73 Questions with Lupita Nyong'o | Vogue

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Lupita Nyong’o reveals a few of her (many) talents, from speaking Swahili and Spanish, to showing off her impressive hula hoop skills. The Oscar-winning actress also reflects on what it was like to move to Mexico at age 16 without her parents, how she learned to cry on demand, what life was like as a Hollywood production assistant, and what it took to bring her upcoming Star Wars character to life.

Filmed in a single shot, we ask some of our favorite personalities 73 questions to see what they like, what they hate, and most importantly - what they know.
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73 Questions with Lupita Nyong'o | Vogue
Produced by: Nickolas James

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Comentários 100
Georginah njambi
Georginah njambi Hora atrás
Nikita Michelle
Nikita Michelle 2 dias atrás
The fact that this doesn’t even have 1K dislikes speaks volumes (this was commented on 21st May 2019)
Faye Sven
Faye Sven 2 dias atrás
Does anyone not love this woman? I’ve never heard a single bad thing about her
Belle Âme
Belle Âme 2 dias atrás
Best thing I’ve ever seen
Terdell McEntee
Terdell McEntee 2 dias atrás
This is the most gorgeous woman on the face of the earth!!!!!
curlykidkay •
curlykidkay • 2 dias atrás
My wifeee
AMARA 4 dias atrás
Never knew I could love a celebrity this much
Dedivanovic Calotèè
Dedivanovic Calotèè 4 dias atrás
Lashonah Tia
Lashonah Tia 5 dias atrás
she is very beautiful
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams 7 dias atrás
There's *NO WAY* u can tell me darkskin women are ugly ... Look at her LAWD! #darkskinisbeautifulAF
Juliet Booth
Juliet Booth 7 dias atrás
That blond chick is realllllly contouring her forehead
omar mzaham
omar mzaham 7 dias atrás
totally awesome!
sORrY i'M LaTe! WHaT diD i MisS?
Beautifully layered Lupita. Amazing human!
Maryann Ndungu
Maryann Ndungu 7 dias atrás
I love her legs,
Miss Pitso
Miss Pitso 7 dias atrás
I want her workout regimen
Ava West
Ava West 8 dias atrás
Can we talk about all those products in the back lol
Taneisha Cobb
Taneisha Cobb 8 dias atrás
How many times will the makeup artist apply powder to the same spot on Lupita’s face
TheAmber Shon
TheAmber Shon 9 dias atrás
She is so pretty!!!♥️
BeautyBy 4cMe
BeautyBy 4cMe 10 dias atrás
This seems so fake ..
Sinai / Louise M.
Sinai / Louise M. 10 dias atrás
Nice! 👍
John Berrec
John Berrec 10 dias atrás
Wait So talking Swahili is a talent? I might even be the only Kenyan here but that's okay. Maybe i should start giving white folks Swahili lessons juu mnapimwa akili😂😂😂
Mukiri Mathew
Mukiri Mathew 8 dias atrás
John Berrec
John Berrec 10 dias atrás
Wait So talking Swahili is a talent? I might even be the only Kenyan here but that's okay. Maybe i should start giving white folks Swahili lessons juu mnapimwa akili😂😂😂
Max y Daph TV
Max y Daph TV 10 dias atrás
Such a queen
Jodi Cadette
Jodi Cadette 10 dias atrás
She is soooo BEAUTIFUL, like omg 😍😍
Charles Mwangi
Charles Mwangi 10 dias atrás
We gave u Obama then lupita Kenya rocks
Charles Mwangi
Charles Mwangi 10 dias atrás
I'm Kenyan I just hope people would see our women more they are intelligent and very beutifull
J S 11 dias atrás
God she's so pretentious.
samuel gatheru
samuel gatheru 11 dias atrás
beautiful kenyan God bless
Monika Lewis
Monika Lewis 11 dias atrás
"SO SPECIAL by Mavado" girl knows dancehall
Jane Awuor
Jane Awuor 12 dias atrás
Dem legs😍😍
Joaquim Maria Mello
Joaquim Maria Mello 13 dias atrás
All the workers look alike lmaoooooooo i thought it was the same person
Mae Fuller
Mae Fuller 13 dias atrás
You know my girl went to Hampshire when she broke out the hula hoop
Chamelia Whyte
Chamelia Whyte 14 dias atrás
Did she just say " I'm so special by Movado ?" Girl knows Jamaican dancehall music .
