A Brief History of Carpathian-Ruthenia and the Rusyns 

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The story of a nation that didn't exist for 50 years. In recent years their community has seen a revival and international recognition.
Lemko With History
Credits: Adrian von Ziegler - Slava Moy Brat
• Slavic Music - Slava, ...
Credits: Ivan Juravlev - Zakarpattia views
• Aerial view of the Ukr...
Credits: Мир путешествий и истории - Carpathians footage
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Credits: Rusnackafajta - Sága krásy - Oj verše mij verše. Rusyn (lemko) song
• Sága krásy - Oj verše ...
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24 Abr 2020



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@k.a.2253 3 anos atrás
Big hello to all our Rusyn brothers from area known as White Croatia from modern Croatia, greetings also to our Ukrainian Polish and Slovak brothers who inhabit the area today
@WMCR2001 3 anos atrás
Thank you for sharing! I needed an easy video history for an introduction. I only recently learned that my ancestors who came from northern Hungary and southern Slovakia were actually Rusyns (my great-great grandmother even listed "Ruthenian" on her immigration info!). I am eager to learn more about my people!
@matefejer2233 3 anos atrás
This video points out the complex history of ethnic groups in Central/Eastern Europe. Also greatly examplifies that ethnicities usually have several intertwined roots and have taken on many influences throughout time. Therefore, most of today's national myths that spark so much debate and cause so much trouble are badly simplfified and reveal only small fractions of reality.
@daca8395 Anos atrás
Here in Vojvodina, Serbia, Rusyin is co-offitial language on provintial level, as well as 3 municipalities.
I have a Polish mother with family from around Krakow and Lviv... Did some DNA tests on my uncle to find out about mum's father, From ending one mystery i have started another.... Found out he has Early Slav, Kievan Rus and Swedish Viking as his top three related groups. There is also some Magyar Arpad connections, White Croat and Ostrogoth. I haven't worked it all out yet but seems I am indeed a bit Rusyn 🙂
@PB-qn9id 2 anos atrás
Hello from Belgium. Once, my mother said to me that My father's parents came from ruthenia. Their family name was Bagara (my grandmother's family name was Prodan ).
@virgiljjacas1229 Anos atrás
Thank you for sharing this historical lesson. Eastern European history have been a convulsive one.
@pindur47 3 anos atrás
Not my site here, I am a Half Rusyn , American born female. My father was born in Kunkowa, Poland in 1921. Visited my relations still living in that area of now SE Poland. Wonderful people and a beautiful country.
@johnmaholick4991 2 anos atrás
Best explanation thus far…as I such for answers and information I look forward to seeing more.
@jareovvichenko4380 3 anos atrás
This reminds me of my ancestors from slovakia born in 1897
I have a great grandfather with the last name “rusnak”. His family migrated from Slovakia . My family always referred to them as gypsies. My 23 and me showed southern most tip of Poland. I can’t believe how complicated Eastern European ancestory can be
@hops226 Anos atrás
I'm so confused about my family history and maybe you can help me out. A Lemko told me my family name is Lemko (Solar). My great-grandparents were Greek Catholics, are buried in a Greek Catholic cemetery, spoke Ukranian and identified as Ruthenian at Ellis Island. However, they came from outside of Lemkovyna (Stare Siolo near Oleszyce, Lubaczów County). What the heck is our identity lol.
@cyndagomano4149 3 anos atrás
Incredible video, very nice job.
@masp809 Anos atrás
Hello. Can someone please explain to me the difference between Rusyn and Ruthenian. I’m a bit confused. Thanks…. Great video by the way.
@matthewharhai4039 Anos atrás
Enjoyed and shared it. Thank you!
@And7Rus 3 anos atrás
"Dolynians" are not so huge actually, and hutsuls are more wide population still in Carpathians (especially in Tyachiv district,)!
@gusgone4527 Anos atrás
You should offer to draw an ethnic map and help solve the current troubles in Ukraine. I think if nothing is done soon, the place will dissolve into a mess worse than Yugoslavia. Also, the very last people to sort this out should be US led NATO and the old soviet KGB boss Putin.
@Alaryk111 2 anos atrás
The map at
@pindur47 3 anos atrás
Not my site here. My father was born in Kunkowa Poland in 1921, visited the area and met many of my Ruysn/Lemko relations 7 years ago. Just a wonderful fairytale land.Proud to be half Ruysn.
Does this word sound familiar (phonetic spelling)