8 simple Japanese habits that will make your life so much better!! 

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Today I’d like to talk about 8 little Japanese habits to incorporate daily that can make your life better.
They are small habits, but are so powerful and can have a big impact.
All of them are habits that can be easily adapted into one's lifestyle, so please watch this video until the end.
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1- cleaning Toilet 2- become Humble 3- Organise your room 4- Organise your shoes 5- Improve your posture 6- Thank you for meals 7- Gratitude for life 8- Put the chair Back after use 9- feel happy with what you have now 10- how are you ? 11- sleep early get up early 12- start small step
William Coutts
William Coutts Mês atrás
I am a night owl by nature, not everyone is an early bird.
Chitra Ghatak
Chitra Ghatak Mês atrás
I have great respect for Japanese culture. I had very good experience with Japanese students.
I was looking comment box for this comment only
Anam Naz
Anam Naz Mês atrás
What kind of smile is that???
Sunshine Dancer
Sunshine Dancer Mês atrás
​@William CouttsIt's likely you have a right facing arrow as youe determination in your Human Design. :)
Pamela Major
Pamela Major Mês atrás
My Mom is Japanese and does all of these! She is the most positive influence in my life! Thank you.
simone ambroise
simone ambroise Mês atrás
I am French and I do it all. It's not only in Japanese culture.... You must have a terrible idea of other cultures. You should travel more.
Rabia Arshad
Rabia Arshad Mês atrás
We are Muslim all these things are mentioned in our religion.though v r not good enough.but thanks Allah for such a nice religion.ISLAM
sujal thakkar
sujal thakkar Mês atrás
I am Hindu and yeah we also do that i mean who wouldn't like to do good to their life and maintain sustainability. Don't need to mention i do it or you do it. As a socioeconomic society we should do these along with many other good habits
babsbybend 18 dias atrás
I've worked as a custodian numerous times. Creating a spotless bathroom is very soul satisfying, and I appreciate those who leave it as clean as I left it!
Taylor Cohen
Taylor Cohen 2 meses atrás
Because of this video, I have been cleaning my toilet every morning since Ramadan in late March or Early April of this year (2023). It’s now July and I have not missed a day. Some days, I deep clean, taking the seat off, deep cleaning the tank, et cetera, and some days I simply wipe it and clean the bowl. Placing my towel on the top of the tank without apprehension while I shower is my greatest reward to myself! This practice has changed my spirit and life enormously, and I will continue it for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for sharing all of these wonderful rituals!
Cheryl Alt
Cheryl Alt Mês atrás
If you have a good attitude and positive outlook, you can find meaning and joy in the smallest or simplest of tasks. I'd forgotten that for a while and this video has reminded me. Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm very glad this is improving your life. Have a lovely day!
Australian BBQ
Australian BBQ Mês atrás
Your on the right path 🙏
Taylor Cohen
Taylor Cohen 26 dias atrás
@Cheryl Alt What a beautiful takeaway! I'm excited for you! It sounds like this season of your life is going to bring immense wonders :")
Google Google
Google Google 23 dias atrás
Good content, very thought-provoking.
Cheryl Alt
Cheryl Alt 23 dias atrás
@Taylor Cohen thank you! I’m hoping so myself. Actually, I’m hoping for life to bring good things for everyone. It’s been hard going for much of the world lately and I truly wish it to be better for all of us. Have a very lovely day tayco!
Nghi Nguyễn
Nghi Nguyễn 21 dia atrás
1 - Clean the toilet 2 - Organize your shoes 3 - Improve your posture 4 - Itadakimasu 5 - Put the chair back after using it 6 - Ware tada taruwo shiru (Knowing that you're content, will bring peace to your heart) 7 - Okagesama (I'm good, thanks to all of you) 8 - Go to bed early, and wake up early
sifu64 17 dias atrás
I do rhe first 6 except I thought it was OCD
DerbesteHanika 13 dias atrás
1. taking a massive morning shit 2. not flushing, so the next person can admire your piece of art 3 throwing your undies with skid marks across the room 4. never take off your shoes, saves your the task of organizing them 5. slouch to be comfortable 6.overeat and grab leftovers from plates. Stuff yourself, so you got a good load for the next days bathroom routine 7. get wasted everyday 8. get a grill and and a big ass gold chain, show other people what you got. 9. party all night and wake up when you are sober 10. take shortcuts wherever you can
Andrea Chilton
Andrea Chilton Mês atrás
It's not a "custom", but I've gotten into the habit of asking my MIL if she wants us to bring her dinner when we cook at home, even when I know she isn't particularly fond of the menu. I just want her to know that we appreciate everything she has done for us and that it is a privilege to be able to care for her in return.
Plants Over Pills
Plants Over Pills 4 meses atrás
My first experience with Japanese culture was a tour group who was departing from our local airport. I had to tag their bags to their next destination. They all stood quietly in a line and waited patiently while I attended each bag. I showed each person the destination on the tag to confirm, they approved, I quickly affixed. I nodded approval to one lady for the nice scarf she had tied on her handle. My meaning was to compliment here for using such an attractive scarf to identity her luggage. She took it off and gifted it to me much to my embarrassment. I had not wanted to take it away from her. But it was done. I still have the scarf today more than 20 years later and am happy to say that in 17 years, this group was the most enjoyable passengers I have ever served. Considering we did not speak each other’s language, that is saying a lot.
Christina Bella
Christina Bella 4 meses atrás
Thank you for sharing this, it is so lovely! Xx
Jonathan Schmidt
Jonathan Schmidt 4 meses atrás
Then I can recommend you to visit Japan. We were and still are overwhelmed by the friendliness and helpfulness. Everywhere and always and from everyone. Chefs greet you when you come in and leave, clerks take a bow. Everyone is waiting in the queue. In one gift shop, where I didn't buy anything, I asked for chopsticks for my lunch. The lady apologized that unfortunately they didn't have any left. No problem, so I went on my way. The saleswoman ran after me and gave me the last two chopsticks she found after I left.
christiana ntoya
christiana ntoya 3 meses atrás
Thank you so much.
