A Brief History of the Pixies 

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A brief documentary about the Pixies. Produced and written by Matt Beat.
My other channel: @iammrbeat
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Fool the World: The Oral History of a Band Called Pixies
By Josh Frank, Caryn Ganz
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CC Karaoke
Cereal Killer Karaoke
Al Exi
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Don Barrett
Robert Scoble
Jonathan Schilling
Angie Garrett
Simon Fernandez Music Photographer
Bene Riobó
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Today Pixies are arguably the most influential alternative rock band of all time. Bands like Nirvana, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Weezer, and Arcade Fire all were heavily influenced by them. They were too weird for even MTV and modern rock radio, but MTV and modern rock radio completely ate up the bands they influenced. It’s paradoxical, because they are both obscure yet also pervasive.
So what is your favorite Pixies song or album? How does their new stuff compared to their old stuff? Do you think they should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Let me know in the comments below. Oh, and my answers to those questions are...My favorite Pixies song is Hey, favorite album is Doolittle, their newer stuff is almost as good as their older stuff, and of course they should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Thanks for watching!
Even today, Pixies are in a category all their own, and they seem more comfortable than they’ve ever been. Hopefully they’ll get weirder and weirder the older they get.
So what is your favorite Pixies song or album? How does their new stuff compared to their old stuff? Do you think they should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Let me know in the comments below. Oh, and my answers to those questions are...My favorite Pixies song is Hey, favorite album is Doolittle, their newer stuff is almost as good as their older stuff, and of course they should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Thanks for watching!

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23 Fev 2020



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The Beat Goes On
The Beat Goes On 3 anos atrás
Which band should I make a brief history of next?
charlie pay
charlie pay 3 anos atrás
bring me the horizon
Max Irwin
Max Irwin 3 anos atrás
Queen? Led Zeppelin? The Doors? Literally anyone I’ll watch it 😂
Grodin Bishop
Grodin Bishop 3 anos atrás
Box of Frogs
Víctor Pérez
Víctor Pérez 3 anos atrás
Sonic Youth
miguel silva dantas
miguel silva dantas 3 anos atrás
Erhan Duyar
Erhan Duyar 10 meses atrás
I love Pixies but without Kim's incredible bass lines and tasty back vocals they are not in their full potention
André Moraes
André Moraes 9 meses atrás
think you should watch the last show at Rockpalast
Erhan Duyar
Erhan Duyar 9 meses atrás
@André Moraes What i ment is about the making the songs and recording , surely Paz very good at live
kg 2 anos atrás
Extremely ahead of their time, still can't believe where is my mind came out in 1988
ciaran Chowdhury
ciaran Chowdhury Anos atrás
yea litarily almost the same year as girls girls girls its wierd how those two songs can exist around those times
Hunter Migeot
Hunter Migeot Anos atrás
Yeah dude sooo ahead of it’s time, it’s so hard to believe that surfa rosa and Doolittle were 80s albums. It’s clear that they influenced so many 90s bands with the style of soft verses and loud choruses. BRILLIANT. You can even here the influence in fairly newer bands like cage the elephant.
Stacey Bowyer
Stacey Bowyer Anos atrás
So incredibly before their time, and some songs are timeless. I hear their influence in so many 90's songs, some almost to the point of plagiarism.
bevtone Anos atrás
88 in general is an interesting year there are allot of albums that came out that year that would go on define 90s music allot of grunge albums came out in 88 - 89 West coast punk I.e bad religion the offspring where coming out with the sound that would later go on to define pop punk, some massive hip hop albums from slick rick and big daddy kane to N.W.A and Public enemy. Thrash metal bands that would later define allot of 90s metal in Metallica, slayer, pantera, sepultura, ect all putting out great albums around this time, the blueprint for the poplar sounds of the 90s all spawns from the late 80s.
J Anos atrás
If you think that's ahead of time you haven't heard Dinosaur Jr or My Bloody Valentine's first albums then. Dinosaur, You're Living All Over Me and Bug all three came out in the 80s. So did Isn't Anything
Jonathan Barnes
Jonathan Barnes 2 anos atrás
Most bands don't record as many great songs as the pixies in 20 albums. The first 4 pixies albums and particularly Surfa Rosa were mind blowing and life changing at the time.
