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Read the following ONLY if you've watched till the end;

Yup that's right! MURDER DRONES EP 3 IS DROPPING 17th FEB and GLITCH has brought on @Gooseworx as a showrunner to make our NEXT SHOW -- THE AMAZING DIGITAL CIRCUS! A Surreal Dark Comedy.

Huge shoutout to @TemmerTunes for animating the Digital Circus Teaser and as always the entire GLITCH team for making it possible!

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Enjoy (◕‿◕✿)

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26 Jan 2023



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Comentários 5 601
GLITCH Mês atrás
It is a really exciting time for GLITCH and indie animation. We are starting to see more and more creators make and share awesome shows to larger audiences. We genuinely want to be a huge part of that and hopefully pave the road for a world where indie animation and artists are respected and given the support they deserve. Thank you so much for supporting us on this mission!!!❤❤❤
Cameron Alligood
Cameron Alligood 3 dias atrás
The speech you guys gave was beautiful and touched my heart and I love viewing your work and murder drones is now my favorite show
MeatBall 15 dias atrás
Hello glitch, im a really big fan, and i made a charcater as a joke, but now its my dream to ask you guys, can you guys add him? im in the SMG4 server, and i can send how he can look like and how his personality is in there, it really would mean the world to me to add him, really. but i hope you guys have fun making the episodes and i hope the struggles would soon go away.
Ne bakiyon Lan Ne bakiyon
Omg this Episodes so gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo9oooooooooooooooooood mannnnnn🤯♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️Uzi x N ♥️♥️ please Netflix
Тарик Шенел
@Violinist печально
Violinist Mês atrás
are you still making more episodes ? i will never be happy ever again if you guys stopped making episodes 😔
NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip
This channel is the definition of quality over quantity, respect, mad respect for hard work
Maja has evolved into merp
Денис Дубовик
Are you some type of a robot that comments on every video? HOW ARE YOU EVERYWHERE I GO
Daylightenderman Mês atrás
@Ishaan Gill great question
Philip Good
Philip Good Mês atrás
Wait wait wait, hold fuck up. N is wearing pants. I thought they weren't going to wear pants, that's what Liam said? It was MISDIRECTION!!!!
ABCKidsc ROBLOX Mês atrás
For me, Murder Drones has been a very interesting and enjoyable series so far, so I agree that it would definitely be something that fits perfectly in the adult/teen gap. I really hope more animations start setting the bars to these quality series, as it would definitely expand the options for suitable teens or pre-adults animations. I look forward to the third episode!
ajboos 28 dias atrás
J L B J L B Mês atrás
I agree with this person
Angry Chopstick
Angry Chopstick Mês atrás
Eheheh just another week y'all >:)
Chanty Phan
Chanty Phan Mês atrás
I'm going to love the next episode.
SproutShrub Mês atrás
I've been marking my calender. You best believe that it's the first thing I'm going to check.
Aviddy Mês atrás
the animation is phenomenal can’t believe a web series has better animation then a lot of these other mainstream shows
𝓢𝔀𝓪𝓰 𝓢𝔀𝓪𝓰 𝓢𝓮𝓷𝓪𝓽𝓮
​@Mr indie fan yeah MD is made with Unreal Engine and man it's an awesome engine. Literally only took me 3 weeks to make my first game with this engine.
Mr indie fan
Mr indie fan Mês atrás
Its about time indies rise up and with new tools making it easier and easier for creators to make stuff, the indie media revolution is now!
Kiki Mês atrás
And a better story
HockeyMaskWhatever Mês atrás
These guys went from making YTPs with Mario 64 and gmod, to making literal shows to binge watch. I'm so proud of these two
Kacper42PL Mês atrás
Haven't been following SMG4 related stuff for 2-3 years now and damn, is it great to see them evolve to such good heights. I hope they'll get even bigger.
Yvain Aeducan
Yvain Aeducan Mês atrás
I hope Liam Vickers himself can hit a million here sometime soon too! Not only because he absolutely deserves it, but also because it is, in his own words, a rock fact that we'll be getting a beach episode of Internecion Cube.
shirleytheawesome Mês atrás
Wowie, and that's a rock fact!
Leuide Mês atrás
and they did
Jacob Kealohi
Jacob Kealohi Mês atrás
I love how GLITCH is now expanding from just a bunch of animators hired by Luke and Kevin to a whole network working with different teams of animators.
