A$AP Rocky - Praise The Lord (Da Shine) (Official Video) ft. Skepta

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Official Video for ”Praise The Lord (Da Shine)” by A$AP Rocky feat. Skepta
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I came, I saw, I came, I saw
I praise the Lord, then break the law
I take what's mine, then take some more
It rains, it pours, it rains, it pours
I came, I saw, I came, I saw
I praise the Lord, then break the law
I take what's mine, then take some more
It rains, it pours, it rains, it pours


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4 Jun 2018



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Comentários 73 842
BOTATO 4 anos atrás
Avnooiro Singh
Avnooiro Singh 4 dias atrás
Oliver Jihan
Oliver Jihan 20 dias atrás
Apparently that flute is a sample of the garageband Andean stroll panflute It was sped up 1.5x,Looped and its an actual recording of multiple elements
ZAkaria YAhya
ZAkaria YAhya Mês atrás
Botat legend fan of you thats so lite a sat 🇲🇦🇲🇦
gullon music
gullon music Mês atrás
G Smasha
G Smasha Mês atrás
@Alek15 garageband
ANAGAS 6 dias atrás
This beat is literally a masterpiece straight ear candy
De-Patterning 2 dias atrás
its a garageband stock loop
Lucki 6 dias atrás
This shit had me on a diff level of high when I first listened to it, I still feel that same high yo.
Avnooiro Singh
Avnooiro Singh 4 dias atrás
Road rush
Road rush Dia atrás
I came I saw I came I saw I praise the Lord And never break the law I take what's mine And I take no more It rain, it pours Create.Explore.Expand.Conquer.
ABCJelly 8 dias atrás
4 years later, the beats & bars still rockin🔥 ASAP
Gumy Woorm
Gumy Woorm Dia atrás
@Leming c: Pov: 55 minutes ago
Leming c:
Leming c: Dia atrás
@NotK1 pov 6 hours ago
NotK1 Dia atrás
@Gumy Woorm POV 11 hours ago
Gumy Woorm
Gumy Woorm 2 dias atrás
@NotK1 Pov: 7 hours ago
NotK1 2 dias atrás
@Gumy Woorm POV 1 hour ago
Raukillaz 4 anos atrás
this song will be a 100% classic in the future
Yad Ali
Yad Ali 10 dias atrás
Theodore Dube
Theodore Dube 10 dias atrás
It is
Yad Ali
Yad Ali 10 dias atrás
How did u know
D34TH 10 dias atrás
@Jordan oOf Bro said x is real rap
Awdull Shala
Awdull Shala 11 dias atrás
2022: Its a Classic
ndumba makayi
ndumba makayi 12 dias atrás
This beat mixed with the flute is just pure candy for the ears.
Laurențiu Florin
Laurențiu Florin 8 dias atrás
@Mega Man i agree
Mega Man
Mega Man 8 dias atrás
взаимные лайки ееееее
Karl Harrison
Karl Harrison Mês atrás
The beat just got you coming back every time. Rocky flow smooth
Avnooiro Singh
Avnooiro Singh 4 dias atrás
Mohamad Davood
Mohamad Davood 19 dias atrás
true ❤
L 21 dia atrás
Play it at 2x speed
Sabersz 28 dias atrás
@TY Skepta is on a mad one this fucking bangsssss
The King
The King Mês atrás
@AdamThySavior Greetings! Kindly look up an artist named *'Enexello'* . He's really good! I'm sure you'll like some of his work. Thanks a bunch.
Mthobisi Dlamini
Mthobisi Dlamini 15 dias atrás
This music video gives me nostalgic feel, it's like one of those early 2000's hip hip Songs.
Avnooiro Singh
Avnooiro Singh 4 dias atrás
vice2vursa 10 dias atrás
Naw, this feels early 2010s. Early 2000s videos looked way different.