Rhyatt Gere
Rhyatt Gere Anos atrás
Surfer Rosa is one of the best albums of all time. I remember I was a DJ for the college radio station when it showed up in the New Adds section. I just chose it randomly and dropped the needle on a song. It was Where Is My Mind and I was immediately hooked. Ran out and bought it the very next day. A few months later that exact same thing happened with some young unknown named Sarah McLachlan when the album Touch showed up in the New Adds. The song I randomly picked was Steaming and, once again, I bought it the next day. The Sugar Cubes, Dinosaur Jr., Tracy Chapman, My Bloody Valantine, and so, so many more. 1988 was a damn good year for new music.
Blue’s Truths Podcast
Absolutely adore the pixies! Kim deal in particular kicks ass! So many great bass lines
The Beat Goes On
The Beat Goes On 3 anos atrás
Heck yeah
Lowell Anos atrás
Believe it or not, I knew the group 'cause the song "Debaser" was in the videogame "Skate 3". One day, my uncle saw me playing the game, and when the song start to sound, he told me about the Pixies, and showed me his albums. 10 years laters, it's my favourite group.
Eljan Rimsa
Eljan Rimsa Anos atrás
when I grow up I wanna be a debaser
myradioon Anos atrás
Without cool Uncles and Aunts nobody would know anything about cool music.
Clay 7 meses atrás
ncaa 06 on the ps2 jamming to debaser
boyfromoz7 7 meses atrás
It's awesome so many kids get into cool bands because they are on a video game. I've heard this story multiple times now. I somehow missed the Pixies growing up as a Gen-Xer in Australia. But a met a girl who was really into them just before I went backpacking around the US in 97 where I got to see Frank Black in Albuquerque. Within a year or so I was listening to Teenager of the Year daily and then a year or 2 after that, the Pixies back catalogue. So the long way round. Big fan of them and many of the bands they influenced.
Naha Brz
Naha Brz 5 meses atrás
Skate 3 is one of the best game ever, great story
bonecanoe86 3 anos atrás
This was a great video, I learned a lot of things about the Pixies I didn't know. As you said, they're one of the most influential bands in alternative rock history. In my opinion, they essentially invented the 90s alternative sound in the late 80s in much the same way Van Halen invented the 80s rock sound with their 1978 debut album. And yes, of course they should be in the Hall of Fame. As for other bands to look at; being from Pennsylvania I think it would be neat if you looked at a band from here, such as Live, Fuel or even Ween (who formed less than 10 miles away from where I am currently typing these words). Anyway, thanks for the video and I'm off to rock a few Pixies tunes before work!
The Beat Goes On
The Beat Goes On 3 anos atrás
I agree that the whole 90s alternative rock sound was largely shaped by Pixies. And great suggestions. I have actually got a few people suggest Ween!
Carter Dodson
Carter Dodson Anos atrás
Breaking Benjamin is from Wilkes-Barre!
damonke79 Anos atrás
Used to live in York, PA. Live was from Dover, a small town just outside of York. Awesome band.
UpHereInMyTree Anos atrás
@Carter Dodson Yeah, but they suck!
UpHereInMyTree Anos atrás
@The Beat Goes On You in Bucks County? I am.
# W
# W Anos atrás
Pixies are the monty python of much experimentation in their work that a lot of it misses the mark for a lot of people..but then there's always that one piece that changes your world...and they've been doing that consistently for almost fourty years.
Redmond Barry
Redmond Barry 2 meses atrás
Horrific comparison
Mike Pasquarello
Mike Pasquarello 2 anos atrás
Favorite Pixies album is the combined Come on Pilgrim and Surfer Rosa. Have a few favorite songs, but most favorite is Vamos. Instrumentally beautifully violent. I wish Joey could duplicate the Laser gun effect he gets out of his guitar in a live performance, and that Black Francis could still scream out his obscurities. Definitely deserve to be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. They have my vote
xxSibeliusxx 2 anos atrás
you can still play any of their older songs that still sound incredibly fresh and relevant.
finderkeeper360 Anos atrás
Oof. One of the best bands ever. I freely admit my bias, having been in college just a couple of years later than they were, and also having benefitted from having good college radio stations to listen to. They provided the soundtrack to my early 20s. Now in my early 50s, hearing them triggers that dopamine and remembrance of things past (À la recherche du temps perdu, as it were). Where is my mind? When I hear the Pixies, in a state of sweet nostalgic reverie.
David Macleod
David Macleod 3 meses atrás
Amen, brother. Similar feelings from London.