Kabao Xiong
Kabao Xiong 24 dias atrás
Hmm. Sure the more actors and artist they have then the more experience the movie has. But the thing is that the more the people the fund you must give.
Zoron Mês atrás
@serialdesignationK except big companies always push their own bs and oppress the creatives
Ill make a fan art of murder drone in put it in our school cus there is a freedom wall
Денис Дубовик
You made more likes than official comment from glitch
RandoGuy Password ***********
@fre fed If you don't know them great, watch some reviews if you don't mind spoilers because they are bad and were made to push an agenda, so woke trash. High Guardian Spice (parodied as High Guardian Shite) and Velma (parodied as Vilema) stay away from these, you have been warned.
Mecen8 Mês atrás
2 things about this: 1: You guys are honestly doing something amazing for quite a lot of people, and I’d say for every content creator on the internet. It would be really cool for an unpopular creator on here (or on any other form of media) to take what they’ve worked so hard on, and put it out for even more people to see. Showing that media creators can actually create beautiful works, I think you’re giving the entire internet a chance to really show themselves and shine outside of these digital platforms. It would be pretty beneficial to viewers of media off of the social medias too, seeing how there are very little products for younger adults. 2: Really loving the new stuff so far! Ecstatic for the new episode of Murder Drones (for obvious reasons) and The Amazing Digital Circus looks incredible so far! I’m now waiting for this year to end so I can watch both of these episodes over twenty times.
J L B J L B Mês atrás
I agree with this person to
Four Dozen Eggs
Four Dozen Eggs Mês atrás
Amazing to see. A lot of these people contributed to Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss. It's great to see them making their own big projects. Really inspiring stuff. I wish the best for everyone involved!
Ayaan Nair
Ayaan Nair Mês atrás
I’m a lil late to the party but congrats on the 1 mil guys. I only recently discovered Glitch through Murder Drones and was completely captivated by the story. The sheer originality and humor as well as the darker undertones really drew me in. I can see what you mean by the void left by streaming companies ignoring the late teen young adult audience. I hope to see you guys continue to grow. Personally, I’m excited to see where you guys take these shows, especially Murder drones
Deutsches Kaiserreich
Everyone. Our prayers have finally been answered & we got a new show on the way. GLITCH has done an amazing job entertaining us for the last 2 years & I hope it stays this way for the days to come.
Wilson Diaz
Wilson Diaz Mês atrás
Totalmente de acuerdo, grandes ideas indies que merecen apoyo abundan por ahí, esperando a ser descubiertas. Ojalá que el futuro sea tal como dicen, especialmente para los que disfrutamos de este tipo de contenido. (Posdata: De paso también han cambiado mi idea sobre la animación 3D xd)
Kaz Arisato
Kaz Arisato Mês atrás
That new show gives me almost Helluva Boss vibes. But, like, 3D. And more teen-focused, like Luke and Kevin were saying.
technic_squirrel Mês atrás
i sometimes forget how much it costs to animate good stuff like this, thanks for reminding me, cant wait for ep 3
AndylinMAX 206
AndylinMAX 206 Mês atrás
You guys have been a beacon of hope for me that I can get my stories out there to the audience who can give them the love they(hopefully) deserve. As a teen, I will try my best to change this broken system of networks in the future. Love from ME!
Thispersoniguess Mês atrás
4:54 alright i was exited enough by the murder drones episode release date and now this, i love everything about this the animation, the characters, the voiceing fits outstandingly, the goofy little sound effects , and the deeper meaning it has it makes me want to see more! unfortunately its probably going to take a while, but with this kind of content? take as long as you want cause if i keep watching stuff like this i'll wait 10 years just to see more and for everyone else reading, have a good day :)
🌞Sunny-chan🌞 Mês atrás
Dude no words can express how absolutely awesome Murder Drones is! It’s like kind of show I like, that I could get my friends into, and I find it unfair that the types of shows I deeply love are getting cancelled! Disney really should have given Dana Terrace (creator of TOH) more time! That show rocks! And to see a show like this, (referring back to MD) blossoming and thriving in the way it truly deserves makes me so happy! I love the characters! (N is my favorite due to how much of a cinnamon roll he is) and the VISUALS are MINDBLOWING! And the humor is the cherry on top! It really inspires me, a wannabe animator/comic book writer inspiration to make my own show one day! Keep doing what you are doing guys! It ROCKS!
