A COMPLETELY Upgradeable Laptop? - Framework Laptop Review

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When Framework told me they were making a completely repairable laptop I assumed it would be a flimsy chonker... I've never been so happy to be wrong.

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 - You can't repair a MacBook!
0:15 - But you should be able to
0:42 - G.Skill
0:57 - Intro
1:06 - How Framework Started
2:28 - Opening it up
5:10 - Modular IO
8:30 - Motherboard
11:45 - Keyboard, trackpad, screen
14:20 - Setup and using it
17:50 - Micro Center
18:28 - Outro

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26 Jul 2021



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Comentários 18 010
John Madden
John Madden 5 horas atrás
When they get touch screens I’m buying one immediately
Ľuboš Čillík
Ľuboš Čillík 10 horas atrás
I actually wrote a long comment comparing the price range of a Framework Laptop with a Dell (Alienware M15 R6 Gaming Laptop to be precise), but couldn't post it publicly for whatever reason.. So just the gist / bottom line: the Framework Laptop is $1,975.00 - not the barebones option, otherwise known as the bring your own stuff option, but the one with an actual SSD (1TB), 16GB RAM, WiFi, Win 10 Home, power adapter, ports.. The Alienware (order code WNR6M15EYTUS), similar specs but with a dedicated graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB) is $1,916.00 .. so much for the notion of this being such a socialist machine, designed by engineers who have the consumer in mind.. no Linus, it's just a gimmick that you can pay to put together.. but anyway, I hope you do good on your investment..
Matt Johnston
Matt Johnston 11 horas atrás
Also, windows is an optional purchase. Idk if people care, but it's nice
Matt Johnston
Matt Johnston 11 horas atrás
Hey guys in the comments, you can keep them afloat by buying their product or suggesting it to your tech-nerd friends. We're not converting Mac users, but we will convert anyone who wants this and lots of people do
rotechs 15 horas atrás
Apple will probably buy them for X billion dollars and shut them down long before they become a threat! lol
ARCAD3BLOOD 17 horas atrás
Ok, but the most important thing: Can you set fan speed by yourself? idc if it's advanced or not, if it's there, I'm going to buy one.
Debajyoti Majumder
Debajyoti Majumder 18 horas atrás
this video is so amazing; I keep coming back and re-watching it....hehe. anyone else does that too? love this laptop man!!! I'm in love!!!!
Gelman Cortes
Gelman Cortes 19 horas atrás
That's going to be my next laptop. Period!
Mark 22 horas atrás
SUPER impressed! Just bought one
I AM A BIRD Dia atrás
Apple: Let's go green to save the earth Also Apple: Throw away all of our previous product for our new product so we can waste more materials to make more money
I AM A BIRD Dia atrás
What the- I am having goosebumps. Is this a dream?! Does a laptop like this really exist somewhere out there?!
Hi, it is mega disgusting. Peace.
Daniel Moeller
Daniel Moeller Dia atrás
I would so love a 17" matte screen option
big man on campus
If I didn’t already have a very solid gaming laptop I would purchase this in a heart beat
Jazeen Haral
Jazeen Haral 2 dias atrás
I would really, really love to see companies go in this design direction. If they actually cared about the environment, like they claim to (i.e. no power bricks in new phones) they'd adopt this design philosophy. But it's obvious that they don't actually care and they are just saving $10/unit on a power brick.
What’s In A Name?
What’s In A Name? 2 dias atrás
Game changer. How do I invest in this company?!?!
InternetFreeForever 2 dias atrás
if it has dedicated GPU then I'm getting one..
Dockdropper 2 dias atrás
This is a gimmick. Computer builders have been able to do this for a long time. You still have to buy all the parts to upgrade from Framework and I don't see it faring well with a liquid spill. It's a neat idea but I'll stick with my ROG laptops. You can't even get this thing with a discrete graphics card. It's probably great for the average office worker or business specialist that travels but let's face it. It's nothing special. And how do we know Linus isn't already invested and/or taking payment to promote like 95% of the channels out there.
Moonlight69 2 dias atrás
This is amazing! Wow I have a MacBook Pro but I still want this
Faisal Reza
Faisal Reza 2 dias atrás
7:19 I think the port is redundant lol
CH-Warsawian 2 dias atrás
Thing looks more attractive then a Macbook air
Reuben Kriegel
Reuben Kriegel 2 dias atrás
I have never more wished that I needed a laptop when I didn't than right now. This is awesome.
