73 Questions With Priyanka Chopra | Vogue

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"Quantico" and "Baywatch" star Priyanka Chopra is taking over the world. Just a short time after stunning on the Met Gala carpet, Priyanka Chopra invites Vogue in and answers 73 unexpected questions. Priyanka attempts to sing Taylor Swift, tries a Boston accent, beats up a clown and much more!

Filmed in a single shot, we ask some of our favorite personalities 73 questions to see what they like, what they hate, and most importantly - what they know.
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73 Questions With Priyanka Chopra | Vogue
Created by: Joe Sabia

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Comentários 100
PURITY WANJOHI 19 horas atrás
The best 73 questions I've watched. She's super genuine, fun and warm.
Namrata Arora
Namrata Arora 22 horas atrás
My fav was of priyanka and selena
Namrata Arora
Namrata Arora 22 horas atrás
Samiksha Ganvir
Samiksha Ganvir 22 horas atrás
Her hair😭❤
Dell Chica
Dell Chica Dia atrás
As an Indian I dont find her all that. She is kind of average. So dont kill me now lol.
gussie mehler
gussie mehler Dia atrás
Can Priyanka be my new best friend👯‍♀️💕
Balvinder Kour
Balvinder Kour Dia atrás
emily rezende
emily rezende 2 dias atrás
chesseburgers bby!!!!
Ultimategamer Love
Ultimategamer Love 2 dias atrás
Priyanka Chopra Met Gala 2019 Makeup | Gully Girl Vlogs | Vaishali Rastogi | Met Gala Look
srishti pandey
srishti pandey 2 dias atrás
She is so confident !!!!
Day Sán
Day Sán 2 dias atrás
Just because she drinks Mexican Beer I will follow her lol!
Veronica V
Veronica V 2 dias atrás
So beautiful😍🙌
Uonder Kilkenny
Uonder Kilkenny 3 dias atrás
You reap what you sow..of this I wil never know
Drew Blair
Drew Blair 3 dias atrás
I didn’t know much about her but she is so likeable!
Ahana Singh
Ahana Singh 3 dias atrás
She amazing i love her attitude and smile and she so hilarious
Sara Merry
Sara Merry 4 dias atrás
OMG I love her she's my model.
23sparshk 4 dias atrás
1:03 Ghar Ki Bahut Yaad Aati He. Aww❤️ Translation: I miss India so much
pRaGaTi SHARMA melody
pRaGaTi SHARMA melody 4 dias atrás
Ghar ki BHT yaad aati hai. Was so emotional 😭
Deréon Jamecia
Deréon Jamecia 5 dias atrás
I just LOVE her, she’s so real and down to earth!! I could watch her interviews all day, she’s so amazing!! Not to mention she’s soooo pretty!! 😍
Akhilesh Kumari Mishra
*Actress are professional liar* I think this is true
Cricket Classics
Cricket Classics 5 dias atrás
9:17 PC you missed Jamshedpur the city you were born in.
Cricket Classics
Cricket Classics 5 dias atrás
I'm amazed how fast she changed her accent. She was born in India, spoke Indian accent and now whoa...
amanda klein
amanda klein 5 dias atrás
She has such a beautiful voice
Himanshu Gupta
Himanshu Gupta 5 dias atrás
In Bollywood she is considered to have the most attractive, dramatic voice
Ayushi Rawat
Ayushi Rawat 5 dias atrás
Every girl's style icon- queen Rihanna
Ayushi Rawat
Ayushi Rawat 5 dias atrás
Kat le beta😂😂
Ayushi Rawat
Ayushi Rawat 5 dias atrás
Omg Joe saying "AAPKA SABSE FAVOURITE HINDI MUHAVARA KYA HAI" got me fell in love with him! So cute
Ayushi Rawat
Ayushi Rawat 5 dias atrás
Ghar ki bahut yaad aati hai
DR. Krishna yadav
DR. Krishna yadav 6 dias atrás
Ice land in world 💜
Pratiksha Kathri
Pratiksha Kathri 6 dias atrás
Wow wow so lovely 😊
Mack Sirref
Mack Sirref 6 dias atrás
Rajiv Pillay
Rajiv Pillay 6 dias atrás
When is her next diatribe against Hindu's....