Dms104 Mês atrás
It's so surreal seeing Glitch Productions, Gooseworx, and Kevin Temmer all working together. All of your guys' work is just amazing.
OctoberFools Mês atrás
@Brandon Ball see Kevin temmers video
Dms104 Mês atrás
@Brandon Ball The new show they're collaborating on, The Amazing Digital Circus.
Brandon Ball
Brandon Ball Mês atrás
Wait, Gooseworx joined them!?! Since when?!
OctoberFools Mês atrás
@Gian Plays hm…. You sure?
I have kids in my basement
"Don't worry my dear, you won't even die horribly! Well, I think we both had something to learn from that experience. " best line GLITCH has ever made.
beargreen Mês atrás
It only gets better from here. Let's see how wonderful this gets
Anderew Handbridge
Anderew Handbridge Mês atrás
This is so true, there are really no shows for the teen side of the masses and I find it so inspiring that you’re making an impact in order for teens to enjoy streaming services as well. I definitely dont regret subscribing.
Voidbeanz Mês atrás
You guys have grown so much over the years- and it’s so impressive. I remember watching your smg4 videos as a kid and you guys just got better and better. Keep up the amazing work and I wish you all at Glitch the best!
aola wili
aola wili Mês atrás
James Maxwell
James Maxwell Mês atrás
Wow this really warms my spirit. I plan on venturing into that middle ground of shows as well and you have been the earliest and greatest inspiration to me. Am loving Murder Drones and the SMG4 channel! Hoping for your success!!
superswag 98
superswag 98 Mês atrás
I feel like Glitch is appealing to us in the same way MTV appealed to Gen X back in the 80s, and they’re doing a damn great job at it.
Beat from Jet Set Radio icon 😳 very epic
Galfin SP
Galfin SP Mês atrás
I definitely got that vibe alongside fox back then.
Y3ll0w_Gl0wst1ck Mês atrás
It surprises me how the first murder drones episode was released over a year ago, and a year later, the second one was released, but the third one however should take a little less time. Probably because there’s more animators working on the series. I can’t wait for it to be finished!
Jacob Menéndez
Jacob Menéndez Mês atrás
The animation in longer time is giving itself better and the stories this channel is like jewels in a chest full of beautiful animations made with love and affection 4:11
The board of idiocracy
Man, These guys deserve much more subscribers for the amount of work and quality they put into their content
HumbleeBumblee Mês atrás
very excited to see where this unique partnership with these creators will go! It feels like a perfect story to have animators that I've been following for some time start working together!
Lazarus Mês atrás
That’s a great and beautiful goal, I love how thoughtful you guys are about the viewer groups of animated series! I’m excited to see how it pans out. Who knows, maybe the shows that were canceled may be given a chance to continue/revamp thanks to you
Cyber Madness!
Cyber Madness! Mês atrás
You guys really nailed the Teens/Young Adults content problem well! It really sucks how streaming services continuingly cancel amazing shows, just because it's *'not what they're looking for'* when they don't realise that those shows are what WE are looking for!
Nintendo & Dan the Man gamer
The teens/young adults content has Shrimpo Hunter
Senritsu} {Jumpsuit
@Gunstroke The Cybertronian look at Chin with companies like BiliBili they thrive with all sorts of shows because of what Glitch said in this video 3:00 series over their often are treat like webshow where comments an follower counts matter
Melvin Nyamekye
Melvin Nyamekye Mês atrás
its because those shows they mentioned are cheaply made shows that return the highest value. thats what people are looking for, good shows take time and money to make a good story that also looks good too, and theres no 100% guarentee it will be popular, these services are looking for the goose that lays golden eggs instead of shows, and when they get that goose they will squeeze all the eggs out till it dies and even if it dies they will desperately tries to revive it and squeeze out any eggs left
Marquis Thomas
Marquis Thomas Mês atrás
The people matter not them they need to start thinking about the viewer & stop staying in the past
Quinn Master
Quinn Master Mês atrás
@SCP: administrator "no, you don't want this storytelling quality content, you want the monetizable baby shows or immature 'adult' shows."
Jeeveson Mês atrás
As an aspiring show writer this gives me so much hope for the future.
