99% of people CANT guess THESE (Emoji) 

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Today we try and SOLVE These emoji questions!
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9 Mar 2020



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Comentários : 45 596   
isa 3 anos atrás
who else was screaming at the screen ZOOTOPIA
Luxix新冠病毒 3 anos atrás
Candyheart girl me
ImJustSkies 3 anos atrás
Me for sure
Orqxs 3 anos atrás
Me *sighs in disappointment that an 11 year old is smarter than a GROWN MAN*
Len 3 anos atrás
tylerseen 3 anos atrás
Candyheart girl yeah I know
FGBotzree 3 anos atrás
SSundee is the type of guy to watch one of those movies the night before but forget the next day after
Adam 3 anos atrás
are we not going to talk about how he got 24 and nico got 08 and those are both of Kobe’s numbers??
Lego Brick Films
Lego Brick Films 2 meses atrás
your right !!!
Emaya weaver
Emaya weaver 5 meses atrás
The hand with the thumbs up and the red button was so easy it was literally the like Button how did he not know that
Anooj Shah
Anooj Shah 3 anos atrás
How can 99 percent of people not pass this when nico made it for him?
Zayden and moijpu
Zayden and moijpu 7 meses atrás
I did a flip inside my record for every single point that Necovald got
Katelyn R
Katelyn R 2 meses atrás
Kaden Parsley
Kaden Parsley 3 anos atrás
Everyone: Ratatouille Ssundee: Chef Rat Cheese
TheSoundGuy19 3 anos atrás
Kaden Parsley I got so mad when he didn’t get it
Commando Nate
Commando Nate 3 anos atrás
Dammit wanted to see it on my own read your comment before 😖
BEEG yoshi
BEEG yoshi 3 anos atrás
Cheryl Youngberg
Cheryl Youngberg 3 anos atrás
y a n a
y a n a 3 anos atrás
I was yelling at the screen lol
Sandiletote Smith
Sandiletote Smith 2 anos atrás
SSundee- Im not even going to keep score anymore. Also SSundee- changes score
Chickendemolisher223 3 anos atrás
This man nico made a quiz out of google slides I’m dead XD
jumana h
jumana h 7 meses atrás
I love your work:)
Talon Luzier
Talon Luzier 3 anos atrás
these deductions are masterful. you should be a detective
CS_ VICTOR 8 meses atrás
9:53 it can also be inspector E because in-spec-door (tor)- E. The door sounds like a tor in inspector. I think it could be both check it out too
Bank Blare
Bank Blare 3 anos atrás
Me: guesses Ratatouille the instant I see the emojis SSundee: doesn’t pronounce Ratatouille right
Joshua Knaus
Joshua Knaus 3 anos atrás
Even Russell was disappointed.
Retrolord 54
Retrolord 54 3 anos atrás
I only liked coz your profile pic is pickle rick
Fisher Michell
Fisher Michell 3 anos atrás
Retrolord 54 I hate people that like pickle Rick Oh sorry didn’t see u there
The Thunder132
The Thunder132 3 anos atrás
lol ignore my comment this guy is my comment improved X10
Ethan Matterson
Ethan Matterson 3 anos atrás
You stole my profile pick :( and don’t even have pickle in your name
The Triplets
The Triplets 2 anos atrás
12:45 is my favourite! [Only because it was an easy and tricky one]
Na.Tasha Espaillat
Na.Tasha Espaillat 2 anos atrás
Anyone who’s wondering Russel types close enough under ratatouille
Tabbatha West
Tabbatha West 3 meses atrás
loved this video sooooo much
ᗰᗩᗪIᗷᗩ_ᒍ 3 anos atrás
Ian set it to most recent on top because he knew people would be roasting him for the clickbait title and thumbnail 😂
Miles Johnson
Miles Johnson 2 meses atrás
Every time he was confused I literally yelled at my phone
CKmason14 2 meses atrás
Me to
Maya Sabrina Roderos
Maya Sabrina Roderos 9 meses atrás
I got the Zootopia one less than 2 seconds because I just watched it. XD
Friend Squad
Friend Squad 8 meses atrás
Josh Gerrans
Josh Gerrans 7 meses atrás
hamster 6 meses atrás
I've watched it ❷⓿ times
Diah Ariestyana
Diah Ariestyana 2 anos atrás
you won the gameshow!, everyone needs to clap on you
Kevin Wang
Kevin Wang 3 anos atrás
Congrats SSundee, you got in the top 10 on the BRvid Trending Page!