Gerimaya Whyte
Gerimaya Whyte 11 meses atrás
It's pretty miraculous that Kim didn't quit prior to the Trompe Le Monde tour. They all moved to the West Coast without telling her rented studio space for rehearsal and recording time, wrote the songs already for the album and didn't tell her. She basically flew all the way to the West Coast to find out they are ready to record an album that she had no input into. Just seems like a really passive aggressive move by Charles. I don't know why they didn't just fire her and said it doing that. It's crazy that she still went through with the tour.
Pablo Van Cleef
Pablo Van Cleef 7 meses atrás
Money man
simpleagain1 5 meses atrás
Gouge Away……Best Pixies song EVER ‼️ and yes they should be in the Rock & Roll HOF. Any band that influences so many other great bands absolutely deserves a spot
Gabbo 7 meses atrás
One of the best bands of all time.
Rooster J
Rooster J 2 anos atrás
The Pixies were more than a band they were a phenomenon. Everybody can find what they are looking for in the Pixies songs. An amazing band.
Blake Blackstone
Blake Blackstone Anos atrás
Glad I got to see them live. That's one band I wont regret not seeing before it's too late.
nongthip 9 meses atrás
The Pixies (or just "Pixies") are this band that keeps coming back to many fans (me too) again and again. Yes they were part of the late-80s early-90s "grunge" scene (f*ck I hate that word) but they had their own unique sound and feel, often copied but never replicated. All I have to do is start playing Surfer Rosa/Come On Pilgrim, Doolittle, or Bossanova and I'm right back in the chair with this very special band. I saw them play in Seattle in 1990 with Primus as a supporting band and Jane's Addiction as the headliner, but Pixies really stole the show. Their songs and their sound really tap into a particular era in my and many people's lives who were of a certain age at the time, and it still sticks. I'll take them to my grave. Death to the Pixies! ;-)
The Brooklyn Garden Club
This added a lot of insight into their musical influence and importance that I hadn't fully realized
A M 2 anos atrás
Light years ahead of their time. Musical geniuses. Changed the world. Thank you Pixies.
Dylan Falconer
Dylan Falconer 2 anos atrás
I think their new work is arguably just as good as they older work, which is rare for bands in their senior years. I’ve listened to Beneath The Eyrie a hundred times probably.
Red 2 Seven
Red 2 Seven 2 anos atrás
I definitely like it, but it doesnt carry the same sound as before. I would say that Beneath the Eeyrie might have been the closest to the old sound, but I may be wrong about that.
Kenneth 3 anos atrás
Thanks for this video. The Pixies are, as you very well explained, one of the most influential, and innovative bands in music, since the band was born. The creative and unconventional Frank Black, as I prefer to call him, is only surpassed by Joey Santiago's guitar sounds. I've met Joey on many occasions being a friend of a friend, back in the 1990s in L.A., and seeing the Pixies live on numerous occasions as well as Frank Black doing his solo stuff. They were always on the edge of what Indie music was. That they gained so much praise and respect from other bands and musicians says it all. Would they have been the same if they reached superstar status with mainstream radio / MTV? Or would that have ruined what they were? We don't know and actually, I don't want to know. Yes, by all means, they should be inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame, without any hesitation.
Jonathan Payeur
Jonathan Payeur Anos atrás
I luuuuuved Indie Cindy. They grew up, the anger wasn’t there anymore, but the melodies were and whatever the brainiacs at Pitchfork said, that album was solid.
luap ekcol
luap ekcol Anos atrás
Agree… the last two albums aren’t anything on Indie Cindy. Magdalena could appear anywhere on their discography
1spitfirepilot 2 anos atrás
Great, and very informative. I do wish, though, that we could have more on why and how Pixies music is so remarkable. Talk about the art!
The Beat Goes On
The Beat Goes On 2 anos atrás
I say just listen to it yourself. You don't need a commentator to over analyze why the art is so compelling. That's a personal experience.
Irene Lastnamegoeshere
IMr. Beat please keep this channel going! You’re a well adept historian with great appreciation of music as well. I’m not sure if you’re still teaching, but if I were a student of yours I’ve no doubt I’d remember you as memorable, and someone who’s made a difference.
The Beat Goes On
The Beat Goes On 3 anos atrás
Thanks so much for the kind words. It means a lot!