Mel Bedini
Mel Bedini 3 meses atrás
Denise Curtis
Denise Curtis 3 meses atrás
Reading your wonderful comments brought tears to my eyes😪 We can certainly learn a lot from others Cultures if we just put in a lot more effort😘
kulturfreund66 23 dias atrás
Japan is a powerhouse in so many fields. A country I surely would like to experience. Thanks for being on this planet. Cheers from Berlin : )
Shreya Bhosale
Shreya Bhosale Dia atrás
I agree. Sending gratitude and love from India
Ken Jader
Ken Jader 2 meses atrás
OMG you're EXCELLENT! My mom is Mexican born and raised in the Philippines and all of what you have said is part of her day-to-day routine and she passed it down to us and I find these practices so satisfying. Thank you so much for this wonderful video .
Feryal Mohamed
Feryal Mohamed 2 meses atrás
Much love from Egypt. Many of the habits that you mentioned as being present in Japan are also found in the Middle East. However, it is unfortunate that our younger generations are not really following these traditions as much as in the past.
Nazifa Tasnim
Nazifa Tasnim Mês atrás
Yes, Japanese are very close to Islam but yet so far. All the things he has mentioned are present in the islamic culture except for the shirk ( associating partners to God)
rvr808 21 dia atrás
I love and am so so so obsessed with Japanese lifestyle from the time i was 13 ❤ I invested in learning the language and culture and this has contributed to 80% of my life sucess
mridusmita84 Mês atrás
I've been following your suggestions and they work like magic! My 7 year old who couldn't aim has started being so organized too because of it! I do the shoes at the door, room organization, being thankful for our meals, and cleaning bathrooms Everyday! The challenging one is waking up early, I think I'm the wrong chronotype 😊
Tracey Richardson
Tracey Richardson Mês atrás
Could you aim to wake up at a regular time?
Psych2Go 6 meses atrás
You have really great content. Keep up the great work :)
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Stars stars
Stars stars 6 meses atrás
Such a surprise seeing you here!
A Cat Mom
A Cat Mom 4 meses atrás
Agreed!! I just subscribed
PHUTI Sherpa
PHUTI Sherpa 4 meses atrás
Hey psych!!👋👋
Cooking Connection
Cooking Connection 3 meses atrás
Kikiyuki 2 meses atrás
I stayed and work in Japan for 4 years. I learned alot from Japanese culture. I follow and practise them until now back home in Malaysia. Respect the Japanese. Experienced all the beautiful things there. Missed Japan so much especially the organisation I worked with, NHk Japan, Shibuya Tokyo❤
Dani 2 meses atrás
I adopted all of these habits, just out of living and learning, and I will say that they really have helped my life change! Gratitude and cleanliness and humbling oneself and appreciating what you have all have changed me so much!
Nabila Khan
Nabila Khan Mês atrás
It has been a great experience learning about 8 small Japanese habits. Thank you for sharing. I practically fo am all with a basic difference of belief because I am a Muslim. 1. I clean our toilets at home daily and even more often. 2. I always organise my shoes and even my husband's because it is not important for him. 3. I always sit with my back straight and walk with an upright posture, I am 60 years old and do not suffer any back pains. 4. I always leave my chair properly because I hate disorder. In fact, I make my bed and tidy up before I leave any room. 5. Being a Muslim, I say "Bismillah" before eating and "Alhamdulilah " when I fish eating. It means I begin eating with the name of Allah, the creator of the universe, and when I finish eating, I thank Allah for the meal. 6.When I get up in the morning , I wash my private parts hands, hands mouth, nose, face, fore arms, and feet to get ready for 'Salahtul Fajr' our morning prayer before sunrise. In our all five daily prayers, we thank Allah and ask for His guidance and help. 7. I and my husband go to a park near our house for a brisk walk for 40 minutes. 8. When I meet people, I say, "Assalamulaikum ", it means may peace and blessings be upon you. I hope you will find my 8 simple habits interesting. I have worked as a teacher for decades. You and I have the profession, and we share many of our habits. It was great watching your video.
simone ambroise
simone ambroise Mês atrás
so, what did you learn?
Hilo Hattie
Hilo Hattie 21 dia atrás
Such an awesome routine and practice. God blesses you.
Nabila Khan
Nabila Khan 20 dias atrás
@simoneambroise6392 I have learnt that we may be oceans away and culturally apart, but we do have some common habits.
Nabila Khan
Nabila Khan 20 dias atrás
@Hilo Hattie you are very kind.
simone ambroise
simone ambroise 20 dias atrás
@Nabila Khan great comment. 👍
Casiopea2481 25 dias atrás
Thank you so much! I grew up this way thanks to loving and devoted parents. I am from Quito-Ecuador. I am deeply grateful for all who follow this simple but very important ways for an organized and clean life,❤
Cute Nerd Girl 😘
Cute Nerd Girl 😘 2 meses atrás
A lot of these things are habits that I already do, but this video made me really appreciate the Japanese culture!
Ania D'Amico
Ania D'Amico 4 meses atrás
Here in Sicily I learned from my parents that respect for others is in little things. Put back the chair, leave the coach tidy, close the doors, leave everything as you found it means to have respect for others coming after you. I will do everything I can to teach my sons the same things.
tiggergolah 4 meses atrás
This. I was taught that the essence of courtesy, or manners, is making those around you comfortable. This underlies so many rules, such as chewing with our mouth closed, sitting up over our plate, etc.
Baron 4 meses atrás
I prefer to do it for myself and have the byproduct result for other's benefit. It comes doown to the same outcome but I prefer to have the reason I do things be for me. It's just a different mindset. Put yourself in your focus, it'll make you care less about unimportant things
Little Tree
Little Tree 3 meses atrás
I was taught this too ❤ Grateful I was, but… I feel like I’m the only one “these days”. God willing my sons will learn this too
Denise Curtis
Denise Curtis 3 meses atrás
At church we have a sign, If you turn it on, turn it off, if you borrow it return it If you open it, close it. And if you lose it, replace it! On another flyer: Arrive early-- and don't make a haystack of yourself at the beginning of the Pew-- move down so that others may enter in more comfortably.