Brayan Daniel
Brayan Daniel 13 dias atrás
Me lembra muito magnólia de playboi carti o clip
Krate 13 dias atrás
@David Messer II listen to live love asap
David Messer II
David Messer II 13 dias atrás
This is my first time listening to him, I feel you on that. I hope his other ish is this dope.
Hybrid Trap
Hybrid Trap 3 dias atrás
we have a classic
Markus 2 anos atrás
At this point it’s not even rap, it’s a poem.
It became a classic...
Mona Bowley
Mona Bowley Dia atrás
Lyricism is the poetry of a large number of musicians. Just because you can write doesn't mean you have bars. This shit slap tho 🌋
TRAP BAGZ 8 meses atrás
@Noodles Ty
Cap'n Steele
Cap'n Steele 11 meses atrás
@Yes it is to those who study the progression of human music.
Daddaslayer 25 dias atrás
this song never gets old
sara mohmmed
sara mohmmed 17 dias atrás
Marci Tóth
Marci Tóth 20 dias atrás
Mobb 22 dias atrás
elric sedric
elric sedric 22 dias atrás
I just listened to it and it's great
Yug Patel
Yug Patel 25 dias atrás
Red 28 dias atrás
This song never gets old. No matter how much I listen, I never get bored
Phiwo Dimba
Phiwo Dimba 2 meses atrás
This is still one of my favorite rap songs EVER!!! From the beat to the lyrics...ASAP ROCKY killed it.
PHNX Alfa 15 dias atrás
Twitter User
Twitter User Mês atrás
@freebandz 🗿
freebandz Mês atrás
Rocky goated tho
Twitter User
Twitter User 2 meses atrás
Legendary beat, no doubt. This one goes down in hip hop history!
Lm Lm
Lm Lm 14 dias atrás
Instrumental got that medieval vibe to it, i a absolutely love it
TY Mês atrás
Skepta’s work
Marqy Lopez
Marqy Lopez 2 anos atrás
To-Do List: 1. Praise The Lord 2. Break The Law 3. Take What's Mine 4. Take Some More
Afc Saham
Afc Saham 19 dias atrás
مسلم احمد المعشني
Da Shine ❤
Shakil Hassan
Shakil Hassan 26 dias atrás
Shahani 26 dias atrás
@Leonardo DiCaprio 7. Finesse. 8. Get blessed.
klio msuo
klio msuo 6 dias atrás
This will be remembered as a classic for our generation!
Basement Prophet
Basement Prophet Mês atrás
Still praising the lord. One of the tunes that keep me motivated the most.
harper121 Mês atrás
i listen to this at least twice a day lmao i understand u ...
Theron Gibson
Theron Gibson 2 dias atrás
This song will forever be goated I was always bumping this my freshman year🔥🔥
Paul Njau
Paul Njau 13 horas atrás
The beats 5 years later still hits hard
Jiba 8 horas atrás
V i d e o s #2
V i d e o s #2 2 anos atrás
The beat is like the best thing ever
Ghxst 12 horas atrás
Did someone say freestyle
Avnooiro Singh
Avnooiro Singh 4 dias atrás
@Andres Oyola FRRRR
Jake Nashville
Jake Nashville 15 dias atrás
Jake Nashville
Jake Nashville 15 dias atrás
Ruman Kaiser Kaiser
مراكشي في المانيا🇩🇪
this song will never get old its the best
gullon music
gullon music Mês atrás
Ki dayra l7ayat tma 3ndkom
Jori Kratochvila
Jori Kratochvila Mês atrás
yes he is proud american
joseph stitt
joseph stitt Mês atrás
Helped me through the end of the work day lol
Akritas Digenis
Akritas Digenis Mês atrás
Nahh for real it pumps you up
Gilbert Meyerhoven
Gilbert Meyerhoven 19 dias atrás
This song gives proper hip-hop vibes of the late 90's - the era that hop was at its peak.... What are banger....!