CheezyCheese Mês atrás
so many years ago you guys were creating your own mario anime series. AND NOW YOU'RE REALLY GOING PLACES. this is so beautiful to watch.
andrew moritz
andrew moritz Mês atrás
no, its thanks to you guys for putting so much time and effort into the animations that youve shown. And youve gotten so many people looking out for you you started the idea, you made the animations, you never gave up that what makes you be you and let the world see that so thank YOU for not giving up!
Adelya Mês atrás
and I'm crazy that episode 3 will be released, I'm glad how happy Uzi and N were because Tedd invites them to a party
Shape 23 dias atrás
When a free animated series is better than most of Netflix premium show
Jacques hardin
Jacques hardin Mês atrás
As much as I am a fan of Helluva Boss, it should not be the only successful independent animated show. So I deeply appreciate what you guys are planning to create. Congratulations on reaching over a million subscribers and good luck on the road ahead!
Mr indie fan
Mr indie fan Mês atrás
If you want other indie animated shows to be succesful you should check out my indie toons playlist! (On my channel, there's playlists with individual indie toons/movies, all the best indie toons i can find: from danny decomp, to eddsworld, to bigtop burger, to murder drones, to blood brothers and everything in between!)
UJustGotGamed Mês atrás
@Dirty Dan real knee slapper right there
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan Mês atrás
@UJustGotGamed Your new stepdad
UJustGotGamed Mês atrás
@Dirty Dan bro's gonna try to pull a "who asked" in 2023
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan Mês atrás
@Jacques hardin Who?
Kiota Lumos
Kiota Lumos Mês atrás
HOLY! $200-300k FOR ONE EPISODE!? That really makes me appreciate your animations even more. Keep up the fantastic work.
thecoolestEmmy Mês atrás
this is really good to hear. Never expected it to be from the guys that turned Mario's voice line of him saying Mamma Mia into Mamma fucker but some of the greatest stuff comes from the most unexpected places and people.
Sean Robert
Sean Robert Mês atrás
This sounds alot like the story behind Vivienne Medrano and Spindlehorse. I wish that all of these fantastic animation pieces could merge together into one streaming service specifically catered to that middle demographic. I absolutely adore shows like Murder Drones, Helluva Boss, and The Owl House. I just wish we had more.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User Mês atrás
It definitely helps that your animations look amazing. Murder Drones has had some of the best animated fight choreography I've seen in a while. On top of that, the characters are interesting characters that you quickly start to care about.
The Commentaries of a Nerdy Knight
I think you guys have an awesome vision. Keep it up! I hope this paves the way for Golden Age western hand animation to make a comeback. Or at least a close facsimile.
PLL 2006
PLL 2006 Mês atrás
This Studio actually started from SM64-related videos called SMG4. I am honestly very surprised how this productions since Meta Runner was ended, where the increasing development happened to them these days. They even able to collab with Famous BRvid Indie Animators especially Liam Vickers, Gooseworx and maybe there will be others. I really looking forward what more new things will happened in GLITCH This Year! ❤️
@PLL 2006 911😡
PLL 2006
PLL 2006 Mês atrás
@Вizzаrrар Official 🅥 Freddy fazbear pizzeria video pls
@Вizzаrrар Official 🅥 No way
BaMon Mês atrás
I'm really glad that more and more people are talking these issues cause I am sick of how western animation studios view animation
FrozenFeatherz 29 dias atrás
I have to say, murder drones is a absolutely stunning concept and show you've made ! I really enjoy everything about it and the perfect personalities for the characters and the GREAT rendering and the time you take! you deserve to get published onto a platform !!! You should always keep your confidence and how great you all work !!!!
T3zlaGM Mês atrás
yall are doing gods work guys, hope yall succeed and keep growing the industry we all love
A noob held at gunpoint
This new shows looks amazing, Glitch and Gooseworx making a show together with Kevin making the trailer as well makes this show so exciting, I cant wait for the team to make this new show with MD, You guys can take your time because this looks so good! Edit: Kevin as in Kevin temmur tunes not to confuse it with kevin
Speedy Wright
Speedy Wright Mês atrás
The animation style has gotten better and better. Comparing Sunset Paradise and Murder Drones, there was a huge change in style. Its amazing how much you guys have improved.