David Folsom
David Folsom 2 dias atrás
the power on ac attached and battery disconnect is for when you upgrade the motherboard. It allows you to take the motherboard out and put it SOMEWHERE ELSE.
B Sandoval
B Sandoval 2 dias atrás
Hold up didn’t g skill buy the sponsor spot
MarnixVW 2 dias atrás
im just here with my old laptop that still has all these ports and card readers by default, you can also easily repair the old ones
william louie
william louie 2 dias atrás
There's no profit in upgradeable and repairable high tech. There's money in making the buyers keep paying for new technologies.
Engr. Abdulla
Engr. Abdulla 3 dias atrás
Funy I just disassemble an old 2007 toshiba laptop, and as an engineer I can see how it was very easy on 2007 to make a product like this possible, any how I was disassembling it because I know I can use the oprical drives and other components in my newly built PC.
JotaBR 3 dias atrás
It's possible change the processor?
darklord boehm
darklord boehm 3 dias atrás
This is amazing you have really easy to store 1tb blocks that slot in. You could buy buy alot of the blocks and have unlimited storage. Have one for photos one for games (lets be honest more than one) have one for videos or data or whatever you could easily have the best of both worlds of physical copies and network connection!!!!!
Adrian Rivera
Adrian Rivera 3 dias atrás
If these guys are still a thing when the time comes I will definitely be getting one for my little sister so that she doesn’t have to worry about getting a whole new laptop whenever she needs to upgrade. If this was in high school I probably would’ve gotten it but right now I am running a MSI GE 76
Amogh Jain
Amogh Jain 3 dias atrás
where's the GPU?
Stephen k.
Stephen k. 3 dias atrás
I’d love to get one, but their website is not very accessible to the blind. When going to the configuration page, everything is presented in images which aren’t accessible to screen readers. I’m sure they’ll fix that though if it’s politely brought to their attention.
Justin W.
Justin W. 3 dias atrás
This is what happens when you get engineers together who worked for various companies and felt repressed by what they could do and they come together and make something better. We see this a lot now days with game studios.
Luca D'Alessandris
Luca D'Alessandris 3 dias atrás
Framework and dbrand partnership would be sick for custom keyboards, bezels etc
ShotDoesEverything 3 dias atrás
Activate Windows Go to settings to activate Windows
Snippy 4 dias atrás
this laptop maks me cry tears of joy. sadly im not in the makrt for a new on jet.
Billie Maier
Billie Maier 4 dias atrás
If only they made desktops like this too.
Portal Kitten
Portal Kitten 4 dias atrás
I was pretty far into the video and my thoughts were "That's pretty cool but I don't feel like I wanna buy it" and then I got to 16:30 and heard about the battery disconnect which immediately changed my mind to "Oh my god take all of my money right this instant"
Karolis Valeika
Karolis Valeika 4 dias atrás
Linus: "If you have your laptop plugged into wall that can cause battery swelling and be a fire hazzard" Me who has had my dell inspiron 17 plugged to a wall for 5 years straight: *"im in danger"* P.s. it barely runs rocket league above 60 fps low settings and lowered resolution. Its pain. Pure pain.. dont have a job so i cant buy an actual pc.. fml.
Open Link
Open Link 4 dias atrás
bro I have a laptop that I bought 2 years ago, I dont want to sell it bc is going strong but this is making me REALLY want to sell it
SlothGod OG
SlothGod OG 4 dias atrás
Is anyone else horrified how fucked Linus phone was
bruhmomentnuri 4 dias atrás
"Why do I use a wired mouse" you have to use a wired mouse no reason to but you have to
Smashman 4 dias atrás
They should make a hardware crypto wallet module.
Mad Dog
Mad Dog 4 dias atrás
This video is depressing. Makes me realize how amazing the world could be, but instead the overwhelming majority of all corporations are completely blinded by greed and deliberately pick worse or even bad solutions just to squeeze out as much money as possible from their customers.
Miseria 4 dias atrás
if there was a model with gpu it would also be an instant buy for me
Mitchell Earl
Mitchell Earl 4 dias atrás
Which Gen is the USB 3.2?
Alej Calero
Alej Calero 4 dias atrás
I don't know why you move so much, and the camera that films too. This causes that the details of the notebook cannot be clearly seen.