Ashish Lath
Ashish Lath 19 dias atrás
No girls, no nudity. On the top with just lyrics and flow!! ❤
sara mohmmed
sara mohmmed 17 dias atrás
this hit never get old
Carolyne Kosovo
Carolyne Kosovo 14 dias atrás
For sure.,🔥🔥
fouad omar
fouad omar 16 dias atrás
Praise the lord 🙏 🤲
Always Tired
Always Tired Anos atrás
One day this is what our future kids will call "old music"
Milan Nutsugah
Milan Nutsugah 2 dias atrás
@Mateusz Kwiecień ⁹
regera 10 dias atrás
@Imaad Abid arab, pakistan, same thing
sara mohmmed
sara mohmmed 17 dias atrás
Wu Mafia
Wu Mafia 27 dias atrás
@Mateusz Kwiecień you just have a short attention span kid cause a song that has been out for 1 year isn’t old kid🤣🤣
TEONIBO Mês atrás
Flow and visuals on another level 👌 🔥 😌 💯 ✨ 🙌
Felipe 7 dias atrás
This beat will never get old 🔥🔥
Christian Roppelt
Christian Roppelt Mês atrás
This song never gets old. No matter how much I listen, I never get bored
Owen 6 dias atrás
the style they went with the nyc london split is insane, should win an award
hugo xo
hugo xo Anos atrás
Seriously men, who ever edited and produced this video clip is a genius.
Erni 2 meses atrás
@joako s98k; Ong
John Cenas Cousin
John Cenas Cousin 2 meses atrás
That’s a fact this filmography is incredible a++
Teresa Muñoz
Teresa Muñoz 3 meses atrás
6000th like
Daut Abdi
Daut Abdi Mês atrás
I had already put this in to my album and still listen almost every week one time.
Jônatas Marques
Jônatas Marques Mês atrás
Uma das melhores não tem jeito 😔🔥
Il-Demon _ King-lI
Il-Demon _ King-lI 25 dias atrás
Fun fact , Rocky and Skepta was off the acid when they made this vid. Fire song and a instant classic
Boom Chetan
Boom Chetan 16 dias atrás
And how do u know..?? 😒 did u gave em blotter.?
Il-Demon _ King-lI
Il-Demon _ King-lI 24 dias atrás
@Boom Chetan Yup That is a fact
Boom Chetan
Boom Chetan 24 dias atrás
Are u serious..?? Is this fact is for real..?? Are they high on LSD..?
Alezto Mês atrás
*It's crazy how many people come back to this everyday. This song is legendary ♡*
The King
The King Mês atrás
@Ghassan Dawoud Greetings! Kindly look up an artist named *'Enexello'* . He's really good! I'm sure you'll like some of his work. Thanks a bunch.
Ghassan Dawoud
Ghassan Dawoud Mês atrás
My nigga added a heart and thought nobody gon notice he copied a 2 months old comment
Brody Hodge
Brody Hodge Mês atrás
Here er day ma boi
Mickabo 420
Mickabo 420 3 anos atrás
To do list: 1)Praise the lord 2)Break the law 3)Take what’s mine 4)Take some more
vlone melo
vlone melo 2 anos atrás
Mickabo 420 ALL 2020
Ka4erga 1
Ka4erga 1 2 anos atrás
Babuska boi
we the ppl
we the ppl 2 anos atrás
4k.dreamzzz 27 dias atrás
I was to an A$AP ROCKY concert yesterday, this song was the most hyped one, amazing!
bobilevs 7 dias atrás
@4k.dreamzzz ju bral
4k.dreamzzz 25 dias atrás
@bobilevs Protams, biji poziitii?
bobilevs 25 dias atrás
:DDD tipisakais latvietis
4k.dreamzzz 26 dias atrás
@jenkins killer FOR SURRREE!
jenkins killer
jenkins killer 26 dias atrás
seems like all latvians are hyped right now :D
Yehia Chadli
Yehia Chadli Mês atrás
Can’t get tired of this song 🙏
Laís Gomessoares Instagram lb7. trem
also 🇧🇷
Ashim Chaudhary
Ashim Chaudhary 8 dias atrás
One of da best of this century no doubt... After 4 years it still vibes the same man!
euisa cous
euisa cous 6 dias atrás
Legendary beat, no doubt. This one goes down in hip hop history!