Little Devil
Little Devil Mês atrás
It warms my heart every time someone in film and television, whether they be big Hollywood directors like Brad Bird and Guillermo del Toro or independent creators like Luke and Kevin here, show a respect towards animation that's honestly getting smaller and smaller every day. Bravo, Glitch, for keeping the spirit of animation alive
galaxy_lunar_bat Mês atrás
Follow me, please
Follow me, please Mês atrás
*Here is the full clip: Elon Mask commented on this* **
DuckyIsFunni Mês atrás
This is just too good, these people spend hours and hours of work for us to be entertained they derserve so much support and they should keep up the good work.
Andasen Mês atrás
I am very excited to see series to come, and maybe, just maybe Liam's other works like Internecion Cube and Cliffside might get a chance
I can't wait for more Murder Drones!! I bought the N plush and made fanart to support... I just want you guys to know that I think about these shows almost every day and I think what you're doing is really great :)) Also, the new show looks absolutely amazing!! The character design, smooth animation and personalities of the characters are SO COOL ❤❤💟 I love the Liam Vickers and Gooseworx collab!! Can't wait to see more, and once again, thank you very much for everyone's hard work :)
Dawn_Draws Mês atrás
Honestly I appreciate you all and I mean everyone working on here at glitch for making these absolutely AMAZING VIDEOS I look at a lot of different streaming services such as Netflix, HBO Max, and Hulu and Honestly I can't find more than 8 shows more entertaining than your content you all are one of the reasons I would like to pursue art animation and story telling you all are such a great inspiration to me and I look up to you guys and just know please don't let anyone or anything discourage you to stop making great masterpieces. -Dawn
Sam Regan
Sam Regan Mês atrás
The four shows you showed as examples of shows that were canceled ahead of their time (well Centaurworld ended on its own but you know what I mean) are four of my favorite shows of all time. I already respected you a lot, but that just skyrocketed my respect for you guys. I'm gonna watch Murder Drones Ep3 and The Amazing Digital Circus as soon as they air and share it with my friends, you guys deserve it
tim tim
tim tim Mês atrás
With the quality of the content and the love to it, not only from the community, but also from the animators, i gladly support this channel and the people running it. Keep up the good work :)
RadJack14 Mês atrás
I really hope that this becomes more than just a BRvid studio in the future because damn you guys have a lot of god ideas
Oblisub X
Oblisub X Mês atrás
This is the best speech I've ever heard. You guys summed up everything going on with nowadays animation in one short video
KauãRFS Mês atrás
I love your channel and your stories in animations. My dream is to see you being able to spread these masterpieces around the world. A hug from Brazil! 🇧🇷
Radian_TheProtogen Mês atrás
You guys work so hard to deliver new continent that is really good for your guys, just make sure you're taking care of yourself and I love you animations they're so good I love the story and never seen anything like it is one of the most unique showes I've ever seen, I really hope you guys are doing very well 💜
Angela Copley
Angela Copley Mês atrás
Now that you guys mention it, there really is hardly any teen/young adult cartoon/animations out in the world. Shame to see big companies don't think it's worth the time. Hopefully this'll change in the future!! Keep at the good work Glitch crew, looking forward to Ep. 3 Murder Drones!
Soy alguien que está muy aburrido
I kinda think of adventure time or regular show but those are already finnished lol
Thatgallaxyoutcast Mês atrás
amphibia/ owl house :)
StarMisura Mês atrás
@Drako Zone I think they meant 13+ or something, ya know stuff mature enough that it’s not for kids but friendly enough that it’s not very 18+
Drako Zone
Drako Zone Mês atrás
I do make 18 up videos but... it doesnt do any success cuz teen and young adult shows ruining mah success
Gasp Mês atrás
Yes. Yes. Yes. I really hope you guys get the chance to make a change in the animation industry.