Peter Pumpkinhead
Peter Pumpkinhead 2 anos atrás
Really cool documentary! Saw the Pixies at least 10 times between 2003-2011 and have not regretted one of the trips! Favourite album from them is Bossanova and my favourite song is Velouria. I really find that song is the one that showcases amazing guitars, bass lines by Kim, amazing drumming and the synergy between Black and Deal’s voices.
theWARMJET Anos atrás
saw them here in Portugal, Lisbon, just after the release of TLM, what a show. One of my fave and influential bands and of course Joey Santiagos guitar aproach ❤️
Chris H
Chris H 2 anos atrás
Definitively underrated band. Pixies reportedly weren't into making videos. They had to be convinced to do some to get play on channels such as MTV and Much Music and other individual video shows. That's supposedly the reason why there's a couple of basic videos for "Velouria"; just do SOMETHING and stretch it to the length of the song. They were a big hit on college radio and more alternative stations, like CFNY in Toronto.
faithxvoid Anos atrás
Saw them in 2005ish at the Lincoln Theatre. I got the ticket in exchange for giving a ride to my friend who waited online to get them. I liked the Pixies, but didn't have high expectations based on other reunions of the same era. Totally one of the best shows I've ever seen.
jonnybgoode007 2 anos atrás
Thanks for this. Favorite song is "Winterlong". Favorite album is "Doolittle". Pixies Rock and should've been in the Rock Hall of Fame Years ago. Very Good video. Thanks, again.
HECHOGAMER MX 2 anos atrás
Great video, great band; they are more successful that I had always thought they were. They belong to be on the RROH, they basically created a very successful music genre
emily 3 anos atrás
Excellent video! I've been binge watched all your "Brief Histories" videos and was wondering if you could do one on Fleetwood Mac? I've always been slightly confused by the band's history and thought you would be the best person to ask. Thank you :)
The Beat Goes On
The Beat Goes On 3 anos atrás
Well thank you, and I definitely planned on covering Fleetwood Mac at some point. :)
standinsilence 2 anos atrás
@The Beat Goes On.. with loads of Stevie Nicks cocaine jokes of course.
Dead Fox
Dead Fox Anos atrás
Very well done, I learned a lot. I'm just getting into the Pixies, it's a band that I have been aware of since I was very young, but never truly appreciated or even liked, I knew "where is my mind?" was like the most popular one but that was that. Right now I'm just loving Doolittle. It may sound dumb, but I got into their music because of the fear street trilogy on Netflix lol, but I'm loving it. (Maybe I'm exaggerating, but black seems kind of a douche... idk) Once again nice video :)
Joseph Beckmann
Joseph Beckmann Anos atrás
Easily in my top ten bands along with Built to Spill, Pavement, Silver Jews and the Jicks. Maybe I'm remembering wrong but it seemed like not many people knew about them until Velouria came out after their first run was almost over and then of course whenever it was that people learned of them from Where is My Mind being in Fight Club.
darkheartlightsoul 8 meses atrás
fan club much??
Mo Gui
Mo Gui 9 meses atrás
a melhor banda da minha geração.
Mr. Grifter 84
Mr. Grifter 84 6 meses atrás
I will admit that I was introduced to the Pixies when I saw Fight Club but now happy to say they are in heavy rotation in my music collection....
Mauricio Servin
Mauricio Servin 8 meses atrás
My favourite band of all times, nothing alike before nor after... One of the Best in music history, period ...
Normation Memes y Las Marujas
Thank you For this video. Pixies is one of my favorite bands ever. Very underrated. Probably one of the best of their generation. Loved the video. You got a new subscriber. Cheers!
Shane McFadden
Shane McFadden Anos atrás
The Breeders are my all-time favorite band ever. I can listen to Last Splash over and over again. Kim Deal is God!!
André Yaes
André Yaes 2 anos atrás
I love everything of Pixies, but "Hey" is my favorite song.
Red 2 Seven
Red 2 Seven 2 anos atrás
Hey and Gouge Away for me. The Happening is doing good for me as of late as well
Dillinger86 Anos atrás
Monkey Gone To Heaven
ACL Music
ACL Music Anos atrás
My favorites are Debaser (Thanks Skate 3), Bone Machine and Monkey Gone to Heaven
Pepe Silvia
Pepe Silvia Anos atrás
Gabriel Flame
Gabriel Flame Anos atrás
The guitar is mesmerising my friend
Andressa V
Andressa V 3 anos atrás
Pixies isn’t the same without kim, she’s my favourite musician ever this video is great btw!! Thanx xx
David Koenig
David Koenig 2 anos atrás
Her bass was sizzling but her voice is irreplaceable
Andressa V
Andressa V 2 anos atrás
@David Koenig agreed
David Koenig
David Koenig 2 anos atrás
@Andressa V Like you said their material without her sounds like a different band
darkheartlightsoul 8 meses atrás
don't make me sad
Francisco Torres
Francisco Torres Anos atrás
I love The Puxies. Best band ever.
fatigued Anos atrás
Reminds me of Scott Pilgrim when he says "do you know Pac-Man?"
