73 Questions With Tony Hawk | Vogue

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Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk takes Vogue on a tour of his San Diego home and answers 73 questions. Tony Hawk talks about appearing on the Simpsons, raising a family of skaters, and just how good he actually is at video games.
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73 Questions With Tony Hawk | Vogue
Directed by Joe Sabia
Producer: Marina Cukeric
DP: Cole Evelev
PM: Josh Young
Edit and Color: Ryan Powell
Post Sound: Nick Cipriano at BANG Audio Post


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22 Ago 2019



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Comentários 1 694
Juan Ramirez Gonzalez
Juan Ramirez Gonzalez 6 horas atrás
Riley is killing it Mr Hawk
nancy hernandez
nancy hernandez 8 horas atrás
he looks a lot like tony hawk
Rpgamer 05x
Rpgamer 05x 21 hora atrás
Activision if you are reading this pls: remake the original trilogy of THPS in one game like you did with Crash and Spyro
Tanti Sofyan
Tanti Sofyan Dia atrás
The interviewer is a fannn!!! Those questions LOL, literally went niche........
Bijan Izadi
Bijan Izadi 2 dias atrás
My favorite one ever
zuldo 2 dias atrás
So obviously scripted.. lol
Magdalena Glawe
Magdalena Glawe 2 dias atrás
Min 12:07 the interviewer says his daughter is pretty?
Unpopular Opinion
"she's so great" is what he said
porto1432 3 dias atrás
"I am not a shooter, forget it." Respect!
ATG IMM 4 dias atrás
His house is so nice
Andrew 4 dias atrás
Great but feels very scripted
Helen Cox
Helen Cox 5 dias atrás
this is terrible the questions are ag and it seems so staged, i hate the interviewer
Amber134 Lee
Amber134 Lee 5 dias atrás
Tony Hawk is 51 years old He still looks 25 He doesn’t age He has found the fountain of youth
Purple Strike
Purple Strike 5 dias atrás
Cool guy
Taylor Butler
Taylor Butler 5 dias atrás
At 10:12 can anyone find a picture of his tattoo? It looks really cool and I want to see it close up
Christine 2 dias atrás
Taylor Butler its on his twitter
Jonathan Li
Jonathan Li 5 dias atrás
anyone else just skip through the video to see if he would answer questions while skateboarding
Altrim J90
Altrim J90 5 dias atrás
Need 73 with Keanu
R C 5 dias atrás
Saga Peltonen
Saga Peltonen 6 dias atrás
Please please make a 73 questions with Kristen Bell!!!
Timothy Paul Beech
Timothy Paul Beech 4 dias atrás
OMG Saga...That Would Be A Dream Come True For Me
poseidon Feliciano
poseidon Feliciano 6 dias atrás
Yo do 73 questions with Martyn ford
Sds Hues
Sds Hues 6 dias atrás
Melanie Martinez 73 Questions!!!
chad garganta
chad garganta 7 dias atrás
He almost died on Jackass 😬😂
Cristian Florez R
Cristian Florez R 7 dias atrás
Do Meryl Streep and Jennifer Aniston!
Alexander Helms
Alexander Helms 7 dias atrás
Doping 73 question to Lola Astanova please in Love Jimi the Rat
Alexander Helms
Alexander Helms 7 dias atrás
I can not Skateboard driving
Alexander Helms
Alexander Helms 7 dias atrás
When l m come to America looking first to Selena Gomez and Lola Astanova in Love Jimi the Rat
Alexander Helms
Alexander Helms 7 dias atrás
You have a epiphone 12 strings acustic Guitare in Love Jimi the Rat
Cynthia Leaf
Cynthia Leaf 7 dias atrás
HIs house is sick!
Ali Bali
Ali Bali 7 dias atrás
Knowing it didn’t come naturally to him makes me feel more confident to try
Jennifer Vennero
Jennifer Vennero 7 dias atrás
73 questions with Tom Holland like if u agree>>>>
Timothy Paul Beech