Jen C
Jen C Mês atrás
Our motto is leave a space better than you found it. Love this!
Weight Loss for Health, Energy & Longevity
This is lovely! What a joy to watch such heartfelt traditions! ❤
Jamila Musayeva
Jamila Musayeva 18 dias atrás
I absolutely agree with you! Being organized in your surrounding helps you to be organized with your life ☺️
cocosnuciferanuts525 15 dias atrás
Preparation. Without preparation everything fails,unless very lucky.
Hinaku Lucis
Hinaku Lucis 2 meses atrás
Algunas cosas ya las he aplicado por distintos libros que he leído o resúmenes. Lo de la silla aquí en México hay gente con mentalidad: "para eso les pagan" pero siento que dejarlo así es reflejar lo que somos en casa. 😊
Susan Back
Susan Back 20 dias atrás
Good advise. Japanese culture makes so much sense in that it's having gratitude, being considerate, being thankful. All leads to a happier life.
Hazel Kelly
Hazel Kelly 17 dias atrás
Perhaps that's why they live so long
tracy ann johnson
tracy ann johnson 5 meses atrás
Cleaning your toilet is NOT gross. NOT cleaning your toilet is GROSS!
roger jack
roger jack 5 meses atrás
who doesn.t clean their toilet?
LoL F me
LoL F me 5 meses atrás
Exactly, I like cleaning the toilet, my toilet😂
Isaiah Ayers
Isaiah Ayers 5 meses atrás
Both are gross
Sunny ☀️
Sunny ☀️ 5 meses atrás
Exactly! 🚽
Aida Galvez
Aida Galvez 5 meses atrás
Exactly, I am Cuban living in Miami. I clean the toilets in my house everyday.
Janis 23 dias atrás
I loved this video and believe that if everyone made a conscious effort to be happy, positive, and made positive actions towards others, then this world would be a better place.
latha parineetha
latha parineetha Mês atrás
Yes I do almost everything you say everyday because I am a housewife, and I follow gratitude practice, self affirmations and possibly meditate for some time, but my husband makes fun of me, but I completely ignore that. Thank you so much for the video, love from India
Jessica Latorraca
Jessica Latorraca Mês atrás
Know there are more for you than against you. Love never fails. 😌💟💗🌿💓🌷🌼🙂💚🌸 {hug}
Presidium Folk
Presidium Folk Mês atrás
You have solid inner strength! Keep it going. God is behind the humble and selfless :)
Amina Salahuddin
Amina Salahuddin Mês atrás
Sorry to see he doesn't see how you are living your life with wisdom.
K Fletcher
K Fletcher 23 dias atrás
I am sorry that your husband makes fun of you. That is not nice or supportive… but I am sure his arse appreciates the clean toilet though. 🙄 Keep your head up and keep doing what brings you joy!! ❤️🙏
Jinjee Garrick
Jinjee Garrick 22 dias atrás
I would like to recommend looking up Phil and Maude's blog "How Two Have a Successful Relationship". You can both be happier with their simple practice!
Corina Chelaru
Corina Chelaru 22 dias atrás
Thank you so much! I’m a teacher also and you gave me a great idea of how I will start the first school day with my students ❤️
Fairy Tales | Victoria's Tales World
I really liked this video! It shares various Japanese habits that can lead to a better life, and they make a lot of sense. From cleaning the toilet to expressing gratitude before meals, these habits promote humility and appreciation. The idea of going to bed early and waking up early as a form of worship to the sun is interesting. It's a reminder to start small and work towards incorporating these positive habits into our daily lives. Thanks for sharing these valuable insights! 🌞🙏🇯🇵🌿
Eugenia Nietopinto
Eugenia Nietopinto Mês atrás
Muchos de estos buenos habitos se aprendian de los padres en el hogar, (con excepcion lo del inodoro, jeje) aunque ahora tristemente se han ido olvidando . Te agradezco por recordarselo a las nuevas generaciones. Eres muy ameno, simpatico y didactico en tus consejos. Felicitaciones.🙂🌻
kate carew
kate carew 5 meses atrás
As a kid my mother was dating a Japanese man who changed our lives! Only for the better :) The thoughtfulness and quiet way of enjoying life with gratitude and being considerate were invaluable lessons. David Sedaris wrote a story about when he quit smoking and moved to Japan, I remember him talking about how he marveled at families on the train. How well behaved the kids were and how the parents were so considerate about the kids not leaving a mess…he said something about how we should all try to do and be more like the Japanese.
Heidi Hanson
Heidi Hanson 5 meses atrás
OMG, yes!!! I remember that, too. How the parents would wipe any smudges their children left on the train. No graffiti. A peaceful public commute. Almost unbelievable to this American.
Transplanted1 5 meses atrás
@Heidi Hanson Never been to Japan so THANK YOU for that tidbit. How we can learn from each other as people groups...
flyingcat2054 4 meses atrás
😀yeah, people in Chicago could use a few of these social lessons! Some of that courtesy would go along way in all these various ethnic and (political) groups here
Jinjee Garrick
Jinjee Garrick 25 dias atrás
9 simple habits my parents taught me: 1.) Be kind 2.) If you can't say something nice, don't say anything 3.) Bring people up to your level, don't go down to theirs 4.) Look both ways when you cross the street 5.) Leave the room a little better than you found it 6.) Say hello or give a hug when you enter or leave a room or house with others in it 7.) Say please and thank you 8.) Treat people how you want to be treated 9.) Smile
Marlene McAuley
Marlene McAuley 24 dias atrás
Tx you
Infiniti25 22 dias atrás
Make it a list of ten… 10. Always keep to the left
KendraR 22 dias atrás
I dont agree on nr 2. Sometimes tough love or honesty is the most loving action one can do. ❤
Maria João Duarte
Maria João Duarte 22 dias atrás
Thank you to remind this
Infiniti25 22 dias atrás
@KendraR damn straight! Some people never get told the truth and they sure needed it 20 years ago
Bhoodevi Tadkapelly
Bhoodevi Tadkapelly 3 meses atrás
Learning: Both videos are real eye-openers for me, few things I have been following and a few I know I have been doing but are having so much more meaning to them! Both videos help in self growth and self realizations for success. so simple techniques yet amazing impact!
