A Message To Gabrielle Moses

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btw sorry for the mid rolls but I’m trying to buy a new bike and GoPro cameras and let’s just say money hasn’t been coming in the last 4 months of not posting

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28 Jun 2020



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Comentários 80
WitnessesOfTheLight JQ
WitnessesOfTheLight JQ 29 minutos atrás
Judayah Plays
Judayah Plays Hora atrás
Did you cry after this video
Dani S
Dani S Hora atrás
I need to believe in love. I used to believe in love. Then David and Liza broke up, that broke me. Then Lauren and Alex, then Scotty and Kristen. Now this. I want to believe in love... but I’m not sure I know what that is anymore
Dylan Kuhn
Dylan Kuhn Hora atrás
Bro if you need someone to be their to talk to just get ahold of me because I am going through the same thing just got out of a relationship that I had thought the same thing so if you need someone to talk to i am here
Mary Nellis
Mary Nellis 2 horas atrás
Why did they break up?
bego montiel
bego montiel 2 horas atrás
omg can someone tell me why did they broke up i was in love with their relationship and was my only real proof that love was real 🥺💔
Elise Beasley
Elise Beasley 3 horas atrás
Man you say she’s motherly nah fam you know she’s wife material and you better find her and cuff her and keep that woman close
Zach Koby
Zach Koby 4 horas atrás
Łøvely Påñdã
Łøvely Påñdã 4 horas atrás
I am cryingz
Ania Karishma
Ania Karishma 4 horas atrás
Love you guys so much
Ania Karishma
Ania Karishma 4 horas atrás
Love you guys so much
Ania Karishma
Ania Karishma 4 horas atrás
Love you all 💗
Ania Karishma
Ania Karishma 4 horas atrás
Love you all 💕💗
Gage Herring
Gage Herring 4 horas atrás
this man is broken and you can tell...
Jianna Jones
Jianna Jones 5 horas atrás
How many people like this is how many people want y’all back together y’all are my favourite couple please please who ever likes this gets wants and needs y’all bake together or where ganna fall apart
Anza Bonanza
Anza Bonanza 5 horas atrás
He's so sweet and genuine. You can tell by how he talks about her that they had such a strong connection. Love you guys and I hope you get through it even though it's so difficult 😭😘
Alexander Buber
Alexander Buber 5 horas atrás
You never know how much you miss something until it's gone
Pieper Kids
Pieper Kids 6 horas atrás
We are all here for you:(
Faith Isham
Faith Isham 6 horas atrás
When can you start doing fun videos and entroes again
Voltic Reaper472
Voltic Reaper472 6 horas atrás
“My house house” I love Jacks positivity and how he can keep motivated love you Jack
Savage Liquid
Savage Liquid 6 horas atrás
EVERYONE THIS IS A EMERGENCY like this comment so it goes to the top so they see this YOUR MENT TO BE copy and paste this so they can see please
Mr. Champion 347
Mr. Champion 347 7 horas atrás
Mr. Champion 347
Mr. Champion 347 7 horas atrás
Jack you better fix this mess
Mack Hardman
Mack Hardman 7 horas atrás
Bro this fuckin hit 🥺
Chloe Kapral
Chloe Kapral 7 horas atrás
When will we get the ebooks
King Smokey
King Smokey 8 horas atrás
Well dam.. I wasn’t expecting this..
Kayden C.
Kayden C. 8 horas atrás
hearing him on the verge of tears broke my heart
Starkiza 8 horas atrás
Who broke up with who?
jess caper
jess caper 8 horas atrás
i home someone loves me this much one day
alena joy
alena joy 8 horas atrás
okkkk y is his name not troy and hers gabriella?...
Samuel Naylor
Samuel Naylor 8 horas atrás
im praying for ya bro.
Alyssa Sanchez
Alyssa Sanchez 9 horas atrás
his eyes light up when he talks about their memories together
Struan Mackenzie
Struan Mackenzie 10 horas atrás
I still kinda think he looks like a thumb
Ciara Dearie
Ciara Dearie 10 horas atrás
i’m not crying 🥺 you are 😭😭
don lin
don lin 11 horas atrás
so why did Jack and Gab break up?
Mick Gloven
Mick Gloven 11 horas atrás
Thay were the strongest cutest most real couple i have ever seen in my life and i always thaught that 2million ppl agreed but idono. Ahh Idono wtf to believe in anymore 2020 hit hard man
andreas12338 11 horas atrás
Its really bad that you and her have to be together. You see really sad and you have to figure it out so maybe you can do it for all this years be happy
Ethan Waldron
Ethan Waldron 12 horas atrás
Rubber ducky, Rubber ducky, Rubber ducky 😢
Fabliha Choudhury
Fabliha Choudhury 12 horas atrás
I missed the last few vids and I legit have no clue! Just tell me that their break up is a huge prank that they are pulling on us! Please!
Chris McDowell
Chris McDowell 12 horas atrás
Fabliha Choudhury - Sorry to say, this is so real, and not a prank. If you haven’t already, go to the ‘Gabrielle Moses’ BRvid channel, to see her two videos, about the breakup. However, if you are going to want an explanation, from Jack’s three videos, and Gabrielle’s two videos, you will be sorely disappointed.
