9/11 Survivor shares her story of getting out of World Trade One Tower

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Linda Randazzo was on the 35th floor of World Trade Center Tower 1 on the morning of September 11, 2001. She tells the story what she went through and how she got out of the tower before it collapsed that day.
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11 Set 2019



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Comentários 0
Ike Reckart
Ike Reckart 3 horas atrás
That feeling is called adrenaline
Theo Lee
Theo Lee 17 horas atrás
Listen if the building shakes and my desk shifts I’m not waiting for anyone to tell me when to leave I’m out period see you guys downstairs bye
Jesus is the truth
Jesus is the truth 17 horas atrás
Praise the Lord ❤
Zombruh Dia atrás
So she got lucky as all hell and tries to say a fictional being guided her totally
YTPANDA Charlie 2 dias atrás
Spades Is a potato
Spades Is a potato 3 dias atrás
Imagine how lucky you would have been to be sick that day!
Excalurn 3 dias atrás
lord ik ur busy rn
: 0
: 0 3 dias atrás
I've heard that the people who survived are guilty because they survived, but the other people didn't. It's confusing.
javier castaneda
javier castaneda 3 dias atrás
You can hear the fear in her voice. 💔🥺
garethininverness 4 dias atrás
Everything shock or shifted as did all the fat on her body
Ellie-Raé Winstone
Ellie-Raé Winstone 3 dias atrás
garethininverness what a vile comment
Hih Ho
Hih Ho 4 dias atrás
Rest in peace, all those that have died, wherever you are.
THE ROBO GAMER WR 4 dias atrás
Rest In Peace to all the brave firefighters and police who fought for there people. Respect ✊
Jacob 4 dias atrás
Thank godddd we get to exterminate all the extremists and that its still happening today. you guys did it to yourselves! dont let sick freaks learn to fly a jumbo jet @ sand countries
Mr yang
Mr yang 5 dias atrás
Beautiful scenery on the other side of the big bank
First name Last name
First name Last name 6 dias atrás
Who I hope people were saved like 3333
arielartista 6 dias atrás
God bless the first responders.
Drift 7 dias atrás
Who else noticed that one of the buildings in the picture was the building that Jessie was filmed in
BananaCommunist 18 horas atrás
Seriously that's your first thought "Oh wow so sad about the people who died but it's all good Jessie was filmed in that building."
PokedyPokePoke 4 dias atrás
Jessie want actually filmed their. But that is where the show takes place. Good job noticing.
fat cabbage
fat cabbage 7 dias atrás
No offence but she definitely held up the line when exiting
Matthew Cruz
Matthew Cruz 7 dias atrás
The lady is one of the 18th rescuers to get rescued
Jess Queen
Jess Queen 7 dias atrás
She just wants to be famous
2ndPeanut 6 dias atrás
Jess Queen bruh
Marcus Huntsinger
Marcus Huntsinger 8 dias atrás
“You could see it in their eyes that they knew they weren’t gonna come back down” Damn that hits hard.
Victor Nanca-Smith
Victor Nanca-Smith 8 dias atrás
It’s called adrenaline
ATL Ian 8 dias atrás
Those navy SEALs gave those terrorists what they deserved. They will burn in hell for their sins
Moco Coco
Moco Coco 8 dias atrás
I love when ahe said, " God, I know your busy right now but I need you to walk with me. And if not I need you to send somebody to walk with me " I dont know how to explain it but for some reason that Just brought tears to my eyes.
Emmelie Vendrs
Emmelie Vendrs 9 dias atrás
I just realised the emergency number is 911 which is also 911, when the towers crashed. I‘m probably the last one oops
LEXI 1015
LEXI 1015 5 dias atrás
Those two guys how did the hijacks on the two planes they ment to do that they planed for to do that on 9/11 so do ya get it
LEXI 1015
LEXI 1015 5 dias atrás
May I tell you a story
Johnny Reb
Johnny Reb 9 dias atrás
That woman is a fraud
Tammy Strong
Tammy Strong 9 dias atrás
Conspiracy theories? Really ? So many ignorant people So blind to to the truth. People just will believe anything it’s scary.
Jayden Videos
Jayden Videos 9 dias atrás
I’m crying
Freddie Grindley
Freddie Grindley 10 dias atrás
The reason it’s 911 is because of 9/11
Megaladon Rock band
Megaladon Rock band 10 dias atrás
Even after 18 years the pain and loss of this day is still greatly felt. Prayers to all those who lost a loved one on this day. May we never forget them.
iceninja1225 10 dias atrás
How did the firefighters and police officers die?