Dil Careem
Dil Careem Mês atrás
Embrace mindfulness, gratitude, minimalism, and the art of savoring. Don't miss these transformative habits - it's time to integrate the essence of Japanese wisdom into your routine, leading to a more intentional, joyful, and harmonious way of living.
black_catsrival 20 dias atrás
Keywords awareness, empathy, routine, logic, gratitude for things no matter how small and some more. BUT for me personally 80% of these things have to do with -Good Manners' 😅 PS, that's the reason I like the Japanese culture. It's not for everyone but on daily basis your habits, routines etc help to stay balanced, humble, empathic and being able to do the dailies as a routine (mentioned it becomes a habit) action instead of permanently being confused what to do next and it stops feeling like work with time 😊
Speak with Nick
Speak with Nick 2 meses atrás
I don't remember the last time I watched a whole video here from start to finish, obviously you struck a chord with me. I visited incredible Japan some years ago. Fantastic feel good content, well done! Okage samade!
FelisTerras Lee
FelisTerras Lee 4 meses atrás
When I grew up, I was taught a couple very simple everyday rules: 1. if you take it out, you put it back 2. if you dirty/soil it, clean it 3. if you break it, fix it 4. if you lose it, replace/go look for it 5. if you hurt someone, apologize(unless you were attacked first)(this one is circumstancional) 6. try to be helpful/kind to everyone and anythings resp. value the world around you Those are very basic rule to becoming a normal, decent, functioning member of society.
rooneyboo. 3 meses atrás
If you drop it , pick it up If it cries love it , I was raised with similar values However , I have noticed that my children’s Generation See apologising as a weakness where is as a child whether I meant the offence / accident or not I would immediately apologise .It always gors so far to making a situation better ✨
Kausam Salam
Kausam Salam 3 meses atrás
Excellent points. Agreed.😊
Hinaku Lucis
Hinaku Lucis 2 meses atrás
La 5ta podría aplicar: me disculpo porque tu no pudiste hacerlo por mi 😅
Karate quantum
Karate quantum 2 meses atrás
@rooneyboo. i wonder if all of you are asians. i notice most caucasians especially the younger generation are not like this. just last week one east european mother told me her kids litter and she said they dont like doing it but she tell them to do it because they are in uk but in their homecountry she wouldnt care. so it is about the norm or for appearance. but to me its about sense of belonging, sense of responsibility, respec etc..
Ayesha Kureshi
Ayesha Kureshi 2 meses atrás
@rooneyboo. whats the better word for drop incase of solid food products like flour or bread anything will we say that u dropped the flour or tranfer the flour carefully else it will drop. finding a suitable word
Anastasia Gostkowski
Anastasia Gostkowski 2 meses atrás
Absolutely loved this video! I already have the habit of always putting the chair back, but I need to practice all of the other ones. Especially going to bed early and waking up early
Melody Tan
Melody Tan Mês atrás
Thank you for your positivity Sir and you are very enthusiastic in teaching us. Never a boring class with you 😁
Davoud Derogar
Davoud Derogar 2 meses atrás
thank you for sharing a very rich culture. They are logical and ethical with intelligence and that is why Japan is os advance in technology. that means zen practice works well. the world need people like you to pass the good words. I enjoyed all of them and made me think deeper about life. Thank you for small moves that makes big changes. I visited Japan for 8 days and that was the best days of my life. It is a clean country with smart hard working people. I love the foods and exercise in the parks. wish you and all involved in your videos the best. Thank you teacher.
My_Artys yt :D
My_Artys yt :D Mês atrás
I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF BECAUSE I'M ALREADY DOING ALL OF THEM :D Actually a clean house gives you less thoughts in the head and you can focus on your goals! ^^ thanks for this video!
Teaug 18 dias atrás
Wow! Thank you so much for posting and sharing your wisdom with the whole world. I am one who loves keeping my house clean, and organized too, but I never thought of other meaning why we must do it except I love the feeling of living in a neatly organized home. What i really value from this though, is going to bed early and getting up early and go enjoy the sunrise. I believed that I am going to start doing this. I do get up around 3 and 4 a.m. but I only meditate and maybe do a little something then, I'd go back to sleep. I think, tomorrow morning, I am going to watch the sunrise. Thank you! I will go to the park early tomorrow.
Jason Capp
Jason Capp 4 meses atrás
One cultural practice in Japan that I appreciate so much is the communal understanding of public expression. What I mean comes from the Japanese expression, 空気読める (Kuuki yomeru), which means "the ability to read the air". In a lot of western society, the desire to read the air or understand what is happening in a given context is relatively absent. In takes a grand situation for many Americans, for example, to unite. In Japan, however, almost every public situation has an air about it that should be honored. This may seem stifling, but it actually helps to make the country feel like a well-oiled machine, because unnecessary expression is frowned upon, as it is seen as a selfish move that interrupts what is happening in the moment. For example, if we are out drinking in celebration of someone's birthday, the focus should be on 1) the person we are celebrating and 2) the party itself. When you introduce something outside of those two points, it should at least be connected to one of those two points. Otherwise people may say, 「空気読めない」(Kuuki yomenai), which means you are unable to read the air. In the west, especially in a country like America that values individualism and freedom over everything else, this may not be seen as a positive cultural trait. However, this is why we do not see a lot of aggressiveness, violence, anger, hate, and more in Japan, because unnecessary commentary and actions are few and far between, whereas in a country like America, aggressiveness, violence, anger, and hate are displayed regularly in all contexts. This is why when foreigners go to Japan, they almost immediately recognize how peaceful and organized the country is, and then they also realize how safe the country is because of this wonderful trait. Compare that to America once again, and it is like night and day. Many foreigners that come to America do have fears of being around a violent situation, and that is understandable. When you come from a group-oriented culture and enter an individualistic culture, those differences are thick and oftentimes scary, but when you go from an individualistic culture to a group-oriented culture, you would be surprised by the amount of foreigners that find a lot of good with such a culture and environment. That's why I love this past of Japanese society the most.