Artesian 2 anos atrás
I think, for me anyway, the Pixies showed that chord/note selection, even if it's minimal, is much more important and effective than chord/note saturation.
Cary Rodda
Cary Rodda 2 anos atrás
Had the pleasure of interviewing Joey Santago and his wife Linda Mallari when The Martinis came to our town. Very nice folks and he is such a unique and inventive guitar player.
Lee Mullen
Lee Mullen 3 anos atrás
Trompe was basically Frank’s first solo album. It sounds like it could be a double album with his eponymous first solo album.
corpus vile
corpus vile 2 anos atrás
Great little bio of who are imo one of the est bands ever, hands down. Loved them as a teen and nothing's changed, thanks for giving them their dues :)
Robert ives
Robert ives 5 meses atrás
The first time i heard the pixies my brother was attempting to create a weird video on the early internet and used the brick is red as the soundtrack. He ranted about how amazing they were and got me to listen to a ton of their songs. i loved them. A year or two later they appeared on a soundtrack for a weird movie called fight club. Immediately all my rock friends loved them and i got to be the guy who loved them first and knew all their bangers. nowadays ive seen them three times and they are my favorite band ive ever seen live. they are truly the biggest band no one has ever heard of
Hal Emmerich
Hal Emmerich 10 meses atrás
Knowing how Kim Shattuck died of ALS later on, I think that Black Francis firing her wasn't so much a firing in the traditional sense (or even in the Pixies sense) but him not knowing what to do with this person who is slowly dying
MAYKING Anos atrás
Doolittle changed my life and to this day is my favorite album. I played it everyday, all day on my yellow Walkman.
DJ CUNNIE 3 anos atrás
Great band. Interesting mini documentary. Nice one.
The Beat Goes On
The Beat Goes On 3 anos atrás
MOL2k2 2 anos atrás
Excellent job! Really enjoy your work and I'm not just saying that because of your soundtrack choices lol. Maybe "A Brief history of The Strokes"? Have they been around long enough for that honor?
Derek Ralston
Derek Ralston 2 anos atrás
Strokes are legends now as well.
sam torres
sam torres 2 anos atrás
If there is one band that matured me out of bands like Duran Duran and ABC its the Pixies. The Pixies could fill my mind with their brilliance like no other besides maybe Bowie and leave me curious for more. My favorite song of theirs to date is UMASS. Something about " its educational" being shouted... Great video. You kept it very interesting and your voice is worth gold.
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron 2 anos atrás
My dad played pixies on road trips when i was like 10 and i still love it
Buck Rogers
Buck Rogers Anos atrás
I met Joey Santiago after a gig in Portland at EJ's with the Martinis. He was a super cool guy. Just cool to sit at a bar and have a beer with a stranger and chat.
Rapp Scallion
Rapp Scallion 3 meses atrás
Pixies feels like The Velvet Underground of the 80s. Highly influential with a unique sound but never going mainstream.
Mark Tulsa
Mark Tulsa Anos atrás
I've seen them 3 times and their latest tour co-headlining with Weezer was one of their best. They are better than ever.
Kruder 3 anos atrás
Saw them live in 2004 in Iceland, my favorite song is Wave of Mutilation.
Stephen Everett
Stephen Everett Mês atrás
Really enjoyed your history of the Pixies...the came to Australia in the 2000's...i was blown away by them
Freddy Marcel-Marcum
Freddy Marcel-Marcum 2 anos atrás
I'd love to see a look at say half a dozen bands who split for some reason with a "where are they now" section.
Patrick Randolph
Patrick Randolph 3 anos atrás
Looks like the Pixies had more spinoffs than All in the Family. I really didnt know any of that, but your video did remind me to go back and listen to "Hey" again, which always seems to cause an indescribable, visceral reaction. I can' t think of another song that makes me feel quite the same way.
The Beat Goes On
The Beat Goes On 3 anos atrás
Such a good song. It definitely has given me chills before.
