73 Questions with Victoria Beckham | Vogue

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Victoria Beckham has a new store in London, is married to one of the dreamiest men in the world, and lives next door to Valentino. What more could a girl want? Keep watching.
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73 Questions with Victoria Beckham | Vogue
Created by: Joe Sabia
Director of Photography: Vincent Peone
Produced By: Original Media

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8 Jan 2015

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Comentários 4 804
Poppy Fadhilah
Poppy Fadhilah 4 horas atrás
Do it with Ellen please, It would be amazing :')
Nadya Issa
Nadya Issa 7 horas atrás
Joe: Date with someone living or dead? VB: my husband Me: honey all of us out here 🤷🏼‍♀️ .... and also that answer is just goals, you’re partner should be all you want otherwise he or she isn’t the one.
Elene Kaldani
Elene Kaldani 10 horas atrás
What are neakers? IDK if I spelled that correctly
rahisa lovely
rahisa lovely Dia atrás
Wow Kenya
Ece Bilgin
Ece Bilgin Dia atrás
It's a very interesting choice that you show the back of her head for the most part of the video. it feels weird, poorly planned.
Troficante Mr
Troficante Mr Dia atrás
Кисуля хочу тебя за сиски подоит и ликонут писулю
Monica Lewis
Monica Lewis 2 dias atrás
"my kids follow me anywhere" -where are they then? edit: i wasnt trying to be rude... just a genuine question
Mr SQLife
Mr SQLife 2 dias atrás
I actually liked it....she is a mystery but I love it
Sean Bigby
Sean Bigby 3 dias atrás
You working it girlfriend!
Jenny A
Jenny A 3 dias atrás
"💫Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak💫
jul bry
jul bry 4 dias atrás
She is really not how she pretends to be ...😍
Ivy Claire
Ivy Claire 4 dias atrás
first white person that pronounced Kenya correctly yaaass
FRÓÐI 4 dias atrás
Movie that made you laugh the most ? 12 years a slave
rowan de esch
rowan de esch 4 dias atrás
You look fat.
A Murphy
A Murphy 4 dias atrás
Has anyone noticed that she stands with her face at a slight angle. She doesn’t talk to him front on
J n P G n P
J n P G n P 5 dias atrás
Lol Victoria looks sooooooooo annoyed
Ian 5 dias atrás
She's dog ruff
DSI McB 6 dias atrás
British english sounds for me so uncustomary, someone too ?
Anelisa Mnyimba
Anelisa Mnyimba 6 dias atrás
She is so sweet.
LELE84 7 dias atrás
She is sooooo superficial !!!
Leah Wambui
Leah Wambui 7 dias atrás
She would love to visit my country Kenya ♥️♥️♥️♥️❤️ welcome
brenda boke
brenda boke 8 dias atrás
Wooooow Kenya welcome
Lalisa nation
Lalisa nation 8 dias atrás
❤️❤️Hey all Please watch the FMV I made for Lisa☺️👉🏻
Amber133 Lee
Amber133 Lee 8 dias atrás
Do 73 questions on Rami Malek Jennifer Lopez Katy Perry Rebecca Black Shawn Mendes Billie Joe Armstrong Avril Lavigne Britney Spears Beyoncé Taylor Lautner Kristen Stewart Ian Somerhalder Jessica Alba Jennifer Aniston Ian Somerhalder Bruno Mars Daniel Radcliffe Anne Hathaway
kiki Dee
kiki Dee 8 dias atrás
Do you agree that without bagging David Beckham you would be a vague memory to everyone as the spice girl who couldn't sing dance and never smiled. You would be doing panto now and cutting ribbons for the reopening of reburished supermarkets. Oh turning on Christmas lights. That is if Sinita or Bobby Davro are unavailable. 😳
Castra 8 dias atrás
Jesus, always had the personality of a wet towell lol
merry katty
merry katty 9 dias atrás
Where is love for Kenya that moved me
Sukanya Mukherjee
Sukanya Mukherjee 9 dias atrás
It feels like she is scolding him
Simone Livesey
Simone Livesey 10 dias atrás
I didn't even recognize her voice 😓😓
rem della
rem della 11 dias atrás
shes poppin
Steve Biko
Steve Biko 11 dias atrás
I would love to go to KENYA..... MY COUNTRY 😍
Steve Biko
Steve Biko 11 dias atrás
S-J Thompson
S-J Thompson 11 dias atrás
How does she not get a crick in her neck holding her head like that all the time.
