A Brand New Day (BTS World Original Soundtrack) (Pt. 2)

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A Brand New Day (BTS World Original Soundtrack) (Pt. 2) · BTS · Zara Larsson
A Brand New Day (BTS World Original Soundtrack) (Pt. 2)
℗ 2019 TakeOne Company | BigHit Entertainment
Released on: 2019-06-14
Producer: Mura Masa
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14 Jun 2019




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Comentários 9 588
꾹이 Hora atrás
Yennifer Piña
Yennifer Piña Hora atrás
tae tae hermoso y guapo ♡
Aoba Moans
Aoba Moans 4 horas atrás
This is lowkey a summer twerk whine anthem ya feel me 😎💜
Sharon Gomez
Sharon Gomez 4 horas atrás
Tae Tae and j-hope i love this song 😍😍😍
no se que :v
no se que :v 10 horas atrás
J-hope 😍😍😍 Su rap es arte😻🤤
no se que :v
no se que :v 10 horas atrás
Esa voz😍😍 Tae es un DIOS💗💗💗
Blue Rose
Blue Rose 10 horas atrás
When I see comments like I don’t usually listen to kpop but this a bop Or something like that I am always like There is no one that listen to one kpop pop song they liked and then continued their life Everyone falls in the trap whole
Esther Army BTS 7u7
Esther Army BTS 7u7 12 horas atrás
Omg is beautiful
Srinidhi Madurai
Srinidhi Madurai 16 horas atrás
Zara's and Tae's voice goes together so well, and Hoseok's cheerful voice is a cherry on top. The whole song is so good!!
Sadaharuhi Faye
Sadaharuhi Faye 17 horas atrás
VOPE 💜💜💜
순식서 Dia atrás
3,114,,762 V & J-hope 's A Brand New Day 미국 달탐사 우주인들 플레이리스트 챠트인 축하해요 ♡ ♡ ♡ ~우주의 기운을 몰아 롱런 힛트하길 .. 늘 보라해 #VOPE #BORAHAE
Raphaella Dos Santos Silva
l likee songg and l likee zara Larsson sooo beautiful, l love zara Larsson soo much, songg is 100℅ beautifulll ❤!!! Kiss for youu, zara Larsson!!! ❤❤❤😘
Jenny Pregunta
Jenny Pregunta Dia atrás
I love all the BTS World soundtrack, but this is my favorite.
I say hi 2 everyone
This is one of the only western artist x kpop collbas I thoroughly enjoy. Her voice compliments the song. Other collars just scream "HEY LOOK THERE IS A FAMOUS PERSON IN THIS SONG" this one doesn't.
Beatriz Santana
Beatriz Santana Dia atrás
Valentina Parra
Valentina Parra Dia atrás
No puedo superar esta canción.
Guy and Carmen Schultz
Who ever made this beat needs a grammy but not before our 👑 👑 👑 👑 7 kings
Guy and Carmen Schultz
Vhope ahhhhhh!!!
Guy and Carmen Schultz
Go off Zara
Guy and Carmen Schultz
Im in love with the song/beat ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Camila Abanto mendoza
Hermosa cancion!!💓💝💖💕
LittleBody BrokenHeart
Bighit: how many collabs would you like to do? BTS: YES! (Who wouldn’t wanna collab with them 😂)
buse talay
buse talay Dia atrás
V always be my favorite voice in bts... and i m so proud of tae now
Kyu Von
Kyu Von Dia atrás
제이홉's part is the best for dancing.
Kyu Von
Kyu Von Dia atrás
2:55-2:57 😌😍
Kyu Von
Kyu Von Dia atrás
Kyu Von
Kyu Von Dia atrás
❤zara 🔆hobi 🔆taehyung❤
lucy Park
lucy Park Dia atrás
Amo esta canción .... ❤️💜💜💜
B e l i e v e i n l o v e
Nobody: -dance with little movements- J H O P E's part come over Me: T w e r k everytime I'm listening to this song, and especially THAT part ( 2:25-2:35)
Kyu Von
Kyu Von Dia atrás
eduardo costa
eduardo costa 2 dias atrás
Que cancionta.linda .el rap de jhope es maravilloso🌞🤘🤘
LyfeWithDJ 2 dias atrás
I play this song to start my day....lWords cannot express how much I love this collab & song! =)
IceMaidenxx3 2 dias atrás
Such a tunnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ...That is all.
Adriana R.
Adriana R. 2 dias atrás
for a minute I believed she was Tinashe
s i n n e r
s i n n e r 2 dias atrás
kim jisso
kim jisso 2 dias atrás
I love bte hope e v e zara
Red Ruby
Red Ruby 2 dias atrás
You know you made it when N.A.S.A is hyping your music and adding your tracks to the list of what to listen to when their Astronauts go to the Moon 😎
Priti Roy
Priti Roy 2 dias atrás
Hi my lovely ARMY'S today is my Birthday 🎉🎈🎈🎉🎊 and I am very happy to celebrating it with you all I love you all And I love you all BTS 😚😚💕💕💜💜💜
August D
August D 2 dias atrás
J-hoooooppe 😍💜💜💜💜
서순식 3 dias atrás
3,020,402 ● BTS V Taehyung loves KimTaeArmy & Taegers !!!!!! ☞☞ Please ~ please ~ refrain from using emoji in the comments. If even one emoji is used, the number of views may not be reflected properly or may cause freezing. ☜☜ Please~ Please~ !!!! Thank you so much ~♡♡♡
V ismybias
V ismybias 3 dias atrás
It got added to NASA's moon tunes playlist 💜
Sooky Smile
Sooky Smile 3 dias atrás
DIOS TAE y su voz tan perfecta
Brenda Cazorla Urandura
Me encanta!! 😍😍 y la voz de Zara larson es tan Bonita 💜💜💜🥰 y la de V y J-hope aún mejor 💜🥰💜💜🥰💜🥰💜💜🥰💜💜🥰 Si lees esto debes dar like 💜✌👍
순식서 3 dias atrás
Plz. Don't using emojis deleted! !!!!!
iness So
iness So 3 dias atrás
this is a fucking game but it’s so good
iness So
iness So 3 dias atrás
Local Jimincafe
Local Jimincafe 3 dias atrás
This still slaps.
Yeolito bebe
Yeolito bebe 3 dias atrás
Every single time that i hear Taehyung's voice, is like to discover a new view with a new color
Alisha Mishka
Alisha Mishka 4 dias atrás
Is it only me who daily stre@m this song why the vi€ws are not going up
Latara Shanks
Latara Shanks 4 dias atrás
2:26😍😍😍😍 JHOPE
순식서 3 dias atrás
Plz. Don't using emojis deleted! ! ! !
Bones K
Bones K 4 dias atrás
This many likes is how much people love this song.
gisela romero
gisela romero 4 dias atrás
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