_sup.reme._ 2 anos atrás
A$AP Rocky is that cool brother everyone wants to hang out with.
ste cam
ste cam Mês atrás
pretenderniggaish too far to be left behinf hahaha
Nasim Ahmed
Nasim Ahmed 5 meses atrás
@Aiden Chekoldin lllp
XKillaGoose 7 meses atrás
How tf
Mugen_Uchiha 10 dias atrás
That beat cold AF🥶🔥🔥🔥
G219 8 dias atrás
Skepta made the beat
Nikhil Chopare
Nikhil Chopare 9 dias atrás
I think I'll never get tired of this fire....... 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Every time, I fkn play it on my car with high volume cruising the streets, it hits different bruh….. ❤️❤️❤️
Famous Cadavar
Famous Cadavar 24 dias atrás
ChickenSlapper14 Mês atrás
The video really helped me further understand something that is completely misrepresented every damn day ... The hustle is all it is ... Regular people let someone tell them the do's and don'ts of the world but you just live by your own set of rules because theres really just one reason not to .. because "someone said so" - the laws ect.- and thats not a very good reason and point being that you live a just as wealthy life and in fact what would appear to be more honest people by how upfront most of the lyrics are , shit is SUPER dope 😝😝🤯💪💯
m4x Mês atrás
Cards are stacked against you. You have to throw out the deck to get ahead
Daniel Mihalko
Daniel Mihalko Anos atrás
This beat is literally a masterpiece straight ear candy
Afc Saham
Afc Saham 19 dias atrás
Mohamad Davood
Mohamad Davood 19 dias atrás
i agree
lite 21 dia atrás
@Alyx08 This is a sample off of a video game called Roma 2. Everyone saying its from garageband is just wrong lol
Queen Elizabeth ll
Queen Elizabeth ll Anos atrás
@Kind Hearted and mandem don’t give skep enough credit for this. This should really be skepta ft asap Rocky
hester5014 Anos atrás
@SnitchDaRat i wont even check attention seeker
Jay Stanley
Jay Stanley Mês atrás
this song was huge when it came out, what a great time that was. Life changed in these 4 years but I still love this song. UK x USA 4 life
The King
The King Mês atrás
Greetings! Kindly look up an artist named *'Enexello'* . He's really good! I'm sure you'll like some of his work. Thanks a bunch.
Vinícius Ferreira
Vinícius Ferreira 9 dias atrás
O tanto que essa música me motiva na academia é inexplicável 🇧🇷
M Y 2 meses atrás
God this song still feels like it came out yday, timeless piece
unknown Mês atrás
onggg bro💯
yunzuh Mês atrás
this is one of those songs that once you listen to it, you get addicted immediately
MirroredSmoke 4 anos atrás
Any time these 2 are on a track you already know its gonna bang
Tash k
Tash k 3 anos atrás
MirroredSmoke ain’t. Z-&79
Yves Mukunzi
Yves Mukunzi 3 anos atrás
MirroredSmoke yes
ledgic 3 anos atrás
@Vincent Turlej nah man ptoms was slow af.
dank A
dank A 3 anos atrás
MirroredSmoke bang?
B7 3 anos atrás
lol thought thats my comment ._.
Alezto Mês atrás
*This song never gets old. No matter how much I listen, I never get bored*
Michael 036
Michael 036 Mês atrás
cant get tired listening 2 this...the song never gets old...its always gonna be a hit song to me...
Zooba Ali
Zooba Ali Mês atrás
This song keeps on gaining great numbers of views because it's timeless and ppl always play it.