Kanin Maneepairoj
Kanin Maneepairoj 11 dias atrás
She’s so cool!
Bolos Bafônicos
Bolos Bafônicos 11 dias atrás
What is wrong with this woman 🤮
Bule Gila
Bule Gila 12 dias atrás
She’s like a robot 🤖
Raouf Boulatrous
Raouf Boulatrous 12 dias atrás
Interviewer: who is the best soccer player in the world Vectoria: my husband 😏
Liam is my name
Liam is my name 14 dias atrás
Did she have a cold???🤧
Juliet Tana
Juliet Tana 15 dias atrás
i just had Kenya and i gave it a like......
Cecilie M
Cecilie M 15 dias atrás
Priceless!! Victoria, is my favorite "Spice Girl!" I love the answers that she gave! She is fashion!! 👍💎👍
muhizi calvin
muhizi calvin 16 dias atrás
So rehearsed !!!
sari taylor
sari taylor 16 dias atrás
So elegant.grace kelly 100%
Ruth King
Ruth King 17 dias atrás
She's a good gal
Sharon T
Sharon T 17 dias atrás
So fake and so scripted😴
Megan Cox
Megan Cox 17 dias atrás
“I don’t smile because of my obligation to the fashion industry” What a Fkwit. Says it all.
Megan Cox
Megan Cox 17 dias atrás
“I have no vices” What a total bore.
Fay Fay
Fay Fay 18 dias atrás
Did she just say she wants to visit Kenya ❤️❤️
Kimmi Mane
Kimmi Mane 19 dias atrás
Is posh really a spice ?
Kimmi Mane
Kimmi Mane 19 dias atrás
She didn’t joint the spice girl reunion because she’s boujie ..that’s so posh ☺️
Holly Vandaela
Holly Vandaela 21 dia atrás
She’s the definition of classy
William G. Díaz
William G. Díaz 22 dias atrás
The only three great 73 questions interviews so far are: Anna Wintour, Donatella Versace and Victoria Beckham. Brilliant, funny and witty women. The rest of the celebrities sooooo boring. I had to stop half way through.
Noee 23 dias atrás
I've never heard her talk before so, now i understand why she is being called "posh"
Alexis Hernan
Alexis Hernan 23 dias atrás
At 0:53... Peter Griffin: Ah! Ah! She said it!
VICTORIA NJOKI 23 dias atrás
She said that she would love to go to kenya at 2:21,,, am proud of my country.
Guru Sandirasegaram
Guru Sandirasegaram 23 dias atrás
Spicy girls my favourite singers
Liesel H
Liesel H 24 dias atrás
Aayush Joshi
Aayush Joshi 24 dias atrás
Was that a "FREAKING HORROR" interview??
Ishita Sareen
Ishita Sareen 24 dias atrás
Daniel didn’t wanna shake hands?
Purity Naisenya
Purity Naisenya 25 dias atrás
Kenya😗😗how sweet
Prince Nicholas Herrman
Harry or William? Just say Nick.
freida swift
freida swift 25 dias atrás
notice how the top lip never moves. !!
Peach Plastic
Peach Plastic 26 dias atrás
I don't know why everyone likes her so, she seems cold and egocentric.
Nikola Evaralois Wittgenstein
Fashion industry is full of cold people and egocentrics.
kkkkiren 26 dias atrás
Those chinese made glasses just with branding are looking expensive. Originally they wont be more than 2$
Gee Gee
Gee Gee 27 dias atrás
most of her answers made me realise why shes friends with the royal family....philanthrophy,kenya,aids...ok maybe not MOST,but those 3. Also,shes hilarious!love her!!
Priyanka sharma
Priyanka sharma 28 dias atrás
She could be a better SIRI. Lol
Oliwia Nowak
Oliwia Nowak 28 dias atrás
Her Charakter is so flat
dirkmuc1 29 dias atrás
I have been trying to get through quite a number of this vogue vids, but I could not see a single one to the end. It is all too scripted. Fashion magazines seem to be only instruments for the industry. Completely owned.