Bryan C
Bryan C Anos atrás
It’s zooTopia
tennballl Anos atrás
Hey man Kevin Wang
kian ALimi
kian ALimi Anos atrás
Booo So boring... And chemousecheese
kian ALimi
kian ALimi Anos atrás
kian ALimi
kian ALimi Anos atrás
Linda Carkeek
Linda Carkeek Mês atrás
This is my 2nd time so I know all of them 😂😂😂
Verifiedmist-_- 3 anos atrás
Notice the score between them was 24-8💛💜
Ashley Anos atrás
me when I get a 75 on my test: 9:28
Luke Bumback
Luke Bumback 3 anos atrás
I love how he can’t name zootopia and can’t name ratutai
hamza baghdadi
hamza baghdadi 3 anos atrás
Ssundee,every time i become sad,you cheer me up, i love you
VkingAlex 5 meses atrás
10:12 His Reaction to the Scribble lmao
Ellen Mangaroo
Ellen Mangaroo 3 anos atrás
What a coincidence that they both end with Kobe's number
Stephan Hermosura
Stephan Hermosura 3 meses atrás
I got 28 pts. bruh. I was also screaming ZOOTOPIA
RandomZee 2 anos atrás
I love Russel’s messages in the editing.
Lauren Barnes
Lauren Barnes 2 anos atrás
Garrett Osborne
Garrett Osborne 8 meses atrás
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii x2
RandomZee 8 meses atrás
Tracey Bell
Tracey Bell Anos atrás
He got 3 times Nicos score😂
FBI • 3 years ago
FBI • 3 years ago 3 anos atrás
I knew Seundee won when he reached 17
Marc 6 meses atrás
Who else is yelling carpet at him?!😂
totally not fake nft profile picture
I love that “that’s me” that nico said
idk. 6 meses atrás
SSundee: I'm not even gonna keep score anymore. *proceeds to keep score* 6:12
Darrylin Rozema
Darrylin Rozema Anos atrás
it was so funny how he tried to figure out zootopia and ratituie
Puppet The Potato
Puppet The Potato Anos atrás
Fagsvgs Vdhdbx
Fagsvgs Vdhdbx Anos atrás
Its rattouille
Christina Wang
Christina Wang Anos atrás
@Puppet The Potato I knew that to bc my friend watch’s that
Mary Stuckey
Mary Stuckey Anos atrás
It was so ovious
Jadah R
Jadah R Anos atrás
Finding Dory and back to the Future really got me
Linda With Sharks
Linda With Sharks 3 anos atrás
I'm with Russell on this.... First that he didn't get Ratatouille, but then the way he pronounced it xD.
Your Little Wolf Friend
You’re not a idiot I just couldn’t stop laughing
Maltipoo Lover
Maltipoo Lover 3 anos atrás
That was funny watching him miss those super easy ones like ratatouille
Ndikuno Justo
Ndikuno Justo 6 meses atrás
Who else was screaming Ratatouille at the screen
Antodd 3 anos atrás
I love how on the first movie he can’t figure it out when I’m just yelling Zootopia acting like he was going to hear me
Monica Brown
Monica Brown 3 anos atrás
That was me then my brother said are u good
flin8gaming 3 anos atrás
I know I said it out loud
Grapple7 3 anos atrás
Atylla 3 anos atrás
BRvid Warz I said the same thing and I did the same thing actually
Lisa Layton
Lisa Layton 3 anos atrás
Edgar Ceballos
Edgar Ceballos 3 anos atrás
Notice how at the end sunder has 24 and nicko has 8 for Kobe.
Emeadows23 3 anos atrás
This the best one he has had in along time
Valerie Maxville
Valerie Maxville 6 meses atrás
Was anyone else yelling ratatouille at the 📺?
South Park Show
South Park Show 3 anos atrás
This video is one of the best ones I’ve seen today
Deanna Hebner
Deanna Hebner 8 meses atrás
He can’t get ratatouille😂😂😂
Michelle Usana
Michelle Usana 5 meses atrás
Number 4 is literally zootopia
Tracey Schwegmann
Tracey Schwegmann Anos atrás
Wow, I Never Knew He'll be this good.