Gurjot Singh
Gurjot Singh Mês atrás
This song will forever be FRESH !
yes yes
yes yes Mês atrás
qwerty_man Mês atrás
yes bro
Scott Connolly
Scott Connolly 2 anos atrás
The beat is so sick
Savage Virals
Savage Virals 3 meses atrás
This beat is sampled from Apple Jam Pack.
Tommy Ortuno
Tommy Ortuno 5 meses atrás
@I snort G Fuel buddy this is an ancient inca tune that the otavallo people of what is now called Ecuador play on their native instrument that’s exactly what it’s played on in the video too
erdal yuksel
erdal yuksel 5 meses atrás
Same class as stil dre
Albergy 5 meses atrás
Louie Luigi
Louie Luigi 6 meses atrás
Down visuals to match
Bernardo Mês atrás
kartik bawanthade
kartik bawanthade Mês atrás
"My Shades Dior, My Pants Velour.." never gets old !!
AJAY Mudiraj
AJAY Mudiraj 6 dias atrás
Even the building dancing to the beat!!!😀
NILO 94 Mês atrás
I love this song!❤
FinsessedYourBih Anos atrás
Bro i ain't gone lie, this song feels like 5 yrs older then it is.
wervelstorm 6 meses atrás
you goofy
Zsigike 8 meses atrás
@Spastmatiker it sounds like an old roblox games' (2010-2013) music
Mtsix23 Mês atrás
Viciei que trap top demais do A$ap Rocky 🤟🏽🙌🏽
Bxrry 4 dias atrás
his best song
Lee Brambles 💯🦍
Lee Brambles 💯🦍 7 dias atrás
Stucked in my head bruh 🔥🔥😂
darth vader
darth vader 5 dias atrás
Feels like a remastered 90's hit
Kancan 2 anos atrás
It’s been 2 years and I still can’t get enough of this song
Gurshaan Dhariwal
Gurshaan Dhariwal 2 anos atrás
Me while sharing : I take whats mine and take some MORE
RudyMF 2 anos atrás
The best is too catchy
Rudra Satwik
Rudra Satwik 2 anos atrás
Bruh yesss
Máté :D
Máté :D 2 anos atrás
Me too
Gbrl 2 anos atrás
It rains It pours
L Taylor
L Taylor Mês atrás
Skepta producing the most iconic beat in rap like its nothing🙌🙌
Munashe Munjanja
Munashe Munjanja Mês atrás
This is my favourite song of all time! Create, explore, expand, conquer!
Mckenzie_8g 4 dias atrás
I seen this icon perform live in london and he somehow finds a way to make it better
Giovanni Mac Dermott
The vibes are immaculate
rapmon 4 anos atrás
he's killing it with the visuals on this videos tho 🔥🔥
Ms T
Ms T 3 anos atrás
Facts 💯 💯💯
A1Frederick 3 anos atrás
HXWX UGK wtf are you talking about bruh 😂😂🤷🏽‍♂️
Lincoln Noko
Lincoln Noko 3 anos atrás
goon coon
goon coon 3 anos atrás
Yo on no racist shit or anything am black my self but y are they so many black ppl in the uk I dont get it u go to Australia and there not so many blacks cus i been there but the uk i dont get it i just wanna know cus theres so many blacks in amrica cus of slavery
Charmasson Arthur
Charmasson Arthur 3 anos atrás
Nigel pornberry
Nigel pornberry 5 dias atrás
Bro I swear all these American making stereotypes about us 🇬🇧 but all the dedication we put into these songs with you American you have to appreciate it bro
Aryan Kumar
Aryan Kumar 19 dias atrás
even scientist can't tell why this song never get old
mago Mês atrás
Saw him perform this one live yesterday in cologne. simply amazing
Blau 1589
Blau 1589 Mês atrás
holy shit i wish.. how expensive??
mago Mês atrás
@Shift Sync same
Shift Sync
Shift Sync Mês atrás
Sounds great live, wish I was all the way in the front for it 😭
DZ P O W E R Mês atrás
Best beat, best rap, best clip, just A$AP Rocky Nice bro !