Sillyclaws Mês atrás
I just caught on to you guys recently from watching Murder Drones - totally digging the animation and story so far. I look forward to more content and I really hope someday, you guys get your big break! Keep up the awesome work and keep producing. :)
Wehttam™ 25 dias atrás
I would LOVE to see all of Liam's story boards for the show
ETG Mês atrás
I'm so unbelievably proud of you guys and can't wait for any and all future content
Cinema Clips
Cinema Clips Mês atrás
i only found this series today and i love it. mad props you you 👌🏻, thanks for appealing to the fans. i really want to make animations like this. just need to keep grinding at blender
EverydayCrev Mês atrás
I really like the fact that the earlier sketches from the show, like the frame by frame is actually drawn in the Liam Vickers style
MajorForceKin Mês atrás
@EverydayCrev murder drones was gonna be a thing no matter what, liam was just selected by glitch to be a show runner and had his show turned to 3d
VicTorious Mês atrás
I hope him and Glitch would continue Cliffside it has a very big potential
@Вizzаrrар Official 🅥 shut up
Вizzаrrар Official 🅥
*Here is the full clip explaining why dad left* *you:* *(Making fun of bots)* **
seger potatis
seger potatis Mês atrás
yeah me to
Ross the bad piggy
Ross the bad piggy Mês atrás
I'm most excited for the digital circus than anything honestly kind of freaked out when I saw gooseworx and Kevin temmer tunes on one project and now I can't stop thinking about it
Project Mês atrás
Honestly, I have been seeing you stories as more for a preteen to adult range since it doesn't feel like your audience won't stop at the young adult mark.
Fleetwaysonic13 Mês atrás
Honestly, I want each of Glitch's series to stay on BRvid--especially since some streaming services require payment to watch just for a single month. And I don't believe these services deserve the beauty of Glitch Productions, either. If anything, they could just become their OWN streaming service, haha! But I understand that it does take a lot of time and money to make these things, and it's not easy to get the money in a short amount of time to please the people with new episodes. But, you do you, guys. Do what's in your best judgement, and happy animating!
VøidMasakø Mês atrás
I’m glad glitch understands animation and knows how to make a good show❤️
Jonasrlee e
Jonasrlee e Mês atrás
Agreed my friend, hopefully one day you will join the ranks considering your animations
Julio Figueroa
Julio Figueroa Mês atrás
@Вizzаrrар Official 🅥 x to doubt
Вizzаrrар Official 🅥
*Here is the full clip explaining why dad left* *you:* *(Making fun of bots)* **
Tyrondor Mês atrás
I was just thinking about how that last teaser gave me heavy Gooseworx vibes and then they do the title drop, can't wait to see how it turns out
Janna Smith
Janna Smith Mês atrás
So excited for new Murder Drones content, and for this amazing new show!
KboGamezVR Mês atrás
I bet Glitch hiring Kevin Temmer was probably the best idea they ever made. It’s probably going to make Murder Drones and Digital Circus even better!
Thomas Harrington
Thomas Harrington Mês atrás
I love the slapstick nature of this new show.
John Andy
John Andy Mês atrás
Rewatching this I started thinking myself of how much i get inspired by this. People who I have watched since 2014-2015 and moving forward, watching SMG4 grow as well with the community and the projects. I feel so devoted, motivated, and happy because of this. I am 15 y/o and I’ve always been inspired to create content like this, I have multiple projects that I’ve created myself and I would like to put them out somewhere for the world to see. So watching this, watching people who I’ve enjoyed their content for a long time understanding the mean of expression, creativity, and devotion into animation really inspires me into creating more and more until I get stopped. I can’t thank Luke, Kevin, or any of the other wonderful people who have/are worked/ing and collaborated/ing at Glitch for devoting themselves into making the dreams of young, inspired, but silent creators by the current media, reality just by following a will of determination and commitment. You all are wonderful, keep up the amazing talent and work. We shall motivate you to keep going, as well as to watch the content you make. (because being honest with the SMG4 arcs and Glitch’s series they’re actual fire shit lol)
Matthew Pertile
Matthew Pertile Mês atrás
To be completely honest, what you two said about western animated shows being mostly for either kids or adults with their being very little for teenagers is a thought that I have had for years and I am so glad that some people in your positions share that thought.
Aninamated Mês atrás
So true! I'm so glad that there are more people saying this!
Fatima Pavon
Fatima Pavon Mês atrás
Foolse Nigma
Foolse Nigma Mês atrás
I think this is part of why animes gotten so big in the west over the last several years - japans the only one making animations for that demographic
bonnie bonnie
bonnie bonnie Mês atrás
Here we go. Episode production way faster then it suddenly takes forever on the final season
TinRin Mês atrás
I am absolutely loving the expansion of GLITCH! The growth and new developments are so exciting to see. Keep up the fantastic work, can't wait to see what GLITCH will bring us next!