Thi Con Tran
Thi Con Tran Anos atrás
lion ian dcunha
lion ian dcunha 3 anos atrás
Sundee somehow pronounces ratatouille with a hard L instead of a silent L smh
Ozy20 2 anos atrás
Nico may have predicted the Toilet Paper War
#momlifelive 8 meses atrás
I was literally yelling at the scream finding Dory
WatermelonJohn 3 anos atrás
Who else notice the scores at the end were Kobe’s numbers. Rip Mamba and Gianna
MrCoolcool666 5 meses atrás
if the hold your horses had something pointing at you it would of been easier for him
mub 3 anos atrás
For those of you who can't answer the riddle in the thumbnail, it's lion crown
emily 3 anos atrás
It's lion king but ok
Nateee. 3 anos atrás
Wolfie gacha r/whoosh
why does this not allow me to write some things?
Omg it's lion king have you never heard of it
Constantine T
Constantine T 3 anos atrás
@why does this not allow me to write some things? omg it's a joke have you never heard of it?
Chase Nelson
Chase Nelson 3 anos atrás
Ah yes, Nicovald the great connoisseur of mice food
Hayden Rusco
Hayden Rusco 3 anos atrás
It's like he ate a whole lemon before filming then looked at a super bright light.
caitlin hollearn
caitlin hollearn 6 meses atrás
I thought it was back to the future and I knew it🎉
Cloud Munchkin
Cloud Munchkin 3 anos atrás
I like how he was struggling on ratatouille
Ramona Diaz
Ramona Diaz 7 meses atrás
I was screamingZootopia!😂
Dimitri Durmishkhanidze
sundee:99% of people can't guess THESE the thumbnail: dont u see me?
M_E_G_A_N #road to 140
No, we see you
Max Hock
Max Hock 3 anos atrás
The laugh he made when he realized it was finding dory I wheezed
Eli Vizconde
Eli Vizconde 3 anos atrás
Love the end score
Eloise Kamphaus
Eloise Kamphaus 6 meses atrás
Was anyone else like, “DUDE, IT’S BACK TO THE FUTURE!!!!!”
XCARTERX Anos atrás
“I’m not even going to keep score anymore” *changes his score*
Ezekiel Anos atrás
Russell was editing
Yue SHE 8 meses atrás
for question 4, I was like zoo, toe, pea, a- zootopia!
its benz
its benz 3 anos atrás
I’ve never even seen Back to the Future and I figured it out before him.
Matthew Wilbour
Matthew Wilbour 3 anos atrás
KJohnston 3 anos atrás
You should watch it tbh
Engels Ramirez
Engels Ramirez 3 anos atrás
KJohnstonYT I grew up watching those movies, but now I consider them pretty old and boring. I know they are great movies, but I can’t help my brain think otherwise
Alice Ong
Alice Ong Anos atrás
I've seen none of all movie in this video
Godzilla Anos atrás
Holly Sauls
Holly Sauls 3 anos atrás
tell Nico that Facebook ain't a company, but it's a website or app.
Carie Labare
Carie Labare Anos atrás
I feel like this is the best puzzle map ever
Lenora Kuker
Lenora Kuker 3 meses atrás
Why’s he saying that 99 % of people can’t get these questions right! I can answer basically all of them correctly 🎊
Brett_Ty 3 anos atrás
SSundee: *goes to restaurant and sniffs cheese curds* Also SSundee: *”Yep this smells like Nico”*
Koen 3 anos atrás
In Belgium, we speak Dutch, French and German
Shane Greaves
Shane Greaves 3 anos atrás
Aissaoui Rama
Aissaoui Rama 2 anos atrás
Hui Huang
Hui Huang 2 anos atrás
Chef mouse cheese
Christiane Van De Langerijt
I live in Belg
Julie S
Julie S 5 meses atrás
the premises of hotel transelvanya is a vampire falling in love with a human. LOVE.
Linkwithashotgun 3 anos atrás
me when he FINALLY gets it : about time
SwaggyBaggie 3 anos atrás
Same with me
Finn Lawler
Finn Lawler 3 anos atrás
Who else realized that the finale scor was Kobe’s numbers. “24 and 8”
Jake Rent
Jake Rent 3 anos atrás
Who noticed that russel gave nico a extra point.
Katelyn R
Katelyn R 2 meses atrás
Not me
GamerLionBlox Mês atrás
he didn't
Sizu_Technik 2 meses atrás
2:05 : Zootopia
Dhairya Bhanavadia
Dhairya Bhanavadia 3 anos atrás
I know why Nico made this quiz...