Kennedi Paul
Kennedi Paul 12 horas atrás
Morgan Sadler
Morgan Sadler 12 horas atrás
Wait so... they broke up?
Taylor Mariee
Taylor Mariee 13 horas atrás
Please get back together with her Jack
ceva . 7
ceva . 7 13 horas atrás
I literally cried on this video
Makayla 14 horas atrás
Me going to watch Minecraft videos and coming across this video
clip edits
clip edits 14 horas atrás
2020 is the most hateful years I will live
Controller Beast
Controller Beast 14 horas atrás
Why did they brake up
Georgia Doubledee
Georgia Doubledee 15 horas atrás
This is how many people support you Jack👇
Gree 1004
Gree 1004 13 horas atrás
Hunter Franklin
Hunter Franklin 15 horas atrás
Why did y’all even break up
Dank Meme HAYDEN 125
Dank Meme HAYDEN 125 16 horas atrás
Will you two ever get back together
Daisy Bell
Daisy Bell 16 horas atrás
this is a david and liza level breakup 😭
Chris McDowell
Chris McDowell 12 horas atrás
daisy - At least Lisa and David were cordial in the end, and sort of left on friendly terms. Nobody seems to know where Gabrielle and Jack stand. It has been only about 5 months, or so. I guess Gabrielle and Jack will need a bit more time, after 5 years, of being together.
Summer Morgan
Summer Morgan 16 horas atrás
Plz gab go back to himmm
Yolandi Venter
Yolandi Venter 16 horas atrás
Hi Jack this wil probably get lost with all the comments but I just want you to know that you can change things. You and Gab can start over again and get to know each other again. I know it's easier said than done. Maybe you guys need time to process it all. But when you guys are ready, go out for a cup of coffee and chat about everything I don't know. But the best of luck for you both.
RachelShul 17 horas atrás
I HATE 2020.
Venice margareth
Venice margareth 17 horas atrás
This make me cry why just why
Sammyh 19
Sammyh 19 19 horas atrás
I am sorry, but could someone tell me what happened?
Saima Khatri X C
Saima Khatri X C 19 horas atrás
with or without me !!!!! i cryyy
Kierstyn D
Kierstyn D 19 horas atrás
Stay strong my dude. You’ve got this, I’m proud of you.
Herman Pienaar
Herman Pienaar 20 horas atrás
Jack-I have been watching your videos for about a week now....I relate to you soo is not easy to not have the one and only person you love by your side every moment of every day my girl is exactly like her I am heartbroken for you....but remember the lord God almighty is with you every step of the way and He will carry you through it
ƝĘⱲƬǪƝ 21 hora atrás
Can someone tell me whats going on please.
Cassie 21 hora atrás
“We’re not crying. Da**it “ I have been crying the whole time💙🥺HE IS SO WHOLESOME!
vishal raja
vishal raja 21 hora atrás
First I thought it was a prank...but....I miss them...and I want them to be together again..😍😰❤️❤️
Gift Habie
Gift Habie 22 horas atrás
Gree 1004
Gree 1004 13 horas atrás
Cassie give me a shoutout
Cassie 21 hora atrás
I can't stand to watch this , this boy and girl are a childhood love to me ive been a sub for many years and this makes me cry
Paradox Gaming
Paradox Gaming 22 horas atrás
trying to laugh at the subtle jokes. crying on the inside.
lilliana casey
lilliana casey Dia atrás
This made me cry I love them both so much
Temi Mathews
Temi Mathews Dia atrás
The lesson learnt is whenever you take a new step in your life..ask god about it..and u wouldn't have to regret on his answers!!
Emily Grace
Emily Grace Dia atrás
We all love you so much Jack and we are all here for you no matter what
Elizabeth Abashian
i’ve literally been watching jack since i was like 11 this is so sad i love u jack and i love gab 🥺🦶🏼
Eden Dia atrás
Do you want to get back together with her??
Júlia Mora Rendé
he talks ñike a robot....
Morgy Weier
Morgy Weier Dia atrás
TypicalRocky Dia atrás
They’ll find their way back 🥺🥺. Wishing u guys the best!
travis stuski
travis stuski Dia atrás
Hang in there man I went through that exact same thing a few months ago years of my life and all my love given to the one I thought would I'd marry. But she left me and never looked back I thought I'd die but over time the pain dulls until you barely notice it
Presto Dia atrás
Does anyone know why y’all broke up or like some short explanation of why cause I’ve watched the videos but I’m so clueless
Michaela Deardorff
i haven’t watched them in like two years when the hell did they break up 😭
Desiree Zeidel
Desiree Zeidel Dia atrás
He’s so special.
Tatum D
Tatum D Dia atrás
you can tell how in love with her he is 🥺🥺
Code uojared
Code uojared Dia atrás
I pooped
Iris Darkness
Iris Darkness Dia atrás
I can't stand to watch this , this boy and girl are a childhood love to me ive been a sub for many years and this makes me cry
Laney Huck
Laney Huck Dia atrás
Him talking about how they were his eyes just sparkle it’s so cute
stan loona
stan loona Dia atrás
my house house
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