9 Exercises For A Flat Stomach

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On today's episode of XHIT, fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise shows you the best ab exercises to flatten your stomach! These are the nine best moves for getting that six pack! This ab workout will help you burn fat and get your six pack started for the summer! Follow along and let us know what you thought.
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18 Jun 2013



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Comentários 23 471
Viktor 2 dias atrás
good porn
Geralt of Rivia
Geralt of Rivia 4 dias atrás
Dud im a guy can i do this
blushypotter 4 dias atrás
GUYS...i’m not kidding, this actually does work. i saw results in like a week, then i stopped doing this lol. i’m coming back to this again and try to do this longer! trust me, it does get easier to do the workout once you’ve done it so many times :) you can do this!
VS K Dia atrás
Yeah this actually works.😍
Sarbani Das
Sarbani Das 4 dias atrás
loved this!
Thu Hien Nguyen
Thu Hien Nguyen 6 dias atrás
it is an awesome workout. I can feel the burn at the belly area. So hot!!!
Sarahh Yeay
Sarahh Yeay 6 dias atrás
So I've done this yesterday and today.. MY TUMMY IS HURTING SINCE I NEVER DONE ANY EXERCISES THAT RELATE TO THE TUMMY SO yeah it is killing me but i will do it and I'll be back tomorrow or when I get the result.
Kinley and Sophia
Kinley and Sophia 6 dias atrás
This helped me lose 20 pounds in about two weeks it is so Worth it
Daisy Rainbow
Daisy Rainbow 7 dias atrás
Day 1: Hurt SO much and I had to take a break during each exercise - I am sooo unfit Day 2: Felt sore all day but managed it again...was really sore and hurt more than yesterday Day 3: Today wasn't as bad, I found the exercises easier and took less breaks - I'm already feel more motivated to continue! Day 4: Dunno if I'm going crazy but swear I can see some definition - if I tense I can see it, a few days ago you couldn't Day 5: Even if this hasn't done anything I'm feeling more confident and I'm finding it wayyyy easier Day 6: Okay I can 100% see more definition and I have less of a muffin top when i sit! Day 7: I'm nowhere near what I want to look like and so I'm going to keep going but this is wayyyy easier than before, I actually don't hate doing it and I'm starting to see a difference! I am determined to keep going. If you're struggling to stay motivated know that after a few days you gain motivation because it becomes less hard and it makes you feel good!
yuuka nakashima
yuuka nakashima 8 dias atrás
I wish i had more space in my room 😶
مح ذوف
مح ذوف 8 dias atrás
اكو عرب بالطياره..!!😂😂
Desiree Barajas
Desiree Barajas 11 dias atrás
This is the best ab work out video ever
Nawaz Mohammad
Nawaz Mohammad 12 dias atrás
Day 15 but no results
olivia elyse
olivia elyse 12 dias atrás
how many calories does this workout burn?
Matillda 28
Matillda 28 12 dias atrás
i’m reading the comment while doing them
Büşra Erdoğan
Büşra Erdoğan 13 dias atrás
Does anyone know different workout video ? whose is more silent,not taking unnecesarilly and thinking that we follow them.
Büşra Erdoğan
Büşra Erdoğan 13 dias atrás
stop for 3 seconds while switching workouts. you kill my motivation!!!
veronica melo Vazquez
veronica melo Vazquez 13 dias atrás
Guys I did this for one week and no joke put it on god I lost 4 pounds
Army Blink
Army Blink 14 dias atrás
anyone feel like a dying pig on the floor
Pawinee Khunpong
Pawinee Khunpong 15 dias atrás
جوري 77
جوري 77 15 dias atrás
اللي جايين من بيبي ستارر يسوون لايك😭
Nawaz Mohammad
Nawaz Mohammad 16 dias atrás
Someone can tell me how many days later I will see the difference?
Well Wealth y
Well Wealth y 17 dias atrás
Love u
Nicole Willis
Nicole Willis 18 dias atrás
The last one minute exercise seems the longest minute of my life
The geek kid kid
The geek kid kid 18 dias atrás
I will do this I’m gonna try super hard and do this for as long as I can hopefully it works
IT'S JK 19 dias atrás
Rebecca : I'm release! ME : Yhassssssssssss
Tyler Jordan
Tyler Jordan 20 dias atrás
How many times a day should I do this?
Priti Kothari
Priti Kothari 21 dia atrás
How naby Cal it burns
k austeekk
k austeekk 21 dia atrás
i’m going to be doing this and posting weight updates by the weeks!! i’m 16 years old, 5ft nothing, and i weight 190lbs exactly.
bangtann 11 dias atrás
wat happened?