Abhimya Ch
Abhimya Ch Mês atrás
I really love this
DZ P O W E R Mês atrás
@edfgt Skepta is good too bro, congrat A$AP and SKEPTA !
edfgt Mês atrás
So skepta and every single other person in the video isnf a person?
Kedo 3 meses atrás
This beat is still iconic till this day 🔥🔥
Ajay Saini
Ajay Saini 29 dias atrás
u r behaving like the song is 20 yrs old?? its just a 4 yrs old song
Ooredoo Ooredoo
Ooredoo Ooredoo Mês atrás
Antor Mondol
Antor Mondol Mês atrás
Selya Mês atrás
@Eli&Ste La Verghetta qq
Kingwelch908 13 dias atrás
This song was stuck in my head for about three days I don’t know how and I kept singing it over and over again until I finally listened to it
LegionOfGod 12 dias atrás
Arnold Chikwadze
Arnold Chikwadze Mês atrás
Talk about a hard timeless track. Still giving me goosebumps today.
Sebastian Wardana
Sebastian Wardana 3 dias atrás
the high rises bump to the beat, thats just what you need sometimes!
Luis Giraldo
Luis Giraldo Mês atrás
Never gets old!
ovidaqwe 2 anos atrás
If they don’t play this at my funeral I’m not going
E A 2 anos atrás
@5HeadDoomfist 😂 There's always one isn't there 🤦🏿‍♀️
big chair
big chair 2 anos atrás
@5HeadDoomfist he knows and I think the fact you didn't get it is painful
big chair
big chair 2 anos atrás
Haha who's funeral are you going to then? Silly Willy
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 2 anos atrás
Best comment award 🥇
Tim McGee
Tim McGee 2 anos atrás
Valio PLEASE go.
Dan Fletcher
Dan Fletcher 23 dias atrás
2022 and I'm still banging this classic before work 💪💪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Dan Fletcher
Dan Fletcher 20 dias atrás
@Kurt Mathews you too brother love from England 👊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Kurt Mathews
Kurt Mathews 21 dia atrás
@Dan Fletcher keep safe mate it's algood here in new zealand brrah hope u stay dope 🙏
Dan Fletcher
Dan Fletcher 21 dia atrás
@Kurt Mathews 😂😂
Dan Fletcher
Dan Fletcher 21 dia atrás
@Rob I'm nothing special mate just wishing everyone a great day the worlds chaos atm I appreciate it 👊
Kurt Mathews
Kurt Mathews 21 dia atrás
Who isn't mate only real cats and dogs r mate!
Metalrus 22 dias atrás
Love this song I'm afraid of listening to it a lot that i might get bored.
Rey Alvarez
Rey Alvarez 10 dias atrás
Keep making music g. dont ever stop. And let that bring you back into the fucked up world
Zolomon Gates
Zolomon Gates 21 dia atrás
This beat is the shit 🔥😎 2022 n still going...I came, I saw, I came , I saw...I praise the lord
Bronny 3 meses atrás
This song aged like wine this song never gets old
Mijanur Rohaman
Mijanur Rohaman Mês atrás
Love this track
Ruman Kaiser Kaiser
md jwual
md jwual Mês atrás
Adrian Szaj
Adrian Szaj 15 dias atrás
Zmęczenie emocjonalne Adrian
The Doctornaut
The Doctornaut 28 dias atrás
An example of a perfect piece of hip hop
KeoWTF Mês atrás
An absolute classic till this day.
Victoria Scarlett
Victoria Scarlett Mês atrás
This song hits different when you’re gaming. Love the music video so much. Makes me more proud to be from NYC. Shout out to the homies in London, too. 💕
AmusingUser Anos atrás
this beat still goes unbelievably hard years later
quiet man
quiet man 11 meses atrás
@Nle Choppa’s fan it’s by Skepta lol
YixSa Anos atrás
John Castro
John Castro Mês atrás
Track beat = Peruvian folklore Es como escuchar música de la cultura Andina ..esa Quena Flauta quedó excelente .