Timothy Paul Beech 5 dias atrás
I Know Right Jennifer
Jennifer Vennero
Jennifer Vennero 5 dias atrás
Timothy Paul Beech for sure. He’s like the best person in the world
Timothy Paul Beech
Timothy Paul Beech 6 dias atrás
No Problem Jennifer...I Mean...After All...You’re Probably A Spider-Man ( Tom Holland ) Fan Like Me Right ?
Jennifer Vennero
Jennifer Vennero 6 dias atrás
Timothy Paul Beech thanks hha
Timothy Paul Beech
Timothy Paul Beech 7 dias atrás
I Completely 1000% Agree Jennifer
AlumniArmy 7 dias atrás
this is edgy for vogue but I like
Joaquin Phi
Joaquin Phi 8 dias atrás
So, this guy bought a park and built a house.
gabbie xx
gabbie xx 8 dias atrás
can someone just loop 16:08-16:10 for me, thanks
gabbie xx
gabbie xx 8 dias atrás
joe was ready with the vans at the end
RILU'S FASHION 8 dias atrás
finally someone interesting
Ed Chavez
Ed Chavez 8 dias atrás
Cobra Kai
Amanda Strum
Amanda Strum 8 dias atrás
An interview that doesn’t feel so mapped out and rehearsed, finally
WarTiger80 pl
WarTiger80 pl 9 dias atrás
Maybe emma watson next ?
giuli marrocco
giuli marrocco 9 dias atrás
73 questions with tom holland pleaseeee
Emma Chaffey
Emma Chaffey 9 dias atrás
Would love a 73 Questions with Ariana Grande, Camila Cabello, Maggie Lindemann, Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr, Miley Cyrus, or Bazzi. I know you can't do all of them, but just some ideas. Love your videos!!
Guy Kershaw
Guy Kershaw 9 dias atrás
Look at the chair at the head of the dining table. 😂
Yeyaa Davila
Yeyaa Davila 9 dias atrás
Yesss i love himmm
sarahk 9 dias atrás
73 Q’s with billie eilish
H-E-L-L H-A-W-K 9 dias atrás
73 Questions with RDJ.
Severine Vanstraelen
Severine Vanstraelen 9 dias atrás
73 questions with Leonardo Dicaprio
Fastlife 10 dias atrás
Not a natural, wow!!! Love these videos!
Ruxandra 10 dias atrás
At this point i would cut my arm off just to see this guy answearing the qs
Hannah Mitchell
Hannah Mitchell 10 dias atrás
Tbh vogue needs to do a 73 question with the 73 question guy as the 73rd version of this
Compass 4 dias atrás
Hannah Mitchell k
skylar s
skylar s 10 dias atrás
i want a billie eilish 73 questions video. vogue, get on that please ASAP
monkey spanker
monkey spanker 10 dias atrás
Looking like old vitaly
Romnys Gonzalez
Romnys Gonzalez 10 dias atrás
This was awesome!
Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts 11 dias atrás
Why is there a violin out of its case?
Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts 11 dias atrás
He seems like a good guy
Ravneet Bains
Ravneet Bains 11 dias atrás
Tony Hawk Pro Skater Gamecube!
Jenae Myers
Jenae Myers 11 dias atrás
He grew up skating with my brothers. He used to skate in my pool with them. One of my brothers and him are still friends.
Yel Yint
Yel Yint 11 dias atrás
Such a breath of fresh air to see Vogue doing 73 Q's with quality people like Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Deepika Padukone, Roger Federer, and Tony Hawk in 2019! (Btw, enough with those people who are the descendants of that lawyer who defended the murderer.)
Faris Mohamed
Faris Mohamed 11 dias atrás
Do a 73 questions video with Eminem !
Seth C
Seth C 11 dias atrás
73 questions with Bam Margera
Hana Abdelhedi
Hana Abdelhedi 11 dias atrás
Can you do 75 question with Alexa Chung
Edgy Child
Edgy Child 11 dias atrás
Fun fact: he’s as old as Kurt cobain would be if he were alive
Edgy Child
Edgy Child 11 dias atrás
Cheap begginer skateboard?
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