Matteo Rinaldi
Matteo Rinaldi 4 meses atrás
I have to disagree with that. This kind of "light communication" has its own negative traits, which can be quite heavy on how people live and enjoy their lives. Kuuki yomenai, in the words of Japanese people that I know, is extremely embedded in their culture, to the point that it is considered highly anti-social to express disagreement, or to take a strong position on something. This also affects relationships and communication inside the household. At the cost of destroying a marriage, no discussion and no "unpeaceful" moments must be created. This has led to less communication, connection, intimacy, and sharing of emotions for generations. Young people have less ex and intimacy moment sharing than any other generation, and their parents do not communicate about their issues, do not talk about their feelings, sleep in separate rooms, and consider themselves roommates rather than a family. This is so widespread in Japan that the levels of loneliness and isolation have grown exponentially, leading to one of the lowest birthrate in the developed part of the world, a huge mental-health crisis that goes mostly unsolved and unchecked, and a creepingly high level of suicide. While, in certain doses, being considerate towards others is great to maintain social order, the Japanese social order has reached toxic levels in certain areas of life that I cannot objectively be a fan of, nor anybody should, apart from very small enclaves of super-introverted people. My Japanese gf has been showing me how this affected people around her and herself, and I learned a lot about in the West we glorify these elements, blinded by the lights of "a cohesive society", while the US deals with gender wars and the EU tries to fight gas prices. but i think there is a lot to be careful about such high levels of cohesiveness when they actually cut your human emotions and their sharing of them with other people.
Jason Capp
Jason Capp 4 meses atrás
@Matteo Rinaldi I lived in Japan for over 10 years, and I can confidently tell you that this practice, when done right, is wonderful. Sure, there are people and certain structures that abuse it, but that it not the case most of the time. For example: In America, if I am having a bad mental health day, the amount of times people invade my space, try to talk to me, offer unwanted advice, and more is obnoxious. It is as if these people do not realize that I am not in need of their random efforts. In Japan, under the same circumstance, I can peacefully travel on a train without being invaded by others, including in the massively populated Tokyo area. Sure, this isn't always positive, as certain interactions can lead to positive upticks, but there is a sense of invasion in America culture, for example, that does not respect boundaries or space, whereas in Japan, space is very respected. I miss that thoroughly.
eyezwideopen777 3 meses atrás
That is a BEAUTIFUL description of Japan ! It makes me want to go there EVEN MORE !❤
Fiona Fornarina
Fiona Fornarina 3 meses atrás
That is, because Japan is still a highly closed society, where everyone speaks the language and is raised almost the same way minus some regional prefecture differences. So the pressure to fit in is much higher than in Western countries where you always can find a community to escape from such blending in seamlessly. The US are a multi-cultural society with a WASP layer above it, but this veneer is becoming thinner and thinner, so I see your answer as a yearning for a society resembling an insect-like swarm intelligence, where everybody is thinking and feeling the same and thus there is no friction. Reading the air, when it is a constructive atmosphere in which I feel welcome and cared for, is a wonderful thing, but when I see that in a certain social bubble jerks and mean people have the saying and everyone in this bubble is following them unhesitantly without questioning this and that, I don't want to breathe or read that air - regardless if in the US or in Japan.
Denise Curtis
Denise Curtis 3 meses atrás
I lived in Germany, as a teenager, and to me-- it was the cleanest country I'd ever lived in! I loved seeing the bedding in the windows--being freshened, the beautiful flowers and shockingly clean woods! I don't remember the name of it he place, but our Dad took us to a beautiful wooded area with a clear stream running through it, with huge boulders in the water-- And what has always stood out to me, and struck me-- was that there was sitting benches and large trash cans there!😲-- and not one piece of trash anywhere to be seen😃! I firmly believe that every child or adult needs to travel to another country-- and learn to appreciate their culture as it is--without jumping in and trying to change it to comply with Western individualism!
Anniething Dia atrás
I am in love with the minimal house furniture Japanese houses have....and everything looks so empry and natural. Made of wood and straws.
Cocina Con Monikitty
Cocina Con Monikitty 22 dias atrás
Me gusta tu frase, y la incorporaré a mi día, hagámoslo sólo por hoy 😊❤
Shila Rani Das
Shila Rani Das 2 meses atrás
Brother your all the Japanese habits are very similar/accurate to the Indian cultural habits like our elders said in a other way but similar perspective And My mom has been also teaching me all these habits from very little age😊❤ Okagesama
Zilem Mês atrás
Most of the Habits we also practice in our turkish/ islamic culture/religion. Its really interesting and I hope one day I will be travel to Japan ♥️
Frida Smit
Frida Smit 4 meses atrás
We are a Dutch family that uses "Itadakimasu" for every meal! When our children were born, we look for a ritual to begin meals. We are not really into praying, but wanted to do something. Then I came across the Japanese Itadakimasu, I fell in love with the meaning! So we use that now, our kids are now 6 and 8 years old and love it too. (we have to explain a lot when we have guests haha!)
tac master
tac master 4 meses atrás
You can never answer how nothing became something.
Melissa Koorn
Melissa Koorn Mês atrás
Jana T
Jana T Mês atrás
I am German, and I do the same. 😊🙏 The Japanese "Itadakimasu" is just wonderful.
LazarusStr 7 dias atrás
I loved this video ❤! I totally understand why one should or would incorporate these habits. It made an impact on my mindset as I will add them to my mission of growing a better life. Thanks for sharing 😊
JennyZ 3 dias atrás
I really like the Japanese use of symbolism in life. We need to be in touch with our subconscious thoughts and feelings. Symbolism in daily life contributes to this process.
Sara Joy
Sara Joy Mês atrás
I have had your video saved in my Watch Later for a while now and I finally got to enjoy it! Thank you so much! I will try to incorporate these all into my daily life. Ironically, I cleaned the toilet this morning and now watching this as your #1 and all the history and data behind it, really motivates me to do it more!