Anunnaki_taliban Mês atrás
folklore europeo, son flautas romanas para el ost de Rome Surrectum II la canción se llama "midsummer again"
El sugu
El sugu Mês atrás
Muy creativo el productor si.. 1 ves busqe "samples" y en 1 de los temas estaba este el de rocky..1 toke mas lento el track d las kenas...y suena muy bueno si
R 23 dias atrás
[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky] Get it Text a message, I don't know the number Flexin' on these niggas, every bone and muscle Steady taking shots, but never hurting numbers Even then, y'all don't worry nothin' And I'd like to give a shout-out to my niggas with a game plan And shout-outs to my niggas with escape plans Uh, twenty bands, rain dance We could either rain check or we can make plans Pockets loaded, rocket loaded, okay, let's rock and roll this It's time to go, Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels Locked and loaded, diamonds glowing, chart-climbing on 'em You'd think I'm jumping out the window how I got 'em open Line around the corner, line 'em up the block and over Sometimes I even stop the smoking when it's time to focus My shades, Dior, my pants, velour Create, explore, expand, conquer [Chorus: Skepta] I came, I saw, I came, I saw I praise the Lord, then break the law I take what's mine, then take some more It rains, it pours, it rains, it pours I came, I saw, I came, I saw I praise the Lord, then break the law I take what's mine, then take some more It rains, it pours, it rains, it pours [Verse 2: Skepta] Yeah, I sold the pack, the loose, the hard (Yeah) I listened to X, I peeped the bars (Yeah) The snakes, the rats, the cats, the dogs The game's a trap, protect your heart (Yeah) I waited in line, return, refine The new design, it's time to shine To shine, to shine, to shine, to shine I hustle, I flex, the world is mine So please believe, allow the greaze These niggas disease, don't speak, we squeeze I make the devil go weak the knees You hate, you're lame, your loss [Chorus: Skepta] I came, I saw, I came, I saw I praise the Lord, then break the law I take what's mine, then take some more It rains, it pours, it rains, it pours I came, I saw, I came, I saw I praise the Lord, then break the law I take what's mine, then take some more It rains, it pours, it rains, it pours [Verse 3: A$AP Rocky & Skepta] Uh, she came, I came, now what's my name? My chain, my pants, my pants with the chain They know it's me, the hat and the shades They heard my voice and they ran to the stage My Vans, my braids, my mans, my babes My girls, my ex, my hoes that I left The way I stepped out the car, that's a flex Give thanks, get fresh, praise the Lord then finesse, bless [Chorus: Skepta] I came, I saw, I came, I saw I praise the Lord, then break the law I take what's mine, then take some more It rains, it pours, it rains, it pours I came, I saw, I came, I saw I praise the Lord, then break the law I take what's mine, then take some more It rains, it pours, it rains, it pours **copy and pasted from
Jav Jhon
Jav Jhon Mês atrás
Today I had to get this bad ass ringtone........can't get that beat outta my head♥️♥️♥️♥️
J L 11 dias atrás
This is just one of the best beats ever.
BobbyShmur 2 anos atrás
What a good Christian song.
Imcha Bro
Imcha Bro 17 dias atrás
El mehdi El hilali
El mehdi El hilali 17 dias atrás
@Hat ppp
KaDe 25 dias atrás
osaDugwem Mês atrás
@Jimmie Smith bro doing what you want doesn’t mean you worship lucifer 💀
popocatlecuh Mês atrás
U should listen to my version in spanish
Tiago Bueno
Tiago Bueno Mês atrás
uma das melhores
Dariel Hidalgo
Dariel Hidalgo Mês atrás
what a good music 🎶🔥
Nyiar Smith
Nyiar Smith Mês atrás
HIP HOP will Never die♾
BloopinDaThird Mês atrás
The effect & effort that went into making this music video is welll appreciated in 2022. (Chef’s Kiss) Work of ART!!!!
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