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Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross is on top of the world. Her acclaimed performance as Dr. Rainbow Johnson has taken the veteran actress to never-before-seen heights. After winning a Golden Globe and garnering an Emmy nomination, Tracee graciously invites Vogue into her home to take a shot at answering 73 Questions.
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73 Questions With Tracee Ellis Ross | Vogue
Created by: Joe Sabia

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Comentários 100
Tanasha Dawkins
Tanasha Dawkins 2 horas atrás
the power to impeach. periodt
Queen Qualities
Queen Qualities 14 horas atrás
Great energy. We love tracee
ImLivingJoyfully Dia atrás
When I tell you I love her...!!!! ❤❤❤
N.K. D
N.K. D Dia atrás
20 May: A nice Biracial looking version of her famous mother, Diana Ross.
SARA P Dia atrás
This is by far the best of 73Q more of her energy ...
Liam Casey
Liam Casey Dia atrás
She’s so adorable
Titou21 Fati
Titou21 Fati Dia atrás
Vogue magazine
Maurice Moore
Maurice Moore 2 dias atrás
Nicole Omo
Nicole Omo 2 dias atrás
MauiGirl 888
MauiGirl 888 2 dias atrás
❤️❤️❤️❤️ TER!!!!
Stacey Ezell
Stacey Ezell 2 dias atrás
Oh ok ohhh smh I promised myself THAT I would not utter the word (OMG)!! Instead i will simply say WHAT JOYOUS ANSWERS .SHE'S TRULY BLESSED
Nestor Alloy
Nestor Alloy 3 dias atrás
The power to impeach lol. Shady Traci
MsNairobi 3 dias atrás
I love her.....
Temi Segun
Temi Segun 3 dias atrás
She’s so cool 😊
FLOCHAMM ENT 4 dias atrás
I am in love
Carolyn Smith
Carolyn Smith 4 dias atrás
What kind of cocktails.
Same Ole Line Dudes
Same Ole Line Dudes 4 dias atrás
Treva Barnes
Treva Barnes 4 dias atrás
TER is amazing! So quick witted, clever, brilliant and beautiful! 😍😍😍
WEIRDO 101 5 dias atrás
i love tracee ross so much. she is like the older version of liza koshy.
Vickie Sadler
Vickie Sadler 5 dias atrás
I love when she attempts to sing. i truly truly love and appreciate what shes doing with her mothers namesake.
Skyler A
Skyler A 5 dias atrás
The threesome I LIVE FOR lol
Nyaa Alexander
Nyaa Alexander 5 dias atrás
This is my favorite video on the internet rn😭❤️
The Random Fandom Show
Tracy Eliis reminds me of a posh Sunday morning Farmers Market :")
kay Jack
kay Jack 7 dias atrás
Knew Teacee had a GREAT shoe on. Love her style.
Michelle James
Michelle James 8 dias atrás
I think she lied about Anthony...
Mrtonywiggles1 8 dias atrás
She inspires me to love life and to take care of myself 😍😍💕love u tracee!!
isaacp Rogers
isaacp Rogers 10 dias atrás
Them Michael Jackson kids
Pj Bo
Pj Bo 10 dias atrás
I drew her check it out
Naturaldivaa 10 dias atrás
Love her energy!!
Jaquea Elmore
Jaquea Elmore 10 dias atrás
4 lemon trees. I wonder if beyonce had something to do with these 🤔. Anyways!!! I love Tracee!!!
carroll11000 11 dias atrás
Lori Pletka
Lori Pletka 11 dias atrás
why is she literal perfection
Clarity Rain
Clarity Rain 12 dias atrás
My queen
Kale 000
Kale 000 12 dias atrás
Son français est très suisse trooooop adorable 😭😭😭😭😭
J Lynn
J Lynn 12 dias atrás
shoulda salted that napkin so your glass of lemonade wouldn't stick😉
J M 12 dias atrás
This. Was. Everything 👏👏. I love her!
Jordanie Saintelus
Jordanie Saintelus 13 dias atrás
Food Plug
Food Plug 13 dias atrás
The power to impeach
gengarrules777 13 dias atrás
What's your favourite prescription pill?
Raheelah Saqib
Raheelah Saqib 13 dias atrás
"The fact that people are awake and are in service." Love that.
stephanie reavis
stephanie reavis 14 dias atrás
I love her.
Genuinely DIVINE
Genuinely DIVINE 14 dias atrás
I absolutely love this woman!!
Jennifer D
Jennifer D 14 dias atrás
Love her. Black girl magic
Tasneem Mohamed
Tasneem Mohamed 14 dias atrás
Oh man she's everything
Tobyv World
Tobyv World 14 dias atrás
Trees are very important
Ashleigh Sanders
Ashleigh Sanders 14 dias atrás
She's so classy.
BooMamaDrama 15 dias atrás
I ❤️ her
Irene Ella
Irene Ella 15 dias atrás
I just wanna go through her bookshelf 😫
M A 7 dias atrás
Irene Ella were you able to catch the names of the books she mentioned??
Jay jay
Jay jay 16 dias atrás
Well I found $6766making system that is really working:(just type in g00gle)=> freepplmoney win
Missjessi Bee
Missjessi Bee 16 dias atrás
Luv her
Faith McFadden
Faith McFadden 16 dias atrás
Koroi 117
Koroi 117 17 dias atrás
Deja Pointer
Deja Pointer 17 dias atrás
Thissssss :)
Kuhle mragala
Kuhle mragala 17 dias atrás
Does anyone actually know the interviewer
Krystal Tyler-Smith
Krystal Tyler-Smith 17 dias atrás
I love her! She’s definitely an icon ❤️
Treasure 18 dias atrás
Wow I love her!!!