Navaradnarajah Bavithra
It really gives a positive vibe. Thank you so much. I had a Japanese friend and I learned a lot from her ❤
Grace Mosquera
Grace Mosquera 14 dias atrás
This video I've watched more than three times and it's always good to hear and remember. Thanks for taking your time to help us being better.
vaiphei mercy
vaiphei mercy 5 meses atrás
I’m from North Eastern part of India. My grandpa taught me these habits when I was a kid. Putting shoes in proper order, maintaining correct posture, putting chair in place are some things he taught me. Others are organizing closet and books in orderly manner, organizing study table, making bed every morning. He also made me iron my school uniforms, polish my shoes and sort my books before bed so that everything will be ready for school the next day. These are some good habits my grandpa taught me that I want to pass on to my kids.
Al Bes
Al Bes 5 meses atrás
I teach this to my kids 😊
uday 5 meses atrás
i'm from southern part of india brother... asian countries have many similar habits
ISAAC ONAH 5 meses atrás
Wow this is awesome, what a legacy to pass on.
J Hotchkiss
J Hotchkiss 5 meses atrás
Isn’t that what every parent teaches their child? Not to wait until the last minutes because you’ll be late and feel rushed. Life can be more easy going when you take the time to prepare but I don’t want to plan so much I obsess and I think I feel no planing and just obsessed..hmmm
vaiphei mercy
vaiphei mercy 5 meses atrás
@J Hotchkiss believe me. Not every parent teaches these values to their kids.
Madeleine Qiex
Madeleine Qiex Mês atrás
I’m Australian and educated to do many of these things ie: put the chair back always, good posture etc… And I thank you for these recommendations and as a Reminder to me for myself that these seemingly little activities, especially Toilet Cleaning helps us to Know We Are No Different even if we may be money-wealthy, or not… it is a quality I hope more people adopt…😂and Yes I do enjoy using a clean toilet every day… thanks again and I add, to you I say your English is very good. Though I cannot walk around in a Kimono without looking ridiculous in Australia - I am consciously working on my own good posture practice 😊
どうもありがとう #SamuraiMatcha さん。 I lived in Japan for 5+ years and learnt and picked up few daily practices which are with me till today. I teach Japanese now and often find myself boasting about Japan. I received lots of love and care by my professors, colleageus and friends. Here in India also we pray Sun and offer water, say prayer before eating. However there are so many other habits which we Indians could learn from Japan. #I❤India&Japan Pls keep making such beautiful videos. 頑張って下さい‼️🙏
Vigermina Berrios
Vigermina Berrios 6 dias atrás
I’m not Japanese but I do a lot of this habits, they are very good habits ❤
Litta Mazaraki
Litta Mazaraki Mês atrás
Thank you so much sir! I'm not Japanese, but I was thrilled to realize I follow ALL your tips all my life! For me this is THE way of life!
Sarah S.
Sarah S. 17 dias atrás
I always had an appreciation for the Japanese people and their culture. This video reinforces that 😊.
Hans Comyn
Hans Comyn 6 meses atrás
1. clean your toilet 2. organize your shoes 3. improve your posture 4. itadakimasu (gratitude) 5. put the chair back after using it 6. ware tada taruwo shiru (knowing that you are content will bring peace to your heart) 7. okagesamade (I am good) 8. going to bed early and getting up early Awesome. Big changes happen through changes in habits, so these are great.
The old account that I used to use
To add, under #7, he said it also has a meaning of being grateful for the people around you.
Samurai Matcha
Samurai Matcha 6 meses atrás
Thank you so matcha!
XochilwatchesYouTube 6 meses atrás
What do you mean? Are there people who DON’T clean their toilet? 😮
complexindividual 6 meses atrás
I hate this sort of comments, for cheap likes. It makes ma want to not finish a video :|
Callie’s Corner
Callie’s Corner 6 meses atrás
I do clean my toilet every day. I do keep my shoes organized, even in the USA, my Mom made us take our shoes off before we came into the house proper. My posture is a work in progress as I have MS. I am truly grateful for everything I have but haven’t always been. Not putting the chair back is a pet peeve of mine. It makes me feel disrespectful to whom ever house or restaurant as it isn’t their responsibility to straighten up after me. Being content does bring peace to my heart, not comparing myself to others has helped me tremendously. I’m always good because God is always Great! I like going to bed early and getting up early because it is a quiet time for Bible Study and reflection. Starting the Day and being alone with God is very important to me. Thank you for this vlog!
Forty FourRobo
Forty FourRobo 3 meses atrás
Great video, I subscribed. In the USA a lot of people will not return their shopping carts to the store or to the receptacle. So many little things show what kind of person you are. I love the Japanese people and culture. I think you had a great channel and I say to you , Okage sama
Iris Dia atrás
I just realized, that dealing with bad emotions is sometimes easier than dealing with bad ones. If you feel angry or hurt you know what to do. You go and do that to others, you create something filled with hate. But when you are filled with endless joy you have no idea what to do with it, because there can be so much of it, and it's overwhelming. So you just run away from happiness, and end up stuck dealing with bad emotions.
Raman Mês atrás
Great stuff. Great cultural habits. Reminders of the simple things that can make big differences. Thanks dude.
mahnaz zuberi
mahnaz zuberi 3 meses atrás
Contentment is of great value, also cleanliness and good manners. Japanese culture has great things to teach.
Jeff Doyle
Jeff Doyle 29 dias atrás
I'm familiar with all of these, and most of them I do every day. If you do, you don't really think about it... I don't speak Japanese around people who don't understand or know these expressions, but my actions and my feelings are the same. Sometimes, for example, people comment on why I replace chairs at work and get strange looks. Or wiping down the counter after I use the kitchen to sort out my lunch. It's always about making things easier for the next person. 😊😊😊
Garima Mangla
Garima Mangla 6 meses atrás
Whenever I am in a bad mood. I clean or organize something. Trust me it really helps. Every one should try it.
moon510 5 meses atrás
That's a great idea!!! 👍 I will take up on that and improve myself ❤ A thought just popped up in my head: so much violence and angry people in society ..... a way to calm their mind (like this advice) to curb negative outcome is foremost.