D. Sam
D. Sam 4 dias atrás
So even if the frameworks battery only last half as long as the competitors if it takes you only 5 minutes to change a battery, you just need 2 batteries. That way you swap them when you need instead of finding a plug to charge your laptop. They only need to provide a charging dock for batteries which would allow you to recharge the empty ones at any time. So basically you could have endless wireless power throughout the day
Stephen Barrosse
Stephen Barrosse 5 dias atrás
Whats crazy is that this is becoming a real option for me. I just bought a top of the line Macbook Pro and honestly I am kinda unimpressed. I have had Macbooks for years and they were bomb proof, now I feel like I am holding a piece of paper. The keyboard as well is dogshit for this price. Sticky keys etc. I am losing my mind with this thing.
Maxamillion Jazzhands
Maxamillion Jazzhands 5 dias atrás
Whats funny is this is good for the consumer, and probably good for the parts manufacturers too, meaning if these get popular they'd most likely cut out the middle man that is these tech giants who make a killing off abusing the little guys. Like how I imagine selling lightbulbs is more profitable than selling a whole replacement ceiling fan. When a total fix for an old computer is a 20 dollar part, maybe even $100 for an upgrade, there would be no point in people buying whatever these tech giants lazily shit out.
znapz 5 dias atrás
AMD Version needed!
ZacPlayzRBLX 5 dias atrás
I'm on a laptop right now and its only a switch to take the bottom of the laptop off meaning its easy to upgrade :)
TV Head
TV Head 5 dias atrás
Gimme a beefy one with gaming performance and a numpad pls?
Sebastian Fleischanderl
are there going to be AMD cpus?
It´s me!
It´s me! 5 dias atrás
In the aspect of recycling or usage time (if the requirements of the hardware dont increase) the best choice to reduce elektrical waist!
David Irvin
David Irvin 5 dias atrás
Am I the only one who is not interested in having touch screen for a laptop? I’m struggling to think of a reason why I’d need it 🤔
RLFWE1 6 dias atrás
3 million old Lenovo ThinkPad owners like this.
Moshe Weiss
Moshe Weiss 6 dias atrás
Why wouldn't you boot off of the modular storage?
Colin Townsend
Colin Townsend 6 dias atrás
Make it a hybrid and I'd definitely pick it up for my next upgrade. I use tablet mode every single time I use my PC. But I love this concept!
Kamil Gawrych
Kamil Gawrych 6 dias atrás
“The dells not even fucking thinner” LOL
DARCK NINJA 6 dias atrás
Who moosh it cost?
Shanks 6 dias atrás
i didnt get the full size display port port thing that he said
p sup
p sup 6 dias atrás
not sure how many port a motherboard can support but I think it will be better to prebuilt some usbc ports coz it's really not enough input for normal user
Adam 7 dias atrás
And yet ill still be happier using the m1 mac. I get the principle of repairability but for me user experience beats all.
Jay Kyu
Jay Kyu 7 dias atrás
i want to support framework laptops but they are too dang expensive!
Andrew L
Andrew L 3 dias atrás
They really aren't that expensive. They sell for around 1k, that's below average for an ultra thin laptop
MrBizteck 7 dias atrás
Get this in to UK PLEASE!!!!!! I was going to buy a laptop for the end of this year but Im happy to wait months and get this!
Shyam Aghara
Shyam Aghara 7 dias atrás
Reminds me of Project Ara (except that it is actually shipping).
Steven Victor Neiman
Steven Victor Neiman 7 dias atrás
4:20 Frankly, that is sickeningly naive optimisim there. Nobody makes things irreparable because they don't trust the end user, they make them irreparable because they want you to buy another one when they break.
MUTZY 7 dias atrás
Its a laptop why would you want to upgrade it
MUTZY 3 dias atrás
@Andrew L good point mate
Andrew L
Andrew L 3 dias atrás
It's not all about upgrading it, it's mainly about longevity. Your battery is no good now? replace it. Your keyboard is worn out? Replace it. Your trackpad broke? Replace it. I would 100% own this laptop due to the fact you can replace parts and upgrade over time so you don't have to buy a whole new laptop every 5 years.
AC B 7 dias atrás
This looks fantastic. I'm buying one.
Podcast Incoming
Podcast Incoming 7 dias atrás
Let's put multiple charging ports to make it charge faster..... That works right ?🤣
Seraphim401 7 dias atrás
That girlfriend joke is gold!
Caibre Greyblade
Caibre Greyblade 7 dias atrás
Ok, that's my next upgrade
Ashutosh Jha
Ashutosh Jha 7 dias atrás
This truly is so perfect
Bert Visscher
Bert Visscher 7 dias atrás
9:56 You mean you don´t care, right? 11:34 Ooh, that's a nasty cough! 14:47 Wait, what?!