Am snek
Am snek 5 meses atrás
If ssundee got a pound every time he said ‘crap’ he would be a billionaire
SentynZ 2 anos atrás
Ssundee: We out here boys! Also Ssundee: chefmousecheese
Yeetooferteam 2 anos atrás
What is chef mouse cheese
boom 123 boss
boom 123 boss 2 anos atrás
Klipx 3 anos atrás
Sing-a-water Got me cracked up🤣
dj deryberry
dj deryberry Anos atrás
can we all appreciate the fact that on the first question he didn't know how to figure out the answer
۞Kate_Studios۞ 2 meses atrás
who else was screaming the answers at the screen
FADI SABAH 11 meses atrás
me: knowing its finding dory instantly (1 secs) SSundee: struggles to know the awnser and doesnt know it so nico gets the point
TheRealHotDog 3 anos atrás
Nobody: Sundee: guess the country Belgium France
YGLOO 3 anos atrás
Lol iam from the Dutch side of belgium
Rob Verreyt
Rob Verreyt 3 anos atrás
Lol same
Ralf Gerritse
Ralf Gerritse 3 anos atrás
umm actualy they speak french in belgium
Rob Verreyt
Rob Verreyt 3 anos atrás
@Ralf Gerritse no? In flanders we speak dutch/flamish..
foxxo 3 anos atrás
@Rob Verreyt r/wooosh
Brickiac 3 anos atrás
I hit the like button over 10 times over Zootopia!!!
Bruh 3 anos atrás
You should have live stream this to give you hints
Galactic-Ace 8 meses atrás
in hotel transylvania, the girl vampire was in love with that boy with the red hair
Nolan Jeans
Nolan Jeans Anos atrás
Nico speaks French probably because it’s the second largest language in canada
Ezekiel Anos atrás
It’s very popular in Quebec
Keighley Woollums
Keighley Woollums 6 meses atrás
He didn't guess the one with the thumbs up and the red button immediately. Why? It's not the hand that matters, it's what it means. It's a thumbs up, and a thumbs up means that u like something. It's not the color of the button that matters, just the fact that it's a button. It's kind of obvious. The thumbs up looks like a certain BUTTON under the video.
Zjawik 3 anos atrás
Sundde: I know my geography Also Sundde:belguim France Me:are you sure about that
Dropz Clan
Dropz Clan 3 anos atrás
Isn't it germany
sing yearn
sing yearn 3 anos atrás
@Dropz Clan no lol
AJustinPhotos Ajm
AJustinPhotos Ajm 3 anos atrás
This comment is underated!
Dropz Clan
Dropz Clan 3 anos atrás
y o i n k I was jk it's next to germany
Legacy 3 anos atrás
Ian: "If you think i'm an idiot hit that like button" Me: "I am four parallel universes ahead of you"
mikoto ookami
mikoto ookami 3 anos atrás
GT Legacy loooooool
TDNJ PUPPETS 3 anos atrás
2nd to comment
Joa513quin 3 anos atrás
Andyite 3 anos atrás
Nice terminal montage reference
Taco 3 anos atrás
Zootopia buddy
Bruce McGinley
Bruce McGinley 2 anos atrás
Anyone else feel a deep pain in their heart when ssundee pronounced ratatouille as rat-a-tool-ee
Madi Moreton
Madi Moreton 9 meses atrás
Sharrene Henderson
Sharrene Henderson 9 meses atrás
Of course we do
Ruth O'Mahony
Ruth O'Mahony 6 meses atrás
I knew what the mouse movie was but I forgot the name
Some Guy
Some Guy 3 anos atrás
Ah yes. We love the PowerPoint presentation
Jamie D
Jamie D 3 meses atrás
I was screaming Zootopia
Lihnt 3 anos atrás
2:08 Zoo-toe-pea-a 2:35 I just realized he guessed it 🤦‍♂️
Naomi Strongin
Naomi Strongin 9 meses atrás
That was a close one for Moana
Shamiso Murape
Shamiso Murape 2 anos atrás
it makes sense because in every hotel transylvania movie someone finds love at first sight or as they call it a "Zing"
JellyNat 44
JellyNat 44 2 anos atrás
GalaxyzLight 2 anos atrás
Yeah first movie had the vampire loving a human
John Powell
John Powell 6 meses atrás
it was zoo-toe-pea-a lol
Schmurk 3 anos atrás
Rip to wall-e. Only the terra tech kids will remember
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