Free candy for Unsupervised children
The towers collapsed roughly short of an hour after they were hit and the emergency responders were trapped in the building
Selendria Muganogo
Selendria Muganogo 11 dias atrás
I pray for all survivors and witnesses and 9/11 operators of that day... I live in California and I still suffer with nightmares from this day... at least twice a week I get woken up by nightmares of falling from the top floors... this day will always affect me mentally.. I don’t get on planes and I don’t go into high rise buildings... I refuse to live or work above the 4th of any building... it’s crazy... God bless us all 🌹
NoSxeat 11 dias atrás
“So we hugged” WHAT NEXT!!
Jack Savidge
Jack Savidge 11 dias atrás
I remember 9/11 I was in 6th grade in history class and the principal said that a small plane has hit the north tower then it was a jet and then the south tower and I remember the worry on people’s face when I got home my mom got thousands of dollars in cash because we didn’t know what was going to happen next then I learned that 3,000 people died on that day and. But still see the beautiful white buildings with 3,000 faces behind it and the Statue of Liberty crying that is an Image that I will never take out of my mind. It’s been 18 years I miss you Jill someday I will see you again.
baitullah Ab
baitullah Ab 11 dias atrás
I Don't want to imagine that moment.. My aunt say that she will call me back at soon..😿But she didn't...
The Crazy Monster
The Crazy Monster 12 dias atrás
Rest In Peace to everyone who didn’t survive. 💔💔 I’m so sorry for everyone who has lost someone because of this
Bunny Burrow
Bunny Burrow 13 dias atrás
It's actually really weird to think that before 2001, September 11th was like another day, like augest 12 or may 5th or July 26nd. I was born after 9/11 so It's actually hard for me to imagine not having people talk about this, or seing people cry at the 9/11 memorial (I live in New York)
Nxsa x Boblet
Nxsa x Boblet 13 dias atrás
Bruh she getting sweaty from talking
willy_side 14 dias atrás
this vid was so sad i was crying after this vid
Softball legend mya Wilson
My teacher mama died in this 😭❤️
Softball legend mya Wilson
Xxgameryt my teacher mother died not mines but God bless u
Xxgameryt 10 dias atrás
Softball legend mya Wilson so who died your teacher or your mom also r.i.p I am sorry for your loss
Kylee Reagan
Kylee Reagan 14 dias atrás
This is fake... nobody survived. I wish everybody survived .. sadly no survivors
milkt -
milkt - 15 dias atrás
Put a helmet on. Put on a jacket get some things that is important. Get a mask. Food. You'll probably survive but you'll get some injuries.
Annie Marc
Annie Marc 16 dias atrás
pray for her, she went back for her friend in the bathroom
Xor rd
Xor rd 16 dias atrás
She was only on the 35th floor and was complaining about too many stairs.
Samuel Robinson
Samuel Robinson 16 dias atrás
Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow 16 dias atrás
Nobody: Bush: oopsie poopsy
Cantong Chong
Cantong Chong 17 dias atrás
She heard no crash , bang , boom of the 560 MPH 113 ton impact?? That noise along with the 140Db twin screaming jets would have been incredible.
Kawiee Panda
Kawiee Panda 17 dias atrás
My friends aunt was in one of the top floors of the towers and she didn’t survive we have a tree with a picture on a brick by a tree for her
Dwingles420 16 dias atrás
Another fake story about someones aunt.
Clementine’s World
Clementine’s World 17 dias atrás
Bless lost ones
Stephen Green
Stephen Green 17 dias atrás
my mom said noone survived and this video changed my mothers mind
lpstiger 18 dias atrás
To people who dont believe
Banbo 18 dias atrás
Im full of hate. Why do they kill innocents.
RyanMinhTV 18 dias atrás
Sorry for Their Lost on 9/11... 😑😔😞😢😰😭
RyanMinhTV 18 dias atrás
Sorry for Their Lost on 9/11... 😔😢😭
RyanMinhTV 18 dias atrás
Sorry for Their Lost... 😔😢😭
sherzod 18 dias atrás
Dang it should of died
Sunny Sisters
Sunny Sisters 18 dias atrás
9/11 is my moms bday😩
Dwingles420 16 dias atrás
@Sunny Sisters pointless, stupid information.
Sunny Sisters
Sunny Sisters 16 dias atrás
No one asked
Dwingles420 16 dias atrás
Nobody cares.
Angus Gray
Angus Gray 18 dias atrás
It would have been a really bad time to be on the toilet when this occurred
Veroxzes 14 dias atrás
Angus Gray Seeing how big that building was, some probably were...
FreeSarin 18 dias atrás
Who were the terrorist? Saudies. Who funded them? American politicians. Why? So we can start a war in the middle east. Don't blame muslims blame your own country
Kari Fredrikson
Kari Fredrikson 18 dias atrás
i was watching TV when the first plane hit the first building. visiting my friend in Pennsyvania,I heard military jets overhead. i thought our country was in the midst of war. I wish the tears of everyone in the world could have brought your Loved Ones back. And we still cry for them & you.
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