Sorapika Yue
Sorapika Yue 5 meses atrás
It does! It has helped me a lot, and helps me put my energy towards something rather than just sitting there stressed out or upset.
Bassbarbie 5 meses atrás
That made me smile because I have noticed that when I am cleaning the house it puts me into a bad mood ha ha! I end up irritated by other people's mess that I have to clean up. I don't mind cleaning the toilet though 😆
L'isa Bell
L'isa Bell 5 meses atrás
I have always done that, instinctively. It somehow turns the negative feelings into productive behaviors. Best therapy ever! 👍
sej nik
sej nik 5 meses atrás
Same here
Наталия Терцева
This video is included the real advices for good life. Thank you very much! ❤
Eva SCCL 3 meses atrás
Thank you for sharing with us, theae habits and their meaning. If I were to summarize what i learnt, it would be : to be on a daily basis, humble, considerate of others and grateful in everything we do! Thank you 🙌
Priyanka Kathait
Priyanka Kathait 2 meses atrás
Love Japan and their culture ❤
Rebecca King
Rebecca King Mês atrás
A lot of habits that the Japanese think are unique to them are actually practiced by people in many countries. I'm pretty sure keeping shoes together and replacing chairs is universal! The toilets and wealth data was interesting but it probably has more to do with educational levels, free time, and the number of children you are caring for, etc. If you are up at 6am and working several jobs, cleaning the toilet is not going to be a priority. If you work at home or can afford a cleaner, it would be. "Early to bed, early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy, and wise" is a well-known English proverb. However, recent research shows Japan to be one of the most sleep-deprived countries in the world. You often see very young Japanese children in the public bath at 10 or even 11pm and young Japanese teenagers heading home from cram school at a time when their peers in other countries would be in bed. Most university students tell me they go to bed at 1 or even 2am (phones are to blame, mainly). Plus, you always see office workers sleeping on the train as they have clearly not had enough sleep. (Of course, they don't accept this and say "It is because it is safe to sleep on the train in Japan unlike in your country".)
Nishtha Bali
Nishtha Bali 21 dia atrás
Such a positive video. Hoping to visit this lovely country Japan sometime soon ❤️
Salsera 5 meses atrás
I have to say that I’ve always admired the Japanese culture. I’m from Colombia, S.A. and we have very similar customs. I find the Japanese people to be very humble and compassionate. I wish we had more people following these habits here in the U.S.
Siby Mathews
Siby Mathews 5 meses atrás
Violence of the Samurai culture, the arrogance that brought about the 2nd World War, please don't forget...
aazhie 5 meses atrás
​@Siby Mathews yea and the USA has never been hawkish or arrogant xD
Stephanie Franco
Stephanie Franco 5 meses atrás
@Siby Mathews please remember we too in USA had concentration camps, the American cutlure has participated in genocide (the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying said nation or group). Now, We live in a time where we can value and see the beauty in each other❤️ You also said "the arrogance that brought world war 11", i hope you are not implying that an emotion (the emotion of arrogance), which you have generalized amongst an entire country and culture of people, was not a reason that "brought a war". And as Jimmy Carter stated, "We become... a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams." As Franklin D Roosevelt said in 1945, “...we must cultivate... human relationships - the ability of all peoples, of all kinds, to live together, in the same world at peace. “ 💕☀️✨
Cynthia Lobo
Cynthia Lobo 5 meses atrás
@Siby Mathews Forget the past, live in the presence and look for the bright future.
Star of David
Star of David 5 meses atrás
Not very compassionate towards British Prisoners of war.
Евгения Марычева
Great video! It’s very interesting to find out some facts about daily life in Japan Thank you!
Dollis Martinez
Dollis Martinez Mês atrás
Gracias por el dato. Muchos de mis conciudadanos occidentales deberían adoptar varios de estos hábitos.
Mary H Lewis
Mary H Lewis 2 meses atrás
I definitely need to work on a few things but honesty thanks for making this video it helped me understand many things and appreciate your culture even more one thing my grandma always said is to ALWAYS be humble and be a clean person be grateful everyday for what you have ao i guess we a a tiny bit alike that way awesome video
Kim Halverson
Kim Halverson Mês atrás
Wonderful, thank you for the reminders. Humility, gratitude, and contentment take it one day at a time! 🙏
Tung Thanh LE
Tung Thanh LE 20 dias atrás
That’s awesome bro Samurai. I love your voice and accent too. You have shared to the world with all of the civilisational habits of successful Japanese. And you are being one of those wonderful Japanese who I am so admiring. Living in a very nice, neat, healthy, scientific and civilisational way made your nation become the top 1 of Asian. ❤Thank you so much bro for your kind sharing.
Helena Blignaut
Helena Blignaut 5 meses atrás
I love these principles. I am a way into a process that my brother-in-law motivated me to start. Our house was in a terrible, terrible mess, and most parts are still that way. I ignore the messes, don't get discouraged by them and organise one room at a time. In this room that I've chosen, I do at least one thing every day. I am nearly finished with the first room, all because I started one day by packing only one box of clutter.
troxycat 5 meses atrás
Getting started is sometimes the hardest part. You've got this!
Nina Lezioni
Nina Lezioni 5 meses atrás
Small steps, but constantly done, will bring you where you want to be! Keep going and celebrate each little achievement! You gonna rock it🎉 getting aware of it and starting is the biggest challenge and you have already done it 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Elizabeth Judah
Elizabeth Judah 5 meses atrás
I did something similar many years ago. However, until the whole house was done, I took one day a week and did the same amount I would do in two days. I picked Saturdays and did double the amount of organizing. I also made a repair basket. I put all the small things that needed repairing in that basket. At night when I sat with my family to talk or watch tv I worked on the repair basket. It was things like a shirt that needed a button or a nightlight that was in need of a touch of glue, a pocket that was sewn shut and needed a seam ripper. That sort of thing. It really helped.