Kusma Challaa
Kusma Challaa 6 dias atrás
Beautity with Brain😍😍
Varsha Dubey
Varsha Dubey 7 dias atrás
Ghar ki bahot yaad aati h ❤ miss you too 😘
EmilyPatzfahl 7 dias atrás
she kind of looks like selena gomez
Evanescenscicalistingale 7
Made up
Areeba Samiya
Areeba Samiya 7 dias atrás
The clown part was Awesome 😂😂
aarti rao
aarti rao 7 dias atrás
She is totally westernised looks accent dress everything nothing left to say she is Indian.
Flowers Wild
Flowers Wild 8 dias atrás
I thought I liked her but she's extremely annoying here. 😑
Love Thapa
Love Thapa 8 dias atrás
Lucy Muya
Lucy Muya 8 dias atrás
hahaha she's funny .....I like her
Chuck Platt
Chuck Platt 9 dias atrás
PURNIMA GUPTA 9 dias atrás
Very confident and multi talented. ..proud of India
Hein Coetzee
Hein Coetzee 9 dias atrás
4:49 thats how I know this entire interview is setup because she doesn't even look at the photo she just starts talking about it
Tanushree Chakraborty
Tanushree Chakraborty 9 dias atrás
Love 💕💖 💖 you a lot Priyanka... you are awesome 💕💕
JustMe1231 9 dias atrás
Was it just me or does this seem all scripted (not being mean or anything 😂)
Aisha Aisha
Aisha Aisha 10 dias atrás
She is just amazing😍😍😍
10 dias atrás
She is gorgeous 🧚‍♂️
ELLYN GOH YEE TENG 10 dias atrás
Priyanka's so adorable!!
BIGBANG10VIP 10 dias atrás
I wanna see them do Kevin Jonas
Something Something
Something Something 10 dias atrás
She has a fun personality and seems wise. I like her.
sumitra chiluka
sumitra chiluka 10 dias atrás
Fake accent and fake body language
mizzy Loren
mizzy Loren 10 dias atrás
" Ghar ki bahot yaad aati " 😭😭😭My heart😭😭
Stereotype steed
Stereotype steed 10 dias atrás
Uggghhhh her fake accent Selena Gomez is the best. So genuine.
Esha Khan
Esha Khan 10 dias atrás
Priyanka is the best more than deepika
Mariel Inocencio
Mariel Inocencio 10 dias atrás
I sooo love her! 😍💕
Riya Mishra
Riya Mishra 10 dias atrás
She is the definition of perfection 💕😏 lov her
Bijaya Ray
Bijaya Ray 10 dias atrás
Corona with lemon is my fav too😻
Mev Rymshon
Mev Rymshon 10 dias atrás
Is she speaking in a mixture of British and American accent??? 😐😐😐
Laly Ponte
Laly Ponte 10 dias atrás
She is super cool
light green
light green 11 dias atrás
Yay she's not married an indian , indian boy are all ugly 😝😊
light green
light green 11 dias atrás
She not really look like indian i knew Indians are all ugly maybe she half ya😊
saif siddiqui
saif siddiqui 11 dias atrás
Fake accent
Neetu Devi
Neetu Devi 11 dias atrás
U are very beautiful and lucky actress
Meena Daberao
Meena Daberao 12 dias atrás
73 questions with the guy who asks 73 questions
Zobeeda 12 dias atrás
That was so funny when she showed what she always carried in her bag,she showed the normal stuff handcream etc then completely takes you by suprise and PULLS OUT THE HOT TOBASCO CHILLI SAUCE, SAYS YOU ALWAYS NEED HOT SAUCE, she is so funny and fun, plus intelligent and stunningly beautiful.