Daniel Picasso Muñoz
Daniel Picasso Muñoz 8 dias atrás
Yo Linus or anybody at LMG, you said that the fairphone's ability to replace the USB c is one of it's strongest features for repairability, yet it doesn't seem that to be the case for this laptop, room for improvement. Also what's with reducing an USB c to a single usb a ?
العقاب المصري
This idea is great, but the price must be appropriate in order for people to accept them as Xiaomi did⚙️
Jakob Grande
Jakob Grande 8 dias atrás
This guy waving a paper thin laptop around, I'm just waiting for disaster.
Arief Kelana
Arief Kelana 8 dias atrás
Please send me one that brand ahhhhh.... i need laptoo like that
Rune Møllegaard
Rune Møllegaard 8 dias atrás
Have seen BRvid videos describing these computers as a niche-market product. I do not agree. They should sell this product to schools, Universities and companies. I mean, easy-to-repair computers like this are an IT-departments dream. If they can introduce this product such places, they could sell a lot more of them, then if they only market them to “tinkerers”.
Rex Something
Rex Something 8 dias atrás
Still the note 9, man is a legend.
Ash Law
Ash Law 8 dias atrás
I do not understand their purpose. They seem to be anti-Apple and anti-Microsoft gimmick. Many companies like MSI and Asus sell laptops which can be easily opened, repaired, and upgraded (as much as this laptop can). These companies void warranty when you open, but Framework allow you to open only. If it gets damaged during repair/upgrade or if you use parts which Framework do not provide then warranty is void. Basically you are tied to Framework if you buy their laptop, which isn't good. And in 3-4 years this laptop will be obsolete and you will require a new laptop anyways. CPU/GPU upgrades are not a thing and if you are replacing motherboard then why not replace whole laptop for a change. They have created cute tiny modules for ports and SSD but they are too small to get lost easily. We all know how many stuff we lose. And if even 2-3 people bring the same laptop to a meeting and put those tiny modules on a table then it will be a nightmare to figure out which belongs to whom. Personally I do not like their vision. As a laptop person I would prefer to have a laptop which I never need to open. I do not like opening my laptop to clean fans. I want a laptop which never gets dirty from inside and if I want to add RAM and storage then I would prefer to have option to choose which RAM and storage I want at the time of purchase. Companies lie all the time about the parts they use. If Framework should have focused on that vision where they have transparency in parts they use, it would have been really innovative and revolutionary. I would prefer that I know what parts companies are using at the time of purchase and better to have an option to choose which part I want.
Allamaprabhu Ani
Allamaprabhu Ani 8 dias atrás
Get it to India!!!!!!!!!!
Roguethink 8 dias atrás
SKeptical. Watched the video. Now I am onboard.
Blakslee Woody
Blakslee Woody 8 dias atrás
$1000+ and no discrete GPU? Come on
Eemeli Haaranen
Eemeli Haaranen 8 dias atrás
This should be standard
Endrigo Asa'ari
Endrigo Asa'ari 9 dias atrás
Great!! Waiting for final products
Luca Rasche
Luca Rasche 9 dias atrás
Jeez I love that brand 😍
NetherWolves 9 dias atrás
Hi me
Airdskydiver 9 dias atrás
I want one so bad now but money and stuff
Daddie2 9 dias atrás
is the future can we see a framework touch laptop?
Nick 9 dias atrás
labeling like this should be necessary.
Insert_User 9 dias atrás
its nice to see a company that cares :)
StØicbirch 9 dias atrás
It treats the consumer as someone who is potentially ignorant, instead of an idiot. More of the 'Just because you don't know doesn't mean you can't learn" versus "Don't even try you stupid babies."
Miguel Jimenez Hernandez
I'm definitly buying this
Edgar Romero
Edgar Romero 10 dias atrás
I want one
Waven 10 dias atrás
but it’s literally ugly…
Kyrose Bates
Kyrose Bates 10 dias atrás
Do you think there will be a 15in model in the future with a changeable graphics card board? I would buy that in a heartbeat!
Victor Zhang
Victor Zhang 10 dias atrás
It's like the half-way project ARA, hope this don't get abandoned like project ARA. I like repairable/upgradable hardware.
Kenneth M.
Kenneth M. 10 dias atrás
Bought one. Best computer ever purchased. Period.
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