Rima Trisna
Rima Trisna 22 dias atrás
i found this video 4 years ago and i do this almost everyday till now. It works for me. at first it was a little bit difficult and my body felt very painful. But after getting used to doing this exercise, I enjoy every movement... Thank you, Rebecca :)
brooklyn again
brooklyn again 22 dias atrás
Today is the day for a overhaul change my ABS!!! Sooooooooooooooooooooo, Day 1 😉
최지혜 23 dias atrás
9/29 🐷 9/30 🐷
Salma 24 dias atrás
Been doing this for two weeks every day. No change yet.
Health Hacks
Health Hacks 25 dias atrás
The soundtrack is really motivated.
Georgia Liacopoulos
Georgia Liacopoulos 26 dias atrás
This is the first video of Rebecca Loiuse i found years ago. Still following her in 2019.🤘💪😘
Amar Tagore { aami tomare peyechi ojana shadhone }
Why I am unable to do the first one? It’s getting really weird 😭
Amar Tagore { aami tomare peyechi ojana shadhone }
Why I am unable to do the first one? It’s getting really weird 😭
Jaehyun’s Cheese
Jaehyun’s Cheese 28 dias atrás
I thought I was doing good, until flutter kicks
Tremely Ncube
Tremely Ncube 29 dias atrás
How many reps per day ?
ccmenedhal Mês atrás
Is it for men also
Win Ndelule
Win Ndelule Mês atrás
To be honest i did this workouts for a month now but i don see any changes😭😭
Jennifer Albert
Jennifer Albert Mês atrás
I actually loved this Workout, because I really liked it how you keeped motivating us to go on
Marjie Mês atrás
I had bruises on my low back from doing this on an exercise mat ...maybe I should get a thicker mat...
spider Dan 21
spider Dan 21 Mês atrás
Rebecca: * Doing workout * Javi: *IGHT IMMA HEAD OUT*
Khader Adam
Khader Adam Mês atrás
i wat hrde exercaise
Manju Pokharel
Manju Pokharel Mês atrás
Is this exercise safe for someone with diastasis recti?
MAC P Mês atrás
After doing this once Me: Am I thin yet?
Queen POTATO Mês atrás
I did this on bed
Satyendra Mahure
Satyendra Mahure Mês atrás
Hello Rebecca , you are my favorite teacher , my idol & my everything I adore you ☺️ I do every day your exercises thanks love from India
nishant kumar
nishant kumar Mês atrás
who wants flat stomach im just watching this video to see your beautiful face and flat
pramiswari PK
pramiswari PK Mês atrás
how many times a day do you have to do this set?
I know I sound like an infomercial but! I lost fifteen pounds in two months by just following this video as well as Rebecca Louise’s leg exercises just like, three times a week. I didn’t really change other aspects of my lifestyle at all. So! It really does work!
Holmes Amanda
Holmes Amanda Mês atrás
*Evеryonе knows, that thе еаsiеst wау to lose weіght ***
다은이 Mês atrás
09.10 🔥 09.11 🔥 09.12 추석 ㅠ 09.13 🔥 09.14 🔥 09.15 🔥 09.16 🔥 09.17 🔥
Lovely Girl
Lovely Girl Mês atrás
Starts at 0:16
Donna Vaia
Donna Vaia Mês atrás
I really like your workouts but I'm literally dying and the pain makes me wanna punch you when you talk😂
Lovely Girl
Lovely Girl Mês atrás
LIKE THIS COMMENT FOR MOTIVATION. I’m gonna be doing this for 3 weeks and I’ll keep you guys updated each day I do it. I’m 13, 5’6 and 132 pounds. I’m very unathletic and because of genetics I have a huge stomach. It’s always hanging out and all the girls at my school have flat stomachs. Wish me luck, love y’all! ❤️✌️ Day 1: brooo I really felt the burn holy shifisogoao. I think it’ll get easier over time and I really want that flat stomach. I’m always the chubby one of the group and I wanna lose weight so I’ll be more confident in what I wear and do. SIS IS WORKING ON THIS. I’m also going to start drinking more water and eating less. I eat a lot of food because of stress so I should could down my proportions and heat healthier. Wish me luck! Day 2: omg my non existent abs area was so sore. Doing this was so painful but I pushed through. The flutter kicks and Russian twists really got me. It feels really good working out. Not much of a difference besides the pain. It hurts so bad but that’s how you know it’s working. Day 3: I don’t see any results and I haven’t lost any weight. Ik that I shouldn’t be upset since I just recently started but I don’t feel motivated... Day 4: still no results. Idk if it’s working for me. I gained 3 pounds, now I’m 133 pounds. I’m feeling so upset idk what to do Day 5: STILL NO RESULTS WHAATTT Day 6: NO RESULTS THIS IS SO CRAZY Day 7: no results :/
george Mês atrás
I would drain a full load of spunk over here slutty face. Then a good arse pounding
Nicole Willis
Nicole Willis Mês atrás
alfie is a big mood
dragon verystrong
dragon verystrong Mês atrás
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