Parul Singh
Parul Singh 12 dias atrás
no, not everybody here thinks every american is rich.😶
Leo Skylion
Leo Skylion 12 dias atrás
I swear she's one of the most beautiful woman on earth
Zahra Ali
Zahra Ali 12 dias atrás
love for priyanka
haya siddiqui
haya siddiqui 12 dias atrás
who's here after ..met gala ?
Aiman Butt
Aiman Butt 12 dias atrás
Her accent is not annoying anymore 😂 thank God 🙏🏻
Сафия Далгатова
А с переводом нет
Duresha Siddique
Duresha Siddique 12 dias atrás
my baby's new youtube channel
Love -Hyuna
Love -Hyuna 12 dias atrás
Her, being a professional actress , made this interview so natural 🥰 Unlike other people who had 73 questions wherein it’s so obvious that they’re scripted 😑
Nduta biara luciah
Nduta biara luciah 12 dias atrás
she is so amazing
Slight Anxiety At The Social Gathering
0:29 nonono have you ever leaned forward in a riksha?! absolutely life threatening
Govind kendre
Govind kendre 12 dias atrás
Freedom Fighter 😂
Chaitanya Pavan
Chaitanya Pavan 12 dias atrás
Marrying Western kid that doesn't make her to that origin And she married a boy let's see who gets old quickly and after that we all will get the answer.
Sharmila Thapa
Sharmila Thapa 12 dias atrás
which 2 perfumes are you using?
Esther Nakimbugwe
Esther Nakimbugwe 13 dias atrás
Wow she's so cool and confident
Ella Wadbrook
Ella Wadbrook 13 dias atrás
her voice is so wonderful
Kishore Kumar Shivaram
Kishore Kumar Shivaram 13 dias atrás
This is the best 73 questions I have ever watched... the way she manners is just mind blowing.. 😊
Cynthia XOXO
Cynthia XOXO 13 dias atrás
Her laugh my goodness!!😍
Pearl 13 dias atrás
when she said she wanted to marry Tupac I had to check what year the video was posted because..... NICKKK!!!!
Kyle Shunt
Kyle Shunt 13 dias atrás
That hot sauce tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Angelia Nguyen
Angelia Nguyen 13 dias atrás
omg i love her 😍
Mansi Monga
Mansi Monga 13 dias atrás
Fake af
AMina CHowdHury RicHy
AMina CHowdHury RicHy 13 dias atrás
SHe is suchh adorable!!😍😍
Nonhle Beryl
Nonhle Beryl 13 dias atrás
Oana Paradchivescu
Oana Paradchivescu 13 dias atrás
My name is bianca
Kavser Jahan
Kavser Jahan 13 dias atrás
She's so beautiful, charming, spontaneous.. I love her..
sarai moreno
sarai moreno 13 dias atrás
Deberían poner subtítulos 😓
Vidya Hassan
Vidya Hassan 13 dias atrás
Ma fav 😍💕
Nimrah Khan
Nimrah Khan 13 dias atrás
Strong men like strong women. Strong society likes strong women. I love Priyanka Chopra and it is sad that some Indians hate her. They criticise her short clothes and they call her a gold digger for marrying Nick Jonas. They hate her for marrying a white man and they keep saying she got married for an American passport. Sexism and jealousy are so prevalent in India. Priyanka Chopra put India on the map by becoming a Miss World and by representing India in America. Priyanka Chopra got more love in America than she did in India.
kirti 2905
kirti 2905 13 dias atrás
I just loved the way she screamed while singing I knew you were trouble
Lola Jane Kane
Lola Jane Kane 13 dias atrás
She's not vegetarian? What tramp
kiki ___
kiki ___ 13 dias atrás
73 questions with Nick Jonas
no one1234
no one1234 13 dias atrás
When she screamed tho.....😂
Chloe LIN
Chloe LIN 13 dias atrás
She is so natural!!!!! I fall in love after watching this @@
Uma Naryan
Uma Naryan 13 dias atrás
Her voice is just like dua lipa Who is a super Hollywood singer
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