Monika Lewis
Monika Lewis 11 dias atrás
ikr!.... didn't expect that
amogelang patience
amogelang patience 14 dias atrás
That make up artist looked mad bored
Tamara Laird
Tamara Laird 14 dias atrás
The makeup artist looks so bored doing her makeup. Jealous much???
Cheryl Stacy
Cheryl Stacy 14 dias atrás
"Alupi" her nickname is "Alupi" y'all know!
Rae Love
Rae Love 14 dias atrás
This has gotta be staged, when he do these 73 questions they all seemed to answers quickly without hesitation and how they just flawlessly walk without stumbling or bumped into something. Anyway..... Interviewer: Lupita who are you dating these days? Lupita: I'm now off the market, just announced I'm officially dating Janae Monet 💕 #facts!
Food Plug
Food Plug 14 dias atrás
That Kenya body ❤️
Gloria Sibanda
Gloria Sibanda 15 dias atrás
Wooooooow you beautiful lupita
Ssengendo Joseph
Ssengendo Joseph 15 dias atrás
So lovely
Titose 15 dias atrás
The only 73 questions I've watched without wanting to exit.
Titose 15 dias atrás
I can't use a hoola hoop im crying 😭
Titose 15 dias atrás
BOOTY!!!!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾😂❤️❤️❤️🙌🏾
vanessa davis
vanessa davis 15 dias atrás
wow so special by movado never expected that one lupita
Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee 15 dias atrás
This is the most comfortable and confident 73 Questions I've seen so far. So natural ❤️ She's gorgeous, btw 😍👌🏾
ROSE ANGEL 15 dias atrás
Now searching: So Special by Mavado
Savannah Williams
Savannah Williams 16 dias atrás
She looks stunning in yellow 💛 Scratch that she looks beautiful in anything! I'm so glad Vogue is highlighting an inspiring, intelligent, talented woman of color for young girls of color to look up to!
Niko Flowers
Niko Flowers 16 dias atrás
I didn't know she lived in Brooklyn. So Cool
Line YH
Line YH 16 dias atrás
I love to see Black woman like that, proud of herself, no straigth wig, natural beauty !!!
jim konti
jim konti 17 dias atrás
I adore her 💚
Jay jay
Jay jay 17 dias atrás
Well I found $6766making system that is really working:(just type in g00gle)=> freepplmoney win
Dione Cruz
Dione Cruz 17 dias atrás
I love how she said it's alot greener then she thought it would be.
James Percell
James Percell 17 dias atrás
Why these beautiful dark woman always seround buy whites use up then spit away
cg45029 17 dias atrás
Outline k
Outline k 19 dias atrás
She kinda started of rude because he said I hope I'm not interrupting and she said you are
Bella Rare
Bella Rare 19 dias atrás
Girl you serving us legs 😍😍
Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa 19 dias atrás
Muctarr williams
Muctarr williams 20 dias atrás
She's well grounded, got good acumen a beauty with positive civic inertia and diversity.
Im Ugly
Im Ugly 20 dias atrás
Kuch box ??? Is she talking about bollywood movie the lunch box
frank ombese
frank ombese 20 dias atrás
Mrembo kuzidi
Blue 21 dia atrás
who is she?
Estrella Castillo
Estrella Castillo 22 dias atrás
Her Spanish thoughhhh ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍 #loveher
David Byrd
David Byrd 22 dias atrás
She is a real women I never seen any women like her her and akon need to make a movie together or date her and tyrese look good to together in a movie. I make her my wife and have dark chocolate African babies black American father and Kenyan mother I take it
Bryant Smith
Bryant Smith 22 dias atrás
her body is mad
zoegirl lovely
zoegirl lovely 22 dias atrás
Who’s that
Kaisey 23 dias atrás
why he throw her bag at her like that tho.. That’s Lupita
Shandrean Bass
Shandrean Bass 23 dias atrás
Their isn’t a flaw on her face! She is soo pretty!
Look Away
Look Away 23 dias atrás
This whole thing was rehearsed. Did you see how the make up lady asked her about her first pet, then said they are ready for you? How would she have know that, she's just a make-up lady? They had her ask that comment to break up the monotony of all those questions. So basically the whole thing was scripted and fake.
emma P
emma P 24 dias atrás
This woman Is Just SO beautiful & lovely! 💗 adore her!
