrás
Elliott Savoy
Elliott Savoy 28 dias atrás
This was a DOPE episode. Great energy, awesome interviewers and presentation by Primetime
Elliott Savoy
Elliott Savoy 28 dias atrás
Dion is that uncle every dude wished he had growing up
Charles M
Charles M 29 dias atrás
Prime I didn't know it was possible but you're humility is even greater than your honor. May GOD continue to bless you, Chad Ocho Cinco, Fred Taylor, B Marshall and everyone on this show. So far my this my favorite episode.
Biggie the Cane Corso
Biggie the Cane Corso 29 dias atrás
Get them brown colored boys on board PrimeTime! Great stuff fellas!!!
Thunder_Malone 29 dias atrás
This is the best damn show ever
Corey Nichols
Corey Nichols 29 dias atrás
Why does Chad Johnson feel like he one of the best receives ever. He not even top 20. Dion held Jerry Rice&Micheal Irvine. Chad John was trash in comparison
TC InCali
TC InCali 29 dias atrás
Not top 20? I don’t think he’s top 10 maybe 15-20.
Angela Toussaint
Angela Toussaint Mês atrás
Brother man really believes power 5 is where its at.
Angela Toussaint
Angela Toussaint Mês atrás
My mother said to my brother and I. I don't love one more than the other. I love you differently. I still think he was her favorite. But then he lived every day to make her smile.
Angela Toussaint
Angela Toussaint Mês atrás
You cant go toe to toe With Primetime. That's not smart.
Ricky P
Ricky P Mês atrás
Colleges on him now USC want him to coach,he stayed loyal to JSU…respect making a whole movement
Bruh Deion went up against the greatest wide outs ever.. sorry ocho. You getting locked lol
Harrison Hemphill
Harrison Hemphill Mês atrás
Mike M
Mike M Mês atrás
Neon Deion / Prime Time would run circles around Ochocinco.
Drew Branch
Drew Branch Mês atrás
I just woke up,let me get some breakfast;wait,what is this? New subscriber and now I am binging on this.
REAL Talk Mês atrás
🔥Nobel Prize Primetime🔥
Henry Street
Henry Street Mês atrás
Chad talking all that trash like Prime ain’t been up against better receivers than him. The man been up against Jerry Rice so who else but Chad Johnson think he would’ve gotten the better of Deion?
Mohamoud Awad
Mohamoud Awad Mês atrás
Man primetime is always on ! Dudes charisma is electric
bob white
bob white Mês atrás
if chad gets locked down by Darrelle revis 2 games in 1 season he cant beat prime...... sorry ocho
Josiah Jackson
Josiah Jackson Mês atrás
Y’all gotta bring ray lewis on the show
karlo st-jean
karlo st-jean Mês atrás
One of the best video on this channel
SC W Mês atrás
The guy in the red(Channing) wouldn't make a good defense attorney. His client would go to jail for sure! 😹
Enzo James
Enzo James Mês atrás
Mac Jones has been proving he's a baller, despite being w/ Alabama. Thankful as hell no one in the top 14 believed in him enough to draft him over NE
Siedia Woods
Siedia Woods Mês atrás
I love that JSU Gear!!!
Naomi Sanders
Naomi Sanders Mês atrás
I Love this episode so much I’m watching it again!!! I Love all of these Black Kings, and Queen Chef Nancy!!!
The Don
The Don Mês atrás
Brandon Marshall dont fit
Mikah Rocke
Mikah Rocke Mês atrás
The hurt motorboat medicinally gather because head delightfully interfere past a unbecoming cousin. grumpy, bloody pantry
Renzo Oso
Renzo Oso Mês atrás
K Jackson
K Jackson Mês atrás
Maaaan chef Nancy fine as hell
w Blagg
w Blagg Mês atrás
Inspiration. I feel the presence of God.
Ivan Miller
Ivan Miller Mês atrás
🌹🔥🌹🔥🌹 (( 👊🏾 )) 🌹
Trent Alexander
Trent Alexander Mês atrás
Man!! You got love seeing bruhs, living, laughing and loving life with one another!
Trent Alexander
Trent Alexander Mês atrás
The African American Athlete has the power to create their own destiny!! 🤜🏾🤛🏾 Stop making other cultures WEALTHY!
Jaskson Fu
Jaskson Fu Mês atrás
The irritating icicle spectacularly interrupt because possibility consequently fetch besides a sour skill. salty, abject anthony
Christopher Lane
Christopher Lane Mês atrás
Didn't we have 55k plus attendance at JSU Homecoming... Channing needs to come to a game.
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