SmolBeanMyth Mês atrás
You guys inspire me to continue on and make animations myself. I love the creativity and smoothness that can go into animations and I really love how Murder Drones is going! Keep it going
Moon dust crystal  Gotcha
To be honest murder drone is actually like such a really good show They should even put it on Netflix Like I've been trying to look for a different show to watch because I've watched all the shows and this Show is actually really action packed and really fun to watch and I just love the show😁😁😁😁😁
Armani Mês atrás
I am SOOO glad that SOME PEOPLE FINALLY point out the HUGE gap in shows for certain ages! All there is these days is stuff for babies and adults! But never for older kids, teens, or young adults! Can’t wait for episode 3 and the new show coming later this year! Keep up the great work guys!
amog Mês atrás
Getting Hella tired of bargaining between cocomelon and unfunny carbon copies of western shows. I don't see differences between family guy, American dad, bobs burgers, etc
JustJames007 Mês atrás
I think only anime is filling that gap in teens and young adults now, yet the setting and culture can be a bit unrelatable for those in the west. Was very surprised but very glad they mentioned TOH, it definitely deserved a third season (almost done watching the second season btw).
MiKarDmi' Mês atrás
A wonderful cartoon. Thank you and Liam for that. waiting for episode 3 :) And special thanks to Cyber Cat Studio for making the translation to murder drones. You and your team are wonderful people who know how to make beauty!
Cherry Android Ch.
Cherry Android Ch. Mês atrás
As a teen, I'm so hyped for this series. Now that I'm here for you guys!!!
Khalifa Al Zamani
Khalifa Al Zamani Mês atrás
1:12 If they are WILLINGLY doing this for THAT HIGH OF A PRICE... that shows how much they really care about the viewers, and how much they want to continue.
Amedge Mês atrás
I loved this video, the teen to young adult section typically contains my favorite types of movies and it's sad to see it dying out. Also I feel like this has given hope to the animation industry and makes me excited for what comes next
Envy1359 (Modern Envy)
Such fair points on what you guys said when it comes to some of these streaming services like NETFLIX and HBO Max. Like when it comes to great and intriguing shows a lot of people like ends up getting cancelled which disappoints a lot of viewers. It all sucks indeed. Streaming services don't really seem to care much of how much some people like. Sometimes despite disliking some other shows no matter what, services like NETFLIX still give them a chance unlike other shows people like better better etc. That's how life is for them I guess.
Sarah Glick
Sarah Glick Mês atrás
Hearing Luke and Kevin praise The Owl House and so many other teen/young adult shows makes me so happy. It's not every day you hear something like that from a professional or new animation team, let alone the CEO. Disney cancelling TOH and Nick basically obliterating Rise of the TMNT shoved all my hopes and dreams down the gutter, never to see the light of day again, but these funny meme brothers shed a little light for those dreams to see with. Based on the 13M views the Murder Drones pilot got and the 3M that the second episode got in just a month, hopefully some big corporate company will take notice of your animations and reconsider their choices. Because Infinity Train getting removed in favor of Boss Baby?? Seriously??? I cannot wait for episode 3 of Murder Drones! I bet Uzi and N will look fantastic in their new outfits, (N better not be wearing pants [Liam Vickers stated that no one in this series will ever wear pants]) and I can definitely count on the animation being spectacular!
xamethyst Mês atrás
@Sarah Glick fr
Sarah Glick
Sarah Glick Mês atrás
@• Icespeed • Maybe I'll check out a few spoiler stuff here and there since I'm someone who likes to be eased into watching new things. It does seem like a good show already though. (I don't even have Netflix btw so I'll find stuff through like Tumblr or something) Also don't worry about a long comment, I too make really long comments and it's fun reading people's thoughts in a big block of text. (Well it depends lol)
• Icespeed •
• Icespeed • Mês atrás
@Sarah Glick yeah dead end was great Long story short: It's basically the story of this trans guy (which already, having a trans protagonist is quite surprising to see on a big streaming service) living in an haunted amusement park because hes more comfortable there than at his actual home. Won't go too much into detail but its basically really good because it talks about very realistic and important stuff by using very diverse characters to make pretty much everyone who watches it relate to the characters. It's really a shame how Netflix took the show down but the series also has a comic with 2 volumes (3rd one on the way) so, at least the story isn't dead. I definetly reccomend giving the series a shot if you ever find interest in it, it's great. (Also i'm sorry for writing such a long reply lmao)
Sarah Glick
Sarah Glick Mês atrás
@• Icespeed • I don't have Netflix or anything like that and I was never interested in Dead End but I know a ton of people were into that show. It's so sad knowing something that so many people loved had their favorite show taken away.