B B 4 meses atrás
Good for you! Keep it up! You GOT this👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Maria Bina
Maria Bina Mês atrás
​​@Elizabeth Judahthank you for the tips, repair basket ❤
Annabananna 3 meses atrás
Hello! I really like your videos. I like that you don't concentrate on consumerism, you tell interesting things and show your slow life. After watching your videos I feel happier and calmer.Thank you so so much!
Jenesis Mês atrás
Clean the counter, stovetop, and sink everyday after the last meal is similar to cleaning toilet every morning. It keeps the most used areas pleasing for everyday. I also clean the shower after every use as well.
P A Johnson
P A Johnson 20 dias atrás
So many good things to learn from a small country✝ May God bless🙏 Japanese people Abundantly😊
Bonanza 3 meses atrás
Love your video.👌 Indian and japanese culture, value and beliefs have some similarities. Thanks for sharing. ❤
s 2 meses atrás
8 japnese small habits for making life much better -: 1. Cleaning of toilet 2. Organising of shoes .3. Improve your posture .4.showing gratitude for food.5. put the chair back after the meal .6. Gratitude for life .7. Greetings for sun ☀️ 8.waking up early and sleep early.
Christina C
Christina C 5 meses atrás
I spent a year and a day in Japan and loved every day. However, one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much was that I spent two weeks learning basic Japanese and cultural norms. It really helped me fit in and appreciate Japanese customs. Public toilets were quite clean considering the population, and I always accepted the free tissues handed out at rail stations.
Ruth Welborn
Ruth Welborn 27 dias atrás
I lived in Hadano, Kanagawa, Japan for three years as anAET. Inever knew the depth of the words said before eating. Thank you for a better understanding of several common phrases I learned to say any now I can speak them with greater respect and understanding.
Roena Crawford
Roena Crawford Mês atrás
Excelente, I am from Costa Rica. I love Japan and all their culture. I admire you all so much. Thanks a lot. God bless you all 🙏🏽👍🏾👏🏾🤗
I love your video, thank you for sharing. Those habits are probably more common in Japan, but are very useful to have a Harmonious life. Thanks
PLANET X Mês atrás
I've always really liked the Japanese and their culture and these are really nice habits. I am going to start doing them. Thank you.
Shuchi Vats
Shuchi Vats 22 dias atrás
Hey! I always love Japan and its culture. In india too all these used to be there, but now a days most people do not follow, which makes me sad. You wont believe when a few people (including me) practice these habits, anyone who meet me for the first time, they think that we are stupid and old fashioned. And most people don't understand the simple logic behind these. I really appreciate Japanese for having these still intact in their culture.
Rose D'Andrea
Rose D'Andrea 5 meses atrás
About #4, part of my family's prayer before meals is "bless the hands that have prepared it". As it is explained to each generation, a lot of people worked to plant, grow, harvest, package, ship, and cook the food that is now on the table. Gratitude keeps us humble in good ways.
Zhamila Damn
Zhamila Damn 5 meses atrás
All Buddhist ☸ have to do this before eating ,wearing a cloth,to your shelter.
Elizabeth Harper
Elizabeth Harper 4 meses atrás
I’d love to hear your family’s prayer!
Rajarajeswwary Shunmuganathan
Love these tips...thoughtful and calming ❤
Ríssiani Queiróz
Ríssiani Queiróz 14 dias atrás
After watching the first few minutes of this video, I paused and went to clean my bathroom. Finally, I cleaned the whole house and now I'm back to finish watching 😅😊❤ ​​thanks for the inspiration and positive information 🇧🇷
Denise Smith
Denise Smith 2 meses atrás
I "stumbled" on your channel yesterday and I like it very much. It is just what I have been looking for. Thank you so much for sharing your culture. 😊
J Iqbal G
J Iqbal G Mês atrás
Very interesting video. I am surprised that I have already been practising these habits unconsciously since last 30-40 years happily. Hats off for you. Keep on making such personal type of videos. Very nice.
Lilyana Dobreva
Lilyana Dobreva Mês atrás
Beautiful traditions, habits that carry wisdom, and such lovely comments for a chance!
Koran 5 meses atrás
Hi Aki. I'm from Azerbaijan🇦🇿. These what you said are same in our culture. My mother taught them to me.When I saw this video, I became more aware of what I was doing every day. My mother, our ancestors left us great teachings and values. I became more aware of them. I do home chores every day. I sweep all of rooms, mop the house ( all rooms) , wash dishes, make food ( lunch, dinner, morning meal) etc. Everyyyy dayy. MY MOM, ETERNALLY THANKS FOR YOUR PRECIOUS RULES, VALUES, CHORES WHAT YOU TAUGHT ME.❤ Thank youu soo much my beautiful,miraculous momm❤❤.....
S D 2 meses atrás
Putting correct shoes and chairs is a habit in 🇦🇲 Armenia, as well. We clean toilets once a week and just vacuum every day, I will try Japanese habit of cleaning it every morning, will see how it works, also will try waking up early and other habits you have mentioned here. Thanks for the content, looking forward for more tips like this. With regards, from Armenia 🇦🇲.
Aishita Pramanik
Aishita Pramanik 25 dias atrás
Very Interesting stuff. My daughter and I love Japanese culture and have high regard for Japanese people. I had good Japanese friends too. I am Indian and I can see that most of the points are taught by my parents except toilet cleaning. As far as I know, it is highly outsourced in India by every community. I myself hate doing it but I will think about it. The rest of the habits are all excellent habits. Worshiping the Sun God is in our culture but rising early and going to bed early is not possible in urban busy life. Nowadays it is just the opposite affecting children's lives a lot. Best wishes to you and everyone watching this video.
B L 16 dias atrás
I have always been very conscientious about putting my chair back in the restaurant. Because you don't want somebody to trip on the Chand it looks nicer and that's the way I was raised out on the farm. My dad would say don't leave the table without putting that chair back. So you get a habit and it comes naturally. And it's part of the etiquettes and you don't have to be rich to have good habits.
Eli Barbosa
Eli Barbosa 3 meses atrás
I love Japanese Culture 🥰 Thanks for the video 🙏
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