Sandra I.
Sandra I. 24 dias atrás
She kept me smiling throughout
Tenzing Lepcha
Tenzing Lepcha 24 dias atrás
Woo...she's soo cute & hot at the same time. The blacker the berry the sweeter the Juice.
Vanessa Attah
Vanessa Attah 25 dias atrás
at 7:28 i fell in love.
Beauty Challenge Channel
Whoever earns one lucky man❤💙💚
Onlythe BRAVE
Onlythe BRAVE 25 dias atrás
She's such a cutie😘.beaty+brain=lupita
Sarah Price
Sarah Price 25 dias atrás
My aunts first dog was also named princess🤗
Olivia Ashiedu
Olivia Ashiedu 26 dias atrás
my best 73 questions interview so far.
Fransina Netumbo Shilongo
I'd watch this repeatedly over and over again 😋
Tauanave Moo CHING
Tauanave Moo CHING 26 dias atrás
Lol funny 😆 gorgeous she's got soul and a fun interview my fav so far
tinashe mavhunga
tinashe mavhunga 27 dias atrás
l love this woman and l can't spend a day without looking at her " U have my heart Dear"
Fransina Netumbo Shilongo
Girl's got good booty, she's smart
Chemistry is My thing
Chemistry is My thing 27 dias atrás
Who's the guy talking/asking? Love his voice and tone 😂😂😂
s m b x
s m b x 27 dias atrás
one of the most beautiful human beings to ever exist.
Stephanie Mccaulley
Stephanie Mccaulley 27 dias atrás
is that her actual make up artist?
Dre' 27 dias atrás
Yeah seems like it
Ibrahima Bah Bah
Ibrahima Bah Bah 27 dias atrás
I love this girl!!!
Janette Gh
Janette Gh 27 dias atrás
Lupita is really beautiful inside-out ❤️
JustineTeeVee 28 dias atrás
These things are so cheesy and obviously rehearsed but she's awesome.
Femi Ajayi
Femi Ajayi 28 dias atrás
Why do I like this girl. God I love her.
kwame nakumba
kwame nakumba 28 dias atrás
Adorable, I'm your newest fan.
starfirebb robin
starfirebb robin 28 dias atrás
Darkskin women are so beautiful, i love her 😍
David Byrd
David Byrd 24 dias atrás
+starfirebb robin kemtrails and contrails in the air that is the biggest crime to mankind, they started aid's.bill gates want to block the sun, they want to put a verichip into your skin for not to buy or sell some states already started this the us government already approved this already the shadow government, they want musicians to bleach there skin white to be successful in the world. The enemy is not in the middle East the enemy is here in Washington DC this white satanic government some white people are nice you just don't know what they up to.
starfirebb robin
starfirebb robin 25 dias atrás
+David Byrd woah no need to call it satan white blood. God created all humans and loves us all the same 🙏🏾
David Byrd
David Byrd 27 dias atrás
Super dark skin sooooooo beautiful no light bright red bone mix no Satan white blood in her
iseejanuarie1788 UNHL217A3
Ethics of reciprocity
iseejanuarie1788 UNHL217A3
When in Hiding even simple things not approprieate.
iseejanuarie1788 UNHL217A3
Private life not available.
mallavetti 28 dias atrás
PetersDegeneras📺 28 dias atrás
My lifes time crush
lynne kitonyi
lynne kitonyi 28 dias atrás
She said Nora in a doll’s house and I am dead😂😂
Linda Achepo
Linda Achepo 18 dias atrás
lynne kitonyi hehe coz ni setbook saa hii form 3/4
Jen Perez
Jen Perez 28 dias atrás
Woman of many talents. Awesome BODY!!!
Brittney Shanice
Brittney Shanice 28 dias atrás
Check out my new swimsuit video if you get a chance! ZAFUL AliExpress and Oh Polly 😜💕😍🤗
John Doe
John Doe 28 dias atrás
I'm usually not attracted towards black women, but i must confess she is beautiful.
Taehyung's Gucci Bag
Taehyung's Gucci Bag 28 dias atrás
Why is this white woman doing her makeup
Adamya Singh Parihar
Adamya Singh Parihar 29 dias atrás
Couldn't hide my excitement when she said The Lunchbox!!
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