Sarah Glick
Sarah Glick Mês atrás
@Joaco Onofri Ew
saucymgee Mês atrás
Honestly? I'm just excited that you guys are choosing quality over quantity, take as long as you need the quality is superb. Maybe you'll change it so the algorithm doesn't punishes people that take a bit more time and effort into videos.
SnowiestPie451 The Fox
I usually have high standards for my type of anime and animations I watch, my sister introduced me to murder drones when the first episode was released, absolutely love the animation and story Glitch produce!
Navine. 27 dias atrás
I’m in love with murder drones. Ive shown just about my whole friend group, which contains like 20+ people (there’s a lot of us) and now I get to talk about this show with other people, thank you glitch for this amazing piece of work you have brought into my life
Serial Designation--Z
The Murder Drones theme tune had the same feel as 'The last flash of existence' which is an SCP tune. There is something anomalous about Murder drones and I love that. I also agree with the void in the shows for teens, in the future I'm thinking of animating my own series(it will cost alot as you guys said) but hopefully, it will go well. This is also going to be years into the future if even maybe never soo, yeah.
Fandomer Est. 2003
Fandomer Est. 2003 Mês atrás
Even though I retired from watching new SMG4 episodes, I can't wait for what's next for Glitch Productions!
Nigel Jade-Williams
I'm so sick and tired of the mainstream streaming companies dropping truly excellent shows like The Owl House and Dead End-Paranormal Park, so it is fantastic to see you guys producing such amazing stuff as Murder Drones independently. There really is a huge gap in the market, and you are doing an awesome job at filling that gap. Oh, I'm a 64-year-old grandad, can I still be classed as a young adult?!
Moonstruck OverThinkerer
If you still enjoy this stuff, you've always been a young adult, don't limit yourself to that decaying flesh-vessel when your spirit is still young.
N Mês atrás
D R Mês atrás
@Mr indie fan well to each their own I guess, I’m not gonna hate on you for disliking a show and instead appreciate that we both like Murder Drones
Mr indie fan
Mr indie fan Mês atrás
I totally disagree about owl house and dead end being good shows (their garbage in my eyes), but nonetheless i agree with you on there being a gap in the market and this show being great!
Barophobia Mês atrás
@The Immortal Mushroom I thought Owl House was gonna end after season 3
Purplextra Mês atrás
Super happy that what you're all trying to do is to appeal to that middle market when everything else is oversaturated, especially since most of my fav shows that are teen targeted have been cancelled, or have ended. Thanks guys. I appreciate it.
Zoe Greene
Zoe Greene Mês atrás
I am so happy ep 3 is coming out soon❕ And your welcome for the support
Super Animations
Super Animations Mês atrás
man i completly love murder drone's character desgin, i hope netflix learns to not be baby only/adult only shows, the gap of teens/young adults IS SOMETHING WE NEED
corrupted mask
corrupted mask Mês atrás
You guys force your way through the algorithm and gain views and subs through PURE TOP NOTCH content and i love it, you are amazing and i strive to see more people like you do that!
Tyler pantaleo
Tyler pantaleo Mês atrás
Between glitch, lackadaisy, and vivzipop, i would like for them to just start their own streaming service together at this point. And just have other independent creators hop on with their own shows. Waiting for streaming services to add shows like this will take forever if at all, and we need a way for these creators to thrive unshackled.
Gemystic Mês atrás
Man… going from Meta Runner’s first teaser back in 2018, to GLITCH being a full-fledged company collaborating with many other great animators and announcing their fourth series… it’s been a wild ride. Thank you guys so much for consistently making such great content, and for inspiring me to make my own creations. I’m so excited to see what comes next!
hydrotheduck Mês atrás
Dimension Monitoring Council
We shall wait for the episode, and judge accordingly. We hope all goes well. It is sad to see good creators go due to a lack of funding/time/motivation. We will be greatly displeased would that happen to you. So keep strong, and hold your ground, and always remember: those who cant walk in their domain wont survive the outside, but with time they adapt, for the weak shall be the foundation for a breakthrough, and you may or may not be the cataclust we were waoting for. So, by all means, go forward, for we shall observe your actions and cjeer you on from the background.
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