Nicole Bryant
Nicole Bryant 2 anos atrás
Same. Modest Mouse's Dramamine has the same effect for me.
Kaydence F
Kaydence F Anos atrás
I couldn't agree more
Adam Sauers
Adam Sauers Anos atrás
I bought Pixies live at the BBC when I was a kid from a used section at a record store just because I like the front cover and I loved it
Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin Anos atrás
I was listening to these guys back in the 80s, the 1880s. I was ahead of my time and so were they.
Young Medusa
Young Medusa 2 anos atrás
Queen Kim Deal I got my first bass because of her. My favorite band ❤️
Deborah Nitasaka
Deborah Nitasaka 2 anos atrás
KCRW's brilliant musicologist, Deidre O'Donoghue, who died in 2001, turned me on to this music as I returned home from late classes at Claremont. Better radio I've never found. Terrific to learn more about this on again, off again group.
Andrew Valenski
Andrew Valenski 2 anos atrás
You should do a bio on Jason Molina (Songs:Ohia, Magnolia Electric Company, ...)! One the most interesting and tragic legends of alt music
The Beat Goes On
The Beat Goes On 2 anos atrás
That dude DID have a tragic life :( But lovely music
Terry O'Brien
Terry O'Brien Anos atrás
I saw them 50 times in the 80s. Saw the first breeders show Upstairs at the middle east With David Narcizo of the muses drumming. (And Only once after they got USA famous).
Thedaywhen 2 anos atrás
Favourite song... hard to say. My personal Top 5: 1. The happening 2. U Mass 3. Down to the well 4. Is she weird 5. I bleed
Lilrico92 Anos atrás
The happening is one of the greatest songs I have ever heard. Good top 5 list.
Anthony Gargini
Anthony Gargini Anos atrás
The pre-breakup albums still sound modern today. And they should of been in the RR HOF years ago
MaddBaggins 2 anos atrás
Toss up between Gouge Away, Hey and The Happening. I could spin those three jams on repeat all day long. I started listening to them way back in the 80's. Doolittle was the first of their tapes I bought when I was a senior in high school. Thanks for the mini doc
miguel Silva
miguel Silva 8 meses atrás
Espetáculo, adorei, Alice in chains, Stone temple pilotes , Mark lenang.
Joshua L
Joshua L Anos atrás
Definitely rock and roll hall of fame worthy.
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle 2 anos atrás
A little wrinkle. Joey came up with 'Pixies in Panoply'. Charles shortened it to Pixies, purely because there was an X in the middle. That is why there's no definite article before the noun. Also, Albini rejected the role of producer. He was, perhaps still is, staunchly an engineer. Damn, I have correct something else. Kurt said that Smells Like Teen Spirit was his attempt to 'rip off' the Pixies. Not melodically or structurally, but dynamically. As for Gil Norton, he didn't make a cleaner sound. He just produced instead of Albini's elemental, sometimes claustrophobic engineering. Coachella was their BIG return gig, not Lollapalooza. And Charles went from Frank Black to Black Francis. He was never Francis Black. Incidentally, Black Francis is the name Charles' father once said he would name his next son. No, there weren't real tensions as a result of the reunion. Kim's a recovering alcoholic, and her main condition for touring with the Pixies was that her twin sister Kelley accompany them. She left for numerous reasons, largely due to caring for her parents in Dayton Ohio. The idea that there were tensions is just incorrect.
David Koenig
David Koenig 2 anos atrás
Thanks thought that was Joey's original suggestion
I wonder why?
I wonder why? 13 horas atrás
For me Pixies are on the same level as Nirvana. Like literally highly underrated band.
Chris Genovese
Chris Genovese Anos atrás
Hey Matt, you really need to mention this channel on Mr Beat... I literally just found out about this one! Great video, I love The Pixies.
Silaslang Lang
Silaslang Lang 3 anos atrás
They should, without a doubt, be in the RRHF.
Cock And Ball Torture
Cock And Ball Torture 2 anos atrás
Love the Pixies, well done video
Fred Sux
Fred Sux Anos atrás
Mr. Beat has a channel where he talks about rock bands. Awesome.
Travis Petit
Travis Petit 2 anos atrás
Cant wait to see them live in sept!
Dave Basarich
Dave Basarich Anos atrás
If Lovering is such a good magician why can't he wave his wand and transport us back to when the Pixies were starting so we could go through it all again?