Shaniyah CW
Shaniyah CW 18 dias atrás
This is the best 73 questions video ever! Everything felt so natural
Farzana Alberto
Farzana Alberto 19 dias atrás
I feel in love with this woman. Thank you vogue ❤️
Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith 19 dias atrás
Her red lip is iconic! Love her so much, so natural and beautiful
Dana Smith
Dana Smith 20 dias atrás
acevedoj0416 20 dias atrás
Jazzy JJ
Jazzy JJ 20 dias atrás
This beautiful human being, gives the term "beautiful inside and out", a whole new meaning...I LOVE TRACEE! ❤
Amira ASMR
Amira ASMR 20 dias atrás
She is so chic
Amzy Weebs
Amzy Weebs 20 dias atrás
Tracee is her own style icon 😍😍😍
Shirley Husar
Shirley Husar 21 dia atrás
"The power to impeach"........ ?? Here is a privilege Black women who hangout with liberal politicians who, have support privatized prison. The current American slavery.
Nyesha Brooks
Nyesha Brooks 22 dias atrás
The Ross siblings all look a like
Brittany Alexander
Brittany Alexander 22 dias atrás
This is such a breath of fresh air after seeing 73 questions with Kim Kardashian
MsSocial Armstrong
MsSocial Armstrong 15 dias atrás
Brittany Alexander 🙈🙉 I know right!!
Princess K
Princess K 22 dias atrás
Amazing woman
TattooBetty 23 dias atrás
Lol I wished I'd seen this sooner!😁💙
The G Sister’s Show
The G Sister’s Show 23 dias atrás
She is so happy, pretty, and funny😊
Livienne Nonord
Livienne Nonord 23 dias atrás
Ms. Ross! Hello! I just asked about you and here you are on my screen.... Happy Sunday, April 28th, 2019. Love and miss Girlfriend Wishing you health!!!
David Val
David Val 23 dias atrás
Why is the door always green
baizeenamz 23 dias atrás
Love her !
Beauty Challenge Channel
Her brother sounds like Kevin Hart❤❤😂😂
Jasmine P
Jasmine P 24 dias atrás
How could anyone thumbs down this?? She's amazing!
Ajay Dade
Ajay Dade 24 dias atrás
"For what has a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" Matthew 16:26
K Deloris
K Deloris 24 dias atrás
Im in love with her beautiful and funny❤💃❤💃
Lei Lope Brands
Lei Lope Brands 24 dias atrás
I love her!!!!!!
Lisa T-Wright
Lisa T-Wright 25 dias atrás
2:50 They BOTH messed up: "What are these photos--OH!-- these photos right behind you??" "OH, these ones?" (she runs to her mark)... 😂😂😂 This was rehearsed. But she didn't move fast enough, and the interviewer wasn't paying attention. I knew it would be hard to have those answers perfect and ready w/o pondering for even a second. Don't like when shows try to fool the audience.
Vladimir Mironov
Vladimir Mironov 25 dias atrás
She is a typical stupid liberal scum..
elizabeth a
elizabeth a 25 dias atrás
I. Love. Her. Even more.
Jai Co
Jai Co 25 dias atrás
Zen Firefly
Zen Firefly 25 dias atrás
Completely contagious ..Im actually feeling happier after watching..
Glo S
Glo S 25 dias atrás
I love everything about T.E.R. 🥰
Renee's Jewelers
Renee's Jewelers 25 dias atrás
I love her. Her Q&A was the best I've seen so far.
Jay Geezasy
Jay Geezasy 25 dias atrás
Motivated and happy, how bout dem Dallas Cowboys.
art deko
art deko 25 dias atrás
I already liked her. Now I love her!
Dominique Ricketts
Dominique Ricketts 26 dias atrás
Her video deserves more than 1 million views. She’s so full of life, laughter, and love. Ugh, 😍❤️
s m b x
s m b x 26 dias atrás
i’ve never seen men do this interview. sees Diddy did this interview.. is Diddy the only man to do this interview?
J Smith
J Smith 26 dias atrás
Her house is a stark contrast to Kim and Kanye's house.
Shine baby shine
Shine baby shine 26 dias atrás
This is my fav. I just keep coming back 💙🧡💙
TianaDashay 26 dias atrás
This woman is EVERYTHING❤️❤️❤️❤️
David W.
David W. 26 dias atrás
God! I love her. She's so goofy. I've loved her since girlfriends. Lol.
Loro L
Loro L 26 dias atrás
her house looks so lovely and lived in, very cozy
Katrina Kardashian
Katrina Kardashian 27 dias atrás
Love her! (.)
Annabelleiwu 27 dias atrás
I absolutely love Tracee and her house is so cute and perfect! Feels so homey
Donveyea Watson
Donveyea Watson 27 dias atrás
Super power was my favorite question/answer lol
Tiffanie Michelle
Tiffanie Michelle 27 dias atrás
This woman is just everything, EVERYTHING❤️
K Lu
K Lu 27 dias atrás
If i did 73 questions id definitely fall at around the 53rd question and id be upset because i dont have another 12 minutes to spare doing the questions
Bbygirl 27 dias atrás
Evan is soooo cute
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