ASH KHAN 29 dias atrás
Hi I am Victoria and I am a mannequin..stiff,
urgaatal agtaqin
urgaatal agtaqin Mês atrás
Nice woman
Ann D
Ann D Mês atrás
she is pure class , elegance and charm.she deserves the name Posh Spice. a truly extremely beautiful woman. she defines glamour and highend beauty.
edenleviathan Mês atrás
she memorised the script! It is hilarious!
lily Mês atrás
i loved posh spice growing up, i looked up to her. i love victoria beckham so much.
Luanda Silva
Luanda Silva Mês atrás
Someone noticed how long time the guy spent to wrap the sunglasses ??
Christina Fuller
Christina Fuller Mês atrás
She sounds so humble if you take the time to hear it.
Christina Fuller
Christina Fuller Mês atrás
Both. We love Prince. That's all you need to know!
Christina Fuller
Christina Fuller Mês atrás
She is not right about the guys grandmas ring. I mean, it depends on the story behind it. I would LOVE if a man gave me his mom or grandmas ring. It would mean more than a new one.
Christina Fuller
Christina Fuller Mês atrás
I love that she is so "Posh" and she says "Both. We love Prince"!!!! And she is so humble if you pay attention. For a rich person. I can see the humble in her. I almost hate to say it about a rich person. But she got the definition of Misery correct.
Jinda Bacho
Jinda Bacho Mês atrás
I think she should change her eyebrow style.
Katherine Pikula
Katherine Pikula Mês atrás
Kathy Bates....I'm dead
Josephine Makungu
Josephine Makungu Mês atrás
u love our country kenya nice welcame dear swir😍😍
Damien O Callaghan
Damien O Callaghan Mês atrás
11M Views? Victoria reminds me a lot of Mariah Carey The two of them are clearly intelligent Women Victoria married David Beckham-The smartest move she ever made and Mariah married the BOSS of her record Label Thy only difference is MARIAH CAN SING....and she SMILES Sometimes...OK That's my RANT for today over.
Kareem Moutez
Kareem Moutez Mês atrás
All these confident women!
Kareem Moutez
Kareem Moutez Mês atrás
Her spirit animal is a swan 🦢. That sounds about right!
Mariam ndungu
Mariam ndungu Mês atrás
You're very very well come to Kenya
Caroline N
Caroline N Mês atrás
Wow, as a Kenyan her response to want to visit Kenya caught me by surprise....Karibu Kenya Victoria
dannia javaid
dannia javaid Mês atrás
Plz do a Kim Cattrall 73 questions
Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Sharma Mês atrás
Starting was embarrassing
Zil Malik
Zil Malik Mês atrás
Kenya am here waiting for Vic😍😘
Gray_C Grace
Gray_C Grace Mês atrás
U should definitely visit Kenya 🇰🇪
CaliLove Mês atrás
2:47 that's a dude
Felicitas Sonntag
Felicitas Sonntag Mês atrás
this poor poor guy
Felicitas Sonntag
Felicitas Sonntag Mês atrás
oh GOD this is AKWARD
Hazel Ozturk
Hazel Ozturk Mês atrás
all that money 😀she still sound common
hana ____adamz
hana ____adamz Mês atrás
Did she just say she wants to come to Kenya 😭😭😭
Sapphire Blue
Sapphire Blue Mês atrás
she looks dead
Spree Mês atrás
Say you can handle my love, are you for real ? Are you for real ?
Luanda Silva
Luanda Silva Mês atrás
Who is watching in May 2019 ?
Jade Edwards
Jade Edwards 11 dias atrás
June fifth😂
that hoodie Person
that hoodie Person 14 dias atrás
June 3!!
Tara 907
Tara 907 15 dias atrás
June 1st..almost!
Livy McKnight
Livy McKnight 16 dias atrás
Christina Fuller
Christina Fuller Mês atrás
Seen it before but watching again in may 2019
shaviry Mês atrás
Her head stayed in the same position during the full interview
Rachel Roberts
Rachel Roberts Mês atrás
Black Moon
Black Moon Mês atrás
Wednesday adams family adult version
Tara's Tarot
Tara's Tarot Mês atrás
Ugh I hate when it doesn’t seem natural; come on! I love VB though.
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