Adolph Sanchez
Adolph Sanchez 7 meses atrás
I love The Pixies (and Throwing Muses). The first time I heard about them was when I worked with a very drugged-out guy at a summer job who said Frank Black (or Black Francis) was gay. That was decades ago, and I only recently learned he is married (to a woman) and has a family. Not that I cared what his sexuality is.
Ronald Drump
Ronald Drump 2 meses atrás
Play “Lucretia My Reflection” by Sisters of Mercy and the Pixies “Gouge Away” back to back and you’ll definitely hear where Pixies got some of their influence!
Alex Tapisevic
Alex Tapisevic Anos atrás
Pixies was the band that opens the door of rock for me and music generally speaking when i was 13 yold.
Michael Lowe
Michael Lowe 10 meses atrás
The Pixies were diabolic in the psychiatric sense of the term. The diabolic is from Greek words "dia" and "balein", and literally mean "ripping apart." There are three characteristics of the diabolic: nudity, violence, and disjointed personality. It is telling that the first album of the Pixies involved a nude Frank Black. Violence is the undercurrent of many songs they wrote. And it is interesting that Frank Black changed his name at least 3 times.
Adam Green
Adam Green 11 meses atrás
That was perfect, I found them late on, this year in fact, have 3 albums already, Come On, Bossa and Trompe, you could say my journey has begun
Bruno Bars
Bruno Bars 3 anos atrás
Love the pixies, I would love to see Joy Division next!
Einsamervolf Anos atrás
Joy Division is an Amazing band!
Calum Phillips
Calum Phillips Anos atrás
The thing is, their career was so short it would be difficult to fit a video
paul elliott
paul elliott 2 anos atrás
Nice review of the mighty Pixies ✅ Could do Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven Or Sparklehorse, Throwing Muses or The Lemonheads ... too music music, too little time Always loved Come on Pilgrim/Surfer Rosa -4AD released a combined collection of the two albums on CD which I’ve always cherished La Isla de Encanta I could howl along to all day Eyrie is definitely pretty damn good Great channel
Sam Wemmer
Sam Wemmer 2 anos atrás
Mr. Beat I recently found your other channel after watching your history one for awhile, the Pixies are my favorite band of all time :)))
Mr. Beat
Mr. Beat 2 anos atrás
One of my favorites as well. Glad you found this channel!
Sean Mcmullen
Sean Mcmullen Anos atrás
my favorite album is "at the bbc". one of the first cds i ever bought on my own
Mo 2k
Mo 2k Anos atrás
"We need a bassist. do you play bass" "No I have an apartment tho"
Leo Leandro
Leo Leandro 2 anos atrás
When I become famous, I would do a big tribute to them, I'm just praying that they still alive when I can do it.
Susan Blamire
Susan Blamire Anos atrás
My favorite song is Caribou, favorite album is Surfa Rosa. I have not heard much of their new music, I will check them out. Yes to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Have you ever checked out the Human Sexual Response? They were also from Boston in the 80's, Blow Up is on BRvid
c0rn p0p
c0rn p0p 8 meses atrás
RIP Kim Shattuck. The Muffs were very underrated.
James Sawyer
James Sawyer 2 anos atrás
No 13 Baby is their best tune, Doolittle their best album and they should defo be in the hall of fame. Thanks for an interesting vid.
Arianna Benoit
Arianna Benoit Anos atrás
No13 baby doesn’t get enough love
Syd Anos atrás
Yes. It's my #1. Wish the two minute outro went on forever. It's sorta like being on a psychedelic merry-go-round... the layered guitar parts speak their own mesmerizing language
Patrick Kawa
Patrick Kawa 3 anos atrás
this is way too good quality for this to only have 2000 views wtf
Slunk 9 meses atrás
Hey and gauge away were my favorite songs but I gotta say, don't know if it was my attitude that particular day or how the day was going or a combination of both but indy Cindy is my new favorite. Love the chorus.
dög Lő
dög Lő 2 anos atrás
u'r making really great videos, thanks!
Adam Mackey Smith
Adam Mackey Smith Anos atrás
I feel like bossanova is very underrated by most casual fans.
강현준 Anos atrás
"I bleed" is my favorite song and doolittle is my favorite album ,obviously.
johnny cash
johnny cash Anos atrás
i love the pixies they were great
Ewa F
Ewa F 2 meses atrás
My favourite is Wave of Mutilation, and Pixies are my addiction, thanks a lot!
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